“eXploration Matters” by yaohongm


									                                                                                 XM Logistics

                                       “eXploration Matters”
                                       Issue: 2                                       Newsletter Date: 21st December

                                        CONGRATULATIONS to our 1st Referral Winner!
     Christmas Issue - December 2009

                                           A hearty congratulations       Wines; we present the XM              Edwards Wine—Case of
                                        and much appreciation goes        Logistics Referral Reward             Choice
                                        out to Terry Sweeney and                                                For those who’s referrals lead
                                        Schenck Process Australia!                                              to a field program, crew con-
                                                                              For those who would like          tribution or hire will receive a
                                             Terry has been a great       to refer our services or assist
                                        influence and an enthusiastic                                           case of their preferred red or
                                                                          us in connecting with industry
                                        industry colleague of XM’s this   partners, we would like to            white!
                                        year, providing some excellent    reward with the following             To discuss opportunities and
                                        ideas and potential business                                            industry partners interested in
                                                                          fabulous wines:
                                        opportunities for which we                                              friendly and competitive field
                                        wanted to thank and recog-        Edwards Wine: TWIN PACK               services and support; contact
                                        nize.                             For those who connect us
                                                                          with explorers interested in          Murray Wells today!
                                            Terry Sweeney was the         discussing field services and
                                        inaugural recipient of our        support receive a Red and a
                                        Edward’s Wines Referral Pro-
                                        gram! Bottoms up and enjoy!
                                        In partnership with Edwards

                                       For all your Engel Needs!!!                          ***Services & Products***
                                            We are a dedicated Sup-       fittings, digital temperature         for the New Year & mention
                                        plier of Engel Fridge/Freezer     read out monitor and comes            this newsletter to receive a
                                        units and can support and sup-    complete with 12v car input           free transit bag valued at $235!
                                        ply all your remote and trans-    for your cigarette lighter and a
                                        portable fridging requirements.   240v three prong socket lead.
                                           Our current favourite and          We absolutely love ours
                                        newsletter featured unit is the   and it takes pride of place in
XM would like to                        75L Combi Fridge/Freezer!         our camping facilities and on
wish everyone a                             A whopping 75L, it pro-       site messing units.

  relaxing and                          vides 42L fridge space and 33L
                                        freezer capacity with steel
                                                                            As a special Christmas
                                                                          Newsletter offer, order yours
wonderful Christ-
mas and a happy
    New Year                            Contact Details:
                                        Head Office:                                                        Murray Wells: Manager
                                                                                                            M: 0407 144 416
                                        Unit 4, 309 Victoria Street,
                                                                                                            E: murray@xmlogistics.com.au
                                        Malaga WA 6090
                                                                                                            Peter Donaldson: XM Communication
                                        P: (08) 9248 8615                                                   P: (08) 9248 8615
                                        F: (08) 9249 8615
                                        M: info@xmlogistics.com.au
                                                                                                            Melissa Ladyman: Bus. Development
                                        Postal Address:                                                     M: 0439 469 593
                                        PO Box 2734, Malaga WA 6944                                         E: Mel@xmlogistics.com.au
                                                                                                            Denise Morald: Accounting
                                        Web Address:
                                                                                                            P: (08) 9248 8615
                                        www.xmlogistics.com.au                                              E: denise@xmlogistics.com.au
The Jarvis’s!!!                                   ***Meet the Team***
    An indestructible duo,             As the mother of two teen-
Glenn and Jody Jarvis form part    age boys, Jody’s priorities have
of XM’s outstanding field team     been at home. Her heart how-
and together, lead XM in the       ever has always been with the
bush!                              outdoors. So upon Glenn join-
                                   ing XM, Jody took an opportu-
    Hailing from Waihi, New        nity to join him on a field expe-
Zealand; this husband and wife
team are a force to be reck-       dition to the Pilbara.
oned with! With experience             Having absolutely loved the
going back many years and a        experience, she decided to join
deep passion for the outdoors,     XM on a permanent basis; thus
they make an ideal field assis-    helping us build a dynamic and
tant and project crew.             successful field partnership!
     Glenn joined XM in early          Glenn and Jody during their
2009 and Jody came aboard          breaks still make it back to
soon after to complete their       New Zealand and love working
field union and have been a        in and around WA’s regional
valuable and highly sort after     bush, combining the outdoor
project crew ever since.           environments that they love,
                                   with frequent trips home to
    A former BHP Senior Field      the boys who are now in col-
Technician here in WA, and an
impressive 10 year long dedica-    lege.
tion to Waihi Gold (now New-            Professionals at heart with
mont NZ) involving significant     a deep love of the outdoor
contributions to exploration       lifestyle and not a bit afraid of a
and also Plant Operations,         little hard work, Glenn and
Glenn is a mining industry stal-   Jody are proud members of the
wart and an all-round nice guy!    XM team!

 “Putting us to the TEST!”                         ***Testimonials***

                                   Beacon Minerals Ltd has been          drilling, safely and effectively.
                                   utilizing the services of XM          They have also contributed to
                                   Logistics since 2007. For a           heritage works and organisa-
                                   small, junior exploration com-        tion of POW’s
                                   pany like Beacon, being able to
                                   secure the services, staff and           . XM Logistics provides a
                                   equipment provided by XM              cost effective solution for
                                   Logistics, often at short no-         providing support for our
                                   tice, is vital!                       exploration programs.

                                       XM logistics is able to           - Darryl Harris
                                   organize everything required          Managing Director
                                   to complete exploration pro-
                                   grammes including, site ac-           Beacon Minerals
                                   commodation, messing, assis-
                                   tance in soil sampling and

                                            XM Logistics

    Wishing you an eXcellent Christmas!!

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