The Cultures of North Africa

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					    The Cultures of North Africa

         What is Culture?

 Culture – is the way of life of a
group of people who share
similar customs and beliefs
What does Culture include?
How are cultures similar and different?
Different cultures may have some things in
 common, while other aspects are different

• Think of some cultures that may be similar in
  some ways, and different in other ways
             Comparing Culture

• Some cultural elements are easy to see

• People in rural Morocco build houses from Adobe,
  which is sun-dried clay

• In Mexico and in the Southwest United States,
  people also live in adobe houses
Morocco   Mexico
              Comparing Culture
• Some cultural elements are not easy to see

• People in different places can share the same
  language, but speak different dialects, or
  versions of that language

  What are some examples of dialect differences?
What are some cultural elements that
          are easy to see?
What are some cultural elements that
        are not easy to see?
  Religion and Culture in North Africa
• The people of North Africa are spread out
  between several countries

Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco
How do the people of North Africa stay united?


 The Arabic language and Islam religion unifies
  the different peoples of North Africa
               Muslim Beliefs
More than 95% of North Africans are Muslims

• Muslims believe in Allah, which is the Arabic
  word for God

• The founder of Islam was a man named
  Muhammad, who was believed to be a prophet,
  or religious teacher who speaks for god
                   The Quran
The sacred book of Islam is called the Quran

The Quran teaches Muslims about God, and it also
 provides a guide to living

The Quran forbids lying, stealing, and murder

It also prohibits gambling, eating pork, and drinking
          The Five Pillars of Islam
Declaration of Faith – Declare the belief that
 there is only one God
Prayer – 5 times a day
Almsgiving – give money to help the needy
Fasting – Muslims must fast during daylight
 hours of Ramadan
Pilgrimage – Muslims must make a pilgrimage to
 Mecca at least one time
                 Islam and Law
• The Islamic system of law is based on the Quran

Islamic law governs many aspects of life

  Family life
  Business practices
Some people in North Africa live traditionally, or in
 ways similar to their parents and grandparents

Traditional and modern ways of life mix in larger
 cities, such as Cairo, Egypt
  Cultural Change in North Africa
Culture changes over time

• Culture often changes when people move
  from one place to another

As people travel, they share their customs
 and ideas with others
How could culture change in North Africa?
 When Culture moves, it is called…
Cultural Diffusion – the spread of customs
 and ideas to new places

Diffusion means “to spread out”
         Trade affects culture!?
• Because of its location, North Africa has been
  a center of trade for people from Europe, Asia,
  and Africa

Many customs and ideas have spread in and
 out of North Africa because of trade!
                Mixing Culture
Culture can mix different ways other than trade

Cultural mixing can occur through conquest

• Ancient Egypt conquered other areas, and was also
  conquered themselves

• Through these conquests, more cultural diffusion
     What is Western Culture?
Western culture is the cultures of Europe and
 North America
    Western Culture vs. Muslim Culture
• Some Muslims are concerned that their countries
  are becoming too Westernized

More and more Muslim people are buying western
 products, such as clothes and electronics

Some Muslims fear that Western influences will
 ruin Muslim values and traditions

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