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									Reception Ideas

Hosting a reception means you have a great deal of planning to do. There
are plenty of terrific ideas you can include to make it a very enjoyable
event for everyone. You need to plan well in advance to make sure you
have everything in place as you need it. You also need to keep a close
eye on your budget so the spending doesn’t get out of control. Planning a
reception doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan early and pay
attention to details.

You want to have they reception somewhere that is going to hold all of
the people you expect. Look at various reception halls and find out what
they have to offer. Some of them have rentals by the hour while others
rent by the day. You many not want to use a reception hall with stairs if
it doesn’t have elevator access. You also want to make sure there will be
enough parking.

Decorating is very important for your reception so take a look at the
various options. You can make your own decorations or buy them. You will
find plenty to choose from for any occasion. For a wedding reception it
is customary to use the colors of the wedding for the decorations. You
can also make lovely picture designs of the couple to display.

Food is a big part of receptions as well. Do you want to offer sit down
meal or a buffet style? Think about a diverse menu so there will be
something that appeals to all of your guests. One option for dessert that
is really popular is a chocolate fountain. It is beautiful to look at and
the guests can dip fruits in it for a delicious treat.

Music is a fun part of a reception so find a good band or a DJ to offer a
great selection. You want people to get out there and dance to have a
good time. You may want to offer prizes for the best dancers or have them
feature so line dances so everyone can get out there and have a good
time. Be very creative with your reception ideas and you will find people
really like them. You don’t need to go overboard in order to offer a very
nice event.

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