; How to Monetize Your Facebook Fan Pag?
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How to Monetize Your Facebook Fan Pag?


Learn the strategy to create and market your internet business using facebook fan page.

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									How to Monetize Facebook

If you have a Facebook page, you have a great reason to learn how to monetize Facebook. With
proven monetizing strategies for Facebook, you can team up with a variety of sources that will pay
you for certain actions your fan page viewers take when they visit you on Facebook.

Starting a Facebook fan page for your business is a great way to spread the word about your
product or service, increase sales on your website and interact with people who share an interest
in your business. Making money by attracting new customers to your brand is a great benefit of
Facebook fan pages, but if you have not monetized your Facebook page, then you are missing out
on an easy way to generate money effortlessly!

There are a variety of ways to monetize your Facebook page. Depending on the needs of various
companies who pay you when your Facebook fan page visitors perform certain actions on your
page, you might get paid per click or per download. Some pay when you successfully connect the
right people together for business purposes, or when you introduce a prospective job candidate to
his new employer. The possibilities are endless, and here are just a few popular ways in which
business owners with Facebook fan pages are making money simply and easily:

Make money with ads. Google AdSense is a simple and proven way to generate per-click
revenue from your Facebook page. With advertising that is associated with your Facebook page,
your viewers will see ads that are targeted toward their likes and interests, increasing the odds
that they will be enticed to click and learn more. When they do, you make money!

Post videos for cash. Working in conjunction with Google AdSense and Youtube, you can
monetize your videos that get posted to your Facebook page and get paid when viewers click to
watch. For maximum results, be sure to include detailed descriptions so that your videos surface
as Facebook search results and attracts more than just your established fans.

Get paid for downloads. Companies like ShareCash allow you to upload files to their site and link
them onto your Facebook page. When viewers click and download your files, like eBooks, you

*Blog and profit. Your blog can make you money when you link it to Facebook and align yourself
with websites like Social Spark, which monetizes your blog. Invite your Facebook friends to follow
your blog and generate some income at the same time.

Turn your Facebook page into a money-making want ad. There are many companies looking for
the right employee, new potential customers and network contacts. Many networking and referral
companies, like My Job Referrals and Ntroduction, will pay you to put the right people in touch.
Check the sites for vacancies and post them to your Facebook page. Invite friends who would be
a great match for a position and you earn a bounty!

With the great growth of Facebook in recent years, new ways to monetize your Facebook fan page
emerge every day. Facebook users rely on Facebook for information, entertainment and access
to experts on a variety of topics. You dont have to be a computer genius or have thousands of
Facebook fans to reach out to these millions of Facebook users and easily generate money
through Facebook. Make the most of all Facebook has to offer businesses by monetizing your
Facebook fan page with one of the many simple and proven monetizing techniques and get a
taste of how easy it can be to make money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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