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									     Volume 21                Miata Journal                                                  by Larry Smith, President
      Issue 5
                             This is the first article I’ve written for the Indy Miata Club newsletter. I recently assumed the pres-
     May 2011            ident’s position and thought I’d just ramble about nothing in specific as a way to introduce myself
                         to you. I grew up on a farm in west central Indiana. My wife, Sabrena, and I have been married for
   What’s Inside         soon to be 33 years and were both from Montgomery County, Indiana. We have five children who are
                         strung out across the Country from Michigan to Texas to Nevada. We have three grandchildren with
Page 2                   the fourth to be delivered by the time you read this, all boys.
Upcoming Events.             I tend to do most of my own maintenance on my cars. It’s more like a fleet of cars over the years as
Looking For A Santa.     it took several sets of brake pads, lots of oil changes, a few alternators, a couple of radiators, one head
                         gasket and even one engine replacement to get five children through high school and college. It seems
                         like for a while I was changing brakes or oil every weekend. I’ve learned most of my mechanic skills
Page 3                   hands on predicated upon necessitated repairs. While on the farm I would help Dad by fetching tools.
PTBR Review.             “Bring me the Crescent wrench“ or a 9/16" box end wrench. One could always tell how a repair was
                         going by the tools needed. If dad said, “Bring me the Large Persuader”, the 16 pound sledge, you knew
Page 4                   things weren’t going too well. I now own my own version of this fantastic tool! I haven’t had to use it
                         on the Miata, mostly Chevys and the occasional Ford. I think there is a degree of intelligence with car
IMC Board Meeting.       repairs and I’m not smart enough to know when the job is just too much for me to handle. I’ve never
STL Invasion Date Set.   tackled a complete rebuild of an engine or transmission, but I have replaced both from my little garage
                         over the years. I’ve been known to do some of my best work along the road.
Page 5                       I am a civil engineer by trade and employed by a local county being in charge of the bridge replace-
Memory Lane.             ment program. So, if following my car, don’t be surprised if I slow down to look at a “special” bridge.
                         I’ve even been known to drive from Indy to the Ohio River just to see a new bridge. There’s a cool one
                         on US 231 at the Ohio River.
Page 6                       Having recently attained the glorious “empty nest syndrome” we purchased our first MX-5/Miata
Speedy Gonzales Rally.   in the spring of 2008. It is a Highland Green RHTP six speed. After three very short driving seasons, I
Advertisers.             say seasons as the Miata shivers when it gets cold so we wrap a warm blanket around it and put in the
                         corner of the garage furthest from the door to wait out the long cold winter, the poor thing has accu-
                         mulated 48,000 miles. If we could fit it through the doors, we would park it next to our bed as I think it
Page 7                   gets lonely on those long cold winter nights. It’s a good thing we have a few animals sharing the garage
Advertisers.             to keep it company. We know the cat loves it as he leaves lots of paw prints across the hood. Sometimes
IMC Classifieds.         when the cat is sleeping on the hood you can actually hear him making this purring sound as if going
                         through the gears. I don’t know where he’s taking the car, but I’m sure he’s having fun!
                             Anyway, the club is all about socializing around a common interest in our cars. We have several
                         events each season, but can always use more. If anyone has a favorite route or spot to drive and un-
                         wind, turn it into a rally and share it with your fellow enthusiasts. Club members have been spotted in
                         many faraway places. Contact our Event Coordinator, Ken Rabbers, with any of your ideas.
                             Since joining the club some of our favorite rallies have been the two night trips to the Leavenworth/
                         Corydon area, Myrtle Beach and St. Louis. Then again, the short trips zooming around the Martins-
                         ville/Bloomington/Nashville areas are always a treat. I’ve always liked the rallies that end at a destina-
                         tion such as the rally ending with a picnic in the Covered Bridge at Cataract Falls.
                             As we love to adventure out, future articles will include some of Sabrena’s and my favorite trips;
                         some close and some a little further away.
                             As with my article, I know that Sara is always looking for other stories for the newsletter. I would
                         like to invite any member who has a story to share, to forward it to Sara. The club is a volunteer orga-
                         nization and appreciates the efforts of those involved.
 2 Open Road                                                                                                                     May 2011

       Indy Miata                                      Upcoming Events for IMC
                                                           Don't forget that on May 7th, the autocross school where you will have the

      Club Officers                                    opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your Miata. It's held on a closed
                                                       course defined by pylons instead of concrete walls (much easier on the paint and
                                                       body panels). On May 8, there will be a regional SCCA points event to be run on

          2011                                         the same course. The events are open to anyone 18 years or older with a valid driv-
                                                       ers license. Snell certified helmets are required to be worn by all participants. You
                                                       can bring your own or borrow one at the event.
                 Larry Smith                               If the Indy Miata Club can field at least ten cars, we've been promised that we
                  Jack Cruse                           will have our own class so we can go head to head with other club members.
          president@indymiata.org                          For more information about the event and helmets, go to the Columbus Sports
                                                       Car Club site at www.cscc-scca.org (there's a map of where the event is going to be
                Vice-President                         held) or contact Jay Nogan at jnogan@gmail.com.
                                                           Don't let being a novice overwhelm you! Every driver, including the National
        vicepresident@indymiata.org                    Champions, had a first day and a novice season. Autocrossing is a skill that re-
                                                       quires instruction and practice to see improvements. If it was easy, it wouldn't be
                   Treasurer                           so competitive, or so much fun.
                 Steve Crouse                              May means Indy 500 time, and we'll be having our annual "Night Before the
           treasurer@indymiata.org                     Race" get together on the 28th. Ken Rabbers is stil fine tuning this event, so check
                                                       the Events page and it's never to early to register!
          Membership Director                              Don't forget about Marieta Madnes in June! See the events page for more info.
             Tom Lewis                                     We have many, many dates available for driving or other events if anyone is
         membership@indymiata.org                      interested. There are two mingles scheduled for July and August that are in need
                                                       of an event organizer. All you need to do for these is to find a location for the event.
            Events Coordinator                         If no one steps up and volunteers, these events are subject to cancellation.
               Ken Rabbers                                 For driving events, there are multiple routes already planned out and ready to
            events@indymiata.org                       be used or re-used. Routes for past events are posted on the club web site. This
                                                       would be a great way to get your feet wet and host your first event. All you need to
                 Secretary                             do is to find a route that you like, do a pre-run to be sure all roads are open, and set
                Nancy Burrill                          a date. What could be easier? Not sure which routes are good? Drop Ken an email
           secretary@indymiata.org                     (events@indymiata.org) or post a question on the club discussion forum.
                                                           For questions about organizing an event or suggestions for events, please email
                                                       our Events Coordinator at events@indymiata.org.
               Sara J mcBridve
            editor@indymiata.org                       Calling All Indy Miata Club Santas
                                                          The most popular event each year (and most expensive) is the Indy Miata Club’s
                                                       annual Holiday Party. The past three years this event has been coordinated by the
                                                       Club’s Secretary, Nancy Burrill.
                                                          For several years the event was held at The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown,
                                                       however; the past two years it was decided that we wanted a little more privacy and
                                                       less parking cost (free is always better). So, the event was held at the Hummel Park
                                                       Community Center in Plainfield.
                                                          This year we would like to ask if a club member would like to coordinate the
                                                       event along with Nancy’s guidance as the officer sponsor. We would also like to get
                                                       some suggestions of where you would like to have the party this year.
                                                          Nancy would like to request that you e-mail her your answers to the following
The Open Road is published monthly for the mem-        questions to secretary@indymiata.org:
bers of the Indy Miata Club. The Indy Miata Club          1. Do you want the party at Hummel Park this year ?
assumes no liability for any information contained        2. If “NO”, where would you like the party to be held?
herein, or injury or damage resulting from use of
this information. The ideas, opinions, maintenance        3. Would you like the party on Saturday Dec. 3rd or Saturday Dec. 10th?
or modification tips expressed are to be used at the      4. Do you have suggestions as to a new venue or do you like the current venue?
reader’s discretion. Individual contributors and/or       5. Would you be interested in coordinating the party this year?
the editors express no approval, authentication, or       Remember, if you don't make a suggestion, you can't complain about the deci-
endorsement. Thank you.
                                                       sion that is made. Send Nancy an e-mail today!
May 2011
January 2011                                                                                                           Open Road 3

Post Tax Blues Rally Rookie Rally Master Review
by Jeff Evans
    When I wandered into Mike Raisor Ford/Mazda in early March to have
new tires put on our Miata, I had no idea what was to unfold. While anxiously
waiting for my new Continental Extreme Contact DW’s, the salesman who sold
us our Mazda 6 (which we like almost as much as the Miata), encouraged me
to stop by the dealership on Saturday April 16th, because two “Miata Clubs”
would be descending on Mike Raisor Ford/Mazda. After some conversation
it became apparent that the dealership was going to be involved with the Post
Tax Blues Rally (PTBR). Since I live in Lafayette, it seemed appropriate to offer
my help to then rally master Larry Smith. Within a few days it became clear
that I would be taking over for Larry, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond
anyone’s control.
    The good news was that our friends from the Lake Effect Miata Club (LEMC),
John Panek and Don Naglich, and new IMC member Andy Cougill had started              the hope was that with tops down, folks would
conversations with Larry regarding a route. However, there were still many           likely stop to get a couple of close up views of
details that needed to be worked out. Having never been a rally master before,       the sizable wind turbines.
I relied heavily on the experience of our events coordinator, Ken Rabbers, for           These things really are quite spectacular,
guidance and help.                                                                   each capable of producing up to 1.65 MW (that’s
    After what seemed like a gazillion miles of driving, (I think Darlene and I      Million Watts). To put that in perspective, that’s
found every dirt road in central Indiana), a great pre-run the week before with      enough power to supply roughly 400 homes.
Andy and Don (I’m convinced this was a curse, since the weather was beautiful        Put another way, it’s about the power produced
– 75 and sunny), a reasonable route came together. It seems that there are only      by just over 13 (stock) Miatas. Collectively, the
a few Miata friendly ways to get from downtown Peru to Lafayette, and they           farm can produce about 500MW, enough to
all involve the Wabash River. One of the early ideas (thanks Andy!) was to           supply roughly 125,000 homes, (4,000 Miatas).
incorporate a drive through the Meadow Lake Wind Farm in White County. So            Once through the wind farm, the journey
now all we needed was for the day to turn out to be 70 degrees and sunny, so         headed back toward West Lafayette and (you
drivers and navigators could enjoy an easy “sight seeing” tour – with no other       guessed it) the Wabash River. A few curvy, hilly
distractions. WRONG!!!                                                               serpentines later the group found itself cruising
    As one might expect, the weather came in with a high temperature of 48           through Lafayette to the final destination – 9
degrees, accompanied by wind and light rain – the kind of weather for a mid-         Irish Brothers, across the street from Mike
November football game. Nevertheless, 21 Miatas worth of brave souls, 6 from         Raisor Ford/Mazda, where rally masters
the Lake Effect Club, and 15 from the IMC braved the elements.                       Naglich and Evans, and their spouses were
                                                                                     about a pint (or two) ahead of the group.
                                                                                         This was actually plan B, as plan A called for
                                                                                     tents and a gathering on the Mike Raisor lot
                                                                                     for socializing in the warm weather. So much
                                                                                     for plan A. Plan B turned out OK though,
                                                                                     as drivers and navigators could enjoy some
                                                                                     Guinness or Irish coffee to remove the chill,
                                                                                     and some authentic
                                                                                     Irish fare. Jacob
                                                                                     Ramsey from Mike
                                                                                     Raisor stopped by to
                                                                                     select winning raffle
                                                                                     tickets, where prizes
                                                                                     where provided by
   The route began in Peru, following the Wabash until you can’t, picking up         Mike Raisor and
the Hoosier Heartland to get into Logansport, where again drivers followed           Mazda, and all
the Wabash into Delphi. Leaving Delphi, drivers got a dose of familiar roads         proceeds were split
heading into Battle Ground, where the trip headed back north and west into the       between the LEMC
wind farm. Unfortunately wind farms are typically built on very, very, flat land,    and IMC.
where the roads are, well, straight. Did I mention flat and straight? Normally,          All things
routing Miatas on roads like this might call for a mutiny of the rally master, but   considered, this
 Open Road 4                                                                                                          May 2011

Indy Miata Club Board Meeting Minutes
    On April 20, 2011, the IMC Board of Directors met for their quarterly meeting. Present were Board members Larry Smith,
Steve Crouse, Ken Rabbers, Nancy Burrill and Sara mcBride. Also in attendance were Sabrena Smith and Roger Burrill.
    It was announced that Jack Cruse had tendered his resignation as President of IMC. His resignation of was accepted by a
quorum of the board. The Board thanked Jack for his service both as President and President Elect with the club. As indicated in
the by-laws, the acting Vice President/2012 President Elect, Larry Smith, was nominated to become the IMC President for the
remainder of the 2011 term. This nomination was passed by a quorum of the Board.
    There were several active members names discussed as possible candidates
as a replacement Vice President/President Elect for 2012. Members of the board
agreed to check with those individuals to see if there was any interest in serving IMC To Invade
on the board.
    Tom Lewis (via e-mail) provided information to the IMC Board that indicated    St. Louis Area
that we are OK at present with club ID badges, pins, and magnets. However, if by Steve Crouse
an order would be necessary, he will make a request to the board.                      There were so many compliments about the
    Sara mcBride will update the club web site to reflect the changes in Board drives we took at the 2010 MMG, I’ve decided
Membership. She also indicated her desire to step down as editor. Sara will to we should do it again this year. Therefore,
continue to publish “The Open Road” newsletter monthly through the we’re inviting club members to join us in St.
summer.                                                                             Louis on September 9th and 10th (Saturday
    The board will vote at the July quarterly meeting whether to continue monthly and Sunday), to rerun some of the routes, and
issues of the newsletter through the rest of the year or limit the number of issues possibly some new ones.
throughout the winter months.                                                          We will be operating out of the DoubleTree
    Larry Smith, IMC President, will complete paperwork to request a Zoom- Hotel & Conference Center (same location as
Zoom box from Mazda North America. These items will be given away at the the 2010 MMG). A block of rooms (12) has
annual Holiday Party.                                                               been reserved (King, non-smoking) at a rate
    Nancy Burrill, Secretary, is going to ask the membership to help identify a of $80.75 plus tax/night ($93.01). Contact the
location for the Holiday Party in December. She will also request that a member hotel (636-532-5000), and tell the reservations
help coordinate the party this year.                                                desk that you are part of the Indy Miata club
    Steve Crouse, Treasurer, gave a financial report for the first Quarter. There group (or with Steve Crouse or reservation
was discussion around the expenditure of the holiday party and its impact on #85288005). If you want to look for lower rates,
the IMC budget. In order to keep from raising dues, we may need to charge a they might be available at other hotels close to
minor fee to attend the party. It was voted that the cost will be determined closer the Doubletree, in the Chesterfield MO area or
to the event.                                                                       just west across the Missouri River in O'Fallon
    The issue of increasing the membership dues was raised, but after discussion, MO, along US-40. Choose hotels close to the
the board voted not to do so at this time. The yearly membership cost of $20 per DoubleTree so you don’t have far to drive to
car will stay in place.                                                             be there for the drive start times.
    There was discussion around possible ways to identify on the web site the area     The Gateway Miata Club members will
in which a member lives without infringing upon privacy of the members. Sara be joining us, and even leading the drives,
will look at what can be done on the web site to accomplish this.                   so we won't miss any of the great routes. I’m
    Sara is also working on getting IMC clothing available through an ordering web thinking about separate drives on Saturday
site. Clothing such as T-shirts will be offered plus another site for embroidered morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday
polo shirts and other items.                                                        morning. Groups will be organized according
    The Board felt that having Quarterly meetings was helpful to assure we to your desire for speed. I am not planning
continue to have open and clear communication between Board members.                group meals for this weekend. Attendees will
    The next Indy Miuata Club Board Meeting is scheduled for July 20th, 7:00 be provided with a list of local restaurants (and
p.m. at the Old Spaghetti Factory. All members are invited to attend.               a map of their locations). You’ll be on your
                                                                                   own to get with a few old and new friends
                                                                                   for meals.
                                                                                      Be sure to register your attendance under
                                                                                   this event on the club web site. I want to be
                                                                                   sure who is attending.
May 2011
 6 Open       Road                                                                                                             Open 2004
                                                                                                                               April Road 5
Dr.. Detail is here to help

It's A Fine Day to Play With Clay
by Rick Morris
    Using a clay bar on your car is one of those things that seems really                  ting two or three drops of car wash in the bottle
mysterious until you actually do it for the first time. I hesitated doing a clay           and then filling it up with water. The lubricant
bar treatment for a long time for that very reason. After I had done it once,              isnʼt a magic potion, it just provides lubrication.
I wondered why I had waited so long. At any rate, this month Iʼll give you                 Itʼs a whole lot better to use too much than too
step by step instructions on how to properly use a clay bar on your car. It isnʼt          little. The bar should slide almost effortlessly
complicated and it really isnʼt all that much work. It just takes a little time and        across the surface. If it doesnʼt, either you arenʼt
the results are more than worth it. When you do get around to doing the clay               using enough lubricant or your finish is beyond
bar treatment, you need to plan to wax your car the same day or the very next              the clay barʼs help, probably the latter.
day at the latest. The clay bar will remove most or all of whatever you have                   After youʼve done the whole car, give it an-
on the car when you start. That having been said, letʼs get started.                       other quick wash and dry. You should notice that
    The first step is to get a clay bar kit. Iʼm not sure that thereʼs any real            the carʼs finish is a whole lot smoother than it
difference between clay bars. You can get a kit for anywhere between ten                   was before you used the clay bar. It should feel
and eighty dollars. I always use the Clay Magic kit that you should be able                slick to the touch even when dry. Wait until you
to pick up anywhere for under twenty dollars. Whatever kit you buy, when                   get some wax on it, itʼs going to look great!
you open it up, you will see a small, unimpressive bar of clay and a bottle of                 As I said at the start, using a clay bar is all
lubricant. They are both equally important as the clay will not work without               about touch. Remember than when you start on
the lubricant.                                                                             an area you will feel a little resistance and when
    The first step is to wash your car thoroughly. Use a good car wash and                 you donʼt feel any resistance, itʼs done. When
scrub the car clean and dry it thoroughly.                                                 you are done with an area, it wonʼt have much
    Next cut a strip off the narrow end of the clay bar. I usually cut a piece a           shine, but it should still feel really smooth. This
little over half an inch in length. Hold the clay in your hand to let it warm up           smooth surface is excellent for applying wax.
and then knead it out until itʼs wider and pretty thin.                                    When you do apply wax, you will notice that itʼs
    Pick an area of the car to start. If this is your first time using a clay bar, start   real easy to put on and it doesnʼt take as much
on the side instead of the hood or truck. Using a clay bar properly is all “touch”         wax to get the job done.
and you may want to start in an inconspicuous place. VERY IMPORTANT:                           Nothing to it!
put a towel on the ground underneath when you will be working. If you ever
drop the clay bar on the ground or your driveway, throw it away! If you drop
                                                                                           Factory Turbo
the bar it will pick up zillions of little abrasive particles that are lying there
waiting for their chance to trash your finish. You canʼt get them out no matter                  From the
                                                                                           Blast Is Available
how you try. Having a towel to catch the clay bar will save it from all those
bad things on the ground.
    Wet the area that you are going to work on with the lubricant. Work on an
                                                                                           Open Road Past
                                                                                              Always wanted a Miata with more "giddy
                                                                                           up and go", but didn't want to tackle an after-
                                                                                              In the April issue of the Open Road, we
                                                                                           market turbo or supercharger installation? The
area about two square feet at a time. Wet it thoroughly with the lubricant and             reprinted an article fromis2001. Several people
immediately start using the clay bar on the wet place. Place the bar on the                new MazdaSpeed MX-5 the answer.
                                                                                              MazdaSpeed the article and one person
                                                                                           commented on offers a 6-speed turbocharged
underside of your fingers. It will curve to fit the curve of your hand. Using              suggested we rerun and 166 lb-ft written by Rick
gentle side-to-side strokes, you will clean the surface of the car. When you               Miata with 178 hp some articles of torque.
                                                                                           "Dr. Detail" Morris.
                                                                                              You can get more information at Hubler
start on an area, you will feel a little resistance even with the lubricant. As you
stroke more and more, the resistance will disappear. That means that the area is
                                                                                              Dr. (the only local dealer about car care,
                                                                                           Mazda Detail wrote articlesfor MazdaSpeed)
                                                                                           ranging from the basics to in depth talk about
                                                                                           or at http://www.mazdausa.com.
clean. Wipe it off thoroughly with a clean towel. If you look at the surface of            waxes, wheel care, top maintenance and more.
the clay bar, you will notice that it has picked all kinds of crud off your carʼs
finish, regardless of how clean it looked before you started. It also means that           Things In Common
                                                                                              We'll dip into the archives for articles from Dr.
                                                                                           Detail and other talented writers!
you need to knead the clay bar again until the surface looks pretty clean. Move               What do Jack Nicklaus, Eddie Van Halen
on to another area and repeat the process. Keep doing this until youʼve done               and IMC club member Jim Nutt have in com-
the whole car. Doing a Miata shouldnʼt take much more than an hour.                        mon? We don't know if Jack and Eddie drive
    As you progress around the car, the piece of clay bar you are using will get           Miatas, but we do know that they're all mem-
to the point where kneading the bar doesnʼt produce a clean surface. Discard               bers of the "Artificial Joint Club" and have had
that piece and cut another piece the same size off the original bar. You should            hip replacements.
be able to do the whole car and not use the whole clay bar.                                   Jim joined the "AJ Club" last month and is
    Lubricant is another story. I almost always use the whole bottle that comes            recovering nicely. Look for Jim to be "zoom-
in the kit. Not to worry. You can easily make up a satisfactory lubricant by put-          zooming" with us soon.
 6 Open Road                                                                                                             May 2011

Speedy Gonzales Regatta                                                       had been unkind to a lot of them and some of our
                                                                              favorites (Carmel Ridge Road) will be crossed our list
   Torrential downpours, heavy mist, gravel and debris washed onto the        until they are repaired.
roads, deep pools of standing water. Yep, it was a perfect day for a rally.      Parking spots were found in downtown
What were the first words that Tom Lewis spoke at his driver's meeting        Bloomington and we headed for an excellent lunch
for the Speedy Gonzales Rally?                                                was excellent Mexican food at El Norteño.
   "What is WRONG with you people? Who in their right minds goes                 The conversations at lunch were about the
out driving when the Saturday morning weather radar on all the local          conditions. "Rally? That was a regatta!" "Well, got the
TV stations CLEARLY indicate STRONG THUNDERSTORMS will be                     underneath side of the car washed!" "Where were the
arriving simultaneously with the start of the Rally? You people are simply    channel markers?"
nuts!"                                                                           And when we left, then the sun was out. So, most
   That hardy band of IMC members left Indy and headed south to               everyone headed home top down!
Bloomington in the rain. They had a stop in Martinsville in the rain. They       Thanks to Tom Lewis for getting us out and to
drove through the hills of Brown county in the rain.                          everyone who showed up, proving that despite the
   The route covered what were some of our favorite roads, but the winter     weather, an IMC rally is always a fun time.

                                                        298F Gasoline Alley
                                                          Indianapolis, IN
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 May 2011                                                                                                               Open Road 7

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IMC Club Classifieds
For Sale - Front Custom Car Bra - This will fit a 1999-2000               For Sale - Rear Deck Luggage Rack- Stainless steel rack for
Miata. I don't think it will fit the newer ones since they changed        2006+ MX5's All attachment parts included. $100 or best offer.
the headlights some. It is in good condition with the exception           Greenwood or will bring to you in Indy area. Contact Jack
of the edging on the lower part coming off. You could sew it              Cruse @ cru1393@sbcglobal.net
or leave it. I doubt it would hurt anything. See a picture in the         For Sale - Wicked Loud! Horns - Used on our '99 Miata until
classifieds section of the IMC web site and contact Greg Kloeppel         we switched to Crazy Red air horns. Nearly as loud as air horns,
from there.                                                               but with a different sound! A definite step up from the wimpy
For Sale - Free oil and Filters! - I have received, as a gift, 6 quarts   stock horns on Miatas. These horns fit only 2nd generation
of this oil and a WIX filter that fits my 07 MX5 (others too??) I         Miatas. Easy to install. I'll even help you with the installation.
cannot physically perform oil changes any more. Free to you, pick         All instructions and parts are included. My asking price is $25.
up at my home or at an event this year. First come First served.          Contact Steve Crouse through the e-mail link on the members'
Contact Jack Cruse @ cru1393@sbcglobal.net                                page if you don't have my phone number.
            2011 Indy Miata Club Events
May 7 - SCCA AutoCross School - Learn to drive fast with precision..
May 28 - Night Before the 500 Mingle - Our traditional May Mingle.
June 17 - Marietta Madness 2011 - Explore the twisties in SE Ohio!
June 21 - 3rd Annual Midweek 'Cruse' - Our middle of the week event.
July 30 - Night Before the Brickyard 400 Mingle - The "good old boys" are in town.
August 27 - Night Before the Red Bull Grand Prix Mingle - Motorcycles and Miatas
September 10 - Indy Miata Club Invades St Louis - Meet up in STL for some great roads

Contact Ken Rabbers at events@indymiata.org to schedule your event. Help make it a fun year!

Looking for a reason to road trip? Here's a couple of events sponsored by other Miata Clubs...
May 19 - Miatas In The Ozarks -See mountains in Arkansas! - sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Miata Club
June 11 - Flying Horse Rendezvous - A day of sports cars and supporting a good cause. 614.670-9041 or Jerryn@stpacc.org
September 15-18 - Gathering of the Green - Own a '91 BRG? There's a Gathering! tkirk38@hotmail.com or phone 828-627-8034
September 22 - Buggies & Bridges II - Tour covered bridges and Amish country - Sponsored by PACE Miata Club

      Rain on the windshield, puddles of water....
      Hmmm... Must be the Speedy Gonzalez Rally Regatta!

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