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									                       School Ties
       (Stories from Middle School, High School &

Middle School

YA FIC ABB Abbott, Tony                Firegirl
When burn victim Jessica Feeney enters St. Catherine's school, she is almost too hideous to
behold. Although Mrs. Tracy, the homeroom teacher attempts to prepare the students, no one is
really ready for the shock of Jessica's appearance. Even though she is only in the school a few
weeks, her presence and her ordeal changes the life of one student, Tom Bender. Told in first
person, this is a powerful story of simple things and the complexities of being sensitive. Tom has
a crush on Courtney, a beautiful classmate, and when Jessica becomes a part of the class,
making an impression on his secret love becomes the driving force of Tom's life. Vying for utmost
importance in Tom's life is the promise of his friend, Jeff, that they will both take a ride in Jeff's
uncle's Cobra. However, after meeting Jessica and coming to understand her accident, Tom's
perspective is radically changed.

YA FIC AMA                        Amato, Mary                       Invisible Lines
Trevor, a seventh-grader, lives in a tough, run-down housing project, but his school is in a rich
neighborhood nearby, and it is hard for him to fit in. He is thrilled to join the soccer team, even
though he cannot afford cleats, and his spoiled, rich classmate, Xander, won’t pass him the ball.
With his father in jail and his mom searching for work, Trevor has to balance soccer practice with
babysitting for his beloved, irritating younger siblings. A gifted artist, he finds escape from his
life’s pressures when he begins to keep a required notebook for science class, which he fills with
drawings, facts, and observations.

YA FIC BAS          Baskin, Nora Raleigh              Basketball (or Something Like It)
Anyone who has experienced the pressures of being a part of a traveling sports team can identify
with the characters in this contemporary novel set in an affluent community. Here, Baskin (What
Every Girl [Except Me] Knows) spotlights three members (and the little sister of a fourth) of the
not-so-successful North Bridge Panthers, a sixth-grade travel basketball team, who express their
worries and hopes both on and off the court in alternating third-person narratives. Some team
members, like Hank, play ball mostly to please their parents. Others, like Jeremy (who lives with
his grandmother after being abandoned by his father) and Nathan (whose uncle turned to drugs
after playing pro ball) set out to prove something to themselves by joining the team. Then there's
Anabel, a gifted basketball player herself, who sits in the bleachers and offers readers a wider
perspective through her observations of some rather nasty exchanges among players, refs,
coaches and parents. Enduring a series of humiliating losses, a string of coaches who quit or are
fired, and irate mothers and fathers, the North Bridge team gets little opportunity to improve their
skills, but they do learn something about friendship, trust and loyalty during the course of the

YA FIC BLU               Blume, Judy               Then Again Maybe I Won’t
Ever since his dad got rich from an invention and his family moved to a wealthy neighborhood on
Long Island, Tony Miglione's life has been tumed upside down. For starters, there's his new
friend Joel, who shoplifts. Then there's Joel's sixteen-year-old sister, Lisa, who gets undressed
every night without pulling down her shades. And there's Grandma, who won't come down from
her bedroom. On top of all his other worries, there are all the questions Tony has about growing

YA FIC BRA         Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker              Leap of Faith
Abigail is starting a new middle school, a Catholic school, because she’s been expelled from her
old one. She’s sure that this place will be just the same as the last, and no one will listen to her
here either. Even her parents don’t seem able to really hear the truth about what happened at the
previous school. But now she finds herself in a community of people who do listen, who want to
be her friends, and who help her discover a talent for theater that she never knew she had.
Converting to Catholicism began merely as a way to annoy her parents, but quickly it becomes
more. Could she be developing real faith?

YA FIC BRO         Brown, Jason Robert & Dan Elish 13
13 Things to Know About 13
1. This book is about a guy named Evan.
2. Three months before his 13th birthday, he has to move from New York City 3. to Appleton,
4. where nobody knows him.
5. He's not very happy about it.
6. His mom is kind of nuts.
7. His dad is kind of nuts too.
8. Evan's not nuts, but he keeps ending up in nutty situations.
9. One of them involves a movie called The Bloodmaster.
10. Another involves a girl named Patrice.
11. But the nuttiest situation of all is his bar mitzvah—
12. which it's possible no one will come to.
13. Unless Evan can make some new friends really fast.

YA FIC BRU           Brugman, Alyssa           Being Bindy
Bindy and her best friend, Janey, have been best friends forever, but now they are growing up,
and Janey's interest in skimpy tops, short skirts, sex, and heavy makeup is quickening, while
Bindy still enjoys television cartoons and fantasy games. Janey makes a stab at bringing Bindy
into her world, but Bindy is not there yet. She does not fit in with Janey's new friends and is
grossed out by Janey's behavior as well as confused, hurt, and angered by it. The girls fall out,
and Janey, eager to look good with the in-crowd, stands by while Bindy is teased and later bullied.
As the girls' friendship sours, the friendship between their divorced, single parents grows, and
when Bindy and Janey discover Mom and Dad in bed, they fear marriage is imminent and they'll
be forced to live together. They unite but only to break up their parents.

YA FIC BRY        Bryant, Annie          Letters from the Heart
This series features a multicultural group of junior high girls in Brookline, MA. Charlotte and her
widowed father are new in town, and they have lived all over the world. Katani has a flair for
design. Korean-born Avery, a no-frills type of girl, in the literal sense of the word, was adopted
when she was an infant. Maeve is a drama queen and dreams of stardom. In Bad News/Good
News, Charlotte discovers that her father is considering an offer to teach at Oxford in England
and she wants to stay put for a while. The episode centers on how the girls come to her rescue,
how she learns to deal with her own ambivalent feelings about the move, and how she comes to
better understand her father and his grief.

YA FIC BUD Budhos, Marina                   Tell Us We’re Home
Jaya, Maria, and Lola are just like the other eighth-grade girls in the wealthy suburb of
Meadowbrook, New Jersey. They want to go to the spring dance, they love spending time with
their best friends after school, sharing frappÉs and complaining about the other kids. But there’s
one big difference: all three are daughters of maids and nannies. And they go to school with the
very same kids whose families their mothers work for. That difference grows even bigger—and
more painful—when Jaya’s mother is accused of theft and Jaya’s small, fragile world collapses.
When tensions about immigrants start to erupt, fracturing this perfect, serene suburb, all three
girls are tested, as outsiders—and as friends. Each of them must learn to find a place for
themselves in a town that barely notices they exist.

YA FIC BUT         Butler, Dori Hillestad            The Truth About Truman School
When Zebby and Amr create the website, they want it to be honest.
They want it to be about the real Truman Middle School, to say things that the school newspaper
would never say, and to give everyone a chance to say what they want to say, too.
But given the chance, some people will say anything-anything to hurt someone else. And when
rumors about one popular student escalate to cruel new levels, it's clear the truth about Truman
School is more harrowing than anyone ever imagined.

YA FIC CHO Choldenko, Gennifer                      If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period
Kirsten's parents are barely speaking to each other, and her best friend has fallen under the spell
of the school's queen bee, Brianna. It seems like only Kirsten's younger science-geek sister is on
her side. Walker's goal is to survive at the new white private school his mom has sent him to
because she thinks he's going to screw up like his cousin. But he's a good kid. So is his friend
Matteo, though no one knows why he’ll do absolutely anything that hot blond Brianna asks of him.
But all of this feels almost trivial when Kirsten and Walker discover a secret that shakes them
both to the core.

YA FIC CRE            Creech, Sharon              Replay
Twelve-year-old Leo carries an indelible, slightly odious nickname: Sardine. In his day-to-day, he
often feels squished within a tin. In his fantasies, though, Leo is no sardine. He soars with dreams,
replays memories, and speculates about who he could become. Rehearsing for the school play
serves as both catharsis and meditation for this shy, introspective boy.

YA FIC DAV                 Davis, Stephie               The Boyfriend Trick
Lily Gardner, a musical prodigy, is preparing for her audition to the NorthEast Seminary of Music,
but her passion as a classical pianist is lost. Her music lacks expression and feeling according to
her piano teacher, Miss Jespersen. The countless hours of practicing and touring has taken time
from her social life. Lily feels that her best friends are moving on without her as they plan on
going to the semiformal dance together with their dates. Erin, Valerie, and Delilah help to arrange
a date for Lily. Trying to keep her pride intact, Lily tells her friends that she has a boyfriend, or, in
Lily's case, a "wishful" boyfriend. Her ruse leads to two imaginary boyfriends as she tries to cover
her stories. The story takes some interesting twists and turns as Lily tries to figure out who she
really is.

YA FIC DEE         Dee, Barbara Just Another Day in My Insanely Real Life
Twelve-year-old Cassue has a lot to cope with when her father moves "out of the picture." Her
mom's constantly working overtime, her teenage sister's going AWOL, and her little brother
seriously needs attention. It's up to Cassie to prevent total chaos at home -- or so she thinks. She
can't control everything, though. At school Cassie's two "best" friends are turning nasty, and a
cute boy is sending mixed signals. And then there's Mr. Mullaney -- the weirdest, hardest English
teacher in the seventh grade -- who hates everything she does. Since Mr. Mullaney isn't even
reading her brilliant work, Cassie starts submitting journal entries like "A Virtual Tour of My

Insanely Messy Desk." But her sassy humor isn't winning her any friends or helping her ailing
grades. What's a girl to do when life gets totally insane?

YA FIC DIO         Dionne, Erin         Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies
Thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris is no string bean, but comfy sweatpants and a daily chocolate
cookie suit her just fine. Her under-the-radar lifestyle could have continued too, if her aunt hadn't
entered her in the HuskyPeach Modeling Challenge. To get out of it, she's forced to launch
Operation Skinny Celeste—because, after all, a thin girl can't be a fat model! What Celeste never
imagined was that losing weight would help her gain a backbone . . . or that all she needed to
shine was a spotlight.

YA FIC EHR           Ehrenberg, Pamela                   Ethan, Suspended
After getting suspended from school, Ethan Oppenheimer is uprooted from his comfortable
suburban life in Pennsylvania and sent to live in Washington, D.C., with grandparents he hardly
knows. At Parker Junior High, he stands out as the only white student. Making friends there is
difficult; fitting in, impossible. It doesn't help that his overprotective grandparents expect him to
live their old-fashioned, frugal lifestyle. As he tries to find his way in this new world, Ethan also
struggles with issues from the world he left behind — guilt about the events surrounding his
suspension, anxiety about his parents' separation, loneliness for the company of his family and
friends. Slowly, Ethan adjusts. He makes a few friends; he joins the jazz band and learns a new
instrument; he even gets used to dried-out dinners at 4:30 pm. Along the way he learns a lot
about prejudice and acceptance — and about himself and his changing family situation.

YA FIC FEL Felin, M. Sindy               Touching Snow
The best way to avoid being picked on by high school bullies is to kill someone."
Karina has plenty to worry about on the last day of seventh grade: finding three Ds and a C on
her report card again, getting laughed at by everyone again, being sent to the principal -- again.
She'd like this to change, but with her and her sisters dodging their stepfather's fists every day
after school, she doesn't have time to do much self-reflecting. Finally her stepfather is taken away
on child abuse charges, and Karina thinks things might turn into something resembling normal.
The problem is, he's not gone for good. And as Karina becomes closer with a girl at the
community center where her stepfather is not showing up for his parenting classes, she starts to
realize a couple things. First, for all the problems her family had tried to escape by immigrating
from Haiti, they brought most of them along to upstate New York. And second, if anything is going
to change for this family, it is going to be up to Karina and her sisters to make it happen.

YA MYS FER          Ferraiolo, Jack        The Big Splash
The seventh-grader version of a Raymond Chandler PI, Matt Stevens coolly navigates the mean
streets (okay, the mean hallways) of Franklin Middle School in a first novel with an ingenious
premise: junior high noir. Matt's classmate, the once-bullied Vinny Biggio, commands a whole
"organization," complete with hit men, in this case boys and girls who use loaded squirt guns,
stealth attacks and their peers' predictable responses (choruses of "Jimmy peed his pants!") to
ensure their targets' permanent and total ostracism. The plot has to do with the spectacular
takedown of one Nicole Finnegan, aka Nikki Fingers, the school's most feared "trigger-girl," that is,
until her recent retirement from Vinny's operation. Just who ordered the hit on Nikki, and why?

YA FIC FRI       Friend, Natasha           Bounce
Shortly after her widower father announces he is remarrying, 13-year-old Evyn and her older
brother move with him from their house in Maine to the Boston brownstone of their soon-to-be
stepmother and six stepsiblings. For solace, Evyn confides in her dead mother, who died when
Evyn was a baby, even though she admits she is really just talking to herself; in these
conversations her mother advises her to let the bad stuff "bounce" off her, but it's hard. Evyn
misses her best friend-who seems to have moved on very quickly, acquiring a new best friend

and boyfriend-and she hates both her too-eager stepmother and her private girls' school, where
she becomes a target of the popular clique.

YA FIC GAU          Gauthier, Gail         Happy Kid!
Self-help books can be creepy, but the copy of Happy Kid! A Young Person's Guide to Satisfying
Relationships and a Happy and Meaning-Filled Life that Kyle owns is positively haunting. Kyle, a
loner with a reputation as a troublemaker, is bribed by his mother to read the book. As he opens
random chapters, he notices that the messages are oddly relevant to what is going on in his life.
In his enriched English class, his teacher gives the class an essay assignment and when the
essay question turns up verbatim on a statewide standardized test, Kyle and his Happy Kid
advice have to make a decision: Tell the principal about the suspected cheating and jeopardize
the standardized test scores of every "A-Kid" in school, or let it go and not further his status as
social outcast.

YA FIC GEP         Gephart, Donna            How to Survive Middle School
Eleven-year-old David Greenberg dreams of becoming a TV superstar like his idol, Jon Stewart.
But in real life, David is just another kid terrified of starting his first year at Harman Middle School.
With a wacky sense of humor and hilarious Top 6½ Lists, David spends his free time making Talk
Time videos, which he posts on YouTube. But before he can get famous, he has to figure out a
way to deal with:
6. Middle school (much scarier than it sounds!)
5. His best friend gone girl-crazy
4. A runaway mom who has no phone!
3. The threat of a swirlie on his birthday
2. A terrifying cousin
1. His # 1 fan, Bubbe (his Jewish grandmother)
1/2. Did we mention Hammy, the hamster who’s determined to break David’s heart?
When David and his best friend have a fight, David is lucky enough to make a pretty
cool new friend, Sophie–who just (gulp) happens to be a girl. Sophie thinks David’s videos are
hilarious, and she starts sending out the links to everyone she knows. Sophie’s friends
tell their friends, and before David knows it, thousands of people are viewing his videos–including
some of the last people he would have expected.
David may still feel like a real-life schmo, but is he ready to become an Internet superstar?

YA FIC GOL          Goldschmidt, Judy            The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez
Twelve-year-old Raisin Rodriguez has been uprooted from her life in California and plopped down
in Philadelphia with her mother, sister, step-father, step-sister Samantha, and Samantha's cross-
dressing poodle Countess. The only way Raisin can survive the painful transition is by recording
every detail in a secret blog she keeps for her best friends from home. Raisin shares her latest
musings and spills about every humiliating incident that prevents her new friendships from taking
off. She even describes the arrival of her dreaded period, just after her thirteenth birthday. But
humiliation doesn't begin to cover what Raisin experiences when someone at her new school
discovers her blog and prints it out for the world to see. This hilariously painful and
heartbreakingly hysterical novel offers a glimpse into the mind and heart of a truly unique
character with an unforgettable voice.

YA FIC GOL          Goldschmidt, Judy             Raisin Rodriguez and the Big Time
Raisin's back, funny and delightful and determined to get her first kiss. Still blogging every
thought and action for her two best friends across the country, seventh-grader Raisin feels like
the only person on earth who hasn't been kissed. Opportunities arise but she declines: She really
only wants to kiss sweet CJ, who smells like cinnamon and wraps his violin in a shopping bag.
Misconstruing a scene of CJ kissing a girl who may or not have been an underwear model, Raisin
dashes out of a room, prompting her peers to decide that she's "freaked out by. . . . [h]uman

sexuality." Some are kind about it (though they conceal who is kissing whom); others label her
Miss Priss, necessitating Operation Reputation Removal. When CJ's two dads get married, he
requests Raisin's help with his speech-could this mean he likes her back? Throughout this life-
and-death drama and some nitty-gritty puberty details, Raisin's voice is sparkly and hilarious

YA FIC GOL          Goldschmidt, Judy             Will the Real Raisin Rodriguez Please
Stand Up?
It’s winter break, and Raisin’s heading back home to Berkeley, California, where—for a twist—
she’s blogging to her new Philly friends about the visit with her dad and old friends Pia and
Claudia. Raisin can’t wait to pick up where she left off, but she’s in for a rude awakening. First
there’s her dad’s new girlfriend, Angelique, who came out of nowhere. Worse—who’s the new girl
Pia and Claudia are suddenly doing everything with? It’s like Raisin doesn’t even belong in her
old life anymore . . . but maybe she’s finally ready to see that the new one isn’t so bad?

YA FIC GOR Gorman, Carol                       Games
Mick Sullivan likes reading thrillers, daydreaming about Tabitha Slater, and teasing his
archenemy, Boot Quinn. Boot Quinn likes playing his guitar, daydreaming about Tabitha Slater,
and punching his adversary, Mick Sullivan. The two eighth graders are rivals in every way, and
with two fights in the first week of school, they've set the stage for a yearlong showdown. That is,
until a new principal arrives on the scene and forces Mick and Boot to spend an hour and a half
each day playing games together. Two enemies, one small room, and no adult supervision-battle
lines are bound to be crossed. As the wins and losses are tallied, the boys find themselves
fighting for their classmates' attention, a cute girl's affection, and their own fathers' respect. But
how far are they willing to go to win? And who are they really fighting? There's only one way to
find out. Game on.

YA FIC GRO             Grover, Lorie Ann            Loose Threads
A series of poems describes how seventh-grader Kay Garber faces her grandmother's battle with
breast cancer while living with her mother and great-grandmother and dealing with everyday
junior high school concerns.

YA FIC GRU             Grunwell, Jeanne Marie                   Mind Games
Each of the six members of Mr. Ennis's Mad Science Club presents a report of his or her
experiences working on a science fair project to investigate ESP, which resulted in their winning
the Maryland lottery.

YA FIC HAN          Han, Jenny         Shug
Shug is clever and brave and true (on the inside, anyway). And she's about to become your new
best friend. Annemarie Wilcox, or Shug as her family calls her, is beginning to think there's
nothing worse than being twelve. She's too tall, too freckled, and way too flat-chested. Shug is
sure that there's not one good or amazing thing about her. And now she has to start junior high,
where the friends she counts most dear aren't acting so dear anymore -- especially Mark, the boy
she's known her whole life through. Life is growing up all around her, and all Shug wants is for
things to be like they used to be. How is a person supposed to prepare for what happens
tomorrow when there's just no figuring out today?

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi        The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
A tragic haircut leaves Kristen looking manlier than a New York Jets linebacker. Will she be
condemned to a season of trying to find cute hats when, as everyone knows, hats are so over?
Meanwhile, Claire got everything she wants -- new camo Converse high-tops, bag and bags of
gummies, and best of all, her first ever cell phone, from Massie. Although Claire's now an official
member of the Clique, presents don't matter to her -- all she really wants is her first kiss from
Cam, of course!

YA FIC HAR           Harrison, Lisi        The Clique
Wealthy Massie is determined to exclude middle class Claire, the daughter of her father's old
friend, from her seventh-grade clique at a very exclusive private school in Westchester, New York,
but after Massie steals her only friend, Claire strikes back.

YA FIC HAR           Harrison, Lisa             Best Friends for Never
A bet about wardrobes between the wealthy Massie and middle-class Claire results in a testing of
old friendships, a forging of new ones, and a change for the student body at Octavian Country
Day School.

YA FIC HAR                  Harrison, Lisi          Revenge of the Wannabes
They're back! The rich, designer name-dropping, thoroughly conceited and obnoxious seventh-
grade girls of Octavian Country Day School in Westchester, NY, return to compete against one
another for who'll be the reigning queen of the school's "in crowd." Super-wealthy, super-indulged
Alicia Rivera switches ballot boxes in the vote for a school uniform so that she wins instead of
super-wealthy, super-indulged Massie Block.

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi        Sealed With a Diss
In elite middle schools, peer pressure battles are fought with savage IMs and catty comments in
the hall about a hopelessly defective fashion sense. Recent Octavian Country Day School arrival
Claire Lyons is learning to navigate her way through this seventh-grade miasma. In Sealed with a
Diss, she learns anew that pecking-order wars can leave everybody bruised.

YA FIC HAR           Harrison, Lisi        Dial L for Loser
Goodbye Westchester, Hello Hollywood!
Massie Block: The Pretty Committee is this close to begging Principal Burns to readmit them to
O.C.D. when movie director Rupert Mann invites the girls to audition for his new teen blockbuster
-- Dial L for Loser. Massie packs her straight-leg velvet Sevens, ties her new hair extensions in a
high pony, and heads off to L.A. with her friends, on the studio's ah-mazing private jet. But when
they arrive on the set, everyone starts treating Claire like she's the star. Dial W for What the....?!
Kristen Gregory: Parents have her grounded in Westchester while her friends are off glamming
it up. But so what? She has the Briarwood boys to keep her company, including "certain people's"
Alicia Rivera: Doing the morning announcements at O.C.D. was great preparation for her latest
gig -- being a movie-set correspondent on The Daily Grind.
Dylan Marvil: On a new all-bran diet. Good thing she wasn't invited to L.A. since she needs to
spend most of her time running to the bathroom.
Claire Lyons: Snags a starring role. Befriends a hot teen starlet. Is invited into a world of
extreme fabulousness -- she goes to glitzy parties, gets her picture in lots of magazines, and
receives dozens of free pairs of Keds. She's living the dream! But what happens when Cam
catches Claire kissing a Hollywood hottie?

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi         Bratfest at Tiffany’s
Massie Block: The Briarwood boys have invaded OCD and are taking over everything. Worse,
the soccer boys have become so popular that the Pretty Committee's alpha status is in serious
jeopardy. So Massie lays out a New Year-New Pretty Committee rule: Anyone caught crushing
on a boy will be thrown out of the NPC-forever. But will she be able to follow her own decree
when she sees that Derrington has ditched his shorts-obsession in favor of ah-dorable jeans?
Alicia Rivera: Is the opposite of onboard with the boyfast. Her crush, the Ralph Lauren-luh-ving
Josh Hotz, is more irresistible than crème brûlée fro-yo. But is he worth losing her spot in the
NPC? And taking on the wrath of Massie?
Dylan Marvil: Is so ready for the boyfast. She's straightened her unruly red hair and permanently
pressed boys out of her life. If only she could do the same with curly fries and caramel popcorn.

Kristen Gregory: Has traded her sporty-chic Pumas for Billabong board shorts and a shark tooth
necklace. She claims she's sworn off boy-crushes, so what's with her Blue Crush makeover?
Claire Lyons: Spent all summer thinking about Cam's one blue eye and one green eye. But now
he's moved on to a new girl faster than you can say cuh-yutest couple. At least Claire finally has
a secure spot in the NPC-unless jealousy-flirting breaks the boyfast. . . .
The Clique: The only thing harder than getting in is staying in.

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi         Movers & Fakers (Alphas series v 2)
At OCD the losers are tormented.
At Alpha Academy, they're sent home.
Skye Hamilton has scored an invitation to the ultra-exclusive Alphas-only boarding school where
beta is spelled LBR . What happens when the country's best, brightest, and hawtest begin
clawing and scratching their way to the top?

YA FIC HAR Harrison, Lisi               Dylan: The Clique Summer
Game, Set, Match... Dylan?Dylan and her TV-host mom are off to Hawaii's Aloha Tennis Open.
While Merri-Lee interviews tennis's wild child Svetlana "Tennis the Menace" Slootskyia, Dylan lets
the tropical sun melt away the memory of getting dumped by two guys at the end of seventh
grade. But between avocado mud masks and poolside naps, she falls in love with a preppy,
tennis- obsessed hawtie. Dylan soon realizes the only way to score a date with him is to master
the game. Can she convince moody Svetlana to spill the secrets of her tennis success, or will she
end up oh-for-three in summer love?

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi          Claire (Clique Summer Collection)
Will Claire's Florida BFFs become former BFFs? Back in Orlando for the summer, Claire is
reunited with her Florida best friends, Sarah, Sari, and Mandy, after a long year apart. Her FBFs
haven't changed at all. Too bad they think Claire has . . . and not for the better. Claire sets out to
prove her loyalty by entering Kissimmee's Miss Kiss pageant. But when a very special visitor
shows up and vows to win the crown, Claire finds herself torn between Keds and couture. Will
Claire finally kiss-immee her past goodbye-once and for all?

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi        It’s Not Easy Being Mean
Massie Block: Massie is the uncontested ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene at
Octavian Country Day, an exclusive private school in Westchester County, New York.
Claire Lyons: Has finally arrived! She's in the Clique and adored by super-cute Briarwood boy
Cam. But will she be able to stay in Massie's inner circle?
Alicia Rivera: As sneaky as she is beautiful, Alicia would love to take Massie's throne one day.
She just might do it.
Dylan Marvil: Divides her time between sucking up to Massie and sucking down Atkin's shakes to
try to get rid of the extra fifteen pounds that won't seem to leave her butt alone.
Kristen Gregory: She's smart, hardworking and will insult you to tears faster than you can say
"scholarship kid."
The Clique... The only thing harder than getting in is staying in.

YA FIC HAR          Harrison, Lisi          Alicia (Clique Summer Collection)
Back in Spain to visit her relatives, Alicia discovers that Spain's newest pop sensation Ignacio! is
searching for a true Spanish beauty to star in his new hit-single video. She can't believe her luck!
If Alicia is cast as a true Spanish beauty, Massie will never call her fake-Spanish again. The only
trick: She'll have to beat her super-bonita cousins to win the coveted spot. Adios, bimbos!

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi Kristen (Clique Summer Collection)
Kristen sets sail on the Love Boat... With the rest of the Pretty Committee scattered across the
globe, Kristen is stuck in summer school at OCD, making good on her scholarship commitments.

No sleepover horse camp, no Hawaiian spa, no Spanish vacation, not even a trip to Orlando. But
when Kristen scores a job looking after hang-ten hottie Dune Baxter's eight-year-old sister,
Ripple, Westchester suddenly doesn't seem so bad. It looks like Kristin is about to ride the wave
of first love. . . .

YA FIC HAR          Harrison, Lisi        P.S. I Loathe You
Massie Block: The Briarwood boys have invaded OCD and are taking over everything. Worse, the
soccer boys have become so popular that the Pretty Committee's alpha status is in serious
jeopardy. So Massie lays out a New Year-New Pretty Committee rule: Anyone caught crushing
on a boy will be thrown out of the NPC-forever. But will she be able to follow her own decree
when she sees that Derrington has ditched his shorts-obsession in favor of ah-dorable jeans?
Alicia Rivera: Is the opposite of onboard with the boyfast. Her crush, the Ralph Lauren-luh-ving
Josh Hotz, is more irresistible than crème brûlée fro-yo. But is he worth losing her spot in the
NPC? And taking on the wrath of Massie?
Dylan Marvil: Is so ready for the boyfast. She's straightened her unruly red hair and permanently
pressed boys out of her life. If only she could do the same with curly fries and caramel popcorn.
Kristen Gregory: Has traded her sporty-chic Pumas for Billabong board shorts and a shark tooth
necklace. She claims she's sworn off boy-crushes, so what's with her Blue Crush makeover?
Claire Lyons: Spent all summer thinking about Cam's one blue eye and one green eye. But now
he's moved on to a new girl faster than you can say cuh-yutest couple. At least Claire finally has
a secure spot in the NPC-unless jealousy-flirting breaks the boyfast. . . .

YA FIC HAR         Harrison, Lisi        Boys R Us
Massie Block: forms BOCD's first-ever cheerleading squad called the Socc-hers.
Kristen Gregory: When Massie and Kristen's SBFF (secret best friend forever) Layne are vying
for the same boy, she has to make a choice. Life was easier when the boyfast was still on!
Dylan Marvil: Has got a secret crush on Derrington-and it's no secret that he likes burpilicious
Claire Lyons: Now that she's back with Cam, Claire finally has her love life in order. But her
friends are trading crushes like styling tips...

YA FIC HAR          Harrison, Lisi                       These Boots Are Made For
Stalking (Clique Series)
The twelfth novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series about Westchester County's most
exclusive private middle school girls.

YA FIC HAR          Harrison, Lisi       My Little Phony (Clique v 13)
The thirteenth novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series about Westchester County's
most exclusive private middle school girls.

YA FIC HAW                Hawthorne, Rachel                   Trust Me
Oh. No. This can't be happening. Me and Sean Reed? "Trust Partners" for the entire counselors-
in-training program? Sean may have deep blue eyes that make my heart flutter whenever he
looks at me, but he's always been a troublemaker. Being thrown together all summer? That is so
not going to work. Even if he does have a really, really nice smile. Trust me on this.

YA FIC HEN         Heneghan, James             Payback
Thirteen-year-old Charley Callaghan is coping with some difficult changes in his life. His family
has recently moved to Vancouver from Ireland, and his mother has died of cancer. Now he is
desperately trying to fit in --in a new school, a new city, a new country--while holding a part-time
job and keeping an eye on his little sister, Annie. Charley's red hair and Irish accent at first make
him a target of the class bullies, but he is tough enough--just--to keep them at bay. So it is almost
a relief to him when the bullies find a new target, Benny Mason. As the bullying intensifies,

Charley keeps hoping that Benny will defend himself, but he fails to intervene. When the situation
turns tragic, Charley must face some difficult questions about his own part in the events. His
search for atonement leads to an unusual friendship, and an unexpected opportunity to pay back.

YA FIC HOL Holm, Jennifer Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf
Ginny has ten items on her big to-do list for seventh grade. None of them, however, include
accidentally turning her hair pink. Or getting sent to detention for throwing frogs in class. Or losing
the lead role in the ballet recital to her ex-best friend. Or the thousand other things that can go
wrong between September and June. But it looks like it's shaping up to be that kind of a year!
Here's the story of one girl's worst school year ever -- told completely through her stuff.

YA FIC HOW           Howe, James           Totally Joe
Howe continues the story of 13-year-old Joe, one of the protagonists of his fine novel The Misfits,
in this "alphabiography." As an English assignment, Joe is told to write about his life over the
school year from A to Z, with each alphabetical chapter ending in a "Life Lesson" to be shared
with others. At first he thinks this is "lame," but soon he embraces the format and starts to reveal
his life in short, funny, touching vignettes. As he'd be the first to proclaim, Joe is not exactly an
average Joe: he's gay and comfortable with it, and in the course of the novel he acquires his first
boyfriend and comes out to his supportive (and unsurprised) family.

YA FIC JOR                 Jordan, Sabrina                  It Had to be You
First impressions aren’t always the best, especially for Emma Miller when she first meets her new
neighbor Kyle. Let’s just says it wasn’t one of Emma’s greatest moments. But it wasn’t entirely
her fault. Unfortunately for Emma, it’s not only the first impression that she’s not really good at but
also the second and third and everything after that. Since every time Emma’s around Kyle
something entirely crazy has to happen making it look like she isn’t the best person to be around.
It’s bad enough that Emma has her three older brothers ganging up on her Emma just doesn’t
need anymore problems, especially boy problems. At least Emma has something to keep her
mind off of that totally hot next-door neighbor. Entering the ninth grade, Emma had been secretly
chosen to become the next Daisy for the 'Dear Daisy' advice column in her school’s newspaper.
Emma gets her own secretive e-mail address for the column, which is where she finds e-mails
from a Romeo14, who is having a little girl trouble. But this great advice that Emma always seems
to have could possibly fail and ruin her life forever.

YA FIC KIM         Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody              Lily B on the Brink of Cool
Lily is having the most boring summer EVER. Her best friend has abandoned her for Young
Executives Camp, and there is nothing to do but go on family outings with her parents. Then Lily
meets the coolest girl, Karma, and her incredibly cool parents. And guess what? They're her
relatives! This summer is looking up, and Lily things she just might be on the brink of cool.

YA FIC KIM         Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody               Lily B. On the Brink on Love
Dear Readers,
How exciting that you chose to read this book! My book! I have so much to tell you! First, I have
found myself on the brink of love with The Boy. And then there's my job with a Real Writer, my
adventures in rock climbing (or perhaps I should replace the word "adventures" with
"misadventures"), and my work as the advice columnist for the Mulgrew Sentinel, which I know is
just a small stepping stone on my path to becoming a Real Writer myself. But why am I telling you
about these things when you could be reading them all for yourself? Enjoy!
Sincerely yours,
Lily M. Blennerhassett

YA FIC KIM          Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody                 Lily B on the Brink of Paris
Lily Blennerhasset, diarist extraordinaire, is back for her third adventure and lucky readers get to
join in on her shrewd observations. This time she is going to Paris on her eighth grade school trip,
along with best bud Charlotte, and an odd assortment of classmates. Lily hopes to be inspired by
all things French to write the great Parisian novel and does not have time for the simple and the
mundane. Of course, all she knows of Paris is what she has learned from her Madeline books.
Lily's lack of preparation, daydreaming, and inattention land her in big trouble when she gets
separated from the group. When neither her wit nor fractured French can save her, Lily must rely
on the geeky Lewis Pilsky and his cell phone, and the connections of Tim (his sister is the famous
actress Lindy Sloane) to save the day and awaken Lily to her foibles. Back with the group and
slightly humbled, Lily is able to enjoy the rest of her visit to the City of Lights, and in particular the
Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Strolling among the monuments from Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde to Jim
Morrison Lily lets go of her desire to "collect gems and nuggets" for her novel and becomes a
simple tourist who is having a blast.

J & YA FIC KIN           Kinney, Jeff        Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Even though Greg Heffley would rather play video games with his friend Rowley than write in the
journal that his mother gives him, he uses it to record, in pictures and in text, the harrowing and
clever ways in which he navigates the middle school social scene. Undersized and skinny, Greg
has adventures that center on how he manages to separate himself from the geeks and how he
evades bigger bullies by employing quick wit and harebrained ideas. Unfortunately Greg's
schemes usually backfire, providing readers with the opportunity to delight in his distress. Picked
on by an older brother, embarrassed by his baby brother, and closely monitored by his clever
parents, Greg reacts in typical middle school fashion, making him a character with which many
readers will be able to identify. Kinney provides readers with a realistic view of middle school life
as seen through the eyes of the entertaining but not very bright class clown.

YA FIC KIN        Kinney, Jeff         Rodrick Rules (Diary of a Wimpy Kid )
Add a diary with an embarrassing summer secret and then stir with two brothers, and you have
the essential recipe of Rodrick Rules, a fine addition to Jeff Kinney's cunningly clever Diary of a
Wimpy Kid series. At the center of stew is Rodrick's younger brother Greg, who is attempting ever
so valiantly to somehow survive middle school with his dignity intact.

J & YA FIC KIN           Kinney, Jeff        Greg Heffley’s Journal (Diary of a Wimpy
Even though Greg Heffley would rather play video games with his friend Rowley than write in the
journal that his mother gives him, he uses it to record, in pictures and in text, the harrowing and
clever ways in which he navigates the middle school social scene. Undersized and skinny, Greg
has adventures that center on how he manages to separate himself from the geeks and how he
evades bigger bullies by employing quick wit and harebrained ideas. Unfortunately Greg's
schemes usually backfire, providing readers with the opportunity to delight in his distress. Picked
on by an older brother, embarrassed by his baby brother, and closely monitored by his clever
parents, Greg reacts in typical middle school fashion, making him a character with which many
readers will be able to identify. Kinney provides readers with a realistic view of middle school life
as seen through the eyes of the entertaining but not very bright class clown.

YA FIC KIN               Kinney, Jeff              The Last Straw (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Let’s face it: Greg Heffley will never change his wimpy ways. Somebody just needs to explain that
to Greg’s father. You see, Frank Heffley actually thinks he can get his son to toughen up, and he
enlists Greg in organized sports and other “manly” endeavors. Of course, Greg is able to easily
sidestep his father’s efforts to change him. But when Greg’s dad threatens to send him to military
academy, Greg realizes he has to shape up . . . or get shipped out.

YA FIC KIN Kinney, Jeff              Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
It's summer vacation, the weather's great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where's
Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.
Greg, a self-confessed "indoor person," is living out his ultimate summer fantasy: no
responsibilities and no rules. But Greg's mom has a different vision for an ideal summer…one
packed with outdoor activities and "family togetherness."
Whose vision will win out? Or will a new addition to the Heffley family change everything?

J & YA FIC KOR             Korman, Gordon               No More Dead Dogs
Eighth-grade football hero Wallace Wallace is sentenced to detention attending rehearsals of the
school play where, in spite of himself, he becomes wrapped up in the production and begins to
suggest changes that improve not only the play but his life as well.

J & YA FIC KOR            Korman, Gordon               The Twinkie Squad
Chaos spreads when Douglas, the most eccentric sixth grader in Thaddeus G. Little Middle
School, joins the Twinkie Squad, a special counseling group for problem students.

YA FIC KOR         Korman, Gordan           Schooled
Capricorn Anderson is different from other thirteen-year-olds. He has never watched television,
never heard of a Starbucks, and never attended a public school, but he knows how to drive a car.
Cap and his hippie grandmother Rain's lifestyle is reminiscent of a 1960s farm commune. Rain is
Cap's only family, friend, and teacher until a tragic accident lands Rain in the hospital, forcing
Cap to live with strangers. Before Cap can blink, he is enrolled at Claverage Middle School with
students who make him a target for their ridicule. Cap's strange appearance and nanve ways
encourage students to nominate him for class president, which at this school is not an honor or
sign of popularity but instead an age-old joke. The in crowd sets out to ensure that Cap fails at
every endeavor, especially the Halloween dance, but the joke is on them. Students stop laughing
at him and begin revering Cap because of his pure heart and immeasurable patience.

YA FIC KOS            Koss, Amy Goldman                  The Girls
Each of the girls in a middle-school clique reveals the strong, manipulative hold one of the group
exerts on the others, causing hurt and self-doubt among the girls.

YA FIC KOS         Koss, Amy Goldman               Poison Ivy
Ivy has been a victim of relentless bullying for years. Nicknamed "Poison Ivy" by Ann, Benita, and
Sophie in fourth grade, she can hardly remember what it was like to be just plain Ivy. When
earnest Ms. Gold, the middle school American government teacher, finds a depressing poem
written by Ivy, she decides to put "The Evil Three" on trial for bullying. She is hoping to create a
perfect learning experience to illustrate the American judicial system to the class-and possibly to
teach the three girls a lesson. What Ms. Gold does not count on, however, is the power of popular
kids and the resulting political leverage. Students are assigned roles: counsel for the plaintiff,
process server, judge, jury, etc. The action is related through the multiple voices of the major
figures in the mock trial proceedings, and readers see many personalities emerge in the alternate
chapters. Of particular interest is the relationship among "The Evil Three." Ann, the leader, clearly
enjoys the status that Benita and Sophie give her in their roles as bystanders in the bullying

YA FIC KOS         Koss, Amy Goldman              The Not So Great Depression
Jacki, a lovable middle schooler who dreads her piano recital as much as gym, is finally starting
to see the effects of the financial crisis she keeps hearing about. When her Mom gets laid off, her
family has to consider making some major changes by reevaluating Jacki's private schooling, her
sister Brooke's college tuition, their big house, and even their presence in Los Angeles. While this
background is serious, the story has a lot of humor and a bit of romance.

YA FIC LAN          Langston, Laura              The Trouble with Cupid
When a dog food company announces a competition for the "new face of Cheesebarkers" TV ad
campaign, a school committee forms to find a school mascot and train it so they can win the prize
money for the school. And Zach Cameron is on the committee. What better place to show off her
talents as a dog trainer and impress Zach? At times touching and other times hilarious, The
Trouble with Cupid examines a young teen's first serious crush, along with the constant struggle
to find acceptance while still remaining true to her principles.

YA FIC LYN             Lynch, Chris              Who the Man
Thirteen-year-old Earl Pryor is much too big for his age, and much too powerful for the anger that
rages within him when classmates tease him, the girl he likes disappoints him, or his parents'
problems get too real.

YA FIC LYN Lynch, Janet Nichols                    Messed Up
With his father out of the picture and his mom in prison, fifteen-year-old R. D. has been living with
his grandmother and her boyfriend, Earl. He's been held back in school for skipping out or being
on suspension, or maybe just for being Mexican-American, but, at heart R. D. is a good kid. Then,
as if he hasn't had enough tough breaks, R. D.'s grandmother takes off with a new boyfriend and
Earl unexpectedly dies. Heartbroken, but determined to stay out of a group home, R. D. takes
charge of his own life. He keeps Earl's death a secret from his school and, for the first time ever,
has an incentive to do his work and stay out of trouble. But how long can R. D. keep up the front?

YA FIC LYN                Lynch, Jim                Highest Tide
One moonlit night, thirteen-year-old Miles O’Malley sneaks out of his house and goes exploring
on the tidal flats of Puget Sound. When he discovers a rare giant squid, he instantly becomes a
local phenomenon shadowed by people curious as to whether this gawky teenager is just an
observant boy or an unlikely prophet. But Miles is really just a kid on the verge of growing up,
infatuated with the girl next door, worried that his bickering parents will divorce, and fearful that
everything, even the bay he loves, is shifting away from him, In this beguiling novel, we witness
dramatic changes for both Miles and the coastline that he adores over the course of one
unforgettable summer.

YA FIC MOR          Morris, Taylor         Class Favorite
"It all started three days after I officially became a woman -- the message of mass destruction
arrived. It was February 14, to be exact. Happy Valentine's Day."
Sara Thurman has never considered herself part of the popular crowd - she's got her best friend
Arlene and that seems like enough. But when Sara's mom sends a special Valentine's Day
delivery to her class, all of a sudden Sara is very famous - only for a horribly embarrassing
reason! It seems everyone at Bowie Junior High knows something about Sara that she'd rather
keep to herself and the harder Sara tries to blend in the more she ends up sticking out.
Not only that, but it suddenly seems that Arlene doesn't have time for her anymore, and she has
an unbearable crush on Jason who doesn't have any idea who she is (until now, that is). Worst of
all, nothing's felt the same since Sara's dad left home. It all has Sara wondering if things will ever
return to normal -- especially if she can't even remember what normal feels like. Sara can't figure
out why it seems that everyone else has it easier than she does - would things be better if she
were popular? Sara decides that if she can't beat 'em then she'll join 'em -- and she hatches a top
secret mission to become....Class Favorite.

YA FIC MYE Myers, Walter Dean                   The Cruisers
Zander and his friends, Kambui, LaShonda, and Bobbi start their own newspaper, The Cruiser, as
a means for speaking out, keeping the peace, and expressing what they believe. When the
school launches a mock Civil War, Zander and his friends are forced to consider the true meaning
of democracy and what it costs to stand up for a cause. The result is nothing they could have

expected, and everything they could have hoped for. Zander Scott and his friends, Kambui,
LaShonda, and Bobbi are in trouble. Even though they're students at DaVinci, one of the best
Gifted and Talented schools in Harlem, their grades are slipping, and Mr. Culpepper, the
Assistant Principal and Chief Executioner, is ready to be rid of them. When the school starts a
unit on the Civil War, and kids split up into Union and Confederate sympathizers, Zander and his
crew are given a charge - to negotiate a peace between both sides before the war actually breaks
out. That's when Zander comes up with the idea to launch an alternative school newspaper
called The Cruiser. What he and his friends learn is that their writing has power to keep the peace,
but that words can be weapons, too. Soon everyone at DaVinci is forced to consider the true
meaning of democracy and what it costs to stand up for a cause. The result is nothing they could
have expected, and everything they could have hoped for.

YA FIC NAY           Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds               The Keeper
Junior high school student Nick must face the fact that his father is plunging fast into serious
mental illness.

YA FIC NAY         Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds            Faith, Hope & Ivy June
Ivy June Mosely and Catherine Combs, two girls from different parts of Kentucky, are
participating in the first seventh-grade student exchange program between their schools. The girls
will stay at each other’s homes, attend school together, and record their experience in their
journals. Catherine and her family have a beautiful home with plenty of space. Since Ivy June’s
house is crowded, she lives with her grandparents. Her Pappaw works in the coal mines
supporting four generations of kinfolk. Ivy June can’t wait until he leaves that mine forever and
retires. As the girls get closer, they discover they’re more alike than different, especially when
they face the terror of not knowing what’s happening to those they love most.

YA FIC NEL Nelson, Blake               Gender Blender
Emma and Tom were once best friends, but by sixth grade their friendship has become an
embarrassing memory in a world where boys and girls barely interact, let alone understand each
other. Thanks to a cursed Eskimo arrowhead, a "Freaky Friday" style switch takes place, and
Tom and Emma must appreciate each other or end up living each other's life for good. Emma is a
pleaser, a teacher's pet intensely invested in the gymnastics that her parents encourage. Tom is
a loafer except when it comes to baseball, messing around with his friends and trying to make his
mostly absent father proud of him. Combining their strengths and learning to rely on each other,
Tom and Emma resolve to defeat the curse-and learn more than a little about how the other
gender lives.

YA FIC PAD          Padian, Maria             Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress
Brett McCarthy lives for vocabulary words, soccer, and her larger-than-life grandmother, Nonna.
Unfortunately, Brett’s got a big mouth she can’t seem to tame and opinions she can’t keep to
herself. And she’s obsessed with the moment she became redefined and went from good student,
best friend-to-Diane to twice-suspended, friendless, and deadest meat in Maine. Soon her world
has turned upside down, and she’s not sure where she fits, what she should do, or how to make
right what she, and her big fat mouth, have made wrong. Brett’s fresh and funny voice will keep
readers laughing out loud at her plights, groaning in sympathy at every misstep, and rooting for
her as things go from bad to worst ever possible.

YA FIC PAU Paulsen, Gary The Amazing Life of Birds (The Twenty-Day
Puberty Journal of Duane Homer Leech)
Bawdy. Horny. Rollicking. Weird. Clumsy. Awkward. Hormonal. These are the words that come to
mind when thinking about award-winning author Gary Paulsen's exploration into the very first
days of male puberty. Twelve-year-old Duane Homer Leech has made a sudden, dramatic
transformation into a clumsy, incomprehensible, sex-crazed doofus. As his journal details, Duane
is suddenly unable to walk across a room, much less talk sensibly to a female classmate or even

look at one without thinking entirely and solely about certain parts of her body. He is miserable,
as are all of the boys in his class. At times outrageously funny, at times horrifically realistic (and
sometimes both at the same time), Duane's story is one that will be wincingly familiar to all males
who are going (or have gone) through the awful, necessary agony that is puberty.

YA FIC POL           Pollet, Alison        Nobody Was Here
It's 1981, and Penelope Schwartzbaum is starting seventh grade at an elite New York prep
school. She finds herself thinking "bad thoughts"-thoughts that include a sense that she no longer
fits together with her best friend, and suspicions that her mother's involvement with her latest
client might be the kind of involvement that leads to divorce. School is a nightmare of never
knowing what to do or how to think; the in-crowd has too many rules, from what to wear to who to
talk to, and Penelope feels so lost that she is rapidly becoming a nobody. However, a new
friendship with oddball but entirely genuine Cass provides a welcome distraction and allows
Penelope to regain her sense of self and start becoming somebody.

YA SF POT         Potter, Ellen        Slob
Twelve-year-old Owen Birnbaum is the fattest kid in school. But he's also a genius who invents
cool contraptions— like a TV that shows the past. Something happened two years ago that he
needs to see. But genius or not, there is much Owen can't outthink. Like his gym coach, who's on
a mission to humiliate him. Or the way his Oreos keep disappearing from his lunch. He's sure that
if he can only get the TV to work, things will start to make sense. But it will take a revelation for
Owen, not science, to see the answer's not in the past, but the present. That no matter how large
he is on the outside, he doesn't have to feel small on the inside.

YA FIC ROS          Rosenbloom, Fiona             You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat
Stacy Friedman is getting ready for one of the biggest events of her young life--her bat mitzvah!
All she wants is the perfect BCBG dress to wear, her friends by her side, and her biggest crush
ever, Andy Goldfarb, to dance with her (and maybe give Stacy her first French kiss ...). But of
course, things never work out quite the way you'd like them to.... Her stressed-out mother forces
her to buy a hideous beaded sequined dress that she wouldn't be caught dead in. Her mitzvahs
are not going at all well. And then the worst thing in the entire world happens--Stacy catches her
best friend, Lydia, making out with Andy! And thus she utters the words that will wreak complete
havoc on her social life ...You are so not invited to my bat mitzvah!

YA FIC ROS Rosenbloom, Fiona                     We Are SO Crashing Your Bar Mitzvah
Stacy Friedman has just had the most awesome summer of her life. At camp, she and her best
friend, Lydia, met a girl who trained them in all things cool, like how many black plastic jelly
bracelets to wear and which teeth-whitening strips work the best. Equipped with this new
knowledge, they're set to make an unforgettable back-to-school debut. Unfortunately, Stacy and
Lydia aren't the ones turning heads at Jefferson Junior High. Their clothes, makeup, and hair are
totally wrong. Instead, everyone clamors around their other best friend, Kelly, who has
transformed from not so cool to so very cool in three months. Stacy and Lydia are happy for her,
but shocked when Kelly gets super cozy with Kym and her popular clique, the Chicas. Worst of
all, Stacy and Lydia are the only ones NOT invited to Eben's Hollywood-themed bar mitzvah. But
Stacy refuses to accept their social blacklisting. So she decides they should crash Eben's bar
mitzvah. Though they risk being reduced to a Marni Gross-level of popularity, it is the only way to
reclaim their status as eighth-grade It girls. Before the party ends, Stacy and Lydia will have gone
undercover, posed for paparazzi, and faced off with the Chicas. They'll also find out exactly who
their true friends are—and aren't.

YA FIC SAN              Sanchez, Alex                 So Hard To Say
Frederick is the shy new boy, and Xio is the bubbly chica who lends him a pen on the first day of
class. They become fast friends -- but when Xio decides she wants to be more than friends,
Frederick isn't so sure. He loves hanging out with Xio and he crew, but he doesn't like her that
way. Instead he finds himself thinking more and more about Victor, the captain of the soccer team.
But does that mean Frederick's gay? He hopes not -- he sees how everyone makes fun of Iggy, a
boy all the other kids think is gay. Frederick has to deal with some tough choices: Even though he
is curious about Iggy, he's just started fitting in at his new school, and he doesn't want to lose Xio,
his best friend.

YA FIC SEL         Selzer, Adam          Pirates of the Retail Wasteland
Leon, Anna, Brian, and Edie are all part of the gifted pool at their middle school. They are super
smart, but they do not necessarily use their brains to stay out of trouble. Their latest assignment
for the pool is to design a monument. After they overhear that Sip, their favorite vintage coffee
shop, is going out of business, the friends decide to take action. Their monument will be to the
older section of town, particularly Sip. They decide to take over Wackford's, the big business
corporate coffee shop that is in the newer part of town. With the help of some of Wackford's
employees, they turn the shop into an office and tell all of the customers that they can only stay if
they are working on "finance or midlevel management" tasks. They get all of the footage they
need, but will it be enough to save Sip?

YA FIC SEL            Selser, Adam             How to Get Suspended and Influence
It all starts with an assignment. Leon's 'gifted and talented' class has to make educational videos
for the sixth and seventh graders. Leon originally chooses 'sex ed' as his subject in the hopes of
showing a flash of boob. But as time goes on, his project starts to mean something. He wants to
tell the younger kids that puberty is tough, but what they're going through is normal. After
researching the avant-garde movement, Leon crafts his video in the style of Fellini: La Dolce
Pubert. It's deeply disturbing yet comforting. But when the gifted program's director sees it, she
suspends Leon-and he finds himself at the center of a townwide debate over censorship. Who
gets to decide how far is too far?

YA FIC SHE         Shepard, Jim              Project X
Below the sign welcoming the new eighth-grade class to school is one that promises to leave no
child unsuccessful and a handout that offers eight ways of being smart. For Edwin Hanratty, at
times as hilarious as he is miserable, this is part of what makes junior high pretty much a
relentless nightmare. And so, with Flake, his only friend, he contends with clique upon clique—the
jocks who pummel them, the girls who ignore or taunt them—as well as the dogged and
disconcerting attentions of a sixth-grader who’s even more ferociously disaffected than they are.
And while Edwin’s parents work hard to understand him, they face without fully realizing it a
demoralization so systemic that he and Flake have no recourse other than their own bitter and
smart remarks, until they gradually begin flirting with the most horrible revenge of all.

YA FIC SHE             Sheth, Kashmira             Blue Jasmine
The comfortable and confident life 12-year-old Seema Trivedi enjoys in her upper-class
neighborhood in India is altered by the family's move to an American middle-class suburban
community. Everything is new and different for this tween who must adjust to American English,
food, dress, culture, and school politics. Seema's classmates in both countries present parallel
situations that illustrate the complexities of middle schoolers and their maturation. Mukta, the very
poor Indian girl who lives in one room behind the family's snack shop, is constantly teased and
misunderstood by both Seema and her cousin Raju. Seema's mistreatment in her American
school by the new class bully, Carrie, is an awakening for her as she grows to understand and
develop emotionally. Exposed to life in two worlds and from two positions in her peer groups,
Seema acquires the ability to appreciate differences as she struggles to belong in both countries.

YA FIC SHR           Shreve, Susan            Kiss Me Tomorrow
Blister was there for Jonah when he was the new student that everyone loved to hate. Blister was
there for Jonah when he lied and said he was a big TV personality. And Blister was right
alongside Jonah when he turned his lie into a real job at a television station, complete with his
very own show. But now everything has changed. Because Jonah is in trouble once again, and
he's looking to Blister to be more than just a friend....

YA FIC SON         Sonnenblick, Jordan             Zen and the Art of Faking It
When eighth-grader San Lee moves to a new town and a new school for the umpteenth time, he
doesn't try to make new friends or be a loner or play cool. Instead he sits back and devises a plan
to be totally different. When he accidentally answers too many questions in World History on Zen
(only because he just had Ancient Religions two schools ago) all heads turn and San has his
answer: he's a Zen Master. And just when he thinks everyone (including the cute girl he can't stop
thinking about) is on to him, everyone believes him . . . in a major Zen way.

YA FIC SON         Sonnenblick, Jordan After Ever After
Jeffrey isn't a little boy with cancer anymore. He's a teen who's in remission, but life still feels
fragile. The aftereffects of treatment have left Jeffrey with an inability to be a great student or to
walk without limping. His parents still worry about him. His older brother, Steven, lost it and took
off to Africa to be in a drumming circle and "find himself." Jeffrey has a little soul searching to do,
too, which begins with his escalating anger at Steven, an old friend who is keeping something
secret, and a girl who is way out of his league but who thinks he's cute.

YA FIC VEG Vega, Denise                  Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived
Seventh Grade)
Erin Swift is a seventh grader who discovers that she and her best pal, Jilly, will NOT be on the
same track for middle school. Shock and horror! This could be the end of life as Erin knows is, but
she vents her frustrations, joys and fears in a fake website that she has created; an electronic
journal of sorts. Erin and Jilly couldn't be more different; Erin has enormous feet and wears
Chuck Taylors (how can you not love the girl?), is an excellent sportswoman and has an amazing
talent for webpage design. Jilly, on the other hand, lives to shop at the mall! Through a comical
yet heart-wrenching course of events, Erin's "blog" is broadcast for all the school to see (imagine
the teacher intercepting a note and reading it out loud and then multiply those feelings of
complete and utter humiliation by a million).

YA FIC VEG       Vega, Denise                       Access Denied (and Other Eighth
Grade Error Messages)
After surviving the "Year of Humiliating Events (YOHE)" in Click Here (To Find Out How I
Survived Seventh Grade), Erin Swift, Web site-designer extraordinaire, is ready to make a fresh
start. But in eighth grade, she faces a new set of boy problems, trouble with friends and a painful
loss that makes her rethink her priorities. Clearly in tune with adolescents' roller coaster emotions
and their numerous challenges, Vega's sequel is accented with excerpts from Erin's "new and
improved, totally secret & private home page" that convey her triumphs and anxieties. Erin's on-
again, off-again crushes-especially with basketball buddy Mark-are entertaining; her more
complex relationships with aging custodian, Mr. Foslowski and new student, Reede, who does "a
lot of things against the rules," add depth. As before, Erin proves to be a good girl who
sometimes finds herself in awkward situations.

YA FIC VOI             Voigt, Cynthia             It’s Not Easy Being Bad
Two unpopular girls try to break into the seventh grade clique system; even though they're not
really sure they want to be popular at all.

YA FIC WES              Weston, Martha            Act I, Act II, Act Normal
Eighth-grader Topher Blakely loves the stage, but he is not thrilled with the script that is selected
for the Hope Springs Middle School student play. His best friend Kip's cool mystery drama loses
out to a musical comedy version of Rumpelstiltskin. Topher and his friends worry that the musical
fairytale will be "dorky," but Topher tries out for a part anyway and lands the big role of
Rumpelstiltskin. Sure enough, class bully Daniel taunts the performers as "fairies," and they
desperately try to think of some way to stop Daniel's mean mouth.

YA FIC WIL            Wilhelm, Doug             The Revealers
The promise of the modern age is that information equals power, and in Wilhelm's (Raising the
Shades) entertaining and thoughtful tale, that notion is put to the test. Three seventh-graders-a
mousy boy with the unfortunate last name Gekewicz, a half-Filipina girl named Catalina and the
always tongue-tied Russell-have had their fill of being bullied, and Catalina posts a letter on the
school network to squelch rumors being circulated about her by the popular girls. The letter
strikes a chord with the downtrodden of Parkland (nicknamed Darkland) middle school; before
long, students are sending their own reports to the three underground publishers, who issue
electronic editions of "The Darkland Revealer."

YA FIC WIN         Winerip, Michael               Adam Canfield of the Slash
Adam Canfield has to be the most overprogrammed middle-school student in America. So when
super-organized Jennifer coaxes him to be coeditor of their school newspaper, THE SLASH, he
wonders if he’s made a big mistake. But when a third-grader’s article leads to a big scoop, Adam
and his fellow junior journalists rise to the challenge of receiving their principal’s wrath to uncover
some scandalous secrets.

YA FIC WIN           Winerip, Michael            Adam Canfield Watch Your Back
As coeditor of the Slash, the Harris Elementary/Middle School paper, Adam Canfield is used to
getting the story. What he's not used to is being the story, which is just what happens after he's
mugged by some high-school students for his snow-shoveling money. But it's hard to keep a low
profile when there's still baritone and basketball practice, a new principal to figure out, a science
fair sham to uncover, a bully survey to monitor, a three-hundred-year-old tree to save, and the
next issue of the Slash to take care of. It's enough to drive a kid over the edge. Luckily, Adam's
got Jennifer, his trusty (and cute!) coeditor, to help him keep it together. But when the Slash is
threatened, will they be able to get the story and keep the paper going, all without getting

YA FIC WIN                Winerip, Michael                  Adam Canfield: The Last
A "dirty" school election, suspicious state test scores — Adam Canfield and his star reporters are
chasing some red-hot leads. There’s only one glitch: the school board has shut down THE
SLASH for exposing the town’s most powerful family, and now the staff has to find a way to
publish it themselves. Enter the Ameche brothers: two goofy kid entrepreneurs with a knack for
refurbishing junk — and a talent for selling ads — but a shaky command of journalistic ethics.
What’s worse, Adam hasn’t a clue why his coeditor, Jennifer, is suddenly acting weird. . . . With
kid-friendly humor and a touch of budding romance, this new adventure revisits a winning cast of
characters — and the excitement that comes from uncovering a really great story.

J & YA FIC YEE             Yee, Lisa         Millicent Min, Girl Genius
Millicent Kwan is having a bad summer. Her fellow high school students hate her for setting the
curve. Her fellow 11-year-olds hate her for going to high school. And her mother has arranged for
her to tutor Stanford Wong, the poster boy for Chinese geekdom. But then Millie meets Emily.
Emily doesn't know Millicent's IQ score. She actually thinks Millie is cool. And if Millie can hide her
awards, ignore her grandmother's advice, swear her parents to silence, blackmail Stanford, and

keep all her lies straight, she just might make her first friend. What's it going to take? Sheer

J & YA FIC YEE           Yee, Lisa        Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time
Stanford Wong is having a bad summer. He flunks English and will have to trade basketball camp
for summer school. Even worse, his mother has hired the world's biggest nerdball and most
annoying genius Millicent Min to tutor him.

YA FIC YEE         Yee, Lisa          So Totally Emily Ebers
Emily Ebers' life as she knows it is over. Her parents have gotten a divorce. Her father has gone
on a tour with his band and now her mother is moving across the U.S. Emily has to leave behind
everything she loves. Her two best friends are going off to camp without her. Will they remember
her? Things get worse when her mother signs her up for volleyball and the local Neighborhood
Watch program. Emily's mother begins to act strangely and Emily finds herself adrift until she
makes some new friends. Emily discovers that not all her friends are being honest with her and
not all of them are sincere friends. She is torn in two directions. Which path will she choose?

High School

YA FIC ABD               Abdel-Fattah, Randa             Does My Head Look Big in This?
Headstrong and witty, 16-year-old Amal, an Australian-Muslim-Palestinian decides during winter
break from her posh private school that she's ready to wear the hijab, the Muslim head scarf,
fulltime, as a testament to her faith. Amal knows she will face discrimination by classmates and
misinformed people but she is committed to her decision; her parents are initially concerned, but
ultimately rally behind her. Their worries, in fact, are well-founded: Amal attracts her share of
stares and taunts both at school and around town, but she finds strength, not only from her
convictions, but from her close-knit group of friends, who for various reasons-being Japanese,
Jewish, nerdy or body-conscious-are perceived as being outside "the norm." As Amal struggles
with her identity in a post-9/11, her faith-and an array of ever-ready quips-help her navigate an
often-unforgiving world.

YA FIC ABD           Abdel-Fattah, Randa            Ten Things I Hate About Me
Jamie just wants to fit in. She doesn't want to be seen as a stereotypical Muslim girl, so she does
everything possible to hide that part of herself. Even if it means pushing her friends away
because she's afraid to let them know her dad forbids her from hanging out with boys or that she
secretly loves to play the darabuka (Arabic drums). But when the cutest boy in school asks her
out and her friends start to wonder about Jamie's life outside of school, her secrets threaten to
explode. Can Jamie figure out how to be both Jamie and Jamilah before she loses everything?

YA FIC ALE          Alexie, Sherman             The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-
time Indian
Nerdy, fourteen-year-old Arnold Spirit lives on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington
state. During his first day at high school, Arnold discovers that his geometry textbook is so old
that his mother used it in school. In anger, he throws the book at his teacher and is suspended.
Recognizing Arnold's potential, his teacher suggests that Arnold transfer to a school off the
reservation. There Arnold attempts to bridge Indian and white cultures-sometimes successfully
and sometimes not-while at home, he faces the controversy of leaving the reservation and his
own culture.

YA FIC AND                 Anderson, Laurie Halse                    Prom
Ashley is (in her own words) normal-a senior from a lower-middle-class family, dating a high
school dropout, and gearing up for graduation but with no plans for college. But when the new
math teacher steals the prom money, Ashley-who swears she doesn't care-finds herself sucked
into turning nothing into the best prom ever because it means the world to her best friend, Nat.

YA FIC AND              Anderson, Laurie                Twisted
High school senior Tyler Miller used to be the kind of guy who faded into the background-average
student, average looks, average dysfunctional family. But since he got busted for doing graffiti on
the school, and spent the summer doing outdoor work to pay for it, he stands out like you
wouldn't believe. His new physique attracts the attention of queen bee Bethany Milbury, who just
so happens to be his father's boss's daughter, the sister of his biggest enemy-and Tyler's secret
crush. And that sets off a string of events and changes that have Tyler questioning his place in
the school, in his family, and in the world.

YA FIC ASH Asher, Jay                Thurteen Reasons Why
Clay Jensen's first love records her last words. Clay returns home from school to find a strange
package with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes
recorded by Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who committed suicide two weeks earlier.
Hannah's voice explains that there are thirteen reasons she decided to end her life. Clay is one of
them. If he listens, he will find out why. Clay spends the night crisscrossing his town with Hannah
as his guide. He becomes a first-hand witness to Hannah's pain, and learns the truth about
himself, a truth he never wanted to face. What he discovers changes his life forever.

YA FIC ATK              Atkins, Catherine             ALT-Ed
Participating in a special after-school counseling class with other troubled students, including a
sensitive gay classmate, helps Susan, an overweight tenth grader, develop a better sense of

YA FIC AUS          Auseon, Andrew             Freak Magnet
Charlie is the freak. Gloria is the freak magnet. They're pretty much destined to meet. And when
they do, sparks fly . . . for Charlie. Gloria, well, she just thinks he's like every other freak who feels
compelled to talk to her, although a little better-looking than most.
While Charlie has his head in the clouds, Gloria's got hers in a book: her Freak Folio—a record of
every weirdo who's talked to her in the last year (it's a big book). But never before has she felt the
pull to get to know one of them better. Until now.

YA FIC BAL           Baldini, Michelle and Lynne Biederman                            Unraveling
THE SMART THING Is to Prepare for the Unexpected. So reads the fortune cookie fortune that
Amanda receives at the beginning of her family’s vacation to Florida. Amanda knows all about
preparing for the unexpected—her mother, whom she calls The Captain, is always hard on
Amanda, and it’s just when Amanda lets her guard down that the very worst comes through.
Looking for acceptance, Amanda turns her attention to boys, and doing whatever she can to be
popular at school. That includes making out with the gorgeous senior Rick in his car after
school—even though he has a girlfriend. And when Rick offers her The Deal—a real, official date
to the Homecoming in front of everyone, in exchange for her virginity—Amanda jumps at the
chance. But no matter how you try to prepare for the unexpected, sometimes you can’t. Sharp,
chatty, and brutally honest, this debut novel is compulsively readable and heartbreakingly real.

YA FIC BAN              Banks, Piper              Geek abroad
Miranda Bloom's life has never been better. She finally has an almost-quasi-boyfriend, Dex
McConnell, the star lacrosse player of Orange Cove High. But when holiday break rolls around,
she jets off to visit her mother in London, and Dex suddenly seems to lose all interest in her. Then
there's Henry, the very cute and very available British guy who complicates matters by making it
clear that he's very interested in Miranda. Things don't get easier for her when classes start back
up at Geek High. Between the dreaded Math Team competitions, an annoyingly love-struck best
friend, and a stepmother who seems to delight in making Miranda miserable, it doesn't take a
genius to see that the semester ahead is going to be tough.

YA FIC BAR         Baratz-Logsted, Lauren              Secrets of my Suburban Life
Everything changed for Lauren ("Ren") after Harry Potter killed her mom. No, it's not what you
think—Harry Potter didn't come to life and stab her or anything. A stack of those thick books
crushed her. Now Ren is stuck out in the suburbs of Connecticut, dragged out there because her
father is too grief stricken to continue living in New York. Ren tries to fit in at her new school, but
the most popular girl, Farrin, keeps icing her out. Then Ren discovers that Farrin has a secret:
She's been communicating online with an older man, and they are actually planning to meet! Ren
can't let Farrin go through with it—she's witnessed enough tragic events as it is. So she comes up
with the perfect plan to stop the perv. But then she finds out who he is...

YA FIC BAR                Baratz-Logsted, Lauren                      Crazy Beautiful
Last year, Lucius Wolfe blew off his hands in a science experiment gone bad. Last year, Aurora
Belle's mother died. Now both Lucius and Aurora are about to start sophomore year in a new
school. On the very first day they meet, forming an instant connection. But high-school politics
runs against the notion of the girl everyone wants to be around having anything to do with the boy
no one wants to be around, the boy whose nickname is Hooks. Yet still, their connection deepens
and the unlikely friendship grows. But there's another boy who likes Aurora, Jessup Tristan.
Aurora doesn't return Jessup's affection as he would like and bad things start to happen. Aurora's
father, the school librarian, is falsely accused of making improper advances against a female
student, the daughter of the vice principal, and the rumor is spread that it was Lucius who
fingered Mr. Belle. Can Lucius clear Mr. Belle's name, clear his own name, and finally win the girl?

YA FIC BAR Barnholdt, Lauren One Night That Changes Everything
Two years ago, when Eliza Sellman was in ninth grade, her dad found out he was being
transferred and the family was going to move. Having always been shy and not so confident
about her body, Eliza took that opportunity to start a list in her private notebook of all the things
she planned on doing when she moved but had always been afraid to--like wearing a miniskirt
and asking guys to dance; singing karaoke in front of strangers; posting a photo of herself on her
Facebook wall in a get the idea. New town, new Eliza, right? Well, she'll never know
because the transfer fell through and they didn't move. But Eliza kept adding her goals and secret
fears to the list in the notebook. Now it's two years later, and in that time Eliza has had and lost
her first boyfriend. But this was more than your average breakup...turns out the sweet and cute
Cooper was only dating her as a hazing stunt by a secret society. Eliza got her revenge by
posting some pretty nasty (and only sort-of true) stuff about Cooper online. That posting has had
major consequences and now Cooper and his buddies have stolen her private notebook and
won't give it back until she performs all the things on her list in one night. It's torture...until Eliza
steals something from the boys she knows they'll want to trade her notebook for. What starts out
as a night of humiliation turns into a night of revelations as Eliza learns what Cooper was really
thinking when they dated, the real reason he's stolen her notebook, and how freeing--and life-
changing--it can be to do the things you fear the most.

YA FIC BAU          Bauer, Joan         Peeled
Hildy Biddle dreams of being a journalist. A reporter for her high school newspaper, The Core,
she's just waiting for a chance to prove herself. Not content to just cover school issues, Hildy's
drawn to the town's big story-the haunted old Ludlow house. On the surface, Banesville, USA,
seems like such a happy place, but lately, eerie happenings and ghostly sightings are making
Hildy take a deeper look. And she suspects the editor of The Bee, the town newspaper, is more
interested in selling papers than he is in reporting the facts to a frightened public. Hildy's efforts to
find out who is really haunting Banesville isn't making her popular, and she starts wondering if
she's cut out to be a journalist, after all. But she refuses to give up, because, hopefully, the truth
will set a few ghosts free.

YA FIC BAU          Bauer, Michael Gerard             Don’t Call me Ishmael
By the time ninth grade begins, Ishmael Leseur knows it won't be long before Barry Bagsley, the
class bully, says, "Ishmael? What kind of wussy-crap name is that?” Ishmael's perfected the art of
making himself virtually invisible. But all that changes when James Scobie joins the class. Unlike
Ishmael, James has no sense of fear—he claims it was removed during an operation.
Now nothing will stop James and Ishmael from taking on bullies, bugs, and Moby Dick, in the
toughest, weirdest, most embarrassingly awful . . . and the best year of their lives.

YA FIC BEN           Bennett, Cherie & Jeff Gottesfeld                  A Heart Divided
When sixteen-year-old Kate, an aspiring playwright, moves from New Jersey to attend high
school in the South, she becomes embroiled in a controversy to remove the school's Confederate
flag symbol.

YA MYS BER                Berk, Josh                The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
Will Halpin is the new kid at school. This is a tough situation even in the best of circumstances,
but Will is also deaf, and his self-image isn’t great (he compares his body to a “sedentary
manatee”). Having left a school for the deaf, Will survives at his first public school with a lot of lip-
reading, texting, and the friendship of another social outcast, Devon Smiley. Together, the two
students become a duo of misfit Hardy Boys who investigate the death of a classmate while on a
field trip to the Happy Memory Coal Mine.

YA SF BER Berryhill, Shane                  Chance Fortune and the Outlaws
For as long as he can remember, fourteen-year-old Joshua Blevins has wanted to be a superhero.
He has the brains, the passion, and the heart. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t have any
superpowers. But Josh isn’t about to let that stop him. Determined not to give up on his dream,
Josh enlists the aid of his mentor, Captain Fearless, a retired costumed adventurer, to gain
entrance to the Burlington Academy for the Superhuman under the false identity of Chance
Fortune—a superhuman with the power of having unnaturally good luck. Masquerading as
Chance, Josh rises among the ranks of his fellow students at the Academy, eventually becoming
the leader of his own combat team, the Outlaws. Together, Chance and his teammates Psy-Chick,
Shocker, Gothika, Space Cadet, Iron Maiden, and Private Justice make new friends, battle new
enemies, and ultimately find themselves caught up in a struggle for the fate of the universe. Can
Chance and the Outlaws save the universe—AND survive their freshman year?

YA FIC BER         Bertrand, Diane Gonzales                The F Factor
Javier Ávila starts his sophomore year at St. Peter's High School with the unwelcome addition of
the school's new Media Broadcasting elective to his course schedule, added, he later learns, by a
career counselor who wants him to be more well rounded. An honors student, Javier has worked
hard to be recognized as smart and dependable. When he is paired with misfit Patricio Berlanga
to coanchor the televised morning announcements, Javier is convinced that he will be
embarrassed in front of the whole school. However, Pat turns out to be a surprisingly competent
partner and a good friend. As the boys navigate their way through the course, they deal with the

scorn of upperclassmen, the complications of a romance between Javier and Pat's sister, and a
house fire that almost kills both boys.

YA FIC BIL          Bildner, Phil            Busted
In high school, anyone can get busted.
It could be the senior class ski trip, or maybe it's the way you cope with the school bully, or how
you entertain yourself in the world's most boring class. Every kid has some secret crime,
something that they are afraid they'll get in trouble for. In Busted, four different stories take place
throughout one year at Coldwater Creek High School and intertwine to show that no one, whether
you are an honors student or the best athlete in school, is safe from getting busted.

YA FIC BIR Birdsall, Olivia Notes on a Near Life Experience
Fifteen-year-old Mia Day's life changes drastically when her parents separate. Suddenly Mom is
working more and isn't home to cook dinner. Mia's dad has taken up with a sexy Peruvian woman.
Her brother, Allen, is acting out. All is not bad in her life, however. Her brother's friend Julian,
whom Mia has had a crush on since forever, begins to notice her. She's finally old enough to
learn how to drive. Her dad takes her on father-daughter "dates." Finally, Mia's shrink enables her
to break through the logjam of repressed emotions she's had about the divorce and to begin to
grieve her loss.

YA FIC BLO           Bloss, Josie        Band Geek Love
All band, all the time. That's how trumpet goddess Ellie Snow has made it to senior year. No
drama, no dating. Just keeping lock-step within the safe precision of the Winslow Marching Band.
She's a fierce section leader now, and so over the heart-crushing social disaster of her freshman
year. No boy is going to ruin Ellie's shining moment-her senior solo performance at the
homecoming game. And then Connor Higgins shows up. Not even Ellie can resist the trumpet
player who could be a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. It's a hook-up made in band-geek heaven!
But Ellie's not ready to publicize their romance, not even to her best friends. After all, Connor's
just a sophomore. What would everyone say? Breaking formation and revealing her true self
would be like . . . marching on the field completely naked!
Then Ellie discovers the flipside of secrets and how it feels to be shut out by the ones she loves.

YA FIC BOG                Boggess, Eileen                     Mia the Meek
Starting ninth grade at Catholic co-ed St. Hilary's, Mia reads a self-help book on overcoming
shyness. Emboldened, she runs for class president, winning not only the presidency but also
Jake, the popular, hunky-but-thickheaded sweetie of Cassie, the class alpha female. Mia also
attracts the interest of Tim. He has looks as well as brains, but even after a kiss when Tim's
tongue work proves superior to Jake's, Mia spurns him because they are competitive. On the way
to sorting out her love life, Mia copes with a ditzy mother, a bratty brother, a fight with her best
girlfriend, and a running battle with archenemy, Cassie. Mia also wins the final point in a Quiz
Bowl, organizes an unorthodox but wildly successful school dance, and of course, recovers from
her shyness and chooses the right guy.

YA FIC BOR         Borris, Albert        Crash into Me
Owen, Frank, Audrey, and Jin-Ae have one thing in common: they all want to die. When they
meet online after each attempts suicide and fails, the four teens make a deadly pact: they will
escape together on a summer road trip to visit the sites of celebrity suicides...and at their final
destination, they will all end their lives. As they drive cross-country, bonding over their dark
impulses, sharing their deepest secrets and desires, living it up, hooking up, and becoming true
friends, each must decide whether life is worth living—or if there's no turning back.

YA FIC BRA                   Bradley, Alex               Hot Lunch
Molly Ollinger can't stand perky Cassie Birchmeyer. When they are forced to collaborate on a
school project, their bickering escalates into a food fight in the Sunshine Day School cafeteria.
But because Sunshine Day isn't your average high school, the girls' punishment isn't detention—

it's to work in the cafeteria as lunch ladies. Ewww. They'll have to cook up a way to get along in
order to get themselves out of the kitchen. Seasoned with hilarious original songs, slams on
traditional school-lunch menus, not to mention downright tasty recipes, Hot Lunch is the best
thing to hit school lunch since Tater Tots.

YA FIC BRA         Brande, Robin           Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
Your best friend hates you. The guy you liked hates you. Your entire group of friends hates you.
All because you did the right thing.
Welcome to life for Mena, whose year is starting off in the worst way possible. She's been kicked
out of her church group and no one will talk to her—not even her own parents. No one except for
Casey, her supersmart lab partner in science class, who's pretty funny for the most brilliant guy
on earth. And when Ms. Shepherd begins the unit on evolution, school becomes more dramatic
than Mena could ever imagine . . . and her own life is about to evolve in some amazing and
unexpected ways.

YA FIC BRA               Brande, Robin                      Fat Cat
Cat smart, sassy, and funny—but thin, she’s not. Until her class science project. That’s when she
winds up doing an experiment—on herself. Before she knows it, Cat is living—and eating—like
the hominids, our earliest human ancestors. True, no chips or TV is a bummer and no car is a
pain, but healthful eating and walking everywhere do have their benefits. As the pounds drop off,
the guys pile on. All this newfound male attention is enough to drive a girl crazy! If only she
weren’t too busy hating Matt McKinney to notice.

YA FIC BRI         Brian, Kate          Lucky T
Carrie Fitzgerald is the luckiest girl: She is the only sophomore on the varsity basketball team,
she always had the lead in the school play, and she has the cutest boyfriend in school. Carrie
Fitzgerald is also the most superstitious girl: She attributes all of her good luck to a Moroccan T-
shirt that her father sent her from one of his distant jaunts around the world. When her mother
accidentally donates Carrie's lucky T to Help India and her good luck starts running out, Carrie
does what any logical girl would do -- she travels halfway around the world to get it back. But as
she scours a foreign land for her luck, she finds a lot more than she ever expected. She's going
to need more than luck to find her way back home again.

YA FIC BRI         Brian, Kate        Private (Private series v 1)
Reed Brennan has won a scholarship to Easton Academy. She has dreamed of this moment
when she can escape her gray, suburban life and her alcoholic, prescription drug dependent
mother. When her kind, good-hearted father drives their dented Subaru onto the manicured
campus, Reed has a moment of misgiving. But seeing this as her only hope, she puts on a brave
face and says good-bye. This is the story of a young girl's attempt to escape her painful world
and find her place in a privileged one. As Reed tries to break into the inner circle of the most elite
group on campus, she finds she must choose between the new love in her life and the hope of
becoming one of the Billings Girls.

YA FIC BRI         Brian, Kate       Invitation Only (Private series v 2)
Reed Brennan is a blue-collar girl looking to upgrade to a new life, starting with her scholarship to
Easton, an exclusive boarding school. She is invited to join the "Billings Girls," a clique with
money, connections, and power-if she can pass her initiation. She is being blackmailed by a
classmate for dirt on the Girls, even while her hazing involves waiting on them hand and foot.
Meanwhile, the police are investigating the disappearance of her former boyfriend, Thomas.
Finally there is The Legacy, a party that she feels she must attend because he might be there.
Competition for an invitation is fierce, because the only way in is as the date of someone whose
family has had children at the school for generations.

YA FIC BRI Brian, Kate Untouchable (Private series v 3)
Cheating, partying, blackmail, and now...murder?
Can the Billings Girls remain untouchable?
Reed's boyfriend, Thomas Pearson — the popular, easygoing, irresistibly handsome and
charismatic boy she fell in love with — is dead. No one knows how it happened, and everyone is
after the truth. Or are they? Life at Easton Academy begins to feel very different. Taylor is acting
like the poster child for Prozac, Kiran is spiking her cornflakes, Noelle is being kind of...nice, and
Arianna keeps floating along as if nothing has happened. Thanksgiving break arrives and Reed
and Josh find themselves alone on campus. They are forced to confront the feelings they've been
hiding. Those feelings combined with an empty campus result in the hottest hookup Reed could
possibly imagine. But when Reed breaks the news about Josh to the Billings Girls, there's no fun
game of tell-all. Instead, Josh begins to look like suspect No. 1 in the murder of Thomas Pearson.
The perfect life Reed has constructed as a Billings Girl begins to crumble. And as everyone
becomes more convinced of Josh's guilt, Reed's private suspicions lead her somewhere she
doesn't want to go.

YA FIC BRI         Brian, Kate        Confessions (Private series v 4)
Reed's new boyfriend, Josh, has been arrested for her ex-boyfriend's murder, but Reed is
convinced that he is innocent and that the killer is still out there. Desperate to uncover the truth,
Reed does some digging---but what she unearths is more dangerous than even she knew.

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate         Inner Circle (Private series v. 5)
Reed Brennan arrived at Easton Academy expecting to find an idyllic private school experience --
challenging classes, adorably preppy boys, and a chance to create a new life for herself. Instead,
she discovered lies, deception, blackmail, and...murder. But, thankfully, the killers were caught
and the nightmare is finally over. Now, with a new school year ahead of her, Reed steps back on
Easton's ivy-covered campus ready to start over. So when the headmaster announces that
billings is forbidden from holding their traditional, secretive initiation, Reed is relieved. She
champions the new rules and the six new girls the administration has picked to live in Billings Hall:
Constance, Missy, Lorna, Kiki, Astrid, and newcomer Sabine. But Reed's fellow Billings resident
and new nemesis, Cheyenne Martin, believes the changes are a mockery of Billings history.
Despite the new rules, Cheyenne vows to keep the old ways alive, no matter what -- or who --
stands in her way...

YA FIC BRI                Brian, Kate               Legacy (Private series v 6)
After Cheyenne Martin's death, everyone at Easton Academy is struggling to recover from yet
another tragedy—especially the girls of Billings Hall. With Cheyenne gone, they need to elect a
new leader. And who better than Reed Brennan, the ultimate Billings Girls? As the new Billings
president, Reed suddenly has access to power she never imagined. Gossip is reported to her
immediately, she has first dibs on everything from dining tables to dorm rooms, and Billings's
most powerful alumnae are at her beck and call. So when Easton's students discover they're the
only prep school on the East Coast not invited to this year's all-inclusive Legacy party, everyone
turns to Reed to get them back on the list. She revels in her newfound status, but knows better
than anyone that the Bilings leaders have a tainted legacy: Ariana was institutionalized, Noelle
was expelled, and Cheyenne just died. History has a way of repeating itself at Easton, and now
that Reed has everything she's ever wanted, she has everything to lose.

YA FIC BRI          Brian, Kate       Ambition (Private series v.7)
The higher you climb, the farther you have to fall....
Reed Brennan knew being elected president of exclusive Billings Hall would change her life.
What she didn't count on was being dumped by her boyfriend, Josh Hollis, or being held
responsible for a fire that destroyed Easton Academy's oldest building.
And now the administration wants to shut Billings down. Forever. As president, it's up to Reed to
save Billings Hall. What better way to win over the head-master than to host a glam fund-raising

event in New York City? Everyone needs a date, and the newly single Reed is the most eligible
girl on campus. All of Easton's hottest boys are angling to take her out, and for once, Reed's
biggest problem is which one to choose. Reed has never felt so popular or powerful -- until the
police start asking questions about Cheyenne Martin's death. Excited party buzz quickly turns to
whispered rumors and dark moods, and one thing becomes clear: There is someone who wants
to see Billings, and Reed, go down. And they will do anything to make it happen.

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate       Revelation (Private series v 8)
Two months after Cheyenne Martin was found dead in her Billings House dorm room, exclusive
Easton Academy is rocked by another stunning revelation: Cheyenne was murdered. No one
knows who the killer is, but everyone agrees that Reed Brennan, who took over Cheyenne's role
as Billings's president, gained the most from her death. Once the most powerful girl on campus,
Reed is now powerless to stop her classmates' accusing whispers. Rumors begin to swirl that
she killed Cheyenne. And just like that, Reed is kicked out of Billings. She's lost everything — her
friends, her home, her boyfriend — and Reed knows the only way to get it all back is to figure out
who really murdered Cheyenne. And she has to do it fast because the killer is still out there. The
more Reed investigates, the more she uncovers. And as any Billings Girl knows...secrets can be

YA FIC BRI       Brian, Kate       Paradise Lost (Private series v 9)
With the solving of Cheyenne's murder, Reed is due for a break. Still grieving for her departed
friend and recovering from her own physical and emotional injuries, she leaves with Noelle on a
winter break getaway for much-deserved rest and recreation. Joined by Kiran Hayes and Taylor
Bell, she hopes to spend a few weeks of relative peace; but considering the girls' previous
histories, can that be really possible?

YA FIC BRI       Brian, Kate         Suspicion (Private series v 10)
In this tenth book of Kate Brian's New York Times bestselling Private series, Reed's dream
vacation turns into her worst nightmare.

YA FIC BRI       Brian, Kate       Scandal (Private series v 11)
Kate Brian's Private series gets even better when Reed returns from her horrific vacation.

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate        Vanished (Private series v 12)
Against all odds, Reed Brennan re-established Billings as an underground literary society. She
and the new initiates created a glamorous secret headquarters and were ready to show Easton
Academy that even though Billings House is gone, the Billings Girls are stronger than ever. But
before Reed had a chance to revel in her success, something horrible happened: Noelle
disappeared. Now Reed has no idea who wants to hurt Noelle or why, but it's up to Reed to save
her. As the clues build up, the clock ticks down, and Reed fears that unless she finds Noelle soon,
she'll lose her friend forever....

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate         Last Christmas (Private series: prequel)
Ariana Osgood has everything an Easton Academy girl could want: straight A's, the perfect
boyfriend, and a coveted spot in exclusive Billings House. But on the first night of Christmas
vacation, a blizzard traps her on campus with irresistible bad-boy Thomas Pearson. Alone.
Instead of snuggling with her boyfriend next to a cozy fire in Vermont, she's huddling for warmth
with Thomas in Ketlar House. As the snow transforms Easton into a winter wonderland, Ariana
finds herself falling for Thomas. But someone is watching their clandestine romance unfold,
someone intent on turning their holiday weekend into a nightmare...

YA FIC BRI       Brian, Kate       Privilege (Privilege v 1)
Ariana Osgood, one of the most infamous characters from Kate Brian's Private series, spins off
into her own dark world of privilege.

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate       Beautiful Disaster (Privilege series v 2)
Ariana Osgood has spent the past two years at the Trumball Correctional Facility for the
criminally insane, charged with the murder of Thomas Pearson. Ariana is determined to get a
second chance at the glamorous life she left behind---and she's willing to do anything to get her

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate        Perfect Mistake (Privilege v 3)
Ariana Osgood has everything she's ever wanted. A place at elite Atherton-Pryce boarding
school. Fabulous friends. A new crush. And most importantly, a new identity. Now that she's
officially become Briana Leigh Covington, Ariana's troubled past is dead and buried. Or is it?
When the one person who knows her secret arrives on campus, Ariana decides it's time to say
good-bye to her ex-best friend — forever.

YA FIC BRI        Brian, Kate       Fake Boyfriend
Lane and Vivi have had it with Isabelle Hunter's boyfriend, Shawn Littig (a.k.a. Sluttig). He is the
only person who can turn their smart, confident best friend into a complete mess. When Shawn
Sluttig cheats on and dumps Izzy just months before the prom she's been planning since the
ninth grade, Lane and Vivi decide to take action. With a few quick keystrokes, they create a
MySpace page for "Brandon," the perfect guy to get Izzy out of her revolving-door relationship
with Shawn. Too bad he's totally fake. Vivi's younger brother, Marshall, who they hire to be the
"man" behind the profile, is way too into being Izzy's fake boyfriend. So they turn to cute, prep-
school Jonathan to be the face of Brandon. But when Vivi falls for Jonathan, and Sluttig tries to
wedge his way back into Izzy's prom picture, the whole plan starts to go south faster than you can
say "fake boyfriend."

YA FIC BRI          Brian, Kate          The Virginity Club
Mandy, Kai, Debbie, and Eva have one thing they must do before the prestigious
Treemont scholarship. It's a free pass to the college of their choice. But the award has one very
bizarre requirement: "Purity of soul and body." In an effort to proclaim their "purity" to the whole
school, Mandy starts the Virginity Club. The friends agree that a social service club is a great
idea, but agreeing to keep the big V until graduation is another story. Because Mandy, Kai,
Debbie, and Eva are each hiding something from the others. Something important. And their
secrets may cost them a whole lot more than just a scholarship....

YA FIC BRO Brody, Jessica                 Karma Club
Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. Do good things and
you'll be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what you deserve. But
when Maddy’s boyfriend cheats on her, nothing bad comes his way. That’s why Maddy starts the
Karma Club, to clean up the messes that the universe has left behind. Sometimes, though, it isn’t
wise to meddle with the universe. It turns out Karma often has plans of its own.

YA FIC BRO               Brouwer, Sigmund                 Winter Hawk Star
Riley Judd is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Star center for the Portland Winter Hawks,
Riley's great hockey skills nearly match his oversized ego. Given the choice of working with street
kids or getting kicked off the team, Judd takes the easy way out...or so he thinks. Along with
teammate Tyler Wilson, he discovers it could cost their lives to rescue the kids from trouble much
bigger than anything he's seen on the ice.

YA FIC BRO               Brouwer, Sigmund                  Hurricane Power
Peering through the latticed brickwork of The New Orleans police headquarters parking garage,
New York Times journalist Joseph B. Treaster is watching the devastating power of a hurricane
up close. Packing winds of 118 miles per hour, Hurricane Katrina is attacking New Orleans,
uprooting trees, tearing down power lines, and flattening homes.. Treaster details the evolution of
the storm as it unfolds in the sky above the Caribbean Sea and is anxiously tracked by the
National Weather Bureau in Florida before it strikes. This is a complete behind-the-scenes
account of one of nature's most terrifying and fascinating disasters.

YA FIC BRO Brown, Hobson; Taylor Materne & Caroline Says The Upper
Welcome to Wellington
Boarding school for society's elite, overachievers, and rich screwups.
No matter who you are, Wellington can be the deepest and most beautiful time of your life, or the
loneliest and most difficult. And two new girls are about to find out which it will be for them . . .
Laine Hunt is a Wellington girl by blood: She lives the country club life in Greenwich, Connecticut,
she's a field hockey star, and her turquoise eyes and blond hair turn heads wherever she goes.
But Laine has a mortal fear of failure that wakes her in the middle of the night with a fever, and
she'll do anything to avoid it. She also wants to avoid her roommate, fellow new girl Nikki Olivetti.
Nikki is not Wellington material—she comes from a new-money Long Island family who have sent
her away to save her from the bad influence of her friends back home. Nikki's a tease, a
loudmouth, and an absolute sweetheart—and she just doesn't belong. The girls couldn't have
less in common. Except, of course, they both have to learn to survive in their new world—a world
with no parents, no safety net, and no limit to how much trouble they can get into. No one ever
thinks they'll crash and burn, but someone always does.
Will the new girls make it to the upper class?

YA FIC BRO         Brown, Hobson, Taylor Materne & Caroline Says                       Miss
In the second book of the "Upper Class" series, readers return to Wellington for spring semester.
Parker Cole, resident artistic outcast, pairs with Chase Dobbs, resident golden boy, in the duo's
Limnology class. During the first assignment the pair discover Mary Loverwest, who has drowned.
The two bond through the trauma and the subsequent fallout of feigned mourning and institutional
concern. Parker, Chase, and a seemingly endless parade of other characters need to make it
from Valentine's Day to Graduation Day and summer, but between Chase's overlooked ADD, his
friend's drug dealing, most students' drinking, and bouts with some bad egg salad and worse
grades, things do not look good.

YA FIC BRO         Brown, Jennifer         The Hate List
Five months ago, Valerie Leftman's boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on their school cafeteria. Shot
trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the
shootings because of the list she helped create. A list of people and things she and Nick hated.
The list he used to pick his targets. Now, after a summer of seclusion, Val is forced to confront
her guilt as she returns to school to complete her senior year. Haunted by the memory of the
boyfriend she still loves and navigating rocky relationships with her family, former friends and the
girl whose life she saved, Val must come to grips with the tragedy that took place and her role in
it, in order to make amends and move on with her life.

YA FIC BRU             Brugman, Alyssa             Walking Naked
Megan Tuw, a not-very-likable teen, is self-absorbed and ruled by peer pressure. She bullies
people in her group-her Australian high school's in-crowd-and ignores others who are "different"
or not useful. Assigned detention for rudeness to a teacher, Megan gets to know Perdita

Wiguiggan, an eccentric classmate, dubbed by her fellow students as "The Freak." As detention
progresses, Megan reluctantly recognizes Perdita's brilliance and love of poetry while Perdita
attempts to lure Megan into an unwanted intimacy that jeopardizes her standing in the group. The
conflict between Megan's loyalty to her group and her budding admiration for Perdita's.

YA FIC BUD Budhos, Marina                  Ask Me No Questions
Fourteen-year-old Nadira, her sister, and their parents leave Bangladesh for New York City, but
the expiration of their visas and the events of September 11, 2001, bring frustration, sorrow, and
terror for the whole family.

YA MYS BUR           Burke, Morgan          Get It Started (The Party Room)
The party room.
On Manhattan's Upper East Side. Everybody's fabulous. No one gets carded. Then someone
dies. The Party Room is where the prep school crowd goes to drink up and hook up. The
cocktails are chill and the bartender's hot. Everyone knows everyone -- except the guy that
Samantha Byrne leaves with one night. The next day Sam's missing. Then she's found dead in
Central Park, murdered brutally. It looks like a copycat killing of another girl who was murdered
years earlier. By someone from Talcott Prep. The killer is one of them. He knows where they live.
And where they play....

YA MYS BUT             Butcher, Kristin          Chat Room
Linda, although intelligent, is shy and withdrawn. She finds it difficult to make friends and break
out of her shell. She is initially dismissive of the chat room set up by her high school but is slowly
drawn to it. Soon, in the school's chat room, she finds the popularity missing in her real life. When
another chatter starts hinting that he would like a real-life relationship and Linda starts receiving
gifts from a secret admirer, Linda must decide if a real-life relationship can be as authentic as a
cyber one.

YA FIC BYR               Byrd, A.J.                Chasing Romeo
Best Friends Forever—that's Anjenai, Kierra and Tyler. Growing up together in an Atlanta
housing project, the girls have always been there for each other. But high school is a whole new
world, and the drama is just beginning. Anjenai, Kierra and Tyler believe their bond is strong
enough to survive anything. Anything—except maybe Romeo Blackwell, the finest guy and a star
athlete in their new high school. What starts out as a small fan club soon becomes a huge
competition. And to win, Anjenai, Kierra and Tyler will have to be down for whatever. Things start
to get seriously crazy. And with all the drama, can the girls' friendship survive when Romeo finally
makes his choice?

YA FIC CAB          Cabot, Meg          Teen Idol
Princess Diaries creator Meg Cabot departs from her popular series with this star-studded tale of
a midwestern high schooler who suddenly plays host to a Tinseltown heartthrob. Sticking with her
slam-dunk formula of normal girls who get caught up in not-so-normal circumstances, Cabot
spins another yarn worthy of red-carpet treatment, this time featuring junior Jenny Greenley, an
Indiana native who writes for the school newspaper's anonymous advice column and has a knack
for smoothing over bad situations. When Jenny is asked to be "student guide" to Hollywood teen
celeb Luke Striker -- who's in town, undercover, to research his next film role -- she only wonders
how they'll ever keep his identity secret. Sure enough, the cat's soon out of the bag, and Jenny
shakes her world when Luke convinces her to use her influence at school for positive change. Of
course, the book wouldn't be complete without a thread of romance for Jenny, too, and the author
delivers a smart, surprising ending for her legions of fans.

YA FIC CAB         Cabot, Meg           Jinx
The only thing Jean Honeychurch hates more than her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette,
just . . . Jean) is her all-too-appropriate nickname, Jinx. Misfor-tune seems to follow her
everywhere she goes—which is why she's thrilled to be moving in with her aunt and uncle in New
York City. Maybe when she's halfway across the country, Jinx can finally outrun her bad luck. Or
at least escape the havoc she's caused back in her small hometown. But trouble has definitely
followed Jinx to New York. And it's causing big problems for her cousin Tory, who is not happy to
have the family black sheep around. Beautiful, glamorous Tory is hiding a dangerous secret—one
that she's sure Jinx is going to reveal. Jinx is beginning to realize it isn't just bad luck she's been
running from. It's something far more sinister . . . and the curse Jinx has lived under since the day
she was born might just be the only thing that can save her life.

YA FIC CAB         Cabot, Meg           How To Be Popular
Steph Landry is tired of being unpopular. She has been the target of jokes since sixth grade when
she spilled a red soda on Lauren Moffat's white D&G skirt. Lauren coined the phase "Don't be
such a Steph Landry" to ensure she never lived it down. Steph has since been content to hang
out with her best friend, Jason, but as she enters eleventh grade, she wants more out of high
school. Luckily she finds an old copy of "How to be Popular." The book is full of useful tips, such
as "No one likes an arrogant person who lords her supposed superiority over others." She follows
the book's advice and begins the school year with flatironed hair and a new attitude. She is
determined to be confident and enthusiastic about school. She sits with new people at lunch and
organizes a talent auction. Steph does not anticipate Lauren being so angry about her attempt to
join the popular crowd or that Jason would be so hurt that she is leaving him behind. As her
popularity grows, Steph is forced to make some difficult choices about who and what is truly
important to her.

YA FIC CAB Cabot, Meg                   Pants on Fire
Katie Ellison is not a liar.
It's just that telling the truth is so . . . tricky. She knows she shouldn't be making out with a drama
club hottie behind her football-player boyfriend's back. She should probably admit that she can't
stand eating quahogs (clams), especially since she's running for Quahog Princess in her
hometown's annual Quahog Festival. And it would be a relief to finally tell someone what really
happened the night Tommy Sullivan is a freak was spray-painted on the new wall outside the
junior high school gymnasium—in neon orange, which still hasn't been sandblasted off. After all,
everyone knows that's what drove Tommy out of town four years ago. But now Tommy Sullivan
has come back. Katie is sure he's out for revenge, and she'll do anything to hang on to her
perfect (if slightly dishonest) existence. Even if it means telling more lies than ever. Even if, now
that Tommy's around, she's actually—no lie—having the time of her life.

YA FIC CAL          Caletti, Deb               Nature of Jade
Jade DeLuna is too young to die. She knows this, and yet she can't quite believe it, especially
when the terrifying thoughts, loss of breath, and dizzy feelings come. Since being diagnosed with
Panic Disorder she's trying her best to stay calm, and visiting the elephants at the nearby zoo
seems to help. That's why Jade keeps the live zoo webcam on in her room, and where she first
sees the boy in the red jacket. A boy who stops to watch the elephants. A boy carrying a baby.
His name is Sebastian, and his story is heartbreaking: his high school sweetheart died in
childbirth, leaving Sebastian to raise their son by himself. Jade is drawn into Sebastian's cozy life
with his son and his activist grandmother on their Seattle houseboat, and before she knows it,
she's in love. With this boy who has lived through harder times than anyone she knows. This boy
with a past. Jade knows the situation is beyond complicated, but she hasn't felt this safe in a long
time. She owes it all to Sebastian, her boy with the great heart...and a terrible secret.
A secret that will force Jade to decide between what is right, and what feels right.

YA FIC CAL         Caletti, Deb       The Six Rules of Maybe
Scarlet spends most of her time worrying about other people. Some are her friends, others are
practically strangers, and then there are the ones no one else even notices. Trying to fix their
lives comes naturally to her. And pushing her own needs to the side is part of the deal.
So when her older sister comes home unexpectedly married and pregnant, Scarlet has a new
person to worry about. But all of her good intentions are shattered when the unthinkable happens:
She falls for her sister’s husband. For the first time in a long time, Scarlet’s not fixing a problem,
she’s at the center of one. And ignoring her feelings doesn’t seem to be an option. . . .

YA FIC CAL Calonita, Jen               Secrets of My Hollywood Life
Every girl in America wants to be Kaitlin Burke -- except Kaitlin Burke. She longs for a life far
away from the glitterati and the paparazzi and those nosy tabloid newsmen. Giving up full-time
glamour, she goes undercover at an ordinary American high school. The lessons that she learns
in the world beyond the red carpet bring her wisdom worth more than any Emmy.

YA FIC CAN          Canales, Viola         Tequila Worm
Through a series of vignettes, Sofia's story comes to life—a life in the barrio in McAllen, Texas.
We learn about the celebrations and traditions of her family: preparing for her First Communion,
making Easter cascarones, celebrating el Dia de los Muertos, getting ready for her cousin's
quincianera, and all the preparations for Christmas, among others. When Sofia is chosen to
receive a scholarship to a prestigious Episcopal boarding school in Austin, three-hundred-fifty
miles away, she is torn between wanting to obtain the best education possible and wanting to
remain with her beloved family.

YA MYS CAP             Cappo, Nan Willard            Cheating Lessons
Cappo frames her novel around an academic "quiz bowl" challenge that pulls together a group of
teens. Long considered to be second-rate by the private, wealthy, and elite Pinehurst Academy,
the students at Wickham High School are stunned to have beaten Pinehurst in a qualifying exam,
but they rise to the occasion, and through rigorous tutoring by handsome English teacher Mr.
Malory, prepare for the big event. Bernadette isn't so sure that things are quite as they seem,
however. The numbers just don't seem to add up, and with a little sleuthing it becomes apparent
that Mr. Malory has "tweaked" the results. Straight-arrow Bernadette is unsure what to do next-
the team members all have strong personal reasons why they need that prize money, and the
reputation of the whole school could be at stake. Can honesty be the worst policy? Is she a
cheater too, if she goes along with the deception?

YA FIC CAR              Carlson, Melody            Homecoming Queen
DJ Lane lives with five other girls in a boardinghouse owned by her grandmother, a retired
fashion model. As the novel opens, she discovers that her runaway roommate, Taylor, has
returned. Taylor quickly resolves her differences with the other Carter House residents and in the
process snags a coveted role in the school musical. Just as DJ thinks life in Crescent Cove might
settle down, she is injured while saving a child from an oncoming car. Although she has become
a local heroine, she struggles with the emotional and physical impact of the accident, feeling
alone and insecure as her friends carry on with their lives at school.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Torch Red
Feeling like she is the only virgin on the planet, a high school junior wrestles with questions about
love and sex before ultimately choosing to give herself to God instead of her boyfriend.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody Deep Green
A Christian high school girl considers having sex with a former boyfriend in order to win him back.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Dark Blue
Two sophomore girls, best friends since kindergarten, grow apart when one wants new friends
and decides the other is a popularity liability.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Burnt Orange
Up until her senior year, Amber has been the model of perfection—just like her dad, Pastor
Conrad, taught her to be. But when Claire Phillips invites her to more and more parties, Amber's
little white lies about her drinking spark a raging wildfire that threatens to overtake her life. Will
she be honest with herself and her friends before things really get out of control?

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Fool’s Gold
Hannah Johnson is pretty happy as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. But when she visits
her cousin Vanessa for a summer in America, everything changes. Vanessa and her friends try to
catch Hannah up on all the latest fashions, but in the end, Hannah feels hopeless. She doesn't
think she'll ever be able to keep up with the rich girls—but that doesn't stop her from trying. In the
process, Hannah is forced to come to grips with what she values most: beauty on the inside or
beauty on the outside.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Pitch Black
If Morgan thought her life was tough before—what with a drug-addicted, klepto brother and a
cradle-robbing mother—it just got worse: Her friend Jason took his own life. Morgan copes—or
tries to—by attempting to piece together vague clues that might explain Jason's suicide. Making
matters worse, she can't help but feel responsible somehow. Sometimes she thinks maybe Jason
had the right idea all along.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Moon White
Heather's curiosity in Wicca brings new confidence and reassurance but alienates her from
others. Even so, this enchanting path seems harmless, even helpful. But when terrifying things
begin to happen that Heather can't explain, it becomes clear that she has less control over her
world than ever before.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Faded Denim
All of Emily's friends seem so perfect: skinny and pretty and fun and flirty. Emily loathes her
slightly overweight body, and as her secret bitterness begins to eat away at her soul, she faces
the dark prospect of developing an eating disorder.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Bitter Rose
Maggie blames her mom for the family's disintegration. "She’s driven him away with her constant
nagging and complaining and arguing. Honestly, who could stand to live with that woman?" she
vents to her friend Claire. However, there's more to the story, and Maggie desperately wants to
know the truth—something nobody seems willing to tell her.

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Blade Silver
Ruth Wallace knows she can only hide the scars on her arms for so long. Cutting herself doesn't
make her problems disappear, but at least it helps her cope. Ruth needs to find someway, any
way, to heal her scars—the ones she hides and the ones she can't—before something terrible

YA FIC CAR          Carlson, Melody            Bright Purple
Jessica LeCroix drops a bomb on her best friend, Ramie: “I’m a lesbian.” Ramie Grant cannot
believe her ears. Jess!? Her best friend, her teammate…a homosexual? Before long other girls
on the basketball team find out, and little jokes become vicious attacks. In the end, Ramie must
decide if she will stand by Jessica’s side or turn her back on a friend in need.

YA FIC CAR         Carlson, Melody              It’s My Life(Diary of a Teenage Girl v 1)

YA FIC CAR         Carlson, Melody              Just Ask (Diary of a Teenage Girl v 2)

YA FIC CAR Carter, Scott William                        The Last Great Getaway of the
Water Balloon Boys
CHARLIE HILL, straight-A student, straight-A geek, and Most Likely to Be a Human Squid for the
Rest of His Life, is having a bad day. The worst. All he wants to do is make it through school
without being on the receiving end of a beating from Leo Gonzalez, but things don't turn out
exactly the way he planned. Just as Leo is about to rip his face off, Charlie's ex-best friend Jake
pulls up in their principal's bright red '67 Mustang. Charlie has to choose between a broken nose
and the risk of a lifetime, and for the first time in his life, he decides to take a chance. Now Charlie
and Jake are off on the open road. And when their journey of a thousand miles ends in a
courtroom far from home, Charlie will have to make the most difficult decision of all.

YA FIC CAS Castellucci, Cecil                Boy Proof
Meet Egg. Her real name is Victoria Jurgen, but she's renamed herself after the kick-ass heroine
of her favorite sci-fi movie, Terminal Earth. Like her namesake, Egg dresses all in white, colors
her eyebrows, and shaves her head. She always knows the right answers, she's always in control,
and she's far too busy — taking photos for the school paper, meeting with the Science Fiction
and Fantasy Club, and hanging out at the "creature shop" with her dad, the special-effects
makeup wizard-to be bothered with friends, much less members of the opposite sex. As far as
Egg is concerned, she's boy proof, and she likes it that way. But then Egg meets a boy named
Max, a boy who's smart and funny and creative and cool...and happens to like Egg. Could this be
the end of the world — at least as Egg knows it?

YA FIC CAS            Castellucci, Cecil           Queen of Cool
On the outside, Libby Brin is the most popular girl in school. She has the coolest friends, the
hottest boyfriend, the trendiest clothes, and the hippest parents. But on the inside, Libby is dying -
of boredom. In a moment of desperation, Libby signs up for an internship at the L.A. Zoo, much to
the dismay of her friends, who'd prefer she spend her time with them, shopping, partying, and
making fun of everyone else. To Libby, the zoo gig seems like something, anything, different to
do, even if it means she has to work with two nerds - Tina (aka "Tiny"), a little person and aspiring
actress, and Sheldon, an introverted boy with a brilliant, inquiring mind. But what happens when
Libby realizes she actually enjoys working at the zoo and may even like Tina and Sheldon? Will
the QUEEN OF COOL be forced to give up her crown?

YA FIC CHA         Chambers, Veronica             Plus
The perfect romantic makeover story about an every-girl whose dream comes true . . .
Beatrice Wilson is our lovable Cinderella, who just got dumped by her very first boyfriend and put
on twenty-five pounds. But then she's discovered as a plus model. In the eyes of pop culture, Bee
is Jessica Alba and then some! Now she must vanquish skinny rivals, fend off sleazy photogs,
and banish jealous frenemies in her rise to superstardom. All the while, she's torn between her
first love and the surprisingly sincere up-and-coming rapper she tutors in calculus. But what's
better than finding your prince charming? Finally learning to love yourself!

YA FIC CHB            Chbosky, Stephen               The Perks of Being a Wallflower
This is the story of what it's like to grow up in high school. More intimate than a diary, Charlie's
letters are singular and unique, hilarious and devastating. We may not know where he lives. We
may not know to whom he is writing. All we know is the world he shares. Caught between trying
to live his life and trying to run from it puts him on a strange course through uncharted territory.
The world of first dates and mixed tapes, family dramas and new friends. The world of sex, drugs,

and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, when all one requires is that perfect song on that perfect
drive to feel infinite.

YA FIC CIR             Cirrone, Dorian             Dancing in Red Shoes will Kill You
Kayla Calloway is a junior at Florida Arts High School, or "Farts" as it is called by its students. Her
passion is ballet. Kayla has been dancing since she was five-years-old and she is good at it—
very good. Her technical ballet skills are perfect, but she is never picked for the good parts in any
of the school performances. Kayla dreams of landing plush solo roles yet as hard as she works,
as much as she studies and perfects all of her pirouettes and grande jetes, those roles never
come her way. Why? Kayla does not have a ballerina's body. She has the long, slender, yet
muscular legs, but between the neck and waist she has the body of Dolly Parton. With an upper
body that big, she just does not look the part. Will Kayla have to undergo breast reduction surgery
if she is to successfully pursue a career as a ballerina?

YA FIC CIR        Cirrone, Dorian         Prom Kings and Drama Queens
That summer, Hurricane Emily was in the news. The headlines shouted things like: "Emily Rocks
South Florida." I wanted to be like that Emily in the headlines. I wanted to take the world by
storm. Not that I wanted to knock over mango trees or whip power lines across the sky like
spaghetti. But I wanted to rock in my own way. Emily Bennet has some impossible projects on
her "To Do" list, like landing her longtime crush, Brian Harrington, and winning the job of editor in
chief of the school newspaper over her arch nemesis, Daniel Cummings. And, on top of that,
she's determined to do something special. Something important. Something good. Suddenly,
Emily's checking things off her list left and right. She's kissing Brian on a semiregular basis and
she's raising money for a good cause by planning an Alternative Prom (but she would secretly
rather go to the real one). The only item that remains is knocking Daniel Cummings off his
pedestal. But when did he start to look, well, cute? Emily's finding it harder and harder to stick to
her list. And she still needs to conquer the most important item of all. Can she find her inner prom
queen and figure out how to rock?

YA FIC CLA         Clark, Catherine         Frozen Rodeo
Summer is supposed to be fun.
Peggy Fleming Farrell's summer has taken a turn for the worse: She works at the Gas'n Git to
pay back her parents for wrecking two cars, takes summer school French from a succession of
increasingly lame substitute teachers, loves an IHOP waiter, and attends Lamaze class with her
mother while her father prepares for his professional ice-skating comeback (read: midlife crisis).
Just when the only exciting event looming before her is the town's annual Rodeo Roundup Days
— "exciting" being a relative term — things take an unexpected turn for the better. Between
hijinks with a hijacked golf cart, plans for streaking at the Rodeo parade, and a showdown over
pancakes, Peggy's summer becomes more about mayhem than money management, and
definitely something close to fun. Even if she never learns to speak French.

YA FIC CLA          Clarke, Judith        Kalpana’s Dream
While an English class of 7B students at Wentworth High in Australia struggle with a six-week
essay assignment answering, "Who am I?," one child's great-grandmother arrives unexpectedly
from India to follow her dream.

YA FIC COH               Cohn, Rachel               Gingerbread
When sixteen–year–old Cyd Charisse is sent to New York to stay with her biological dad she gets
to know not only her older brother and the sister who calls her “Daddy’s little indiscretion” but also

YA FIC COH Cohn, Rachel                 Shrimp
It is the start of her senior year, and Cyd Charisse is looking forward to two things: her future
without school and her future with her true love, Shrimp. Sure, he broke up with Cyd right before
her summertime trip to visit her dad in New York City, but that doesn't mean they are over and
through. No, now that she is back in San Francisco, the determined teen plans on their getting
back together—and when Cyd has her mind set on something, watch out! Of course, Cyd's life is
also complicated by her family, including her sister's doll napping of sweet Gingerbread, her
mother's expectations about her college future, her stepfather's disappointment about her earlier
abortion, and her beloved half-brother's unexpected breakup with his "true love" boyfriend. Fans
of Rachel Cohn's first Cyd Charisse work, Gingerbread, are sure to applaud the return of their

YA FIC COH         Cohn, Rachel                 Cupcake
This is the third novel in a trilogy about Cyd Charisse, a former bad girl, now good (sort of), in
love with Shrimp, and finally graduated from high school and living on her own (sort of) in New
York. She has just turned down Shrimp's marriage proposal and they have gone in opposite
directions to seek their destinies. The trouble is, CC (as she prefers to be called) is not sure what
that destiny entails. She knows she doesn't want to go to college and she knows she misses
Shrimp. She also manages to break her leg on her first day of freedom and is confined to her
apartment for six weeks. All this baggage, however, does not stop her from having new
adventures in New York, making new friends, incorporating herself into her new family, and trying
to find a new love. Just as her new life seems under control, Shrimp reappears, making her
question her destiny, her sense of selfhood, and what sorts of sacrifices loving another person
calls for.

YA FIC COL Colasanti, Susane                  When It Happens
At the start of her senior year in high school, Sara wants two things: to get into a top college and
to find true love.Tobey also wants two things for his senior year: to win Battle of the Bands and to
make Sara fall in love with him. However, a popular jock named Dave moves in on Sara first. But
Tobey’s quirky wit and big blue eyes are hard for Sara to ignore. Plus, he gets the little things that
matter to her. Can a slacker rock-star wannabe win the heart of a pretty class brain like Sara?

YA FIC COL Colasanti, Susane Take Me There
In one short week . . . three lives change.
Rhiannon is devastated after the breakup with her boyfriend and wants him back. Nicole's ex is
still in the picture, but she can't help having a new crush. James and Rhiannon are just friends,
though he may try to take it to the next level. Will their desire to take a mean girl down a notch
bring these three friends what they want . . . and more?

YA FIC COL          Colasanti, Susane                  Waiting for You
At the beginning of her sophomore year, Marisa is ready for a fresh start and, more importantly, a
boyfriend. So when the handsome and popular Derek asks her out, Marisa thinks her long wait
for happiness is over. But several bumps in the road—including her parents' unexpected
separation, a fight with her best friend, and a shocking disappointment in her relationship with
Derek—test Marisa's ability to maintain her new outlook. Only the anonymous DJ, whose
underground podcasts have the school's ear, seems to understand what Marisa is going through.
But she has no idea who he is—or does she?

YA FIC COL         Coleman, Michael             Snog Log
It is the beginning of Year Nine for class clown Robbie Brookes at his school in England, and he
is already busy eyeing the girls, especially the unapproachable Melanie Bradshaw. But Robbie
takes nothing seriously, and if he feels sad or worried, he never lets on. His parents fight
constantly, and he wishes they were more like his employers, Mr. and Mrs. Zyg, who are
obviously crazy about each other. When the new English teacher, Mr. Carmichael, gives the

students logs in which to write their private thoughts, Robbie enters an elaborate kissing contest
with three of his classmates. Participants in the "snogathon" score more points for kissing some
girls than others, and they are to keep track of all snogging adventures in their new journals. But
the contest is jeopardized when Melanie discovers it and enlists some of the other girls to plot

YA FIC COL          Coll, Susan         Acceptance
Applying to and getting into college has turned into a deadly serious business for some students
and their parents, but Susan Coll manages to make it funny and sometimes poignantly sad in her
novel. The characters she describes—AP Harry, Taylor Rockefeller and Maya Kaluantharana,
neighbors in an upscale Washington suburb—each react differently to the pressure exerted by
their parents, teachers, counselors, peers and, most importantly, themselves as they live through
April of their junior year to March of their senior year, by which time their fate is sealed along with
their acceptance/deferral/rejection letters. Harry has lived his whole life with the goal of Harvard
acceptance ruling his actions; Taylor's erratic mother is more obsessed with her daughter's future
than she is; and Maya, as the fourth child of overachieving parents and siblings, must figure out
for herself what she really wants and whether the school she chooses or that chooses her is
going to really make the difference. Coll also tells the story through the eyes of an admissions
dean at a small upstate New York college and reveals the politics and pressure from her point of
view as well. Anyone who has been through, or is going through, the college admission process
will find this novel hilarious at points, ridiculous at others and, most importantly, true.

YA FIC COO          Cook, Eileen          Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood
Helen Worthington and Lauren Wood, both 14, were born a day apart in the same hospital in
Michigan and seated together from kindergarten through eighth grade. It was only natural that
they would be the closest of friends—until Lauren decides that she needs a fresh start in high
school and frames Helen for naming the students who participated in the senior prank. The last
days of eighth grade are hell for Helen, and she's in heaven when her dad gets a new job and
they move to New York. However, after three years spent reinventing herself, her father gets a
grant to study at a meditation camp and Helen finds herself sent back to Terrace for her senior
year. She sets out to take her revenge on her ex-friend, which involves taking away the four most
important things to Lauren, including her boyfriend and her popularity. During the course of the
story Helen learns about the true nature of friends, relationships, and family.

YA FIC COO          Cooney, Caroline          Among Friends
Six high school juniors discover surprising, often painful, things about themselves and their
relationships with the people around them in the diaries they are asked to keep as a three-month
English assignment.

YA FIC COR          Corbet, Robert             Shelf Life
An assortment of teens working in a supermarket cope with health and family problems, future
hopes and dreams, the complications of on-the-job romances, and the challenges of customer

YA FIC COR Corrigan, Eireann                   Ordinary Ghosts
Emil's brother isn't dead. Just gone. It's his mom who's dead, and his dad who's checked out
completely. Emil's alone. Not in a teary-eyed, starving-orphan way. Just alone; as in: nobody to
talk to, nothing to do. Then he finds the key. Not a metaphorical “the solution to loneliness was
within me all along” key. No, a real key; a key that opens every single door in the elite prep school
that Emil's forced to attend. Suddenly, Emil doesn't mind so much the he's a nobody, since
nonentities are much harder to pin down. Soon, he's sneaking into the school at night to explore
-- and falling for a girl who sneaks in for reasons of her own. The keeper of the key is supposed to
be legendary but Emil will settle for barely coherent. He's spent a whole of his life dealing with
disappearances. Now he has to see what it takes to make things stay.

YA FIC COY         Coy, John           Crackback
When Miles Manning, a successful high school football player, discovers his teammates are using
steroids--and one of them is his best friend--he's faced with a tough decision: Is he willing to do
what it takes to win? Football is his life, and his family, especially his dad, is pinning its hopes on
him. It's a lot of pressure for a high school junior to bear. This gripping look into the world of high
school boys and athletes--and their struggle to be the best--is provocative and searingly honest.

YA FIC CRA Crane, EM                Skin Deep
If all the world’s a stage, Andrea Anderson is sitting in the audience. High school has its
predictable heroes, heroines, villains, and plotlines, and Andrea has no problem guessing how
each drama will turn out. She is, after all, a professional spectator. In the social hierarchy she is a
Nothing, and at home her mother runs the show. All Andrea has to do is show up every day and
life basically plays out as scripted.
Then one day Andrea accepts a job. Honora Menapace–a reclusive neighbor–is sick. As in every
other aspect of her life, Andrea’s role is clear: Honora’s garden must be taken care of and her
pottery finished, and someone needs to feed her dog, Zena. But what starts out as a simple job
yanks Andrea’s back-row seat out from under her. Life is no longer predictable, and nothing is
what it seems. Light is dark, villains are heroes, and what she once saw as ugly is too beautiful
for words. Andrea must face the fact that life at first glance doesn’t even crack the surface.

YA FIC CRA           Crawford, Brent            Carter Finally Gets It
Meet Will Carter, but feel free to call him Carter. (Yes, he knows it's a lazy nickname, but he
didn't have much say in the matter.)
Here are five things you should know about him:
1. He has a stuttering problem, particularly around boobs and belly buttons.
2. He battles Attention Deficit Disorder every minute of every day.unless he gets distracted.
3. He's a virgin, mostly because he's no good at talking to girls (see number 1).
4. He's about to start high school.
5. He's totally not ready.
Join Carter for his freshman year, where he'll search for sex, love, and acceptance anywhere he
can find it. In the process, he'll almost kill a trombone player, face off with his greatest nemesis,
suffer a lot of blood loss, narrowly escape death, run from the cops (not once, but twice), get
caught up in a messy love triangle, meet his match in the form of a curvy drill teamer, and
surprise the hell out of everyone, including himself.

YA FIC CRA              Crawford, Brent             Carter’s Big Break
In the hilarious and poignant sequel to Carter Finally Gets It, fourteen-year-old Will Carter
attempts to get a little perspective on his life. School is finally over, and he has (barely) survived
his freshman year. Unfortunately, he quickly learns that the summer break he’s been craving just
might break him. When he and his girlfriend, Abby, part ways (over his less-than-appropriate
requests and her shameless flirting with another guy), Carter can’t help but think his summer is
ruined. Things start to look up after he’s unexpectedly cast in an independent film opposite the
world’s biggest tween sensation, Hilary Idaho, who’s looking to give her image a makeover. With
Hollywood knocking on his door, Carter gets a taste of the good life. Suddenly, his small town,
lame friends, and embarrassing family don’t seem as great as they used to. As is prone to
happen when Carter is around, the film spirals out of control, and he begins to fear that he’s not
the “somebody” he thinks he is and more of the “nobody” he’s pretty sure he always has been.
But maybe, with the help of a few friends, he’ll learn to see things in a whole new light.
Find out if Carter goes Hollywood…or Hollywood goes Carter.

YA FIC CRU Crutcher, Chris                 Angry Management
Every kid in this group wants to fly. Every kid in this group has too much ballast.
Mr. Nak's Angry Management group is a place for misfits. A place for stories. And, man, does this
crew have stories. There's Angus Bethune and Sarah Byrnes, who can hide from everyone but
each other. Together, they will embark on a road trip full of haunting endings and glimmering
beginnings. And Montana West, who doesn't step down from a challenge. Not even when the
challenge comes from her adoptive dad, who's leading the school board to censor the article she
wrote for the school paper. And straightlaced Matt Miller, who had never been friends with
outspoken genius Marcus James. Until one tragic week—a week they'd do anything to change—
brings them closer than Matt could have ever imagined.

YA FIC CRU Crutcher, Chris                   Stotan!
The story is built around the lives of Walker, Nortie, Jeff, and Lion, members of the Frost High
School swimming team who are on the brink of life-changing experiences. Stotan Week, a
grueling task taken on by the young men, causes them to rethink their own perceptions of
themselves and each other, dramatically exposing their deepest and darkest sides.

YA FIC CRU         Crutcher, Chris           Ironman
Bo Brewster has been at war with his father for as long as he can remember. Following angry
outbursts at his football coach and English teacher that have cost him his spot on the football
team and moved him dangerously close to expulsion from school, he turns to the only adult he
believes will listen: Larry King. In his letters to Larry, Bo describes his quest for excellence on his
own terms. No more coaches for me, he tells the talk show icon, no more dads. I'm going to be a
triathlete, an Ironman. Relegated to Mr. Nak's before-school Anger Management group (which he
initially believes to be populated with future serial killers and freeway snipers), Bo meets a hard-
edged, down-on-their-luck pack of survivors with stainless steel shields against the world that Bo
comes to see are not so different from his own. It is here he meets and falls in love with Shelly, a
future American Gladiator, whose passion for physical challenge more than matches his.
Ironman is a funny, sometimes heartbreaking story about growing up in the heart of struggle. It is
about standing up, getting knocked down, and standing up again. It is about being heard - and
learning to listen.

YA FIC CRU         Crutcher, Chris          Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
An obese boy and a disfigured girl suffer the emotional scars of years of mockery at the hands of
their peers. They share a hard-boiled view of the world until events in their senior year hurl them
in very different directions. A story about a friendship with staying power, written with pathos and
pointed humor.

YA FIC CRU & SR Section Crutcher, Chris                         Whale Talk
There’s bad news and good news about the Cutter High School swim team. The bad news is that
they don’t have a pool. The good news is that only one of them can swim anyway. A group of
misfits brought together by T. J. Jones (the J is redundant), the Cutter All Night Mermen struggle
to find their places in a school that has no place for them. T.J. is convinced that a varsity letter
jacket - exclusive, revered, the symbol (as far as T.J. is concerned) of all that is screwed up at
Cutter High - will also be an effective tool. He’s right. He’s also wrong. Still, it’s always the quest
that counts. And the bus on which the Mermen travel to swim meets soon becomes the space
where they gradually allow themselves to talk, to fit, to grow. Together they’ll fight for dignity in a
world where tragedy and comedy dance side by side, where a moment’s inattention can bring
lifelong heartache, and where true acceptance is the only prescription for what ails us.

YA FIC CRU           Crutcher, Chris           Chinese Handcuffs
A winning triathlete’s need to understand his older brother’s suicide is complicated by memories
and daring challenges.

YA FIC CRU         Crutcher, Chris          Running Loose
Louie takes a stand against his coach and playing dirty football, falls in love and loses his
girlfriend in a fatal accident - all in his senior year.

YA FIC CRU         Crutcher, Chris         Crazy Horse Electric Game
Willie Weaver used to be a hero. Now he's nothing. Willie is a top athlete, the star of the
legendary game against Crazy Horse Electric. Then a freak accident robs him of his once-
amazing physical talents. Betrayed by his family, his girlfriend, and his own body, Willie's on the
run, penniless and terrified on the streets, where he must fight to rebuild both his body and his life.

YA FIC DAN               Daniels, Babygirl                 Glitter
Asia Smith walks through life with a silver spoon in her mouth, thanks to her father, who spares
no expense when it comes to his baby girl. But when he dies tragically, her extravagant lifestyle is
brought down a notch. She struggles to adjust to her new life with Auntie Joy. Asia thinks that
entering high school will help her world return to normal. She's excited about attending the hypest
school in Detroit along with her best friend, Tracey. They're closer than ever and loving their
freshman experience—until they fall for the same boy. Tracey turns her back on Asia, and things
get complicated. Asia puts her new boyfriend before her old friendship. She's willing to do
anything to keep him interested—even things she's not quite ready to handle. When she ends up
pregnant, the boyfriend she thought would be with her forever quickly disappears, and she's left
to deal with the consequences of growing up too fast. Will her life ever get back on track?

YA FIC DAS          Daswani, Kavita          Indie Girl
Fifteen-year-old Indie Konkipuddi has always dreamed of becoming a fashion reporter. She'd do
anything to land an internship with glamorous Celebrity Style magazine -- even babysit publisher
Aaralyn Taylor's two-year-old son. Indie's neurosurgeon dad can't understand why Indie would
want to spend her weekends picking Play-Doh off of someone else's Persian carpets, and pretty
soon she starts asking herself the same thing. Then Indie finds out that (1) Celebrity Style is in
trouble, and (2) Hollywood's hottest star is having her wedding dress made in a village in India.
Indie's sure she's scored the juiciest gossip in town -- the kind of story that will put the magazine
back on the map and finally land her the internship! But when things don't pan out exactly as
planned, Indie wonders -- will Aaralyn ever see her as anything more than just the hired help?

YA FIC DAV             Davidson, Dana             Played
When one of Ian's boys dares him to get plain-faced Kylie Winship to sleep with him in just three
weeks, he thinks it'll be a breeze. Tall and fine, with honey-colored skin and eyes, Ian is used to
getting what he wants from girls. And if he succeeds in playing Kylie, he'll be down with most
popular crew in his high school. But this girl who everyone considers a nobody is turning out to be
more surprising than he ever could have imagined

YA FIC DAV                 Davis, Tanita                A la Carte
SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD LAINEY DREAMS of becoming a world famous chef one day and
maybe even having her own cooking show. (Do you know how many African American female
chefs there aren’t? And how many vegetarian chefs have their own shows? The field is wide open
for stardom!) But when her best friend—and secret crush—suddenly leaves town, Lainey finds
herself alone in the kitchen. With a little help from Saint Julia (Child, of course), Lainey finds
solace in her cooking as she comes to terms with the past and begins a new recipe for the future.
Peppered with recipes from Lainey’s notebooks, this delicious debut novel finishes the same way
one feels finishing a good meal—satiated, content, and hopeful.

YA FIC DE               De La Cruz, Melissa               The Ashleys
The Ashleys rule Miss Gamble's Preparatory School for Girls. They are gorgeous, rich,
impeccably fashion forward, and, yes, all named Ashley. Lauren Page has gone to the same
school with them her whole life, and the Ashleys, if forced to remember, might recall only a faint
memory of shoving mud in the poor girl's mouth in kindergarten. But Lauren Page is no longer the
mud-eating loser she once was. And though she has completely changed her exterior from
bargain-basement cast-offs to off-the-runway couture (props, of course, to her new personal
shopper) she is still the same person on the inside. And that person has had enough of the
current regime. Look out, Ashleys. There's a new name in school.

YA FIC DEA             Dean, Zoey              The A-list
Seventeen-year-old blueblood Anna Percy leaves Manhattan to spend the second half of her
senior year with her father in Los Angeles and quickly becomes involved in the lives of the rich
and famous at Beverly Hills High School.

YA FIC DEA            Dean, Zoey             Girls on Film (A-list series)
Her sister Susan's arrival in Beverly Hills further complicates Anna's life, with Ben still mooning
over her, Adam wanting more than friendship, an internship in her father's girlfriend's new
company, and a class project that brings her in close contact with Sam, Cassie, and Dee.

YA FIC DEA              Dean, Zoey            Blonde Ambition(A-list series)
Blonde Ambition is the third novel in this witty and risqué series that takes readers behind the
scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. Upper East Side blueblood Anna Percy
came to L.A. to learn how to have a good time. Then her new beau, Princeton prince Ben
Birnbaum, and his amazing disappearing act turned out to be anything but. Anna finally begins to
understand that telling true love from true lust is far more easily said than done.

YA FIC DEA         Dean, Zoey         Back in Black(A-list series)
It's time for the Beverly Hills High senior class trip to Washington, D.C. But every year the
reigning A-List call in sick and do their own trip to Vegas, baby, Vegas. Anna joins Cammie,
Adam, Sam, Dee, and Parker on the Vegas trip to the uber-hip Palms Hotel and Casino. During a
hypnosis show on The Trip, the group is hypnotized into telling the truth. Dee is confronted with
just how whack-o she's become and Adam and Cammie are forced to confess their forbidden
lusty secrets. When Anna's oldest and best friend from NYC, Cyn, and Anna's long-time
adolescent crush, Scott, show up in Vegas too, Anna finds out just how dangerous telling the
truth can be.

YA FIC DEA          Dean, Zoey          American Beauty(A-list series)
It's graduation time for the A-List crew. That means lavish yacht parties, designer caps and
gowns, and saying bye-bye to high school for good. Despite the festivities, Anna isn't in a partying
mood. Ben's been acting distant and she is worried. Maybe her father's hot tattooed intern, Caine
Manning, will help cheer Anna up! Ever since her illicit kiss with Parker, Sam has been Eduardo-
less and heartbroken. But hopefully Sam will use her brains and considerable means to get
creative about winning Eduardo back. And infamous Cammie? She couldn't care less about
graduation, not when she's so close to unraveling the mystery of her mother's death. She'll stop
at nothing to find out the truth.

YA FIC DEA          Dean, Zoey           Beautiful Stranger(A-list series)
Anna decides to take an end-of-summer getaway - to get away from her drama-filled LA life. So
she packs her Louis Vuitton, grabs her close friend Sam, and heads to the Big Apple. Between
trips to the Met and shopping at Bendel's, the girls are living the A-List life on Anna's home turf.
But their trip isn't exactly a vacation. Sam is here to spy on Eduardo and decode his recent

strange behavior. Will what she discovers send her hopping on the next private jet back to
Beverly Hills? And who is the beautiful stranger who appears on Anna’s Upper East Side
doorstep? Anna begins to wonder whether she wants to head back west again - especially since
Ben seems to have moved on . . . with someone who isn't a stranger at all. When it comes to the
A-List, there's drama coast to coast.

YA FIC DEA         Dean, Zoey California Dreaming(A-list series)
The ninth novel, Beautiful Stranger, in the New York Times bestselling series takes readers
behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. Anna decides to take an end-
of-summer getaway-to get away from her drama-filled LA life. So she packs her Louis Vuitton,
grabs her close friend Sam, and heads to the Big Apple. Between trips to the Met and shopping
at Bendel's, the girls are living the A-List life on Anna's home turf. But their trip isn't exactly a
vacation. Sam is here to spy on Eduardo and decode his recent strange behavior. Will what she
discovers send her hopping on the next private jet back to Beverly Hills? And who is the beautiful
stranger who appears on Anna's Upper East Side doorstep? Anna begins to wonder whether she
wants to head back west again-especially since Ben seems to have moved on . . . with someone
who isn't a stranger at all. When it comes to the A-List, there's drama coast to coast.

YA FIC DEA          Dean, Zoey        Tall Cool One(A-list series)
Tall Cool One is the fourth novel in this witty and risqu series that takes readers behind the
scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. New York blueblood Anna Percy came to
L.A. to learn how to have a good time. Now she's surfing Zuma Beach with the industry's hottest
young television producer. But duty calls and Anna must jet down to Las Casitas, Mexico, on a
secret mission for her uber-powerful businessman father. But it turns out Anna isn't the only one
staying at the super-luxury resort with a secret.

YA FIC DEA          Dean, Zoey        Some Like it Hot(A-list series)
It's prom season, and no town does prom like Tinsel Town. Ben is back for the summer - just in
time to be Anna's prom date. But his family has a house guest who's so hot, she's bound to burn
up their perfect plans. Adam finds out a scandalous secret that threatens to tear Cammie's world
to pieces. Sam agrees to take Parker to the prom and they end up doing a lot more than dancing.
What happens when Sam's romance-obsessed boyfriend Eduardo flies in from Paris to surprise
Sam? This prom is sure to be glamorous, scandalous, and occasionally downright schocking! It's
just the kind of night the A List crew will never forget.

YA FIC DEL         Dellasega, Michael                  nugrl90 (Sadie) (Bloggrls v. 1)
Sadie, a.k.a. nugrl90, wakes up one day to discover that her semi-happy teen life has take a
serious turn toward disaster. Not only are her parents really,truly getting divorced (as they've
threatened a hundred times), but now her family is moving! She'll have to share a room with WI
(Wicked Sister) and start the school year as "the new girl." So Sadie creates a blog where she
can try to sort out every W3TP (What's Wrong With This Picture?) that has suddenly entered her
life. Everything changes when she meats BB (Buff Boy). He's either the biggest troublemaker in
town or the most misunderstood guy on the planet. Could this be Sadie's chance to fit in at her
new school? Or will a relationship with BB isolate her even further?

YA FIC DEN         Dent, Grace        Diary of a Chav
Fifteen-year-old Shiraz Bailey Wood's days are filled with hanging around outside Claire's
Accessories, her parents work crap jobs, and her school is pretty much loser central. But this
loveable British dreamer with a brain and a heart of gold is beginning to feel there might be a lot
more to life than minimum wage and the bling of a souped-up car.

YA FIC DES           Dessen, Sarah                     Someone Like You
Halley's junior year of high school includes the death of her best friend Scarlett's boyfriend, the
discovery that Scarlett is pregnant, and Halley's own first serious relationship.

YA FIC DEU         Deuker, Carl            Gym Candy
Runningback Mick Johnson has dreams: dreams of cutting back, finding the hole, breaking into
the open, and running free with nothing but green grass ahead. He has dreams of winning and of
being the best. But football is a cruel sport. It requires power, grace, speed, quickness, and
knowledge of the game. It takes luck, too. One crazy bounce can turn a likely victory into sudden
defeat. What elite athlete wouldn't look for an edge? A way to make him bigger, stronger, faster?
This novel explores the dark corners of the heart of a young football player as he struggles for
success under the always glaring—and often unforgiving—stadium lights.

YA FIC DIV                 Divine, L.             Second Chance: (Drama High)
Back for another dose of high drama, Compton's sassiest, Jayd Jackson, is about to discover it
really is a different world when she starts dating South Bay High's finest white boy . . . All Jayd
Jackson wants is a drama-free year at South Bay High, a.k.a. Drama High. But it doesn't seem
she's going to get it. Jayd just wants to chill, still hoping Junior year can carry on, drama-free. And
with Misty and KJ reportedly "hanging," Jayd is ready to move on. But the brother won't stop
blowing up Jayd's cellie, and the text-messages keep coming; and the message is clear: KJ
wants Jayd back bad. But Jayd couldn't care less. She's got a new man to kick-it with now-a half-
Jewish white boy from Palos Verdes whose parents are loaded with a capital "L." And Jeremy
Weiner's no ordinary white boy-he listens to East Coast rap, he's got a sweet ride, and he's got it
bad for Jayd Jackson. But no one at South Bay High will just let a sistah be happy. Misty's back
to her usual foolishness, KJ's all over her jock, and the notoriously anti-black teacher Mrs.
Bennett is tripping. Jeremy's got her totally sprung, but she's going to have to rely on her brains-
and some of Mama's magic, of course-if she's going to survive another week at Drama High.

YA FIC DIV               Divine, L                 Keep It Movin’ (Drama High)
South Bay High's Jayd Jackson finally has her own ride, but that sure doesn't mean her troubles
are over. These days, Jayd just can't seem to get a break. Her car is more trouble than it's worth;
her girl Mickey is being forced to attend continuation school; and Rah and his ex Sandy are still
arguing. Despite these distractions, Jayd concentrates on making potions for hair and developing
her own signature braid technique, which is getting her a lot of respect and money. But then
school starts up again, and with it comes more drama. If Jayd wants to keep it all under control,
she'll have to look deep into herself and take her destiny into her own hands...

YA FIC DIV             Divine, L.                Jayd’s Legacy (Drama High)
It's official: South Bay High's finest, Jayd Jackson, and its coolest white boy, Jeremy Weiner, are
a couple. And if that's not enough interracial drama for South Bay's mostly white, wealthy student
body, Jayd and her bold, beautiful, black renaissance crew have more on the way. Homecoming
is just around the corner, and South Bay High has never had a black princess, queen, or royalty
of any kind for any event. But that's about to change. The Drama Club is sponsoring Nellie to run
for the junior class, hoping to give the Cheerleaders and Athletes a run for their money. If Nellie
wins, she'll make history. As Nellie's chances for victory heat up, so does the hostility from the
smartass opposition. Nellie may be flying too high to notice, but Jayd can see the drama coming.
And as usual, she's on it-with a little help from her magical Mama and her mystical ancestors, of

YA FIC DIV               Divine, L                 Courtin’ Jayd (Drama High)
Just as South Bay High's Jayd Jackson is feeling good that her two main social circles have
finally come together, drama takes over once more, and the usual suspects are involved... These
days, family and relationship drama is the name of the game in Jayd's life from her fighting uncles
on the home front to her friend Mickey's possible pregnancy aka her "maybe baby" to a vengeful
plan being plotted by Misty, Jayd's nemesis, over a highly personal problem. In fact, Jayd may
have to do some plotting of her own to keep her crew safe from Misty's drama. Meanwhile, Rah is
trying to get closer to Jayd, but she won't be his rebound girl. Everything comes to a head when

Jayd's ex, Jeremy, asks to play basketball with Rah and the others and is told that a white boy
can't ball. Jeremy proves them wrong, but will that be enough for them to let him on the team for
an important game? Or will ego and stereotyping win? It's almost more than Jayd can take until
her Mama reminds her of her powerful lineage. Now it's time for Jayd to catch up on her spirit
work, and confront some powerful emotions of her own...

YA FIC DIV                Divine, L.             The Fight
Jayd just wants to start her Junior year of high school drama free. But wanting ain't getting,
especially at a place like Drama High, a predominately white high school in a wealthy part of Los
Angeles, where Jayd and 30 other Compton kids get bussed to daily. Saying race relations aren't
what they should be would be putting it mildly, and that's just the beginning of the drama. Jayd's
first day back to school, KJ's new girlfriend, Trecee, steps to her wanting to fight. Egged on by
Misty, Jayd's former best friend-turned-nemesis, Trecee wants to make Jayd understand that KJ
is off limits-even if she has to do it with her fists. With the fight set for Friday, and the sistah
drama at an all time high, Jayd is about to learn who's really got her back and more importantly,
when she's got to watch it. But at least she can always count on Mama, and her mystical bag of

YA FIC DIV       Divine, L      Lady J (Drama High series)
For South Bay High's bold, beautiful Jayd Jackson, drama has reached record-breaking heights
as she finds herself on the defensive at home, work, and school. Maybe it's time to take her
destiny-and her power-into her own hands. Her relationship with now-ex boyfriend Jeremy behind
her, Jayd realizes drama is just a never-ending part of daily life. Even so, she's reached her limit,
battling with her new boss, jealousies at school, and tensions at home. To deal with it all, Jayd is
ready to give some attention to her legacy as one in a long line of conjure women. But that legacy
comes with a line of rivals too-and a couple of them are much too close to home.
First, there's Misty, Jayd's enemy #1 and current girlfriend of Jayd's other ex, KJ. Then there's
Jayd's neighbor, Esmeralda, a conjurer from Louisiana whose crystal-clear blue eyes are said to
be deadly. When Jayd spots Misty's mom visiting Esmeralda, she knows something's up and it's
time for Mama to fill her in. Turns out there's a history between these families, and if Jayd wants
to keep the drama under control, she'll have to learn to use her power like never before-and
become the woman she was born to be.

YA FIC DIV               Divine, L                Hustlin’ (Drama High)
Between Christmas, the annual Fall Festival and baby-mama issues, South Bay High is vibrating
with activity, excitement and drama.

YA FIC DIV       Divine, L.       Frenemies (Drama High)
South Bay High wouldn't be such a bad place to go to school if it weren't for all the drama. Not
that Jayd Jackson's helping matters. She's right there in the center of it all-whether she wants to
be or not. Maybe it just goes with the turf. After all, there's a reason they call this place Drama
High... Jayd doesn't know what's going on with her girl, Nellie. Ever since she got named
homecoming princess, she's been acting like Mickey and Jayd aren't her friends anymore, and
she's even falling in deeper with Tania and her crew. It's amazing the girl can fit her new crown
over that big head of hers. And then there's Jayd's boyfriend Jeremy. His aloof attitude is really
getting on her nerves. Jayd's even starting to question his commitment, not to mention her own.
Especially since lately, all she can think about is Rah-and that surprise kiss he planted on her the
other day...

YA FIC DOY          Doyle, Larry         I Love You Beth Cooper
Denis Cooverman didn't want to give a typical graduation speech, cherishing memories and
embracing challenges and crap. So, instead, he stood up in front of his 512 class-mates and their
3,000 relatives and said some-thing really important: "I love you, Beth Cooper." It would have
been such a sweet, romantic moment. Except that: Beth, the head cheerleader, has only the

vaguest idea who Denis is. And Denis, the captain of the debate team, is so far out of her league
he is barely even the same species. And then there's Kevin, Beth's remarkably large boyfriend,
in town on furlough from the United States Army. Complications ensue.

YA FIC DRA             Draper, Sharon             Battle of Jericho
Jericho is ecstatic when he and his cousin Josh get the coveted invitation to join the Warriors of
Distinction, a prestigious organization known for its community service. Both boys enjoy raised
status at Frederick Douglass High when word gets out that they've pledged, but becoming a
Warrior comes at a high price. During initiation week, Jericho compromises his dignity, his morals
and, as the nightly rituals become increasingly intense, even his dreams of attending Juilliard.
Other pledges suffer as well. One engages in strenuous physical activity despite his heart
condition, and Dana, the only female member of the group, is continually harassed by a sadistic
senior Warrior.

YA FIC DRA          Draper, Sharon         November Blues
When November Nelson loses her boyfriend, Josh, to a pledge stunt gone horribly wrong, she
thinks her life can't possibly get any worse. But Josh left something behind that will change
November's life forever, and now she's faced with the biggest decision she could ever imagine.
How in the world will she tell her mom? And how will Josh's parents take the news? She's never
needed a friend more. Jericho Prescott lost his best friend when he lost his cousin, Josh, and the
pain is almost more than he can bear. His world becomes divided into "before" and "after" Josh's
death. He finds the only way he can escape the emptiness he feels is to quit doing the things that
made him happy when his cousin was alive, such as playing his beloved trumpet, and take up
football, where he hopes the physical pain will suppress the emotional. But will hiding behind
shoulder pads really help? And will his gridiron obsession prevent him from being there for his
cousin's girlfriend when she needs him most?

YA FIC DRA          Draper, Sharon             Just Another Hero
Suppose someone showed up in YOUR classroom carrying an AK-47.
You have a split second:
To think.
To act.
To be a hero.
But what is a hero?
That question becomes all too real for Arielle, November, Jericho, and their friends. They've been
through so much: the hazing ritual that left Joshua dead and hearts aching; November finding out
that she was pregnant with Josh's baby. But senior year is going well, and when the fire alarm
goes off in English class, everyone assumes that crazy Jack is trying to get out of another quiz.
But the alarm was pulled for a very different reason. A potentially deadly reason. There's only a
matter of seconds to stop a tragedy, and all eyes are searching for someone — anyone — to step
up and do something.

YA FIC DUM              Dumbleton, Mike             Watch Out for Jamie Joel
The story explores dangerous boundaries and reveals uncomfortable truths about parents,
students, and teachers. Jamie Joel has a bad temper and a mouth full of nasty words, but she is
also intelligent and perceptive. She is faced with the decision of whether she should live with her
hostile aunt or on the streets. The sympathetic assistant principal of Jamie's school finds himself
in the middle, and the two are thrown together in ways that test them both.

YA FIC EAR          Earls, Nick             48 Shades of Brown
Intelligent and sheltered Dan (a.k.a. Banger), the sixteen-year-old narrator, decides to complete
his final school year in Australia. His parents will be in Geneva, Switzerland. He will live with his
Aunt Jacq, a recent university graduate, and Naomi, her beautiful, flighty housemate, a university
student a few years older than Dan. The situation presents practical responsibilities and his own

sexual awakening. Expectations for cooking and cleaning confound him. His amorous feelings for
Naomi dominate his life and lead him to use his intellectual powers for girl appeal. Dan's
academic, housekeeping, and romantic roles combine and climax at a university party in which he
and his friend plan to get girls by passing themselves off as second year law students. He learns
a hard lesson instead: Drunks vomit. In the party fallout, Jacq reveals that she also holds
amorous feelings for Naomi, Naomi discovers a new male lover, and Dan decides that he might
have a chance with the girl he fooled at the party who was also posing as a university student.
With small details about throwing up, basil, Romeo and Juliet, brown birds, postcards, and sex,
Earls builds a too-true story that neither older young adults nor adults will be able to put down as
their smiles become belly laughs that lead them to new perspectives.

YA FIC EHR             Ehrenhaft, Daniel         Tell It To Naomi
Full of pep and laugh-aloud humor, this New York City-based novel relates the travails of narrator
Dave Rosen, member of the "species [of]... puny, skinny, and awkward" sophomore boys at
Roosevelt High. At first, Dave is eager to pose as his big sister, Naomi, an unemployed journalist
who's been asked to pen an advice column for the school newspaper. He's well prepared to deal
with the woes of his mostly female readers, since he always has been surrounded by women-his
single mother and aunt as well as Naomi.("My mom and Aunt Ruth inhabit a bizarre parallel
universe where a woman can be both celibate Jewish ogre and funky, aging hippie-and there is
no contradiction," he says with typical acerbity.) However, Dave soon finds out that leading a
secret life as a wise and witty columnist isn't all that it's cracked up to be. For one thing, he has
trouble distinguishing the phony letters he receives from the sincere ones. Also, by keeping his
identity a secret, he misses his chance to impress the "beautiful" and "mysterious" new senior,

YA FIC ELK                Elkeles, Simone                 How to Ruin My Teenage Life
In this sequel to How to Ruin a Summer Vacation, EVERYTHING in sixteen-year-old Amy Nelson
Barak's life is going wrong! Her mom got married and moved to the suburbs, and now they are
going to have a baby. Amy moves in with her dad in Chicago and signs him up for an online
dating service. His first four dates are that night . . . What else? Her dog Mutt impregnated her
grumpy neighbor's prized poodle, so Amy will actually have to get a part-time job to pay for half
the veterinary bill. And there's this totally annoying boy, Nathan Rubin, who just moved into her
apartment building. Luckily, Amy has a cute boyfriend named Avi. Only he's more like a non-
boyfriend considering Avi is in the Israeli army for the next three years. What's a girl to do when
everyone is conspiring to ruin her life?

YA FIC ELK             Elkeles, Simone               Perfect Chemistry
When Brittany Ellis walks into chemistry class on the first day of senior year, she has no clue that
her carefully created “perfect” life is about to unravel before her eyes. She’s forced to be lab
partners with Alex Fuentes, a gang member from the other side of town, and he is about to
threaten everything she's worked so hard for—her flawless reputation, her relationship with her
boyfriend, and the secret that her home life is anything but perfect. Alex is a bad boy and he
knows it. So when he makes a bet with his friends to lure Brittany into his life, he thinks nothing of
it. But soon Alex realizes Brittany is a real person with real problems, and suddenly the bet he
made in arrogance turns into something much more.

YA FIC ELK         Elkeles, Simone            Rules of Attraction
New sparks will fly in the sequel to Simone Elkeles’s breakout book Perfect Chemistry
When Carlos Fuentes returns to America after living in Mexico for a year, he doesn’t want any
part of the life his older brother, Alex, has laid out for him at a high school in Colorado. Carlos
likes living his life on the edge and wants to carve his own path—just like Alex did. Then he meets
Kiara Westford. She doesn’t talk much and is completely intimidated by Carlos’ wild ways. As
they get to know one another, Carlos assumes Kiara thinks she’s too good for him, and refuses to

admit that she might be getting to him. But he soon realizes that being himself is exactly what
Kiara needs right now.

YA FIC EMB Embree, Michelle                 Manstealing for Fat Girls
Angie, 16, wishes she were thin, so she tries to stop eating, which doesn't work. She wishes her
mother wouldn't marry sleazy Rudy, but he's just moved in with all his stuff. She wishes the
popular kids would leave her alone, but they've called her "Lezzylard" since seventh grade. Her
friend, Shelby, is an out lesbian. Only one of their friend Heather's breasts has developed, and
her parents are anxious to have her "fixed." When Angie finally tells off perfect, popular Mindy,
she is sexually assaulted by Mindy's boyfriend in the girls' room. What follows is a delicious
revenge scheme, masterminded by Shelby's older sister, a tornado of rage, snappy comebacks,
and hairspray.

YA FIC EMO         Emond, Stephen            Happyface
Happyface, the narrator, is a teen who is starting his life over. When his parents split up,
Happyface and his mother move to a different town, different school and different way of life.
Happyface determinedly transforms himself from the geeky loner drawing in a corner to a
perpetually smiling, happy-faced kid. It works, for awhile. Then Happyface's past collides with his
present, and he must face all of the challenges he's been avoiding by putting on a happy face.
Part journal, part sketchbook and part scrapbook, Emond's novel poignantly and accurately
captures the humor, pain, loneliness, and hopefulness of being a teen.

YA FIC ERS Erskine, Kathryn                Quaking
Don't call her Matilda. Her name is Matt. And don't even think about getting close to her. She
doesn't need anyone. Can't you tell by looking at her, dressed all in black with a spider painted on
her face and her ice-cold stare? But most of all, do not bully her. She has been through it all
already. But everything changes for fourteen-year-old Matt when she moves in with peaceful
Quakers Sam and Jessica Fox, who are active in the movement against the war in the Middle
East. Soon, conflict arises in town over the war, and suddenly, no one is safe. Matt fears for her
safety and the safety of her new family. Could the boy who terrorizes her at school be behind it all?
And how can she save the family she is actually growing to love when her fear always leaves her

YA FIC EUL        Eulberg, Elizabeth         The Lonely Hearts Club
Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating. So she vows: no more. It's a personal choice. . .and, of
course, soon everyone wants to know about it. And a few other girls are inspired. A movement is
born: The Lonely Hearts Club (named after the band from Sgt. Pepper). Penny is suddenly known
for her nondating ways . . . which is too bad, because there's this certain boy she can't help but
like. . . .

YA FIC FER          Ferraro, Tina Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress
Sophomore year, Nicolette Antonovich was dumped two days before prom by the hottest guy at
school. As a result, she became the proud owner of one unworn, perfectly magical pink vintage
dress. But Nic is determined to put that night behind her for good. She's a junior now— older,
wiser, and completely overwhelmed by a new set of problems: (1) The bank's ready to foreclose
on her childhood home. (2) Her father's too busy with his "replacement" daughter to care. (3) Her
best friend's brother is an eternal thorn in her side. (4) Her best friend isn't exactly the rose
attached to that thorn. (5) Rumors are flying around school that could get her kicked off the
volleyball team, which would (6) ruin all chances of a college scholarship. (7) She still likes the
boy who dumped her in the first place. (8) And what in the world do you do with an unworn prom
dress, anyway? Strangely, it's getting to the bottom of this last dilemma that just might hold the
answer to all Nic's problems.

YA FIC FER        Ferraro, Tina         How to Hook a Hottie
At 17, Kate Delvecchio has one goal in life: to become a millionaire before the age of 20. And as
far as she’s concerned, college will only slow her down. Unfortunately for Kate, the one thing her
parents do agree on is that they totally disagree with her strategy. And so the deal is born. If Kate
can raise five thousand big ones by graduation day, her parents will hand over the balance of her
college account to invest as she pleases. No college, no degree, and no way she’ll ever be able
to pull it off. But when Kate accidentally agrees to go to the sports banquet with the hottest guy at
school, she stumbles upon a possible cash cow. The rest of the junior class is amazed that no-
nonsense Kate could hook such a hottie, and one by one they approach her for help hooking their
own. She doesn’t know anything about getting guys, but for $100 a pop, she’s more than willing
to invent a six-step plan for How to Hook a Hottie. And how could that possibly backfire?

YA FIC FER        Ferraro, Tina        The Abc’s of Kissing Boys
Parker Stanhope has played soccer practically since she could walk. And now that she’s a high
school junior, everything she’s worked for is finally coming together. She’s paid her dues on the
field, and as an upperclassman, she’s a shoo-in for the varsity team. But that’s not what happens.
This year, Coach Hartley moved up every JV player but two—and one of those two was Parker.
Now, she’s stuck with the freshmen, her friends are cutting her loose, and her love of the game is
seriously beginning to fail. But Parker is determined to get her life back. She has to get on the
varsity team, and she has the perfect plan. All she needs now is the right kind of coach.

YA FIC FER            Ferris, Jean            Of Sound Mind
High school senior Theo is fluent in two languages: spoken English and sign. His parents and
brother, Jeremy, are deaf, but Theo can hear, which has over the years cast him in the role of
interpreter for his family. Unfortunately, it's not a welcome duty, especially in the case of his
mother, Palma. She is a successful sculptor who, being deeply suspicious of "hearies," expects
Theo to act as her business manager. And Jeremy relies on Theo for company and homework
help. It's become especially frustrating lately because Theo has met a fascinating new girl at
school, Ivy, with whom he wants to spend as much time as possible. Theo's father, Thomas, is
the only one who has never burdened him, but that changes when Thomas has a stroke. Palma,
frightened and self-absorbed, cannot bring herself to nurse her husband, leaving Theo with the
full burden to bear. But with the help of Ivy and some of her friends, Theo is finally able to change
his family's dynamics and find time to plan his future.

YA FIC FIN       Fine, Anne        Flour Babies
When his class of underachievers is assigned to spend three torturous weeks taking care of their
own "babies" in the form of bags of flour, Simon makes amazing discoveries about himself while
coming to terms with his long-absent father.

YA FIC FIS             Fischer, Debbie Reed                  Braless in Wonderland
Allee Rosen is a lot of things: high school senior, overachiever, brain. The one thing Allee is not is
supermodel material-at least that's what she thinks until modeling scouts spot her and she moves
to Miami to work with an elite modeling agency. Suddenly Allee is swept up in a whirlwind of
designer labels, photo shoots, go-sees and some seriously backstabbing models. Will this
fabulous new life go to her head?

YA FIC FLI            Flinn, Alex            Breaking Point
Paul is new to Gate, a school whose rich students make life miserable for anyone not like them.
And Paul is definitely not like them. Then, one day something incredible happens. Charlie Good,
a star student and athlete, invites Paul to join his elite inner circle. All Charlie wants is a few
things in return-- small things that Paul does willingly. And then, one day, Charlie wants
something big--really big. Now Paul has to decide how far he'll go to be one of the gang.

YA FIC FOO              Foon, Dennis          Skud
In Skud, four intense young men — Tommy, Brad, Andy, and Shane — are on four distinct paths
as they struggle through their last year of high school and prepare for very different futures.
Tommy, a model student, is headed for the military; Brad is looking at a hockey career; Andy,
who has just secured an agent, may or may not break into the movies. These three have shared
a common friendship that is challenged when Andy turns to a new kid — Shane — to teach him
how to be a punk for an acting audition. While Andy is learning the code of rough, tough, and
dangerous from Shane, Brad goads Tommy into a confrontation when Tommy suspects that
Andy has stolen his girlfriend. As the foursome squares off, they face their individual demons and
their most authentic selves. Can they stand up to the impending tragedy? Will they be able to
move beyond it?

YA FIC FOR         Forde, Catherine         Fat Boy Swim
FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD JIMMY KELLY is “Fat Boy Fat,” the largest kid in his Scottish community,
who is made to feel useless at everything. Only his family knows he’s a whiz in the kitchen, and
Jimmy’s determined to keep it that way. After all, what would people say if they discovered that
“Big Blob Kelly” had one special talent and it involved food? So when GI Joe, the toughest coach
at school, finds out his secret, Jimmy’s sure he’s doomed. But, Coach proposes a deal: If Jimmy
helps him, Coach will help Jimmy . . . swim. With each stroke Coach teaches him, Jimmy feels
like he’s getting closer to recognizing the Shadow Shape that’s been haunting his dreams. And
closer to Ellie, whose chocolate brown curls look good enough to eat. Coach and Ellie know
there’s more to Jimmy than meets the eye. Now it’s time for Jimmy to stop hiding and realize it

YA FIC FRA              Frank, Lucy              Homeschool Liberation League
After an awesome summer at Wilderness Discovery Camp, eighth-grader Katya dreads going to
public school, which she finds "stupefying." She convinces her parents to homeschool her so she
can enjoy her newfound interests in science and nature. Their idea of homeschooling is very
different from hers. She spends most of her days working in her mother's beauty shop and doing
lessons from the incredibly boring DIM (Daily Instructional Matrix) instead of wandering the area
examining plants and animals. She begins dating Milo, a violin prodigy who is homeschooled as
well and hates it, and they form the Homeschool Liberation League in order to change their
parents' approach to education. With the help of Katya's friend Francesca, a reporter for the
school paper, Katya and Milo work to achieve the outcome that they desire. Various local
residents assist with Katya's schooling, particularly Eddie Horton, a regular customer at the
beauty shop.

YA FIC FRA              Franklin, Emily                  At Face Value
Cyrie Bergerac is the witty editor of the Weston High school paper. Her verbal skills propel her
through her days and drive the pace of this story. As she explains from the get-go, "Everyone has
something even if they won't admit it; something about their physical being that bothers them."
Cyrie is obsessively bothered by her huge nose, which makes her the brunt of cruel comments
from teen beauties and bullies. She bites back with brash verbal retorts and counts the days to
her 18th birthday when she can get a nose job. Cyrie's secret heartthrob is Rox, but she's
convinced that he can't see beyond her nose. He is enamored with Cyrie's friend Leyla, a sweet
teen who has none of Cyrie's verbal acumen or tough skin. Rox and Leyla begin their courtship
through a series of emails. Leyla's are increasingly creative and romantic—and composed by

YA FIC FRE Frechette, Carole               Carmen
While the cover looks like a trendy romance novel, this is a story of an insecure, almost 15-year-
old Canadian girl named Carmen (after the opera heroine). It is Valentine's Day and she feels
invisible, so, on impulse, she sticks a note in her crush's locker. Thinking about the
consequences, she panics, runs away, and is stopped by a reporter who asks what she wants for

the holiday. Her face and confession, "I want to be loved," are plastered all over the news. More
confused than ever, she wonders what caused her to make such a pronouncement. The story
follows her for the rest of this eventful day….how much worse could this day possibly get?

YA FIC FRE        Fredericks, Mariah           Crunch Time
The thought of the SATs makes Daisy, Leo, Jane, and Max just crazy. Daisy thinks the whole
system is bogus. Leo thinks testing's a game you play to win; not good for Max, who's convinced
he's a loser. And Jane couldn't care less about the whole thing. So when the four of them decide
to bag the SAT prep class before junior year at Dewey, they form their own study group, a haven
from the dog-eat-dog college-acceptance competition. Pregroup, Max has loved Daisy, his best
friend. Daisy has loved basketball. Leo, it seems, has loved Leo. And Jane the unloved (except
by her stepdad, rumor goes) has loved none of the above. As they discover, rivalry and rejection
aren't limited to the race for the Ivy Leagues — love has a scoring system all its own. Then —
oops! — it's discovered that someone has cheated on the SATs. Everyone — adults included —
in this vivid, funny, four-voiced novel has a reaction, a theory, and a new worry.

YA FIC GAB               Gabel, Claudia            In or Out
Bubbly Marnie and shy Nola are best friends forever. . . but everything changes when ninth grade
starts. Marnie has set her sights on the IN crowd, led by beautiful hipster girl Lizette, and she also
falls hard for charismatic hottie Dane. Nola wants her friendship with Marnie to remain as it was,
and, despite her crush on a geeky-cute boy, isn't ready to date yet. Marnie doesn't get why Nola
seems content to remain OUT. Nola doesn't get why Marnie is so desperate to get IN. Before
long, their friendship is over, and all-out war has been declared! Are you prepared to pick a side?

YA FIC GAB Gabel, Claudia Loves me, Loves me not (In or Out bk 2)
It's war. Former best friends Marnie and Nola are no longer on speaking terms. But they've both
got some serious boy drama going on.

YA FIC GAB          Gabel, Claudia          Sweet and Vicious (In or Out v.3)
Revenge is sweet, but payback can be vicious. Nola is sick of moping over the end of her
friendship with Marnie, and decides to be just as cunning as Marnie and Marnie's new group of
popular friends. So when Marnie "accidentally" runs into her first love-and a whole lot of
confusion-is Nola to blame? Meanwhile, Nola's own crush gets her into a bit of trouble. . . and on
top of it all, Homecoming is around the corner! What are two ex-best friends to do?

YA FIC GAB          Gabel, Claudia           Friends Close, Enemies Closer (In or Out
v 4)
Marnie, who's just gotten into a huge fight with Lizette -- and high school hottie Dane-- is
suddenly very much OUT. Meanwhile, Nola, who's attracted a collection of boy admirers
(including an older guy!), is suddenly sort of...IN. As Homecoming draws nearer, and the social
stakes get higher, the former best friends are each waist-deep in drama. And when a surprising
turn of events throws them back together, will they mend their friendship...or become enemies all
over again?

YA FIC GAL              Gallagher, Liz               The Opposite of Invisible
Alice and Jewel have been best friends since grade school. Together, they don’t need anyone
else, and together they blend into the background of high school. Invisible. To Alice, Jewel is the
opposite of invisible. Jewel is her best friend who goes to Indie concerts and art shows with her.
Jewel scoffs at school dances with her. Alice is so comfortable around Jewel that she can talk to
him about almost anything. But she can’t tell him that she likes the cool, popular Simon. And then
Simon asks her to the school dance the same day that Jewel kisses her for the first time. Still, she
can’t say no to Simon. He seems like the easy choice, the one she’s attracted to, the one she’s
ready for. But will it mean losing Jewel? In a bright debut novel set against the lively backdrop of

Seattle, Alice must learn the difference between love and a crush, and what it means to be
yourself when you’re not sure who that is yet.

YA FIC GAR Garden, Nancy                  Endgame
What causes a kid to bring a gun to school and shoot his classmates? The answer to this difficult
question is explored in the story of Gray Wilton. Through first person narrative, the reader comes
to know Gray, a short, pimply-faced kid who loves drums, archery, and his dog Barker. The story
opens at a juvenile detention center and Gray explains to his attorney how it all happened. When
Gray's family relocated to a new neighborhood, he was hoping it would be a fresh start. Gray was
determined that Greenford High would be a new beginning for him. Instead, Gray is shadowed by
his older, favored brother at home, and harassed at school. He quickly becomes a target as he
was at his former school and is bullied relentlessly by older football players. Gray's only friend is
tormented alongside him. Although a few students and his brother urge him to tell an adult,
Gray's experience has led him to believe that the bullying will only get worse if he tells. Feeling
unsupported at home or school, Gray graduates from carrying a knife in his sock to bringing his
dad's gun to school. The results are devastating, and the reader will feel true sympathy for the
characters who are caught in the line of fire, and for Gray.

YA FIC GAR          Gardner, Graham             Inventing Elliott
Elliot is starting at a new school, Holminster High, and he is determined not to be bullied as he
was at his old school. Home life is miserable enough, with his father an invalid in a deep
depression after a terrible assault and his mother working much too hard. Eliott takes great care
with his school clothes and his appearance, to be sure to fit in, and he cultivates a new persona,
aloof and disengaged. He is terrified of standing out in any way, because he thinks that will make
him a target, but his outwardly cool style brings him a dangerous new kind of attention: the gang
that secretly controls the school, the Guardians, wants him to join them. Now Elliott finds himself
forced to become one of the bullies, rather than the bullied, and to target others for abuse or be
subject to abuse himself. Meanwhile, an attractive girl named Louise brings out a whole other
side of Elliot's character. How many new Elliots can he maintain? And can he summon up the
courage to tell the school authorities about the Guardians?

YA FIC GAR         Garfinkle, D.L. Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won
the Girl
Garfinkle's debut novel introduces memorable narrator Michael "Storky" Pomerantz. With his
"Brillo-pad hair," long, skinny legs and wry outlook, Michael is a lovable hero to whom almost
everyone can relate on some level. His "realistic" aspirations for high school-"1. Gina doesn't
totally blow me off./ 2. Dad lets me sit in the front seat of his car./ 3. I don't get thrown into a
Dumpster"-listed on the first page of his journal, reveal a lot about the 14-year-old's personality
and the issues that plague him. First there is the issue of his unrequited love for smart, pretty
Gina. Next, the conflict with his swinging single father, who nearly always has a "bimbo" at his
side (Michael calls one "The Thighmaster, because she's always groping Dad's leg"). Then
there's the problem of being the nerdy younger brother of Amanda, the "Queen of Popularville."
Starting off the school year without his best friend (who has just moved away), Michael suffers
through ordeals ranging from getting wedgies to losing the girl of his dreams to a football player
nicknamed Hunk. However, he also cultivates unlikely friendships with a classmate who lies, his
250-pound dentist (who's dating his mother) and an elderly man who shares Michael's passion for
Scrabble. As Michael (sometimes awkwardly) hurdles obstacles, readers will cheer him on,
relishing the rewards that await him at the end of his first trying year of high school.

YA FIC GAR           Garland, Sherry            Shadow of the Dragon
High school sophomore Danny Vo tries to resolve the conflict between the values of his
Vietnamese refugee family and his new American way of life.

YA FIC GAR                  Garse, Jeannine               Before, After, and Somebody In
It is the eleventh place they have lived in six years, when Martha and Momma move in with
Wayne, the new boyfriend Momma discovered in rehab. A sophomore at fourteen due to her
intelligence, Martha has only attended rural schools and, in spite of her mother's history of
chemical dependence and depression, Martha's first day at Jefferson High proves she is
completely unprepared for the hostility, violence, and gritty reality of life for a white girl in
Cleveland's impoverished inner city. Threatened constantly at school and at home, Martha has no
respite until a calamitous series of events culminates in a wealthy lawyer's family taking her in.
While she no longer has to fear physical abuse, hunger, or gang-related violence, Martha
encounters a different set of problems as she masquerades as Gina, a persona she creates to
keep the ugly truth of her past from her new-found upper class friends. Throughout her harrowing
struggles, Martha/Gina turns to music and her desire to play the cello for solace.

YA FIC GEO          George, Madeleine            Looks
A glimpse into the unconventional friendship of two lonely 14-year-old girls, Looks sends readers
on an emotional roller coaster ride with its protagonists during their first year of high school. The
moment Meghan Ball sees Aimee Zorn in the nurse's office the first day of school, she senses
that this is a girl with whom she can be friends. However, despite her size, Meghan rarely
appears on her classmates' radars, and she finds it more difficult than expected to befriend the
guarded Aimee, an aspiring poet who suffers from anorexia. When Aimee forms a friendship with
duplicitous teen queen Cara Roy, Meghan redoubles her efforts to reach Aimee, knowing that
only she has the secret that can save her.

YA FIC GOL Goldman, Steven                      Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short
Film About the Grapes of Wrath
Mitchell Wells may not survive eleventh grade. He really only has one friend, his best friend,
David. His normally decent grade point average is in limbo due to a slightly violent, somewhat
inappropriate claymation film. And girls . . . well, does hanging out with his sister count?
When David tells Mitchell he’s gay, Mitchell’s okay with it—but it still seems to change things.
Since David’s not out to anyone else, the guys agree to be set up with prom dates. Then, one of
the most popular girls in school decides she must date Mitchell, and he’s gone from zero to two
girlfriends in sixty seconds. From his pending English grade, to his floundering friendship, to his
love life—the one thing that’s taken a bizarre turn for the better—Mitchell is so confused, he’ll be
lucky if he lasts another week in high school! And then there’s the prom . . .

YA FIC GOO              Goobie, Beth              Sticks and Stones
Going on a date with the boy you have had a crush on seems like the ultimate night, right? Well,
what happens when the next day that boy spreads lies about what the two of you did on that date?
Now you find yourself in the middle of gossip, the butt end of jokes, and no longer looked at in the
same way you were before. High school can be a tough learning ground, just ask Trudy, or
Jujube, as her friends call her. Going on a date with Brent seemed like the best news she could
ever have, but she soon found out that people don't call him "Mr. Warp Speed" for nothing. After
rejecting his advances and thinking everything was fine between them, Jujube soon discovers
that dating can be a much more complex activity than she could ever have thought possible.
Soon, the entire school thinks that she is "easy." This book provides a realistic picture of what can
happen and often does happen in high schools across the United States. It is a compelling story
of how one girl fights to overcome the stigma one boy's word creates and to rebuild her self-

YA FIC GOO Goobie, Beth                Hello Groin
After designing a "controversial" display for her school library, Dylan's world turns upside down.
Inspired by a book read in English class, censored in the display, her sexuality comes into
question. The problem is that Dylan has had these questions about herself already. What's worse

is that she's just not clicking with her amazing boyfriend, Cam, and finds herself fantasizing about
her best friend, Jocelyn. To make matters worse, she is being stalked by a girl from another
school over a very accidental drunken kiss. In the end, Dylan must decide who she really is and
discover how the groin's true meaning contains wisdom and dignity.

YA FIC GRA   Graham, Rosemary Thou Shalt Not Dump the Skater Dud:
and Other Commandments I Have Broken
Tall, blonde, and pretty, Kelsey may look like a perfect California girl, but she doesn't feel like one.
That is, until she starts dating a popular skater dude named C. J. Logan. But after a while, the life
of a skater girlfriend begins to wear on Kelsey, and she decides to go it alone. C. J. doesn't take
being dumped lightly, and he starts spreading rumors about Kelsey. Now Kelsey has to save her
reputation and work on building her new identity -- as a star reporter for the school's prestigious

YA FIC GRA             Grant, Cynthia            The Cannibals
Some people thing that Tiffany Spratt is a shallow ditz. But some people don't know what goes on
inside her head. As she herself puts it: "Unlike me, life isn't always pretty." Even though she's
Head Yell Leader of the cheerleading squad, going steady with the best-looking guy in school,
and making her acting debut in a major motion picture, she has her bad days, too. And when
everything goes down the drain, and she goes from Miss Popularity to Miss Reject of the
Universe, she somehow finds a way to carry on -- and you'll be laughing the whole way.

YA FIC GRE          Green, John         Looking for Alaska
Miles "Pudge" Halter is abandoning his safe-okay, boring-life. Fascinated by the last words of
famous people, Pudge leaves for boarding school to seek what a dying Rabelais called the
"Great Perhaps." Pudge becomes encircled by friends whose lives are everything but safe and
boring. Their nucleus is razor-sharp, sexy, and self-destructive Alaska, who has perfected the arts
of pranking and evading school rules. Pudge falls impossibly in love. When tragedy strikes the
close-knit group, it is only in coming face-to-face with death that Pudge discovers the value of
living and loving unconditionally.

YA MYS GRE                Green, John             Paper Towns
Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth
Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life - dressed
like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge - he follows. After their all-
nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma,
has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues - and they're for him. Urged
down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees of the girl he thought he knew.

YA FIC GRE            Green, John & David Levithan                    Will Grayson, Will
One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens—both named Will Grayson—are
about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives
going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic
production of history’s most fabulous high school musical.

YA FIC HA             Ha, Thu-Huang                      Hail Caesar
Caesar thinks he can't be touched by anything or anyone. Boys idolize him. Girls lust after him.
And he has power over them, because he doesn't care about any of them . . . until the new girl
comes along, and turns Caesar's world upside down. A funny, honest, in-your-face portrait of a
guy who has to learn to stop being a legend in his own mind.

YA FIC HAL               Halpern, Julie                     Into the Wild Nerd Yonder
Sophomore Jessie Sloan is having a bad year. Her two closest friends are turning punk and boy-
crazed; one of them even pursues Jessie's longtime crush. To make matters worse, Jessie's
beloved older brother will soon be leaving for college. Jessie feels adrift and spends her time
sewing skirts and listening to audiobooks. The story picks up pace when class nerd Dottie
introduces Jessie to Dungeons and Dragons, which Jessie (to her surprise) actually enjoys,
leading her to a new group of friends as well as a heartfelt, if a little clichéd, crush on a cute boy
with his own nerdish tendencies.

YA FIC HAL           Halpin, Brendan             Forever Changes
5:30 a.m., Brianna Pelletier gets ready for her daily pounding. As she lies on the couch, her dad
beats her chest, then her back, coaxing the mucus out of her lungs. The pounding doesn’t take
care of everything. Brianna’s held out for a long time, but a body with cystic fibrosis doesn’t last
forever. It doesn’t matter that Brianna has a brilliant mathematical mind or that she’s a shoo-in for
MIT. Or even that her two best friends are beautiful, popular, and loyal. In the grand scheme of
things, none of that stuff matters at all. The standard life, lasting maybe seventy-five years, is no
more than a speck in the sum total of the universe. At eighteen, and doubting she’ll make
nineteen, Brianna is practically a nonentity. Of course she’s done the math. But in her senior year
of high school, Brianna learns of another kind of math, in which an infinitely small, near-zero
quantity can have profound effects on an entire system. If these tiny quantities didn’t exist, things
wouldn’t make the same sense.

YA FIC HAR             Harrar, George          Not as Crazy as I Seem
Devon Brown won't eat in the school caf (a germ swamp). He covers his hands before opening
doors, eats things in groups of four (his lucky number), and hangs up his shirts (with all their
buttons buttoned) by color. Some kids say Devon's crazy, but he knows better- these are the
tricks that keep bad things from happening, and he can't imagine giving them up. Devon calls it
'controlling things.' His doctor calls it obsessive-compulsive disorder. When Devon starts at a new
school, his compulsions start to get him in trouble, and before long he realizes that his only
choice is to confront his behaviors and the events that trigger them. In a compelling story of
growing up different, George Harrar introduces us to a boy who just might change the way we
think about 'crazy.'

YA FIC HAR         Hart, Karen         Butterflies in May
Ali and Matt are in love. It's senior year, and everything is falling into place for them. They know
what schools they're applying to, and that they want to be as close to each other as possible.
Then Ali's period is really late. She discovers that she is expecting a child, and has to make some
choices. Her initial impulse is to terminate the pregnancy, but she ultimately decides she can't go
through with it. When she finally tells Matt the truth, he is upset with her for not having the
abortion. Once she lets her family and teachers know, she finds that she has a wonderful support
system. She also bonds with another classmate who is expecting, as they understand each other
better than anyone else. Ali's relationship with Matt evolves significantly and credibly as he deals
with the reality of becoming a father and having to behave like an adult before he is ready. This
novel is a realistic look at the emotional process a young woman might go through if she became

YA RIC HAR          Hartinger, Brent             Geography Club
Russel goes to school in a small town. Russel is gay. While surfing the Internet, he enters a gay
chatroom for his hometown and meets a boy from school. One thing leads to another, and they
meet in person. The boy turns out to be Kevin Land, star athlete. Russel tells his friend Min. She
laughs and reveals that she is bisexual and has been in a lesbian relationship for some time.
They form a gay-lesbian-bisexual support group in school with some other students. Knowing that
calling it a gay club would be risky, they pick the most boring name they can find-the Geography

YA FIC HAR         Hartinger, Brent          The Order of the Poison Oak
Sixteen-year-old Russell and his two best friends, Gunnar and Min, from the Goodkind High
School Gay-Straight-Bisexual Alliance sign up to be camp counselors at sleep-away camp.
Russell's looking forward to escaping the "gay kid" label he's had since founding the Alliance. On
arrival, both Russell and Min crush on 19-year-old hottie, Web, but Min ends up dating him. Russ
befriends a counselor with a scarred face, only to discover that all the campers in the first two-
week session are burn survivors. The kids are happy to be away from a society that stigmatizes
them because of their scars, and the similarity of their predicament to his is not lost on Russ.
Searching for a way to connect with his cabin full of unruly ten-year-olds, he comes up with the
Order of the Poison Oak, a secret society for outsiders.

YA FIC HAR         Hartinger, Brent          Split Screen
Best friends Min and Russell are excited when they are cast as zombie extras in a movie.
However, no experience is ever identical. In this unique format, Min and Russell each get half of
the book to tell their side of the story. In Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies, Russell has
his hands full when his parents discover he is gay, just before his boyfriend Otto is coming to visit.
To further complicate matters, Russell's ex-boyfriend Kevin has just come out and wants Russell
back. Russell's parents are far from accepting of his sexuality, even forcing him to talk to a priest.
Russell must eventually choose between Kevin and Otto, and it is not an easy choice. Min has
her say in Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies. She meets a very interesting girl named
Leah, also cast as an extra. She and Leah begin to date, but Min soon notices that Leah is very
different when around her friends from school. Min is shocked to realize that she is dating, of all
things, a cheerleader. Leah intends to remain closeted until she goes to college, but Min has
trouble understanding how Leah can take the relationship seriously yet hide it from her friends
and family. Min also discovers something about the Russell-Kevin-Otto triangle that gives an
entirely new spin on the events in Russell's story.

YA FIC HAR         Harvey, Sarah          Plastic
At fifteen, Jack is very interested in breasts. In fact, you might say that he is obsessed. He keeps
his own picture book of breasts, hidden under his bed and documents all sizes and shapes of that
distracting female part. Distracting for him until his best friend, Leah, confesses to him that her
mother is going to give her a very special sixteenth birthday gift—breast augmentation. Suddenly
Jack's obsessive interest takes on a very different direction. What kind of a doctor would do
plastic surgery on a minor? Jack sets out on an undercover mission to find out.

YA FIC HER         Hernandez, David              No More Us for You
For a life to come together, sometimes it first has to fall completely apart.
Isabel is a regular seventeen-year-old girl, still reeling from the pain of her boyfriend's tragic death
exactly one year ago. Carlos is a regular seventeen-year-old guy, loves red licorice and his
friends, and works at a fancy art museum for some extra cash. The two have no connection until
they both meet Vanessa, an intriguing new transfer student with a mysterious past. While
Vanessa is the link that brings these two very different lives together, will she be the one that can
also tear them apart?

YA FIC HIL        Hill, Bonnie Hearn          Aries Rising
Aquarius Logan McRae is a high school sophomore in Terra Bella Beach, CA and has been
working all semester to impress her teachers in order to get into the summer writing camp she
desperately wants to attend. But when this ordinary girl finds an extraordinary book, Fearless
Astrology, her life is changed forever. Applying what she’s learned about the zodiac, she lands
her own column in the school paper and a date with the hottest guy in school!
But when Logan threatens to catch the members of a secret society called The Gears, who have
been vandalizing school property by reading the stars, she quickly learns that she is in over her

head. Will Logan be able to catch The Gears, save her love life, keep her newspaper column, and
get into the writing camp of her dreams all through the use of astrology?

YA FIC HOF Hoffman, Kerry Cohen                     It’s Not You, It’s Me
Zoe loves Henry.
Henry dumps Zoe.
Zoe wants Henry back—at any cost.
Zoe’s two best friends come up with a plan to help Zoe get what she thinks she wants. The plan:
make Henry jealous.
But the plan takes a surprising turn. . . .
Spanning thirty-one days in the cycle of a breakup, Kerry Cohen Hoffmann’s humorous and
poignant novel depicts a girl whose single-minded focus on her ex-boyfriend has pulled her far
from the person she most needs to win back—herself.

YA FIC HOL                  Holder, Nancy               Pretty Little Devil
Hazel Stone wants nothing more than to be a part of the hottest clique in school, the Pretty Little
Devils, but she's stuck at a lunch table full of high school C-listers. Hazel has resigned herself to
life as a nobody—when suddenly everything changes. The PLDs invite Hazel to one of the
group's famous parties, held at the site of one of their babysitting jobs. Before Hazel knows it,
she's in with the in crowd—and she couldn't be more thrilled! But nothing turns out the way she
expects. Especially when one her classmates becomes jealous of her newfound status—deadly

YA FIC HOG         Hogan, Mary          Pretty Face
Hayley wishes she could love living in Santa Monica, blocks from the beach, where every day—
and everybody—is beautiful and sunny. But she just doesn't fit in with all the blond, superskinny
Southern California girls who have their plastic surgeons on speed dial. Hayley is smart and witty
and has such a pretty . . . face. Translation: Don't even think about putting on a bikini, much less
dating superhot Drew Wyler. A bikini will never be flattering, and Drew will never think of her as
more than a friend. Just when Hayley feels doomed to live her life in the fat lane, her parents
decide to send her to Italy for the summer—not for school, not for fat camp, just for fun. It's there,
under the Italian sun, that Hayley's vision of herself starts to change. She's curvy, not fat. Pizza
isn't evil. And life is so much more than one-size-fits-all. Who knows? Once Hayley sees herself
in a new light, maybe the girl with the pretty face will finally find true amore.

YA FIC HOR          Hornby, Nick              Slam
Just when everything is coming together for Sam, his girlfriend Alicia drops a bombshell. Make
that ex-girlfriend- because by the time she tells him she's pregnant, they've already called it quits.
Sam does not want to be a teenage dad. His mom had him at sixteen and has made it very clear
how having a baby so young interrupted her life. There's only one person Sam can turn to-his
hero, skating legend Tony Hawk. Sam believes the answers to life's hurdles can be found in
Hawk's autobiography. But even Tony Hawk isn't offering answers this time-or is he? Inexplicably,
Sam finds himself whizzed into the future, for a quick glimpse of what will be . . . or what could be.

YA FIC HOW          Howell, Simmone            Notes from the Teenage Underground
Seventeen-year-old Gem loves movies, her feminist mom, and Dodgy, her coworker in a video
store (at least she thinks she loves Dodgy). When a school trip inspires Gem to make an
underground film, her best friends Lo and Mira are quick to join the project, taking on the roles of
producer and star. The film is intended to cement the girls’ friendship as well as their superiority
over their sucker high school peers. But when the fragile balance of their friendship begins to
falter, and intentions lead to betrayals big and small, it will take great movies, bad haiku, and a
pantheon of great voices—from Dostoyevsky to Emerson to The Beatles—to help Gem find the
meaning of love, friendship, and being true to herself.

YA FIC HUG               Hughes, Mark Peters                       Lemonade Mouth
Five freshmen meet in detention one afternoon and begin to sing along with a radio jingle. Thus
begins the story of Lemonade Mouth as told by the bandmates and friends in first-person
diary/journal entries. No one likes to be known as the fat kid, the new kid, the nerd, or the freak,
but these teens are empowered by their newly formed friendships and empower others as well.
Rival band Mudslide Crush is no match for the funky style of Mo on bass, Charlie on the congas
and timbales, Stella on ukelele, Wen on trumpet, and Olivia's vocals. School, family, and
romance are all pressures building in these teens' lives, and forming the band helps them to cope
with the world. They meet in the school basement, where other geek clubs have also been
relegated, and their mascot is the Mel's Frozen Lemonade machine in the hallway. One day, it is
removed, and Stella and her friends protest when they find out that a soda company has signed
an exclusive deal with the administration to sell only their company's products in exchange for a
new sports scoreboard. When Lemonade Mouth plays the school Halloween bash, they bring up
the lemonade-machine issue, causing a student riot and ending with the musicians back in
detention. When they are told that they cannot play in the talent show as punishment, other
students call for their reinstatement. Lemonade Mouth tells a tale of underdogs getting a break in
the world.

YA FIC HUR           Hurwin, Davida Wills             Circle the Soul Softly
Katie O'Connor needs a change. After her father dies, she begins having unexplainable
nightmares and blackouts. Suddenly she is unable to keep up on her social life and she
withdraws from her mom and older brother. Katie gets just the chance that she desires when her
widowed mother becomes engaged to a wealthy accountant and the family relocates to upscale
Brentwood, California. Determined to reinvent herself, Katie enrolls in an elite prep school.
Always shy and awkward, Katie finally finds life going her way: a lead in the school play, friends
to hang out with, and a cute boyfriend. Then without warning her nightmares return and she is
once again haunted by "the monster." Katie must discover the secret her mind is harboring before
everything about her new life is ruined.

YA FIC JON         Jones, Carrie         Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend
It isn't every day that my high school boyfriend, Eastbrook High School's Harvest King, tells me
he's gay. It's not every day that the Harvest Queen is dumped in the middle of a road with the
stars watching the humiliation and the dogs barking because they want to come help tear my
heart out and leave it on the cold gray ground. It isn't every day that my entire world falls apart.
Belle believes that Dylan is her true love-maybe even her soulmate. Until one cold night when
Dylan drops the ultimate bomb: he's gay. Where, Belle wonders, does that leave her? Should she
have somehow been able to tell? Is every guy that she loves going to turn out to be gay?
This beautifully-written debut explores what happens when you are suddenly forced to see
someone in a different light, and what that can teach you about yourself.

YA FIC JON Jones, Carrie               Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape)
In the follow-up to Carrie Jones Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, Belle is closing in on her
last few months in high school. With a cool and loving straight boyfriend, the bestest best friend a
girl could ask for, and a house full of fans when playing her guitar, things are much better than
they were before. But everyone else seems to be more excited with the upcoming changes in
their lives than Belle. Her mom has a new boyfriend who makes her giggle and her best friend
Em and boyfriend Shawn are madly in love and always showing it! Even Belles ex is happy with
his new guy, Bob. So whats wrong with Belle and Tom? Nothing is whats the matter. Nothings
happening at all. No sex, no "I love you." Nada. Whats a girl to do?

YA FIC JON               Jones, Jenny B.                   So Not Happening
Bella Kirkwood had it all: A-list friends at her prestigious private school, Broadway in her backyard,
and Daddy's MasterCard in her wallet. Then her father, a plastic surgeon to the stars, decided to
trade her mother in for a newer model. When Bella's mom falls in love with a man she met on the

Internet--a factory worker with two bratty sons--Bella has to pack up and move in with her new
family in Truman, Oklahoma. On a farm no less! Forced to trade her uber-trendy NYC lifestyle
for down-home charm, Bella feels like a pair of Rock & Republic jeans in a sea of Wranglers. At
least some of the people in her new high school are pretty cool. Especially the hunky football
player who invites her to lunch. And maybe even the annoying--but kinda hot--editor of the school
newspaper. But before long, Bella smells something rotten in the town of Truman, and it's not
just the cow pasture. With her savvy reporter's instincts, she is determined to find the story
behind all the secrets.

YA FIC JON         Jones, Patrick        Nailed
The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered the hardest. Flint Southwestern High School is
run by a cult: the jockarchy. And Bret Hendricks could never fit into their conformity cult. Bret
doesn't mind standing out from the crowd when he's on stage acting or singing in his band. And
he feels at home in his funky girlfriend's arms because sticking out together doesn't seem as hard.
But loyalties aren't what Bret thinks they are, as his safe havens seem to disappear one by one,
and he learns that sometimes you just have to risk getting hammered in order to build a great

YA FIC KAN           Kantor, Melissa            Confessions of a “Not It” Girl
Jan Miller is a fresh, funny, and real teen seeking her first romance during her senior year in high
school. Her parents are New York intellectuals who seem only vaguely aware of what is going on
with their children. Jan obsesses about the college applications she has not yet begun; the size of
her butt; and Josh, who has returned after many years in Seattle with his father to live with his
mother. Most of this melodrama is shared with her friend Rebecca, who is gorgeous, rich, and
sophisticated; has recently been named an "It Girl" in a teen magazine; and has considerably
more sexual experience than Jan, who has absolutely none. The teen's daydreams about her
romantic life are theatrical scenarios with dialogue, stage directions, and curtain closings, an
entertaining gimmick that harks back to the first real interaction she and Josh have, during a
Romeo and Juliet reading in English class.

YA FIC KAN          Kantor, Melissa          The Breakup Bible
Jen Lewis is having a great junior year. She is the features editor of the school paper, and she's
dating senior Max Brown, the editor in chief. Everything is perfect -- that is, until Max says,
"Maybe it would be better if we were just friends." Jen is in shock and denial, and she wonders
how she is going to make it through the school year. Her misery only intensifies when her
grandmother gives her a book that she heard about on the radio. Dr. Emerson's The Breakup
Bible claims that "there's no reason a woman can't get over a breakup very quickly if she'll just
follow a few basic commandments." Jen is doubtful. What does Dr. Emerson know about her and

YA FIC KAR         Karasyov, Carrie & Jill Kargman Bittersweet Sixteen
Balloons and streamers? Carvel cake? Those might be standard fair for your average birthday
party, but Whitney Blake and Sophie Mitchum are anything but average. I'm Laura Finnegan –
thrift store junkie and scholarship student at Tate, our posh all–girls high school in Manhattan. I'm
not like Whit or Soph, but that doesn't stop us from being BFFs. But then they started tuning in to
the all–Sweet Sixteen, all–the–time channel. Now tempers are flaring, Prada bags are flying, and
guys are being tossed around in vicious tug–of–war battles. Whose Sweet Sixteen will reign

YA FIC KAR             Karim, Sheba                Skunk Girl
If Nina Khan were to rate herself on the unofficial Pakistani prestige point system – the one she’s
sure all the aunties and uncles use to determine the most attractive marriage prospects for their
children – her scoring might go something like this:
+2 points for getting excellent grades

–3 points for failing to live up to expectations set by genius older sister
+4 points for dutifully obeying parents and never, ever going to parties, no matter how antisocial
that makes her seem to everyone at Deer Hook High
–1 point for harboring secret jealousy of her best friends, who are allowed to date like normal
+2 points for never drinking an alcoholic beverage
–10 points for obsessing about Asher Richelli, who talks to Nina like she’s not a freak at all, even
though he knows that she has a disturbing line of hair running down her back.In this wryly funny
debut novel, the smart, sassy, and utterly lovable Nina Khan tackles friends, family, and love, and
learns that it’s possible to embrace two very different cultures – even if things can get a little bit,
well, hairy.

YA FIC KEI            Keizer, Garret            God of Beer
To complete a class assignment at his high school in rural Vermont, Kyle and his friends Quake
and Diana do a social protest project involving alcohol.

YA FIC KEP         Kephart, Beth         Undercover
Like a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac, Elisa ghostwrites love notes for the boys in her school.
But when Elisa falls for Theo Moses, things change fast. Theo asks for verses to court the lovely
Lila—a girl known for her beauty, her popularity, and a cutting ability to remind Elisa that she has
none of these. At home, Elisa's father, the one person she feels understands her, has left on an
extended business trip. As the days grow shorter, Elisa worries that the increasingly urgent letters
she sends her father won't bring him home. Like the undercover agent she feels she has become,
Elisa retreats to a pond in the woods, where her talent for ice-skating gives her the confidence to
come out from under cover and take center stage. But when Lila becomes jealous of Theo's
friendship with Elisa, her revenge nearly destroys Elisa's ice-skating dreams and her plan to
reunite her family.

YA FIC KER            Kerr, M.E.             If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever?
Alan's senior year brings many changes, some of which are very painful.

YA FIC KIL Killian, Beth              Life as a Poser (The 310)
A new cell with the right area code. A sky's-the-limit credit card. A chance at becoming a
Hollywood It Girl. What else could Eva possibly want? Caught in the middle of senior year's
juiciest scandal, Eva Cordes graduates early and moves to L.A. to live with her aunt -- the top
talent agent for teens -- who plans to make her a star. Eva has another reason for heading to
Hollywood: it's time for her to get to know her mother -- a once-famous model who left Eva to be
raised by her grandparents.           But when she gets stuck rooming with a bunch of outrageous
teen starlets, and her mom doesn't want to admit she even has a daughter, Eva's life is one big
tabloid story after another. Smoking-hot Hollywood insider Danny wants to be her leading man,
but he's officially off-limits. With all these complications, how can Eva ever make it down the red
carpet without falling flat on her face?

YA FIC KIL        Killian, Beth        Everything She Wants (The 310)
In the second book of Beth Killian's juicy 310 series, Hollywood newcomer Eva Cordes starts to
unravel her family's dark secrets -- and creates some scandals of her own.Aspiring actress Eva
feels like she's finally on her way to the big time -- she's got new friends, a new life, and a starring
role in a hot new commercial. And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, she's determined to
finally "seal the deal" with her new boyfriend, Danny. But all her plans turn inside out when
someone from her past shows up at her doorstep --with an engagement ring!?!Eva swears the
only guy she wants to be with is Danny, but he's starting to have doubts. So when she finds out
the shocking truth about her father's identity, she has no one to turn to -- the guys are at each
other's throats and her roommates are having a major catfight of their own.Eva is about to make
some tough choices...and if she's not careful, she may make the biggest mistake of her life.

YA FIC KLA             Klass, David                You Don't Know Me
Fourteen-year-old John creates alternative realities in his mind as he tries to deal with his
mother's abusive boyfriend, his crush on a beautiful, but shallow classmate and other problems at

YA FIC KLA           Klass, David           Home of the Braves
Joe Brickman, narrator and protagonist, is a multi-dimensional high school senior. He is proud of
the soccer team that he captains, despite its poor record. He is jealous and suspicious of the new
and phenomenally talented soccer player who arrives in time to take the team to the playoffs. He
is stifled into inaction when he cannot figure out how to tell his life-long pal and neighbor that he
longs for her. He is protective of his intelligent but geeky best friend, Ed the Mouse. He
recognizes that his womanizing single father is not perfect, but respects him for trying to seek
solutions to problems rather than giving in to defeats. And, although he enjoys working for his dad
at the car wash, he questions the wisdom of his choice to pay little attention to his academics and
to avoid applying for admission to college. Further, Joe is intelligent enough to realize that the
bullying that is allowed at his school is wrong and must stop. When Ed, who is trying to learn to
stand up to the "hard guys" is harassed and humiliated by them, Joe begins to fear for Ed's
mental state. Eventually, he shares his fears with Ed's dad, who acts quickly to reestablish
contact with the son from whom he has become distant.

YA FIC KOE Koertge, Ron                Where the Kissing Never Stops
A high school junior who is having trouble with his father's death, his mother's new job as a
stripper, and his own libido meets a new girl who, despite their ups and downs, makes life seem
pretty wonderful after all.

YA FIC KOE          Koertge, Ronald              The Brimstone Journals
In a series of short interconnected poems, students at a high school nicknamed Brimstone reveal
the violence existing and growing in their lives.

YA FIC KOJ         Koja, Kathe       Kissing the Bee
Senior year is flying by, the prom is approaching, and Dana, her best friend, Avra, and Avra's
boyfriend, Emil, are about to encounter the pains and pleasures of that intricate beehive called
adult life. While Dana plans on college, Avra plots escape once school is over—and plans to take
Emil along for the ride. What does Emil want? He's not saying. Dana studies bees for a biology
project, fascinated by their habits and their mythological imagery – but in real life, emotions can
sting, and while two's company, these three may just become a crowd. As Dana reminds us, in
every hive there is only one queen bee.

YA FIC KRA         Kraft, Erik      Miracle Wimp
The story follows Tom Mayo as he navigates his way through wood shop, dating, driving, and the
meat-headed Donkeys, bullies who are determined to make his life miserable. Filled with
humorous details and sardonic wit, Erik Kraft deftly portrays high school through the eyes of a
wise-cracking misfit.

YA FIC KRO         Krovatin, Christopher               Venomous
Locke Vinetti is a high school junior, disenchanted and more than a little hostile. In fact, for years
he's had a lousy social life because of a problem he has with his anger—a force he calls "the
venom." Ever since he was eight years old and bit off a piece of a classmate's nose, he's been
something of a loner. But all that is about to change when he goes out with his one friend,
Randall, to meet some of Randall's crew hanging out at Riverside Park. Because in addition to
meeting his kindred spirit, Casey—who has his own problems with his own kind of venom—Locke
meets the spikey blue fairy-haircut Goth girl of his dreams. And if their relationship is going to
work, he knows he has to rid himself of the venom once and for all.

YA FIC LAM         Lamba, Marie         What I Meant….
After 15 years of being a good daughter and loyal friend, wouldn't you expect the people closest
to you to believe you? To at least try to understand what you mean? Since my evil aunt moved in,
everything has gone wrong.
My little sister thinks I'm a thief.
My best friend thinks I'm a jerk.
My parents think I'm bulimic.
And the boy I love thinks I'm not into him at all.
Somehow I have to set the record straight before I totally lose my mind.
Marie Lamba's debut novel tells the story of how 15-year-old Sangeet Jumnal's sleepy suburban
life suddenly gets super complicated.

YA FIC LAN         Lane, Dakota Secret Life of It Girls
It girl n 1. The girl that you want to be. She gets the guys AND the girls because she has
something beyond money, clothes, and attitude. She's got something you either have or you don't
have -- and YOU DON'T HAVE IT. (See SUPERSTAR, GODDESS, DIVA.) 2. The girl you hate
and fear. She has the power to make you into a slut or outcast, or make you crawl like a loser
wannabe/stalker/groupie. There's at least one of her in every school, and she's never going away,
so you better figure out your place in her world, before she figures it out for you. (See
BACKSTABBER, WITCH, DEMON.) 3. The girl that completely believes she's better than you --
or maybe just acts like she does. She's got all the power, but would be defenseless if left by her
Here, in words and pictures, are the thoughts,
the secrets, the lives of It girls. The stories are fiction, but the feelings are real.
You might think you know these girls. But look closer. You'll be surprised by what you find.

YA FIC LAN                  Langan, Paul                   The Bully
A new life. An new school. A new bully. That's what Darrell Mercer faces when he and his mother
move from Philadelphia to California. After spending months living in fear, Darrell is faced with a
big decision. He can either keep running from this bully--or find some way to fight back.

YA FIC LAN           Langan, Paul              Payback
Tyray Hobbs wants revenge. Weeks ago he was one of the most feared students in Bluford High.
But then Darrell Mercer publicly humiliated him, and Tyray lost his reputation. To get it back, he
must take down Darrell. But how? With a broken hand, a troubled family, and no friends in sight,
Tyray's options are limited. And when the kids he once bullied start threatening him, his world
completely unravels. Desperate to settle the score and regain respect, Tyray sees only one
solution to his problems--a gun.

YA FIC LAN Langan, Paul               Summer of Secrets
Darcy Wills needs help. A frightening ordeal at the end of the school year has turned her world
upside down. And her parents, distracted by problems at home, don't seem to notice her troubles.
With her ex-boyfriend miles away in Detroit and her beloved grandmother gone, Darcy is more
alone than ever. Unable to deny the painful truth she's been hiding, Darcy turns to her remaining
friends only to discover one of them has an even bigger secret. Now, forced into a crisis beyond
her control, Darcy must take a stand for herself--and for her friend.

YA FIC LAN        Langan, Paul & Ben Alirez               Brothers in Arms
Martin Luna is in deep trouble. Just months ago, a horrible tragedy took his little brother, and now
it threatens to take him too. On one side are his desperate mother, a friendly teacher at Bluford
High School, and a pretty girl named Vicky. On the other are his old neighborhood and his hunger
for revenge. Torn between the two, Martin stands at a crossroad, with his life hanging in the
balance. Which way will he go?

YA FIC LAN          Langan, Paul          Blood is Thicker
Hakeem Randall can't take it anymore. First he must leave his friends at Bluford High and move
in with his uncle in faraway Detroit. Then things go from bad to worse when Hakeem is forced to
share a bedroom with his moody and secretive cousin, Savon.

YA FIC LAW          Lawrence, Sara            Those Girls
THOSE GIRLS are Jinx Slater and Liberty Latiffe— lovely, rich, and wild seventeen-year-olds at
the exclusive Stagmount School for Girls. They have the glittery seaside town of Brighton and an
endless flow of cash at their fingertips. Nothing—not even their vile ex-housemistress—can slow
them down in their pursuit of fun.
Then snobby new girl Stella Fox shows up and naïve Liberty falls under her spell. Jinx is
determined to win back her best friend, even if it means waging war on power-hungry Stella. But
when Jinx delves into Stella's past, she discovers there's a lot more than schoolgirl jealousy on
the line . . . This time, Jinx could lose Liberty forever.

YA FIC LEK Lekich, John King of the Lost and Found
Raymond Dunne is in the 10th grade. He can’t change the fact that he’s prone to sneezing,
getting nosebleeds, and fainting. He can, however, change the fact that he’s not popular —
though it won’t be easy. In this hilarious story about friendship, love, and loyalty, Raymond
transforms himself from a lonely geek to the gatekeeper of an underground social club. In the
process, he befriends one of the most popular guys in school, sticks up for his fellow nerds, and
works up the courage to approach the lovely Janice, his not-so-secret crush. However, with the
relentlessly strict principal and the equally vigilant vice-principal hot on his trail, how long will
Raymond’s underground club — and his newfound friendships — last?

YA FIC LEN           Lenhard, Elizabeth              Chicks with Sticks (It’s a Purl Thing)
Scottie does not think that learning how to knit at her aunt's funeral would end up changing her
life. However, Scottie quickly becomes addicted to knitting and soon finds out why women have
enjoyed knitting for hundreds of years. Through knitting, Scottie reunites with her old best friend
Amanda and becomes friends with two very different girls, Bella and Tay. At first they only hang
out at KnitWit, the local knitting store, but they soon start knitting at school, on the train, and even
at a baseball game. Eventually, though, fractures in the tight friendships begin to appear. Can the
knitting that brought the friends together in the first place help reunite them?

YA FIC LEN         Lenhard, Elizabeth            Knit Two Together (Chicks with Sticks
bk 2)
Scottie, Tay, Amanda, and Bella--they're an angsty artist's daughter, an indie tomboy, a trust-fund
princess, and a new-age yoga goddess. Their friendship totally defies the odds, yet last year, fate
(and a whole lot of yarn) brought them together. As the Chicks with Sticks, they survived plenty of
knitty friendship dramas. Now they're as solid as a fisherman's sweater. Or are they? As the
Chicks begin their second year together, their tight circle faces its biggest challenge yet: boys.

YA FIC LEN         Lenhard, Elizabeth Knitwise (Chicks With Sticks bk 3)
For Scottie, Amanda, Bella, and Tay, life in Chicago is all about seeking shelter. They've found it
in the raggedy comfort of KnitWit, in their firelit stitch 'n bitch at Joe's, in the halls of their quirky
private school, even in the arms of boyfriends.
But now the girls are staring down the end of high school. Fueled by the stresses of college
applications and service projects, will it also mean the end of the Chicks? Or can this unlikely
foursome bind off the happy ending that only true friendship can craft?

YA FIC LER         Lerangis, Peter          Big Production (Drama Club series v. 2)
When it is announced that the Big Spring Musical will be Grease, immediately the drama heats
up. Auditions are swamped, emotions run high, and everyone is stressing to make sure that every
last detail is exactly right. Meanwhile, it's all just a bit too much for Brianna, who takes some

desperate measures to keep her head above water. Can the Drama Club nail their performance
and keep Brianna from falling apart? It could be the chance of a lifetime, and no one wants to be
the one to blow it.

YA FIC LER               Lerangis, Peter                    wtf
When a deer crashes through a windshield, it is only the first of many inexplicable (or "wtf")
moments experienced during a long night in New York City for six teens from a prep school
involved in a drug sale destined for disaster. That the "drugs" are really generic aspirin and that
several want out of the business makes the evening even more surreal. Relationships shift and
change as much as the narrators and the time frame -- each chapter identifies the narrator and
the date and time, and there are some flashbacks and peeks ahead to keep readers on their toes.
The patchwork image on the cover hints at plot points, and teens will be eager to see how
Lerangis stitches them all together.

YA FIC LEV        Leveen, Tom          Party
It's Saturday night in Santa Barbara and school is done for the year. Everyone is headed to the
same party. Or at least it seems that way. The place is packed. The beer is flowing. Simple, right?
But for 11 different people the motives are way more complicated. As each character takes a turn
and tells his or her story, the eleven individuals intersect, and reconnect, collide, and combine in
ways that none of them ever saw coming.

YA FIC LIB           Liberty, Anita             The Center of the Universe
Welcome to the story of my life. Well, at least the story of my junior and senior years of high
school. It's a profound, touching, and hilarious (if I do say so myself) tale told through cunning
poems, revelatory diary entries, perspicacious (look it up) word definitions, shrewd bits of advice,
and off-the-cuff (but brilliant) insights. You'll probably relate to a lot of it. Especially the parts
about hating my parents, never feeling cool enough, failing my first attempt at the SATs, having
an incredibly romantic (but one-sided) relationship with the coolest guy in school, and getting
hexed by my ex-best friend who became a Wiccan. And if you can't relate? Well, step to the back
of that humongous line. You'll probably be right behind my family. If you're lucky, my mom'll bring

YA FIC LIO          Lion, Melissa            Upstream
The high school years can be tough, even in the best of times. Marty's senior year in Homer—a
small town in Alaska—is proving to be beyond difficult. Her boyfriend Steven died over the
summer, a result of a tragic accident that is only revealed in snippets in the latter part of the book.
Marty's job at the local movie theatre is her true escape, and the owner's have just informed her
that they are selling to a young woman from California named Katherine. Marty's life is completely
in limbo. She is able to rely upon her fun and funky family, two sisters and mom (dad is absentee
but appears now and then when they really need him) for support during this hollow time.

YA FIC LIO        Lion, Melissa         Swollen
Samantha only wants to be loved. By her father, by her best friend, and now by the new boy at
school, Farouk. The more time Sam spends with him, the more she can’t stop thinking about him.
To escape, Sam runs track at school, finishing every race, but never pushing herself to the limit.
Sam and Farouk spend afternoons at the beach where divers risk their lives to jump off high cliffs
into the churning water below. Like the divers, Sam risks herself to be with Farouk, growing more
and more attached to him, longing to feel safe enough to let herself go and show her true

YA FIC LOC         Lockhart, E.          Fly on the Wall
At the Manhattan School for Art and Music, where everyone is "different" and everyone is
"special," Gretchen Yee feels ordinary. She's the kind of girl who sits alone at lunch, drawing
pictures of Spider-Man, so she won't have to talk to anyone; who has a crush on Titus but won't

do anything about it; who has no one to hang out with when her best (and only real) friend Katya
is busy. One day, Gretchen wishes that she could be a fly on the wall in the boys' locker room-
just to learn more about guys. What are they really like? What do they really talk about? Are they
really cretins most of the time? Fly on the Wall is the story of how that wish comes true.

YA FIC LOC        Lockhart, E. The Boyfriend List
Fifteen-year-old Ruby "Roo" Oliver is having a tough year at Tate Prep. Through a series of social
debacles, she loses her best friends, her boyfriend, her dignity, and the respect of her fellow
Taters in less than two weeks' time. Following nearly half a dozen panic attacks, Roo starts to
spend some quality time on Doctor Z.'s couch, where she makes (at her shrink's urging) a list of
boyfriends past and present, official and unofficial, and starts on a journey of self-discovery.
Along the way, Ruby begins to think about patterns in her life and ways that she might be more
like her mother than she'd care to admit. Fortunately, Ruby survives her traumatic exile and lives
to tell the tale.

YA FIC LOC Lockhart, E. The Boy Book (a Study of Habits & Behaviors
Plus Techniques for Taming Them)
Ruby Oliver is back from her adventures in The Boyfriend List (Delacorte, 2005/VOYA April 2005)
and determined to make her junior year a better one. The good news is that she has a driver's
license, a new friend in Noel, and Nora might actually be speaking to her again. The bad news is
that several of her friends are still not speaking to her, her sessions with the shrink do not seem
to be helping her much, and her parents are certain that there are deeper issues that she needs
to explore. Ruby is a resilient young woman, however. Her new job at the zoo, her deepening
friendship with Meghan and Nora, and her entries in the book that she is writing about boys all
help her navigate the angst-ridden waters of adolescence.

YA FIC LOC        Lockhart, E.       The Treasure Map of Boys
Ruby is back at Tate Prep, and it’s her thirty-seventh week in the state of Noboyfriend. Her panic
attacks are bad, her love life is even worse, and what’s more:
Noel is writing her notes, Jackson is giving her frogs, Gideon is helping her cook, and Finn is
making her brownies. Rumors are flying, and Ruby’s already-sucky reputation is heading
downhill. Not only that, she’s also: running a bake sale, learning the secrets of heavymetal
therapy, encountering some seriously smelly feet, defending the rights of pygmy goats, and
bodyguarding Noel from unwanted advances.
In this companion novel to The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book, Ruby struggles to secure some
sort of mental health, to understand what constitutes a real friendship, and to find true love—if
such a thing exists.

YA FIC LOC        Lockhart, E.         Dramarama
Two theater-mad, self-invented fabulositon Ohio teenagers. One boy, one girl. One gay, one
straight. One black, one white. And Summer Drama Camp. It's a season of hormones, gold lame,
hissy fits, jazz hands, song and dance, true love, and unitards that will determine their future —
and test their friendship.

YA FIC LOC           Lockhart, E       The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-
Lockhart's (Dramarama) witty novel about boarding school high jinks of a most cerebral order
receives winning treatment from Sirois-her slightly nasal voice for the heroine, 16-year-old
Frankie, seems in character and is somehow endearing. Frankie starts her sophomore year with
elevated social status thanks to having become the main squeeze of Big Man on Campus
Matthew Livingston, but confides her conflicted feelings about being "arm candy" to roommate
Trish, who responds with sweet but Valley Girl-esque befuddlement befitting someone who stays
home making fruit crumbles while the boys go out partying. Sirois goes to a deeper register for

heartthrob Matthew, leader of the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds, an all-male secret society
Frankie plots to infiltrate, and affects a surfer-dude patois for Alpha, Matthew's sidekick.

YA FIC LOC         Lockwood, Cara           Moby Clique
Some literary classics have been around for centuries. Miranda Tate's just hoping to survive
junior year....Her summer reading assignment isMoby-Dick,but Miranda's vacation hasn't exactly
been smooth sailing. Between working at her stepmother's hideous all-pink boutique, and having
broken up with her basketball champ boyfriend Ryan, not to mention snoozing her way through
one of literature'sheaviesttomes, she's almost looking forward to returning to Bard Academy. That
was before her kid sister Lindsay smashed up their dad's Land Rover and got shipped off to Bard
herself. Is the punishment Lindsay's -- or Miranda's?A private school staffed by the ghosts of
famous dead writers is hard enough to navigate without a freshman kid sister in tow, but now
Miranda's trying to sort out her feelings for her brooding friend Heathcliff, who happens to be a
fictional character, while keeping Bard's secrets from her nosy sister. And when her nemesis
Parker handpicks gullible Lindsay to be a Parker clone, Miranda knows a storm is brewing. Then,
Lindsay disappears in the woods...and a frantic search sends Ryan, Miranda, and Heathcliff to
Whale Cove, a spot rumored to hide a sunken pirate's ship. But something -- orsomeone-- even
more ominous and terrifying lurks there. Can Miranda stay the course and save her sister?

YA FIC LOC         Lockwood, Cara           Scarlet Letterman
Miranda Tate and her closest friends have been let in on a powerful secret: their teachers are
famous dead writers.After a heroic first semester, Miranda's got Bard Academy's ghost faculty in
her debt, a new boyfriend in hot basketball player Ryan Kent, and she's just turned in a paper
aboutThe Scarlet Letterthat she's sure is A material. But when the Bard Queen Bee, Parker
Rodham, claims she's attacked in the woods, Ryan is all too happy to play bodyguard. Then
teachers start disappearing and the campus is abuzz with news of the Hooded Sweatshirt Stalker
-- not to mention sightings of a monster in the woods. But it's Miranda who feels like a moving
target when she is accused not only of plagiarism but of suspicious involvement in the
attacks!Meanwhile, rumors are flying about what it really means that Miranda's wearing Ryan's
varsity letterman jacket. And she just can't shake her nagging feelings for Heathcliff, who
entrusted her with the locket that keeps him in the "real" world even though every one else thinks
he's back where he belongs, in the pages ofWuthering Heights.Is he the campus stalker? Does
she like him more than she likes Ryan? And how is that possible if he's only a character from a

YA FIC LOC          Lockwood, Cara            Wuthering High
Fifteen-year-old Mia is not exactly thrilled when she gets the news that her parents are shipping
her off to boarding school. It's not like she did anything that bad -- all she did was wreck her dad's
car and max out her step mum's credit cards. So, off she goes, from Chicago to Bard Academy,
an exclusive prep school that treats troubled teenagers with a healthy dose of higher learning and
old-fashioned discipline. But all is not what it seems at this educational institute, and Mia and her
classmates soon discover that the teachers are actually ghosts, stuck in limbo, some of them
famous authors who died before their time, including Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and
Charlotte Bronte. And what's even more disturbing is that not all the ghosts have good intentions.
Mia and her friends must stop one evil instructor's plan to bring down the school -- and the entire
student body with it.

YA FIC LUB         Lubar, David              Dunk
While hoping to work as the clown in an amusement park dunk tank on the New Jersey shore the
summer before his junior year in high school, Chad faces his best friend's serious illness, hassles
with police, and the girl that got away.

YA FIC LUB        Lubar, David Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
Starting high school is never easy. Seniors take your lunch money. Girlsyou've known forever are
suddenly beautiful and unattainable.The guys you grew up with are drifting away.And you can
never get enough sleep. Could there be a worse time for Scott's mother to announce she's
pregnant? Scott decides high school would be a lot less overwhelming if it came with a survival
manual, so he begins to write down tips for his new sibling. Scott's chronicle of his first year of
bullies, romance, honors classes, and brotherhood is both laugh-out-loud funny and touchingly

YA FIC LYG        Lyga, Barry Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl
Fanboy has never had it good, but lately his sophomore year is turning out to be its own special
hell. The bullies have made him their favorite target, his best (and only) friend seems headed for
the dark side (sports and popularity), and his pregnant mother and the step-fascist are eagerly
awaiting the birth of the alien life form known as Fanboy's new little brother or sister. Fanboy,
though, has a secret: a graphic novel he's been working on without telling anyone, a graphic
novel that he is convinced will lead to publication, fame, and- most important of all- a way out of
the crappy little town he lives in and all the people that make it hell for him. When Fanboy meets
Kyra, a.k.a. Goth Girl, he finds an outrageous, cynical girl who shares his love of comics as well
as his hatred for jocks and bullies. Fanboy can't resist someone who actually seems to
understand him, and soon he finds himself willing to heed her advice- to ignore or crush anyone
who stands in his way.

YA FIC LYG        Lyga, Barry        Goth Girl Rising
Time is a funny thing in the hospital. In the mental ward. You lose track of it easily. After six
months in the Maryland Mental Health Unit, Kyra Sellers, a.k.a. Goth Girl, is going home.
Unfortunately, she’s about to find out that while she was away, she lost track of more than
time. Kyra is back in black, feeling good, and ready to make up with the only person who’s ever
appreciated her for who she really is. But then she sees him. Fanboy. Transcended from
everything he was into someone she barely recognizes. And the anger and memories come
rushing back. There’s so much to do to people when you’re angry. Kyra’s about to get very busy.

YA FIC LYG               Lyga, Barry             Hero Type
Everyone is treating Kevin as a hero. He was in the right place and the right time and he saved a
girl from being murdered. Only Kevin knows though, why he was able to save her. Things get
even more complicated when Kevin is seen removing two patriotic "Support the Troops" ribbons
from his car bumper. Now the town that lauded him as a hero turns on him, calling him unpatriotic.
Kevin, who hadn't thought much about it up to then, becomes politically engaged, suddenly
questioning what exactly supporting the troops or even saying the pledge of allegiance every day

YA FIC LYN            Lynch, Chris                 Extreme Elvin
As he enters high school, fourteen-year-old Elvin continues to deal with his weight problem as he
tries to find his place among his peers.

YA FIC LYN              Lynch, Chris               Freewill
A teenager trying to recover from the tragic death of his father and stepmother believes himself to
be responsible for the rash of teen suicides occurring in his town.

YA FIC LYN        Lynn, Tracy        Rx
After years of hard work, Thyme Gilcrest has finally worked her way to the academic top of her
junior class. Though she has barely broken into The Twenty—her nickname for the hardest
working students in school headed to the best colleges—her junior year is set on the path of
extra-currics and college applications. With the arduous course load of AP courses, National

Honor Society obligations, and SAT prep courses, Thyme begins to run out of time and energy for
the study hours necessary for success. The answer to the latter problem comes in the tossed
bottle of a friend diagnosed with ADHD—Ritalin. A frighteningly realistic portrayal of upper class
teenagers dealing with extreme pressure and stress, this novel reveals the demands of a
seemingly average student who gets in over her head in the dangerous world of a drug dealer.
Tracy Lynn gives an entertaining and convincing account of the hidden, yet vast world of illegal
prescription drugs in the high school setting.

YA FIC MAC         Mac, Carrie            The Beckoners
When Zoe moves to a new town, she finds the line between victim and tormentor is easily

YA FIC MAC          Mackey, Weezie Kerr             Throwing Like a Girl
When fifteen-year-old Ella is dragged to Texas by her parents, she dreads what she will find. She
feels at loose ends in her new town, new home, and new school. For lack of any other social
avenue, she surprises even herself by trying out for her school's softball team. There she finds
immediate friends, but also an enemy in the form of the possessive sister of a boy who pursues
Ella. Full of the usual awkwardness of adolescence, Ella is also dealing with being the youngest,
and now only, child left at home.

YA FIC MAN         Manning, Sara               Let’s Get Lost
Isabel is a high school student in trouble. She has survived years of bullying by bullying back.
She is caustic in her remarks and brutal in her verbal attacks. Classmates had hoped for some
softening now that she has recently experienced the death of her mother; they were wrong. She
is proud of her reputation as a "mean girl," or at least that is the impression she gives. Isabel
convinces herself that nothing has changed, that her attitude is necessary and that she is in
control. When she meets Smith, an older college student, she is drawn into a relationship built on
lies and in a sexual relationship she cannot help but talk about. She manipulates friends to cover
for her but they decide to fight back, getting her into trouble with school officials and her father.
Standing up to her is no easy task and when her father uses tough love to try to reestablish his
authority, she balks and runs away. It is only after Isabel's lies have collapsed around her that
she is able to face the truth, both the truth about herself and the truth about her mother's death.

YA FIC MAR            Marchetta, Melina            Saving Francesca
Francesca's life changed radically in grade eleven when she was forced to select a new school
because hers only went to grade ten. There were two choices: Pius Senior College, the school to
which all her friends were going, or St. Sebastian's, which had opened its doors to girls that year.
Because her younger brother was attending year five there, her mother chose to have her
become one of the St. Sebastian's girls-thirty of them among seven hundred and fifty boys. But
even that is not why she knows she does not fit in with a group made up of a major feminist, the
"easiest" girl from her former school, and a girl who used to be her best friend but whom she
dropped to become part of a more popular crowd. The day that Francesca's mother could not get
out of bed starts Francesca on a journey that will cause her to find a place in her school, with her
family, and among the crowd at St. Sebastian's.

YA FIC MAR            Marchetta, Melina          Jellicoe Road
Taylor Markham has been living at the Jellicoe School since her mother abandoned her at a gas
station when she was eleven. Taylor's whole life is a mystery to her-from what happened to her
mother and who her father was to why certain people in town are so interested in her well-being.
As the Jellicoe School students begin their annual territory wars with the Townies and military
school cadets, Taylor is thrown together with Jonah Griggs, the leader of the Cadets. Although
they are sworn enemies, Taylor and Jonah have a history and find themselves drawn to one
another. Together they begin to unravel the tragic story of the five teenagers who started the
territory wars a generation before and how their lives are tightly linked with Taylor's own.

YA FIC MAR                Margolis, Leslie             Fix
It hurts to be beautiful. Pretty, blond, popular Cameron Beekman has it all -- lots of girlfriends, a
hot boyfriend, and a successful family. She's perfection. Gone are her days as the outcast, huge-
nosed "Beakface." Which, as it turns out, was nothing a good nose job couldn't fix. While her little
sister, Allie, struggles with doubts about her own approaching "procedure," Cameron wants more.
She's headed to UC "Santa Barbie" and needs to look the part. After all, why settle for smart and
pretty when smart and drop-dead gorgeous is just a surgery away?

YA FIC MAR          Martin, C.K. Kelly           The Lighter Side of Life & Death
For sixteen-year old Mason Rice, life is about to change dramatically. For one thing, his Dad is
getting remarried, so besides gaining a stepmom, Mason will also inherit a rather surly thirteen-
year-old stepsister, a rambunctious younger brother, and a truly psychotic cat. His formerly solid
posse of friends seems to be disintegrating as well, especially after he and his close friend Kat—
both virgins—wind up sleeping together one night. Mason is unable to understand why Kat now
distances herself from him or why his other friend Jamie is so annoyed about it all. This
distraction, however, fades into the background as Mason soon finds himself in the midst of a
secret affair with Collette, who is not only beautiful, sexy, and twenty-three years old but also
happens to be a friend of his new stepmother.

YA FIC MAR               Martino, Alfred                     Over the End Line
High school senior Jonny Fehey is unhappy with his position as a substitute on the soccer team
and with his lowly status in the school's social hierarchy. In addition to finding himself outstripped
both socially and athletically by his neighbor and life-long friend Kyle Saint-Claire, Jonny must
also contend with his father's long-ago abandonment, bullying, the death of a girl with whom he
had a summertime romance, and his failure to intervene in the drunken rape of an exchange
student with whom he is romantically involved. All seem like a bit much? Well, it is.

YA FIC MAT         Matthews, Tom                Like We Care
Music, television, cigarettes, junk food. In the world of Matthews's bitingly satiric novel, these
industries all rely on and take advantage of teenagers for a large proportion of their incomes.
High-school senior Todd Noland has grown tired of it and develops a unique idea. Stop buying it.
Stop buying the products, the hype, and the peer pressure. All of it. With the aid of fellow senior
Joel Karstan, he organizes a protest against the neighborhood convenience store that is effective
enough to attract the attention of Annie McCullough. A 20-something executive for R2Rev, a
music video cable channel boasting edgy and offensive hosts, she is young enough to appreciate
the protest yet savvy enough to help carry it and her career forward. As the media attention builds,
the teens set their sights on a new cause-electing their history teacher to a seat on the town

YA FIC MCC            McCafferty, Megan              Sloppy Firsts
“My parents suck ass. Banning me from the phone and restricting my computer privileges are the
most tyrannical parental gestures I can think of. Don’t they realize that Hope’s the only one who
keeps me sane? . . . I don’t see how things could get any worse.

YA FIC MCC          McCafferty, Megan              Second Helpings
Jessica Darling is up in arms again in this much-anticipated, hilarious sequel to Sloppy Firsts.
This time, the hyperobservant, angst-ridden teenager is going through the social and emotional
ordeal of her senior year at Pineville High. Not only does the mysterious and oh-so-compelling
Marcus Flutie continue to distract Jessica, but her best friend, Hope, still lives in another state,
and she can't seem to escape the clutches of the Clueless Crew, her annoying so-called friends.

To top it off, Jessica's parents won't get off her butt about choosing a college, and her sister
Bethany's pregnancy is causing a big stir in the Darling household.

YA FIC MCC            McCants, William          Much Ado About Prom Night
Becca, the outspoken narrator, and Jeff, the editor of the school paper, hide their true feelings for
each other behind a wall of bickering. But when the Peer Counseling Network (PCN) Becca has
organized is attacked by conservative parents, the squabbling teens find themselves working in
tandem. Becca defends the PCN at a raucous school board meeting, sorts out her feelings for
Jeff and finds herself a dream date for the upcoming prom.

YA FIC MCG McGowan, Anthony                     The Knife That Killed Me
Paul Vanderman could be at any normal high school where bullies, girls, and annoying teachers
are just part of life. But “normal” doesn’t apply when it comes to the school’s biggest bully, Roth—
a twisted and threatening thug with an evil agenda. When Paul ends up delivering a message
from Roth to the leader of a gang at a nearby school, it fuels a rivalry with immediate
consequences. Paul attempts to distance himself from the feud, but somehow Roth keeps finding
reasons for him to stick around. Then one day Roth hands him a knife. And even though Paul is
scared, he has never felt so powerful.

YA FIC MCP               McPhee, Peter                   New Blood
McPhee writes a gritty and realistic tale of bullying and what it can do to a boy and his family,
including moving from Scotland to Canada and sharing tight living quarters with a brother and
sister-in-law. This novel shows the victim's pain in dealing with his family. It shows his guilt at
being the cause of his mother's worry and unhappiness, and his anger and resentment at being
the cause of the family's turmoil. His fear spurs the desire to hide what is really happening, to
avoid the family's anger and frustration, not necessarily at him personally but about him which is
almost as bad. Callum seems to go out of the frying pan and into the fire when he starts his new
school. Fortunately, he and the bully come to an uneasy alliance about a situation that is
important to both of them, the safety of a girl who interests them both

YA FIC MCV         McVoy, Terra Elan             After the Kiss
This moment changes everything.
Becca has been head-over-heels for Alec from the instant they met. He’s a brainy jock with a
poet’s heart—in other words, perfect for her.
Camille is careful with her words and protective of her heart, especially since Chicago. Then a
new boy in her new town catches her off guard with a surprise kiss.
Too bad that new boy is Becca’s boyfriend, Alec.
Camille and Becca have never met, but their lives will unravel and intertwine in surprising ways
as they deal with what happens after the kiss.

YA FIC MEC      Mechling, Lauren & Laura Moser                       All Q No A: More Tales
of a 10th Grade Social Climber
After a tumultuous first semester, Mimi Schulman thinks she's ready to give social climbing a rest
and settle into the groove of New York's wacky Baldwin School. She's eager to start over with her
friends, reconnect with her dad, and make headway with Max Roth- the hottest guy in tenth grade.
But when an assignment for the school paper turns scandalous and spirals out of control, Mimi
finds little time to enjoy her new and improved existence. Instead, she embarks on a roller coaster
ride through the underbelly of the New York art world, from the VIP lounge of a shady nightclub to
a private Caribbean island populated with washed-up TV stars and fifteen-second celebrities. As
answers keep slipping through her fingers, Mimi begins to wonder if she'll ever manage to pin
down the story and get on with her life. And if so, will her life still be there?

YA FIC MED          Medina, Nico           Fat Hoochie Prom Queen
Margarita "Madge" Diaz is fat, foxy, and fabulous. She loves herself, and is adored by almost
everyone else...except queen bee/student-body president Bridget Benson. These two girls have a
history that's uglier than a drag queen after last call. During a heated argument, they decide
there's only one way to end their rivalry: be named prom queen and the other backs off -- for
good. Of course, everything looks different in the sober light of morning, but pride is at stake and
the race is on. Madge is committed to doing whatever it takes to secure the title, but so is Bridget.
And everyone's got something to hide. Welcome to Winter Park High School, where the dirt's not
just gonna's gonna go into freakin' orbit.

YA FIC MEY           Meyer, Adam             Last Domino
Most of the dominoes have already fallen when Travis places the barrel of the gun in his mouth in
the opening scene of this horrific story. But realizing that, unlike his older brother Richie, he lacks
the courage to kill himself, Travis stalks across the field to his high school to exact revenge on
those he perceives as his tormentors. Flashing back 16 days, readers then meet Travis's
dysfunctional parents and various schoolmates whose taunts and threats lead to the tragic,
climactic carnage.

YA FIC MIK              Mikaelsen, Ben              Ghost of Spirit Bear
Cole Matthews used to be a violent kid, but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way
of changing your perspective. After being mauled by a Spirit Bear, Cole started to heal. He even
invited his victim, Peter Driscal, to join him on the island and they became friends. But now their
time in exile is over, and Cole and Peter are heading back to the one place they're not sure they
can handle: high school. Gangs and violence haunt the hallways, and Peter's limp and speech
impediment make him a natural target. In a school where hate and tension are getting close to
the boiling point, the monster of rage hibernating inside Cole begins to stir.

YA SF MLY           Mlynowski, Sarah               Gimme a Call
A new life is just a phone call away!
Devi's life isn't turning out at all like she wanted. She wasted the past three years going out with
Bryan—cute, adorable, break-your-heart Bryan. Devi let her friendships fade, blew off studying,
didn't join any clubs . . . and now that Bryan has broken up with her, she has nothing left.
Not even her stupid cell phone—she dropped it in the mall fountain. Now it only calls one
number . . . hers. At age fourteen, three years ago! Once Devi gets over the shock—and
convinces her younger self that she isn't some wacko—she realizes that she's been given an
awesome gift. She can tell herself all the right things to do . . . because she's already done all the
wrong ones! Who better to take advice from than your future self?
Except . . .what if getting what you think you want changes everything?

YA FIC MOO Moodley, Ermila Path to My African Eyes
Newly arrived in California where her father will be teaching at a university, 14-year-old Thandi is
embarrassed by her South African background and her black features. The Africa her classmates
know and sometimes put down is not her modern Cape Town world. She resents her mother's
insistence on natural hair and her teacher's assignment of a report on ancestral roots. She is torn
between new "cool" friends and a geeky boy who'd like to be a boyfriend and who shares her
interest in scientific invention. Uncomfortable with parts of black American culture, she doesn't
know where she fits.

YA FIC MUR          Murdock Catherine Gilbert                  Dairy Queen
She has grown up on a dairy farm, but fifteen-year-old D.J. is no ordinary milkmaid. She has
played pick-up games and caught balls for her college-football-hero brothers all her life, and now
with an injury sidelining her father, she is doing almost all the farm work. The dairy is the family's
top priority, but it is taking a toll on D.J. She has little social life, less study time (she is flunking
English), and no expectations of a brighter future. She is uncomplaining and unaware of her

frustrations until Brian, the talented but out-of-condition quarterback for her high school's archrival,
compares her to a cow. "You do all the work . . . It's like you're a cow . . . one day . . . they're
going to . . . take you away to die and you're not even going to mind." Furious with unflinching
honesty, D.J. takes the point and in contentious-but increasingly respectful-dialogue, both teens
embark on a journey of self discovery during which D.J. becomes Brian's football trainer and
realizes that she wants to play herself.

YA FIC MUR         Murdock, Catherine Gilbert               The Off Season
Life is looking up for D.J. Schwenk. She's in eleventh grade, finally. After a rocky summer, she's
reconnecting in a big way with her best friend, Amber. She's got kind of a thing going with Brian
Nelson, who's cute and popular and smart but seems to like her anyway. And then there's the fact
she's starting for the Red Bend High School football team—the first girl linebacker in northern
Wisconsin, probably. Which just shows you can't predict the future. As autumn progresses, D.J.
struggles to understand Amber, Schwenk Farm, her relationship with Brian, and most of all her
family. As a whole herd of trouble comes her way, she discovers she's a lot stronger than she—or
anyone—ever thought.

YA FIC MUR               Murdock, Catherine                   Front and Center
After five months of sheer absolute craziness I was going back to being plain old background D.J.
In photographs of course I’m always in the background . . .
But it turns out other folks have big plans for D.J. Like her coach. College scouts. All the town
hoops fans. A certain Red Bend High School junior who’s keen for romance and karaoke. Not to
mention Brian Nelson, who she should not be thinking about! Who she is done with, thank you
very much. But who keeps showing up anyway . . . Readers first fell in love with straight-talking D.
J. Schwenk in Dairy Queen; they followed her ups and downs both on and off the court in The Off
Season. Now D. J.steps out from behind the free-throw line in this final installment of the Dairy
Queen trilogy.

YA FIC MYE         Myers, Edward           Far from Gringo Land
Rick Dresner is spending the summer with the Romero family, who live in a barrio in the hills of
Santo Domingo, Mexico. He'll help them build a house on their land, and in return, they'll provide
room and board and help Rick improve his Spanish. But the construction project turns out to be a
lot tougher than Rick had imagined. Language and cultural differences lead to awkwardness and
misunderstanding, especially when he falls for a rich American girl from a very different part of
town. In this new twist on the classic fish-out-of-water story, it's a middle-class white boy who's
out of his element and must change and grow to adapt to his surroundings.

YA MYS MYE               Myers, Walter Dean             The Beast
Anthony "Spoon" Witherspoon is returning to Harlem after seven months at an exclusive prep
school. It was with mixed feelings that he left New York City in the first place to finish high school
in the hallowed halls of the mostly white, very preppy New England school - but now that Spoon
is back home, he realizes how much he's come to like his prep-school life and new friends. He's
missed his girlfriend, though, and is shocked to discover upon his return that the bright young
poet she was when he left has become a drug addict.

YA FIC MYE         Myers, Walter Dean            Game
Drew Lawson knows basketball is taking him places. It has to, because his grades certainly
aren't. But lately his plan has run squarely into a pick. Coach's new offense has made another
player a star, and Drew won't let anyone disrespect his game. Just as his team makes the
playoffs, Drew must come up with something big to save his fading college prospects. It's all up to
Drew to find out just how deep his game really is.

YA FIC MYR             Myracle, Lauren           Rhymes With Witches
Where does high school popularity come from? In cutthroat Crestview Academy, it comes from
black magic. Like everyone at Crestview, dorky Janie and Alicia want to be liked by the Bitches,
the three popular girls who rule the school. Janie can scarcely believe it when Mary Bryan,
Keisha and Bitsy invite her into their clique. Every year, apparently, the Bitches choose a
desperate, nerdy girl and make her over into a queen. The cost? Not so high: Janie needs to
steal something inexpensive from another student and leave it on the desk of creepy teacher Lurl
the Pearl. Isn't it a coincidence that the student Janie steals from-best friend Alicia-becomes
immediately unpopular and klutzy? Alas, Janie discovers her wondrous new popularity is rooted
in evil powers. Though Keisha and Mary Bryan cause minimal harm, Bitsy is not so magnanimous.
If only Janie could keep her popularity and be a good person, too.

YA FIC NAS           Nash, Naomi          I Am SO Jinxed
In this sequel to You Are So Cursed! (Dorchester, 2004), Vick Marotti has given up the faux
hexes and settled into a relationship with a hot senior guy. Or has she? Things aren't exactly rosy
on the popular side of the street. Plus there's a new vice principal determined to fix her and a rival
for her affections. And then there's her dad, who can't seem to move past his wife's untimely
death. What's a formerly on-the-fringe, Post-Goth girl to do?

YA FIC NAY         Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds              Alice in the Know
It's the summer before junior year, and Alice is looking forward to three months of excitement,
passion, and drama. But what does she find? A summer working in a local department store,
trying to stop shoplifters, and more "real life" problems than she could have ever imagined: A
good friend becomes seriously ill, Lester has more romance problems than even Alice knows
what to do with, and the gang from Mark Stedmeister's pool is starting to grow up a bit faster than
Alice is comfortable with.... Fortunately for Alice her family and friends are with her through it all,
and by the end of the summer, Alice finds she knows a whole lot more than she had in June.

YA FIC NAY                 Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds                  Dangerously Alice
Alice has always tried to be a decent person. She gets good grades, comes home on time, and
has never really given her dad and her stepmom any reason to worry. But now that junior year of
high school has started, Alice is a little sick of people assuming she's a goody-goody, so she
decides to start shaking things up. First there are the dates with Tony, a cute senior who's a lot
more experienced than Alice. Then the fights with her stepmom about the new cat, the car, and
everything else start. But when Alice sneaks off to a party that her parents don't know about and
a near-tragedy follows, she starts to realize every choice has a consequence, and danger rarely
leads to good ones.

YA FIC NAY          Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds             Outrageously Alice
Now that she is setting into eighth grade, the class she used to envy, Alice discovers it isn't as
exciting as she thought. She's tired of being the same old Alice, and longs to be a bit outrageous.
Instead, she finds herself in situations that are more embarrassing then they are thrilling. She
likes dressing up as a showgirl for Halloween, but hasn't counted on what happens in the broom
closet at school. And she's delighted to be a bridesmaid, but feels awkward at the bridal shower.
Even Patrick begins to seem childish to her. Elizabeth and Pamela, however, her two best friends,
feel that life is changing too much for them. Elizabeth finds that a new a boy at school is attracted
to her, while Pamela faces a serious problem at home. Lester, too, Alice's brother, can't quite
believe he's losing his old girlfriend, Crystal. When Alice dials Miss Summers, however, the
woman her father loves, there is always the hope that this time she will get the mother she has
always wanted.

YA FIC NAY          Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds               Intensely Alice
When the perfect summer is not so perfect...
Wouldn't it be great to go back to the time before Pamela got pregnant, before Patrick left for the
University of Chicago, before anyone was making any big decisions about sex or college or life in
general? Wouldn't it be great to get the whole gang together again, just once? But what it takes
for this to happen will change Alice (and the whole gang) forever.

YA FIC NAY          Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds                Alice In Charge
At last, it's Alice in Charge--of her life, of her future...but, is it too much?

YA FIC NEL             Nelson, R.A.             Teach Me
This is a book that you will not be able to put down. From the very first page, Nine speaks in a
voice that is at once raw, honest, direct, and unbelievably eloquent. "There has been an
earthquake in my life," she says, inviting you inside an experience that fascinates everyone -- an
affair between a teacher and student -- and giving an up close and personal answer to the
question: How does this happen?

YA FIC NEL          Nelson, Blake           Destroy All Cars
James Hoff has a plan to save the world. Forget recycling, taking the bus to work, and buying
green products. The only way to save the world is to destroy the cars. James, a high school junior,
is also convinced that the only way to save humans from extinction is to save them from the
excess he finds too common in his life. When James asks his best friend's mom to turn off her car
engine instead of idling, she says she cannot because she needs "climate control." James also
has traditional teen problems. He broke up with fellow activist, Sadie, and has to deal with seeing
her in school with her new boyfriend. His father has left and returned to his family, leaving James
to deal with confused feelings toward his parents. Everyone at school thinks he is a weird kid,
because he chooses not to drive, wears old clothes, and writes very passionate, if inappropriate,
essays for class. But when James and Sadie find themselves working for the same cause, James
is forced to address his feelings for Sadie, which return in full force after spending an afternoon
with her.

YA FIC NEL                 Nelson,Blake                 Girl
Meet Andrea Marr, straight-A high school student, thrift-store addict, and princess of the
downtown music scene. Andrea is about to experience her first love, first time, and first step
outside the comfort zone of high school, with the help of indie rock band The Color Green.

YA FIC NOE          Noel, Alyson           Cruel Summer
“This was supposed to be my best summer yet, the one I’ve been working toward since
practically forever. Now I’m being banished from everything I know and love, and it just doesn’t
make any sense.”
Having recently discarded her dorky image--and the best friend that went with it--Colby
Cavendish is looking forward to a long hot season of parties, beach BBQ’s, and hopefully, more
hook-ups with Levi Bonham, the hottest guy in school. But her world comes crashing down when
her parents send her away to spend the summer in Greece with her crazy aunt Tally.
Stranded on a boring island with no malls, no cell phone reception, and an aunt who talks to her
plants, Colby worries that her new friends have forgotten all about her. But when she meets
Yannis, a cute Greek local, everything changes. She experiences something deeper and more
intense than a summer fling, and it forces her to see herself, and the life she left behind, in a
whole new way.

YA FIC NOE               Noel, Alyson                    Kiss & Blog
As freshmen at Ocean High last year, Winter and her best friend Sloane thought they could ditch
their nerdy past, launching from invisible to cool. But after another miserable year of standing on
the sidelines they make a pact to do whatever it takes not to go unnoticed in their sophomore
year, promising each other that whoever makes it into the cool group first will bring the other
along. Once Sloane gets a taste of life on the A-list, she slams that door in Winter’s face.
Suddenly cast out of her former best friend’s life, Winter takes revenge the modern way: by
announcing all of Sloane’s dirty little secrets on an anonymous blog. Then the blog becomes
more popular than she ever dreamed and Winter must decide if her retaliation is really worth the
consequences—and if the price for popularity is one she’s willing to pay. Once again, Alyson Noël
navigates the tricky waters of the high school social scene with the heart and humor her readers
have come to love.

YA FIC NOE               Noel, Alyson                      Faking 19
On the surface, 17-year-old Alex has it made; she is beautiful and smart. Plus, she's best friends
with M., the absolute most popular girl in school. Feeling bored with their fancy Orange County
suburban town, Alex and M. decide to check out L.A.'s glitzy nightlife scene. Pretending to be 19,
Alex and M. meet Trevor and Connor, two rich older guys. These weekend trips into the city
become the perfect distraction for Alex, who is secretly struggling with her failing senior year
grades, her absentee father, and her clueless mom. But, after the initial fun wears off for Alex,
she is forced to reevaluate her friendship with M., who is hiding some secrets beneath her perfect
Burberry-clad exterior...

YA FIC OAT Oates, Joyce Carol                      Big Mouth & Ugly Girl
What are the consequences when high school junior Matt Donaghy jokingly threatens to blow up
the school during lunch one day?

YA FIC OSA            Osa, Nancy             Cuba 15
Violet Paz, a Chicago high school student, reluctantly prepares for her upcoming "quince," a
Spanish nickname for the celebration of an Hispanic girl's fifteenth birthday.

YA FIC PAL         Palmer, Robin              Cindy Ella
Prom fever has infected LA—especially Cindy's two annoying stepsisters, and her overly Botoxed
stepmother. Cindy seems to be the only one immune to it all. But her anti-prom letter in the
school newspaper does more to turn Cindy into Queen of the Freaks than close the gap between
the popular kids and the rest of the students. Everyone thinks she's committed social suicide,
except for her two best friends, the yoga goddess India and John Hughes–worshipping Malcolm,
and shockingly, the most popular senior at Castle Heights High and Cindy's crush, Adam Silver.
Suddenly Cindy starts to think that maybe her social life could have a happily ever after. But
there's still the rest of the school to deal with. With a little bit of help from an unexpected source
and a fabulous pair of heels, Cindy realizes that she still has a chance at a happily ever after.

YA FIC PAL        Palmer, Robin          Geek Charming
Dylan Shoenfield is the princess of L.A.’s posh Castle Heights High. She has the coolest
boyfriend, the most popular friends, and a brand-new “it” bag that everyone covets. But when she
accidentally tosses her bag into a fountain, this princess comes face-to-face with her own
personal frog: selfprofessed film geek Josh Rosen. In return for rescuing Dylan’s bag, Josh
convinces Dylan to let him film her for his documentary on high school popularity. Reluctantly,
Dylan lets F-list Josh into her A-list world, and is shocked to realize that sometimes nerds can be
pretty cool. But when Dylan’s so-called prince charming of a boyfriend dumps her flat, her life—
and her social status— comes to a crashing halt. Can Dylan—with Josh’s help—pull the pieces
together to create her own happily-ever-after?

YA FIC PAS               Pascal, Francine                  The Ruling Class
Sick of being bullied and harassed, a new girl at a wealthy suburban Dallas high school plots
revenge on the girls in the ruling clique.

YA FIC PEC                Peck, Richard             Remembering the Good Times
Trav, Kate, and Buck make up a trio during their freshman year in high school, but their special
friendship may not be enough to save Trav as he pressures himself relentlessly to succeed, in his
own eyes as well as in the eyes of his parents and the world.

J & YA FIC PEC            Peck, Richard            The Last Safe Place on Earth
Todd feels safe in his comfortable family, who joyfully celebrate Halloween, go to church, and try
to be decent, responsible people. As a sophomore in high school, he figures he's "a reasonably
normal guy working real hard to be noticed without being different." He gets a crush on Laura,
who baby-sits his little sister - only to discover that Laura is a fundamentalist Christian who
brainwashes and terrifies the child by telling her about evil witches and devils. Hate groups and
book censors in the community are openly trying to ban books that don't fit their views, and Todd
discovers hidden censorship, even among the kids themselves, who don't want to know about
things like AIDS. Where are community values?

YA FIC PEN          Pennebaker, Ruth               Both Sides Now
Fifteen-year-old Liza tries to deal with the normal everyday crises of life in an Austin, Texas, high
school, a process complicated by her mother's fight with breast cancer.

YA FIC PET               Peters, Julie Ann                 By the Time You Read This, I’ll
Be Dead
Daelyn Rice is broken beyond repair, and after a string of botched suicide attempts, she's
determined to get her death right. She starts visiting a website for "completers"- www.through-
the-light .com. While she's on the site, Daelyn blogs about her life, uncovering a history of
bullying that goes back to kindergarten. When she's not on the Web, Daelyn's at her private
school, where she's known as the freak who doesn't talk. Then, a boy named Santana begins to
sit with her after school while she's waiting to for her parents to pick her up. Even though she's
made it clear that she wants to be left alone, Santana won't give up. And it's too late for Daelyn
to be letting people into her life.isn't it?

YA FIC PHI             Phillips, Suzanne                Burn
"In high school there were no second chances," Cameron learns in his very first week. The coach
at sports orientation publicly mistakes the slight, blond-haired freshman for a girl, and he's stuck
with the nickname "Cameron Diaz" and bullied mercilessly by the brutal school jocks. Socially
isolated and still trying to cope with his parents' bitter divorce, Cameron is left with a burning
anger—an anger relieved only temporarily by playing with matches, even when he inadvertently
causes a forest fire after a locker room assault and public humiliation by the jocks. His mother's
new boyfriend, a cop, suspects Cameron is guilty of starting the fire and tries to help him. But
when Cameron lashes out at a boy who had witnessed his humiliation, the tragic consequences
may mean that it's too late for help.

YA MYS PLU              Plum-Ucci, Carol            The Body of Christopher Creed
Torey Adams, a high school junior with a seemingly perfect life, struggles with doubts and
questions surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the class outcast.

YA FIC POL                   Polak, Monique                          121 Express
Lucas Sampson, new to Lorne Crest Academy , is looking to change his reputation as the
"brainiac" to something much different. After he is assigned to ride the 121 Express bus home
from school every day, Lucas finds that the only way to gain this much coveted popularity is to stir
up a little mischief. One of his plans to shed his past and hide his brilliance goes according to
plan until one of his pranks goes too far.

YA MYS POR            Portman, Frank           King Dork
Tom Henderson (a.k.a. King Dork, Chi-mo, Hender-fag, and Sheepie) is a typical American high
school loser until he discovers the book, The Catcher in the Rye, that will change the world as he
knows it. When Tom discovers his deceased father’s copy of the Salinger classic, he finds himself
in the middle of several interlocking conspiracies and at least half a dozen mysteries involving
dead people, naked people, fake people, ESP, blood, a secret code, guitars, monks, witchcraft,
the Bible, girls, the Crusades, a devil head, and rock and roll. And it all looks like it’s just the tip of
a very odd iceberg of clues that may very well unravel the puzzle of his father’s death and–oddly–
reveal the secret to attracting semihot girls. Being in a band could possibly be the secret to the
girl thing–but good luck finding a drummer who can count to four.

YA FIC POT          Potter, Ryan        Exit Strategy
Seventeen-year-old Zach is anticipating senior year and crafting his BEP (Blaine Escape Plan).
Blaine is his hometown in Michigan, a fading blue-collar town dependent on the Detroit auto
industry for jobs. The economy has hit Blaine hard, but one thing that brings the town together is
high school sports. Zach plays football, albeit reluctantly, to keep his father happy, and his best
friend, Tank, is a talented wrestler. When Zach's older brother, Justin, quits football, Zach
assumes it is because the coach is a notorious jerk. But Justin confesses that the coach is
pushing steroids on all the players. Zach realizes this means Tank, who has been gaining a lot of
weight, is also on steroids. To complicate matters, Zach is in love with Tank's sister, Sarah, and
Tank has vowed to kill anyone who dares to go out with his sister.

YA MYS POW              Powers, J.L.            The Confessional
Frustrated by American exploitation of Mexicans, a Mexican citizen turned into a suicide bomber
on the Santa Fe Street bridge on Cinco De Mayo. One year later, Mac Malone wrote a letter to
the paper protesting Cinco De Mayo celebrations out of respect for those who died. When Mac is
fatally stabbed, the chain of events sets off a crisis in Jesuit High School. Classmates and
enemies from across the border and on each other's turf. Everyone's a suspect. Everyone's guilty
of something. Does what you look like or where you come from finally determine where your
loyalties lie? Who's Us? Who's Them? Which side is your side? Is it Truth?

YA FIC PRO            Prom Nights from Hell
In this exciting collection, bestselling authors Meg Cabot (How to Be Popular), Kim Harrison (A
Fistful of Charms), Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), and Lauren Myracle (ttyl)
take bad prom nights to a whole new level—a paranormally bad level. Wardrobe malfunctions
and two left feet don't hold a candle to discovering your date is the Grim Reaper—and he isn't
here to tell you how hot you look. From angels fighting demons to a creepy take on getting what
you wish for, these five stories will entertain better than any DJ in a bad tux. No corsage or limo
rental necessary. Just good, scary fun.

YA FIC PRO          Prose, Francine           Touch
What really happened at the back of the bus?
Did they, or didn't they?
Did she, or didn't she?
Something happened to fourteen-year-old Maisie Willard—something involving her three friends,
all boys. But their stories don't match, and the rumors spin out of control. Then other people get
involved . . . the school, the parents, the lawyers. The incident at the back of the bus becomes the

center of Maisie's life and the talk of the school, and, horribly, it becomes news. With just a few
words and a touch, the kids and their community are changed forever.

YA FIC QUI        Quigley, Sarah             TMI
Friends call Becca the Overshare Queen, but her tendency for TMI never seemed like a problem
to her until she blabs about her sweet band-geek boyfriend's sloppy kisses—and gets dumped!
Realizing it may be better to resist the temptation to overshare face-to-face, Becca decides to
blog anonymously about everything instead. On her blog, Too Much Information, Becca
unleashes her alter ego, Bella. Bella tells it like it is . . . though perhaps with a bit more drama.
After all, no one's going to read it, right???

YA FIC RAL           Rallison, Janette           All’s Fair in Love, War, and High
Samantha has bombed her SATs, and her prospects for college are looking dim. What can she
do to redeem herself in the eyes of college admissions? Head cheerleader isn't exactly awe
inspiring, so she decides that politics is her salvation, and she begins her campaign for student
body president with the help and support of her fellow cheerleaders. Branching out of her clique
to enlist others to help leads to a bet with Logan, her eighth-grade boyfriend, that she cannot go
two weeks without insulting someone. In the process, Samantha makes new friends, loses old
ones, dates a hunk from her past, and learns something about character.

YA FIC RAL         Rallison, Janette How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend
Sixteen-year-old Giovanna Petrizzo finds it hard enough to fit in. Three years since her family
moved to Texas, she’s still the newcomer compared to everyone around her. It doesn’t help
matters when her twin brother, Dante, takes on the mayor’s son by running for class president.
The least she could expect, though, would be for her boyfriend, Jesse, to support their cause. But
Jesse’s apparent defection triggers Giovanna’s rash emotional side, and before she knows it,
she’s turned Jesse from the boy of her dreams to the exboyfriend she dreams of winning back.

YA FIC RAL         Rallison, Janette        Revenge of the Cheerleaders
Chelsea's school year has taken a turn for the worse. After being dumped by her boyfriend and
humiliated at the pep assembly by her younger sister's boyfriend, Rick, she's just concentrating
on avoiding any other major embarrassments. That's when Rick and his band debut their new
album, complete with a whole set of songs bashing cheerleaders. Chelsea's humiliation has
reached a whole new level now that everyone is walking down the halls singing the words to
“Dangerously Blonde.” It's time to make Rick pay. All he wants is to win the High School Idol
audition, so he can be on his way to rock star fame and fortune. But with the help of her best
friends, Aubrie and Samantha, Chelsea is going to steal his victory right out from under him.

YA FIC RAY                 Rayburn, Tricia                The Melting of Maggie Bean
Maggie Bean's having a tough year. Since her dad lost his job he spends more time watching TV
than talking to his family, and her mom's totally stressed about money. So Maggie focuses on
what she does best: keeping up her straight-A average and eating chocolate. Lots and lots of
chocolate. But everything changes when Maggie gets a chance to try out for the synchronized
swim team. Becoming a Water Wing has always been Maggie's dream -- who wouldn't want to
have an instant circle of friends and wear that cute silver bathing suit? As a Water Wing, maybe
she'll start believing she's more than just a socially awkward bookworm. Maybe people will see
past the extra weight she's recently gained to the funny, cool girl hiding underneath. And maybe,
just maybe, Peter Applewood will finally notice her. It all depends on Maggie Bean, who thinks
she knows who she is, but is about to find out for sure.

YA FIC ROS             Rosten, Carrie           Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)
This is the deal with Chloe Leiberman (sometimes Wong):
She lives, breathes, sleeps, eats, and drinks fashion.
She's half Jewish (father) and half Chinese (mother).
She lives in L.A.
She is a senior in high school.
She's talented, but doesn't know it yet.
She dreams about going to design school in London.
This is her application.

YA FIC RUB              Ruby, Laura              Bad Apple
"If I really wanted to open up, I'd confess that I really am the liar everyone believes I am."
High-school junior Tola Riley has green hair, a nose ring, an attitude problem, and a fondness for
fairy tales, which are a great escape from real life. Everyone thinks she's crazy; everyone says so.
Everyone except Mr. Mymer, her art teacher. He gets her paintings and lets her hang out in the
art room during lonely lunch periods. But then rumors start flying and Tola is suddenly the center
of a scandal. The whole town is judging her even her family. When Mr. Mymer is suspended for
what everyone thinks is an affair, she has no choice but to break her silence. Fairy tales won't
help her this time . . . so how can she tell the truth? And, more importantly, will anyone believe

YA FIC RUN Runyon, Brent Maybe
Runyon's sensitively wrought novel explores a high-school student coming to terms with his older
brother's death. Through Brian's first-person narrative, the author demonstrates how Brian's life
has been rocked by the tragedy, beginning with his move to a new house and school, where no
one knows that his family has suffered a loss.

YA FIC RYA               Ryan, Amy Kathleen                    Vibes
Gusty Peterson, the hottest bimboy in school, is always thinking I'm sick, as in totally gross to
look at. Not that it matters, since I don't have a crush on him or anything. And Mallory, my first
real friend since forever, has disturbing romantic ideas about me and my ginormous gazungas.
Ask me if I'd rather not know these things. I have enough to worry about with my dad showing up
after two years of saving Africa from typhoid, ready to resuscitate our relationship. There's
something he's not telling me. I know it. And now I've been assigned to work with Gusty in a
hideous new project the faculty are torturing us with at school. It's so wonderful to explore
yourself with someone who's always thinking you're sick. I'd probably be a lot better off if I
weren't psychic after all . . .

YA FIC RYA Ryan, P.E. Saints of Augustine
Sam Findley and Charlie Perrin. Best friends. At least they used to be. But a year ago Sam cut
Charlie out of his life—no explanation, no discussion, nothing. Fast-forward one year, and both
Sam's and Charlie's lives are spiraling out of control. Sam has a secret he's finding harder and
harder to hide, and Charlie is dealing with an increasingly absent dad and a dealer whose threats
are anything but empty. As told in alternating chapters from Sam and Charlie during the sticky
Florida summer before their senior year, the ex-best friends are thrown together once again when
they have no one else to turn to.

YA FIC RYA                Ryan, Darlene                        Responsible
Kevin is a kid whose dad works as a carpenter and takes jobs wherever he can find them. As a
result Kevin frequently moves from school to school. Together, Kevin and his father learn that
doing the right thing is not always easy and it does not always come with benefits, but it is
something you need to do anyway.

YA FIC SAL         Sales, Leila       Mostly Good Girls
The higher you aim, the farther you fall….It’s Violet’s junior year at the Westfield School. She
thought she’d be focusing on getting straight As, editing the lit mag, and figuring out how to talk to
boys without choking on her own saliva. Instead, she’s just trying to hold it together in the face of
cutthroat academics, her crush’s new girlfriend, and the sense that things are going irreversibly
wrong with her best friend, Katie. When Katie starts making choices that Violet can’t even begin
to fathom, Violet has no idea how to set things right between them. Westfield girls are trained for
success—but how can Violet keep her junior year from being one huge, epic failure?

YA FIC SAL Salter, Sydney                 My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters
It’s the end of junior year, and summer is about to begin. The Summer of Passion, to be exact,
when Jory Michaels plans to explore all the possibilities of the future--and, with any luck, score a
boyfriend in the process. But Jory has a problem. A big problem. A curvy, honking, bumpy,
problem in the form of her Super Schnozz, the one thing standing between Jory and happiness.
And now, with the Summer of Passion stretched before her like an open road, she's determined
for Super Schnozz to disappear. Jory takes a job delivering wedding cakes to save up for a nose
job at the end of the summer; she even keeps a book filled with magazine cutouts of perfect
noses to show the doctor. But nothing is ever easy for accident-prone Jory--and before she
knows it, her Summer of Passion falls apart faster than the delivery van she crashes.

YA FIC SAN Sanchez, Alex                    Rainbow Boys
Three high school seniors, a jock with a girlfriend and an alcoholic father, a closeted gay, and a
flamboyant gay rights advocate, struggle with family issues, gay bashers, first sex, and conflicting
feelings about each other.

YA FIC SAN          Sanchez, Alex              Rainbow High
Follows three gay high school seniors as they struggle with issues of coming out, safe sex,
homophobia, being in love, and college choices.

YA FIC SAN              Sandell, Lisa Ann                   The Weight of the Sky
Sarah, like every college-bound junior, deals with constant pressure from teachers, friends, and
parents. Besides that, she’s a marching band geek and the only Jew in her class. So when she
gets a chance to spend the summer on a kibbutz in Israel, Sarah jumps at the opportunity to
escape her world. But living in Israel brings new complications, and when the idyllic world Sarah
creates suddenly shatters, she finds herself longing for the home she thought she’d outgrown .

YA FIC SAR                Sarkar, Dona                      Shrink to Fit
Losing weight is the solution to all basketball-star Leah Mandeville's problems, or so she thinks.
Getting superthin will: a) help her jump shot, b) make her look like America's Next Top Model,
and c) get the attention of the high school hottie who ignores any girl with a little junk in the trunk.
And it's working, isn't it? Her boo is now crushing on her. Everyone says how good she looks. But
the problem is that Leah doesn't feel good. And her life is taking a huge turn for the worse,
despite her new "perfect body."

YA FIC SCH         Schorr, Melissa          Goy Crazy
What is wrong with a little crush? A lot. In fact, sophomore Rachel Lowenstein knows that falling
in love with the wrong guy is not all that it is cracked up to be. Enter Luke Christiansen. Luke is a
star basketball player and is popular. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Rachel is Jewish and
Luke celebrates Christmas. Not only do Rachel's parents steer her in the other direction, but her
grandmother also gets involved. Rachel gets good grades and does not have a lot of social
friends. When her best friend Jen tries to nudge her way into the in-crowd, Rachel learns a little
about herself. She decides to get tangled in a trap of deception with her Jewish neighbor,
Matthew Wallen. She is not actually dating him or—is she? Rachel's Jewish faith controls her fate.

Does she pull through or fall in love? Whatever she does, she experiences what most fifteen-
year-olds do in high school: social pressures, scandals, and more.

YA FIC SCH               Schraff, Anne                 Secrets in the Shadows
Roylin Bailey is living a nightmare--and it's all his fault. It started when the new student, Korie
Archer, arrived in his history class. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and unlike
most people at Bluford High, she seemed to like him. But when Roylin tried to impress her, he
made a terrible mistake. Now one of his friends is gone, and someone is out to destroy him.
Caught in a tightening web of lies and threats, Roylin is desperate for a way out.

YA FIC SCH Schraff, Anne                  Someone to Love Me
At first, Bobby Wallace was everything Cindy Gibson hoped for. He was friendly, seemingly
mature, and hansome--the perfect escape from her problems in school and even bigger troubles
at home. But then, bobby starts behaving strangely, and Cindy gets scared. Hiding her concerns
from her friends and her distracted mother, Cindy soon finds herself in the worst trouble of her

YA FIC SCH               Schraff, Anne                 Lost & Found
Darcy Wills is in big trouble. And she does not know where to turn for help. First there was the
mysterious stranger who started following her. Then there was the threatening note left on her
desk at Bluford High School. And now her sister has disappeared. Forced into a desperate race
against time, Darcy must take action to save her sister--and her fragile family--before it is too late.

YA FIC SCH                Schraff, Anne                   A Matter of Trust
In grade school, Darcy Wills and Brisana Meeks were friends. But all that changed at Bluford
High when Darcy started hanging with "the zeros"--a group of students Brisana despises. Now
the former friends are bitter rivals, and the tension between them is getting worse. For a while,
Darcy tries to stay calm, ignoring her old friend's daily taunts. But when she learns that Brisana is
after her boyfriend, Hakeem Randall, Darcy knows she must do something. But what?

YA FIC SCH         Schraff, Anne          Outrunning the Darkness
Jaris Spain has a hard time believing in himself. Between his pessimistic father, his falsely
optimistic mother, his failure at sports, difficulty in the classroom, and inability to be noticed by the
one girl that matters to him, Jaris struggles to find his own place in the world.

YA FIC SCH          Schraff, Anne         A Boy Called Twister
Kevin Walker—a shy, studious, athletic junior—is new to Tubman High, having moved to
California midyear to live with his maternal grandparents. Allowing peers to believe his mother
sent him from Texas to attend a better school, Kevin hides the truth that his mother recently died
from cancer and his father died years ago in a prison riot—a convicted murderer. Saddled with
his father's volatile temper, a deep dislike for bullies, and family secrets, Kevin plans to remain
aloof through his final years of high school; however, friendly Alonee Lennox soon pulls him into a
group of caring peers, and Kevin forms friendships. When Kevin, as fleet-of-foot as a Texas
twister, excels on the track, he is surprised to be rewarded with lovely Carissa's adoration.

YA FIC SCH         Schraff, Anne          Like a Broken Doll
Accusations fly as a string of thefts hit Tubman High School.

YA FIC SCH         Schraff, Anne Wildflower
Whenever the temptation to take a risk arose, Chelsea Spain went for it, so is it too late to learn
that some risks are just not worth taking?

YA FIC SCH Schraff, Anne                 The Fairest
When the school has a Princess of the Fair contest for a student embodying the qualities of
Harriet Tubman, Jasmine Benson will stop at nothing to win.

YA FIC SCH         Schraff, Anne         Shadows of Guilt
When his sister's friend is accidentally shot in a drive-by, Jaris learns that the bullet was aimed for
DeWayne, his rival for Sereeta's affections, but he resists telling her until it is too late and she is
placed in danger.

YA FIC SCO                  Scott, Kieran                 I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader
New Jersey transplant and sassy brunette Annisa Gobrowski has a problem-literally everyone at
her Florida high school is blonde. No lack of golden highlights is going to stop Annisa from
making the cheerleading squad. But after accidentally breaking the most popular girl in school's
nose, and discovering the cheerleaders all hate her, she starts having second thoughts. Is it too
much to ask to land a spot on the team, win the heart of her dreamy crush and make tons of new
friends? Annisa is on the verge of giving up, but the cheerleader in her just won't let her quit. She
may be a little different, but Sand Dune High had better watch out-this non-blonde is here to stay
in this hilariously funny new novel.

YA FIC SCO         Scott, Kieran         A Non-Blonde Chearleader in Love
The Sand Dune High cheerleading squad has gone coed, and not everyone is happy about it.
Annisa’s psyched when her boyfriend signs up, and stunting with the guys is pretty cool. But then
the battle of the sexes heats up, and Annisa is caught in the middle. Can one non-blonde figure
out a way to keep the girls from killing the guys, or will the battle turn into an all-out cheer war?

YA FIC SCO         Scott, Kiernan          Brunettes Strike Back
New Jersey transplant and spunky brunette Annisa and her sand Dune High cheerleading squad
are headed to nationals! Just when she thinks her blonde teammates have accepted her, some of
the girls have suddenly made it their mission to convert Annisa to the blonde side. Annisa thinks
her luck is finally changing when her old squad makes a surprise appearance at nationals, but
soon it turns into a Jersey versus Florida turf battle. torn between two worlds, and two hair colors,
can one non-blonde cheerleader make it through the sea of highlights and rock nationals her own

YA FIC SCO         Scott, Kieran         Geek Magnet
Everyone loves KJ Miller, especially the geeks. She's pretty, smart, and super nice to everyone,
which has made her the geek pied piper of Washington High. If only Cameron, the star of the
basketball team, would follow her around and worship her the way her dorky entourage does.
As the stage manager of the spring musical, Grease, KJ has to deal with a few geeks, but she
also gets to hang out with Tama, queen of the popular crowd and star of the play. Tama has the
solution to all of KJ's problems: get cruel. After all, the nice girl never gets the guy. Can KJ
actually pull off a transformation into a mean girl?

YA FIC SCO         Scott, Kieran         She’s So Dead to Us
Perfect, picturesque Orchard Hill. It was the last thing Ally Ryan saw in the rear-view mirror as her
mother drove them out of town and away from the shame of the scandal her father caused when
his hedge fund went south and practically bankrupted all their friends -- friends that liked having
trust funds and new cars, and that didn't like constant reminders that they had been swindled. So
it was adios, Orchard Hill. Thanks for nothing. Now, two years later, Ally's mother has landed a
job back at the site of their downfall. So instead of Ally's new low-key, happy life, it'll be back into
the snake pit with the likes of Shannen Moore and Hammond Ross. But then there's Jake
Graydon. Handsome, wealthy, bored Jake Graydon. He moved to town after Ally left and knows
nothing of her scandal, but does know that he likes her. And she likes him. So off into the sunset

they can go, right? Too bad Jake's friends have a problem with his new crush since it would make
Ally happy. And if anyone deserves to be unhappy, it's Ally Ryan. Ally was hoping to have left all
the drama in the past, but some things just can't be forgotten. Isn't there more to life than money?

YA FIC SER         Serafin, Shan         Seventeen
Sophia, who hates her life and thinks about suicide, is in New York City for the summer, taking
uninteresting college classes and bemoaning the lack of a boyfriend. Her world revolves around
the trials and tribulations of her statuesque roommate, Claudia, who is a model; high school
buddies Shauna and her nerdy brother, JP; and dorm mates Nicole, Kim, and Libby.

YA FIC SEW               Sewell, Earl             Decision Time
After a chaotic few months, Keysha's life is looking up--and so is her love life. She's scored the
lead in the school play, and her tried-and-true boyfriend, Wesley, has moved back home. Perfect,
right? Except that a backstabbing rival is scheming to get her role, and rehearsals leave zero time
for Wesley in Keysha's already overbooked schedule. But while Keysha is busy with the play,
Lori--the girl Wesley risked his life to save from a jealous ex--is busy trying to show Wesley just
how grateful she can be. And with junior prom on the horizon and Keysha's hot leading man
making his interest known, the one relationship that Keysha thought she could count on is looking
shakier by the day....

YA FIC SEW          Sewell, Earl       Lesson Learned
Fresh out of jail, Keysha's mom, Justine, wants to reconnect--despite abandoning Keysha to a
father she hardly knew. Keysha is sure Justine's troubled past is going to play havoc with her life.
For once, Keysha's hunches are right on target.

YA FIC SEW         Sewell, Earl       Keysha’s Drama
Sixteen-year-old Keysha Kendall is a judge's signature away from foster care when she's sent to
live with the father she never knew. Suddenly she has her own room in his big fancy house, a
high-powered stepmother and a popular half brother who can introduce her to all the right people
at her new school.But Keysha can't forget where she came from. And she won't let anyone else,
either. Why should her father and his perfect family have it so easy when she and her mother had
it so hard? And so Keysha hooks up with a rough crowd and doeswhatevershe wants...until what
she wants changes real fast....

YA FIC SHA               Shaw, Susan                       One of the Survivors
Anger. Sadness. Rage. Grief. Guilt. Joey Campbell experiences them all, even though he knows
what he should really feel is lucky. Lucky to have survived the fire that burned Village Park High
School to the ground. Lucky that his best friend, Maureen, also survived, when no one else in his
freshman history class managed to make it out alive. Writing in a journal provides some solace,
but Joey knows that redemption lies with the living. If only the living students and parents didn't
blame him for the fire...

J & YA FIC SHU              Shusterman, Neal           Shadow Club
A high school boy and his friends decide to form a club of "second bests" and play anonymous
tricks on each other's arch rivals. When the harmless pranks become life-threatening, however,
no one in the club will admit responsibility.

YA FIC SIM               Simone, Ni-Ni                     If I Was Your Girl
With a bootylicious body like Beyonce and a face that would put any top model to shame, Toi
McKnight has all the cuties coming her way. Who could blame them? She was always rocking the
latest fashion trends and hanging at every bangin' party in the city. But all that came at a price,
and now Toi McKnight is the seventeen-year-old mother of a baby boy. Between bills to pay and
adult responsibilities to meet, she's got zero time for sizzling gossip, chilling with her friends or

doing the things she used to. So when unexpected sparks start flying between her and six-foot-
two, deliciously fine Harlem, Toi knows she's got to dead any chance of a relationship fast since
he doesn't date teenage mothers-and she's vowed to never love again. But every time Toi tries to
cut Harlem loose, she falls harder for him. And all the other drama in her life doesn't help the
situation any, especially when her son's father comes back around. Toi tries to do the right thing,
but doing the right thing just may put her on heartbreak express for good.

YA FIC SIM                Simone, Ni-Ni                     A Girl Like Me
She's got a voice like Keisha Cole, attitude to burn--and is the body-rockin', Bebe-sporting girl
everyone in her high school wants to be. . .or be with. But in real life, sixteen-year-old Elite has a
crack-addicted mother, no father in sight, and is secretly raising her sister and two brothers on
her own. Now a radio contest has put her up-close-and-personal with mega-hot singer Haneef
and their chemistry is too sizzling for Elite to stop pretending. And as the clock ticks down fast for
this 'hood Cinderella, she has only one shot to save her family and make all of her dreams come

YA FIC SIM        Simone, Ni-ni          Teenage Love Affair
Check it: I'm Zsa-Zsa. Some call me arrogant, but I call it confidence. You decide when you find
out what I'm working with.
First things first-I'm seventeen, but I'm grown and have been for a long time. I have my own ride,
my mama doesn't clock my time, and my boyfriend, Ameen, is getting money like you wouldn't
believe. There's only one problem: when Ameen gets mad, sometimes he takes his anger out on
me. And yeah, maybe I could leave him, but there's no way Ameen could imagine being without
me. So now I'm all confused, especially since my first love, Malachi, is back in my life. Ameen is
not giving up without a fight, and no matter how hard I try, the love I have for Malachi won't go
away. And did I mention that Malachi has a girl? Needless to say, my days are filled with drama.
So this is my story and you need to come and chill with me as I try and see what boy is for me,
what love is all about, and if my first teenage love affair will forever rule or ruin my life.

YA FIC SIM                Simone, Ni-Ni                     Shortie Like Mine
Sixteen-year-old Seven McKnight is fierce, fly, and fabulous. With a cute face and a tight waist,
she can rock Apple Bottom jeans and stilettos like nobody's business, but she's got her share of
issues. It's not easy being the thickest one in her clique or hiding that her rebellious twin sister Toi
is playing wifey to the neighborhood thug. And Seven is definitely not happy that she's feelin' the
school's hottest baller, Josiah, especially since he's dating her high maintenance girlfriend,
Deeyah. But when Deeyah decides to play Josiah and his worst enemy against each other, she'll
have everyone facing off in the worst way. The question is can Seven try and set things right or
does she end up trying to save herself from major heartbreak?

YA FIC SIT               Sitomer, Alan Laurence                   Hip-hop High School
How can Theresa Anderon compete against her super achieving older brother, the family favorite?
She has not even been trying, although she has talent and ambition. Her parents and teachers
are always after her. Her best friend gets pregnant and drops out of school. Then, Theresa turns
to hip-hop for comfort. Her favorite singers seem to understand her. Everything changes when
Devon, a tough guy with an ambition for academic success, comes into her life. They set out on a
quest to beat the SAT and get into top colleges. Devon gets into a street fight, leaving Theresa
with unfinished college applications for both of them and time is running out.

YA FIC SLO         Sloan, Brian        A Really Nice Prom Mess
High school senior Cameron Hayes gets coerced into going to the prom with a girl, even though
he'd rather be with his boyfriend. The evening goes from bad to worse when his fake date gets
sloshed, his boyfriend slugs him when he sees Cam kissing his fake date, and Cam flees the
prom in disguise with a drug dealer. Then things really spin out of control. Over the course of one

harrowing and hysterical night, Cameron's life comes undone, leading to accidental revelations,
criminal adventures, and an unlikely romance.

YA FIC SNA Snadowsky, Daria                   Anatomy of a Boyfriend
High school senior Dominique Baylor's life revolves around Science Quiz, college
"crapplications," and getting ready to go pre-med in college. That is, until she runs headlong into
dreamy Wes Gershwin, a track star at a neighboring school. E-mails and late-night online chats
soon turn into a full-fledged senior year romance. Dom is totally inexperienced about sex—most
of what she has learned comes from her sex-crazed best friend. Turns out that Wes is just as
clueless, but the two of them are more than willing to learn by trial and error. When the lovebirds
head off to different colleges in the fall, though, will their relationship survive?

YA FIC SON          Sonnenblick, Jordan Notes From the Midnight Driver
Having seriously messed himself up by getting drunk and decapitating a garden gnome with his
mom's car, sixteen-year-old Alex is assigned to a nursing home for his community service
sentence: one hundred hours with Sol Lewis, the crankiest, most unapproachable member of the
old folks' community. Alex relates the events of his epic junior year with first-person fervor.
Getting past the accident, there's his parents' divorce (which precipitated his ill-fated night ride);
his mixed emotions about his best friend, kung fu master Laurie; his attempts to keep up with his
high school jazz band. Then there's Sol. Mr. "Gotcha!" gets under Alex's skin—then into his heart.

YA FIC STA               Standiford, Natalie               How To Say Goodbye In Robot
Because of her father's academic career, Beatrice Szabo's family has moved multiple times, most
recently from Ithaca, NY, to Baltimore. In order to protect herself from the emotional fallout
caused by the constant moves and her parents' troubled relationship, she has invented a cold,
emotionless persona for herself called Robot Girl. When she begins her senior year at a small
private school, she enters a class where the students have known one another since kindergarten.
She finds herself drawn to outcast Jonas Tate, aka Ghost Boy, who introduces her to the Night
Light show, a local late-night radio show. They form an intense friendship, complicated by Jonas's
obsession with his mentally disabled twin brother, whom his father had told him died in an
automobile accident years before. When Jonas discovers that Matthew is actually alive and in a
local institution, events gradually spiral out of control as Jonas plots to liberate him. Beatrice
begins to realize that her deep love and friendship for Jonas cannot help him overcome all of his
emotional difficulties.

YA FIC STE        Stevenson, Robin           Inferno
Dante is a city girl at heart. She hates living in the "burbs" with their cookie cutter houses and
precisely manicured lawns. And do not even get her started on her high school, which feels like
the set of a Hollywood movie with everyone playing his or her role in the appropriate stereotypical
clique. Last year her soul mate Beth made it tolerable but Beth has moved away and Dante must
face her junior year alone. With one look at her class schedule she realizes that will be no easy
task. Mr. Lawson, the English teacher who gave her so much grief last year, is teaching her
eleventh grade English class, and worse yet, he is also her homeroom teacher. No doubt about it,
junior year is going to be hell on earth. Then Dante meets Parker, a strange girl who hands her a
flyer saying, "Woof, woof. You are not a dog. Why are you going to obedience school?" Like
Dante, Parker does not fit into the typical suburban high school scene (in fact Parker is a high
school dropout) and the two soon become fast friends. Along the way Dante is introduced to a
whole new world, must make some tough decisions, and learns to accept herself for who she is,
not what others want her to be.

YA FIC ST        St. James, James           Freak Show
Billy Bloom is gay, but it’s mostly theoretical, as he hasn’t had much experience. When he has to
move to Florida, he can’t believe his bad luck. His new school is a mix of Bible Belles,
Aberzombies, and Football Heroes, none of which are exactly his type. Billy’s efforts to fit in and
stand out at the same time are both hilarious and heartrending.

YA FIC STO          Stone, Mary Hanlon                  Invisible Girl
When poor Boston girl Stephanie is abandoned by her abusive mother and taken in by Annie's
Beverly Hills family, she feels anything but home. Her dark complexion and accent stick out like a
sore thumb in the golden-hued world of blondes and extravagance. These are girls who seem to
live life in fastforward, while Stephanie is stuck on pause. Yet when a new rival moves to town,
threatening Annie's queen-bee status, Stephanie finds herself taking sides in a battle she never
even knew existed, and that feeling invisible is a wound that can only be healed by standing up
for who she is.

YA FIC STO            Stone, Tanya Lee            A Bad Boy Can Be Good For a Girl
Josie, Nicolette, and Aviva all get mixed up with a senior boy--a cool, slick, sexy boy who can talk
them into doing almost anything he wants. In a blur of high school hormones and personal doubt,
each girl struggles with how much to give up and what ultimately to keep for herself. How do girls
handle themselves? How much can a boy get away with? And in the end, who comes out on top?
A bad boy may always be a bad boy. But this bad boy is about to meet three girls who won't back

YA FIC STR               Strasnick, Lauren                  Nothing Like You
High school senior Holly Hirsh knows little about Paul Bennett beyond the fact that he is good-
looking, popular, and has a "cool and put together" girlfriend. Seeking to fill the emotional void left
by her mother's death, Holly loses her virginity to him and continues to see him. He demands that
she keep their relationship secret, which exacerbates the complicated feelings she has toward
her longtime best friend, Nils. When a school project provides a means for Holly to get to know
Paul's girlfriend, her sense of betrayal becomes even deeper.

YA FIC STR           Strasser, Todd             Mob Princess: For Money & Love
Kate Blessing is not your typical high school junior. She's a good student who's into guys and the
latest designer jeans...and she's also part of the mob. Her father, Bobby Blessing, is the head of
the family, and her mom, Amanda, is the brains behind the operation. Kate may not partake in the
"family business," but she knows what goes down. She's proud of her family -- and of course,
there are plenty of perks: her indoor pool, Caribbean vacations, expensive haircuts... But when
Amanda gets fed up with Bobby's cheating and moves out, someone needs to make decisions,
give orders, and keep things running. Kate has no choice but to step into her mother's shoes and
prop her dad up. Bobby may be the face of the mob, but it's not long before the princess is
running the show.

YA FIC STR         Strasser, Todd         How I Changed My Life
Bolita (Bo for short) and Kyle are not exactly in the same clique: She's the shy girl working
backstage at the school play, and he's front and center as Time Zone High's star quarterback. But
then Kyle blows out his knee, quits football, and joins the school play, and Bo decides it's time for
a change. After a D.I.Y. makeover, Bo realizes she and Kyle aren't in such different cliques
anymore. Now that she has his attention...can Bo turn Kyle into more than a friend?

YA FIC STR         Strong, Jeremy           Stuff: the Life of a Cool, Demented Dude
Simon, a British thirteen-year-old, has problems-typical teenager problems. His parents
separated, and his mother has moved to Scotland to live with her new boyfriend. Simon also has
issues with his devoted girlfriend Delfine and her overprotective brother. Furthermore Simon's
father has a new girlfriend who has just moved in, and she has brought her lovely daughter,

Natasha. Natasha adds to Simon's hectic life as she seems to take pleasure in making him even
more miserable. Nicknamed Stuff because he is full of random information, Simon does have
some bright spots in his life-his good pal Pete and the successful comic strip that he
anonymously writes for the school magazine. Simon's life improves when beautiful new student
Sky arrives. He struggles to manage his new family life, his school life, a school bully, and his
comic strip, all while trying to figure out how to win over Sky, the girl of his dreams.

YA FIC SUM         Summers, Courtney Cracked Up to Be
Perfect Parker Fadley isn’t so perfect anymore. She’s quit the cheerleading squad, she’s
dumped her perfect boyfriend, and she’s failing school. Her parents are on a constant suicide
watch and her counselors think she’s playing games…but what they don’t know, the real reason
for this whole mess, isn’t something she can say out loud. It isn’t even something she can say to
herself. A horrible thing has happened and it just might be her fault. If she can just remove
herself from everybody--be totally alone--then everything will be okay...The problem is, nobody
will let her.

YA FIC SUM         Summers, Courtney               Some Girls Are
Climbing to the top of the social ladder is hard—falling from it is even harder. Regina Afton used
to be a member of the Fearsome Fivesome, an all-girl clique both feared and revered by the
students at Hallowell High... until vicious rumors about her and her best friend's boyfriend start
going around. Now Regina's been "frozen out" and her ex-best friends are out for revenge. If
Regina was guilty, it would be one thing, but the rumors are far from the terrifying truth and the
bullying is getting more intense by the day. She takes solace in the company of Michael Hayden,
a misfit with a tragic past who she herself used to bully. Friendship doesn't come easily for these
onetime enemies, and as Regina works hard to make amends for her past, she realizes Michael
could be more than just a friend... if threats from the Fearsome Foursome don't break them both

YA FIC SUP          Supplee, Suzanne                Artichoke’s Heart
Rosemary Goode is smart and funny and loyal and the best eyebrow waxer in Spring Hill,
Tennessee. But only one thing seems to matter to anyone, including Rosemary: her weight. And
when your mom runs the most successful (and gossipy) beauty shop in town, it can be hard to
keep a low profile. Rosemary resolves to lose the weight, but her journey turns out to be about
everything but the scale. Her life-changing, waist-shrinking year is captured with brutal honesty
and humor, topped with an extra large helping of Southern charm. A truly uncommon novel about
an increasingly common problem.

YA FIC SUT            Sutherland, Tui          This Must Be Love
Bringing Shakespeare to a modern suburban New Jersey high school, Sutherland tells her story
through e-mails, notes passed between classes, diaries, poems, and short plays. The players:
Helena and Hermia, best of friends; Dimitri and Alex, love interests of the two girls; and a cast of
extras including the football team, overbearing fathers, and teachers. The plot follows A
Midsummer Night's Dream, with the two girls becoming involved in a play within a play, happy
accidents forcing love interests, and betrayals all around. Very Shakespearean in plot design, the
book is all modern in dialogue and setting. The plot: Helena and Hermia are both in love with
boys who do not seem to catch on. The girls are involved in a high-school production of Romeo
and Juliet, which Hermia longs to star in. The drama teacher decides to make the production an
all-male cast, crushing Hermia's chances. Meanwhile, her friend (and love interest) Alex has
bought tickets for an interactive theater piece in New York City, one of her dreams come true. Her
father forbids her to go, so she sneaks out. Dimitri, Helena's love interest, has become infatuated
with Hermia, and to win his attentions, Helena tells him where her friend has gone. Many twists
and turns (and a few surprises) lead the girls into their true love's arms, and all's well that ends

YA FIC TAH      Tahmaseb, Charity & Darcy Vance                                The Geek Girl’s
Guide to Cheerleading
When self-proclaimed geek girl Bethany Reynolds becomes the newest member of the varsity
cheerleading squad, she realizes that there's one thing worse than blending into the lockers:
getting noticed. Who knew cheerleading was so hard? Well, at least there's a manual, The Prairie
Stone High Varsity Cheerleading Guide. Too bad it doesn't cover any of the really tough
questions. Like, how do you maintain some semblance of dignity while wearing an insanely short
skirt? What do you do when the head cheerleader spills her beer on you at your first in-crowd
party? And how do you protect your best friend from the biggest player in the senior class?
Bethany is going to need all her geek brainpower just to survive the season!

YA COMICS TAM             Tamaki, Moriko & Jillian             Skim
The time is the early 1990s, the setting a girls' academy in Toronto. Enter "Skim," aka Kimberly
Keiko Cameron, a not-slim, would-be Wiccan goth. When her classmate Katie Matthews is
dumped by her boyfriend, who then kills himself, the entire school goes into mourning overdrive.
It's a weird time to fall in love, but Skim does just that after secret meetings with her neo-hippie
English teacher, Ms. Archer. When Ms. Archer abruptly leaves the school, Skim has to cope with
her confusion and isolation, as her best friend, Lisa, tries to pull her into "real" life by setting up a
hilarious double date for the school's semi-formal. Skim finds an unexpected ally in Katie. Suicide,
depression, love, being gay or not, crushes, cliques of popular, manipulative peers — the whole
gamut of tortured teen life is explored in this masterful graphic novel by cousins Mariko and Jillian

YA FIC TAY          Taylor, William                Pebble in a Pool
Raunchy, ribald, and eventually rollicking, Taylor's novel follows Everton High School senior Paul
Carter from the day he stands as an ally for Spike Messenger, the student murdered for being
flamboyantly gay. Quickly ostracized at school, this eldest son of an abusive, Christian
fundamentalist minister is beaten and disowned by nightfall. Seeking shelter at the gas station
where he has been working since age fifteen to pay his way at home, Paul encounters Steve
Peterson, the technologically challenged furniture artist who rents a workshop behind the Singh's
station. Thirteen years his elder, Steve nurtures Paul into adulthood, encouraging a wider world-
view, tolerance, and vices en route.

YA FIC TRE         Trembath, Don               Rooster
Since the death of his father seven years ago, 17-year-old Rooster has developed an anti-
authority attitude. The only subject he enjoys is writing. He is given one last chance to earn a
diploma when his principal appoints him to mentor the "Strikers," a bowling team made up of four
special-needs adults. Their caregiver would like them to qualify for the Special Olympics, but they
lack the discipline to succeed. Not only is Rooster hesitant to lead the group, but he is also paired
up with the principal's bossy, straight-A daughter, Elma, who challenges everything he does. Can
he follow through with the Strikers? Will he graduate or will he screw everything up again?

YA FIC TRI        Triana, Gaby         Riding the Universe
Chloé Rodriguez values three things above all else—her family; her best friend, Rock; and Lolita,
her Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster. With a black body, blue airbrushed flames, and perfect
sloping ape hangers, Lolita is Chloé's last connection to her beloved uncle, Seth, who left her the
bike when he died last summer. So when a failing chemistry grade threatens to separate Chloé
from her motorcycle, she vows not to let that happen . . . no matter what.
Enter Gordon. Ridiculously organized, übersmart, and hot in a casual, doesn't-know-it kind of way,
Chloé's peer tutor may have a thing or two to teach her besides chemistry. But she has to stop
falling for Gordon . . . and get Rock to act mature whenever he's around . . . and pass chemistry
so she doesn't lose Lolita forever. Just when Chloé thinks she's got it all figured out, a bump in
the road comes out of nowhere and sends her skidding.

YA FIC TRU         Trueman, Terry          7 Days at the Hot Corner
This page-turner opens with Scott, a senior in high school, nervously sitting in the waiting room of
the Spokane Public Health building to take an AIDS test. His best friend Travis has outed himself
in an anonymous interview published in the school newspaper, and his parents asked him to
leave home because they are worried he will negatively influence his younger brother. Scott's dad
is allowing Travis to live with them, much to Scott's discomfort. During impromptu practice at the
batting cage, Travis gets hit and develops a massive nosebleed. Scott now fears the worst result
of an unexpected homosexual encounter and gets tested. The novel follows Scott during the
seven days he must wait for the results. He is the third baseman on the undefeated high school
baseball team, and Trueman highlights the plot with baseball action, sports allusions, and
flashbacks. This is the powerful, well-written story of a young man who plays the "hot corner," a
reference to both his baseball position and the tense place he finds himself in life.

YA FIC TWE                        Twenty One Proms
Ranging from sad to funny to truly disastrous, these memorable stories mark that oh-so-important
right of passage for many teenagers. Starting with dress-hating, heel-hating, bra-hating Emilie in
Elizabeth Craft's "You Are a Prom Queen, Dance Dance Dance"; moving on to Daniel Ehrenhaft's
"Better Be Good to Me," in which aging Zack remembers his prom and being in love with his best
friend's girlfriend; and ending with rebel chicks Maggie and Carly, who throw the ultimate anti-
prom party in John Green's "The Great American Morp," readers are drawn into a wide cross
section of prom nights from both male and female perspectives. A celebration of all that is good,
bad, and sometimes unforgettable about these events, this fast-paced but carefully strung
anthology speaks of pink dresses, tuxedos, first kisses, unrequited love, and the thrill of taking
love to its ultimate climax.

YA FIC UHL         Uhlig, Richard        Last Dance at the Frosty Queen
On the dock of a lake in a tiny town at the corner of Nowhere & Nowhere, he sits counting the
seconds until his high school graduation—at which point Arthur M. Flood intends to leave his hick
life far behind in the brown Kansas dust. That's the plan. Until . . . up from the lake's muddy
depths swims a girl. She's not a mermaid, but she is the one who shakes up Arty's life, makes
him mad and mad for her, and helps him find a pathway to his past, his future, and where his
heart truly lies.

YA FIC VAN         Van Draanen, Wendelin Confessions of a Serial Kisser
Evangeline Logan wants a kiss. A spectacular, heart-stopping, life changing kiss. Somehow The
Crimson Kiss (a romance novel she’s become obsessed with) and Four Steps to Living Your
Fantasy (a self-help book she’s reading) have fused in Evangeline’s mind and sent her on a quest
for a kiss. But the path to perfection is paved with many bad kisses—the smash mouth, the ear
licker, the “misser.” The phrase “I don’t kiss and tell” means nothing to the boys in her school.
And worse: someone starts writing her name and number on bathroom walls. And worst of all: the
boy she's just kissed turns out to be her best friend’s new crush. Kissing turns out to be way more
complicated than the romance novels would have you believe . . .

YA FIC VAN         Van Velde, Vivian          Remembering Raquel
Fourteen-year-old Raquel Falcone steps off a curb into the path of an oncoming car and is killed
instantly. Vande Valde creates a moving and gripping portrait of quiet, overweight, unpopular
Raquel--the events that led up to her death, and its painful aftermath--through a chorus of voices
reflecting on the tragic event. One classmate muses, “It’s amazing how much dying can do for a
girl’s popularity,” and ruefully notes that her first reaction to hearing the news was, “Oh, crap. That
makes me the class fat girl.” Another perkily leaps into action organizing a petition drive to reduce
the speed limit on the road on which Raquel was killed, proud to have another outlet for her highly
publicized social activism. Raquel’s widowed father mourns that he missed out on his last chance
to tell his baby girl to “stay safe.” In this slim and masterfully crafted collection, Vande Velde

shows how little most of us know of the inner lives of those with whom we interact each day, and
highlights the poignancy of the lost connections which could have enriched us.

YA FIC VAU         Vaught, Susan           Big Fat Manifesto
Jamie Carcaterra is fat. She's not "plus-sized" or "large," just fat. She is tired of living in a world
made for skinny girls, and she is tired of being pressured to change from everyone. She knew her
senior year of high school would be difficult with college applications, the ACT, play rehearsal,
and the school paper, The Wire. However, she never expected to be dealing with her boyfriend
Burke getting risky bariatric surgery to staple his stomach. While trying to be supportive of
Burke's choice to risk his life to be thin, Jamie takes a deeper look at her own life—the everyday
challenges of being overweight and how the rest of the world could learn a few things from a "fat
girl." Jamie begins a weekly column in The Wire, which she signs as "Fat Girl" and writes to tell
her fellow students at Garwood High School what life is like as an overweight teen .

YA FIC VIV           Vivian, Siobhan                 Same Difference
Emily is ready for a change. She's been in the same town with the same friends for a long
time...and none of them really understand her art. But when she goes to Philadelphia for a
summer art institute, she suddenly finds like-minded people. One in particular, Fiona, intrigues
and challenges her. But there are some things Emily is going to have to find out for herself -- like
what the balance is between life and art, and which is more important when push comes to shove.

YA FIC VIV        Vivian, Siobhan         Not That Kind of Girl
Natalie Sterling wants to be in control. She wants her friends to be loyal. She wants her
classmates to elect her student council president. She wants to find the right guy, not the usual
jerk her school has to offer. She wants a good reputation, because she believes that will lead to
good things. But life is messy, and it's very hard to be in control of it. Not when there are
freshman girls running around in a pack, trying to get senior guys to sleep with them. Not when
your friends have secrets they're no longer comfortable sharing. Not when the boy you once
dismissed ends up being the boy you want to sleep with yourself - but only in secret, with nobody
ever finding out. Slut or saint? Winner or loser? Natalie is getting tired of these forced choices -
and is now going to find a way to live life in the sometimes messy, sometimes wonderful in-

YA FIC VOI          Voigt, Cynthia          The Runner
It was the 1960s, the time of the Vietnam War. "Bullet" Tillerman, the school track star, had to
decide if he would go to fight or stay on the family farm. Bullet's father, who had already driven
Bullet's older brother and sister out of the house, made impossible demands on him. And his
mother seemed to have lost the will to resist the old man. Meanwhile, at school, a black student
joined the track team, forcing Bullet to question his own prejudices. But nothing would keep him
from running. Nothing.

Tween FIC VOI           Voigt, Cynthia           Bad Girls
After meeting on the first day of school, Margalo and Mikey help each other in and out of trouble,
as they try to maintain a friendship while each asserts her independence.

J & YA FIC VOI                Voigt, Cynthia            Bad Girls in Love
Shawn Macavity. While this name may mean nothing to you, it means a lot to Mikey Elsinger.
That's the name of a guy who's unbelievably cool and handsome, not to mention the star of the
eighth-grade play, and Mikey wants him to notice her. While Mikey goes after Shawn full-force,
like the bad girl she is, her best friend and co-bad girl, Margalo Epps, hides a secret crush on her
teacher. With the school dance fast approaching and life growing increasingly complicated, will
Mikey and Margalo ever figure out that funny thing called love?

YA FIC VOI         Voigt, Cynthia         Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do?
It's not easy being Mikey Elsinger and Margalo Epps in ninth grade. It seems like things are
changing. Now some people want to sit at the same lunch table with them, and some even ask
them for advice. What are the two friends to make of this strange behavior? Frankly all the
attention cuts into the little time they have together and distracts attention from their own interests,
like tennis and drama, and their own problems, like cheating in tennis and things not going the
way Margalo plans they will in drama. In the opinion of these two bad girls, ninth grade can't end
fast enough! But no matter how bad things get, one thing's for sure: They'll have each other.

YA FIC VOL         Volponi, Paul          The Hand You’re Dealt
When Huck Porter's dad suddenly dies, it feels like nothing will ever make sense again. Huck's
"best friend" thinks that Huck should just get over it, the girl he likes won't give him the time of day,
and his mom now works all hours at a roadside diner to make ends meet. The only thing that still
makes sense for Huck is the game his dad taught him, the game they spent hours playing
together: Texas hold'em. Worse than all of that, though, is Huck's math teacher, Mr. Abbott — a
hungry card shark with an ego to match his appetite. He now wears the local poker tournament's
first prize, a silver watch that Huck's dad wore proudly for three years. So Huck hatches a plan to
knock Abbott off his throne and win back the watch. Only, bluffing his way into the tournament will
mean lying to everyone Huck knows. But as Huck gets deeper in the tournament and starts to
lose himself in the cards, he begins to wonder who he'll be when the last hand is played.

YA FIC WAL           Walsh, Marissa            A Field Guide to High School
Andie has just finished eighth grade and will be starting high school in the fall. The good news:
Her super-popular valedictorian big sister, Claire, is graduating and won't be there to put Andie in
the shadows. The bad news: Her super-popular valedictorian big sister, Claire, is graduating and
won't be there to help her. But Claire hasn't forgotten Andie.
For her little sister, Claire has put together a guide that covers everything a freshman needs to
know but didn't even think to ask. Andie reads every word and even shares it with her best friend,
Bess. But sometimes they wonder if Harvard-bound Claire got everything right! In this hilarious
and honest look at one girl's heroic attempt to conquer high school, readers will get all the benefit
of Claire's wisdom about making those four years more than bearable—and absolutely

YA FIC WAL          Walters, Eric        In a Flash
Ian organizes a flash mob using his FaceBook page, e-mails and phone texting. This time,
participants have a four minute pillow fight in the bedding section of a department store. His best
buddies, Oswald and Julia, come along. Ian and Oswald think gathering with a bunch of strangers
who have been alerted to this event is great fun. In Julia's eyes a pillow fight is pointless and
stupid. If Ian wants to organize a flash mob, he should do it to protest social injustices.

YA FIC WAS           Wasserman, Robin               Lust
Alpha girl Harper is used to getting what she wants, and that means Adam, Beth's all-American
boytoy. Blond, boring Beth, who Kane, the charming playah, secretly wants too. Miranda thinks
Kane is out of her league, but she wants him all the same. And then there's the new girl. Kaia.
Who only wants trouble — and he's definitely on his way. Want to know more?

YA FIC WAS             Wasserman, Robin               Envy
Envy is next on Robin Wasserman's list in the Seven Deadly Sins series. The clan from the
launch title, Lust, is back; the new installment opens as Beth traces Adam's back while
contemplating her suspicions of Adam and Kaia ("who looked like a model and sounded... like a
phone sex operator").

YA FIC WAS          Wasserman, Robin             Pride
Everyone's got something to brag about:
Kaia's getting it on with bachelor #1, though scruffball Reed's gotten to be quite an interesting
distraction. Kane and Harper got exactly what they planned: Namely, Beth and Adam. (Though to
keep gettin' it, their secrets -- and pasts -- best stay forgotten.) Miranda got her heart broken, but
now she's all decked with a new look and strategy.Sometimes, though, you only think you've got

YA FIC WAS                 Wasserman, Robin                    Wrath
Beth was transformed from a nobody to a somebody, but now she's B-list again.
She -- and everybody else -- got played by Kaia, Kane and Harper.
Nobody can comfort Miranda, who feels so betrayed that she's sworn revenge.
Adam is lashing out at anybody who will listen -- or buy him a drink.
And somebody is stalking Kaia; looks like Reed won't stand for sloppy seconds....
Revenge is the name of the game. And for somebody, it's game over.

YA FIC WAS                Wasserman, Robin                       Gluttony
It's Vegas, baby! Anything can happen. Reed has a (small) chance to win fame and fortune,
thanks to his "entourage," Beth. Sick of feeling like a loser, Harper's betting she can win back her
life, starting with Miranda -- whose birthday wish just might come true.... Adam's also getting
lucky, with a certain ex-girlfriend. Kane, as usual, is playing hard -- and not very nice. Win or lose,
it's going to be wild.

YA FIC WAS                  Wasserman, Robin                       Sloth
One of the seven is dead, and everyone's reeling: Adam's done. With love, with school...with
everything. Done. Beth's doing her best to act "normal," but even Reed recognizes devastation,
since all he does is fantasize about Kaia. Miranda's lost too. Did she ever really forgive Harper?
Only Kane is actually doing something: uncovering how the crash happened -- and why. But
there's no do-over with death. There's only moving on -- to the most unlikely places....

YA FIC WAS          Wasserman, Robin             Greed
Lucky Miranda's finished strong. She has what she's always wanted:
Kane. Reformed, relationship-ready, really boring. Harper has prom queen in the bag -- but sadly,
her king has bailed. Adam's busy tending to Beth, who is fully unable to move on. It means
leaving Reed, who, let's admit, has no future anyway. Before they toss those caps in the air, there
is a surprise or two left. Have no fear.

YA FIC WAT Watson, C.G. Quad
Everything led up to this moment—the point when the teasing, the cruelty, the pressure all
became too much. And someone finally snapped.
Now six students, from six different cliques, are trapped in the student store while a shooter
terrorizes their school. The shooter’s identity is teased out through the students’ flashbacks until
the reader breathlessly reaches the final page. It’s only there that he discovers the shocking
answer to the question: Who is shooting out in the quad?

YA FIC WEI        Weinheimer, Beckie              Converting Kate
Kate was raised in the Holy Divine Church—it influenced everythingfrom her homeschooling to
her handmade clothes. But ever since her unbelieving father’s death last year, she has suspected
that there’s more to life than memorizing scripture.
Taking advantage of their move to a new town, Kate—to her devout mother’s horror—quits Holy
Divine. She joins the cross-country team, wears shorts to public school, and even tries a
traditional Christian church. As she struggles to come to terms with her father’s death and her

mother’s unquestioning beliefs, Kate discovers there’s a big difference between religion and
faith—and that the two don’t always go hand in hand.

YA FIC WEI             Weisberg, Joseph               10th Grade
Jeremiah Reskin has big plans for tenth grade - he wants to make some friends and he wants to
take a girl's shirt off. It's not going too well at first, but when he meets a group of semi bohemian
outcasts, things start to change. Soon he's negotiating his way through group back rubs and
trying to find the courage to make a move on Renee Shopmaker, the hottest girl in school. At the
behest of his composition teacher, Jeremy's also chronicling everything in his own novel - a
disastrously ungrammatical but unflinching look at sophomore year.

YA FIC WEL Wells, Pamela The Heartbreakers
Best friends Sydney, Kelly, Alexia and Raven have seen each other through everything...until
three of the girls are dumped by their respective boyfriends...on the same night! Reeling from this,
the girls decide to create a list of rules to help them avoid future heartache. But soon they find out
that while breaking up is hard to do, sometimes staying broken up is even harder!

YA FIC WEL Wells, Pamela The Heartbreakers: Love Rules
When three high school friends experience breakups on the same night, a fourth writes "The
Break up Code," which all agree to follow as they try to get over the bad relationships and get
back in touch with themselves and one another.

YA FIC WHI             Whittenberg, Allison              Hollywood & Maine
With a new boyfriend, her own room (finally!), and a modeling agency trying to convince her to
sign with them, Charmaine Upshaw’s life is just about perfect. But a surprising face appears at
the dinner table: ex-con Uncle E. Uncle E skipped town a few months ago after Charmaine’s
parents put up $1000 bail, leaving them in a bind that forced her mom to go back to work. Mom
and Dad seem happy to see Uncle E, and her little live-in cousin Tracy John thinks he’s the
greatest thing since sliced bread. But Charmaine is not fooled. Meanwhile, Charmaine struggles
in her first romance and ponders the idea of taking Hollywood by storm. Does she have what it
takes to see her name in lights? Only if she can survive the 10th grade. . . .

YA FIC WIL            Williams-Garcia, Rita                  Jumped
The wrong angle
Trina: "Hey," I say, though I don't really know them. The boyed-up basketball girl barely moves.
The others, her girls, step aside. It's okay if they don't speak. I know how it is. They can't all be
Dominique: Some stupid little flit cuts right in between us and is like, "Hey." Like she don't see I'm
here and all the space around me is mines. I slam my fist into my other hand because she's good
as jumped.
Leticia: Why would I get involved in Trina's life when I don't know for sure if I saw what I thought I
saw? Who is to say I wasn't seeing it from the wrong angle?
Acclaimed author Rita Williams-Garcia intertwines the lives of three very different teens in this
fast-paced, gritty narrative about choices and the impact that even the most seemingly
insignificant ones can have. Weaving in and out of the girls' perspectives, readers will find
themselves not with one intimate portrayal but three.

YA FIC WIL        Wilson, Martin         What They Always Tell Us
JAMES AND ALEX have barely anything in common anymore—least of all their experiences in
high school, where James is a popular senior and Alex is suddenly an outcast. But at home, there
is Henry, the precocious 10-year-old across the street, who eagerly befriends them both. And
when Alex takes up running, there is James’s friend Nathen, who unites the brothers in moving
and unexpected ways.

YA FIC WIN        Winkler, David         The Return of Calico Bright
She suspects her boyfriend of cheating and her best friend of betrayal. But that's not the worst of
sixteen-year-old Callie Weston's sorrows. The unveiling of not just one but two of her mother’s
deceptions has driven Callie to despair. With an unlikely companion, she heads off into the wild
and beautiful Madras Mountains to capture the spirit of her great-great-great-great-grandmother
Calico Bright, a nineteenth-century frontierswoman and family legend. But in so doing, she gets
more than she bargains for and discovers Calico Bright in the unlikeliest of places.

YA FIC WIN        Winston, Sherri          The Kayla Chronicles
Kayla Dean, junior feminist and future journalist, is about the break the story of a lifetime. She is
auditioning for the Lady Lions dance team to prove they discriminate against the not-so-well
endowed. But when she makes the team, her best friend and fellow feminist, Rosalie, is not
happy. Now a Lady Lion, Kayla is transformed from bushy-haired fashion victim to glammed-up
dance diva. But does looking good and having fun mean turning her back on the cause? Can you
be a strong woman and still wear really cute shoes? Soon Kayla is forced to challenge her views,
coming to terms with who she is and what girl power really means.

YA FIC WIT             Wittlinger, Ellen          Heart on My Sleeve
Chloe is a high school senior who cannot believe her luck when she meets Julian at a college
visit. The two immediately fall for each other and begin a long distance romance. The biggest
problem is Chloe's boyfriend, Eli, who has no idea that Chloe wants to break up with him! Things
come to a head when an unknowing Julian sends flowers to Chloe just as she is leaving for the
prom. The aftermath shakes her world. Eli is heartbroken at this betrayal, her prom is ruined, and
even her best friend stops talking to her. Forced to break up with Eli, Chloe wonders if she did the
right thing. As she and Julian prepare to meet again, Chloe must decide if what they shared that
weekend was real. In addition to her complicated love life, Chloe's sister Genevieve reveals a
secret that completely throws Chloe for a loop. As her world turns chaotic, Chloe must sort
through it all and figure out what it is she truly desires.

YA FIC WIZ        Wizner, Jake          Spanking Shakespeare
SHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS hated his name. His parents bestowed it on him as
some kind of sick joke when he was born, and his life has gone downhill from there, one
embarrassing incident after another. Entering his senior year of high school, Shakespeare has
never had a girlfriend, his younger brother is cooler than he is, and his best friend's favorite topic
of conversation is his bowel movements. But Shakespeare will have the last laugh. He is
chronicling every mortifying detail in his memoir, the writing project each senior at Shakespeare's
high school must complete. And he is doing it brilliantly. And, just maybe, a prize-winning memoir
will bring him respect, admiration, and a girlfriend . . . or at least a prom date.

YA FIC YOO          Yoo, Paula         Good Enough
How to make your Korean parents happy:
1. Get a perfect score on the SATs.
2. Get into HarvardYalePrinceton.
3. Don't talk to boys.*
Patti's parents expect nothing less than the best from their Korean-American daughter.
Everything she does affects her chances of getting into an Ivy League school. So winning
assistant concertmaster in her All-State violin competition and earning less than 2300 on her
SATs is simply not good enough.
But Patti's discovering that there's more to life than the Ivy League. To start with, there's Cute
Trumpet Guy. He's funny, he's talented, and he looks exactly like the lead singer of Patti's favorite
band. Then, of course, there's her love of the violin. Not to mention cool rock concerts. And
anyway, what if Patti doesn't want to go to HarvardYalePrinceton after all?

YA FIC YOU         Young, Suzanne              The Naughty List
As if being a purrfect cheerleader isn't enough responsibility! Tessa Crimson's the sweet and
spunky leader of the SOS (Society of Smitten Kittens), a cheer squad—turned—spy society
dedicated to bringing dastardly boyfriends to justice, one cheater at a time. Boyfriend-busting
wouldn't be so bad . . . except that so far, every suspect on the Naughty List has been proven
100% guilty! When Tessa's own boyfriend shows up on the List, she turns her sleuthing skills on
him. Is Aiden just as naughty as all the rest, or will Tessa's sneaky ways end incatastrophe?

YA FIC ZAD         Zadoff, Allen        Food, Girls & Other Things I Can’t Have
Life used to be so simple for Andrew Zansky–hang with the Model UN guys, avoid gym class, and
eat and eat and eat. He’s used to not fitting in: into his family, his sports-crazed school, or his size
48 pants. But not anymore. Andrew just met April, the new girl at school and the instant love of
his life! He wants to find a way to win her over, but how? When O. Douglas, the heartthrob
quarterback and high-school legend, saves him from getting beaten up by the school bully,
Andrew sees his chance to get in with the football squad. Is it possible to reinvent yourself in the
middle of high school? Andrew is willing to try. But he’s going to have to make some changes.
Fast. Can a funny fat kid be friends with a football superstar? Can he win over the Girl of his
Dreams? Can he find a way to get his mom and dad back together?              How far should you go to
be the person you really want to be? Andrew is about to find out.

YA FIC ZAR Zarr, Sara              Story of a Girl
When Deanna's father catches her having sex in a car when she is 13, her life is drastically
changed. Two years later, he still can't look her in the eye, and though Tommy is the only boy
she's been with, she is branded the school slut. Her entire family watches her as though she is
likely to sleep with anyone she sees, and Tommy still smirks at and torments her when she sees
him. Her two best friends have recently begun dating, and Deanna feels like an intruder. She tries
to maintain a close relationship with her older brother, but Darren and his girlfriend are struggling
as teenage parents. Deanna learns to protect herself by becoming outwardly tough, but feels her
isolation acutely. Her only outlet is her journal in which she writes the story of an anonymous girl
who has the same experiences and feelings that she does. Through this, readers see the
potential that Deanna cannot identify in herself. This is a heartbreaking look at how a teenager
can be defined by one mistake, and how it shapes her sense of self-worth. This is realistic fiction
at its best.

YA FIC ZEV         Zevin, Gabrielle         Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
If Naomi had picked tails, she would have won the coin toss. She wouldn’t have had to go back
for the yearbook camera, and she wouldn’t have hit her head on the steps. She wouldn’t have
woken up in an ambulance with amnesia. She certainly would have remembered her boyfriend,
Ace. She might even have remembered why she fell in love with him in the first place. She would
understand why her best friend, Will, keeps calling her “Chief.” She’d know about her mom’s new
family. She’d know about her dad’s fiancée. She never would have met James, the boy with the
questionable past and the even fuzzier future, who tells her he once wanted to kiss her. She
wouldn’t have wanted to kiss him back.
 But Naomi picked heads.

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von You Know You Love Me
Cecily von Ziegesar's fabulous second volume starring the Jeffrey-shopping, Blahnik-wearing
Upper East Side pack finally has its coming-out, and Blair, Serena, and the crew are creating
enough juicy news to make Gossip Girl's typing fingers simply exhausted.

YA FIC ZIE          Ziegesar, Cecily Von             I Like It Like That
Spring break has come to Gossip Girl world, so the season is naturally ripe for a ski vacation in
Cecily von Ziegesar's fifth fabulous episode of her bestselling series. Loaded with more eye-
popping scandal than Page Six, I Like It Like That follows several of the brat-packsters as they

make way to Sun Valley to hit the slopes and hot tubs in their skimpiest best (and for whacked-
out Georgie, in nothing at all). As Blair and Nate wonder if true love can ever bloom between
them again, Serena is busy dodging the cops when Chuck and Georgie do some naked
tobogganing. And of course, everyone is cozying up to the blond, blue-eyed Dutch Olympic
snowboarding team. Meanwhile, back in New York, Jenny and Vanessa are wrapped up in their
own dating issues, while Dan has a new internship at the hottest literary mag in town.

YA FIC ZIE       Ziegesar, Cecily von            The Carlyles
In Gossip Girl, The Carlyles the inimitable Gossip Girl introduces the most fabulous sixteen year-
old triplets to ever inhabit the Upper East Side. When the Waldorfs move from their apartment at
the end of Don't You Forget About Me, the Carlyle triplets of Nantucket, Massachusetts--Owen,
Baby, and Peyton-- move in. In the new titles of the Gossip Girl series, we will follow the Carlyles,
plus three other teenagers living in gorgeous apartments, attending the most exclusive prvate
schools-- the familiar Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude's School for Boys-- and
treating New York's Upper East Side as their personal playground. Welcome to the new era.

YA FIC ZIE         Ziegesar, Cecily Von                  The It Girl
Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly
Academy, an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don't let
the rules get in the way of an excellent time. Jenny's determined to leave her crazy Manhattan
past behind and become a sophisticated goddess on campus. But first she'll have to content with
her self-absorbed roommates, Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. Hot guys, new intrigue,
and more delicious gossip all add up to more trouble than ever for Jenny. But if getting caught
with boys and going up against the Disciplinary Committee is what it takes, Jenny's ready. She'll
do all that and more to be The It Girl.

YA FIC ZIE             Ziegesar, Cecily von               Nobody Does It Better
The uptown girls are headed downtown as Serena and Jenny take on their new fabulous roles as
rock-star model girlfriends of New York's hottest band, The Raves. Meanwhile, Dan is to busy
drowning his sorrows in empty bottles to notice a mysterious French beauty who has a penchant
for dirty, Jim Morrison-wannabe lead singers. Blair takes residence at the Plaza to think about her
future. Will she become a gun-toting international spy or Manhattan's snobbiest society hostess?
Decisions are so difficult! Sounds like everyone needs a day off at the spa. And Senior Spa Day
promises to serve up further doses of scandal for New York's busiest private-school vixens.

YA FIC ZIE          Ziegesar, Cecily von            Would I Lie to You?
For the girls of the Gossip Girl series, summer appears to be infinite. The newest book takes
place over a short period of the summer, before the characters head off to university for the first
time. The warm season obviously means even more beautiful clothing and Hampton Beach
outings than a normal book in this series. Serena and Blair start out as muses for a famous
designer but are quickly bored by lounging by the pool, which leads them to stir up some trouble.
Nate is nearby, still doing work for his lacrosse coach to earn his diploma, but the lure of Blair and
Serena is irresistible. On the other side of town, Vanessa struggles as a babysitter for two spoiled
children, which takes her very far out of her comfort zone (and to Hampton Beach, of course).
Dan and Vanessa have broken up (for the moment) and he uses his summer to explore the
underground literary world and his sexuality.

YA FIC ZIE       Ziegesar, Cecily von            Reckless
Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is making a splash at Waverly Academy, an elite
boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don't let the rules get in
the way of an excellent time. It's less than a semester into school, but Jenny's already become
notorious, just like Tinsley Carmichael - who won't give up her Waverly "it girl" crown without a

YA FIC ZIE             Ziegisar, Cecily von                Nothing can Keep us Together
Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I get everything -- and
everyone -- we want. Snagging the latest Marc Jacobs bag or your best friend's boyfriend isn't
pretty, but it's always hot... It's almost graduation and our lives are really heating up. Everybody's
into college and it's obviously time to party -- as if we hadn't been doing that already! Will Blair
and Nate's love affair continue? More importantly, will Blair finally get into Yale? Or will Nate and
Serena hook up in New Haven and leave Blair alone in the city? And as for the juiciest scoop of
all, what's this we hear about Jenny leaving Constance Billard to go to boarding school? Only
time will tell how everyone will end up, but one thing's for sure: love is in the air, and it smells a lot
like Gucci Envy.

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von             Unforgettable
Jenny arrived at elite Waverly Academy with dreams of turning herself into the sophisticated,
awe-inspiring Jenny she's always wanted to be. And it's finally, finally happening. She's even
rooming with the two most popular girls in school, Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt, and
bunking in the notorious Tinsley Carmichael's old bed. Coolness is rubbing off, even while she
sleeps! But now that Tinsley's come back, is Waverly big enough for Jenny, Callie, Brett, and her?
They're all beautiful, captivating, and a little crazy...but there can only be one It Girl.

YA FIC ZIE         Ziegesar, Cecily Von               It Had to Be You
Taking place over their sophomore year, It Had to Be You unveils the secrets behind the hot and
sultry summer that Blair, Serena, and Nate's love triangle begins--and there's a lot more to this
story than anyone realizes. Find out how Blair first snagged Nate, why Serena really left for
boarding school, and how the legendary Gossip Girl column began.

YA FIC ZIE         Ziegesar, Cecily Von             Lucky
Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphey is making a splash at Waverly Academy, an elite
boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don't let the rules get in
the way of an excellent time. But is Waverly big enough for Jenny, her roommates Callie and
Brett, and the infamous Tinsley Carmichael? They're all beautiful, captivating, and a little bit
crazy.... but there can only be one It Girl.

YA FIC ZIE Ziegesar, Cecily von Unforgettable
Having a roommate at elite Waverly Academy means nightly sleepovers and double the designer
wardrobe. But Callie Vernon never really liked late-night girl talk or swapping cashmere sweaters
with her younger, rosy-cheeked roomie, Jenny Humphrey. So when Jenny stole her longtime
boyfriend, Easy Walsh, Callie didn't feel that guilty about turning right around and kissing him
behind Jenny's back. Okay, maybe a little guilty, but it certainly didn't stop her from enjoying it.
Now, if only Easy would stop being so irritatingly indecisive and dump Jenny already! While the
two roommates are sharing a boyfriend, the rest of Dumbarton's residents are sharing their
feelings at the newly founded Women of Waverly club'aka, WOW! Everyone is totally bonding,
revealing their most personal secrets, and hugging out their past rivalries. But despite the
sharing-is-caring vibe, there are some things these girls aren't spilling'like who's making special
late-night trips to the crater . . . and with whom. Now it's only a matter of time before all the
newfound girl power explodes into a massive girl fight. But this battle goes well beyond the ivy
colored brick walls of Dumberton'it's about who will be Waverly's next It Girl.

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von Only in Your Dreams
It's our last summer together before heading off to college, and things are sizzling -- no, it's not
just the weather. Despite that steamy kiss on graduation night, Blair, Serena, and Nate have gone
their separate ways...though not for long. Blair is off to London with her English Lord boyfriend,
Serena's about to become a movie star -- as if she wasn't a star already! -- and Nate's rolling up
his well-worn khakis and heading to the Hamptons. Back in New York, Dan and Vanessa are
rekindling their love. Fiery! Watch out, this summer is going to be hotter than ever.

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von           Tempted
It's been raining nonstop at Waverly Academy, but the world is all sunshine for Jenny Humphrey.
Two weeks have passed since she was almost expelled, and she's the school's new It Girl. But
with great power comes great responsibility-and a whole lot of trouble

YA FIC ZIE             Ziegesar, Cecily von                You Just Can’t Get Enough
After a whirlwind first week on the Upper East Side, the Carlyles have made their mark on
Manhattan's Golden Mile. Owen is new BFFs with Rhys Sterling, but what will happen when they
both fall for the same girl? Baby stole resident it girl Jack Laurent's boyfriend...and then Avery
stole Jack's popularity. Now Jack is on the warpath, and she wants nothing more than to send the
Carlyle girls packing their Louis Vuitton trunks. Is the UES big enough for all their drama?

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von            Adored
Brett Messerschmidt is organizing Waverly Academy's annual holiday ball and secret gift
exchange. But when some enterprising students decide that playing Secret Satan is infinitely
more fun, the entire school starts acting naughty. All Brett wants is a successful party-and a
goodnight kiss from unexpected crush Sebastian Valenti. Too bad Callie Vernon also has her eye
on the newly made-over Sebastian. Sharing is caring, right? Or not . . .
Everybody at Waverly is getting into the giving spirit. The only present Tinsley Carmichael wants
to unwrap is her new boyfriend, Julian McCafferty. But what happens when she uncovers a shady
secret from his past instead? Looks like Jenny Humphrey, Waverly's newest small-screen star, is
about to land on Tinsley's hit list. Again.

YA FIC ZIE Ziegesar, Cecily von Infamous
After Jenny Humphrey confesses to a crime she didn't commit, her expulsion from elite Waverly
Academy is halted. But by whom? Now at the annual Halloween masquerade ball, Jenny has a
plan to unveil her secret admirer.

YA FIC ZIE          Ziegesar, Cecily von            Take a Chance On Me
The Carlyle triplets have made a lot of new friends in Manhattan-and more than a few enemies. O
stole his best friend's girlfriend, and A dethroned the queen bee. Now a line has been drawn
down Fifth Avenue, and it's all-out war. Only here, the battles are fought with icy glares and
vicious rumors. It's the Upper East Side, and all's fair in love and scandal...

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von            Love the One You’re With
It's Thanksgiving, and the Carlyle triplets are thankful to be escaping the New York City cold-
they're jetting to the tropics and bringing all their friends along for the ride. The sun isn't the only
thing that's sizzling on this vacation getaway--I'm forecasting sultry poolside encounters, too. So,
don't forget to pack the don't want to get burned.

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von                Devious
It's January, and a new semester at Waverly Academy means one thing: new students. Make that
hot new students. A gorgeous brother-sister pair is taking Waverly by storm, and the campus is
abuzz with fresh gossip and even fresher crushes. But while all the girls are busy drooling over
the new it-guy, they'd better watch their backs-because his sister is going to give them all a run
for their money. After all, there can only be one It Girl...

YA FIC ZIE        Ziegesar, Cecily von             Classic
It's almost Valentine's Day at Waverly Academy, and love is in the air...and in everyone's inboxes.
Each year, The Waverly Computer Society runs Perfect Match, an online personality survey that
pairs up Waverly Owls with their supposed soul mates. Now the campus is overrun with peculiar
pairings, odd couples, and mischief makers hoping to play Cupid for a day. Jenny Humphrey is
convinced she'll be paired with her adorable new boyfriend, Isaac Dresden. But when he starts
acting skittish, she begins to wonder if he's her Perfect Match after all. Brett Messerschmidt and

Tinsley Carmichael definitely aren't feeling the love this Valentine's Day: when Isla Dresden,
Isaac's sister, steals Tinsley's thunder-and Brett's boyfriend-the two girls vow to plot their revenge.
Callie Vernon is starting to wonder if a girl can have two soulmates. She's in love with both Easy
Walsh and Brandon Buchanan, but on February 14 , she can only give one of them her heart. In
this final dramatic It Girl novel, the Waverly Owls ponder an age-old question: is all really fair in
love and war?

YA FIC ZIN            Zindel, Paul           My Darling, My Hamburger
As senior year rolls around, two unlikely couples find themselves caught between desire and the
fear of intimacy. Liz and Sean, misunderstood by their parents, confused but certain they are in
love, have an affair that ends shatteringly. Maggie and Dennis, just as confused, take their first
steps toward understanding the demands life makes on everyone. Faced with real-life dilemmas
that have no easy answers, Maggie, Dennis, Liz, and Saen must make choices that will affect the
rest of their lives.


YA FIC ABB Abbott, Hailey                After Summer
As the leaves turn golden, everyone's favorite beach girls are dealing with romantic dramas in
their respective hometowns. Tomboy Beth is worried that her true love, George, is changing --
and not for the best. Meanwhile, naughty Ella meets a boy at school who is (gasp!) an even
bigger flirt than she is. College girl Kelsi hates how her boyfriend treats her differently around his
frat posse. And shy dreamer Jamie falls hard for a pompous trust fund boy at her posh boarding
school. Everything comes to a head at an eventful Thanksgiving, and the four cousins come away
wiser about life and love.

YA FIC APO Apostolina, M                 Hazing Meri Sugarman
Cindy Bixby dreams of escaping her high school loser image when she begins college. Following
in her mother's footsteps, Cindy pledges Alpha Beta Delta, hoping to find acceptance and
popularity. Cindy's captivation with Meri Sugarman, sorority president, causes her to make moral
compromises to gain Meri's approval. When Cindy lands a boyfriend, an ex of Meri's, she
becomes victim of Meri's powerful wrath. Cindy and her friends have no choice but to destroy this
evil villain before she destroys them.

YA FIC APO         Apostolina, M         Meri Strikes Back
Readers who enjoyed gaining access to Cindy Bixby's diary entries in Hazing Meri Sugarman will
want to read more in Meri Strikes Back by M. Apostolina. Cindy, who kissed Meri's boyfriend and
pushed Meri out of the picture in book one, attempts to put her Rumson U. sorority back together
again. But banished Meri has a plan to bring down Alpha Beta Kappa.

YA FIC APO          Apostolina, M              Dark Cindy
Cindy takes a walk on the wild side! Yikes! This tale of sorority girls gone bad has gotten nasty!
When we left off, Meri was back (big time!) and trying to sabotage Cindy and the girls' attempts to
save Alpha Beta Delta. (Scandalous!) Cindy tried to end Meri's reign of terror once and for all, but
she was still no match for the queen of evil. But now things are different. Cindy has found
something that Meri has kept hidden for years -- her supersecret diary! Cindy has also figured out
that if you want to catch an evil person in great shoes, you've got to act (and dress) the part. So
Cindy is putting on her Harley boots and taking a walk on the dark side!

YA FIC BAR         Barnholdt, Lauren             Aces Up
Seventeen-year-old high school senior Shannon Card needs money. And lots of it. She's been
admitted to Wellesley, but her dad just lost his job, and somehow she has to come up with a year
of tuition herself. But Shannon's dream of making big bucks waitressing at the local casino, the
Collosio, disappears faster than a gambler's lucky streak. Her boss is a tyrant, her coworker is
nuts, and her chances of balancing a tray full of drinks while wearing high-heeled shoes are slim
to none. Worse, time is running out, and Shannon hasn't made even half the money she'd
hoped. When Shannon receives a mysterious invitation to join Aces Up, a secret network of
highly talented college poker players, at first she thinks No way. She has enough to worry about:
keeping her job, winning the coveted math scholarship at school, and tutoring her secret crush,
Max. But when Shannon musters up the nerve to kiss Max and he doesn't react at all, the allure
of Aces Up and its sexy eighteen-year-old leader, Cole, is suddenly too powerful to ignore. Soon
Shannon's caught up in a web of lies and deceit that makes worrying about tuition money or a
high school crush seem like kid stuff. Still, when the money's this good, is the fear of getting
caught reason enough to fold?

YA FIC BAR          Barnholdt, Lauren             Two Way Street
This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple. But
they clicked; it worked. They're even going to the same college, and driving cross-country
together for orientation. Then Jordan dumps Courtney -- for a girl he met on the Internet.
It's too late to change plans, so the road trip is on. Courtney's heartbroken, but figures she can
tough it out for a few days. La la la -- this is Courtney pretending not to care.
But in a strange twist, Jordan cares. A lot. Turns out, he's got a secret or two that he's not telling
Courtney. And it has everything to do with why they broke up, why they can't get back together,
and how, in spite of it all, this couple is destined for each other.

YA FIC BRO          Brown, Hobson, Taylor Materne & Caroline Says Off
Back for her second year, Nikki Olivetti feels like she's finally finding her way at Wellington. And
she's ready to show someone else the ropes, someone new, someone like Delia Breton, a
transfer student from California with a dark past. Though Delia doesn't quite fit in anywhere, she
knows how to have a good time everywhere. But when the hunt for fun takes Nikki and Delia off
campus, they find themselves in serious trouble. Even if they make it back, they might have
forever ruined their chances of graduating to the upper class.

YA FIC CAM          Cameron, Peter Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You
James Sveck does not like the idea of starting at Brown in the fall, and he especially does not like
the idea of interacting with people his own age. While he works for his mother at her art gallery
the summer between his senior year of high school and first year of college, he looks at old
houses for sale in the Midwest in hopes of abandoning the whole college idea his parents are so
set upon. James yearns for a simple life where he can just skip over the painful social agony of
dealing with (even just talking to) people he does not want to deal with (which is almost everyone).

YA FIC COH               Cohn, Rachel                       Very LeFreak
Meet Very (short for Veronica) LeFreak (from the disco-era song of the same name—"C'est
Chic!"), a modern party girl with eclectic musical tastes. She is 100 percent plugged in to her
electronic life as a freshman at Columbia University and not quite so attached to mundane
concerns like going to class and managing her finances. Famous on campus for her creation of
"The Grid," an online dorm social-networking site, and for organizing off-kilter flash-mob events
and killer parties, Very skids from coasting to possible expulsion and scholarship loss. Brian, a
best bud, until she sleeps with him; Jennifer, the roommate Very insists on calling Lavinia; and an
irate RA stage an intervention at the behest of the dean. Very needs to go cold turkey and give up
her total reliance on electronics. No iPod, no iPhone, no laptop. And that means no searching for

her missing online crush. After things turn even uglier, the second half of Very's story takes place
at a 28-day ESCAPE (Emergency Services for Computer-Addicted Persons) program at a former
fat farm in Vermont. There, Very will have to learn to sink or swim after her forced break from
technology. With the quiet blaring, she might have the time to figure out a future, or she just might
go so crazy that she falls off the wagon into an untenable virtual existence with emoticons in
place of relationships. Very's unique take on the world brings plenty of humor and a vicarious ride
through racy modern college life.

YA FIC CRA         Craft, Elizabeth & Sarah Fain              Bass Ackwards and Belly Up
Harper, Becca, Sophie, and Kate are four friends on the eve of heading off to their freshman year
of college. Harper, who's been lying to her friends about being accepted into New York University,
announces that she has decided not to go to university but to write the Great American novel
instead. On the heels of Harper's announcement, Sophie decides to pursue her dream of going to
Los Angeles to try to make it as an actress. Kate decides she's not going off to Harvard, either,
and she heads to Europe on a backpacking adventure instead. Becca ends up being the only one
of the four to head off as planned to college in Middlebury, Vermont. The novel follows each girl's
adventures and angst during the first semester.

YA FIC CRA          Craft, Elizabeth & Sarah Fain              Footfree and Fancyloose
Follow four friends as each seeks to find her own dream in the year after high school. Finding
water in Africa, pursuing stardom in Los Angeles, writing the great American novel at home, or
becoming the star skier on a college team, each of these four young women fulfill their dreams, in
their own ways, making friendships and finding love along the way. Romance, family trials, failure,
and more attempt to hinder progress along the road to success; yet in the end, perseverance,
friendship, and loyalty pay off.

YA FIC DE           De La Cruz, Melissa              Au Pairs
Three teenage girls from different backgrounds work for a summer in the Hamptons as au pairs
for a wealthy family, and in spite of many ups and downs, all three end up changing for the better .

YA FIC DE        De La Cruz, Melissa           Skinny Dipping (Au Pairs series)
Eliza, Mara, and Jacqui return for a second season of high fashion, fabulous parties, unlimited
alcohol, sex, and celebrities in New York's exclusive Hamptons. Last summer, as au pairs for the
wealthy Perry family, the girls partied their way through the season. Now Mara and Jacqui have
returned to care for the Perry children while Eliza has chosen to work at the ultra-hip nightclub,
The Seventh Circle. Sound perfect? Not quite. Eliza has broken up with the hunky gardener from
last year and has hooked up with Ryan Perry, Mara's ex-boyfriend. After all, Mara did break up
with him. The catch is that, unbeknownst to Eliza, Mara wants him back. Jacqui, the beautiful
Brazilian, has recently sworn off men-until she meets Eliza's replacement, the stunning Philippe.
Oh, yeah, it may be worth mentioning that Mrs. Perry also has her eye on him.

YA FIC DE        De la Cruz, Melissa         Sun-Kissed (Au Pairs series)
The gang from The Au Pairs ("a beach read without a doubt," according to PW) returns in The Au
Pairs: Sun-Kissed by Melissa de la Cruz. Mara has set up housekeeping with Ryan Perry on his
family's yacht, Jacqui plays the field, and Eliza and Jeremy seem set for happily-ever-after. Or
are they? More fun in the sun is in store.

YA FIC DE De La Cruz, Melissa                 Crazy Hot (Au Pairs series)
This summer's not just's crazy hot.
It's been a year since the hottest au pairs ever saw the Hamptons, and they're certainly older —
though not necessarily wiser. Or drama-free. Eliza, Jacqui, and Mara thought they'd be spending
the summer apart, but when Eliza's new stepmother finds herself in need of some nannying help
around the megamansion with the step-monsters, Eliza makes a call...and Jacqui and Mara wind

up with two first-class tickets to the Hamptons. After ruling her first year at Parsons, Eliza, the up-
and-coming starlet-turned-designer, is opening her own boutique on super posh Main Street. But
it's not just Eliza's career that's on the fast track — her relationship with Jeremy is too. Too bad
he's moving too fast for Eliza to keep up. Brazilian beauty Jacqui is trying to be a good,
responsible au pair. But it's tough when there's a hot British photographer following you around,
telling you to quit your job and become an international supermodel. All she wants is to make
enough money to pay for what happens when she gets a much bigger offer? After
getting fired from her travel-writing job and dumped at the airport by her journalist boyfriend, Mara
settles for a summer chasing toddlers once again. There's one benefit to nannying: She'll have
plenty of material for the novel she's writing about being an au pair — and an It Girl — in the
Hamptons. Nothing's going to distract her from the task at hand...except perhaps her old flame,
Ryan Perry. Can our three favorite Hamptons girls survive the craziest, hottest summer yet?

YA FIC DUC               Duck, Phillip Thomas               Dirty South
College is a big adjustment—but not if you're Kenya Posey. Even at a Southern school far from
her Jersey turf, she's the one the girls envy and the boys want. Kenya's the star of a hot
singing/dancing troupe, her high-school BFF Lark is on campus—could things get any better?
For Lark, the answer is yes. While she's flunking socially, life is one big episode of Everybody
Loves Kenya—and Lark barely gets a walk-on role. Kenya's too self-absorbed to see beyond her
fabulous new life. But with Kenya's brother Eric and his rapper friend Fiasco bringing drama right
to her door, all that's about to change.

YA FIC DUP DuPrau, Jeanne                   Car Trouble
Duff Pringle has bought his first car. (Used.) He's got six days to drive 3,000 miles cross-country
to California and start a new hi-tech job that will make him wealthy. (Sort of.) Nothing can stop
him. (Or can it?) Uh-oh . . . CAR TROUBLE. Duff's Ford Escort barely makes it a hundred miles
from home before breaking down. What's he supposed to do? He's promised his new boss he'll
be there by Monday. But he's also promised himself that he'll make this journey by car, so he can
really see the country. Using his laptop and some quick thinking, he pieces together a way to
continue his trip. What he doesn't plan on are the people he meets along the road. There's Stu, a
hitchhiker with a secret; Bonnie, an aspiring singer with a con artist for a mother; two thugs
looking for a trunkful of cash; and Moony, the terrier prone to carsickness.

YA FIC FRA Frank, Hillary Better Than Running at Night
Having left behind the melodrama of her solitary high school days—and the beheaded martyrs in
her paintings—Ellie arrives at the New England College of Art and Design. Looking forward to the
opportunity to recreate herself and her art, she begins her first day by dirty dancing with the Devil.
Then she makes out with him. Ellie soon learns a lot about herself in this story about
independence, trust, and boys.

YA FIC FRA         Frank, Hillary        I Can’t Tell You
After he opens his big mouth in a big fight with his best friend, Jake concludes that talking =
trouble. He decides that communicating through writing is safer. Through notes scribbled on
napkins and in notebooks, on upside-down calculators, and on walls with pudding-covered fingers,
Jake explores new ways to express himself. But there are also the notes he never sends. To his
flirty friend. Who is just a friend. But could be more than a friend. But isn't—or is she?

YA FIC HOB                 Hobbs, Valerie             Anything but Ordinary
From the moment their romance begins in eighth grade, Winifred and Bernie are individualists.
They pride themselves on being different, and have each other for support through the tough
years of high school. So when they consider college, they send off for the same catalogs,
promising never to separate. But Bernie’s mother dies and Bernie more or less drops out of
school, becoming an ordinary guy working away in a tire shop, while Winifred goes about as far

from New Jersey as a girl can go: the University of California at Santa Barbara. College is a
culture shock to Winifred, but her three savvy roommates teach her how to fit in. By the time
Bernie catches up with her again, Winifred has become, well . . . ordinary. Can they rediscover
their true selves – and true love?

YA FIC KAR            Karasyor, Carrie & Jill Kargman                 Summer Intern
There's nothing run-of-the-mill about working at Skirt, the preeminent fashion magazine. I'm Kira
Parker, total fashion junkie. I thought I had it made when I landed this job. Ha. I mean, don't get
me wrong—working at Skirt is amazing. And spending the summer in New York City without my
parents? Golden. But now I'm up against Daphne Hughes, daughter of the magazine's owner.
What Daphne wants, she gets—all wrapped up in a cute Coach bag. She's already got the guy of
my dreams and all the right connections. Now she thinks she'll get the plum position working for
the editor in chief without even lifting a diamond-adorned pinky? This catwalk is primed for battle.

YA FIC KLE             Klein, Norma             No More Saturday Nights
A seventeen-year-old unmarried father wins the rights to custody of his son in court; goes off to
college in New York City, where he finds an apartment with three girls as roommates; and
improves his relationship with his own father, always knowing his baby is the most important thing
in his life.

YA FIC KOR Korman, Gordon                    Born to Rock
Leo Caraway - president of the Young Republicans club, 4.0 GPA, future Harvard student - had
his entire future perfectly planned out. That was, until the X factor. As in Marion X. McMurphy,
aka King Maggot, the lead singer of Purge, the most popular, most destructive band punk rock
has ever seen. As in Leo's biological father. At first, Leo is horrified to find out his real father is
punk rock's most notorious bad boy. Not only is he not a punk rock fan, but he believes the X
factor (the Maggot blood in his veins) is a dangerous time bomb just waiting to explode. And sure
enough it does - when Leo stubbornly defends the unlikeliest of people, thereby getting himself
falsely accused of cheating on a test. Because of the blemish on his record, the once-star pupil
finds his scholarship to Harvard taken away. So he accepts a job as a roadie with Purge's
summer revival tour, all the while secretly hoping to convince King Maggot to pay his tuition. But
life on the road is even crazier than Leo bargained for, and before the summer is over, he will
finally discover the surprising truth about his dad, his friends, and most important, himself.

YA FIC LEI            Leitch, Will            Catch
Everything comes easy for Tim Temples. He's got a sweet summer job, lots of love from the
ladies, and parties with his high school buddies. Why does he need to go to college? Then Tim
falls hard for Helena -- a worldly and mysterious twenty-twoyear- old. Their relationship opens his
eyes to life outside the small town of Mattoon, Illinois. Now Tim has to choose:Will he settle for
being a small town hero, or will he leave it all behind to follow his dreams?

YA FIC MCC            McCafferty, Megan              Sloppy Firsts
“My parents suck ass. Banning me from the phone and restricting my computer privileges are the
most tyrannical parental gestures I can think of. Don’t they realize that Hope’s the only one who
keeps me sane? . . . I don’t see how things could get any worse.

YA FIC MCC          McCafferty, Megan               Second Helpings
Jessica Darling is up in arms again in this much-anticipated, hilarious sequel to Sloppy Firsts.
This time, the hyperobservant, angst-ridden teenager is going through the social and emotional
ordeal of her senior year at Pineville High. Not only does the mysterious and oh-so-compelling
Marcus Flutie continue to distract Jessica, but her best friend, Hope, still lives in another state,
and she can't seem to escape the clutches of the Clueless Crew, her annoying so-called friends.
To top it off, Jessica's parents won't get off her butt about choosing a college, and her sister
Bethany's pregnancy is causing a big stir in the Darling household.

YA FIC MCC             McCafferty, Megan                Charmed Thirds
Jessica Darling continues to grow, groove, lust, and hook up. In this witty follow-up to Sloppy
Firsts and Second Helpings, Jessie studies and romps through three years at New York's
Columbia University. When not soaking up Ivy League ambience, this exuberant undergraduate
is busy salvaging her long-distance relationship with her high school boyfriend Marcus Flutie, now
a candidate for nirvana at an unaccredited Buddhist college in California.

YA FIC MCD          McDonald, Abby           Sophomore Switch
Take an administrative snafu, a bad breakup, and what shall heretofore be known as "The Hot-
Tub Incident," and you’ve got two unprepared sophomores on a semester abroad. For American
party girl Tasha, an escape to Oxford may be a chance to ditch her fame as a tabloid temptress,
but wading Uggs-deep in feminist theory is not her idea of a break. Meanwhile, the British half of
the exchange, studious Emily, nurses an aching heart amid the bikinis and beer pong of U.C.
Santa Barbara. Soon desperation has the girls texting each other tips — on fitting in, finding love,
and figuring out who they really are.

YA FIC MCD               McDonald, Janet                Spellbound
Raven, a teenage mother and high school dropout living in a housing project, decides, with the
help and sometime interference of her best friend Aisha, to study for a spelling bee that could
lead to a college preparatory program and four-year scholarship.

YA FIC REI        Reisfeld, Randi          Oh Baby
Before heading off for college, sixteen-year-old small town girls Abby and Jamie are headed for
the big cities! Shy, innocent Abby will be a nanny for a posh New York City family, while smart,
no-nonsense Jamie works her nanny gig in sunny, celeb-studded L. A. Talk about culture shock.
And, between the eye-popping parties, hot boys, high-maintenance kids, and a heaping of drama,
the girls can barely squeeze in time for e-mail catch-ups. But their wild summers on opposite
coasts will teach Abby and Jamie things they never knew about love, lust, truth, lies,
themselves . . . and each other.

YA FIC SAN         Sanchez, Alex         Rainbow Road
The final installment of this trilogy is a true winner. Even though coming out publicly resulted in
Virginia high school basketball star Jason Carrillo's losing his college athletic scholarship, it
turned him into an important role model for gay and lesbian teens. And so, when a new GLBT
high school in Los Angeles is searching for a keynote speaker for its opening ceremony, it is not
surprising that Jason is given an all-expenses-paid invitation. His boyfriend, Kyle, definitely wants
to be there, too. And Kyle's best friend-pink-haired, boy-hungry Nelson-has a car and thinks that
this would be the perfect opportunity for a post-senior-year road trip. Virginia to L.A. by car: 3000
miles and plenty of time to gain an understanding of what being gay in America is all about.
These boys are distinct personalities and genuine teens, searching for clarity and identity and
acceptance, trying to make sense of themselves and a world that can be equally bright and dark.

YA FIC SOT            Soto, Gary           Jesse
Two Mexican-American brothers hope that junior college will help them escape their heritage of
tedious physical labor.

YA FIC STA Staub, Wendy Corsi                          Zara: The Roommate (College
Life 101 series)
Zara Benjamin can't believe she got an F on her bio quiz! How would she ever make it as a
doctor? The pre-med program at Dannon, a prestigious New England women's college, had
always been her parents' dream for her, but it's turning into Zara's nightmare! What's worse is

having to deal with her incredibly obnoxious roommate, Clarice, and the stress of waiting for
Zared to call!

YA FIC TRI         Triana, Gaby             Cubanita
Summer just started, and already I can't wait to get out of here to begin my mother-free life at the
University of Michigan in August. But until that happens, I'll be teaching art at Camp Anhinga,
same as last year. I start tomorrow, and Mom is anything but thrilled. Surprise, surprise. If it
weren't for my father, I'd never get to experience college away from home. I'd be stuck, taking
classes locally, learning to cook and sew the holes in my brother's underwear on the side,
cultivating my domestic skills as a back-up career. Because that's what a good cubanita does,
you know, thinks of nothing but home. Yeah. Okay.This is the story of Isabel Díaz, a Cuban-
American who would rather just be an American, period. A funny and romantic summer read, as
well as a touching story about discovering your roots, Cubanita proves we all have room in us to
become more than who we think we are.

YA FIC VIZ         Vizzini, Ned           It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Craig finds it hard to smile because he wants to kill himself. Suddenly, after working so hard to
get accepted into Manhattan's Executive Pre-Professional High School, Craig Gilner realizes that
he is just "average." He spent so long studying for the entrance exams that he forgot what it was
like before and gradually his control begins to fall away. His deliberate downward spiral leads him
to therapist after therapist as he sinks deeper into depression. One night he finds himself
contemplating suicide. Like any intelligent teenager, he calls the suicide hotline and is directed to
walk himself down to the hospital. Thus begins Craig's week long stint in the adult psychiatric
ward filled with healing, despair, and self-evaluation.

YA FIC WAS Wasserman, Robin Hacking Harvard
It's the ultimate challenge: breaking into the Ivy League.
The hack:
To get one deadbeat, fully unqualified slacker into the most prestigious school in the country.
The crew:
Eric Roth -- the good guy, the voice of reason.
Max Kim -- the player who made the bet in the first place.
Schwartz -- the kid genius already on the inside...of Harvard, that is.
Lexi -- the beauty-queen valedictorian who insists on getting in the game.
The plan:
Use only the most undetectable schemes and techno-brilliant skills. Don't break the Hacker's
Code. Don't get distracted. Don't get caught. Take down someone who deserves it.
The stakes:
A lot higher than they think.
They've got the players, the plot, and soon -- the prize.
It's go time.

YA FIC ZUL                Zulkey, Claire                     An Off Year
Cecily has always done everything as she was supposed to: taken the right classes, gotten the
right grades, applied to the right colleges. But after a lifetime of following the rules, she surprises
everyone by arriving for her freshman year of college . . . and turning around. There are infinite
possibilities for Cecily's unexpected gap year. She could volunteer, or travel around the world—
but, for now, Cecily is content to do absolutely nothing. What follows is a year of snarkily
observed self-doubt and self discovery during which Cecily must ask herself, for the first time,
what does she really want to do with her life?


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