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The students have talent-that's obvi-ous-but what sets this district apart from others is the art program. "From day one in kindergarten the teachers all really work hard to focus on the students' needs and learning styles, help them grow as artists," [Len Eichler] says. "When they reach their senior year, they're incredible artists."The art program at F-M High School gives room for a lot of flexibility and autonomy. Some students, such as senior Anna Fields, appreciate this the most. "It's almost like they've created an outlet for us," she explains. "It's a place you can go to let everything out and completely express yourself."[Sawyer Konys], Fields and [Emily Dibble], as well as many other winning students, are part of Haffar's class. She has had the oppor-tunity to work with the same group of students for four consecutive years because it coincided with her taking over an advanced class. "It's like we've been through all of high school together," Haf-far says. "It really is a special group for me."

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