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					Belly Rings

Belly rings have been a trend in the fashion industry since the early
1990’s. Crop tops and low rise jeans allowed the midriff area to be
exposed and as a result very appealing. Most of the time you will only
find belly rings on females but a few males have been know to sport them.
It is very important that you get the piercing done by a professional to
avoid an infection.

Many people love the fact that belly button rings are very inexpensive.
There is also a good variety of them to choose from. You will have to
leave the original one you get in for some time initially. Once that
frame of time which is about six weeks has passed you can easily change
to something else.

It isn’t a good idea to get a belly ring though if you don’t plan to take
very good care of it. You need to keep the rings clean before you put
them in so you won’t transfer bacteria to your body. Make sure you keep
your body clean very well too in that area. Sweat and dirt can built up
around the belly button and that can also lead to an infection.

People also love that a belly ring isn’t permanent like a tattoo. They
may want to display it when they go out or to the pool. Yet the can cover
it up when they are working at the office. This is a great way to make
sure how you decorate your body doesn’t affect your ability to become
gainfully employed. Should they later decide they don’t like it they can
just take it out. Pregnant women have to take them out as the stomach
needs to be able to stretch.

It takes about a year for the hole from a belly button ring to close.
Most pregnant women find the can still put a ring in there after they
have fully healed from the birth of their child. If not, it is very
simple to just go have it done again if you desire to do so. For those
that want to move on from the trend in about a years time no one will
ever be able to tell you used to have one.

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