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Food Choices at Amanjena


Find out whatelese AmanJena has to offer aside from unique accommodations in the heart of Marakkech, Morocco

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                                    Food Choices at Amanjena

Mar 12, 2012, Marrakech, Morocco/AmanJena/ -- AmanJena, one of Amanresort Group’s
beautiful resorts in the heart of Marrakech, Morroco, offers more than just well-appointed
accommodations and fabulous facilities. Among the many riches you will find in this gem are
the food offerings.

The Restaurant offers Moroccan and Spanish home-style cuisine at its best, including a
scrumptious selection of decadent tapas and copious paellas. Here, the surrounding visuals are
as much a treat as the food itself: mood lighting, a scalloped onyx fountain rimmed by olive
trees, Moucharabieh-wood screens, tintedplâtreciselé walls and the a color palette of neutrals,
whites, and pastels.

If you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine, The Thai is the place to be. Find a good sampling of
spicy salads, soups and curries to delight your taste buds – all enhanced by authentic spices
flown in from Bangkok.

The Pool Terrace sits adjacent to the Amelkis golf course and overlooks the pool. It offers a
variety of light International lunch dishes and a selection of Thai specialties.

The Gazebo or Minzah offers a unique dining experience – the subtle flavors of Moroccan
cuisine is the perfect combination with a glass of champagne and the serenade of theyluth –
the typical Moroccan guitar.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable Tapas moment or just some pre-dinner cocktails, head on
over to The Bar where Youssef will ply you with his latest concoctions.

Finally, enjoy the magic of dining in a traditional tent in the midst of an olive garden for the
most unforgettable Moroccan experience complete with entertainment with dancers and
musicians, a heady combination together with the aromas of a sheesha and the flavours of
Moroccan cuisine.


Amanresorts Group
In the high-end travel community, Aman is recognised as one of the pre-eminent and most
innovative luxury hotel groups in the world for its ability to create unique resort destinations.
Aman positions itself as a lifestyle alternative rather than simply a lodging plus food and
beverage product. The Aman concept aims to provide the affluent leisure traveller with
superior service in luxurious surroundings. Each resort embodies the same principles and
philosophy: environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing settings; a design that is quietly
contemporary and in cultural harmony with its surroundings; service that emphasizes the
individual; and a resort size that assures a personal and a memorable guest experience.. The
luxury of the setting is matched by impeccable service and attention to details that leave the
guests with a memorable experience.

Aman has repeatedly been recognized by travel publications including Condé Nast, Travel &
Leisure, Gallivanter’s Guide, Harper’s Hideaway and Zagat Survey, as the preeminent, high-end
hotel company in the world for its ability to create unique resort destinations.

For more information about the company, please visit

About Miguel Guedes de Sousa
Miguel Guedes de Sousa is the General Manager of Amanjena, an Aman Resorts property
located in Marrakech, Morocco with 48 suites and 22 villas. An expert in boutique hotels and
luxury villas real estate management, he has 18 years of hotel experience. He currently writes
about life, travel, events and everything else in between in his personal blog


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