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									CAMP REGISTRATION                                                 GUIDELINES
CAMP REGISTRATION                                                  -Willful destruction of camp or personal property will not be tolerated
Resting on 160 acres in the heart of the                           -No one is allowed to leave camp without permission from the executive
Wichita Mountains, Camp Y’shua boasts                              staff. Children will not be allowed to leave the camp with anyone except
of breathtaking mountain views and a                               the parent or legal guardian whose signature appears on the registration
peaceful atmosphere. It is the perfect                             form.
setting for a youth camp. The camp is                              -Campers must remain on the camp property at all times unless on a group
fenced in and securely locked for security                         outing.
during the camp. NO VISITORS are                                   -No personal electronic devices are allowed at camp.
allowed on campgrounds. Every camper is                            -No guests are allowed at camp at any time.
accounted for each evening when lights go                          -Camp is not a place for public display of affection
out. There is approximately one adult for                          -All medications must be checked in with the camp nurse.
every 7 campers. Medical personnel is                              -All clothes must cover shoulders, backs, sides, and stomach at all times.
available on the grounds day and night.                            -All campers agree that any media captured (photos, videos, audio) is the
The only way a camper is released from                             property of VOT and can be used for future promotion.
camp is by permission of the parent or
guardian TO BRING
WHATwhose signature is on the campers                            WHAT TO BRING
registration form.
                                                                   -BEDDING- Pillow, sleeping bag, etc…
AGES                                                               -TOILETRIES - Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, deodorant & towel.
                                                                   -CLOTHES- Modest shorts and t-shirts are allowed. We play hard most of
  Registration is open for ages 8-16.                              the time and get sweaty and dirty. Campers must wear shoes at all times.
                                                                   Evening-NO shorts are allowed for evening service. Khakis, slacks, or knee
COST                                                               length skirts are appropriate. No swim suits allowed.
  Camp cost is $35 each. The camp                                  -ADDITIONAL ITEMS- Bible, notebook, pen, camera, sunglasses,
  registration form and a non-refundable $10                       sunscreen and spending money. All meals are provided at the camp site
  deposit will reserve your place at youth                         except concessions. There will be a concession stand open to purchase
  camp. The $25 balance is due upon arrival                        cokes and snacks between meals and activities.
  at camp                                                        WHAT NOT TO BRING
CAMP ADDRESS                                                       -Personal electronics, TV’s, cell phones
  From Meers: 1 mile north and 1 mile west                         -Shaving cream is for shaving only
  to Comanche Drive ( Mountain Village                             -Tobacco products of any kind
  Entrance). Then go 1.5 miles south to                            -Weapons-knives, guns, etc
  camp sign. Go through metal gate and                             -No illegal substances
  follow main gravel road, approximately 1.5                       -Skateboards
  miles to camp.                                                   -A bad attitude

Church attending with __________________________________________Sex:        Male Female
Full Name____________________________________________________DOB_________________Age_____
Parent’s Names_____________________________________________________________________________
Social Security #(in case of emergency)__________________________________________________________
In case of an emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact me. If not reached, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the camp
leadership to hospitalize and/or secure proper treatment for the above camper. Camp insurance is secondary to a camper’s personal insurance. Rules for acceptance and
participation in the program are same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, or handicap.

Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________________Date________________
Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________________Date________________

To be completed by parent or family doctor:
Date of last immunization________________________ Operations/serious illnesses_______________________
Penicillin or other drug allergy_____________________ Insurance Provider_____________________________
Is camper on any special medical or dietary routine? Explain__________________________________________
Vision of Hope Ministries/Camp Y’Shua



Camping group or organization__Voice of Truth Ministries____________Date______________________

Liability disclaimer
I hereby give my approval for participation in the activities offered by Vision of Hope Ministries at Camp Y’Shua. I assume
all risks incidental to the conduct of the activities offered by Vision of Hope Ministries. I do further release, absolve,
indemnify and hold harmless the instructor, Vision of Hope Ministries and the sponsoring agency. In case of injury to
myself, I hereby waive all claims against the organizers and/or Vision of Hope Ministries.

Signature of Participant______________________________________________Date_________________________
(If Participant is under age 18- parent must sign)

Signature of Parent_________________________________________________Date_________________________

OPTIONAL: If you would like to order a camp t-shirt, here is a sample of the shirt. All shirts will be white for
youth sizes and either gray or white for adult sizes. We will be pre-ordering so the kids will get them at camp.
Please send $12.00 and complete this form, then send with your camp registration.

Name __________________________________________If ordering adult size, choose color:                       White       Gray

T-Shirt Size    Youth:      YXS       YS        YM       YL         Adult:     AS     AM      AL     AXL      A2X      A3X

*Additional $3 for 2X/3X

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