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The Playground


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									                                Sugar Grove Park District
February 2012
Volume 2, Issue 2

630-466-7436                                   The Playground
                               Time is running out!
Inside this issue:
                               Have you signed up for baseball or softball t-ball or tiny sluggers?
Baseball/Softball        1     Hurry! Don’t miss the ball! Volunteer coaches are needed.

T-Ball/Tiny Sluggers     1

Annual Teen Ski Trip     2

Cool Science - Gooey     2
Dance Season is Coming   2

Need a Workout           3

New Spring Arrivals      3

Fast Approaching
                             Marvelous Magic
Kid Rock Kraze           4

                             Learn fascinating and mesmerizing tricks
                             from the “Magic Team of Gary Kantor.”
                             Amaze family and friends with tricks that
 Attachments                 involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading,
                             and more. All materials are provided, and
 • Clay Creations            each child receives a magic kit to take
                             home. Children are grouped by age and
 • Baseball/Softball         learn tricks that are age-appropriate. Sign up for this class again and
                             again since brand new tricks are always taught each season.
 • Registration Form
                             Code          Age    Day Dates Time             Deadline
                             150313-01     5-12   Thurs 2/23 6:45-7:40pm     Feb 16

                             Fee:          $20
                             Class Size:   Minimum 5/Maximum 35
                             Location:     Prairie Building
                             Instructor:   Magic Team of Gary Kantor
Page 2                        The Playground      - Sugar Grove Park District                  Volume 2, Issue 2

Little Dragons
Little Dragons is a karate program specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4. In this program,
children work on listening skills, focus, respect and courtesy to others, hand-eye coordination, and
flexibility. Classes utilize effective and organized drills to keep your
child’s attention. (6 classes)
Code           Age     Day     Dates           Time Deadline
150404-01      3-4     Th      2/9-3/25        4-4:45 Feb 2
150404-02      3-4     Th      4-12-5/17       4-4:45 Apr 5

Fee:           $50
Class Size:    Minimum 5/Maximum 15
Location:      Rocky’s DoJo & Gym
Instructor:    Rocky Troutman, Owner/Operator & Instructor

Cool Science
                                        Interesting Insects
                                        How many body parts does an insect have? In this fun, hands-on class,
                                        preschoolers learn the fascinating world of insects as they meet live insect
                                        friends, learn a song about insects, and put together a model of an insect to
                                        take home with them.
                                        Code            Age    Day     Dates Time              Deadline
                                        140713-01       3-5    Sat     2/25 9:45-10:45         Feb 18

                                        Fee:            $15
                                        Class Size:     Minimum 6/Maximum 20
                                        Location:       Prairie Building

                                        Creepy Crawlies
                                        Do you the know the difference between a cricket and a grasshopper? Or
                                        how a bee gives directions to other bees through dancing? Learn all about
                                        these creepy crawlies as you work on fun projects, do experiments, and
                                        explore. Warning: icky, squirmy, slimy, slithery fun!
                                        Code            Age    Day     Dates Time              Deadline
                                        150712-01       6-12   Sat     2/25 12-3pm             Feb 18

                                        Fee:            $15
                                        Class Size:     Minimum 6/Maximum 20
                                        Location:       Prairie Building
Page 3                    The Playground     - Sugar Grove Park District              Volume 2, Issue 2

Need a Workout?
We have a variety of workout programs with deadlines this month.
Zumba is offered weekday mornings, afternoons, evenings as well as
Sunday afternoons. Jazzercise takes place weekday evenings as well as
Saturday mornings. Stretch class happens Thursday evenings, and
Women’s Kickboxing is offered weekday mornings. Find the right fit
for you!

New Spring Arrivals - Exclusive Look
Here is an exclusive look at programs that did not make it into our Spring
Brochure. Be the first to register for these exciting opportunities. Most of
these classes can be registered for online as well as at our office.

Intro to Karate        Fee: $50 (6 classes) Rocky’s Dojo & Gym
Code          Age      Day     Dates         Times         Deadline
150401-01     5-15     Mon     2/6-3/12      4:30-5:30pm   January 30
150401-02     5-15     Tues    2/7-3/13      4-5pm         January 31
150401-03     5-15     Mon     4/9-5/14      4:30-5:30pm   April 2
150401-04     5-15     Tues    4/10-5:15     4-5pm         April 3

Youth Kickboxing              Fee: $50 (6 classes) Rocky’s Dojo & Gym
Code          Age      Day     Dates         Times         Deadline
150403-01     5-15     Sat     2/11-3/17     9-10am        February 4
150403-02     5-15     Sat     4/14-5/19     9-10am        April 7

            Adult Basketball                          Adult Volleyball               Youth Basketball
                                                                                           Open Gym
                   Open Gym                                Open Gym
                                                                                     Saturdays 2-4pm
             Sundays 7-9pm                       Wednesdays 7-9pm
                                                                                   Now thru March 10
         Now thru March 11                        Now thru March 14
            $2/person/day                                                             $2/person/day
               John Shields                                                              John Shields
                                                        John Shields
     Elementary School Gym                                                     Elementary School Gym
                                              Elementary School Gym
                     Ages: 18+                                                   Grades: Elementary-
                                                           Ages: 18+
                                                                                         High School
Page 4                The Playground   - Sugar Grove Park District             Volume 2, Issue 2

Have Lunch With Friends
                                              Join us for a pot luck at the Sugar Grove Senior
                                              Center.. Bring a dish to share in the free fun.
                                              Come meet other local seniors, enjoy some great
                                              food and fellowship, play bingo, and more! The
                                              next two pot lucks will be held Tuesdays, January
                                              31st and February 28th at 11am at the Sugar
                                              Grove Township Senior Center. 54 Snow Street.
                                              Contact Chris at 466-4466 so we know how
                                              much food to bring.

Learn Something New

Alzheimer’s Disease Overview
This presentation will provide an overview of Alzheimer’s disease
and related memory impairments. Topics that will be discussed
include signs and symptoms, current available treatments,
communication, and ways to possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Day Date            Time            Deadline        Fee
Wed Feb 15          6:30-7:30pm Feb 8               $5
Location: Sugar Grove Township Senior Center, 54 Snow Street
Instructor: Mary Ferguson, Arden Courts

Medicare, Medicaid, and the new
Affordable Health Care Reform Act
Learn about some of the details of “Obamacare” , how
it will affect seniors, and actions you can take now to
protect yourself and your family.
Day Date               Time          Deadline Fee
Wed Feb 29             6:30-7:30pm Feb 22         $5
Location: Sugar Grove Township Senior Center
                54 Snow Street
Instructor: Law ElderLaw, LLP
To register: Contact the Sugar Grove Park District at 466-7436
Page 5                     The Playground        - Sugar Grove Park District      Volume 2, Issue 2

Fast Approaching Deadlines
February 1                 February 15                  February 21
Kettlebell BootKamp        Media Technology             Pre-Ballet 1
                           All Star Jr. Volleyball      Ballet 1&2
February 2                 All Star Volleyball          Funky Hip Hop
Little Dragons                                          Beginning Jazz/Lyrical
                           February 16
February 4                 Marvelous Magic              February 23
Youth Kickboxing           All Star Dodgeball           Tiny Dancer & Me
February 10                Investing Basics             Pre-Ballet 2
All Star Flag Football                                  Adult Stretch Class
                           February 18                  Adult Tap
All Star Soccer            Interesting Insects (Cool    Adult Clogging
February 14                 Science)
Kiddy Art                  Creepy Crawlies              February 27
All Star Dodgeball                                      Zumba
                           February 19
All Star Lil Pint Hoops    Pre-Ballet 1 & 2             February 28
All Star Jr Bball Skills   Dance Poms                   For the Love of Clay
Adult Painting
                                                                                 Online registration is
Buying & Selling Your      February 20                  February 29
                                                                                          available for
 Home                      Capture This                 For the Love of Clay       everyone. We can
                           Shields Painting                                            even guide you
                                                                                 through the process.

Grab your dancing shoes
Ballet, Funky Hip Hop, Dance
Poms, Jazz/Lyrical, Adult Stretch,
Clogging, whatever you like, we have
it here. Join instructor Amber
Poyner for one of her many dance
classes offered to youth through
                              After School Art
Sign up is
                                  at John Shields
through the
Sugar Grove
Park District.
Please do not
turn in
registration to                                   Clay Creations
school office.       Code      Grade         Day Dates               Time     Deadline
                     150304-05 K-5           Th  3/8-3/15            3:30-5pm Mar 1
                     150304-04 K-5           Th  4/26-5/24           3:30-5pm Apr 19
                     Fee: Session 4 - $85, Session 5 - $32
Register online at
                     Location: Shields Art Rm 119, at
61 Main Street,      Instructors: Colleen Grigg and Erin Livermore
or fax to (630)                                     Painting
466-8675             Code      Grade         Day Dates               Time     Deadline
                     150301-03 K-5           Mon 2/27-3/19           3:30-5pm Feb 20
                     150301-04 K-5           Mon 4/30-5/21           3:30-5pm Apr 23
                     Fee: $48
                     Location: John Shields Art Rm 150
                     Instructor: Erin Livermore
  Sugar Grove Park District offerings
       At Rocky’s Dojo & Gym
Little Dragons Karate Intro to Karate
Ages 3-4    Thursdays 4-4:45pm        Ages 5-15       Mondays 4:30-5:30pm
                                            Or        Tuesdays 4-5pm

Youth Kickboxing                      Youth Weight Training
Ages 7-12   Saturdays 10-11am         Ages 11-15 Saturdays 9-10am

Women’s Kickboxing                    Kettlebell BootKamp
Ages 18+    Tues/Thurs 9-10am         Ages 18+        Weds/Fri 9-10am

               Ages 18+      Mon/Weds 10:15-11:15am

                Register online at
                or call our office for more information. Registration
                deadlines are one week prior to the start date.
Page 8   The Playground   - Sugar Grove Park District   Volume 2, Issue 2

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