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									FACT SHEET on Political Activities 2010 – 2011.

ASEAN Delegation led by Mr. Markns Arens and Mr. Ivo Belet and
30 Member European Parliamentary Delegation invited Myanmar
Political Party representatives and leaders on Mar 2nd to
Chattrium Hotel in Yangon. An open and candid political
discussion was made from 10:00 to 12:00 hr.

DPM, NDF and WSP attended the Meeting. NLD, NWP, Shan and
Karen Parties did not attend but gave excuses that they were
tied up.

DPM expressed that: “President of the Republic of Myanmar’s
speech gave hope and commitment; would not turn back from the
path the country is on; joint efforts of all of us bears
fruits and we all should keep up with our endeavor for the
benefits of the country; all of us know too well that 2010
election was unfair; military junta rigged the election in
order for their party to have the majority; had placed
restrictions on all the political parties that drove all of us
in great hardships and difficulties; threatened the masses
thereby keeping the distance between the mass and the parties;
the electioneering road was coarse and roughened; and thus the
military junta had won the election overwhelmingly, and as a
consequence the military junta was satisfied with their crude
and rude endeavor. After the election the new government or
the old government, whatever term one wants to use, came into

The most important concern for the new government and the
military regime behind them is to have recognition from the
U.S. of A, and the Western Bloc.

In order to appease the U.S. and the Western Bloc the new
government invited Daw Aung San Su Kyi, lured her to cooperate
with them, promised that DASSK will be allowed to play in the
Myanmar political arena, purveys special perks, privileges and
thereby the By-election road is quite clear and smooth for

DASSK has unlimited political fund war chest; and being
popular, she has the best opportunities one could ever

USDP is also quite strong like DASSK; and they are canvassing
in their contesting constituencies. Under the democratic
system all parties need to work hard and vie each other, no
matter what!”

The Foreign Delegation pointed that: ‘all parties have the
same slogan, that is, for democracy, unity and development,
and yet why can’t they merge?’

The Foreign Delegation added that: ‘Federal System is good,
what is your opinion on that system; do you all believe that

the Government’s undertakings will be progressed; would the
By-election be free and fair; do your parties accept
minorities ethnic as party members; opinion on Labor and
Peasant organizations; in the West political parties are
subsidized by the respective governments, how your parties
raise funds?’

The Leaders in attendance gave appropriate answers.

On March 6th DPM Leader U Thu Wai and Deputy Leader Daw Than
Than Nu, accompanied by DPM Info Bureau Chief U Hla Myint left
for Naypyidor at 06:00 hr to record the By-election Policy
Statements. The recording will take place on March 7th.

Each Party is given 15 minutes on the State Radio and TV.
DPM’s pieces will be broadcast, U Thu Wai’s on March 9th and Daw
Than Than Nu on 17th after the 08:00 News Broadcast.

U Thu Wai’s speech was rejected twice as he mentioned that
Myanmar is far behind Thailand in every aspect. The UEC cannot
accept such rhetoric. The Third, abridged, and censored
version is as follows:

Brief: Myanmar is in transition; all should join hands; in the
government as well as in some political parties there are
people who oppose this transition; some may take advantage and
some may disturb ----

Daw Than Than Nu’s speech is as follows:

Brief: Almost 50          years Myanmar had gone through void of
democracy and its        traditions; when election was announced by
the military junta       people had gone through a period, as though
their lives are in       total havoc ---

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