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									                                      SanLee Middle School
                               Accelerated Reader (AR) Guidelines

SanLee Middle School prides itself on the success of its students! SanLee students are
enthusiastic readers and we strive to nurture their interest by providing clear and consistent
information to help our faculty, parents, and students understand the AR Guidelines. We
have reflected on past challenges and are making efforts to address teacher, parent, and
student feedback to ensure high levels of reading instruction while promoting positive
reinforcement of leisure reading in the process.

STAR Assessment/Determining Student Reading Levels
The STAR test (created by Renaissance Place) is an online assessment used to identify a student’s
individual reading level range. The student’s individual AR point goal is determined by the STAR
test using Accelerated Reader’s Goal Setting Chart, which correlates with their reading level and
amount of required reading. The STAR test is given at the beginning of the year and will be given
again in January. At the teachers discretion the STARS assessment may be given more times
throughout the school year. Students goals may change as student’s reading abilities increase!

It’s important to note that Nonfiction literature has a greater impact on student reading achievement
than fiction literature. For this reason, we strongly encourage children to diversify their reading
selections. Because non-fiction provides more cognitive challenge than fiction literature, students
may find more success choosing non-fiction selections in the lower end of their reading level range,
especially early in the school year, until their capacity and endurance for non-fiction has been
further developed.

AR Goals for Students:
The Individual AR point goal will be determined once students have taken the STAR assessment.
All students in grades 6-8 are required to participate in the AR program. We recognize the unique
reading abilities of our students, and we feel this approach provides differentiation needed to meet
the diverse learners at SanLee.

AR Quiz Inventory:
SanLee subscribes to the comprehensive web-based AR program, we have every AR quiz in
existence! So, if it’s an AR book anywhere, we have the quiz for it!!!

Grading Policy:
Between the librarian and teacher, we strive to ensure that students are checking out books within
their level. Many students select books from home or local libraries, and it’s important for students
and parents to self monitor reading levels of these selections. Students who consistently read below
their reading level will not show progress!
Zone Proximal Development (ZPD):
The ZPD is a large range, which encompasses an IRL in the middle of the range. Students are asked
to read within their ZPD range and teachers are asked to monitor this on a daily basis. The lower
end of the ZPD is designed to assist the student when choosing non-fiction reading materials.
Utilizing the lower end of the ZPD when reading nonfiction books allows each student to read
comfortably and focus on the facts while reading non-fiction genre. The middle of the ZPD is
typically the Instructional Reading Level (IRL) listed on the report. This is the exact level where
each student can independently read and comprehend material at mastery level. The higher end of
the ZPD should be utilized when fiction books are being read. When a student isn’t required to tap
into the range of the IRL and higher, growth rarely happens. Students ZPD should be evaluated
throughout the quarter. Students that are performing and progressing above expectations during this
point should have their ZPD and point goal increased. Modifications to personal goals should occur
before midterm of each quarter.

Nonfiction Requirement:
Each grade level is required to read 9 nonfiction books with at least 80% mastery as part of their
overall AR goal. Students are allowed to take notes using the Cornell format with each Nonfiction
book. Only these notes will be allowed for the students to refer to when taking Nonfiction
assessments. Students will not be allowed to refer back into the book to find the answers for the

AR Quiz Deadlines:
When students wait until the last minute to take their AR quizzes, it can generate some frustration
and aggravation for many. Please make a note of the deadlines for taking AR quizzes. To ensure
equitable practice for all students, exceptions will not be made to the deadlines below:

              Grading Cycle                   AR Quiz Cut Off Date           Report Card Dates
               1st 9 weeks                        October 27                   November 10
               2nd 9 weeks                        January 13                    January 27
               3rd 9 weeks                         March 22                       April 3
               4th 9 weeks                          May 18                        June 8

Student Opportunities to Take AR tests
Before school: Students will not be allowed to take assessments prior to the start of the school day
(7:30 a.m.)
During class: Students can take quizzes on student assigned laptops or any classroom computers at
the teacher’s discretion.
During grade level checkout time: Students may take a quiz during their assigned checkout time at
the discretion of librarian/teacher.
Afterschool: Students may be allowed to take AR assessments until 3:30 p.m. each school day.

AR Progress Report
Parents/guardians will receive a report that summarizes their child’s progress with Accelerated
Reader when midterm reports and report cards go home. All students who participate in Accelerated
Reader will receive a report regardless of their academic standing. Some teachers will require this
document to be signed and returned back to the child’s Language Arts teacher. Parents and
guardians are also able to monitor their child’s progress at their leisure with the Home Connect
feature of Accelerated Reader.

Positive Reinforcement Incentives for Students who Exceed their Point Goal!
All students which reach their goal will be recognized. (ex: AR bulletin board in the classrooms)
Each grade level will be responsible to plan an incentive trip or celebration for their grade level
based on the students who met the AR goal requirements.

Goal Criteria’s:
   85 % overall book average
   9 nonfiction books (passing books must be 80% or higher)
   Students must meet their average book level.

Things to Remember
    Students ZPD is based on the median of the students range.
    There is no rounding up for students to make their AR goal
    Goals cannot be lowered after midterms
    Grades cannot be taken for AR assessments.

Accessing AR home Connect:

You will need your child’s username and password. Generally the username is the same as their
student ID. The children should know their passwords. To log in to Renaissance Home Connect

 In Renaissance Home Connect you can also:
      • Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results
      • Click Help to get answers to your questions about Renaissance Home Connect

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