; Neurocardiogenic Syncope
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Neurocardiogenic Syncope


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									                     Neurocardiogenic Syncope

• Cinch Protein
• Vitalizer
• Herb-Lax
• 4- Mental Acuity
"Syncope" is just one of those mysterious medical terms used to keep people in the
dark so they'll keep coming back and paying the doctor exorbitant fees for visits, tests,
"Syncope" is just the medical term for fainting spells.
"Neurocardiogenic syncope" just means the person has a tendency to get light headed
and have a fainting spell.  This is very common and is the most common type of
tendency toward fainting spells, and could be caused by a wide variety of triggering
events or conditions.
"Syncope" -- i.e., fainting spells -- are a known, well documented, and common side
effect of antidepressant drugs.  So it could very well be that his/her fainting spells are a
direct result of the drugs.
Or it could be just general poor circulation, so that when he/she stands up too quickly, or
bends over too quickly, or something similar, he/she just suddenly gets light headed
or dizzy or nauseated or just faints.

"Or it could be evidence of the neuro-disruptive effects of drinking "diet" soft drinks containing
aspartame/NutraSweet -- which can certainly cause vertigo, depression, fainting spells, and
even seizures in those who are sensitive. If YOU are consuming anything with aspartame/
NutraSweet, she needs to stop it 100% immediately."

In any case, he/she would benefit greatly short-term by taking 2 Shaklee Mental Acuity in the
morning and 2 at lunch time to improve overall circulation and increase blood circulation to the
brain, which should reduce or eliminate the lightheadedness and fainting.
But in reality, she just needs to get started on the good foundational basic nutrition
program of protein, Vitalizer, and Herb-Lax and add the essential fatty acids as outlined
in my Depression Plan -- and build her overall health and vitality and get off the
antidepressants for good

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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