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					                      Suggested changes to S-491 – 2008 and 2009

Structure Chart
Need to make changes to NFDRS Structure chart – take slope class out of ERC. Need to
put in solid line between 1000-hr FM and Live FM. Need to add arrow from 100-hr FM
to 10-hr FM. Need to add a KBDI carryover. Is Live Woody FM going away/can we
take out? Change 1300 LST Obs to “Daily Observation”. Need to change fuel stick
moisture to a dashed line box so it’s optional and add words “weighed”. Add season
codes and greenness factors into chart. (2009) Need to get updated Sacramento chart
from Beth (or Mark) or Sue? Put into all lessons/powerpoints/appendixes. Need to
include a corrected color copy of the NFDRS Structure chart for student workbook
(appendix J?).

FF+ version 4
Need to update all the lessons to the FF+ version 4. This includes directions for exercises
and updated screen captures for powerpoints and text (SW and IG).

Instructor Guides
Need to have someone look at instructor guides critically. Is there enough information
for instructors to teach each lesson? What could be added to help new instructors who
didn’t write the lesson?

Power Points
Need to go through each powerpoint and be sure the text is large enough for students to
read. Also need to check formats.

Need to review schedule. Make sure that there are specific instructions to allow an extra
15 minutes for quiz 2 (unless we change quizzes).

Wednesday we were done by 4pm; students worked through exercise 4C really well –
look at getting a FF+ module that can be done as optional if students finish early? Is
there any way to move 5A to Weds afternoon to allow more time on Thurs? Thursday
was very full and ended really late.

Bobbie thinks 3A Dead and Live needs more time. Lesson 3A also needs to be broken
into 2 sections with a break between.

5A seems to be out of sequence. It should be at the end of the day to summarize what we
have been through with the rest of the lessons in Unit 5?

Question 3 – change to “This user is the owner of how many stations?” (28) (LSTA-
Question 8 – change to “How many weather records were imported as shown in the
example in the help file?” (8768 records).

There is a lot of work in WIMS in the prework, but there is a disconnect in the class
where we don’t talk about WIMS or tie back to the prework. Need to review and see if
any opportunities to take.

Need to look at Linnea’s hardcopy versions of corrections. Need to fix answers to the
key, correcting point totals, etc.

Some of the questions on the quizzes are not the same as the questions on the answer key.
Need to make them the same.

Need to format the old take home quiz to match formatting of other quizzes.

A suggestion from students is that more quiz questions use FF+, based on previous day’s

Check Palmer Drought in quiz 2 – trick question? Internet access caused concern over
the correct answer. 3B-23 in SW may be a problem.

In problem 4 (a) and (f), need to re-write descriptions about above or below surface of
ground for defining 1000 hour and KBDI. Also in prework and gaining an

Quiz 3 – question 2 can be changed to “If model or station is not properly greened up,
live herbaceous fuel moisture values remain equal to ___, ….”

Quiz 3 question 8, need to reword.

Final Exam
Linnea has a correction hardcopy of final exam for review. Need to fix answers to the
key, correcting point totals, etc.

Question 4, need to decide if student puts season codes as one answer and greenness
factors as another answer, do they get 2 points?

Question 5, if they put greenup as one answer and curing as another answer, do they get 2

Question 9 d and f, need to reword.

Part 2 question 5 - Need to fix so that the WRCC data is in there and the student isn’t
guessing to change the value that is incorrect.
Extra credit – need to decide if keep or throw out. Very subjective for scoring. Need to
see if can reword to make a regular question and not extra credit. Or don’t keep decision
points, just ask which index they would use and why.

Suggestion that the introduction (1B) could provide an overview of some of the graphs
and information from FF+ that will be taught during the week.

Put quotes over worst case in slide show and in IG and SW.

Need to have Russ get that data flow slide switched out with the on that’s in 2C. The one
he has is too big for screen and it has the RAWS as Forest Service, even though we’re

Slide 23 is not a FF+ graph – need to put in a FF+ graph for students. Or why is that in
there? Also slide 26

See Bobbie’s corrected 2A slide show. This is an easy fix if everyone agrees to the

Take the 3 hour schedule out of text (for transmit of data) – ref slide 30 – page 2A-17 in

Need to check the words in SW and IG for “shelter” in the EMC and state of the weather
discussion – reference to manual station?

Add a discussion of Nelson model? Or where do we add to S-491 class?

Need to check page numbers in IG and SW – they have a 2A.

Lesson objective needs to have Standards “and Guidelines” in slide 2 and in text in IG
and SW.

Need title to be Standards and Guidelines in slide 4 and IG and SW. In IG and SW text
in section I, change title to STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES and need to add to
paragraph …provide “standards and” guidelines for weather stations used for NFDRS.

Update screen captures for slide 15, stations in WIMS and slide 24, RAWS web.

Look at Linnea’s corrected version for minor tweeks in powerpoint.
Can we cut down on some of the slides in the lecture that show errors (before the
exercise) and some of the exercise – is it too long? Or can we cut out the slides if the
exercise is well written? Should this be lead by instructor or have students do on their
own? Or just working in FF+ on big screen and no slides associated?

Need to add a bit of text to IG and SW to match powerpoint:
Objective in slide doesn’t match text (SW and IG). “Three” sources of data errors.

Slide 3 – fix the illustration to be correct for fuel stick moisture (“weighed”)

Slide 5, change Standards under Weather Station to Siting. Also make the word Station

Need to check fonts in IG and SW….section III is larger than IV.

Section III in IG and SW Operational Procedures – need to delete the text “How the
observer completes the process of entering data and”. Edit rest of sentence to say “How
the station catalog and “model” are managed in WIMS”. Also change slide 5 to only
have “How the station catalog and model are managed in WIMS”.

Need to have in lecture (add a slide and text to SW and IG) how to “fix” FF+ obs after
slide 33. And then re-do slides 34 to 40 – remove some?

Slide 41 – need to either remove this slide (and SW and IG) or need to have an appendix
with it for a handout. Not in there now. Need to clean it up so it’s publishable – remove
colors so it can be printed in black and white.

In objective for exercise, need to add “how to correct errors”.

Slide 43 - Add to text (SW and IG) screen capture in FF+ of weather dropdown menu.

Slide 44 and IG and SW – need to put a “4” after all the FF+s.

Slide 46 and IG and SW need to change C drive to “drive and folder”, in case it is on
another drive.

Slide 47, need to get latest version of FF+ button bar.

Slide 62 and SW and IG, need to say click in Dry Bulb Temperature (not any) to run Data
Count report.

I added Close Data Count Report as slide 64. And I put in information in case FF+ was
accidentally closed.
I changed slide 71 to only run Dry Bulb Temperature. If keep, need to change text in SW
and IG.
I moved Windows slide 73 to after slide 78.

I’ve added some flying items and text to the Dry Bulb Graph slide 74 and Graph Options
slide 75. Also the Graph Options screen captures need to be done again for version 4.

Slide 75 – need to discuss in text (SW, IG) about keeping graph options by Set as Default
versus Apply or Apply to all.

Slide 78 – Discuss in text that this is not an easy fix by just looking at this data (as it was
for the precip examples earlier with the subtraction). Would need to do more research to
figure out a good value to put in FF+ - and discuss change or not in NIFMID.

I added a slide after 78 titled “Reset Working Set”
     All years, May 1 to October 31
     Run Climatology report again on:
     Relative Humidity
     Precipitation Amount
     Wind Speed

Slide 80, added “hint: Window, Working Set” to first bullet. Also, spell out RH as
“Relative Humidity”. Also need to add more to text (SW and IG) about daily listing
report and why it is used.

Slide 82,
     Missing obs before and after June 19,1985
     100 to 1 percent in one day on June 9,1986

Slide 83 added circle to duration to point out many hours to reach high amounts of rain.

Slide 85, added
– check working set
View Obs,

Slide 88 – need to have new screen capture for Event Locator (also slides 90, 97, and
100). I also underlined 1998 to emphasize the working set.

Slide 90 – added: Hint – check working set.

Slide 91 – add WIMS screen capture of peak winds on DRAWS page 2

Slide 92 – remove word “exist” in second bullet (also in SW and IG). Also need to
rephrase the last question in SW and IG and slide.
Slide 97 added circle to point out the 99.9 percentile wind.

In SW page 2C-27 (need to cross reference with IG), the question with getting index set
to 0 hasn’t been covered, yet. Need to take out of SW and IG. Or change question to see
if the students can remember in 2A what state of weather 5 to 7 sets to 0 (SC, BI, and IC).

Slides added to end of slide show after slide 101, correcting errors:

Slide of Logan with 8” rain spike on stats graph.

Slide titled “What day did it occur?” and screen capture of event locator. Note that the
text in the SW and IG say to select Daily Precipitation Amount Daily…there is no Daily
Precipitation Amount to select in event locator, and if you select Precipitation Amount
and Daily as the category, you just get the word “TRUE” in FF+ and not the value that
day. Need to fix that in text.

Slide with title “View Data from WRCC”
     Tipping bucket was reset
     There was no rain on 6/20/1990
     Correct value should be 0 for precip amount

Slide with title “Correcting FireFamily Plus
     Weather, View Obs, Daily
     Sort
     Click in the cell
     Enter correct value (0)
     Click tab or click in any other cell

Also need to discuss duration needs to be changed from 1 to 0, since there really was no

Bottom of SW page 22 - There is an IX. Mount Logan Arizona heading. Need to take out
the IX and move the text to the left. Maybe the font should be smaller? Should the word
just be Logan Arizona, since the station is called Logan?

Can we cut down on the amount of data from the WRCC to just one page?

See Bobbie’s corrected 3A slide show and instructor guide and student workbook. This
is an easy fix if everyone agrees to the changes. Slide 3A-12 need to change 0 to ¼ to <
¼ (there is no 0).

See Bobbie’s corrected copy of powerpoint. This is an easy fix if everyone agrees to the
changes. Bobbie fixed slide 26 to make each value come in on click!
Slide 18, change text box to say 10-hour fuel – what does SW say?
Slide 24 – need to add screen capture of table in SW and how to read it to find value
Slide 30 (29) – make sure web path is still good.
Slide 35 (34) – check web link
Add a link in the lesson showing the site for KBDI start up values

Change data collection platform to weather station, slide 2

For hands on, students did some of these in 2C – need to make sure we are not

The discussion of the X and Y axis for FF+ graphs is also discussed in 2C and 3A – need
to remove?

Slide 5 – get latest chart (no live woody) – also other sides in this lesson may need

Slide 2D (or is it 3D?) 29 has broken links in chart and has extra items?

Slide 34 need to clean up title and top of chart so they don’t mix together.

Student workbook – check page #s at back for blank pages?

Check the numbers (values) in the slides/IG/SW – need to change for FF+ 4 and also get
new screen captures.

3E-12 says obs are temp (-3) rh (+5) ws (-3) but the paragraph in the handout (page 3E-
27is different (-3, +3, -5). Need to cross check slides and text and handout at back of

SW p 19 – exercise – input sow 1 SW says 0. Slide 20 SOW should be 0. Slide 19
change 17 to 18 in IC line.

IG 3E.3 and SW 3E.4 under 2. Slash where the second question reads “Why is the range
of BI so low?” BI needs to be replaced with IC. It should read “Why is the range of IC so

Need to add text for discussion re: green up different fuel models during season – effects
of green up.

Need to change fam-web paths in slides and text.
Need to add Unit objectives to this one (edit them) since there is no 4A.

How will Data warehouse change this lesson?

Do we need to order the lesson to make more sense; first look at data and years available
to see if station has enough data or missing gaps. Then get the weather (and fires).

Note: all FF+ screen captures need to be checked to see if version 3 or 4.

Need to cross check 4C and 5C to make sure we aren’t teaching same thing.

This will be an easy fix if all agree to changes - Need to get Bobbies latest power point
and exercise directions and 2 handouts – make sure they are formatted for screen and SW
and IG and exercise – page 7 at bottom needs reformatting. Also the table on page 18 in
exercise doesn’t match what is in FF+ and that confused students.

Need to make sure that if there are corrections made to data in the exercise, we cross
reference the REAL data at WRCC when changing an answer – don’t just have students

Need to correct slide numbers in instructor guide if using Bobbies new one.

Add screen capture and text on 21 and 22 in Bobbies to SW after 3rd paragraph in section
D Percentiles.

Page 4C.10 in SW, Percentile Graph – get new 4c-26 screen capture (note: does text
above it need to change?

Page 4C.11 in SW, Probability Graph – get new 4C-27 screen capture.

Revisit the definition for Fire Day. (Kai)

Intro in instructor guide needs to be cleaned up – info is in there twice.

5C-1 in SW (cross check with IG) has a sentence “Where to place decision points on the
continuum to change from one decision to another is the topic of the next lesson” but
does that refer to 5D or later in this same lesson when discussing climatological
Instructor guide prior to section II has information about lab that needs to be moved to
before “5C EXERCISE 1 FIREFAMILY PLUS. And need to clean up to match slide
(put in green-up date) and complete last sentence “Students may work” Also need to
cross check this info with the one right after 5C-01-S491-IR. There is similar text.
“Fire Danger Decision Points 1. a. Climatology based” has a graph of Libby with 10
years of data (1988 to 1998) but text says “…past 18 years”. Need to either fix text or
put in different graph (would need to fix slide 10 if change in graph).

Slide 11 is not a smooth transition from the Libby slide previous. Would be better if the
two were related – keep ERC or make both BI or ???.

The exercise directions need to be cleaned up to take out the Talladega reference in
Exercise Steps and step 3 “the second station”.

SW page 5C-6 (cross reference IG) need to change “page 9”; that’s not the right page

Need to get new screen captures for FF+ for exercise – slight changes in SW and IG.
Graph of Devils Knob (percentile) is stair-step in SW and IG, but it was smooth for me in
FF+. Also need to update values in spreadsheet as they may be different.

Note that in the first part of the exercise, sometimes I get 1800 total records and
sometimes I get 1799. It may be a ghost?

Need to put the sentence “First explore the Burning Index….” that is at the top of IG page
12 and SW page 9 to before the Frequ Distr Report on previous page.

Also had other numbers that were not the same as the book for total counts for the years
1995-1999 (N=1733) and 1985-1999 (N=5218). Same ghosts?

I think that after students complete first column using climatology report from working
set, they need to learn how to do batch. They need to remember in batch to set the FM
first in the station catalog, and then set the years. If they set the years first then the FM in
the catalog, the years go back to all possible. The one thing that can’t be done in batch is
to find the X and Y values by clicking on the percentile graph.

Why are there blanks in the answer key?

Slide 15 needs to better reflect the text in the SW and IG. Why does the slide say
“important to apply them as intended”? What does this refer to in the text? Need to add
a bullet to the slide that Climatology can be appropriate for determining decision points
(see updates made by me and Gripp).

B Communications paragraph 1. This paragraph is very similar to the one on the previous
page. Need to edit one or the other.

Slide 17 – Semantics are or is? Which is the correct grammar? Also need to put text in
IG and SW to explain this bullet.

Why is there a big blank space in SW on page 5C-17 before section C Staffing Level?
Slide 19 – Change bullet to “A linkage of fire danger to fire management decisions”
Also the bullet “Often confused with….” is in IG but not in SW.

Need to put in end parenthesis in (b) text on IG page 27 and SW page 22. Also need to
fix both IG and SW table 1 to have class 4 (SI 90)/2 (divide) not * (multiply). Note that
the slide is correct. Need to also discuss in SW and IG what happens if you use the 80
and 95th for this chart.

Need to add text to SW and IG for slide 5C-28 to discuss that different fuel models may
put you into different staffing levels, as show in slide and screen capture in book.

Add a slide after slide 28 titled “Staffing Level”
     • Review:
     • Staffing level is for internal use
     • Applies fire danger rating in day-to-day fire program management
     • Based on one NFDRS output
I think this is needed to emphasize these points – also add to text in SW and IG.

Slide 37 – can you make the VH orange colored instead of purple?

Slide 38 needs some lines filled in – looks funny with some missing.

Slide 39 – need to add more text in IG and SW as to why and how to fix. This is not

Slide 44 took out “a variety of indexes” under Adjective Rating column. That just
emphasizes the IC and Staffing Level. See my revised edition of that chart. Need to
make sure that SW and IC has that information in text – right now the staffing level
doesn’t have reference to internal on page 5C-26 in SW. Make sure handout of compare
and contrast climatological breakpoints is available for students in SW and IG.

Slide 5C-45 and SW and IG don’t match – need to fix. Need to correct the text in the SW
and IG to explain that first you use the EAVG in WIMS to set the weights, and then you
use DAVG to display. This will make in easier to understand for the question on quiz 4.

Need to add a slide here to point out the things to consider as discussed in section V:
choice of fuel model, average worst case, system credibility, and match index to user

Slide 49 – what does this slide mean? Need more text to describe, at least in instructor
guide. If not, take out slide?

Need to review content statistics and analysis fit in? Should this be taught in this class?
Is there a way to break this class into pieces for those who don’t need this?

Need to make sure it’s not duplication of Bobbies 4C – make sure it’s not just a repeat
but a challenge.
Need to modify the exercise in 5D to match the new time allotted.

Need to get a pocket card that meets standards in the power point!

Need to have a bitmap or jpeg available for the pocketcard exercise?

Need to have more hands on with FF+ on stuff like LFI and season reports.

Appendix H
Check web links to see if they still work. Add FAMWEB and RAWS web sites. Are
there additional references that need to be added?

Appendix I
Instructor quals – need to correct to drop 4A lesson.

Appendix J
Handouts – need to update.