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2012 Planter Palooza


									                              2012 JCAC Planter Palooza
                                                  Instructions and Registration Form

       The second annual Mifflintown Planter Palooza is sponsored by the Juniata Cultural Arts
Committee(JCAC) & Hunter’s Run Nursery. The purpose of this is to draw together the community and
businesses through the arts. A total of 20 participants will be chosen to paint a large flower pot planter and
then have it displayed in front of businesses in the Mifflintown area. Five(5) will be chosen for a student
category(up to age 17) and fifteen(15) for an adult category(18+). Each planter will be judged and prizes will
be awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place at $100, $50, & $25 for the adult category and $25, $20, & $15 for the
student category. The event is open to anyone.

        The following application should be filled out in its entirety with no missing information. Once
completed it can be mailed to the JCAC at the following address:
                                            JCAC c/o Todd Tabb
                                            298 Main St.
                                             McAlisterville, PA 17049
         The theme for this year’s event is Nature. Designs should reflect this theme. Each planter is
approximetly 20” x 20” or a similar size depending on the availability of certain sized planter pots. Once
painted, each applicant will need to seal their own planter to protect it from the weather. The JCAC cannot be
held responsible for any damage to the planters or design once displayed on the street.
        The deadline for application is April 2, 2012. Once the applications are received, they will be judged
by a selection committee. The best 20 entries will receive notification of how, where, and when to pick up a
planter pot to be painted. The pots will need to be painted and returned by May 7, 2012 to be planted with
flowers and distributed to the businesses. Each pot will be displayed throughout the Summer of 2012 and then
displayed at the Juniata County Fair from September 1st-8th. During the fair they will be for sale through a
silent auction with the bids ending on the 8th. All proceeds raised by this auction will be donated to the
Juniata County Food Pantry.

Any questions can be emailed to Todd at:

The JCAC web address is:

Registration Form: The form must be completely filled out with no blank spaces or missing information.
Incomplete applications will not be considered. Use the second page – planter sketches – to illustrate your
planter design. Use both drawings to show alternate sides as these pots will be viewable from all sides.

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
               Last                        MI                  First

Address: __________________________________________________________________________
              Street                                Town                      Zip

Phone: (_______) __________-____________ Email: ______________________________________

Title of Planter Design: _______________________________________________________________
Category: Adult / Student (Student age: ____________)

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