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					Offline Marketing Tips for Facebook Fan Pages

Launching a Facebook fan page is a smart move for any business and an affordable way to
connect with fans of your product or service and tap into the global marketplace. Online marketing
is simple with fan pages, but business owners can maximize fan page potential with effective
offline marketing.

As a Facebook fan page owner, luring new fans and followers to your fan page is a primary goal.
Doing so can increase sales, let you interact with fans and reward them for their loyalty. Much
focus is put on attracting new fans with targeted Facebook advertising and creative online
marketing ploys that promote your product or service. This type of online exposure has proven
results, but virtual advertising is just part of a much bigger picture!

In this day and age when technology reins supreme and no business worth its salt is without a
website and a Facebook fan page, it is easy to forget the power of offline marketing. Despite our
reliance on our computers and the average 45 minutes per day that the average user spends on
Facebook, we still log off occasionally and head out into the real worldeven if it is just to the corner
internet caf!

Smart offline marketing reaches out to potential new customers and future Facebook fans in
simple, everyday ways that increase product or brand exposure and can lead to better product
recognition both online and offline. Business owners value the affordability and effectiveness of
great online marketing strategies, but should never underestimate the time-tested power of old-
fashioned offline marketing, as well. Simple, easy and affordable marketing offline is a tried-and-
true way to spread the word about your fan page and increase the likelihood that Facebook users
will look you up the next time they log on.

Maximize your Facebook fan page with these easy marketing tips:

Business Cards. Still a proven networking tool that gets results, business cards can and should
be a pocket-sized mini brochure telling potential clients what you are all about. Include photos, a
description of your business and impressive graphic elements that get noticed. Most importantly,
include your Facebook fan page URL on your business cards and that trademark Facebook logo
everyone knows.

In-Store Advertising. If you operate a brick-and-mortar store in addition to an online store, there is
no better place to advertise your Facebook fan page on the cheap than right in your own place of
business. Eye-catching signs at the cash register can remind customers to find you on Facebook.
Flyers about upcoming sales can offer Facebook fans an extra discount. The possibilities for in-
store fan page advertising are limitless! Just be sure to prominently display your unique Facebook
URL on all ads to make it simple and easy for your loyal customers to find you on Facebook.

Promotional Items. Whether you pass out samples of cookies or demos of your new album, be
sure your Facebook fan page URL is printed on them! Promotional items and giveaways are a
smart way to introduce your product or service to the community, so why not take the opportunity
to invite new fans to check out your Facebook page in an affordable and effective way?

Remember these tips for offline marketing of your fan page:
Be sure to include your fan pages unique URL on all advertising. Signage that simply reads, find
us on Facebook is too vague and others that instruct Facebook users to search for us on
Facebook and provide search keywords are too complicated. Simply print the URL on all signs,
promotions and flyers and watch your fan base grow!

Use the Facebook logo to capture attention. Recognized globally, that trademark blue and white
logo catches the eye of every Facebook user, no matter where they are.

Create a customized landing page for first-time fan page visitors that requires them to Like you in
order to gain full access to your fan page. Its a simple, effective addition to your fan page that
guarantees great results.

Entice your customers to find you on Facebook and receive special offers, discounts and
promotions. That extra incentive is the key to highly effective offline marketing of any Facebook
fan page!

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