mathematics by adekrachmawan


									Mathematics (from Greek: μαθηματικά - Mathematics) is the study of the extent, structure, space, and
change. Mathematicians seek out patterns, [2] [3] to formulate new conjectures and establish truth by
rigorous deduction from the axioms and the corresponding definitions.
A mathematician Benjamin Peirce called mathematics as "the science that describes the important
conclusions". [5] On the other hand, Albert Einstein stated that "as far as the laws of mathematics refer to
reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
Mathematics comes from the Latin meaning mathema manthanein or learning or lessons learned.
Mathematics in the Dutch language called wiskunde or science, all of which are associated with reasoning.
The main characteristic of mathematics is deductive reasoning, the truth of a concept or statement obtained
as a logical result of the truth before making the link between concept or statement in mathematics is
consistent. However, learning and understanding of the concept may be initiated inductively through
experience or intuition real events. Inductive-deductive process can be used to learn math concepts.
Activities can be started with some examples or observed facts, make a list of properties that appear (as
symptoms), estimate the expected new results, which later proved deductively. Thus, inductive and
deductive learning can be used and are equally important role in learning mathematics. The application of
this mathematical way of working is expected to form a critical attitude, creative, honest and communicative
on the students.

To describe the mathematical definition of the mathematicians have never reached a point of "peak" deal
that "perfect". Many definitions and descriptions of different diversity expressed by the experts,-may-be
caused by the science of mathematics itself, in which mathematics is one discipline that has a very extensive
study so that each expert freely express their opinions about the math based on the point of view, the ability ,
understanding, and experience of each. Hence mathematics will never finish (read: completely) to be
discussed, discussed and debated. A description of what and how exactly the math, will continue to
experience growth in line with the knowledge and human needs and the pace of the changing times.

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