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					         How to create in Google Documents
   1. Login into Google using the account you sent me. If you don't
      have an account, please create one using your WCS account.
   2. On Google's home page go to the "more" link. Click on the drop
      down then click on "Documents."
   3. On the left side of the page is a "Create new" menu. Click on
      the drop-down and select the type of document you want to
      create. Eg. Document, spreadsheet, presentation, form, etc.

If you click on “Help” from the toolbar, there is a link to “Watch a
video introduction.” You will find those for each Google application in
Google Documents. (You will have to do this at home because they
use YouTube to show the video. Sorry.)

To create a "word" document...
  1. Click "Create new," select "Document."
  2. Begin typing. You have several menus option at the top of the
      page. The menus options are very similar to the menus you are
      familiar with in Word. Under the "Tools" menu, you can
      translate your document into another language. This might be
      good for our ESL students.
  3. If you do not name a document, it will save it as the first line of
      text in your document.

REMINDER: Please have Carlos to preview a document you
create for our Spanish speaking students. Some of the
translation may not be grammatically correct or accurate.

To create a new presentation...
  1. Create new > presentation. Each of the menu options are
      similar to those in Power Point.
  2. To change the background image or color, click on format >
      presentation settings > select change theme or change
      background. There are 15 themes to choose from.
  3. To add an image choose "change background." Here you will be
      able to select an image from your computer/flash drive or you
      can select a color for the background.
  4. Insert text or a new slide just as you would in Power Point.

To create a spreadsheet...
  1. Create new > spreadsheet.
  2. Create column headings just as you would in Excel. The same
     menu items are similar to those found in Excel.

To create a Google Form...
  1. Create new > form.
  2. Give the test/survey a title.
  3. Compose any directions for taking the quiz/survey.
  4. Begin writing your questions. By default you are given 2 sample
      questions. NOTE: If you are creating a test/worksheet for
      students, the first question should be "Name" and question type
      should be "text." If you are using the form to create an
      anonymous survey, then you can begin your survey question 1
      in the sample question area.
  5. To add a new question, look at the top of the page where it says
      “+Add Item,” and select question type.
  6. Remember that for each question you must choose the type of
      question. Eg. text, multiple choice, checkboxes, choose from a
      list, paragraph, grid, or scale.
  7. When you have finished creating your question, click the box to
      "make this a required question" if desired. Then click "Done."
  8. If you want to edit a question, move your cursor over the
      question. The background color will change and 3 icons appear
      on the right side. The first icon (pencil) is to edit. The second
      icon duplicates the question. The third icon is to delete the
      question. Once the test/survey is complete, save.

To embed the form on a web page or wiki...
When you are finished creating the form, you can get an embed code
to embed this form into your wiki. If you have saved the form but
have not gotten the embed code, in your Google docs, click on the title
of the test. Once it has opened, click on "form" in the menu tool bar.
Select "edit form." This opens the form in a new window where you
can edit.
   1. Click on the "more actions" for the drop-down menu.
   2. Choose "embed." A small window will pop-up with the html
   3. On your keyboard press "Ctrl + c" to copy the code.
   4. Open/create a new page in your wiki. Give the page a title
       related to the test.
   5. Click on the puzzle piece beside the words "insert plug-in." A
       window will pop-up with 6 options.
   6. Mover your cursor over "HTML & Gadgets." A drop-down will
       appear with 2 selections.
7. Choose "HTML/JavaScript." This will launch a window where
    you will paste the embed code from your Google Form.
8. Click inside the box and press "Ctrl + v" on your keyboard to
    paste in the HTML embed code.
9. Now click preview, then OK. There should be a green rectangle
    appearing in your wiki page.
10. Scroll to the bottom of the wiki page and click "Save."

You have now successfully embedded a Google Form into
your PB Works page.

                     Congratulations!!! :)

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