Formation of a waterfall by 6Vn3H1


									                                        Formation of a waterfall

                                                                                                         LABEL BOX

                                                                                                DIAGRAM A
                                                                                                Hard rock (Whinstone)
                                                                                                Soft rock
                                                                                                River Tees

                                                                                                DIAGRAM B
                                                                                                Gradually cutting back
                                                                                                Cracks appear
                                                                                                Plunge pool
                                                                                                DIAGRAM C
                                                                                                Suddenly, overhang collapses
                                                                                                Plunge pool filled in

                                                                                                DIAGRAM D
                                                                                                Waterfall retreats upstream
                                                                                                Gorge forms
                                                                                                Steep sides

TASK 1:        Add labels from the LABEL BOX to each of the four diagrams.
TASK 2:        Colour the Whinstone brown and the Soft rock yellow in each diagram. Also colour the River Tees blue.
EXTENSION:     In your exercise book, write a paragraph about how a waterfall is created and how it leads to the formation of a
               gorge (remember to use correct key terms, as well as the connectives listed below).

CONNECTIVES:   To begin with…      Initially…   Secondly…             Eventually… Finally…        This is because…
               This means that…    This causes… This results in…      As a result…

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