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									How are you Using Social Media for your Business?

Owners of businesses large and small know the value of social media and the recent explosion of
Facebook fan pages attests to its proven success. Creating a fan page is the first step in making
the most of social media, but maximizing this online networking tool puts social media to work in
powerful ways.

When the demands of running a business require the majority of your time, attention and finances,
social media networking may fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Perhaps you have realized the
need for a Facebook fan page in addition to your company website, but neglect its maintenance
and only check in occasionally to read fan posts and monitor page activity. If that sounds like your
idea of social media marketing, you are not alone, but it is time to realize the marketing
powerhouse Facebook has become and claim your piece of social media success.

Putting social marketing to work for you is one of the best investments of your time. Dollar for
dollar and hour for hour, money and time invested into your Facebook fan page will do so much
more than simply establish your business online presence; social media marketing can increase
sales and introduce your product or service to the millions of people around the world who log on
daily to social networking sites.

Increasing your commitment to social media marketing can yield measurable results:

Watch your fan base grow as friends tell friends about your business and the great things
happening on your fan page.

Increase profits by implementing shopping features on Facebook that allow customers to conduct
transactions right on your page.

Enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional website right on Facebook by turning your fan page into a
shopping gallery where customers can view and read all about your products or services.

Make social media work for you with simple, low-cost tips:

Starting a fan page is one thing; maintaining it is another! Commit time each week to social media
networking by replying to fan page posts and engaging with your fans. Doing so lets them know
how much you value their loyalty and referrals to friends.

Link your website to your fan page, and vice versa. Make it easy for people to navigate between
the two.

Create a customized landing page for new visitors to your Facebook fan page. Requiring them to
click the Like button before they can access your full page is a powerful marketing strategy that
doesnt cost a dime!

Keep your fan page fresh with quick posts and status updates now and then that make your page
seem timely and current. Your posts will appear in your fans newsfeeds, which will get your
business name out there and generate brand name recognition.
Starting a social media marketing campaign is only half the battle. Keeping that campaign alive
and exciting for your online fans is what will make or break your goal of putting social media to
work for you. Thankfully, once your initial social media campaign is launched and established, it is
virtually cost-free to enhance and pump life into it. A little time dedicated to maintaining social
media marketing will pay off in big ways!

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