Raffle Prize Wish List by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Raffle Prize Wish List

Technology                                For younger children Jack Preletsky,
IPOD—Nano                                 Shel Silverstein, Poetry for Young
MP3 players                               Children
Gameboys                                  Audio Book Sets
Boom boxes                                (Anything you like. Books should be
Personal DVD players                      rated G-PG)
Electronic Keyboard                       Harry Potter, Lemony Snickett, EB
Reference books and school supplies
Dictionaries                              Art Supplies
Thesaurus, atlas                          Barrel Prisma color pencil sets
Book of quotations                        Caligraphy pen sets
Book bags and backpacks                   Bound journals, Moleskin brand and
Sports Equipment
Basketball                                Kits
Soccer ball                               Magic kit
Baseball bat, glove, ball                 Jr. Chemistry set
T-ball set                                Microscope
Air hockey or foos ball table             Board games
Razor Scooter                             Scrabble
Skateboard                                Boggle
DVDs                                      Twister
Dead Poet’s Society                       Monopoly
Poetic Justice                            Bananagram Game
SLAM                                      Wordplay Game
Il Postino                                Scatergories
Little Einstein’s (K-2)
Curious George                            Toys
Wildlife documentaries: Jeff Corwin,      Erector Sets
Bindi the Jungle Girl, or Crocodile       Pirate ship lego set or anything similar
Hunter                                    Hot wheels 10 car pack
Dance, Dance Revolution                   Plush toys

CD’s                                      Some stores that have interesting and/or
Anthology collections available through   educational items and have also
Poets.org                                 supported this or other programs
Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes, Sylvia     include: Sarnoff’s, Antigone’s, Miss
Plath, Robert Frost                       Tiggy Winkles, Mildred and Dildred,
                                          Yikes, UA bookstore.

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