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Perry L.D. Segerqvist
Born: 1971 | Weight: 110 kg | Height: 183 cm | Nationality: Swedish |

The founder of the FIST is Perry L.D.
Segerqvist.    He   is  a   well-known
Swedish fighter with a long list of
victories in the ring as well as on the
tatami. Apart from being a fighter he
runs his own thaiboxing gym –
Uppsala Kick- & Thaiboxning - and is
also the president of the Sweden Muay
Thai                       Association.

During the years Perry has organised
several martial arts events including
international    thaiboxing      fights
between Sweden and Finland as well
as international fights in knockdown
karate between Sweden and Denmark.
In 2000 Perry started the local
tournament All Fight Open to give
young and promising fighters an
opportunity to gain experience. All
Fight Open is today a tournament that
attracts   beginners    as   well    as
experienced fighters from all over the

In January of 2004 Perry came up with
the idea to organise a Swedish karate
tournament that would let the best
Swedish fighters test their strength
against    international  competition.
With the help from the Budo & Fitness
Store the First International Swedish
Tournament in Full Contact Karate was
Perry wanted to create a tournament
that was open for martial artists from
all styles and affiliations. With his
own experience in knockdown karate
he choose a set of rules that is very
similar to Kyokushin, but to make it
more of a spectator sport he has
modified the rules to make the event
easier   to   follow.  Therefore     no
matches at FIST will be decided by
the weight difference between the
fighters or by the breaking of boards
(tamashiwari). By making FIST a
spectator event Perry has also
managed to get local sponsors to
contribut with 500 euro to the winner
in every weight class.

Perry's Records:
Scandinavian K-1 Fighter 2004
Two-time Master Cup Champion
Two-time All Style Open Champion
Swedish Karate Champion (1991)
Swedish Muay Thai Champion (1995)
Swedish Kyokushin Team Champion
Challenge Cup Champion
2nd place at the 6th Open Int.
Budokai-do Championchip (2004)
Best technique Danish Open (1996)
Best Fighter All Style Open (1999)
Best Fighter Master Cup (2003)
Muay Thai: 21 wins | 10 losses |

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