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									How Google Treating Duplicate Contents.
How to Check Duplicate Content.

Google Duplicate Content is one the most critical issue while in SEO. In this tutorial I’m
going to explain 14 best things about How Google handles duplicate contents.

   1.    Google’s search standard answer is to sort out copied pages, and only display one
         page with a given set of content in its search results.
   2.    It is to observe that large companies or the websites with huge contents appear to
         be able to show copies of press releases, articles, and blog posts and do not get
         filtered out. This is the one more reason they get penalized soon.
   3.    Google not often bans or penalizes Web sites for copied contents. Their view is
         that it is normally unintentional.
   4.    I’ve seen many websites being penalized by the Google. This shows that Google
         does penalize the websites. This takes some egregious act, or the execution of a
         site that is seeing as having little end user value. I have seen examples of
         algorithmically practical penalties for Web sites with huge amounts of copied or
         duplicate contents.
   5.    We can take an example of a site that includes small value is a thin affiliate site,
         which is a site that uses copies of third party content for the great bulk of its
         content, and exists to get search traffic and promote affiliate programs. If this is
         your site, you may be penalized, soon.
   6.    You can use print version of the pages on your site to avoid duplicate content
   7.    Always use no-index Meta tags for the pages being copied; this could help
         Google to do not index duplicate pages or the pages you do not want to get
   8.    Google does a good job of treating strange language versions of a site. They will
         most likely not see a Spanish language version and English language versions of
         the sites as duplicates of one another.
   9.    A common problem in USA and UK alternatives (like optimize v.s. optimise).
         You can handle this situation to let your country hosting companies to detect them
         whenever they occurred.
   10.   When Google visiting to your site, they have in mind an amount of pages that
         they are leaving to crawl. One of the expenses of duplicate content is that when
         the crawler loads a duplicate page, one that they are not going to index, they have
         loaded that page in its place of a page that they might index. This is a big
         disadvantage to copy or duplicate content if your site is not fully indexed as a
   11.   As far as Google crawler loading process is concerned it finds automatically the
         duplicate contents, the contents which are already exists somewhere on the web.
         Such are print pages, archive pages in blogs and thin affiliate. Google recognizes
         them as being inadvertent.
   12.   It is to observe that duplicate contents can cause internal bleeding of the PR of a
         page or a website. So if you are going to create some inbounds for a duplicate
       content, stop the process right here, as this could not help the page to get higher in
       ranking. Just wasting of time and money.
   13. Google team is now currently working on RSS feeds, and finally they have found
       a solution of if, i.e. Feed burner. The achievement of FeedBurner will probably
       speed up the motion of that issue.
   14. One key thing, Google uses as a sign as to what page to select from a group of
       duplicates, is that they look at and see what page is linked to the most.

So all in all, to reduce such overhauling affects, do avoid making duplicate or copied
content from the other sites. I hope this tutorial will help you to find out the way to
reduce such overhauling affects from your website.

How to Check Duplicate Contents:

You can check duplicate content while visitng this website: www.copyscape.com

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