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                                                                                                                   Issue 12

E     pilepsy is a brain disorder in                                                                               16th August, 2011
                                        Traumatic brain injury                   COMPLICATIONS
      which clusters of nerve cells,    Infections, including brain
or neurons, in the brain sometimes       abscess, meningitis, encephali-
signal abnormally. Neurons nor-                                             Difficulty learning
                                         tis etc                            Breathing in food or saliva into
mally generate electrochemical im-
                                        Brain problems that are pre-        the lungs during a seizure, which
pulses that act on other neurons,
                                         sent at birth (congenital brain     can cause aspiration pneumonia
glands, and muscles to produce
                                         defect)                            Injury from falls, bumps, self-
human thoughts, feelings, and ac-
tions. In epilepsy, the normal pat-     Brain injury that occurs dur-       inflicted bites, driving or operat-    “The first step in
tern of neuronal activity becomes        ing or near birth.                  ing machinery during a seizure
                                                                                                                   the acquisition of
disturbed, causing strange sensa-       Brain tumor                        Permanent brain damage (stroke
                                        Abnormal blood vessels in                                                 wisdom is silence,
tions, emotions, and behavior, or                                            or other damage)
sometimes convulsions, muscle            the brain                          Side effects of medications           the second listen-
spasms, and loss of consciousness.      Other illness that damage or                                              ing, the third mem-
 During a seizure, neurons may fire      destroy brain tissue                        PROGNOSIS                       ory, the fourth
as many as 500 times a second,
                                                                                                                   practice, the fifth
much faster than normal              Epilepsy seizures usually begin        Some people with epilepsy may
                                     between ages 5 and 20, but they                                               teaching others.”
                                                                             be able to reduce or even stop
           SYMPTOMS                  can happen at any age. There            their anti-seizure medicines after
                                     may be a family history of sei-         having no seizures for several         - SOLOMON IBN
Because epilepsy is caused by ab- zures or epilepsy.                         years.                                    GABRIOL
normal activity in brain cells, sei-                                        Certain types of childhood epi-
zures can affect any process your            EMERGENCY                       lepsy go away or improve with
brain coordinates. A seizure can             CONDITIONS                      age, usually in the late teens or
produce:                                                                     20s.
                                     Seek immediate medical help if
                                                                            For many people, epilepsy is a
 Temporary confusion                any of the following occurs:
                                                                             lifelong condition. In these cases,   Inside this issue:
 A staring spell                                                            the anti-seizure drugs need to be
 Uncontrollable jerking move-  The seizure lasts more than                 continued. There is a very low
                                       five minutes.                                                               FLAT FOOT           2
  ments of the arms and legs                                                 risk of sudden death with epi-
 Loss of consciousness/awareness     Breathing or consciousness            lepsy. However, serious injury can
                                       does not return after the sei-        occur if a seizure occurs during      FACTS ABOUT         2
Symptoms vary depending on the         zure stops.                           driving or when operating equip-      GRAPES
type of seizure. In most cases, a     A second seizure follows im-          ment.
person with epilepsy will tend to      mediately.
have the same type of seizure each  You have a high fever.
time, so the symptoms will be simi-  You're experiencing heat ex-
lar from episode to episode.           haustion.
                                      You're pregnant.
             CAUSES                   You have diabetes.
                                      You've injured yourself dur-
Some common causes of epilepsy
                                       ing the seizure.
 Stroke or transient ischemic at- If you experience a seizure for
  tack                               the first time, seek medical ad-
 Dementia, such as Alzheimer's vice
            Page 2        V-CARE

                           H       epatitis is swelling and
                                   inflammation of the
                           liver. It is not a condition, but
                                                                 Fatigue
                                                                 Fever, usually low-grade
                                                                                                           Your doctor may order the fol-
                                                                                                           lowing laboratory tests to diag-
                                                                                                           nose and monitor the hepatitis:
                                                                 General itching
                           is often used to refer to a viral
                                                                 Jaundice (yellowing of the skin
                           infection of the liver.                                                          Abdominal ultrasound
                           Hepatitis can be caused by:            or eyes)
                                                                                                            Autoimmune blood markers
                                                                 Loss of appetite
                                                                                                            Hepatitis virus serologies
                            Immune cells in the body            Nausea and vomiting
                                                                                                            Liver function tests
                             attacking the liver and caus-       Weight loss
                                                                                                            Liver biopsy to check for liver
                             ing autoimmune hepatitis
                                                                SIGNS & TESTS                                damage
                            Infections from viruses
                                                                                                            Paracentesis if fluid is in your
                             (such as hepatitis A, B, or
                                                                A physical examination may show:             abdomen
                             C), bacteria, or parasites
                            Liver damage from alcohol,                                                    TREATMENT
                             poisonous mushrooms, or             Enlarged and tender liver
                             other poisons                       Fluid in the abdomen (ascites)
                                                                  that can become infected                 Your doctor will discuss possi-
                            Medications, such as an                                                       ble treatments with you, de-
                             overdose of acetaminophen,          Yellowing of the skin                    pending on the cause of your
                             which can be deadly                                                           liver disease. Your doctor may
                                                                Abdominal ultrasound                       recommend a high-calorie diet if
 In some instances,                                             Autoimmune blood markers                   you are losing weight.
hepatitis may lead to                                           Hepatitis virus serologies
 liver damage, liver
failure, or even liver
       cancer.                                                             HEPATITIS
                         SYMPTOMS                                       Virus         Hepatitis A            Hepatitis B                 Hepatitis C
                                                                Transmission route Faecal-oral       Infected needle or blood,   Infected needle or blood,
                         Hepatitis may start and get better                                          sexual contact              sexual contact
                                                                Incubation time     15-50 days       45-160 days                 14-180 days
                         quickly (acute hepatitis), or cause    (acute infection)
                         long-term disease (chronic hepa-       Onset               Sudden           Either sudden or slow,      Usually slow, unnoticed
                         titis). In some instances, it may                                           unnoticed
                                                                Severity            Mild             Occasionally severe         Usually slow-developing
                         lead to liver damage, liver failure,                                                                    and symptoms not specific
                         or even liver cancer.                                                                                   or strong
                                                                Chronic form?       No               Yes                         Yes
                         The symptoms of hepatitis in-          Associated with     None             Liver cancer, cirrhosis     Liver cancer, cirrhosis
                                                                other diseases?
                         clude:                                 Testing to diagnose HAV-Ab, IgM      HBsAg, Anti-HBc, IgM     Anti-HCV, HCV RNA (note
                                                                acute infection                                               - may have same results as
                                                                                                                              in chronic hepatitis)
                          Abdominal pain or distention         Testing to diagnose N/A              HBsAg, HBV DNA, HBeAg, Anti-HCV (once), HCV
                          Breast development in males          chronic infection or                 Anti-HBe                 RNA or viral load, HCV
                                                                to monitor treatment                                          genotype (once)
                          Dark urine and pale or clay-         Tests that detect    HAV-Ab, IgG     Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc total Anti-HCV
                           colored stools                       previous infection
                                                                Vaccine available? Yes               Yes                         No

                          FACTS ABOUT CORN

                         C     orn or maize is one of the
                               most popular cereals in
                         the world. Corn forms the sta-
                                                                   Rich Source of Calo-
                                                                    ries: Corn is a rich source of
                                                                    calories The calorific con-
                                                                                                                nels of corn are rich
                                                                                                                in vitamin E.
                                                                                                               Provides Necessary Miner-
                         ple food of numerous people in             tent of corn is among the                   als: Abundant phosphorus a
                         different countries including,             highest in cereals.                         part from magne-
                         US, India, etc.                           Prevents Haemorrhoids and                   sium, manganese, zinc, iron
                         Health benefits of corn include            Colorectal Cancer.                          and copper.
Corn is rich in vita-    controlling diabetes, prevention                                                      Cardio-Protective Attrib-
                                                                   Source of Vitamins: Corn is
min B constituents,      of heart ailments, lowering hy-                                                        utes: According to research-
                                                                    rich in vitamin B constitu-
 especially Thia-        pertension and prevention of                                                           ers, corn oil has been shown
                                                                    e n t s ,          e s p e -
 min and Niacin.         neural-tube defects at birth.                                                          to anti-atherogenic effect on
                                                                    cially Thiamin and Niacin.
                                                                    Yellow corn is a rich source                the cholesterol levels, thus
                         Following are some of the                  of beta-carotene which                      preventing the risk of car-
                         health benefits of corn:                   forms vitamin A. The ker-                   diovascular diseases.
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