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					        North Down Branch of the Pony club
                              May 2011


THE PONY CLUB MOTO (included at the front of all Pony Club rule books)

As a Member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in
sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship. I shall compete for the
enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in
my stride, remembering that without good manners and good
temper, sport loses it cause for being. I shall endeavour to treat
my horse with consideration.


Congratulations to Erin Morehead, Stephanie Gregg, Ashleigh Calderwood
and Rachel Hughes who all have recently passed the horsecare section of the
Pony Club B Test. This result also means that Rachel Hughes now holds her
full B Test. WELL DONE TO ALL 

The pony club games riders have been very busy over the last month or so
competing in the interbranch league. There commitment and hard work has
paid off well with the Junior team taking 1st place in the league and being
presented with the Ballywalter Shield. The senior team also did themselves
proud by being placed 2nd overall.

This week Alex McCarthy took over the reigns from Stephen Gregg who was
at Windsor with the Northern Ireland Games Team. She oversaw the games
riders at Balmoral Show and I am quite sure Alex, Stephen and all those who
have been involved with games over the last while are delighted when the
team were placed 2nd at this competition.
Well done to Clare Ireland who travelled across the water to compete in the
Dengie Showjumping final after qualifying to represent area 17. She was
placed fourth in a very strong class. WELL DONE.

The tetrathlon competitors have been out competing recently and hopefully I
shall be able to update you on their results in the next newsletter.

The Pony Club UK objectives are:

      to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of
       sport connected with horses and riding
      to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate
       Members to look after and to take proper care of their animal
      to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty
       to create strength of character and self-discipline

Rallies are the back bone of Pony club and there is a lot of work behind the
scenes to organise venues, trainers and topics for all to benefit from. Thank
you to Elma and Judith who continue to provide very regular rallies for all our
members and in doing so help us to meet the objectives of the Pony Club UK
listed above.

15th May Cross country rally at Tullymurry, £15, book with Elma (this date has
been posted on our website)

24th May Flat work suitable for all @ Peninsula £10 Book with Judith by

30th May Jump X rally at Elaine McKees. Book with Elma by 23/7/11 from 6
pm £10

12th June Cross country rally at Gransha £15 7pm Book with Elma by 7/6/11
Suitable for all those jumping 75cm and above. TO BE CONFIRMED

19th June jumping rally at the Greggs book with Judith by 12/06/11 No charge.
Help shall be required at this rally by all parents and members attending to set
up and clear away fences.

Rally times can be found at
There is a huge amount of unseen effort that goes into the organising and
training of our members for area competitions/ rallies/camps/tests etc. North
Down have been in the fortunate position to be able to gain excellent
teachers/trainers for the branch year after year and this has not only shown in
competition results but in the number of members working towards and
achieving Pony club tests at all levels. Trainers are selected by committee
and are backed on their decisions of team selections/rally rides/camp rides
and the suitability of members doing tests. Parents/Guardians should not:
Disrespect the decisions of coaches/officials concerning the skills and abilities
of their child or other members. Further information on this topic can be found

Information/Parental-Code -of-Conduct/

Committee members shall contact those who have already registered their
interest in taking part in area competitions for showjumping, dressage and
eventing, regarding training for these competitions. Please bear in mind that
all competitors are expected to have a copy of the rule books and read them!!
Entry fees for each of these competitions shall be collected at the training
before the end of June. It is very important also that all animals and riders
must have attended a minimum of 3 working rallies to be able to compete at
these competitions, if you are not sure how this affects you or your animal
contact Judith who shall be able to help. The final rally dates for this year are
enclosed in this newsletter.

The competition details are –

Games 29th May at Omagh Showgrounds hosted by Seskinore branch

Show jumping 11th July at Tyrella hosted by Iveagh branch

Dressage 13th July at Laurelview hosted by East Antrin branch

Eventing 22nd July at Laurelview hosted by Mid Antrim branch

Tetrathlon 29th -30th July at Maddybenny hosted by Route branch

Cup and Trophies
REMINDER – if you are sharing any pony club cups or trophies this year
please remember to have them engraved and pass them onto the next
Polocross training is ongoing and anyone interested should contact Angela
Fynn for further details – all welcome 

CAMP 2011
 There shall be a precamp meeting on 20/06/11 to be held at Lady Clarkes for
ALL riders attending, this meeting MUST be attended by at least one parent of
each rider. Mini camp 7 and Main camp 8. Remember to bring all forms,
outstanding money and animal passports with you along with any hats that
may need tagged to this evening. (NO PONIES REQUIRED)

28th and 29th June camp tidy and set up. All riders and parents are expected
to attend these evening as there is a lot to be done to get camp ready so
everyone can have a great time 


Anyone wanting further information on this pony club discipline should contact
David Cunningham at or on 028 9751 1294. TheEndurane
pages of the pony club uk website have been updated and include useful
documents these can be found at


We are running a tetrathlon competition on the 26th June and need a lot of
help on the day to ensure it runs smoothly, if you have not already offered help
please do so by contacting Helen Rea. THANK YOU.


This award recognises people who volunteer in equestrian sports. Whether
you help at your local riding school, or give your time to a horsey charity like
RDA, you can join the YELA programme to get your volunteering officially
recognised and rewarded by the BEF and Sport England. To find out more
contact Katy Downing on 01926405977 or email
Upcoming dates

Branch tetrathlons

East antrim 22 may

Iveagh 5th june

North down 26th june

27th June Cross country schooling at O’Flynns, Kircubbin from 6 last horse
onto the course strictly at 8.30.

1st August, Home Championships one day event, Tullymurray, classes starting
from 45 cm to 90 cm. Contact Caroline Russell – after 20th June.

Under 12’s show AUGUST date and venue to be confirmed.

Combined training – AUGUST date and venue to be confirmed

North Down Pony Club schools showjumping at Balmoral 1st October 2011


Any one who has a new hat or pair of boots please remember that all riding hats
must be checked and tagged by a committee member to make sure they conform
to safety standards before being worn at pony club events and boots should be
checked with the size of your stirrups for safety.

Caroline McVeigh is the membership secretary. Please direct any membership
queries/membership renewals and potential new members to her. THANKS

Please keep a watch out on the website for any changes to the forth coming

Date of the next committee meeting shall be 31st May and committee members
can be contacted by the details on the contact sheet at the end of this newsletter.
Committee members can be contacted by using numbers within the committee

Committee Contacts   District              91870622
Simpson Cochrane     Commissioner
Helen Rea            Assistant District    91882989
Sandra Vollands      Secretary             97528980
Sara McMillen        Treasurer             44831134
Caroline McVeigh     Membership            97541962
Angela Fynn          Chief                 42788254
Moya Cushley                     Minute Secretary
Elma Moorhead        Rallies               97542024
Judith Bankhead      Rallies               42772193
Caroline Russell     Newsletter/Rosettes 91862479
Stephen Gregg        Games                 91871575
Marianne             Child                 97542209
Calderwood           Protection/Health &
Chris Brennan        Website               90449258
Wini McFarlane                   90428443

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