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					          Clovis Adult Education
          1452 David E. Cook Way • Clovis, CA 93611 • phone: 327-2800 • fax: 327-2889

    Clovis Adult Education Hours                                PrinCiPAl’S MESSAgE
    Administrative Office Hours:
     Monday 7:30am-7:00pm                                          I never realized how many lives are influenced
     Tuesday – Thursday 7:30am–9:00pm                           by the classes provided to our community through
                                                                Clovis Adult Education. Walking through the
     Fridays 7:30am-4:30pm                                      campus provides an inspirational look at a myriad of
                                                                classes that impact Clovis and the surrounding areas.
    Student Service Center:                                     Our English as a second language classes are full to
      Monday & Wednesday 7:30am–7:00pm                          the brim with people from all over the world who are
      Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-9:00pm                            eager to learn English and experience the American
      Fridays 7:30am-4:30pm                                     dream. Hundreds of other students are studying to
                                                                pass the GED or complete their high school diploma.
                                                                Wherever you look, learning is taking place.
     Call 327-2856 for Times, Dates,                               We have waiting lists for our nursing and
     Appointments and other information                         healthcare education programs. I called a local private
                                                                college and found out that they are charging $33,000
    Counseling Services:                                        for a healthcare certificated program that we charge
     Call 327-2856 for an appointment                           $1,620 for and we have some of the best instructors in
                                                                the valley. Many young and older adults are enrolled
    Bookstore Hours:                                            in our career technical programs to improve their
                                                                career path in computer literacy, keyboarding, and
    Hours may vary. Please call 327-2849
                                                                other certificated programs.
    For weekly schedule.                                           Our community education classes are for those
                                                                who desire to be lifelong learners and thousands of
    CUSD Administrative and Board Members                       students each year learn about everything from art
    Superintendent:                                             to fitness to making money in real estate. Many
    Janet Young, Ed.D                                           of those enrolled in community classes are repeat
                                                                customers who improve their lives by increasing
                                                                their knowledge each year.
    Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services:                One of our most recent additions to Clovis
     Steve France                                               Adult Education is our facilities use agreement with
                                                                California Baptist University. They are currently
    School Board Members:                                       providing accredited college general education classes
      Sandra A. Bengel                                          at a fraction of the usual cost. This is a great benefit
      Christopher Casado                                        to our community since there have been thousands
      Brian D. Heryford                                         of classes closed at our local colleges. You can now
                                                                go to our web site at and
      Ginny Hovsepian                                           click on college classes. These eight week five unit
      Elizabeth J. Sandoval                                     courses cost about the same as CSUF but saves the
      F. Scott Troescher                                        tax payers the extra $8,000 plus dollars we subsidize
      Jim Van Volkinburg, D.D.S                                 each student. What a great opportunity!
                                                                   We will continue to offer whatever will support
    Adult Education Staff                                       the needs of our community and try to do it at a fair
    Principal:                                                  price. Please look through our catalog or go online
                                                                to see all we offer at We have
     Kevin Cookingham                                           something for just about everyone.
    Learning Director:
     Dan Stilson                                                   Kevin Cookingham
    Program Coordinator:                                           Principal, Clovis Adult Education
     Ramon Esquiel
    Guidance & Learning Specialist:            Sexual Harassment Policy:                  A n A f f i r m a t i v e Action/Equal
                                               The governing Board prohibits sexual       Opportunity Employer Notice of
     Ricky Talley                              harassment of or by any student or         Nondiscrimination: The Clovis Unified
    Director of Nurse Education:               employee. This policy applies to           School district does not discriminate on
                                               conduct during and relating to school      the basis of race, color, sex, disability,
     Gwen Ross                                 and school sponsored activities.           or national origin in admission or access
    Clovis Family Literacy Coordinator:        Sexual harassment is inappropriate         to and treatment of employment in its
     Vivian Simons                             and offensive. All students have a right   programs and activities as require by
                                               to be educated in an environment free      Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504.
    Community Education Coordinator:           from sexual harassment. All School
     Linda Stockle                             District employees have a right to         Complaint Procedure: The CUSD
                                               work in an environment free from           Board of Education has established a
                                               sexual harassment. Prohibited sexual       policy for filing complaints concerning
                                               harassment includes, but is not limited    school personnel. Contact the Clovis
                                               to, unwelcome sexual advances,             Adult Education office to obtain a copy
                                               requests for sexual favors, and other      of the policy.
                                               verbal, visual or physical conduct of a
                                               sexual nature. The Board encourages           Kevin Cookingham, Principal
                                               and expects a student to report
                                               incidents of sexual harassment to any
                                               teacher, counselor, or administrator at
                                               the school site immediately. Information
                                              is available in the office.
                                Clovis Adult Education
            1452 David E. Cook Way • Clovis, CA 93611 • phone: 327-2800 • fax: 327-2889

ACADEMiCS..............................................5 CoMMUniTY EDUCATion..................18-40
High School Diploma/CAHSEE.............5                           Animals................................................18
Adult Independent Study...........................5                Art................................................... 18-19
Adult Basic Education................................5             Automotive............................................19
G.E.D. Preparation/Testing......................6                  Aviation................................................20
                                                                   Business and Professional Skills....... 20-22
EngliSH AS A SEConD lAngUAgE..........7                            Computer Education........................22-25
Ingles Como Segundo Idioma...................7                     Cooking...........................................26-28
CloViS fAMilY liTErACY ProgrAM.............8                       Fitness...................................................31
olDEr ADUlT EDUCATion ........................ 9-10                Foreign Language.............................32-33
nUrSing & HEAlTHCArE EDUCATion......11-1                          Gardening.............................................34
                                                                   Health & Safety....................................34
Medical Terminology/Anatomy...............11
                                                                   Home Improvement & Repair..........34-35
Medical Math...........................................11
                                                                   Interior Design......................................35
Study Skills/Nutrition...............................11
                                                                   Kids, Tween & Teens.......................35-36
Agency Student Instructions...................12
                                                                   Leisure and Special Interest...................36
Pre-Registration Instructions...................12
                                                                   Master Chefs.........................................36
Nurse Assistant/ Home Health Aide......13
                                                                   Money Management..............................36
CArEEr TECHniCAl EDUCATion....... 14-17                            Personal Growth...................................38
Career Certificate Programs....................15                  Photography..........................................38
Computer Literacy/Administrative..........15                       Real Estate ...........................................38
                                                                                                                                   INDEX OF COURSES

Support.......................................................15   Relaxation........................................38-39
Medical Assistant-Front and Back Office...15                       Self Defense..........................................39
Medical Terminology................................17              Sewing..................................................39
Floral Occupations....................................17           Sports.............................................. 39-40
Information Technology/Computers.......16                          Web Page Design..................................40
Keyboarding...............................................17       Test Preparation....................................40
                                                                   Maps & Directions................................42
                                                                   How to Register....................................41
                                                                   Registration Forms................................43

                      Para informaciòn en español llame: 7-88

                                        The uncertainty of our state funding may influence
                                        the cost, availability, and the length of many of our
                                        courses. Please call the department listed on the top
                                        of each page prior to registering.

                                      CALL 327-2800 • FOR INFORMATION ON ALL CLASSES
                                                 LLame 327-2882• PARA INFORMACIOÑ

fall 011 School Calendar
Dec. 19 – Jan. 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Winter Break, no classes
Jan. 3 – Feb. 24. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CTE and Older Adult classes begin
Jan. 9 – Feb. 24. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Education’s classes begin
Jan. 16. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . School closed for King Day, no classes
Feb. 13 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .School closed for Lincoln Day, no classes
Feb. 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .School closed for Washington Day, no classes
Feb. 27 – Apr. 27 . . . . . . . . CTE and Older Adult Spring I classes begin
Mar. 5 – Apr. 20. . . . . . . . Community Education’s Spring I classes begin
Mar. 12 – June 15. . . . . . . . . . . Academics and ESL Spring classes begin
Apr. 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Spring II and Summer Catalog Delivered
Apr. 2 – Apr. 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Spring Break, no classes

      How to find Clovis Adult Education, or call 7-800 for information

                             MISSION STATEMENT
                           SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING OuTCOMES
                        Clovis Adult Education Students Will Become:
          Active Problem Solvers, Goal Setters and Achievers, Effective Communicators,
                     Quality Producers, and Involved Community Members

                           A few words about accreditation
    Clovis Adult School is proud to have received many approvals and accreditations from a large
    number of prestigious local and national organizations. One of our most notable achievements is
    our accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This is the same
    organization that accredits California State University, Fresno and the University of California.
    Clovis Adult School is one of the few Valley schools to have earned this high level of academic
    excellence and recognition.
      • Accredited by Western Association of Schools and
        Colleges (WASC)
      • Approved for Veteran Training
      • Approved by the Fresno Workforce Connection
      • Approved by the Madera Workforce Development Board
      • Approved by Kings County Job Training Office
      • Approved for online A+ Certification
      • Approved for online Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification (MOUS)

                                                       Academic Education
                                                       Office in Room A4: Call 327-2856

           Elida Jauregui, Secretary

Toregisterforhighschoolsubjects,youneedto:   ADUlT inDEPEnDEnT STUDY for HigH
    • call 327-2856 to schedule an                   SCHool DiPloMA CrEDiT
      appointment for a placement test               Independent Study provides an alternate
    • fill out a registration form and go

                                                                                                   A CA D EMIC ED UC ATION
                                                     way to earn your high school diploma.
      through our orientation                        Weekly appointments with our teachers are
    • be 18 years of age or bring a                  available. A $50 book deposit is required.
      Conference Disposition form from
      the CUSD Student Services and                  All students must pass the California High
      Attendance 327-9200                            School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to earn a
    • bring an official high school transcript       diploma. Test preparation may be taken as a
      from the previous high school                  part of our Language Arts and Basic Math
      attended                                       classes.
    • bring a CA Drivers License or a CA
      Picture I.D. card                              CAHSEE Testing Dates are:
    • pay a $50 Non-Refundable Program               February 7, 8
      Fee per term                                   March 13, 14
    • All classes are Open Entry/Open Exit           May 8, 9

TErM DATES                                           ADUlT BASiC EDUCATion
November 28 – March 9, 2012                          ABE classes provide instruction in reading,
March 12 – June 15, 2012                             writing, and math to prepare students for
                                                     high school, GED and nurse education
HigH SCHool DiPloMA ClASSES                          classes.
Students may take an individualized
program combining traditional instruction,           EngliSH lAngUAgE ArTS
self-directed studies, and/or independent
                                                     Basic reading and Writing
study.                                               010168   Daily    8:15-10:15am    11/28-3/9
                                                     CAE               E7                 Foster
English Classes                                      010169   Daily    8:15-10:15am    3/12-6/15
020128    Daily      8:15-10:15am      11/28-3/9     CAE               E7                 Foster
CAE                  D13                  Penner     010131   T-Th     8:15-10:15am    11/29-3/8
020138    Daily      8:15-10:15am      3/12-6/15     CAE               D15                Barnes
CAE                  D13                  Penner     010132   T-Th     8:15-10:15am    3/13-6/14
                                                     CAE               D15                Barnes
                                                     010114   M/W      4:00-7:00pm     11/28-3/7
High School Subject Classes                          CAE               D11             Beshansky
020182    Daily      10:25-12:25pm     11/28-3/9     010124   M/W      4:00-7:00pm     3/12-6/13
CAE                  E3                   Penner     CAE               D11             Beshansky
020183    Daily      10:25-12:25pm     3/12-6/15
CAE                  E3                   Penner
020117    M-Th       12:30-3:30pm      11/28-3/8     MATHEMATiCS
CAE                  E3                   Sorsky     Basic Math
020127    M-Th       12:30-3:30pm      3/12-6/14     010126   Daily    10:25-12:25pm   11/28-3/9
CAE                  E3                   Sorsky     CAE               E7                 Foster
020116    M/W        4:00-7:00pm       11/28-3/7     010136   Daily    10:25-12:25pm   3/12-6/15
CAE                   E3                  Foster     CAE               E7                 Foster
020126    M/W        4:00-7:00pm       3/12-6/13     010134   T-Th     10:25-12:25pm   11/29-3/8
CAE                   E3                  Foster     CAE               D15                Barnes
020147    T/Th       6:00-8:30pm       11/29-3/8     010135   T-Th     10:25-12:25pm   3/13-6/14
CAE                  E3                   Sorksy     CAE               D15                Barnes
020157    T/Th       6:00-8:30pm       3/13-6/14     010191   T/Th     6:00-8:30pm     11/29-3/8
CAE                  E3                   Sorsky     CAE               E7                Ramage
                                                     010192   T/Th     6:00-8:30pm     3/13-6/14
                                                     CAE               E7                Ramage
020161    T/Th       6:00-8:30pm       11/29-3/8
CAE                  D15                Dunnicliff
020162    T/Th       6:00-8:30pm       3/13-6/14
CAE                  D15                Dunnicliff

                              gED® ProgrAM                               gED TESTing SCHEDUlE
                                                                         (Schedule 2 weeks in advance.)
                                                                         Testing for English and Spanish versions of
                           The GED course prepares you for the           the GED exams are available on:

                           GED examination; you will be tested in the
                           following five areas: Writing, Literature,    December 14, 15
                           Science, Social Studies, and Math. Prepare    January 18, 19
                           for any or all of the five GED tests for a    February 15, 16
                           Program class fee of $50.                     March 7, 8
                                                                         March 21, 22
                           GED Classes (Funded by State apportionment)   April 11, 12
                                                                         April 25, 26
                           To register for the GED classes you must:     May 9, 10
                              • call 327-2856 to schedule an             May 23, 24
                                appointment for a placement test         June 6, 7
                              • must be 18 years old
                                                                         PlEaSE noTE ThE followinG
                              • bring a CA Drivers License or a CA
                                                                         School PoliciES:
                                Picture I.D. card
                              • bring Social Security card               ATTEnDAnCE
                              • pay a $50 Non-Refundable Program         Attendance and punctuality are very important
                                Fee per term                             if you wish to be successful in school and the
                              • All classes are Open Entry/Open Exit     labor force. If you are going to be absent from
                                                                         class for any length of time, please let your
                                                                         teacher know. If you are dropping from Clovis
                           TERM DATES                                    Adult Education (CAE), please contact your
                           November 28 – March 9, 2012                   teacher and the A-4 office.
                           March 12 – June 15, 2012
                                                                         DrESS for SUCCESS
                           gED Class Schedule:                           CAE encourages ALL students to dress for
                           020262   Daily    8:30-11:30am   11/28-3/9    success. The following are NOT allowed or to
                           CAE               D14              Howard     be printed on clothing worn at CAE:
                           020265   T/Th     6:00-8:30pm    11/29-3/8    -Tobacco, alcohol, drug pictures, ads and
                           CAE               D14              Howard
                                                                         -Gang-related items, Bulldog, excessive red
                           To register for the GED State Exam:           and blue clothing
                           All GED test scheduling must be done in       -Rags/handkerchiefs hanging out of pockets
                           person. To register you must:                 -Clothing with hate-related symbols
                               • be 18 years of age or older             -Torn and frayed clothing
                               • bring a CA Drivers License or a CA      -Pajamas or pajama-like clothing and slippers
                                 Picture I.D. card                       -Anything hand painted or air brushed
                               • bring Social Security Card              women are noT allowed to wear or show:
                               • pay a GED Testing Fee of $160.00        -Bare midriffs
                               • come to Room A-4 two weeks in           -Spaghetti straps
                                 advance                                 -Strapless tops or dresses
                               • NO REFUNDS                              -Excessive cleavage
                                                                         -Excessive short shorts
                                                                         -Excessive short shirts
                                                                         -Revealing low-cut jeans
                                                                         Men are noT allowed to wear or show:
                                                                         -Tank tops
                                                                         -Sleeveless shirts
                                                                         -Visible underwear
                                                                         -Sagging pants

                                                      Office in Room A4: Call 327-2856
         Elida Jauregui, Secretary

ESl ClASS offEringS CAn HElP PrEPArE              ingléS CoMo SEgUnDo iDioMA
STUDEnTS To:                                      APrEnDA ingléS PArA:
   · get a better job                                · obtener un trabajo mejor
   · be involved in their children’s education       · ayudar a sus hijos en casa
   · communicate family health needs                 · convertirse en un ciudadano más
   · be involved in community activities and           independiente
     citizenship                                  Las clases de inglés se ofrecen por la mañana
Morning and evening ESL classes are               y por la noche. Están designadas para adultos
designed for adults who wish to improve their     que quieren mejorar su lenguaje y aprender

                                                                                                        ENGLSH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE
English language skills through instruction       por medio de la lectura, escritura, escuchando
in reading, writing, listening. Computer and      y conversando. Las clases de inglés incluyen
Internet instruction is included at all levels.   clases de computación.
  ESl EnrollMEnT inforMATion                      Es muy fácil inscribirse. Puede empezar
 allow 2 hours for testing and
 registration. no one may enter after             cualquier día.
 testing has begun. no children allowed.
 Photo identification required.                   Examen: Lunes y Martes a las 8:30 de la
 To Enroll: You need to register and              mañana y Martes a las 6:00 de la noche
               take a Reading Placement Test      (excepto en días festivos). Para asignarle el nivel
 Where:        Room D-6                           adecuado de inglés para Ud., será requerido un
 When:         Morning Testing: Monday            examen extensivo que durará hasta dos horas y
               & Tuesday at 8:30am                que incluirá sus habilidades para leer, escribir,
               Evening Testing: Tuesdays          hablar y escuchar el inglés.
               at 6:00pm
               No testing on Holidays             Primero: Preséntese en el salón D6 que
 Fee:          Pay $50 Non-Refundable             está en la Escuela de Adultos de Clovis.
               Program Fee                        Le darán un examen para saber cual nivel
 All classes are Open Entry/Open Exit             le corresponde. Traiga una identificación
                                                  con foto (pasaporte, licencia de manejo,
                                                  identificación de consulado, etcétera).
                                                  Segundo: Los resultados de su examen, servirán
ESL classes are held:
                                                  para asignarle la clase que usted necesita.
Monday - Friday, 8:15am – 12:25pm
                                                  Tercero: Conocerá a sus maestros. Libros y otros
Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30 – 9:00pm
                                                  materiales están a la venta en nuestra librería.
Thursday, 5:30pm - 8:30pm
                                                  Clases cuestan $50.00 cada periodo académico.

ESl ClASS DATES                                   las horas de las clases
November 28 – March 9, 2012                       Todas estás clases son ofrecidas diariamente
March 12 – June 15, 2012                          de las 8:15 de la mañana hasta las 12:25 de la
                                                  tarde y por la noche Martes y Miércoles 5:30
The uncertainty of our state funding may          – 9:00; Jueves 5:30 – 8:30.
influence the number and length of many of
our courses. Please call the department listed    clase de ingles fechas
on the top of each page prior to registering.     28 de Noviembre hasta el 9 de Marzo
                                                  12 de Marzo has el 15 de Junio
Class will prepare foreign-born students          clases Para la ciudadanía
to take the citizenship test to become            Esta clase prepara a estudiantes nacidos en
naturalized U.S. citizens. A brief summary        otros países a tomar el examen y convertirse
of U.S. History and an explanation of the         en ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos. Todos
U.S. system of government will be presented.      los examines para la Ciudadanía son proveídos
All citizenship testing is done by the United     por el Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración
States Citizenship and Immigration Services,      de los Estados Unidos.                                    034001 Martes/Jueves 6:00-9:00pm 1/31-2/23
034001     T/Th     6:00-9:00pm     1/31-2/23     4 semanas Salón D11 Beshansky $30
4 wks     CAE      D11      Beshansky     $30     034002 Martes/Jueves 6:00-9:00pm 5/5-5/24
034002     T/Th      6:00-9:00pm     5/5-5/24     4 semanas Salón D11 Beshansky $30
4 wks     CAE      D11      Beshansky     $30
                                                                                                  Norma Subia, Secretary

                                 * Let’s Read Together -
                                 at Clovis Adult Education and Pinedale Elementary, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. M-Th

                                     • Open to qualifying families with children 3-5 years of age.
                                     • Provides developmentally appropriate activities and curriculum.
                                     • Requires Parent commitment of
                                               - Weekly Parent Education class
                                               - Interactive Parent and Child activity lab
                                     • Demonstrate CBET strategies.
                                     • Assist in resource referral and support.

                                 * family Strengthening –
                                 home Visitation program at Pinedale and Fancher Creek Elementary

                                     • Open to qualifying families with children birth to 2 years.

                                     • In-home visitation with infant-toddler developmentally appropriate activities.
                                     • Developmental screening.
                                     • Adult Ed Distance Learning (available on request).
                                     • Parent Education.
                                     • 2x monthly center based parent education and support groups.

                                 *all programs grant funded through first 5 fresno county

                                 Even Start family literacy program

                                 Open to qualifying families with children 3-5 years old. While children participate in
                                 an early childhood education experience in a classroom setting, parents attend adult
                                 education classes on the CAE campus. Parents actively participate in a twice weekly
                                 lab with their children. Parents learn how to improve parenting skills, computer skills
                                 and tutoring techniques for use with their preschool and school age children at home.
                                 Parents must commit to the following criteria:

                                     • Must be enrolled in adult education classes during the Even Start Program hours.
                                         (Parents must remain on campus during hours child is on campus or family will
                                         be dropped from the program.)
                                     • Must participate in the weekly parenting class.
                                     • Must participate in the twice a week Parent and child Together (PacT) Time in
                                         the child’s classroom.

                                 Hours of the Even Start Preschool program at Clovis Adult School are from 8:00a.m. – 12:00
                                 p.m. M-Th

                                 cBET: Bridge to Success

                                 community Based English Tutoring is a program empowering parents to become an
                                 active part of their children’s education. Become an active partner. help your children be
                                 the best they can be. CBET: Helping parents help kids – “Smart Kids!” In Collaboration
                                 with all Clovis Family Literacy programs.

                                 for more information, please contact:
                                 Vivian Simons, Clovis Family Literacy Programs Director or
                                 Norma Subia, Programs Assistant at (559) 327-2865
                                 1452 David E. Cook Way
                                 Clovis, California 93611-0575

                                                                Debbie Hernandez, Secretary

Older Adult students (50yrs. and older) are welcome to attend classes at any facility below.
In order for Clovis Adult Education to continue to offer the variety of Older Adult classes, a
minimum attendance of twenty students per class is required. Program fees range from $15
to $30 per class and are based on length of time and material fees. It is easy to sign up; just
go to the class the first week and register at that time, except for computer classes. Please
call to be put on a computer class list at 327-2800.

Class # Course Title                   Date                Days      Times            Instructor

Carrington Pointe
080431 News In the PM                  1/9-2/6             M         5:45-8:15pm            Lee
080441 News In the PM                  2/27-4/23           M         5:45-8:15pm            Lee
080433 Armchair Travels                1/3-2/21            T         3:15-5:15pm            Lee
080443 Armchair Travels                2/28-4/24           T         3:15-5:15pm            Lee
080435 Archeology                      1/4-2/27            W         5:45-8:15pm            Lee
080445 Archeology                      2/29-4/25           W         5:45-8:15pm            Lee
080437 Explore Nature                  1/5-2/23            Th        3:15-5:15pm            Lee
080447 Explore Nature                  3/1-4/26            Th        3:15-5:15pm            Lee

Clovis Adult Education
080621 Beg. Sketching & Drawing 1/4-2/22                   W B4      10:00-12:00pm Doyle
080627 Beg. Sketching & Drawing 2/29-4/25                  W B4      10:00-12:00pm Doyle
080653 Watercolor Painting         1/4-2/22                W B3      9:30-12:00pm     Ward
080657 Watercolor Painting         2/29-4/25               W B3      9:30-12:00pm     Ward
080803 Family History/Genealogy 1/3-2/21                   T B4      9:00-12:00pm      Lee
080804 Family History/Genealogy 2/28-4/24                  T B4      9:00-12:00pm      Lee
080693**Quilting                   1/5-2/23                Th E8     9:00-12:00pm Rasmussen
080694**Quilting                   3/1-4/26                Th E8     9:00-12:00pm Rasmussen
080654 Oil Painting                1/5-2/23                Th B3     9:00-1:00pm      Ward
080658 Oil Painting                3/1-4/26                Th B3     9:00-1:00pm      Ward
080113 Senior Stretch & Tone       1/4-2/24                M/W/F     9:00-10:00am Green
080116 Senior Stretch & Tone       2/27-4/27               M/W/F       9:00-10:00am Green
080114 Senior Pilates Intermed.    1/4-2/24                M/W/F      10:15-11:15am Green
080117 Senior Pilates Intermed.    2/27-4/27               M/W/F      10:15-11:15am Green
080115 Senior Stretch & Tone       1/4-2/24                M/W/F      11:30-12:30pm Green
080118 Senior Stretch & Tone       2/27-4/27               M/W/F      11:30-12:30pm Green
080262 Intro to Digital Photography* 1/9-2/6               M F1      1:00-4:00pm     Young
080265 Intro to Photoshop CS*      2/27-4/23               M F1      1:00-3:30pm     Young
080263 Windows for Beginners*      1/4-2/22                W F1      1:00-3:30pm     Young
080266 Intro to the Internet*      2/29-4/25               W F1      1:00-3:30pm     Young
080264 Intro to MacIntosh*         1/5-2/23                Th F1     1:00-3:30pm     Young
080267 iPhotos (Macintosh)*        3/1-4/26                Th F1     1:00-3:30pm     Young
                                                                                                   OLDER ADULT EDUCATION

*To reserve enrollment for a computer class, please call 327-2800.
**Please call to put your name on the Quilting class wait list. Class is currently full.

Clovis Senior Center
080652 Beg/Intermed. Ceramics          1/9-2/6             M         9:00-1:00pm           Ward
080656 Beg/Intermed. Ceramics          2/27-4/23           M         9:00-1:00pm           Ward
080655 Beg. Ceramics                   1/6-2/24            F         9:00-1:00pm           Ward
080659 Beg. Ceramics                   3/2-4/27            F         9:00-1:00pm           Ward
080623 Beg. Ceramics & Pastels         1/5-2/23            Th        10:00-1:00pm          Doyle
080629 Beg. Ceramics & Pastels         3/1-4/26            Th        10:00-1:00pm          Doyle
080624 Beg. Oil Painting               1/5-2/23            Th        1:30-4:00pm           Doyle
080630 Beg. Oil Painting               3/1-4/26            Th        1:30-4:00pm           Doyle
080622 Watercolor, Beg/Intermed.       1/4-2/22            W         1:00-4:00pm           Doyle
080628 Watercolor, Beg/Intermed.       2/29-4/25           W         1:00-4:00pm           Doyle
080620 Adv Sketch & Draw               1/3-2/21            T         1:00-4:00pm           Doyle                       9
                           olDEr ADUlT EDUCATion • offiCE: rooM A1 • 7-800
                             Nursing and Healthcare Education
                             Office in Room A8: Call: (559) 327-2860, 327-2881 or 327-2864
                         080626 Adv Sketch & Draw             2/28-4/24          T        1:00-4:00pm       Doyle
                         080619 Oil, Watercolor & All Mediums 1/3-2/21           T        9:30-12:30pm      Doyle
                         080625 Oil, Watercolor & All Mediums 2/28-4/24          T        9:30-12:30pm      Doyle

                         orchard Park
                         080430 Vintage Music                 1/9-2/6            M        1:00-4:00pm        Lee
                         080440 Vintage Music                 2/27-4/23          M        1:00-4:00pm        Lee
                         080432 News In thepm                 1/3-2/21           T        12:45-3:00pm       Lee
                         080442 News In thepm                 2/28-4/24          T        12:45-3:00pm       Lee
                         080434 Armchairs Travels             1/3-2/21           T        5:45-8:15pm        Lee
                         080444 Armchairs Travels             2/28-4/24          T        5:45-8:15pm        Lee
                         080439 Archeology                    1/6-2/24           F        2:30-4:30pm        Lee
                         080449 Archeology                    3/2-4/27           F        2:30-4:30pm        Lee
                         080438 Explore Nature                1/5-2/23           Th       12:45-3:00pm       Lee
                         080448 Explore Nature                3/1-4/26           Th       12:45-3:00pm       Lee

                         080436 Explore Nature                1/5-2/23           Th       5:45-8:15pm        Lee
                         080446 Explore Nature                3/1-4/26           Th       5:45-8:15pm        Lee

                         PlEASE noTE!
                         Dates, times, locations and personnel of all classes are subject to change without
                         notice. Please refer to page 4 for school closure days.

                         CArringTon PoinTE                               fAirWinDS, WooDWArD PArk
                         1715 East Alluvial Avenue, Fresno               9525 N. Fort Washington
                          (559) 298–4900                                 Fresno (559) 434-6444

                         CloViS ADUlT EDUCATion (CAE)
                         1452 David E. Cook Way, Clovis                  orCHArD PArk
                          (559) 327–2800                                 675 West Alluvial Avenue, Clovis
                                                                         (559) 325–8400
                         CloViS SEnior CEnTEr
                         850 Fourth Street, Clovis
                         (559) 324–2750

                             Would you be interested in
                           teaching children this summer?
                                                     Are you working on getting your teaching credential,
                                                     and would like to gain teaching experience?

                                                     Do you home school, teach classes to scouts,or
                                                     teach for your church?
                                                     Are you 20 years old or older? if so, apply now to
                                                     share your special talents with children ages 5 -1
                                                     in our popular “Summer fun” program.

                                                     Call Jennifer Jolliffe at 7-81.

                        Nursing and Healthcare Education
                    Office in Room A8: Call: (559) 327-2860, 327-2881 or 327-2864

                                                Prior to being admitted to the LVN program,
  ArE YoU looking for A nEW CArEEr?             you MUST obtain the following:
                                                  CNA state license
   liCEnSED VoCATionAl nUrSing
       ProgrAM iS for YoU.                        TABE ENTRANCE EXAM requires a
                                                   passing score of 11th grade level in Math
                                                   & Reading for LVN and passing score
Clovis Adult Education’s Licensed Vocational       of 8th grade level for NA. TESTING is
Nurse program has been accredited by the           as follows:
State of California since 1981. This program       na (nurse assistant) & lVn (licensed
provides skills and knowledge necessary to         Vocational nurse):
work in today’s advanced technical health          Visit our webpage for further information.
care environment. At Clovis Adult Education        Must bring photo ID to testing.
you will encounter standards of excellence
throughout your training. Upon completion         Must have proof of High School Diploma
you will qualify to take the National Council      or completion of GED.
Licensure Examination.
                                                  completion of following Prerequisite
Students attend 3 days a week for a period         courses:

                                                                                                    NURSING AND HEALTHCARE ED.
of 18 to 20 months (includes holidays and
vacations). All students are responsible for    Medical Terminology
                                                M               5:00-8:00              1/9–5/21
fees, textbooks and supplies. PELL grants       099953          D2        Kramer        $150.00
are available for qualified students to cover             (no class 1/16, 2/13, 2/20, 4/2 & 4/9)
these costs.                                    Anatomy
                                                W               4:00-8:00             1/11–4/25
A new LVN program will begin in September       099922           C1        Ergin        $175.00
                                                                                   (no class 4/4)
2012.                                           Medical Math
all required information must be turned into    W               6:00-9:00             1/11–4/25
the nursing office by friday, July 13, 2012.    099942           D7        Martin       $150.00
                                                                                   (no class 4/4)
EffEcTiVE January 1, 2012 the fees for          Nutrition
                                                T              4:00-7:00              1/31–4/17
the licensed Vocational nursing program
                                                099962           C1        Ergin        $150.00
are increasing to $2000 per Segment plus                                           (no class 4/3)
books and supplies. The total program will
cost approximately $10,000.                     Computer Technology/Study Skills for the
                                                Healthcare Worker
                                                T             1:00-4:00              1/10–3/27
                                                099990         F1       Young           $100.00

                                                Student selection for lVn program is by
                                                total GPa of TaBE scores.

                               nUrSing AnD HEAlTHCArE EDUCATion • offiCE: rooM A8 • 7-80 or 7-881                       

                              PrE-rEgiSTrATion inSTrUCTionS for nUrSE EDUCATion PrErEQUiSiTE ClASSES
                              new Students, follow the instructions listed below:

                                •log on to click, “health careers.” click, “lVn
                                 Pre-Requisite classes.” click, “click here.” Your next screen will be “Student
                                 Login” please follow instructions. Click on “I am A New Student” then proceed with
                                 setting up your email address and password. click “Submit.” Complete all items with
                                 an asterisk. The process for setting up your account is now complete.
                                 noTE: You must remember your username/email address and password.
                                 clovis adult Education will have no record of this information.

                              Returning Students, follow the instructions listed below:

                                •on December 14, 2011 @ 7:00am log on to click
                                 “health careers.” click, “lVn Pre-requisite classes.” click “click here.” click
                                 on “lVn Pre-Requisite classes” Scroll down to the class/es you wish to register
                                 for. click “add” proceed to next screen “Enroll in these classes.” Next screen will
                                 be “Student login” follow instructions. click “i am a Returning Student” type in
                                 your email address and password hit submit. Proceed with payment of your classes.
                                 VISA and Master Card only. An online registration fee of $2.95 will be assessed for
                                 each credit card transaction. A confirmation of your enrollment will be emailed to you.
                                 noTE: There is a no REfUnD policy.

                                •Pre-registration will begin on campus December 14, 2011 in Room A-8 at 8:00am
                                 for those who do not have access to a computer or wish to register and pay in person.
                                 limited number of computers will be available @ 7:00am on campus for registration.

                                •We encourage you to enroll online. For those courses that are marked Full or Closed.
                                 Contact the Nursing Office at 327-2860 or 327-2864 if you wish to have your name
                                 added to a Wait List.

                                •Books will be purchased at the bookstore on the first day of class only.

                              AgEnCY STUDEnT rEgiSTrATion inSTrUCTionS
                              This applies to students being sponsored by an outside agency or business (i.e., Golden
                              Living Center, CalWORKs, Workforce Connection, Department of Rehabilitation or
                              Workmen’s Compensation).

                              agency students must adhere to the following procedures, no later than one (1) week
                              prior to the pre-registration date of December 14, 2011:

                                •agency students must provide a Memo of Understanding (MOU), Purchase Order or
                                 similar documentation. This documentation MUST BE ON FILE with Clovis Adult

                                •agency students must report to Josie Gallegos, PELL Grant/Agency Specialist in room
                                 A-6 to pick up required registration/program fee form. after receiving authorization,
                                 agency student will proceed to the Bookstore (E1), with the registration /program fee form.

                              Student aide office at:
                              327-2803, FAX 327-2897 or E-Mail

1   7-80 or 7-881 • offiCE: rooM A8 • nUrSing AnD HEAlTHCArE EDUCATion


     nUrSE ASSiSTAnT
     Take the advantage of the opportunity to become a state certified Nurse Assistant.
     Classroom instruction and clinical training include resident care skills, vital signs,
     nutrition, emergency procedures and rehabilitation. Eligible students take the state
     competency exam for state certification and licensure.
     Pre-requisites: 18 years or older, pass the TABE Test (Testing of Adult Basic Education)
     at 8th grade level or higher. Students are selected for the program based on their
     TaBE scores. Complete Nurse Assistant application and submit to Nurse Office (A-8)

     Need a valid photo ID and social security card. Any persons that has been convicted of
     any felony or misdemeanor (other than a minor traffic violation) may not register or take
     the current class offering unless they have obtained a criminal conviction clearance in
     writing prior to class orientation. contact the enforcement consultant (916)327-2445.
     Title 42 code of federal Regulations, Part 483.13, section©.

     next available nurse assistant class is scheduled to begin on february 14, 2012.
     Cost of class is $550.00, plus $20.00 for malpractice insurance, books, uniforms, arm
     patches, nursing shoes and state exam fee. Total cost of program is approximately

                                                                                                     NURSING AND HEALTHCARE ED.
     This is a 40 hour program consisting of 20 hours of classroom instruction and 20 hours of
     clinical training. Students will receive a Home Health Aide certificate of completion and
     receive state licensure.

     next available home health aide class is scheduled to begin January 9, 2012.
     You can sign up for this class on-line on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 7:00am. The
     class is limited. Cost of class is $150.00 (paid on line) and $20 for malpractice insurance
     that will be paid on the first day of class.
     **Please note: You must have a current certified nursing assistant license to attend
     this class. You will be asked to show your license on the first day of class.

     This 39 hour course meets the requirements to qualify for the Licensed Vocational Nurse
     to acquire state certification to initiate and discontinue intravenous fluids and to withdraw
     blood products. The California State Board of Vocational Nurse and Psychiatric
     Technician Examiners grant certification.
     LVN Provider #V10384 and RN Provider #06026
     next available class is schedule is:
     Thursday and friday, february 23, 24 and March 1, 2, 8 and 9, 2012 8:00am – 3:30pm
     cost of class is $325.00(paid on-line) plus textbook

     You can sign up for this class on-line on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:00am.
     Class is limited to 30 students. Please note: You must have a current LVN or RN license
     to attend this class. You will be asked to show your license on the first day of class.

           ATTEnTion All nUrSing & HEAlTHCArE
                    EDUCATion STUDEnTS
        it's now quick and easy to register online at:
                 www.clovisadultschool. com
                   See page 1 for detailed intructions.
                                                        Career Technical Education
                                                                      Office in Room A2: Call 327-2853

Keven Haddix, Secretary

                                PROFESSIONAL                          HOw DO I GET STARTED?
                                EDUCATION THAT GETS
                                                                      It’s easy to register for Career Technical
                                RESULTS FAST.                         Education classes. Just follow the
                                                                      guidelines below. Please see course
                                Thinking about making a               descriptions for specific information
                                career change?                        and pre-requisites.
                                Want to update your skills?
                                Clovis Adult Education offers full      1.AttendoneofourweeklyProgram
                                certificate programs, classes, and
                                workshops that are designed for
                                your success.                            heldeveryTuesdayat10:30amin
                                Certificates are available in            willgiveyouprograminformation
                                Computer Technology, Health              andanswerallyourquestions!No
                                Care Careers, Floral Design              informationalmeetingon4/4/12.
                                and much more. Our computer
                                courses utilize the latest software
                                applications currently being used
                                in the workplace.                        foranyclass.ClovisAdult
                                All ClASSES ArE AVAilABlE                VISAandMastercard.Students
                                AT onE loW PriCE - $90

                                Post Secondary Programs have
                                a refund policy. All Career              ofRehabilitation,CalWORKS,
                                and     Technical    Education           WorkersCompensationorPELL
                                classes are supported by State           fundingMUSTreceiveapproval
                                apportionment.                           fromourAgencyCoordinatorprior

                           Career Technical Education • Office: A2 • (559) 327-2853

Upon satisfactory completion of this course
sequence students will receive a certificate
in Computer Literacy.
 • Pre Employment Preparation
 • Keyboarding - 40 gwpm
 • Information Technology includes MS
 Office 2010:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course
sequence students will receive a certificate
in Administrative Support
 • Pre Employment Preparation
 • Keyboarding - 40 gwpm
 • Information Technology includes MS
 Office 2010:                                      CliniCAl MEDiCAl ASSiSTAnT - BACk offiCE
     Windows/Internet                              The Clinical Medical Assistant aids
     Word                                          physicians by doing routine examination
     Excel                                         and treatment tasks including laboratory
     PowerPoint                                    procedures, vital signs, injections and more.
     Access                                        Upon satisfactory completion of this course
 • Office Accounting                               sequence students will receive a certificate
                                                                                                    CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION
 • Quickbooks For The Office Assistant             in Clinical Medical Assisting.
 • Business Communications                          • Medical Ethics, Law and Liability
 • Office Procedures/Customer Service               • Professional Communications
                                                    • Medical Terminology
ADMiniSTrATiVE MEDiCAl ASSiSTAnT -                  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
                                                    • Clinical Duties and Medical Screening
fronT offiCE
                                                    • Physical Examinations and Assessments
The Administrative Medical Assistant is
                                                    • Office Laboratory Procedures
involved in general office duties as well as
                                                    • Diagnostic tests including ECG
appointment and surgery scheduling, insurance
                                                    • Minor Surgery Preparations
billing and claims, and medical records. This
                                                    • Infection Control
program also provides training in office and
                                                    • Pharmacology
computer skills. Upon satisfactory completion
                                                    • CPR and Emergency First Aid
of this course sequence students will receive a
                                                    • Employment Search Skills and
certificate in Administrative Medical Assisting.
  • Pre Employment Preparation
                                                    • Study Skills and Computer Literacy
  • Keyboarding - 40 gwpm
  • Information Technology includes MS
                                                   To register for our Clinical Medical Assistant
  Office 2010:
                                                   program, you must call our Career Counselor at
                                                   327-2862 to make an appointment.
      Excel                                        florAl oCCUPATionS
      PowerPoint                                   Upon satisfactory completion of this course
      Access                                       sequence students will receive a certificate
  • Office Accounting                              in Floral Occupations.
  • Quickbooks For The Office Assistant             • Pre Employment Preparation
  • Business Communications                         • Floral Design
  • Office Procedures/Customer Service              • Computer Technology
  • Medical Terminology                             • Office Procedures
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Manager Software
                              Career Technical Education • Office: A2 • (559) 327-2853
                              PrE-EMPloYMEnT PrEPArATion (PEP)                  QUiCkBookS for THE offiCE ASSiSTAnT
                              Discover interesting and viable ways              Prerequisite: Office Accounting I.
                              to look for employment. Learn how to              QuickBooks on your resume makes you
                              design a winning resume, practice having          highly desirable in many occupations.
                              professional interviews using the individual      Learn to maintain accounts, generate
                              and panel format.                                 reports, process payroll, and other valuable
                              063601     Daily   8:00–10:15am      1/3–2/24     bookkeeping functions with this user-
                              CAE          D3         Martinez          $90     friendly program.
                              BUSinESS CoMMUniCATionS                           061201    Daily   8:00-10:15am    2/27-4/27
                              Pre-requisite: Passing score on Placement         CAE          F1          Young          $90
                              Test. Learn to listen and understand              inforMATion TECHnologY
                              others, communicate clearly in all forms:         Includes instruction in the Microsoft
                              letters, memos, e-mails, by telephone, and        Office Suite for Windows, Keyboarding
                              face-to-face                                      and Internet. You choose which programs
                              064102     Daily    8:00-10:15am      1/3-2/24    you want to learn or complete them all for
                              CAE          D5            Staff           $90    a Computer Literacy Certificate. You may
                              offiCE ProCEDUrES/CUSToMEr SErViCE                join these “open entry” classes at anytime
                              Learn all you need to succeed in today’s fast-    during the sessions listed.
                              paced job market. Electronic calculator, filing   welcome to the world of computers/
                              systems, data entry, spelling, proofreading       internet concepts reviews the effective
                              skills, customer service and more.                use of computers, Windows, beginning
                              062102     Daily   10:25-12:40pm     2/27-4/27    word processing, the Internet and e-mail.
                              CAE          D4           Martinez         $90    Keyboarding speed, accuracy and
                                                                                computer efficiency go hand in hand. Use
                                                                                computer programs to learn the keyboard
                                                                                or to build speed and accuracy. Typing
                                                                                Test Certification is available at the low
                                                                                price of $20. Please call 327-2800 for an
                                                                                word 2010 is the most widely used
                                                                                program for both home and business.

                                                                                Learn the basics of editing, formatting,
                                                                                printing, tables, graphics, mail merge, and
                                                                                window tools.
                                                                                Excel 2010 makes working with numbers a
                                                                                pleasure instead of a chore. Excel provides
                                                                                tools to assist in every aspect of worksheet
                                                                                creation and analysis.
                                                                                access 2010 is a powerful and flexible
                                                                                program that allows you to store, organize
                                                                                and manage information.
                                                                                PowerPoint 2010 is a presentation graphics
                                                                                program that helps you develop animated,
                                                                                dynamic presentations for one person or a
                                                                                large group.
                                                                                068006     Daily  8:00-10:15am     1/3-2/24
                                                                                CAE           A7         Young          $90
                              offiCE ACCoUnTing                                 068007    Daily  10:25-12:40pm     1/3-2/24
                              Pre-requisite: Passing score on placement         CAE         A7         Martinez         $90
                              test. Learn basic accounting theory for a         068008     M-Th    1:10-3:10pm     1/3-2/23
                              single owner service business. Analyze and        CAE         A7         Martinez         $90
                              journalize transactions, post to ledgers,         068012    Daily  8:00-10:15am     2/27-4/27
                                                                                CAE         A7         Martinez         $90
                              manage cash, prepare financial statements,        068013    Daily 10:25-12:40pm     2/27-4/27
                              and make adjusting and closing entries.           CAE          A7          Young          $90
                              060802     Daily   10:25-12:40pm      1/3-2/24    068014     M-Th   1:10-3:10pm     2/27-4/26
                              CAE           F1          Young            $90    CAE         A7         Martinez         $90

                         Career Technical Education • Office: A2 • (559) 327-2853
kEYBoArDing for THE offiCE                     MEDiCAl MAnAgEr SofTWArE
ProfESSionAl                                   Prerequisites: Medical Terminology
This hands-on class focuses on keyboarding     within the last 5 years, Typing 25 wpm
for beginners or for students needing to       and familiarity with computer technology.
build speed and accuracy to meet the           Prepare to enter the healthcare profession
industry minimum standard of 40 words          by learning the procedures of medical
per minute.                                    management using medical office simulation
062403     M-Th     1:10-3:10pm     1/3-2/23   software. Preregistration begins on December 5,
CAE         D5          Miranda          $90   2011, in room A-2.
062404     M-Th    1:10-3:10pm     2/27-4/26   062801       W      6:00-9:00pm       1/4-4/25
CAE         D5           Miranda         $90   CAE          D3           Crooks           $90

MEDiCAl TErMinologY
Learn to build a medical vocabulary, to
spell and to pronounce medical terms.
This class is a prerequisite for the Medical
Billing and Medical Manager Software
classes. Preregistration begins on December
5, 2011, in room A-2.
061001      Th     5:30-8:30pm      1/5-4/26
CAE          C1         Tyllesen         $90

                                                                                                 CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION

                                               floriST / florAl DESign
                                               Learn the most up to date design principles
                                               of floral arrangement and gain the skills you
                                               need for a rewarding career you’ll enjoy.
                                               063504     T-F      8:30-12:30am     1/4-2/24
                                               CAE          B1           Tucker          $90
                                               063505     M-Th      1:10-3:10pm     1/3-2/23
                                               CAE          B1           Tucker          $90
                                               063506     T-F     8:30-11:30am     2/28-4/27
                                               CAE          B1           Tucker          $90
                                               063507     M-Th     1:10-3:10pm     2/27-4/26
                                               CAE          B1            Tucker         $90

MEDiCAl Billing                                     "i got the skills
Prerequisite: Medical Terminology within
the last 5 years. Learn to process insurance
                                                   i needed for the
claims to insure payment on the first
submission. Preregistration begins on              workplace- fast!
December 5, 2011, in room A-2.
                                                     i did it all at
                                                     a great price,
                               Community Education
                               Office in Room A3: Call 327-2876
                                                 Fax: 327-2995
                                                                                   Jennifer Jolliffe, Program Assistant

                          ABOUT COMMUNITY EDUCATION
                          community Education classes are not
                          supported by state or federal tax funds.
                          Students pay a class fee sufficient to cover
                          the direct costs of instruction. in some cases
                          there is an additional fee for supplies and/
                          or materials. all classes are for adults 18
                          years and older unless otherwise specified.

                          PlEaSE noTE: community Education
                          will not be holding classes the week of
                          Spring Break, 4/2-4/9.

                                                                           PUPPY kinDErgArTEn – AgES - Mo.
                          Dog grooMing AT HoME                             Shape your puppy’s behavior, proper play
                          Learn how to groom your dog at home to           and discipline techniques. Learn about
                          save on expensive professional grooming          vaccinations, socialization, house training,
                          costs and maintain the health and well           nutrition, spay/neuter options, breeding and
                          being of your best friend. Learn about           traveling with your puppy. The first class is
                          the proper tools and supplies, as well as        without dogs and meets in Room C6.
                          techniques on brushing and de-matting            CE67-0002  Th  6:30-7:30pm    1/12-2/16
                          long coats, clipping nails, cleaning ears,       6 Classes CWHS   C6/Lot   Winfrey    $55
                                                                           CE67-0021  Th   6:30-7:30pm     3/8-4/19
                          using hair clippers, and hand scissoring.        6 Classes CWHS   C6/Lot   Winfrey    $55
                          Also learn important facts on flea and tick
                          control in your home and yard, as well as                              ArT
                          on your pet. The class is composed of two
                          sessions: the first is owners only; the second   ACrYliC PAinTing – BEginning
                          class is for dogs and owners.                    Now is the time to take the painting
                          CE67-0027    Sat 10:00-1:00pm 3/17-3/24
                          2 Classes    CAE    B5     Tennent  $55
                                                                           class you’ve always wanted! This is an
                                                                           introductory course to the fundamental

                                                                           elements of acrylic painting. Emphasis will
                          Dog oBEDiEnCE i – AgES 7 Mo. +                   be placed on various application methods of
                          Learn to train your dog to heel, sit, stay,      paint, color theory, composition, observation
                          come, and break destructive habits. Learn        and working toward the development of
                          basic obedience commands and proper              an individual style. We will investigate
                          training techniques. The first class is          traditional and contemporary approaches.
                          without dogs and meets in Room C6.               Instructor, Erin Webster has taught
                          CE67-0004    W   6:30-7:30pm    1/11-2/15
                          6 Classes   CWHS   C6/Lot   Winfrey    $55       drawing and painting in the community
                          CE67-0006    Th  7:30-8:30pm    1/12-2/16        college system for the past 5 years and has
                          6 Classes   CWHS   C6/Lot   Winfrey    $55       shown her work locally in such venues as
                          CE67-0010     W   6:30-7:30pm     3/7-4/18       the Fresno Art Museum and Gallery 25.
                          6 Classes   CWHS   C6/Lot   Winfrey    $55       A supply list will be given out at the first
                          CE67-0017    Th   7:30-8:30pm     3/8-4/19
                          6 Classes   CWHS   C6/Lot   Winfrey    $55       class meeting.
                                                                           CE68-2048    Th     6:00-8:00pm    1/12-2/23
                                                                           7 Classes    CAE      B3      Webster     $65
                                                                           CE68-2057     Th     6:00-8:00pm     3/8-4/19
                                                                           6 Classes    CAE      B3      Webster     $60

                             Community Education key
                                             class description                                class meeting times

                                           day(s) class meets                                 start/end dates

                                          course code number                                  tuition

                                              course duration                                 instructor

18                                                    campus                                  classroom number
                                7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

CArToon SCUlPTUrE - SEE PAgE 5                    PoTTErY – inTErMEDiATE lEVEl
                                                   In this class you will explore further the craft
                                                   of the potter, developing the basic pinching,
ClAY SCUlPTing / figUrE MoDEling-
                                                   coiling, and slab-rolling techniques into
AgES 15+                                           better crafted forms, as well as learning
Imagine being able to sculpt a human               more advanced wheel-throwing techniques
form completely customized to your own             to produce interesting shapes beyond
specifications. Class is designed for the          the basic cylinder and bowl. Select class
beginning artist. Your teacher will demonstrate    projects will be glazed towards the end
techniques used by master figure modelers,         of the semester. Better craftsmanship is
toy makers, and film industry artist. We will      emphasized in this class. Previous skills in
focus on ways to approach certain areas of the     clay work and especially in wheel-throwing
human form, and sculpt a small scale version       is a must. A materials fee of $15 is payable to
of your favorite character. Prior experience is    the instructor on the first night of class.
not necessary, but if you apply these lessons      CE68-2054     T   5:30-8:30pm    1/10-3/13
in your daily practice, you’ll be sculpting like   10    Classes   BHS    454    Wood   $120
a professional in no time. The first class meets
for 1 hour to discuss needed supplies, and to
review the curriculum.
CE768-2016   Th        6:30-8:30     1/12-2/23
7 Classes  CAE         D13      Flores     $70

          iPAD ArT lESSonS BY fAMoUS
          EUroPEAn ArTiST lAWSon rUDgE
Drawing, composition, colors, layering, and
sculpting techniques will be presented for
iPad users on a variety of Apps. Additional
online monitoring and interaction with the         WATErColor PAinTing – All lEVElS
instructor will be available. Bring your iPad      These classes will teach beginning students
and your creative talent and join us for           the skills needed to paint exciting watercolors.
beginner to advanced sessions in creating 4        Experienced students will learn from coaching
memorable pieces of art. Lawson Rudge was          and observing demonstrations. Information
raised in a small English country village in       on matting, framing, and how to exhibit and
Devonshire, comes from an artistic family          sell paintings is also covered. Ms. Owens is an
that has been a leader in the art industry         award winning artist, she is also Director of
beyond watercolors, pastels, acrylics, oils and    Exhibits for ACA and a signature member of
ceramics. Lawson has exhibited in galleries        ACA, PSWC, and SWA. She has won several
                                                                                                        COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

through England, Cambria, Laguna Beach             awards at the Old West Art Show, including
and Fresno.                                        the ‘Mary Krause’ Award. Bring any supplies
CE68-2058      Th      6:30-8:30    1/12-2/23      you have to the first class. A supply list will be
7 Classes     CAE       B4      Rudge      $70
CE68-2063      Th       6:30-8:30     3/8-4/19
                                                   provided the first night of class.
                                                   CE68-2009      W   6:30-9:00pm    1/11-3/14
6 Classes     CAE       B4      Rudge      $60
                                                   10 Classes     CAE    B3     Owens    $112
                                                   CE68-2053      W   6:30-9:00pm    3/21-5/30
PoTTErY – BEginning                                10 Classes     CAE    B3     Owens    $112
You will be introduced to the methods of
pottery making, using the basic processes
and techniques of the potter’s craft. You will
begin the semester by learning to hand-build       AUTo MAinTEnAnCE & rEPAir
vessels and other forms using the pinching,        Are you frustrated by today’s high tech
coiling, and slab-rolling techniques. Later in     automobiles? Learn from a professional
the semester, you will be introduced to the        the basic consumer skills and knowledge
use of the potter’s wheel for making basic         necessary to care for and maintain today’s
cylinder forms, which can then be altered          automobiles. Expand your knowledge and
into more interesting shapes. Glazing will be      understanding of cooling systems, brakes,
introduced at the end of the semester to finish    ignition and electrical systems. This class is
the semester’s class projects. A materials fee     for both men and women.
of $15 is payable to the instructor on the first   CE73-5204      W   6:00-8:30pm     1/11-2/22
night of class.                                    7 Classes      CHS     H6      Lion      $87
CE68-2024     Th   5:30-8:30pm   1/12-3/15         CE73-5216      W    6:00-8:30pm     3/7-4/18
                                                   6 Classes      CHS     H6      Lion      $75
10 Classes    Alta   602     Wood    $120


                                                                             C.S.i. (CriME SCEnE inVESTigATor)
                                                                             Do you like to watch NCIS or CSI? Would
                                                                             you like to be the next Leroy Jethro Gibbs
                          SPorT AnD PriVATE PiloT groUnD SCHool              or Abby Shuto? Come join our Crime
                          Ground school is a basic pre-requisite for         Scene Investigation class! We will search
                          becoming a sport or private pilot. All             for evidence at a crime scene, learn how to
                          classroom instruction is geared toward             process and lift latent prints, process with
                          passing the written exam for that rating.          superglue, cast for shoe impressions, restore
                          Included in this course are weather,               serial numbers, and more. Exciting guest
                          navigation, and regulations. This will be a        speakers will be available to share their
                          good review for private pilots that have not       experiences while providing education and
                          flown in some time, and also prepare pilots        employment information. The instructor,
                          for their bi-annual flight review. Tuition         Karen Todd has worked for years as an
                          does not include books and instructional           Identification Technician (C.S.I.) She has
                          material. For more information email the           a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of
                          instructor at,            Justice and has completed the course work
                          Subject: Ground School.                            for a M.S. in Forensic Science Investigation.
                          CE67-0103      W   6:00-9:00pm    1/11-3/21
                          10 Classes     CHS     D8     Bush    $150         Join us in this exciting, fun, and informative
                                                                             2 part class.
                             BUSinESS & ProfESSionAl SkillS                  no pre-requisite for attending Part 2.
                                                                             Part 1
                                                                             CE74-7160      W   6:00-9:00pm   1/11-2/15
                          CErTifiED loAn Signing SPECiAliST                  6 Classes      CAE     C4     Todd     $80
                          Loan and Mortgage companies need                   Part 2
                          trained and certified Notaries, capable of         CE74-7164      W     6:00-9:00pm    3/7-4/18
                                                                             6 Classes      CAE      C4     Todd      $80
                          dealing with the documents in a typical
                                                                             DEVEloPing, MArkETing, AnD

                          loan package. Just being a Notary Public is
                          not good enough today. This class provides         MAinTAining An oUTSTAnDing
                          the working Notary with the duties and             nonProfiT orgAniZATion
                          responsibilities of a “Loan Signing Specialist,”   This course will provide realistic guidance
                          and the knowledge and skills to deal with the      for individuals involved with nonprofit
                          multitude of documents in a typical loan           organizations. Areas covered will include:
                          package. A material fee of $45 for a study         development, marketing and fundraising,
                          guide and workbook is payable in class. An         organizational structure, and day-to-day
                          open-book test will be given to take home          operations. The instructor will provide
                          at the end of the course for an additional fee     written resources, tangible plans, and real-life
                          of $30. Upon passing this exam, the student        examples of how to maximize a nonprofit’s
                          will be awarded a certificate stating that they    potential and avoid common pitfalls.
                          are a “Certified Loan Signing Specialist.”         CE74-7103     Th     6:30-8:30pm     1/12-2/16
                          The transfer of registration to a future class     6 Classes     CAE       C4     Whitsitt     $65
                          will require an additional fee. Prerequisite:      CE74-7131      Th     6:30-8:30pm      3/8-4/19
                                                                             6 Classes     CAE       C4     Whitsitt     $65
                          notary Public
                          ND74-7140     Th        5:30-9:00pm       4/12
                          1 Class   CAE         D13      Bosley      $75

                               SAVE THiS CATAlog, iT CoVErS ClASSES STArTing
                                      froM JAnUArY THroUgH MArCH
                                7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

                                                            nUTS AnD BolTS on HoW To
                                                            rUn An onlinE BUSinESS
                                                  There are a lot offers that make glowing
                                                  promises about easy money on the internet.
                                                  But building a successful internet business,
                                                  as with any other business, requires hard
                                                  work and knowhow. If you are willing to
                                                  learn and work hard to build you business
                                                  online the right way, this class is for you.
                                                  In this class, you will learn how to choose
                                                  a business to start, how to choose a hosting
                                                  company, what constitute a well-designed
grAnT WriTing 101 – HoW To finD AnD               website, how to practice good marketing
oBTAin grAnT fUnDing for YoUr iDEA                methods to get high ranking on major
or orgAniZATion                                   search engines, and many good tips to get
During this six week course you will learn        your online business running smoothly.
how to find funding sources, government           About the instructor: Ms. Green is a skilled
agencies as well as private and corporate         website developer and a seasoned online
foundations, the process and fundamentals         marketer whose web-based enterprises generate
of applying for a grant, a basic structure/       business around the globe.
format for the grant application/proposal,        CE74-7147     W   7:00-9:00pm   1/25-2/22
                                                  5 Classes     CAE    B5     Green     $55
strategies for effective writing, and what
to do if/when you’re awarded the money.
Be prepared to learn, participate in class        PrEPAring for ToDAY’S CHAnging
discussions, and begin to write a winning         WorkPlACE
proposal. In the past 25 years, Mark Peterson     Are you ready to re-enter today’s changing
has formed, managed, and worked for a             workforce? This course is comprised of three
number of local non-profit organizations          topics that will help you put your best foot
and has secured in excess of $3 million for       forward with potential employers. The first
various community projects.                       topic is a Grammar Refresher where you
CE74-7104     W     6:30-8:30pm     1/11-2/15     will review parts of speech, capitalization,
6 Classes    CAE      D1     Peterson     $65     punctuation, spelling, and commonly misused
CE74-7156     W      6:30-8:30pm     3/7-4/18     words. The second topic is a Résumé and
6 Classes    CAE      D1     Peterson     $65
                                                  Cover Letter session where you will learn
                                                  how to highlight your qualifications. The
noTArY                                            last topic is on how to prepare for a Job
                                                                                                     COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

This class will provide you with the
                                                  Interview and after you have learned some
education and skills to pass the state
                                                  interviewing techniques, you will practice the
proctored examination. Students will receive
                                                  skills you have just learned by participating in
a State approved Certificate of Completion
                                                  some mock interviews. Melany Felton is the
for the class in order to take the State
                                                  Training Manager with the City of Fresno
proctored notary examination. A material
                                                  and she will draw upon her eleven years of
fee of $45 is payable in class. To take the
                                                  Human Resources experience to guide you
optional state proctored examination, the
                                                  through this discovery process. Invest in
applicant will be required to have their
                                                  yourself and join us!
certificate of completion from class and a        CE74-7148   Sat         8:00-2:30pm       3/24
$40 check or money order made out to the          1 Class   CAE          B4      Felton      $55
Secretary of State. The applicant will need
a current driver’s license, passport, or active
military identification card. The transfer
of registration to a future class will require
an additional fee. Bring a 2” X 2” color
passport photo to class or you can purchase
one in class for $10.
ND74-7105   Sat         8:00-5:30pm       1/28
1 Class   CAE          C1       Staff      $80
ND74-7136   Sat         8:00-5:30pm       3/24
1 Class   CAE          C1       Staff      $80
ND74-7157   Sat         8:00-5:30pm       4/21
1 Class   CAE          C1       Staff      $80


                          SErVSAfE MAnAgEr’S CErTifiCATion                   inTEgrATion USing WinDoWS XP AnD ViSTA
                          If you handle food, serve food, want to            The Office 2007 applications are designed
                          advance to a supervisory position, or your         to work together, allowing you to use the
                          business is food related, this is your class!      most suitable program for each part of a
                          New legislation requires that at least one         complex task. Have you wanted to learn
                          employee in every food facility successfully       how to embed and link Excel objects in
                          pass an accredited food safety examination.        Word and PowerPoint? Or share Access data
                          Class fee includes the book, test material, and    with Word and Excel? Learn to create Word
                          certificate of completion. Pre-registration is     outlines to use in PowerPoint presentations.
                          required at least 10 days prior to class. Your     Work with HTML files and convert Access
                          registration to transfer into a different class    2007 files to previous Access formats.
                          must be requested prior to the start of class      CE71-1098    T/Th    6:00-9:00pm 3/13-3/15
                          and will require a $35 transfer fee. You must      2 Classes     CAE       D5      Lynn   $65
                          bring a current driver’s license or photo ID
                          to class. A fee for certificate renewal is $100,   PoWErPoinT 007
                          which includes class time and test material        Learn how to set up professional slide
                          only. (No Book)                                    presentations. After this class, you will
                          ND74-7127        Sat    8:00-4:30pm       1/28     understand navigation techniques and slide
                          1 Class      CAE     D2       Lopez       $165     transitions to make your presentation run
                          ND74-7128        Sat    8:00-4:30pm       2/25     smoothly. Create custom animation to add
                          1 Class      CAE     D2      Hudson       $165
                                                                             movement and sound effects that will keep
                          ND74-7143        Sat    8:00-4:30pm       3/24
                          1 Class      CAE     D2       Lopez       $165     your audience excited. Learn how to set
                          ND74-7158        Sat    8:00-4:30pm       4/21     up the slide show, rehearse timings, and
                          1 Class      CAE     D2       Lopez       $165     create a custom presentation. Bring a USB
                                                                             flashdrive to save your work.
                                    CoMPUTEr EDUCATion                       CE71-1057 Sat       9:00-3:00pm          1/28
                                                                             1 Class    CAE         F3      Lynn       $65

                          AUToCAD fUnDAMEnTAlS 008– lEVEl 1 &                       inTEgrATion To CoMPUTErS
                          Familiarize yourself with the basic CAD                     for THE offiCE ProfESSionAl
                          workstation. Learn to generate 3D wireframe
                          modeling, assemblies, detailed drawings and                 lEVEl i USing WorD 007 AnD
                          renderings. This is a beginning AutoCAD                     EXCEl 007
                          course. Previous mechanical drafting               Learn how to create professional looking
                          experience (or equivalent) as well as prior        reports using styles, themes, headers/footers,
                          computer experience is highly recommended.         footnotes, indexing and table of contents
                          Textbook is included in class fee. This class      using Microsoft Word 2007. Learn how to

                          is limited to 10 students, so sign up today.       create a budget spreadsheet using formulas,
                          ND71-1090      T   6:00-9:00pm    1/10-3/13        formatting and charts using Microsoft
                          10 Classes     CAE    F3     James    $265         2007. Learn how to edit large spreadsheets
                          ND71-1092      T   6:00-9:00pm    4/24-6/26        and prepare it for printing. Bring a USB
                          10 Classes     CAE    F3     James    $265
                                                                             flashdrive to save your work.
                                                                             CE71-1089     W      6:00-9:00pm     3/7-3/14
                          inTroDUCTion To THE inTErnET                       2 Classes     CAE       A7      Lynn      $65
                          Learn how to ‘surf ’ the Web using Internet
                          Explorer. Learn how to use Search Engines                   inTEgrATion To CoMPUTErS
                          to narrow down Web sites and create favorite                for THE offiCE ProfESSionAl
                          folders to store your Websites. Create your
                          own email account with contact list. Learn                  lEVEl ii USing ACCESS 007
                          how to download and view images from                        AnD PoWErPoinT 007
                          your email. This introductory class will           Learn how to start a new database from a
                          have you ‘surfing’ the World Wide Web              template using Access 2007. Learn how to
                          with confidence.                                   edit existing tables and create new tables.
                          CE71-1048      W   6:00-9:00pm     2/22-2/29       Generate forms and Reports using Wizard.
                          2 Classes      CAE     A7      Lynn      $65       Create a presentation in PowerPoint 2007.
                                                                             Learn how to add pictures, motion, and
                                                                             sound to add interest to your presentation.
                                                                             Bring a USB flashdrive to save your work.
                                                                             CE71-1103     W   6:00-9:00pm     3/21-3/28
                                                                             2 Classes     CAE     A7      Lynn      $65

                               7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

 ClASSES liSTED in ProgrESSion froM BEginning CoMPUTEr SkillS
                   To MorE ADVAnCED ConCEPTS
inTroDUCTion To CoMPUTErS USing                           inTroDUCTion To THE
WinDoWS XP                                                MACinToSH iPHoTo
This class is for the beginning computer user.   This class is an introduction to iPhoto,
You will learn how to navigate around the        a digital photograph software application
Desktop and utilize the variety of programs      developed by Apple. In this class, you
that come with the operating system. You         will learn how to import photographs from
will also learn how to create documents,         digital cameras and scanners. (Bring your
format disks, and manage your files. Bring a     camera and photos if you want to practice
USB flashdrive to save your work.                with your camera). Also, you will learn
CE71-1029 T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 1/10-1/12             how to organize your photos, learn basic
2 Classes  CAE    D5     Lynn    $65             editing techniques, create a very simple
CE71-1065 T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 3/20-3/22
2 Classes  CAE    D5     Lynn    $65
                                                 slideshow, and burn them onto a CD or
                                                 DVD. If you have lots of photographs, this
                                                 class will help you get started.
inTroDUCTion To CoMPUTErS USing                  CE71-1104   Sat       9:00-3:00pm      3/24
WinDoWS oPErATing SYSTEMS                        1 Class   CAE        F1      Young      $65
This class is for the beginner computer
user. Learn how to open/close the toolbar        inTroDUCTion To THE MACinToSH
ribbons. Learn how to customize and              CoMPUTEr
navigate to the various toolbars and             This course is designed for beginning
dialog boxes. Create documents and save          students who just purchased an Apple
them in different file types and versions.       Macintosh computer and want to get
Manage your files in Windows Explorer.           started. Students will learn the terminology
Bring a USB flashdrive to save your              (vocabulary) of hardware and software, the
work.                                            legal, social and health issues relating to
CE71-1041     W  6:00-9:00pm    2/8-2/15
                                                 using their computer, the concept of the
                                                                                                COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

2 Classs     CAE    A7     Lynn      $65
CE71-1094    W 6:00-9:00pm 4/11-4/18             Desktop, and the Dock. Students will learn
2 Classs     CAE    A7     Lynn      $65         the basics of navigating around the computer
                                                 from the desktop to the Dock, and identify
inTroDUCTion To CoMPUTErS USing                  the different types of icons and software
                                                 displayed on their screen. Additional topics
WinDoWS 7                                        include making changes to the Desktop,
This is a class for the beginner student.
                                                 the Dock, and icons. The class is hands-on
Learn how to navigate around the desktop
                                                 with handouts.
using the mouse. When do I single click vs.      CE71-1102   Sat       9:00-3:00pm      1/28
double clicking my mouse. Use the Control        1 Class   CAE        F1      Young      $65
Panel to change how your computer
behaves. Use multi-tasking techniques            WorD 007 – lEVEl 1 BASiCS
to open view multiple windows at the             This class will cover all the basics of
same time. Learn how to create and save          creating letters, flyers, and reports. Learn
documents using WordPad. Get organized           formatting changes such as: spell check
by saving, organizing, and managing your         and alignment. Also, learn selection and
files to folders. Learn how to use your          navigation techniques to make editing a
USB flash drive to copy files. Please bring      document more efficient. Bring a USB
a USB flash drive to use in class.               flashdrive to save your work.
CE71-1005   Sat        9:00-3:00pm      2/25     CE71-1043   T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 1/17-1/26
1 Class   CAE          F1      Lynn      $65     4 Classes    CAE    D5      Lynn   $95
CE71-1031   Sat        9:00-3:00pm      4/21
1 Class   CAE          F1      Lynn      $65


                          WorD 007 – lEVEl  inTErMEDiATE                          inTroDUCTion To inDESign CS5
                          To ADVAnCED ConCEPTS                            Say goodbye to Quark and Pagemaker.
                          This class will cover more advanced             Adobe InDesign is the industry leader for
                          concepts such as Mail Merge, Creating           page layout. In this introductory level class,
                          and using Templates, table of contents,         you will learn to use all the tools in the
                          creating styles, indexing, and setting up       InDesign toolbox. We will discuss and put
                          electronic forms. We will also integrate        to use master pages, character and paragraph
                          with Microsoft Publisher to create              styles and use all InDesign pallets available
                          newspaper style columns and graphics            to help you maximize space on your pages.
                          using pre-designed templates. Bring a           Whether building a family newsletter or
                          USB flashdrive to save your work.               creating a brochure or flyer for your employer,
                          CE71-1044    T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 1/31-2/9
                          4 Classes     CAE    D5     Lynn  $95
                                                                          InDesign is a powerful publishing tool. Cara
                                                                          Giovannoni is a graphic designer and print
                                                                          production specialist with more than 15 years
                          EXCEl 007 – lEVEl 1 BASiCS                     experience she recently won an American
                          This class will cover the basics of creating    Graphic Design award presented by “Graphic
                          spreadsheets, toolbars, selection and           Design USA Magazine.”
                          navigation techniques and formatting.           CE71-1022     W     6:00-9:00pm     1/11-2/15
                          Learn how to create and copy basic              6 Classes    CAE     F1     Giovannoni    $95
                          formulas. Formatting cells and charting         CE71-1036     W      6:00-9:00pm     3/7-4/18
                          data will also be taught at this level. Bring   6 Classes    CAE     F1     Giovannoni    $95
                          a USB flashdrive to save your work.
                          CE71-1047 T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 2/14-2/23
                          4 Classes  CAE    D5     Lynn    $95
                          CE71-1082 T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 4/10-4/19
                          4 Classes  CAE    D5     Lynn    $95

                          EXCEl 007 – lEVEl  inTErMEDiATE
                          To ADVAnCED ConCEPTS
                          This class will cover how to create multiple
                          sheet workbooks, linking cells, copying
                          worksheets, creating natural language
                          formulas, protecting worksheets and
                                                                                    inTro To DigiTAl
                          locking cells, and creating comparison
                          formulas using various functions. Also,                   SCrAPBooking: CAPTUrE
                          create databases, display automatic                       MorE MEMoriES

                          subtotals and filtering lists. Bring a USB      Have you always thought about scrapbooking,
                          flashdrive to save your work.                   but can’t seem to find the time? Do you find
                          CE71-1056    T/Th 6:00-9:00pm 2/28-3/8          it expensive, messy, and daunting? Well,
                          4 Classes     CAE    D5     Lynn  $95           this is your chance to learn how fun, simple,
                                                                          and inexpensive this rewarding hobby can
                          ACCESS 007                                     be. You’ll get started with your own digital
                          This class will give you an insight and         scrapbooking projects and gain a full arsenal
                          understanding of how to design and use          of tips and tricks; including paper/layout
                          the Access database. Explore the use of         templates, masks, blending, etc. You’ll also
                          Microsoft Access 2007 by building tables,       find great resources to download both free and
                          queries, forms, and reports. You will           paid digital supplies, step-by-step tutorials,
                          see how Macros and Modules can add              and more. Let’s scrap some memories
                          automation and a professional touch to a        together! Michelle Moore combines her
                          database. Students should be proficient in      unique skills as a professional graphic artist,
                          word processing and Windows XP. Bring           marketing manager, and freelance copywriter
                          a USB flashdrive to save your work. Class       with over 17 years of experience to deliver a
                          fee includes course handbook.                   helpful digital scrapbooking introduction.
                          CE71-1083     W   6:00-9:00pm    1/11-2/1       CE71-1024      Th     6:30-8:30    1/12-2/23
                          4 Classes     CAE    A7     Lynn     $95        7 Classes     CAE      F3      Moore      $75
                                                                          CE71-1093      Th      6:30-8:30     3/8-4/19
                                                                          6 Classes     CAE      F3      Moore      $70

                                                                          iPAD ArT - SEE PAgE 19

                                 7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

                                                    WEB PAgE DESign – PArT 1 XHTMl/CSS
                                                    & PArT  PHP SCriPTing
                                                    Become a Master Website Developer with
                                                    our two-part website development course.
                                                    Part 1: Pre-requisites: familiarity with
                                                    basic functions of Microsoft windows 7,
                                                    or Mac oS10, creating and naming folders
                                                    and files, drag and drop, accessing your
                                                    flash drive and cD, and saving files. Know
                                                    how to employ search engines (Google,
                                                    Yahoo, etc.), send e-mail, and use a text
                                                    editor such as notePad on the Pc, or
                                                    Textwrangler on the Macintosh.
                                                    Start a new career by learning to develop
                                                    websites that emphasize the fundamentals
                                                    of xtml and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
PHoToSHoP – BEginning                               The curriculum is compliant with the
This class is for the beginning Photoshop user.     World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
You will learn how to remove the red eye from       Standards and has been approved by the
your pictures, change the lighting and soften       California Department of Education. The
your photographs. You will also learn how to        curriculum includes adding photos and
make an old photo look new again. Bring an          graphics, creating tables, adding audio, and
old photo to class and you will learn how to        creating web page forms. Learn web page
scan and edit the picture using Photoshop.          structure and layout with xtml, content
Please bring a flash drive to save your work.       formatting and positioning with CSS and
CE68-2349     Sat 9:00-3:00pm 3/17-3/24             xtml and CSS validation. Learn to publish
2 Classes     CAE    F3      Lynn   $95
                                                    your web pages on the World Wide Web
                                                    (WWW) and to establish and maintain a
                                                    hosted website. Continue earning higher-
                                                    level certification through the collaborative
                                                    development of a website project that uses
                                                    the skills learned in the course.
                                                    Part 2: Pre-requisites: Possess a certificate
                                                    of completion from Part i.
                                                    Develop web pages that interact with your
                                                    website visitors. Learn to process web
                                                                                                    COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

                                                    page form data with PHP scripting. Learn
                                                    the basics of data collection, storage, and
                                                    processing and to dynamically generate web
                                                    page components and content. Continue
                                                    by earning higher-level certification
TYPing/kEYBoArDing AnD CoMPUTEr                     through more advanced applications of
                                                    PHP scripting including the development
ConCEPTS                                            of one-page websites, content managers,
You can’t use the computer until you learn to
                                                    document and photo uploading, and date-
type. Speed, accuracy, and computer efficiency
                                                    time functions.
are an important part of using a computer.
                                                    (Part 1)
Get ready for the workplace by learning             CE71-1087    T/Th 7:00-9:00pm 1/10-2/23
keyboarding skills essential for creating           14 Classes    CAE    A7     West  $175
reports, research papers, and other important       (Part 2)
documents. Using a computer software                CE71-1096    T/Th    7:00-9:00pm 3/6-4/19
program, you will learn how to become a             12 Classes    CAE      A7     West  $150
better typist. Learn skills that you will use the
rest of your life! Optional: bring a headphone
set to follow along with typing program. class
will not be held 1/16, 2/13, 2/20, and 4/9.
CE71-1020     M/W      6:30-8:00pm 1/9-2/22
11 Classes     CAE        D5     Dixon  $75
CE71-1081     M/W      6:30-8:00pm 3/5-4/18
11 Classes     CAE        D5     Dixon  $75


                          Clovis Adult Education is proud to present this ongoing cooking series taught by chefs
                          from around the Central Valley’s finest restaurants. Incorporating fine cuisine from
                          around the world, these classes feature chef demonstrations, food tasting, and recipes for
                          the meals prepared. These classes fill up fast. Sign up now, before it’s too late!!
                          There is a $20 material fee included in the class fee. No refunds unless notified 5 days
                          prior to class. Pre-registration is required at least 1 week in advance. Demonstrations
                          usually last between 2 and 2 ½ hours.

                          All registrations must be completed through Clovis Adult Education. Please do not

                          le chef Elegant chef Dean hodgson, P.c.c.
                          (american culinary federation)
                          Since 2005, many of Central California’s finest special events
                          have featured high quality food provided by Le Chef Elegant.
                          Owner and Executive Chef Dean Hodgson has earned a
                          reputation for providing dishes which feature exciting flavor
                          combinations and beautiful artistic presentation.
                          Chef Hodgson studied at the Culinary Institute of America
                          (Greystone) while also being trained by some of region’s most
                          highly regarded culinary arts masters, including Chef Dwayne
                          McFann, C.C.A. (Ahwahnee Hotel) and Executive Chef
                          Malachi Harland (Chef ’s Table at Fig Garden). In 2009, Chef
                          Hodgson was named by the American Culinary Federation
                          as a Personal Certified Chef, following his successful ACF                   Chef Hodgson
                          Practical Exam at the Le Cordon Blue CCA in Los Angeles.                   -le Chef Elegant-
                           The month of February and our celebration of Valentine’s
                          Day offers any cooking enthusiast the opportunity to focus on romance through food. Chef
                          Hodgson will offer all participants a demonstration of three (3) creatively-prepared courses
                          (a) Savory Hors d’oeuvres, (b) Organic Spring Mix Salad w/ Wild Berry Vinaigrette, and (c)

                          Semi-Sweet Chocolate Honey-Lime Mousse. Every course can easily be matched with fine
                          wines or champagne for any “special” occasion. There is a $20 material fee included in the
                          class fee. No refunds unless notified 5 days prior to class. Pre-registration is required at least
                          1 week in advance. Demonstrations usually last between 2 and 2 ½ hours.
                          ND66-4162          T        6:00pm         2/7
                          1 Class   CAE      D16      Hodgson, D.    $64

                          Qn4U -- Brent walton’s “BBQ like a champion” Barbeque class
                          Take your backyard grilling from ordinary to extraordinary! Come
                          and learn secrets from one of the pros. Twenty-six time Circuit
                          Champion, California BBQ “Hall of Famer,” and owner of QN4U
                          BBQ HOUSE Brent walton will share the secrets of his success.
                          The evening will include special tips on shopping, food-
                          prepping, and preparing a great barbeque with the emphasis
                          on ribs, chicken, and tri-tip. This course will include some
                          hands-on, lecture, demonstration, and of course, tasting. I will
                          cover all aspects of BBQing, including safety, types and styles
                          of BBQ, meats, fish, turkey, veggies, and dessert. There is a
                          $20 material fee included in the class fee. No refunds unless
                          notified 5 days prior to class. Pre-registration is required at              Chef Walton
                          least 1 week in advance. Demonstrations usually last between                   -Qn4U-
                          2 and 2 ½ hours.
                          You’ll learn lots, but having fun will be the #1 objective!!
                          ND66-4163         T         6:00pm         3/20
                        1 Class   CAE         D16    Waltons, B.    $64
                             7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion
h e l e n’s G o u r m e t
Back by popular demand!!!
If you’ve missed your chance to attend this popular event
in the past, or want to come laugh with Helen again, she’s
back! Come join Helen Tsou as she shows you how to make
wonderful Vegetable Chow Mein, a fantastic Chicken Salad
with her own Special Dressing, Broccoli Beef, and Helen’s
very own Tangerine Chicken. Helen will teach you how to
make her special sauce that can used for many different recipes.
Helen has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years
and has owned and operated Helen’s Gourmet for 14 of those
years. Come join Helen as she shows you how to prepare these
delectable dishes for a night of fun! There is a $20 material               Chef Tsou
fee included in the class fee. No refunds unless notified 5 days       -Helen's gourmet-
prior to class. Pre-registration is required at least 1 week in
advance. Demonstrations usually last between 2 and 2 ½ hours. Helen’s Gourmet is open 7
days a week. Lunch is served from 11:30-4:00pm and Dinner from 4:00-9:00pm (8:00pm
on Sundays). Helen’s Gourmet is located at 7444 N. Fresno St. and can be reached at (559)
432-4241. They are also offer catering services, call for more information.
ND66-4164          W     6:00pm-     4/18
1 Class  CAE     D16    Tsou, H.      $64

  CoMMUniTY EDUCATion Will BE offEring THE folloWing
  nEW ClASSES for THE WinTEr AnD SPring 01 TErM:
  inTEgrATion To CoMPUTErS for THE offiCE ProfESSionAl lEVEl i USing
  WorD 007 AnD EXCEl 007
  inTEgrATion To CoMPUTErS for THE offiCE ProfESSionAl lEVEl ii USing
  WorD 007 AnD EXCEl 007
  inTroDUCTion To inDESign CS 5
  inTroDUCTion To DigiTAl SCrAPBooking
  TrADiTionAl CHinESE HoME Cooking - lEVEl ii
                                                                                            COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

  ASl - AMEriCAn Sign lAngUSgE lEVEl ii
  BEginning HMong SPEECH AnD liTErACY
  ElDEr ABUSE in THE 1ST CEnTUrY: ProTECTing oUr Aging PoPUlATion
  fUn WiTH gUiTAr CHorDS - lEVEl ii AgES 10-14
  fUn WiTH gUiTAr CHorDS - lEVEl ii AgES 15+
  gUiTAr - AgES 10-14
  gUiTAr - AgES 15+
  golf 101 - SHorT gAME
  golf - foCUS on WooDS


  fEB. 7TH = lE CHEf ElEgAnT: CHEf DEAn HoDgSon, P.C,C.
  MArCH 0TH = on4U: BrEnT WAlTon'S "BBQ likE A CHAMPion": BArBEQUE
  APril 18TH = HElEn'S goUrMET: BACk BY PoPUlAr DEMAnD!!



                                     Cooking froM THE SoUl
                          Have you ever had an overwhelming desire
                          to warm your soul and comfort and satisfy
                          your appetite? Well, come and learn what I
                          was taught by my mother, who was taught
                          by her mother, to do just that. With a little
                          bit of everything and plenty of love, these
                          recipes will come to life. Your first class
                          will be an orientation with discussion time            TrADiTionAl CHinESE HoME Cooking
                          designed to prepare you for the next five              – lEVEl i
                          fun, hand-on classes, preparing good ol’               Are you looking for some healthy and
                          southern foods! At the end of each class,              traditional Chinese food that tastes great?
                          you will be exciting your taste buds and               Then come join Ms. Meng as she teaches
                          warming your soul with dishes you learned              you how to cook traditional, homemade
                          to prepare. There will be a $20 material               Chinese food. Her recipes have been passed
                          fee payable to the instructor the first night          down for generations, and she will pass
                          of class for food items you will consume.              them down to you. You will love these
                          CE66-4150      W    6:00-8:00pm    1/11-2/15
                          6 Classes      Alta    604     Jones      $65          nutritious, mouth-watering foods. You will
                          CE66-4158       W    6:00-8:00pm     3/7-4/18          also learn some history related to the dishes,
                          6 Classes      Alta    604     Jones      $65          and the eating habits of those from northern
                                                                                 to southern China. These easy-to-make

                          MiDDlE EASTErn Cooking –                               recipes are sure to impress and surprise you.
                                                                                 There will be a $20 material fee payable to
                          grAnDMA’S SECrETS
                                                                                 the instructor the first night of class.
                          Experience an evening where the aroma and              CE66-4102       W 7:00-9:00pm 1/11-2/22
                          taste of the most popular dishes of the Middle         7 Classes     BHS   856     Meng    $65
                          East blend with the inspiration and the                CE66-4157       W 7:00-9:00pm 3/7-4/18
                          knowledge you will take and share with others.         6 Classes     BHS   856     Meng    $60
                          Come enjoy our cooking class; where you
                          will learn quick, inexpensive, and super tasty                   TrADiTionAl CHinESE HoME
                          ways to cook step by step with Mrs. Hussein,                     Cooking – lEVEl ii
                          she’ll be sharing her grandma’s traditional            Have you already learned the basic methods
                          Arabic recipes. Recipes that include appetizers,       of Chinese cooking in Level I and would
                          pickles, lentil soup, main menus, and different        like to learn more? Then join us for this
                          methods for cooking rice. Like green rice with         exciting level II class and expand your
                          dill, yellow rice with spices, stuffed grape leaves,   knowledge of delicious ways to prepare
                          zucchini and other vegetables. Don’t miss this         great Chinese food. These recipes are sure
                          unique style of salsa’s and delicious sweets.          to delight guests as well as your own family!
                          There will be a $20 material fee payable to the        There is a $25 material fee payable to the
                          instructor the first night of class.                   instructor the first night of class.
                          CE66-4140       T  6:00-8:00pm    1/10-2/14            CE66-4105      Th 7:00-9:00pm 1/12-2/23
                          6 Classes      BHS   856     Hussein    $65            7 Classes     BHS   856      Meng   $65
                          CE66-4162       T   6:00-8:00pm    3/6-4/17            CE66-4160       Th 7:00-9:00pm 3/8-4/19
                          6 Classes      BHS   856     Hussein    $65            6 Classes     BHS   856      Meng   $60

                                 7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

                   CrAfTS                                              DAnCE

                                                    BAllrooM – BEginning
                                                    Learn dances for all occasions! Class will
                                                    include technique and step patterns of fun
                                                    dances such as the waltz, Swing ( Jive),
                                                    Rumba and cha-cha. Singles and couples
                                                    are welcome. No experience necessary, only
                                                    comfortable clothes and shoes and a desire
                                                    to have fun! Ted has been dancing for over
                                                    20 years in Europe and the U.S., has 10
                                                    years experience as a dance instructor, and is
                                                    the winner of many dance contests. Visit his
                                                    website at
                                                    CE74-7304   Th     7:00-9:00pm  1/12-2/23
                                                    7 Classes Maple    Creek MPR Fakira $85
BEginning CroCHET                                   CE74-7334   Th      7:00-9:00pm  3/8-4/19
Crocheting is becoming a lost art. This             6 Classes Maple    Creek MPR Fakira $73
class will start you off in reviving this art.
Crocheting will provide you with hours
of relaxation and enjoyment, while making
beautiful creations for yourself and gifts
for family and friends. Learn the basic
stitches, how to read patterns and understand
abbreviations, and selecting yarn. Bring a
size “G” crochet hook and one skein of 4-ply
worsted weight yarn to the first meeting.
Patterns for simple projects will be provided.
CE68-2126      T  6:30-8:30pm    1/10-2/14
6 Classes     CAE    E6     Tennent     $65
CE68-2166      T   6:30-8:30pm     3/6-4/17
6 Classes     CAE    E6     Tennent     $65
                                                    BAllrooM – BEginning
                                                    Learn dances for all occasions! Class will
kniTTing – BEginning lEVEl 1                        include technique and step patterns of fun
Now is the perfect time to learn to knit.           dances such as the Tango, foxtrot, Swing,
Whether you are a beginner or need to               Samba and waltz. Singles and couples are
refresh your skills, this class is for you. Learn   welcome. No experience necessary, only
                                                                                                     COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

the tools of the trade, and basic knitting          comfortable clothes and shoes and a desire
techniques. Bring #8 knitting needles.              to have fun! See the teacher’s biography
Limited to 10 people, so register early!            under Ballroom Beginning .
CE68-2161      T   6:30-8:30pm    1/10-2/21         CE74-7305      T     7:00-9:00pm     1/10-2/21
7 Classes      CAE     E8     Avery     $65         7 Classes    Lincoln     MPR     Fakira    $85

inTro To DigiTAl SCrAPBooking                       BASiC BAllrooM
- SEE PAgE 4                                       Has all that dance coverage on television
                                                    excited you? Then, join the class and learn
                                                    Cha Cha, Salsa, Swing and Night Club
PolYMEr ClAY JEWElrY MAking – AgES 14+              Two-Step. Class will be structured for
Do you want to make your own jewelry? Here          beginners that will include basic steps,
is your chance to learn how to make your            leading, following techniques, and patterns
own beads and figures from polymer clay.            designed to make the student confident
This crafting material is very versatile. Your      to execute them in a social setting. See
designs will be the envy of all your friends        instructor bio under Basic Swing. Class
and family. You will learn many different           handouts on steps taught will be provided.
techniques with this medium; such as caning,        This is a rotating class, where singles and
sculpting, mixing and much more.                    couples are welcome.
CE68-2135      T   6:00-8:00pm    1/10-2/21         CE74-7306     Th  6:30-8:00pm 1/12-2/23
7 Classes      CAE     B3     Brack      $65        7 Classes Valley Oak MPR Hernandez $65
CE68-2153       T   6:00-8:00pm     3/6-4/17
6 Classes      CAE     B3     Brack      $60


                          BASiC CHA CHA                                      BEllY DAnCing – BEginning
                          Has all that dance coverage on national            Learn the ancient and exotic dances that
                          television got you excited?? Then take the         hail from Northern Africa and the Middle
                          challenge and join our class and learn             East as you increase your flexibility, burn
                          what hidden talents you may have. Class            calories, and have FUN! The instructor,
                          will include basic steps, leading-following        Annette, performs locally and statewide at a
                          techniques, and of course, the Latin hip           variety of venues. Currently she can be seen
                          movement. Not only is Latin dancing                dancing at a local Mediterranean restaurant.
                          a great workout that burns calories and            She invites you to explore this invigorating,
                          tones muscles, it just makes you feel better       strengthening, and celebratory art form.
                          overall. John Hernandez has over 30 years          Studio 65 is located at 2965 N. Maroa just
                          of dancing and welcomes all of you to              South of Shields. This is a very popular
                          experience the fun and excitement of dance.        class, so register early!
                          This is a rotating class where singles and         CE74-7329     W     7:00-8:30pm     1/18-2/22
                          couples are welcome.                               6 Classes    Studio    65     Federico    $65
                          CE74-7317       Th 6:30-8:00pm 3/8-4/19            CE74-7340      W     7:00-8:30pm     3/7-4/18
                          6 Classes Valley Oak MPR Hernandez $65             6 Classes    Studio    65     Federico    $65

                          BASiC SWing                                        SAlSA – BEginning
                          Learn this dominant style of Swing Dance.          Salsa is the hot, hot, hottest of the
                          Class will be structured for beginners. Students   Latin American dances! The partnering
                          will learn the basic steps with techniques on      techniques and skills you learn will make
                          how to lead and follow. Patterns in this class     you a desirable dance partner. You will be a
                          are designed to make the student confident         delight for others to watch with your newly
                          about his or her ability to execute them in a      learned styling, patterns and footwork.
                          social setting. John Hernandez has over 30         Couples and singles are welcome to attend.
                          years of dancing and welcomes all of you for a     Pete Swingle has over 18 years experience
                          dancing experience full of fun and excitement.     in teaching salsa dancing. He is also a
                          This is a partner rotating class where singles     member of the World Salsa Federation. An
                          and couples are welcome.                           optional material fee of $15 is payable to the
                          CE74-7302    W   6:30-8:00pm  1/11-2/22            instructor for music and notebook.
                          7 Classes Liberty MPR Hernandez $65                CE74-7303     W     7:00-8:30pm    1/11-2/15
                          CE74-7327    W    6:30-8:00pm  3/7-4/18            6 Classes    Cole     MPR     Swingle     $65
                          6 Classes Liberty MPR Hernandez $55                CE74-7351     W      7:00-8:30pm     3/7-4/18
                                                                             6 Classes    Cole     MPR     Swingle     $65

                               7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

                  fiTnESS                        PHYSiCAl ConDiTioning
                                                 Men and Women can enjoy this physical
                                                 conditioning class designed to improve
                                                 one’s mind and body fitness through cardio
                                                 vascular routines, floor exercise, weight
                                                 resistance, and stretching—all done to
                                                 motivational music. Our instructor has been
                                                 teaching fitness classes for over thirty years
                                                 in health clubs, physical education college
                                                 courses, and at Castle Air Force base.
                                                 CE67-0404     T/Th    6:00-7:00pm1/10-2/23
                                                 14 Classes Sierra Vista MPR Welter $65
                                                 CE67-0457      T/Th    6:00-7:00pm3/6-4/19
                                                 12 Classes Sierra Vista MPR Welter $60

                                                 SWiM for fiTnESS
                                                 Join others who enjoy lap swimming at
                                                 their own pace for exercise, relaxation and
                                                 total fitness in an outdoor, heated pool. NO
                                                 CE67-0402    T/Th   7:30-8:30pm 1/10-2/23
                                                 14 Classes    CHS      Pool    Phene  $65
                                                 CE67-0443    T/Th    7:30-8:30pm 3/6-4/19
                                                 12 Classes    CHS      Pool    Phene  $60
BoDY SCUlPTing – BEginning                       CE67-0417    T/Th   7:15-8:15pm 1/10-2/23
No Retreat, No Surrender! Is the battle          14 Classes   CNHS     Pool    Bawdon  $65
cry we use while developing a lean, toned,       CE67-0454    T/Th    7:15-8:15pm 3/6-4/19
and fit body. Come join Coach Melillo and        12 Classes   CNHS     Pool    Bawdon  $60
enhance your physical condition by working
out with hand-held weights, equipment            YogA – BACk CArE
weights, and cardio-vascular circuitry           Many of us may have lower back aches from
training. Work outs don’t have to be boring-     illness, injury, or body posture. Simple, but
come join the FUN! Bring a mat, towel, and       powerful ancient yoga poses can protect
plenty of water. Class is limited to 22, so      your back. Stretching and strengthening
register early!                                  the spine area can de-stress the mind and
CE67-0406 T/Th 6:30-8:00pm 1/10-2/23
                                                 reduce muscle tightness in the hamstrings
14 Classes BHS Weight Room Melillo $95
CE67-0428 T/Th 6:30-8:00pm 3/6-4/19              and abs. Bring your mat, a willingness to
12 Classes BHS Weight Room Melillo $80           relax, and allow the breath to nourish and
                                                                                                  COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

                                                 soothe your aching back.
                                                 CE67-0410    T/Th 6:00-7:00pm 1/10-2/16
fUnDAMEnTAl TAi CHi forMS for lifE!              12 Classes    CAE    H2     Morris  $65
How do you exercise not only your body,          CE67-0450    T/Th 6:00-7:00pm 3/6-4/19
but your Mind as well? Tai Chi! How              12 Classes    CAE    H2     Morris  $65
do you help avoid illness, perhaps slow
aging, while increasing longevity and enjoy      HATHA YogA – BASiCS
a healthy lifestyle? Tai Chi! This fascinating   One of the greatest gifts of yoga is improved
class teaches basic Tai Chi patterns for         flexibility through simple and gentle
hand movements, major footwork and               postures. Develop a calmer mind and learn
stances, while connecting all with Yin and       to glide your nerves by following your
Yang philosophy and traditional Chinese          breath. Come ‘de-stress.’ Bring a yoga mat.
medicine. The student will acquire a solid       CE67-0409    T/Th   4:45-5:45pm 1/10-2/16
understanding of the theory and practical        12 Classes    CAE    H2        Morris $65
skills of Tai Chi and will be prepared to move   CE67-0432    T/Th    4:45-5:45pm 3/6-4/19
                                                 12 Classes    CAE    H2        Morris $65
on to advanced Tai Chi. Doctor Margaret
Zeng has over 20 years experience in Tai Chi,
Qigong, herbal medicine and acupuncture.
She also teaches and administers these arts
and sciences at her Fresno clinic.                     SAVE THiS CATAlog
CE67-0405    Th    6:30-8:00    1/12-2/23
7 Classes Mtn   View   MPR    Zeng    $65            THroUgH MArCH 01
CE67-0415    Th     6:30-8:00    3/8-4/19
6 Classes Mtn   View   MPR    Zeng    $60


                                      forEign lAngUAgE                      ASl – AMEriCAn Sign lAngUAgE i
                                                                            This class will cover vocabulary and grammar
                                                                            and will include cultural, educational, and
                          CHinESE lAngUAgE AnD CUlTUrE                      linguistic perspectives of sign systems used
                          Join us as we explore the language, rich
                                                                            in the United States. Students will be able
                          culture, and history of China in this exciting
                                                                            to sign simple conversations with members
                          class. While learning basic conversational
                                                                            of the deaf community. Class materials are
                          and written Chinese, you will be introduced
                                                                            included in the tuition.
                          to Chinese traditions, foods, characters and      CE67-0312    W     6:00-7:30pm      1/11-2/22
                          the fairy tales behind them. Whether you          7 Classes   CAE      D13     Silipigni    $70
                          are planning to travel to China or just want      CE67-0313    W      7:30-9:00pm      3/7-4/18
                          to know about this ancient country, this is       6 Classes   CAE      D13     Silipigni    $65
                          the class for you!
                          CE67-0326     T   7:00-9:00pm   1/10-2/21                  ASl – AMEriCAn Sign
                          7 Classes     CAE     D1     Meng      $65
                          CE67-0353     T    7:00-9:00pm    3/6-4/17
                                                                                     lAngUAgE ii
                          6 Classes     CAE     D1     Meng      $60        This class will continue where ASL I

                                                                            left off. It will also cover vocabulary and
                          frEnCH for BEginnErS – i                          grammar and will include cultural and
                          For beginners, travelers, or for leisure, this    linguistic perspectives of sign systems used
                          course is designed for you. Learn basic           in the United States at an intermediate
                          conversational skills in a few weeks. You will    level. Students will be able to expand on
                          be introduced to the basics of the French         their conversation skills with the deaf
                          language. Focus is on vocabulary and phrases      community. Pre-requisite: ASL I. Class
                          with a concentration on the oral language.        materials are included in the tuition.
                                                                            CE67-0357    W     7:30-9:00pm      1/11-2/22
                          Textbook is included in the course fee.           7 Classes   CAE      D13     Silipigni    $70
                          CE67-0303     T   6:30-8:30pm    1/10-2/21        CE67-0362    W      6:00-7:30pm      3/7-4/18
                          7 Classes     CAE     D2      Akel      $90       6 Classes   CAE      D13     Silipigni    $65
                          CE67-0362     T    6:30-8:30pm     3/6-4/17
                          6 Classes     CAE     D2      Akel      $85

                          frEnCH for BEginnErS – ii
                          If you have taken French for Beginners – I
                          or know a little French, this class is for you.       SEE A liST of oUr
                          You will increase your basic vocabulary and
                          be introduced to French grammar.                   "nEW" ClASS offEringS
                          7 Classes
                                                           Akel      $65            PAgE 7
                          CE67-0344      Th      6:30-8:30      3/8-4/19
                          6 Classes     CAE       D2       Akel      $60

                                 7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

          BEginning HMong SPEECH                    SPAniSH inTEnSiVE TrAining (B)
          AnD liTErACY                              Bilingual status is a tremendous advantage
Koj puas paub lus Hmoob?                            in today’s multicultural society and can
 Have you ever wondered what is behind              increase your marketability in California.
the mechanics of the Hmong language?                Learn to read, write, speak and understand
Within a few weeks you will be able to              basic Spanish in just weeks. With practice
aptly learn the Hmong grammar structure,            and exposure, two hours a day, two days a
basic parts of speech, and gain the cultural        week, you will truly be able to maximize
understanding that composes the Hmong               your learning. The textbook is included in
language and its compelling history. This           the class tuition.
                                                    CE67-0321    T/Th 6:30-8:30pm 1/10-2/16
class is designed for the non-native speaker
                                                    12 Classes    CAE    D8     Miller $115
and native speaker alike, with an emphasis          CE67-0348    T/Th 6:30-8:30pm 3/6-4/19
on literacy to help propel you to a better          12 Classes    CAE    D8     Miller $115
understanding of the culture, language and
people you interact with daily.Classeswill       SPAniSH – ADVAnCED
CE67-0311     M/W     6:00-7:30pm 1/9-2/22
                                                    ConVErSATionAl lEVEl ii (C)
11 Classes    CAE       D15    Heap  $105           If your goal is to communicate in Spanish
                                                    better, or to become fluent, this is the
SPAniSH – CoUrT inTErPrETing                        class for you! We will work on writing
This class is ideal for adult individuals           and speaking Spanish; giving you greater
who perhaps haven’t thought about                   confidence in your ability to communicate
exploiting their marketable bilingual skills.       more effectively. You will also learn correct
It will prepare individuals for positions           verb usage and tenses. Being able to speak
in translation (written) and interpretation         Spanish fluently will help you to improve
(spoken) fields. This introductory course is        customer service, build successful business
designed for students who want to develop           relationships, and add to your travel
their English/Spanish skills in the field of        enjoyment. This class is a great starting
legal/court interpretation. Class will include      place for you to begin mastering Spanish.
exercises to enhance memory and mental              Same textbok as used in level I can be
agility with an emphasis on the criminal            purchased if needed.
                                                    CE67-0328     W   6:30-9:00pm     1/11-2/22
justice system and vocabulary development.          7 Classes     CAE     D8     Miller      $80
This course is a comprehensive introduction         CE67-0358     W    6:30-9:00pm      3/7-4/18
to the language skills required to pass             6 Classes     CAE     D8     Miller      $75
the state and federal court interpreter
examinations. Textbook included in cost.
CE67-0318      W     6:00-8:00pm    1/11-2/22
                                                    SPAniSH – BEginning
                                                                                                    COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

7 Classes     CAE      D7     Marquez    $105       ConVErSATionAl lEVEl i (A)
CE67-0355      W      6:00-8:00pm     3/7-4/18      In just a few weeks you will learn how to use
6 Classes     CAE      D7     Marquez    $100       basic conversational skills. Whether you plan
                                                    to travel, or need to communicate on the job,
SPAniSH for HEAlTH CArE                             this class will provide you that opportunity.
ProfESSionAlS                                       We will concentrate on vocabulary and
Are you a medical office worker, nurse or           everyday phrases. This class will prepare you
doctor that would like to speak Spanish to          for “Spanish Intensive Training.”
your patients? This class was created just for      CE67-0314     T  6:00-8:00pm    1/10-2/21
you! You’ll learn to become familiar with           7 Classes    CAE    D7     Marquez     $70
                                                    CE67-0317     T   6:00-8:00pm     3/6-4/17
basic Spanish vocabulary as it relates to           6 Classes    CAE    D7     Marquez     $65
the medical environment. Bilingual status           ages 14+
will help you get the job that you want or          CE72-6004     T  4:00-5:30pm    1/10-2/21
help you stand out in your current position.        7 Classes    CAE    D7     Marquez     $65
Sign up soon, this class is sure to fill up fast!   CE72-6020     T   4:00-5:30pm     3/6-4/17
Textbook included in cost.                          6 Classes    CAE    D7     Marquez     $60
CE67-0316      Th    6:00-8:00pm    1/12-2/23
7 Classes     CAE      D7     Marquez    $105
CE67-0350      Th     6:00-8:00pm     3/8-4/19
6 Classes     CAE      D7     Marquez    $100


                                            gArDEning                             VEgETABlE AnD HErB gArDEning
                                                                                  For Locavores and anyone else that loves
                                                                                  high quality produce. Learn about gardening
                                                                                  at home. Good for your budget, good for
                                                                                  your health, and good for the environment.
                                                                                  We will cover soil preparation, composting,
                                                                                  crop and seed selection, unusual vegetables,
                                                                                  culture, watering, pest control, and harvest.
                                                                                  Learn about culinary herbs, salad herbs,
                                                                                  herbs for tea and edible flowers. Learn what
                                                                                  ‘goes wrong’ with your parsley. We will not
                                                                                  cover medicinal herbs. Not intended for
                                                                                  commercial growers. *Saturday, January 21
                                                                                  and 28 from 10:00-12:00pm will be field
                                                                                  trips to vegetable and herb gardens.
                                                                                  CE73-5007     T   6:30-8:00pm     1/10-1/31
                                                                                  *6 Classes    CAE    D13      Eayre     $65

                                                                                               HEAlTH & SAfETY

                                                                                            ElDEr ABUSE in THE 1ST
                          frUiT TrEES                                                       CEnTUrY: ProTECTing oUr
                          In this class we will discuss plums, peaches,                     Aging PoPUlATion
                          apricots, nectarines, cherries, apples, citrus, figs,   Do you know what really goes on behind
                          persimmon, pomegranates, pears, pistachio,              closed doors in Fresno County? Elder abuse
                          walnut, blueberries, and bramble fruit. We will         is a common occurrence in the lives of people
                          cover how to select the best cultivar and how to        around you. It may even be happening in your
                          have yields come in over the season rather than         own family. Learn to recognize and respond to
                          all at once. Pruning, watering, fertilization,          elder abuse to protect aging family members,
                          pest control, and harvest will be covered. Not          friends, clients, and yourself. Learn from the
                          intended for commercial growers. *Saturday,             people and agencies who handle elder abuse
                          March 31 from 10:00-12:00pm will be a field             issues in Fresno County. The class includes
                          trip to a local nursery.                                physical abuse and homicide, sexual assault,
                          CE73-5013          T     6:30-8:00pm 3/13-4/10
                                                                                  financial exploitation, neglect and abuse in
                          *5 Classes             CAE    D13   Eayre  $55
                                                                                  facilities. This is a class for family member,
                                                                                  caregivers, seniors, and concerned citizens
                          grEEn lAnDSCAPing                                       ages 18-108. A materials fee of $5 for the

                          Learn low water use for spectacular                     handbook is payable to Castle Keep Elder
                          landscaping. You will have dramatic plants,             Abuse Prevention Program on the first night
                          year round color, hummingbirds and wonderful            of class.
                          fragrances. Create a place to completely relax          CE70-3029 W     6:00-9:00pm     1/11-2/15
                          in your own backyard. *Saturday, February 25            6 Classes   CAE    E7     Benzler      $65
                          and March 3 from 10:30-12:30pm will be a                CE70-3033 W     6:00-9:00pm       3/7-4/18
                          field trip. Classroom sessions will cover soil          6 Classes   CAE    E7     Benzler      $65
                          preparation, plant selection, culture, design,               HoME iMProVEMEnT & rEPAir
                          pruning and fertilization.
                          CE73-5023       T    6:30-8:30pm       2/7-3/6
                          *7 Classes       CAE     D13     Eayre    $65           BUilDing oUTDoor ProJECTS
                                                                                  You can add enjoyment to your yard and
                          SProUTS AnD MiCrogrEEnS                                 garden by building your own furniture and
                          Produce your own gourmet salads. Grow                   accent pieces. No experience is necessary.
                          sprouts and microgreen salads at home. It’s             In this class you will learn how to build and
                          easy, fun, nutritious, and inexpensive. Class           finish outdoor projects such as arbors, chairs,
                          will include demonstrations of different                potting benches, birdhouses, or anything
                          methods and tastings of different crops.                else you have in mind. Go primitive or
                          Not intended for commercial producers.                  refined, large or small. Express your own
                          A material fee of $12 is payable to the                 style! Material costs will be based on your
                          instructor at the first class meeting.                  project and are not included in class fee.
                                                                                  CE73-5105     W   6:30-9:00pm     1/11-2/22
                          CE73-5024       Th  7:00-8:30pm   1/12-1/26
                                                                                  7 Classes    CWHS    L3     Linquist    $80
                          3 Classes       CAE    E6     Eayre     $45

                              7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

                                                            inTErior DESign

                                               inTroDUCTion To inTErior DESign
                                               Have you thought about a profession or a
                                               hobby, which encourages you to be creative,
                                               sustainable, and passionate? We are talking
                                               about Interior Design! You’ll learn about the
                                               fundamentals of interior design, including:
                                               color, texture, form, balance, space, lighting,
                                               furniture, windows, floors, finishes and
                                               accessories. The format of the class will
fUrniTUrE rEfiniSHing & rEPAir                 include illustrated lectures, discussions, real
Put a bright new finish on old or unfinished   world applicable projects and field trips. It is
furniture and learn techniques to repair       the time for you to be inspired and creative
broken chairs, tables, or drawers. Learn to    about your lifestyle and your profession.
strip old finish, prepare the surface, and     CE66-4205     Th    7:00-9:00pm     1/12-2/23
                                               7 Classes     CAE     E9     Devejian     $65
apply different types of finishes.
CE73-5110    Th    6:30-9:00pm     1/12-2/23
7 Classes   CHS     H9     Ostergaard    $80             kiDS, TWEEnS & TEEnS
CE73-5126    Th     6:30-9:00pm     3/8-4/19
6 Classes   CHS     H9     Ostergaard    $75
                                               CArToon SCUlPTUrE – AgES 9+
                                               Imagine creating a sculpture based on your
                                               favorite cartoon character. We will practice
                                               a number of techniques used to create high
                                               quality sculptures used in the entertainment
                                               industry. We will research images for
                                               reference. Your work is not limited to the
                                               animated; you can also sculpt video game
                                               and comic book characters. The first class
                                               meets to discuss needed supplies, and to
                                               review the curriculum.
                                               CE72-6186       T 5:30-6:30pm     1/10-2/21
                                               7 Classes      CAE    B4     Flores     $55

                                                         fUn WiTH gUiTAr CHorDS
                                                         lEVEl ii – AgES 10-14
                                                                                                  COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

                                               Take what you already know about playing
                                               guitar and kick it up a notch. This exciting
WooDWorking ProJECTS                           new class will teach you all the rhythm
Are you frustrated because you can’t find      basics. You’ll learn how to add a bass line
the right frame, shelf, or table? Then make    to your chords. In class you will learn barre
it yourself! Learn basic skills, safety, use   chords, power chords, and classical finger-
of hand tools, woodworking machinery,          picking style. With these chords, you will
design, and materials, in a lecture and        be able to play professional-sounding chord
hands-on format. Bring a project idea to       progressions. The instructor has studied
the first class. Material cost not included    classical guitar and plays a wide variety
in class fee.                                  of musical styles. She has also composed
CE73-5121    T    6:30-9:00pm     1/10-2/21    original rock songs and ballads. Come
7 Classes   CHS    H9     Ostergaard    $80    and discover your creative self. Don’t miss
CE73-5132     T    6:30-9:00pm     3/6-4/17
                                               out! Nylon-string guitar recommended.
6 Classes   CHS    H9     Ostergaard    $75
                                               Bring guitar and notebook. Prerequisite:
                                               Beginning Guitar or basic guitar skills.
                                               CE72-2222     Th    4:00-5:00pm     1/12-2/16
                                               6 Classes CHS       K02      Coffney      $55
    SAVE THiS CATAlog                          CE72-2224
                                               6 Classes CHS
                                                             Th     4:00-5:00pm
                                                                   K02      Coffney
 for SPring AnD SUMMEr
      01 SESSionS

                                                                                          MonEY MAnAgEMEnT

                                                                              inTroDUCTion To ACCoUnTing AnD TAXES
                                                                              Learn basic accounting for personal and
                                                                              business use. Prepare for the tax filing
                                                                              season and get your accounting and
                                                                              financial records organized. The course is
                                                                              an introduction to beginning accounting to
                                                                              help you understand the flow of financial
                                    gUiTAr – AgES 10-14                       transactions, recording of income and
                          Learn to play this popular instrument and           expenses, and reconciliations.
                          have a lifetime of enjoyment with music.            CE74-7502    Th    6:00-8:00pm     1/12-2/23
                          Instruction is at the beginning level. This class   7 Classes    CAE     D1      Stevens     $65
                                                                              CE74-7527     Th    6:00-8:00pm     3/8-4/19
                          covers basic chords and some useful chord
                                                                              6 Classes    CAE     D1      Stevens     $60
                          theory, too. With some additional practice
                          by the end of this session you will be able to
                          play several different strums and a few songs.
                                                                              Have you ever wanted to go back to school
                          Bring your guitar to the first class.
                          CE72-2212     T       4:30-6:00pm      1/10-2/21    but didn’t have the money available to
                          7 Classes    CAE       E9     Schlesinger    $65    pay your tuition? Do you wish you had
                          CE72-2232      T       4:30-6:00pm      3/6-4/17    saved more for your child’s college fund? If
                          6 Classes    CAE       E9     Schlesinger    $60    your answer to these questions is yes, then
                                                                              this is the class for you. Class will cover
                          gUiTAr – BEginning AgES 15+                         how to search for scholarships, and where
                          - SEE PAgE 7                                       to find and apply for scholarships. Also,
                          PolYMEr ClAY JEWElrY MAking–                        Ms. Biser shows you how to apply for a
                                                                              scholarship and how to write a scholarship
                          AgES 14+ - SEE PAgE 9                              essay. Millions of dollars of scholarships go
                          SPAniSH – BEginning ConVErSATionAl–                 unclaimed each year; it’s time to tap into

                          AgES 14+ - SEE PAgE                               these FREE resources.
                                                                              CE74-7533     T   6:00-7:00pm    1/10-2/21
                                                                              7 Classes     CAE     D4     Biser     $55
                                 lEiSUrE & SPECiAl inTErEST
                          BriDgE – inTErMEDiATE                                                  MUSiC
                          This class is designed to acquaint the bridge
                          player with most of the basic techniques            CoMMUniTY BAnD – A VAriETY of MUSiC
                          of declarer play, with some discussion of           Get that old instrument out of the closet
                          defensive strategies. Instruction will include      or attic and start making music. The band
                          a short review of bidding and hands-on              plays a variety of music from orchestral
                          exercises with question and answer periods          transcriptions and Sousa marches, to
                          emphasized. Students should be familiar             waltzes, polkas, rags and pop. No auditions.
                          with bridge, either from the beginning class,       Performances are scheduled at various
                          or from prior experience. Our instructor            community and civic events throughout
                          is a national champion, so get ready to             the Fresno/Clovis area. You may register
                          learn from the best. Classes will be held           for this class any time within the school
                          at the Fresno Bridge Center located at              year for a tuition of $25. The band does not
                          1320 E. Shaw Ave., Ste. 100 (please enter           meet during the summer months. You may
                          from North 6th St. Follow the signs to              register in class with the instructor Tuesday
                          restaurant). class will not be held on 2/14.        nights at Clark Intermediate School’s Band
                          CE74-8203      T      7:00-9:00pm     1/10-2/28     Room (902 Fifth St, Clovis). Class runs
                          7 Classes          FBC        Meffley       $65
                                                                              from 6:00-9:00pm.

                                 7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion
          fUn WiTH gUiTAr CHorDS lEVEl PiAno – BEginning
          ii – AgES 15+                You can learn to play                   the piano even if you
Take what you already know about playing             have never touched a keyboard. Mrs. Beatty
guitar and kick it up a notch. This exciting         is a certified piano teacher. Class fee does not
new class will teach you all the rhythm              include books. Class is limited to 12 students.
                                                     CE68-2205      W    6:30-9:00pm     1/11-2/22
basics. You’ll learn how to add a bass line
                                                     7 Classes     CHS      K02     Beatty      $75
to your chords. In class you will learn barre        CE68-2210      W     6:30-9:00pm      3/7-4/18
chords, power chords, and classical finger-          6 Classes     CHS      K02     Beatty      $70
picking style. With these chords, you will
be able to play professional-sounding chord
progressions. The instructor has studied
classical guitar and plays a wide variety
of musical styles. She has also composed
original rock songs and ballads. Come
and discover your creative self. Don’t miss
out! Nylon-string guitar recommended.
Bring guitar and notebook. Prerequisite:
Beginning Guitar or basic guitar skills.
CE69-2222      Th    6:00-8:00pm     1/12-2/16
6 Classes     CHS      K02     Coffney     $65
CE69-2224      Th     6:00-8:00pm     3/8-4/19
6 Classes     CHS      K02     Coffney     $65

gUiTAr – BEginning AgES 15+
Basic chords and chord theory will be
covered in this exciting beginning music
                                                     THE SiMPlE SECrETS of HArMoniCA PlAYing
                                                     Ever wanted to boogie down on the
class. You will learn to play and begin to read
                                                     harmonica? Join us in learning to play by ear
musical notation. Bring your guitar, pencil
                                                     the basics of harmonica tunes. The ability
and pad to your first class.
CE68-2204   T    6:30-8:30pm      1/10-2/21          to read music is not necessary. We will
7 Classes  CAE    E9     Schlesinger    $65          progress from blues chords to single note
CE68-2217    T    6:30-8:30pm      3/6-4/17          playing. Robert Amaya has been playing the
6 Classes  CAE    E9     Schlesinger    $60          harmonica for 36 years and has acquired a
Ages 10-14 See page 36                               wide repertoire of tunes encompassing the
                                                     Louisiana blues, classical, easy listening, and
                                                     Latin inspired. Course requirement: must
                                                     purchase own diatonic blues harmonica, key
                                                     of C.
                                                                                                        COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

                                                     CE68-2214     W     7:00-9:00pm    1/11-2/15
                                                     6 Classes     CAE      E9      Amaya      $65
                                                     CE68-2218      W     7:00-9:00pm     3/7-4/18
                                                     6 Classes     CAE      E9      Amaya      $65
                                                                 PErSonAl groWTH
                                                     orgAniZing YoUr PAPEr, SPACE, AnD lifE
                                                     Whether your life is an organizational
                                                     nightmare, or you’re looking for some tips
gUiTAr for BlUES PlAYErS                             to fine-tune things, this course provides
This is not a class of just chords and scales,       practical tools to establish order and regain
play the guitar in a way that is both fun and        control of your home, office, and life. Topics
informative. The course will also include left       include what to do with the endless paper
hand drills and finger picking. Bring your           flow, organizing your space (home and
guitar and a desire to love it to your first class   office,) and how to manage your time and
meeting. The instructor has been a blues             household. Instructor, Brenda McElroy,
player for fifty years, and has performed            is a member of the National Association
professionally. Join him as he shares his years      of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a
of knowledge and personal enjoyment with             Family Manager Coach, and owns her own
you! Pre-requisite: Beginning Guitar.                organizing business – Organized By Choice.
CE68-2203       W 6:30-8:00pm      1/11-2/22         Brenda presents a functional plan so you can
7 Classes      CAE   B4      Neville      $65        take the steps necessary to experience the
CE68-2225       W 6:30-8:00pm        3/7-4/18        freedom of life beyond clutter and chaos.
6 Classes      CAE   B4      Neville      $60        CE74-7635   M        6:30-8:30pm     1/23-2/6
                                                     3 Classes CAE          E9      McElroy   $55                    7
                                        PHoTogrAPHY                                         rEAl ESTATE

                          PHoToSHoP – BEginning - SEE PAgE 5

                                                                            MAking MonEY in rEAl ESTATE
                          DigiTAl PHoTogrAPHY –                             This course covers purchasing, financing,
                          An inTroDUCTion                                   exchanges, foreclosures, short sales, fixer-
                          This beginning digital photography class          uppers, property management, and reducing
                          will focus on the basics of using your digital    taxes through real estate investments. Learn
                          camera. From auto modes to manual controls        to start an investment plan, establish goals,
                          of DSLRs. Also how to organize images             and evaluate real estate investments. Mr.
                          and “digitally develop” images using Adobe        Stumpf is an active real estate broker/investor
                          Photoshop Elements and manage basic               and has over 30 years experience in real estate.
                          image “flow”. Learn how to prepare photos         The knowledge you will gain is equivalent to
                          for printing and sharing on the web. This         courses costing 20 times more than this class.

                          class is taught using Microsoft Windows           There will be a $5 material fee payable to the
                          Vista based PC computers. Basic computer          instructor the first night of class.
                          skills are strongly recommended. Bring a          CE74-7804     W     6:00-9:00pm    1/11-1/25
                          USB flashdrive to save your work.                 3 Classes     CAE      E6     Stumpf      $65
                          CE68-2314     W       6:00-8:30pm      3/7-4/18   CE74-7820      W     6:00-9:00pm     3/7-3/21
                          6 Classes     CAE       F3      Tipton      $85   3 Classes     CAE      E6     Stumpf      $65

                          DigiTAl PHoTogrAPHY – ADVAnCED
                          This advanced digital photography
                          class will focus on how to use manual             inTro To AroMATHErAPY
                          camera      settings      with    a   DSLR.       Explore the art of Aromatherapy as you
                          It will cover lighting, lenses and how to “see”   learn how this ancient therapy can benefit
                          as a photographer. There is an emphasis on        your health and vitality and reduce stress and
                          using all manual controls with the camera.        tension. You will be introduced to essential
                          It will go over how to visualize and compose      oils, their uses, how they work, and how to
                          pictures of people, sports, landscapes etc.       blend them for your personal needs. Mrs.
                          using manual settings. Class will also            Sandhu has taught for over 25 years and is a
                          cover some advance digital developing             certified aroma therapist, reflexologist, and a
                          using Adobe software on Windows Vista             Reiki Master.
                          machines. Bring a USB flashdrive to save          CE74-7911    W          6:30-9:00pm        3/14
                          your work. Recommended prerequisite:              1 Class   CWHS         C7      Sandhu       $45
                          Digital Photography - An Introduction.
                          CE68-2322      T      6:00-8:30pm      3/6-4/17
                          6 Classes          CAE     F1    Tipton     $85
                                 7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

                                                                BEginning MACHinE QUilTing
                                                     Come and make a bright and beautiful baby
                                                     quilt. If you have ever wanted to learn how
                                                     to quilt, this is the season. The instructor
                                                     has 30 years in sewing and 15 years of
                                                     quilting and pattern design experience. You
                                                     will receive her original designed pattern
                                                     when you sign up for this class. The quilt
                                                     will measure approx. 40”x40.” Follow easy,
                                                     step-by-step directions in cutting, piecing,
                                                     and quilting your own baby quilt. The first
                                                     class will meet for one-hour orientation.
                                                     Bring your sewing machine and supplies to
                                                     the second class.
                                                     CE68-4309      W   6:30-8:30pm    1/11-2/22
                                                     7 Classes      CAE    E8      Grant     $65

                                                     MACHinE APPliQUE QUilTing ClASS
rEflEXologY                                          This class is for all levels of Quilters who have
Learn the places on your hands and feet that         made few quilts and would like to learn the
will help you RELAX, even ease a headache.           Applique technique. You will learn to make
Discover which areas of the foot, when massaged,     a pieced designed quilt and learn how to use
will give you immediate relaxation and relief. See   a satin stitch around the design. This is the
the teacher biography under Aromatherapy.            instructor’s favorite form of quilting. After
CE74-7909 Th 6:30-9:00pm       3/8-3/28              this class you will be hooked on Applique.
4 Classes CWHS  C7    Sandhu, M.    $65
                                                     The instructor will teach you from her own
               SElf-DEfEnSE                          original teapot quilt pattern. This is a beautiful
                                                     16” X 22” wall-hanging. It will look great in
                                                     your home or is a great gift! This quilt won a
                                                     blue ribbon at the Fresno Fair in 2010. The
                                                     instructor has over 30 years in sewing and 15
                                                     years in quilt making.
                                                     CE68-4330      W      6:30-8:30pm     3/7-4/18
                                                     6 Classes      CAE       E8     Grant      $60

                                                                                                          COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

SElf DEfEnSE for WoMEn
Don’t wait until it’s too late! Learn assertive      golf – BEginning
behaviors, use of defensive tools such as            Bogie, par, fore! Classes are designed for
pepper spray, and effective techniques to            the beginner to intermediate player. Wear
protect yourself from assault. The class             golf or tennis shoes. After the first session,
will feature realistic scenario training and         class meets at Hank’s Swank driving range.
the opportunity to practice simple, but              Range fees are not included in the class fee.
devastating self defense techniques against a        This class limited to 16 players. Both first
trainer in full-contact suit. Mothers: register      classes meet for an orientation on 3/1.
with your daughter and her tuition will be           CE74-8304      T       7:00-9:00pm     3/6-4/24
                                                     8 Classes      CHS      D7      Horton      $75
discounted to $45.
                                                     CE74-8305       Th    7:00-9:00pm      3/8-4/26
CE74-8005  W      6:30-8:30pm     1/11-2/22
                                                     8 Classes      CHS      D7      Horton      $75
7 Classes Century     MPR    Whitsitt    $65
CE74-8014   W      6:30-8:30pm      3/7-4/18
6 Classes Century     MPR    Whitsitt    $60                                                                           9
                          golf – BEYonD BEginning                                            TEST PrEPArATion
                          This class will devote time to improve chipping,
                          putting, bunker play, use of irons, and woods.
                          After the first session, class meets at Hank’s
                          Swank driving range. Range fees are not included
                          in the class fee. This class limited to 16 players.
                          Students should bring a mid iron to the first class.
                          first class meets for an orientation on 2/29.
                          CE74-8307       W      7:00-9:00pm      3/7-4/25
                          8 Classes      CHS       D7      Horton      $75

                                     golf 101 – SHorT gAME
                          Learn the fundamentals to the short game,
                          such as; putting, chipping, pitching, and
                          sand. Also, how to hit fairway shots and tame
                          your driver. Class is taught by USGTF Hall
                          of Fame Instructor, Jim Perez, at Islewood
                          Golf course and driving range. Jim is also
                          on CBS channel 47 giving a tip of the week
                          every Tuesday morning. Range balls are not
                          included in the class fee. A medium bucket
                          of balls is required for $ 7.
                          The address for Islewood Golf course is
                          8225 N. Milburn Ave. Fresno Ca.
                          CE74-8328       Sat    11:00-1:00     1/14-2/18
                          6 Classes        Islewood       Perez       $55
                          CE74-8329       Sat    11:00-1:00     3/10-4/21
                          6 Classes        Islewood       Perez       $55

                                                                                 CBEST PrEPArATion - MATH
                                                                                 Increase your confidence and sharpen your
                                     golf – foCUS on WooDS                       skills in math in preparation for the California
                          Drive for show...learn the truth about hitting
                                                                                 Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST.) We
                          the ball straight, and how to hit far, that’s
                                                                                 will be taking practice tests, learning test
                          what we are all looking for. Hit it long and
                                                                                 taking strategies, and targeting any problem
                          straight. In class we will also work on hybrids,
                                                                                 areas, as well as doing a general math
                          and fairway woods. Class is taught by
                                                                                 review of terminology, symbols, formulas,
                          USGTF Hall of Fame Instructor Jim Perez
                                                                                 arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
                          at Islewood Golf course and driving range.

                                                                                 CE74-7209      W    3:30-5:30pm     1/11-2/22
                          Jim is also on CBS channel 47 giving a tip of          7 Classes     CAE     D7      Marquez     $65
                          the week every Tuesday morning. Range balls            CE74-7210      W     3:30-5:30pm     3/7-4/18
                          are not included in the class fee. A medium            6 Classes     CAE     D7      Marquez     $60
                          bucket of balls is required for $ 7.
                          The address for Islewood Golf course is
                          8225 N. Milburn Ave. Fresno Ca.
                          CE74-8330       Sat    1:00-2:00     1/14-2/18
                          6 Classes       Islewood       Perez       $55
                          CE74-8332       Sat    1:00-2:00     3/10-4/21
                          6 Classes       Islewood       Perez       $55

                            giVE THE VErY SPECiAl gifT of ConTinUing EDUCATion!
                                           YoUr loVED onE Will MEET nEW friEnDS,
                                       lEArn A nEW JoB Skill, or gAin A lifElong HoBBY.
                           CAll 7-87 To ArrAngE YoUr PErSonAliZED gifT CErTifiCATE, AnD THEn
                                SToP BY CoMMUniTY EDUCATion AT CloViS ADUlT SCHool offiCE #A
                                           BETWEEn 8:00AM AnD 8:00PM To PiCk iT UP.
                                 7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

     PrE-rEgiSTrATion forM for ClASSES on PAgES 1-0 onlY!

                   WE HAVE SiX EASY WAYS To rEgiSTEr!
  fAST               1. register online: Any time, from anywhere, go to click www.
     Click on Community Education. Easy and secure.

. register by mail: Mail completed registration form on the inside back cover with
     payment to:          cloViS aDUlT EDUcaTion
.   register by phone: Call 327-2876 to register using Debit/Credit-Visa and
     Mastercard only.

4. register in person: Hand deliver form to CAE, Room A-3 Mon.-Fri.: 8:00am to
     4:00pm. (Closed on Fridays starting July 1 through August 5)

5. register by fax: Fax your completed registration form with your Visa or Mastercard
     number and expiration date to the Community Education fax line: 327-2995.

. register in class: To ensure availability, it is highly recommended that students
     use one of the above registration procedures. Methods 1-5 are easy! However, students
     may register in class on a first come first served basis, unless pre-registration is required.
     Payment may be made by check, credit card or money order.

7. Please note:
     a $3.00 service fee is added to all registrations.

Class Confirmation
     We do not mail written confirmations. Please mark your calendar with the date and
     location of your selected classes. You will be notified if a class is full or if there is a
     change in class time or location. If you require confirmation, enclose a self-addressed,
     stamped envelope with your registration.
     Payment is due upon registration for your class. Please send a separate registration form
                                                                                                      COM MUNI TY EDU CATION

     and payment for each class and each student. Photocopies of the registration forms
     are acceptable. We accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, money orders, cash, and
     purchase orders.

is Your Employer Paying?
     We will bill firms and agencies for your class fee. Bring a purchase order payable to:
     ClovisAdultEducation,RoomA–3one week prior to the start of your class.

refund Policy
     SCHOOL Initiated Class Cancellation – only The class Tuition is Refundable.
     STUDENT INITIATED Class Cancellation - A CLASS CREDIT must be requested
     from the Community Education Department, prior to the beginning of class. A $25.00
     processing fee will be deducted from the issued class credit.
     Credits for online registrations will be issued back to your account, minus $25.00. You
     will receive the credit confirmation by email.

     The refund policy stated here pertains to all Community Education classes.
     after the class begins -no REfUnDS will be issued.

other Questions
     If you have any other questions or comments regarding class registration or class
     information, please call ClovisAdultEducationat (559)327–2876.
             Maps and Directions
             Please call 327-2800 for more information

  for MAPS onlinE go to
AlTA SiErrA inTEr. SCHool (AlTA)    ColE ElEMEnTArY SCHool                 linColn ElEMEnTArY SCHool
380 West Teague, Clovis             615 West Stuart Avenue E. from         774 East Alluvial Avenue
Herndon to Peach, N. on Peach       Bullard and Chestnut to Helm,          First N. of Herndon, E. on
to Teague.                          N. on Helm.                            Alluvial.

BUCHAnAn HigH SCHool (BHS)          DrY CrEEk ElEMEnTArY SCHool            MAPlE CrEEk ElEM. SCHool
1560 N. Minnewawa, Clovis           1273 North Armstrong Avenue            2025 East Teague Avenue
Herndon to Minnewawa, N. to         N. from Herndon & Armstrong            Herndon to Maple, on Maple
Teague.                             to Nees.                               and Teague.

CEnTUrY ElEMEnTArY SCHool           fAnCHEr CrEEk ElEMEnTArY SCHool        MirAMonTE ElEM. SCHool
965 N. Sunnyside Avenue             5948 East Tulare Street                1590 Bellaire
Herndon to Sunnyside, N. on         Corner of Tulare St. and Fowler Ave.   Ashlan to Fowler, south to
Sunnyside.                                                                 Bellaire, weston Bellaire
                                    fT. WASHingTon ElEM. SCHool
CEDArWooD                           960 East Teague Avenue                 PinEDAlE ElEMEnTArY SCHool
2851 Palo Alto, Clovis              Herndon to Millbrook, N. to            7171 North Sugarpine Avneue
Herndon to Coventry, South on       Teague.                                Blackstone N. of Herndon to
Coventry to Palo Alto.                                                     Spruce, W. to Sugarpine.
                                    gArfiElD ElEMEnTArY SCHool
ClArk inTErMEDiATE SCHool           1315 North Peach                       SiErrA ViSTA ElEM.SCHool (S.ViSTA)
902 Fifth Street, Clovis            On the corner of Peach and Nees.       510 Barstow Avenue
Clovis Ave. to 5th, E. on                                                  Clovis Ave. to Barstow, W. to
5th. Street.                        gATEWAY HigH SCHool                    Pollasky.
                                    1550 Herndon Avenue
CloViS BoTAniCAl gArDEnS            On Herndon just past Sunnyside.        STUDio 5
945 N. Clovis Ave, Clovis                                                  2965 N. Maroa
                                    JEffErSon ElEMEnTArY SCHool            Just south of Shields before you
CloViS ElEMEnTArY                   1880 Fowler Avenue                     cross the railroad tracks.
1100 Armstrong                      On the corner of Shaw and
                                    Fowler Ave.                            VAllEY oAk ElEM. SCHool
CloViS HigH SCHool (CHS)                                                   465 East Champlain Avenue
1055 Fowler Avenue                  kASTnEr inTErMEDiATE SCHool            N. on Friant Rd. to Champlain,
                                    7676 North First Street                E. on Champlain.
CloViS norTH                        Herndon to First, N. on First.
2770 E. International, Fresno                                              WElDon ElEMEnTArY SCHool
                                    liBErTY ElEMEnTArY SCHool              150 DeWitt, Clovis
CloViS WEST HigH SCHool (CWHS)      1250 E. Liberty Hill Dr.
1070 East Teague Avenue             N. on Cedar from Herndon, past         WooDS ElEMEnTArY SCHool
Herndon to Millbrook, N. to         Shepard to Perrin, E. to Liberty       700 E. Teague, Fresno
Teague                              Hill Dr.                               Clovis Avenue & East Teague

                                   CAll ToDAY AT 7-87.
                           we need your expertise in the following areas:

   •AngEr MAnAgEMEnT                   •PilATES                               •SoCiAl nETWorking
   •ASSErTiVEnESS                      •QUiCkBookS-for SMAll                    AlErT for PArEnTS
     TrAining                            BUSinESS oWnErS                      •SToCk MArkET SAVVY
   •E-BAY, "HoW To SET UP                inClUDES PAYroll                     •TEnniS
     AnD SEll"                         •iTAliAn lAngUAgE                      •WATEr AEroBiCS
                                         SkillS                               •WooDCArVing

  To APPlY, go to and click on Community Education, then “To propose
  a new course”and submit it to us. or, we would be happy to send you a course proposal form.
  Call today and request the form at, 7-87. To be considered for our next term, we
  would need your proposal by January 8.

 SORRY NO                                  CLOVIS ADULT EDUCATION                                                                        PLEASE
 REFUNDS                                                                                                                                  PRINT
                                      Commuity Education Class Registration Form
NAME                                                                                                                                            Male
                         First                         M                                       Last

ADDRESS                       STREET
                                                                                                                                       Apt. #
                                                                                                                                                         Education section of the catalog.

CITY                                       Zip                            E-MAIL

HOME PHONE                    -                  CELL                 -                          BIRTH DATE           -        -

Course                                                                Start
Title:                                                                Date:                -           -           Hours:          to

                                                                                                                CLASS FEE =
Course                                                       Class
              C E             -                                                                                 NON-REFUNDABLE
Number:                                                      Meets:
                                                                          T     W   Th     F     Sat            REGISTRATION FEE        +       $3.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           pAges 18-34 only!

Course Location:                                           Room No.                                             TOTAL =

                                                                                    Make checks payable to: CAE
Payment Method:        Cash           VISA/MC      Check     #
                                                                                                           Security Code No.       -             -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 this registrAtion form for clAsses on

Visa/MC No.                       -                -                      -                                                        -             -
                                                                                                                 Exp. Date:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         7-87 • offiCE: rooM A • CoMMUniTY EDUCATion

Card Holders Name:                                                            Signature:

Payment Received by:                                                                     Date:
                                                                                                                                                          Use the registration form located on this page for pre–registration for all classes in the Community

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