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									                            Charlie Lake Elementary
                                 Parent Survey

Parents are strong partners within our school. As a result of our recent planning efforts,
we are striving to find new ways to connect with, and provide resources for the parents in
our school. Please complete (one per family) the survey below. Families who complete
and return the survey by May 26 will be entered into a draw for a ‘Family Pack Basket’
valued over $200 with fun things for the family to do together! The draw will be held at
the PAC Annual General Meeting Monday May 26th.

Name:_________________________             Phone #:_____________________________

Email: _________________________

                       1. Parent Educational Opportunities
(Please mark all that you would likely attend.)

 Homework: What are strategies for assisting your child at home with homework?
 Wellness: Learn ways to provide nutritious meal options for children and
       opportunities for exercise.
 Positive Discipline: Learn ways to set boundaries, correct negative behaviour, instill
       respect and maintain positive relationships with our children. How do we teach
       our children appropriate and positive ways to resolve conflict?
 Internet Safety: What are the dangers of web site use by children and how we can
       protect our children?
 Drugs and Kids: Alcohol and cigarette use is easier to detect than some other drugs
       used by kids. Learn what to watch for.
 Separate, Successful Parenting: Learn how divorced and separated parents can
       support their children’s success.
 Mental Health Awareness: Be aware of signs and symptoms to look for regarding
       depression, self-destructive behaviours, bullying, intolerance, and other issues
      impacting children.
 School Assessments/Evaluations: What are they? Learn about instructiona
      l standards, assessments, and tools that make the difference in your child’s school
 Communication: How to communicate effectively with teachers and school staff.
 Self-esteem: Teach your child how to cope creatively with disappointments,
       challenges, and failures while maintaining a positive outlook and self-esteem.

Other : Are there any topics that you are interested in?



What time would you be more likely to attend a workshop?

 Morning          Afternoon            Evening         Weekend          Weekday

What is the best way to inform you about upcoming parent opportunities?

 Flyer sent home with child         Phone/call message          Email/website

If by email, please provide your email address:

If you have any expertise that you would be willing to share in a training session with
other parents in the school, please let us know!

Name:________________________________               Phone: _______________________

Email: _____________________________________

Describe your area of expertise:

                     2. Parental Involvement Within the School
   Recognizing that most parents have busy schedules, there may be some school
   involvement that fits in for or appeals to some more than others. There are many
   small and large(r) volunteering opportunities within the school involving classroom
   time or activities/programs. We are hoping to match people’s skills and interests with
   those opportunities. (We want to stress that being involved does not have to involve
   guilt or pressure ! )

   Please indicate which type of volunteer time you are interested in.

 Administerial: i.e. PAC executive (various time commitments)
 Hot lunch programs: i.e. Subway, Hot Dog Day (6-8 hours a month)
 Kid Check: Phoning when children are absent and not accounted for (an hour a
       morning-shared with other several volunteers)
 Extra Eyes: Helping to supervise recess and/or lunch (various time commitment)
 Meet & Greet BBQ: Help organize or host BBQ at beginning of year to meet the
   school staff and mingle with other parents.

 Library Helper: Mrs. Haugen has various things she would love help
        with…(various time commitment)
 Classroom helper: Help with reading (various time commitment)
 Classroom helper: Help with various duties the teacher needs help with i.e. crafts
 Class rep: This is a new position we would like to create. It involves being a
    liaison between your child’s class/teacher and the PAC. It is to facilitate
   communication and depending on the situation may include occasional duties.
   This position does not require mandatory attendance to every PAC meeting.
 Tree Watering: The school is acquiring newly transplanted trees at the end of the
        month and is looking to have volunteers water them over the summer. They will
        need to be watered twice a week, however even a one week shift would be
 Bingo Hall Hours: Over a three year period we have to work a certain amount of
         hours at the Bingo to keep our contract with them in good standing.
 Crafty/Artsy stuff: Helping with activities/programs where creative juices are
 Odds & Ends: Would like to help out sometimes with various activities, but does not
         want to go to every PAC meeting. Would appreciate communication from ad
         hoc committees on duties available.
 Halloween programs: Maybe your favorite time of year?
 Christmas concert: Organizing children’s performances, or helping with
 Bookeeping Audit: Once per year the accounting books have to be audited by a non-
        executive PAC member.
 Phone Tree: Helping with phone calls that may have to be done for various activities
 Fundraising: Being part of ad hoc committees.
 Thank You Teas/Lunches: Maybe you like to cook/bake?
 Sporty Type activities
 Carnival: Helping to organize carnival activities for a day of fun.
 Other: Any other talents/interests that you may be able to

How would be the best way to indicate the various types of volunteer opportunities?

 Bulletin boards       Flyers sent home with child           Email/website

If by email, please provide email address:______________________________________

Would you be interested in attending a workshop/info session about volunteering in
the classroom? This would be organized in conjunction with the administration of the
school and the teachers. The purpose would be to have clear expectations and knowledge
of what volunteering in the classroom looks like and the skills needed to do so.

 Yes      No

                             3. General Information

There has been a suggestion for the school to adopt school uniforms. A few
benefits being that they are: simple & inexpensive, increase school spirit, and often
serves as an equalizer between peers.

Is this an idea you are interested in having the PAC pursue for more information?

 Yes          No

Are there any ideas or activities you would like to see happen in the school?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! The information you provide
will help us implement programs and activities that will be of interest to our families
and create a powerful, supportive, and fun atmosphere. If you have any questions
about this survey, please contact Kimberly Shaw at 263-7498 or


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