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The Magic School Bus Chemistry L


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									The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab – Does It Fizzle or Frizzle?
                                           I admit it, that headline shows off that I am a Magic School Bus geek. But
                                           come on, doesn’t every parent of young kids know about the amazing Ms.
                                           Frizzle -- the coolest teacher/bus driver in the world? This year is actually the
                                           25th Anniversary of The Magic School Bus books and to help celebrate, The
                                           Young Scientists Club has created a Chemistry Lab that comes in the Magic
                                           School Bus!

                                           Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, But Do Judge a Chemistry Set By Its

                                             Before you ever open the Chemistry Lab you and your kids will be struck by the
coolness of the box! Take a look at how the whole Chemistry Lab comes inside the Magic School Bus - It is clear the
packaging is very clever, but let’s get to what is really important, do kids love using the Chemistry Lab?

What Is More Fun Than Making Slime?

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab, in experiment #34, teaches kids how to make slime. And now for the least
surprising statement you will read today -- Kids Love Slime! Sure making slime is great -- but there is one thing more fun
than making slime… making that slime into a bouncy ball! Experiment #35 teaches kids to make a bouncy ball out of
slime. Prefer to name drop your mad science knowledge? You will learn that the ball is actually a visco-elastic
material… I think I still like slime better.

The above is an example of the very clever and fun way this science kit is put together. You get 51 experiment cards, as
we demonstrated in the above video. You also get a full set of chemistry tools to conduct experiments -

Experiment Cards That Kids Will Enjoy and Parents Will Love

Having individual experiment cards is a great idea. If the kids need to do an experiment by the sink or outside, they can
just take the one experiment card with them and follow the clear directions. The front of the card lays out exactly what to
do and what supplies are necessary. The cards are colorful and fun, fit in little kids hands and kids just seem to love
picking out cards.

As a Dad, I really like how the front of each card always ends with the question -- “Can You Explain the Results?” A
science kit should teach children to think and ask questions. On the back of each card is the explanation, but it is great
fun to have all the kids give their theory first and then read the explanation. I love toys that teach children to ask

What Other Experiments Can You Do?

The Chemistry Lab has your standard chemistry experiments such as --
use litmus paper, measure pH, perform chromatography and explode a
volcano. However, it also has some really cool experiments that kids will
love -- like bending bones, making a fungus, have the fungus eat
bananas and creating magic and sticky ice. In total there are 51
experiments for the kids to do.

Finally a Chemistry Set That Younger Kids Can Enjoy

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab is for children 5 and up. It is
great to see a Chemistry set that allows younger kids to get in on the fun. Most of the Chemistry sets on the market are
for ages 8 and up, so if you have young kids who love science and chemistry, The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab is a
great option.
Conclusion: The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

While some experiments involving fizzling solutions, this science kit does not fizzle away, it explodes with fun!
Kids will love learning chemistry with Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab. The science kit is very well
put together and the experiments are fun to do.

The negatives on the Chemistry lab are minor. As with all science kits -- you will run out of supplies if you do the
experiments a number of times. In addition, anytime you are making slime, you have the potential for a mess and then
the dreaded clean-up no one wants to do.

Those small negative aside, the Magic School Bus will be a hit with kids who love science. If you have kids who love
science and The Magic School Bus series, the Chemistry Lab is sure to be a home run!

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab from The Young Scientist Club Gets 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

Any Product That Receives 4 or 5 D’s is Dad Does Approved!

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