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When looking to buy tile cleaning equipment, considering the main features and key aspects is an important step. This article outlines the main features to look for in tile and hard surface cleaning equipment to ensure that the equipment you purchase is effective and worthwhile.

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									Features To Look For In Tile Cleaning Equipment

Tile cleaning equipment can offer a powerful solution for those businesses looking to
clean floors that are tiled, or that use other hard surfaces. But which are the
important features that need to be considered when making a purchase?

- Machine Sizes

Some tile cleaning machines are small and portable. Other types of tile cleaning
equipment are designed to be fitted in trucks and other large vehicles.

The size of the machine will have an impact in terms of mobility, transit and the
amount of space that may be left available elsewhere within the vehicle.

- Temperatures

Some tile cleaning equipment is able to produce very high working temperatures.
This is useful for ensuring that a high quality cleaning job can be completed,
although the most effective machines will usually be associated with higher purchase

- Powerful Engines

In order to tackle the most difficult cleaning jobs, it's clearly important that chosen
tile cleaning equipment should have the necessary amount of power available. All
machines are assigned a power rating and this can be used as an indication of the
effectiveness of the device.

- Control Panels

Tile cleaning equipment is designed for ease of use. There's no great advantage to
having a powerful machine, if operatives find that it's too complex to use. The
control panel is often the hub of the machine. It allows the operative to control all
elements of the process. As a result, it helps to ensure that the cleaning device can
be used in the most effective manner.

- Pre-Filter Box

Provided as an optional extra on many cleaning machines, the pre-filter box can help
to make it a lot easier when an operative comes to clean the waste tank. These
accessories are vital for cleaning contractors and other cleaning professionals
looking to carry out tile and hard surface cleaning on a regular basis.
- Mobility

If there's a requirement to clean tiled areas that are hard to reach, then it's
particularly useful to have a cleaning machine that is easy to move. Machines that
include integral wheels are highly portable. They often make it easier to complete
the entire cleaning job and can be useful for cleaning contractors and other

As can be seen from the above list of key features, there is a considerable amount to
consider when buying tile cleaning equipment. All machines are built to work in an
effective manner. They are also designed to be easy to use and robust, however,
some devices are more portable than others. The machine that's right for the needs
of your business will depend, to a large extent, upon your specific requirements.

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