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NHTSA Distracted Driving Program SAE


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									National Highway Traffic Safety Company Name Here
          Distracted Driving Program

                               Government/Industry Meeting

                              January 2011
                           Washington, DC, USA

 Michael L. Brown
 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
 Acting Associate Administrator, Research and Program Development
   Distracted Driving Problem

                                                   Young Drivers

                                                  The under-20 age
                                                  group had the
                                                  greatest proportion of
                                                  distracted drivers

                                                  16% of all under-20

In 2009, nearly 5,550 people were killed and an   drivers in fatal

additional 448,000 were injured in crashes        crashes were reported
involving distraction, accounting for 16% of      to have been
fatal crashes.                                    distracted while

An estimated 20% of injury crashes were
reported to have involved distraction.
               Distracted Driving

• The primary responsibility of the driver is to
  operate a motor vehicle safely. The task of
  driving requires full attention and focus.

• Drivers should resist engaging in any activity
  that takes their eyes and attention off the road
  for more than a couple of seconds.

• Even a second or two can make all the
  difference in a driver being able to avoid a crash.
     Distracted Driving Defined
                                                      Three Types of
     Place Photo Here,         Place Photo Here,
    Otherwise Delete Box      Otherwise Delete Box

                                                     Visual - Eyes off
                                                     the road

Distraction is anything that can take away           Manual - Hands
visual, manual or cognitive resources from the       off the wheel
driving task

                                                     Cognitive - Mind
Distraction occurs when drivers divert their         off the driving task
attention from the driving task
              Relative Risk

Most crashes involve a relatively unique set of
circumstances that make precise calculations
of risk for engaging in different behaviors very    Greater
                                                    Exposure =
                                                    Greater Risk
Available research does not provide a definitive
answer as to which behavior is riskier. Different
studies and analyses have arrived at different
relative risk estimates for different tasks.
However, they all show elevated risk when the
driver is distracted.
       Spectrum of Distraction

Listening to the radio       Texting

   Minor                      Major       In 2009, 9 percent of
                                          vehicle drivers were
                                          using some type of
   Texting is one of the riskiest forms   phone (hand-held or
   of distraction because it combines     hands-free) in the
                                          typical daylight
   all 3 types-manual, visual and         moment.
   cognitive distraction.
          Distracted Driving
       Equal Opportunity Problem

                                                  Driver Distraction
At any given moment during the daylight hours,    impacts:
over 800,000 vehicles are being driven by
someone using a hand-held cell phone.
                                                  •Men and women
People of all ages are using a variety of hand-   •People of all ages
held devices, such as cell phones, mp3 players,
personal digital assistants, and navigation       •All Vehicle types
devices, when they are behind the wheel.
               State Text Messaging Bans
                                     January 2011
                                         ND                                                              VT
                          MT                                                                                   NH
                                                     MN                                             NY         MA
                ID                       SD                                MI
                                                                                                              CT RI

                           WY                                                                  PA        NJ
                                           NE                                   OH                        DE
          NV                                                         IL                                  MD
                                                                                      WV                            DC
                                                          MO                    KY
CA                                            KS
                 AZ                             OK
                           NM                              AR                             SC
                                                                          AL         GA

AK                                                         LA


                                Primary                     Novice Drivers - Primary
                                (all drivers)
                                (all drivers)
Distracted Driving Laws

   Hand Held Bans in          Except for
       the U.S.               Maryland, all
                              these laws are
             California       enforcement—
             Delaware         An officer may
             Maryland         cite a driver for
       District of Columbia   using a handheld
           New Jersey         cell phone
             New York         without any other
              Oregon          traffic offense
           Washington         taking place
          Virgin Islands
 What is NHTSA doing to try to
    combat this problem?

NHTSA has implemented a multi-year
Distraction Plan and Research Agenda that
will further examine driver communications
and entertainment devices, including cell
phones, and will also continue to monitor
the research of others on this subject.
NHTSA’s Driver Distraction Program Plan


                                          Crashes Due
                                          to Distraction
   Distracted Driving Initiative 1


                                                     NHTSA is currently
                                                     conducting the first
                                                     National Distracted
                                                       Driving Survey

Improve the understanding of the problem:
Improve police reporting, analyze additional crash
data, continue observational, awareness, hazard
anticipation, and naturalistic studies, etc.
  Distracted Driving Initiative 2

                                                NHTSA will review the
                                                extent to which
                                                manufacturers are
                                                following basic human
                                                factors guidelines as well
                                                as guidelines put forth by
                                                the Alliance of Automobile

Reduce workload from interfaces: Develop test
procedures to evaluate in-vehicle and nomadic
  Distracted Driving Initiative 3

Keep distracted drivers safe: Improve crash
warning systems.
  Distracted Driving Initiative 4

Recognize risks and consequences: Assess
the effect of high-visibility law enforcement and
targeted media campaigns
Distracted Driving Enforcement
    Demonstration Projects
                                                                High Visibility
                                                              Enforcement Model

                                                              Defined period of earned

                                                              Defined period of paid
                                                              media with an
                                                              enforcement message

High-Visibility Enforcement (HVE) projects                    Defined period of
Modeled after Click It or Ticket and Drunk Driving. Over
the Limit. Under Arrest.
                                                              Evaluation before, during,
Projects taking place in Syracuse, New York and the           and after periods of
Hartford area of Connecticut                                  publicity and enforcement

Four waves of activity; April 2010, July 2010, October 2010
and March/April 2011
    Distracted Driving Enforcement
         Demonstration Project
          Goals and Objective

Test whether a high visibility enforcement
model, similar to CIOT, reduces instances of
talking or texting on a hand-held cellular phone
while driving.

 Will the approach persuade motorists not to
  talk/text on hand-held phones while driving?

 Will law enforcement be consistently able to
  observe violations?

 Will the approach affect motorists’ perceived
  risk of receiving a fine for violating the ban?
Relative Decrease In Observed
 Phone Use and Manipulation
Relative Decrease In Observed
 Phone Use and Manipulation
Federal Leadership on Reducing
 Text Messaging While Driving

President Obama issued an Executive Order
prohibiting federal employees from texting
while driving on government business or with
government equipment.

Contractors conducting government business
are also prohibited from texting while
performing work on behalf of the government.
     Behavioral Approach

                                                         “Every time we climb
Public Awareness Campaign                             into the driver’s seat, we
                                                       all have a responsibility
Federal Employee Texting Ban                            for keeping our roads
                                                      safe by putting away cell
                                                           phones and other
Federal Ban on Texting for Commercial Truck Drivers          distractions.”

                                                          - Transportation
Sample Law to Prohibit Texting While Driving           Secretary Ray LaHood

                                       Insert Calling Plan Ad

   DOT Action
   Research and Data                  Insert BAM Enforcement
   Stats and Facts
   Campaign Tools
   State Laws
Behavioral Activities
On the Horizon

• Statewide distracted driving
  enforcement demonstration

• Distracted driving awareness

• Distracted driving law
  enforcement protocols and tool-kit

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