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Choosing The Best Wedding Gown by toriola1


									                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                  Preparing A Wedding Budget
                                                         By Pepper Montero

    Of all the tasks that must be done before the wedding, the budget just may be the most important.
Although it isn’t glamorous or really very much fun, creating and sticking to a budget can mean going
down the aisle with a clear conscience.

Many people are unaware that large, expensive weddings are a fairly recent phenomenon. Prior to
World War II, a very small church or court house wedding was the norm. After World War II and the
economy boom, couples and their parents immersed themselves in planning lavish ceremonies and

Planning a wedding budget takes a lot of forethought and discipline. It is imperative that those planning
the wedding take a hard look at finances and what financial situation the responsible parties will be in
after the wedding. If the budget is too grand, couples and or their parents may be paying on the
wedding years and years after “I do.”

When making a wedding budget, realize that money can be saved by being flexible with the time of day
the wedding takes place as well as the actual day. A Sunday afternoon wedding can be much cheaper
with the same accoutrements as a Saturday evening ceremony.

It is important to remember to add in taxes and gratuity when considering any vendor. These charges
can add up quickly and need to be kept in mind.

The major portion of the budget usually goes to the reception. Other categories that need consideration
are the ceremony site, officiant, music, and rentals. At the reception, plan for catering, decorations,
favors for the guests, rentals, and cake. Florists, photographers, videographers, and those that provide
transportation are usually involved, too. The wedding dress and groom’s attire need to be planned for
as do invitations, gifts, jewelry, the marriage license, and honeymoon. Ready to elope yet?

Although thinking about at budget can be overwhelming at best, take heart! A wedding can be planned
on a realistic budget that most everyone will be happy with.

Pepper Montero

Wedding Planning Secrets
How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget.
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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

Pepper and her husband run a wedding coordination business in the Upstate of South Carolina. They
have been coordinating weddings for the last two years. This article may be reprinted freely as long as
all links remain active.

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                                               Choosing the Best Wedding Gown
                                                            By Todd Lavergne

It is important to have that perfect wedding gown,in order to have a perfect wedding. The wedding
gown is the showpiece of every wedding event. The wedding gown is more than just a simple dress
that is displayed by the bride. It is the considerable emblem of love, purity, and happiness that is
awaiting the bride in her future with her groom. Preparing the wedding celebration is as important as
finding the perfect wedding gown.

Here are pointers that could help people who may find choosing the perfect wedding gown difficult.

1. There are many resources available for choosing and designing your wedding gown.

Wedding magazines were the best resources where the bride-to-be could get some great ideas for
choosing her wedding gown. Now with the internet, she can browse for more concepts and ideas of
wedding gowns online. Many web sites will provide you with full details on most wedding gowns. You
can be provided with prices,a variety styles, and fashion sense.

2.You must conform strictly to a budget.

Budget can not be absent in planning your wedding. Sticking to a budget is a common problem. Be
sure to budget for your wedding gown. Do not be enticed with any special promotions offered by the
person designing your gown. If you do not stick with your budget you will fall short on the other aspects
of your wedding plans.

3. Every angle of your wedding gown should look great.

The back of the wedding gown is the most neglected part. Make sure you look good from behind When
ordering your wedding gown. You must look good from behind because often the guests will have a
look at your back.

4. The design you choose must be practical.

Large skirts and long gowns, although traditional,have become typical styles of the past. If the venue is
small, wedding gowns like these are not at all practical, especially in today�s modern world. It can
become stress and a real burden for the bride to carry a heavy dress throughout the wedding
celebration. Having the bride comfortable in what she is wearing in whats most important.

5.Environmental condition of the venue of the wedding should be accounted for.

Consider the weather and the venue when choosing a wedding gown. This will have a great effect on
the kind of fabric that should be worn by the bride. If the wedding takes place during the summer, it is
best to choose the fabric for the wedding gown that will not make the bride uncomfortable and perspire
throughout her special event.

It is important to provide much time preparing, designing, and ordering the wedding gown. Deliberating
on the details of the wedding gown can be a stressful task. When planned correctly there will be plenty

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

of time for any changes and modifications without being rushed. It is very important for the bride to
consider her comfort when choosing a wedding gown. if the bride is not comfortable wearing it,looks
and designs will only be put to waste.

You are what you wear, as the old clich� goes. Wear a wedding gown that will reflect the love and
happiness that is within the bride. The wedding gown will then appear before the audience as the most
beautiful centerpiece of the wedding.

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