Wasting Time at Work: Are you Among of the Offenders?

					Wasting Time at Work: Are you Among of the Offenders?

       If you are one in the team who skips meetings and late in passing reports, it could be that
Facebook is the culprit. A new survey revealed that Zuckerberg’s social network emerged as the top
offender why a large portion of working population are mentally absent while on shift.

         Others might shake their heard in disbelief wondering that how a social network portal used to
communicate, to rant or simply be in touch with circle of friends contributes to work negligence. Did we
rely too heavily on Facebook to the extent that it became a part of our daily routine only to earn its toll
afterwards? This reminds of recall on hip replacements such as the depuy hip recall, zimmer hip recall
and the hip replacement lawyer whom I believe a lot of medical device-dependent patient relied on
them only to be disappointed in the end. Just think those affected individuals still battling for
compensation due to them.

         Salary.com recently conducted a survey with 3,200 respondents. And the results showed that
64% of the respondents admitted that they habitually visit websites that re unrelated to their work. The
    result seems high but actually it is down by almost 10% since 2008. What happened to working
      population when they are actually expected to do better because of the steady declined of
 unemployment rate? Or is goofing around social networking sites is the mending ways that employees
        are doing to alleviate their growing responsibilities due to laid off fellow co-officemates.

         Employers will be shocked to know that 21% of the people who admits lazing at work spend five
hours a week, which is equivalent to an hour every day on personal activities. And the worst offenders
which contribute 3% of the respondents revealed that they spend 10 hours a week wasting their time on
activities not related to their work at all.

       You wouldn’t believe that it is actually the highly-educated working population tends to waste
more time. High school grads constitute 59%, while people with doctoral degree are 67% and 66% with
bachelor degree and 65% for the employees with master’s degree. Quite interesting right?
        So question would be why are we slacking? Salary.com acquired several reactions. Others said
that they don’t really like their job that much. While 35% responded that they are not challenged by
their work, 32% said that their company does not give them enough incentive to work harder, 30% cited
as they are not satisfied with their job and 23% reasoned out that they are just bored.

        An employee’s Facebook status update and tweet is not new to employers. In fact they are quite
accustomed with it. In today’s jobs who took advantage computer and the web, distractions are indeed
inevitable. It is just about moderation.

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Description: According to survey, most employees are running out of work efficiency mainly because of social networking.