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					Volume 6, Issue 5                                                              SAM Assembly 82 & IBM Ring 42
May 2006                                                                   http://www.tampabaymagicclub.com
                                             Fellow Magicians

There was a lot to learn at the Martin Nash lecture last month: timing, presentation, and above all, a dash of
humor. Most of his magic is within the realm of the average magician, making his lecture all the more
learnable. As I said good night to him and his fiancé at their car that night, I felt very lucky to have gotten to
known them. Thanks, Mark, for lining him up.

Our May schedule is even more exciting, with two meetings planned, both promising to be great lectures, too:

• On May 10, Steffan Soule, master magician, will perform at 8 pm at Shells on the Beach. A lecture not to be
missed, with a bright, young expert in corporate magic.

• On May 18, at our regular monthly meeting at the Youth Ranch, Kostya Kimlat will lecture. He was on the
cover of Magic Magazine in January and, at 22, is the youngest magician to do so. Despite his age, he’s a
seasoned pro. Don’t miss this lecture!!

Looking ahead to June, we will hold the Close-Up Competition on June 15 at the Youth Ranch. Cash prizes of
$300 for first place, $200 for second place and $100 for third will be presented. We plan a round robin, with
the contestants going from table to table doing routines of about 8 minutes or so. See Mark if you are
interested. A Potluck Dinner open to Family and Friends of TBMC is planned. Our “50-50” that night includes
a chance for a 27” TV!

We are still looking to fill the secretary’s spot, and the membership committee chairmanship as well. Please, if
you’re even vaguely interested, please inquire, as we need to fill these critical positions soon. Paul Preston has
stepped up to the plate to be our Librarian: The library will return on May 18!

               Yours in Magic,
                                             Tom Kirwan, President
                                             Tampa Bay Magic Club
                                             TBMC STAFF
PRESIDENT:                   TOM KIRWAN                     727-492-0356           tkirwan@icsc.org
VICE PRESIDENT:               PAUL PRESTON                  727-531-7489           preston9@tampabay.rr.com
TREASURER:                    PATRICK GAUGHAN               727-397-8400           irishmagicart@aol.com
PROGRAMS CO-CHAIR:            MARK BYRNE                    727-532-8114           mark@balloonguy.net
PROGRAMS CO-CHAIR:            BILL DAHLQUIST                813-884-8082           seaquist2@aol.com
MEMBERSHIP CHAIR:             JOE CAFAZZO                   727-796-3096           myamina@earthlink.net
ORIENTATION CHAIR:            WINDY DOUTON                  727-392-1649           winsun48@ij.net
CLOSE-UP CHAIRMAN:            “TQ” BUI                      813-275-3052           uncletqb@yahoo.com
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS:             CHRIS OSTROWSKI               727-847-7837           cmmagic@netzero.net
MEDIA:                        BOB CAFAZZO                   727-786-3766           rcafaz@earthlink.net
WEB SITE:                     KEN SPANOLA                   813-885-2449           kspanola@tampabay.rr.com
DEAN OF TBMC:                 RALPH GREENWOOD               727-771-4707
                                                    CLOSE-UP CLASS

Close-up Chairman “TQ” Bui and Chris Ostrowski teamed up to present the mysteries and fun of the classic
cups and balls magic to a "standing room only" April close-up class. Everyone in the class had so much fun
that they requested we continue with more cups and balls routines for the last half of the May 18 meeting. After
a short session on “McDonald’s Aces,” Chris and TQ will review all the popular magic wand moves and
present the sequences leading to the climax and most magical part of the cups and balls routine: the Final Loads.
 Class starts at 6:30 pm. There will be NO Close-Up Class at our special May 10th meeting.

                              TBMC SCHEDULED EVENTS
              (Unless otherwise stated, all events are at the Sheriffs Youth Ranch)

   May 10 (Wednesday) at 8:00 p.m.: Steffan Soule, TBMC Members FREE, Non-members - $15
        (Held at Shells in St. Pete Beach Travelodge, 6300 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach)

                          May 18: Kostya Kimlat, TBMC Members FREE, Non-members- $15

  June 15: Close-up Competition with prizes. Potluck Dinner open to Family and Friends of TBMC;
                                “50-50” includes a chance for a 27” Television!!!

                                                     July 20: Lecturer, TBA

                          August 17: Patrick Gaughan Interviews: Howard Read & Bill White

                                                  September 21, Lecturer, TBA

            October 19: Members Night (performing Halloween Magic); M.C.-Patrick Gaughan

                                                  November 16: Lecturer, TBA

                                               December 14: Magic Mini-Mall



                                         TBMC member Scotty Phillips designed and painted the cover of author
                                         Wayne Skiver’s latest book, The Adventures of Professor Stone: Island X &
                                         Other Tales. Scotty painted the cover just last March in oils, and is about to
             QuickT ime™ and a
   T IF F (Uncompressed) decom pressor   start painting the cover for Skiver’s next book due out this summer. For info
      are needed to see this pict ure.
                                         on the book and how to get a copy, which Scotty will definitely autograph, go
                                         to http://www.lulu.com/content/279494         In addition to painting covers,
                                         Scotty has been doing quite a few local magic shows as well as working as
                                         Q-105 radio’s newest DJ.
                        BACK-TO-BACK MAGIC – MAY 10 & MAY 18, 2006
May is “Back-to-Back” Magic Lectures Month, with Steffan Soule lecturing on Wednesday, May 10, at 8:00 p.m. at
Shells Restaurant in the St. Pete Beach Travelodge, 6300 Gulf Boulevard in St. Pete Beach. Then, on Thursday, May
18, we will host Kostya Kimlat at our regular monthly meeting at the Sheriffs Youth Ranch; close-up class begins at
6:30 sharp.
                                               STEFFAN SOULE

Steffan Soule is a seasoned professional with an extensive body of work. While performing his world class magic
shows for adult and family audiences, he integrates magic into award winning theatre, film, television, musicals and
dance. Steffan’s sense of mystery and enchantment has made him one of the hottest new acts on the national scene
today. He weaves a visual tapestry of dazzling magic in a variety of shows. His stage S\show gives everyone a
stunning array of complex sleight-of-hand and interactive magic. Soule’s Grand Illusions Show blends original and
classic stage illusions with his assistant or magic ensemble. His magic is recognized with a Kennedy Center Award
for the Arts; he has performed numerous times on National Television, 12 times for Bill Gates and in hundreds of
schools across the country. His show, entitled “The Magic of Recycling,” is sponsored by the Department of Ecology
and his “Process Magic Seminar” gives corporate audiences a practical approach to continuous improvement with a
serious curriculum. As designer, lead performer and co-producer of two magic theatres (million dollar facilities built
for his shows), Steffan Soule holds the title for the “longest running magic show on the West Coast.” Magic routines
you can walk away with from this lecture include: The incredible combination of Further Than That with the Vernon
Poker Demonstration; The Ring and the Rope (the best routine you have ever seen, close up and stage version, all
ages); The Rope Escape: an original and impossible escape from ropes, jacket and tambourines; A Signed Bill in
Lemon for stage that has become a signature piece for corporate clients; The right way to make the Gene Anderson
Torn & Restored Newspaper; Two Cards to Envelope & Fruit Fly: Stage effects from Steinmeyer with the Soule polish;
Jumbo Card Oil & Water with a secret that makes it look almost too impossible; and The Shredder: a hands off ESP
effect with spectators money that might run through the shredder.

                                              KOSTYA KIMLAT
                  Audiences nationwide have applauded Kostya Kimlat's unique performance style, calling his
                  approach to magic "refreshing, knowledgeable and effervescent". At parties and banquets, Kostya's
                  close-up magic turns every event into a celebration! In addition to performing constantly, Kostya
                  acts as a magic consultant for television and theatre, and his sleight-of-hand has been featured in a
                  national TV commercial, currently being broadcast across the United States. Kostya has performed
                  intimate close-up magic and stand-up banquet shows for thousands of people, in different
                  languages, throughout the former Soviet Union, Israel, Canada and all over the United States.
                  Among his peers, he is considered one of the top magical artists. His innovative techniques and
                  essays have been published internationally in trade journals; his own magical creations have been

highly sought after by other magicians throughout the world. He's been the recipient
of numerous awards and is constantly performing and lecturing at magic conferences.
Year after year, companies bring back Kostya to make magic happen at their event!
His secret is simple, he loves what he does! The true magic is in watching the energy
and smiles appear on the faces of the audience!
                                                 SUNDAY NITE MAGIC HOUR

                               TBMC’s Mark “The Balloon Guy” Byrne now hosts the Sunday Nite Magic Hour
                               each week at the Cinema Café on US-19 & Sunset Point in Clearwater. A variety of
                               performers produce a great hour of magic for the entire family. This is a tremendous
                               opportunity for people who would like to get some stage time. Mark has set this up so
                               fellow variety entertainers and magicians have a forum. “When I started in the business
                               (Stand-up Comedy),” said Mark, “there were 4 or 5 open mike nights a week; now there
                               are none! In performing you get better by doing your act in front of a live crowd, not by
                               standing in front of a mirror.” Show criteria: Clean material only, no cursing; time will
                               vary due to the number of showcasers, but no less than 5 minutes; keep your stage set-
                               up simple, you should either be able to leave it in plain sight or carry it on stage; you’re
                               welcome to video your performance (or we can possibly supply you with a DVD as we
                               try to video every show). Curtain goes up at 6:00 p.m. Come early and eat; a full menu
                               is available. Only $5 per person!!! For reservations call 799-3531. Club members: if
                               you don’t want to perform, how about supporting live magic theater? Bring your family
                               and friends.
                               On Wednesday, before the Steffan Soule lecture, I invite members to join me at Monster
                                 Slice Pizzeria in St. Pete Beach, directly across the street from the Travelodge Hotel. I
                                  perform there from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. every Monday & Wednesday Night. They have
                                       terrific Pizza, Pasta and salads. Hope to see you all there.... Mark Byrne

                                NEWS FROM OUTSIDE THE BAY AREA

TAMPA RING 175 PICNIC: To benefit the club’s co-founder, Phyllis Warrick. Donation of $5/person plus either a
salad/vegetable or dessert. Picnic will be at Lowry Park in Tampa, May 13th, 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. For more info,
contact Ken Spanola: kspanola@tampabay.rr.com or 813-885-2449.

RING 81, SARASOTA: Next meeting will be on Thursday, June 1st, at the Flanzer Jewish Community Center, 582 S.
McIntosh Road, Sarasota. The theme for the meeting is Members’ Night. More info on their web site:

TANNEN’S SUMMER MAGIC CAMP 2006, Saturday, August 5th to12th, 2006. This is the only professional camp
geared solely to the teaching of the "Art of Magic." Tannen’s Summer Magic Camp presents the "Best of the Best” in
2006, featuring performers, staff, and former campers who have contributed greatly to the World of Magic. A week-
long extravaganza, the Camp is open to budding magicians ages 12 to 20 and features an intense schedule of lectures
and classes given by leading magicians, along with evening celebrity performances, both in close-up and stage shows.
The Camp is at The New York Institute of Technology. The fee of $1095.00 includes room and board, exciting Magic
Kit, prizes, trophies and all scheduled activities. For Registration Information ONLY, please contact Tannen Magic,
Inc. at camp@tannens.com or by phone at (212) 929-4500. For inquiries concerning the daily activities of the Magic
Camp, contact Terri or Dennis Cook at (718) 631-8908.

The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) is pleased to accept applications for full tuition scholarships plus travel
expense to attend Tannen's Magic Camp and the Sorcerer's Summer Safari located near Toronto, Canada. These
scholarships are made possible by a grant from S.A.M.’s Magic Endowment Fund. Chairman Bradley Jacobs
announced that the number of scholarships available is being increased from three to five. Applicants should be
between the ages of 10 to 18 years. Applications may be obtained by either writing to the S.A.M. Magic Endowment
Fund, 15 Warren Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601, or by e-mail, stating your mailing address, to kapsbarto@earthlink.net.
Warren J. Kaps, 15 Warren Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601; Tel. (201) 489-5277, Fax (201) 489-0477
                                             NEWS FROM
                                      MARIA IBANEZ – 1stVP, S.A.M.

It is with a deep sadness that I report the passing of Billy McComb. He was a wonderful man with a big heart and will
be deeply missed by all of us who were fortunate enough to have met him. Rest in peace Billy.

If you are asking what 6 months and magic have in common, the answer is simple to the riddle: it took 6 months of
recuperating for Marco of Le Grand David to return to the stage at the Larcom Theater and perform with his
company. That's right friends, after suffering a stroke six months ago, Cesareo Pelaez, Past National President of the
S.A.M. and known to so many as Marco of Le Grand David, returned to the stage and to work with the company that
he so dearly loves, this past April 25th. Our congratulations to Cesareo on his remarkable recovery and our thanks to
the members of Le Grand David who have stood by his side and helped in every way possible with his recuperation.

Congratulations are in order for Clem Kinnicutt as he rises to the position of International Deputy at Large for The
Society of American Magicians. Clem has served as International Deputy to the U.S. for the past few years as well as
Life Member Chair, and has done an admirable job at both.

Marshall Brodien has been appointed by S.A.M. National President, Rich Dooley, to fill the position of International
Deputy to the U.S. Congratulations to Mr. Brodien, as well.

                                         MAGICAL ILLUSIONS
                        Can you see the double images in each of these four images?

                                                 WANT WORK?

Instead of sitting around unproductively, why not get on the bandwagon and become a “Paid Volunteer” for the
Pinellas County Elections on September 5th and November 7th. Those are the dates of the Primary and General
elections, respectively. This year we will have a hot gubernatorial race (Jeb Bush cannot run again) as well as several
US House and Senate races. Each of those two days require you to be at the Polls for about 14 hours – it’s a LONG
day, but you get to see and talk with many of your friends and neighbors –AND get paid between $110 - $220,
depending on your position, for each election! For more information, contact Bob Cafazzo at 727-464-6110.

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