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					Statutory Monthly                            18/9/2008
Meeting                                      19:00
                                             David Milne Centre, Old Mill Road,
Uddingston Community                         Uddingston


Chair: A.Rafferty 01698 303295
Minute Secretary: M. Struthers 01698 814996


1.   Sederunt and Apologies.
2.   Adoption of Minutes of August 2008 Meeting & Matters Arising from Minutes.
3    Police Report
4    Correspondence
5    Finance
6    New Grammar School Update
7.   Councillors’ Slot
8.   Planning & Licensing

9.   A.O.C.B

10 Date, time and place of next meeting.

     Additional information
     For the benefit of members of the public, all questions/responses and
     contributions must be directed through the Chair. If you wish to speak, please
     indicate to the Chair by raising your hand.

Statutory Monthly                      19:00
Meeting                                David Milne Centre, Old Mill Road,
Community Council

Chair:              Anne Rafferty Vice Chair/Correspondence A-M.Findlay
Minute Secretary:   Mandy Struthers
Treasurer           Kathleen Houston
1      Sederunt and Apologies
                       Present                            Apologies
      Ann Rafferty                                       Cllr Henry Mitchell
      Anne-Marie Findlay                                 John Shields
      Mandy Struthers
      Joyce Cassie
      Martin Gray                                         In Attendance
      Robert & Phyllis French                             WPC Meadows Sgt Hume
      J.Waterson                                           PC J Kehoe
      Douglas Brown                                       E. Frood, M.Grant
      Cllr Jim McGuigan

2     Adoption of Minutes of August 2008
      Minutes being previously circulated, were
      adopted and signed.

3     Police Report
      PC. Rachel Meadows reported that there had been some activity in the Industrial
      Estates off Bellshill Road, notably Sunvic, where youths were breaking windows
      and attempting break-ins. Recently there was also an attempted break-in at the
      new Grammar school, teenagers have been seen hanging around the site,
      throwing stones etc. Fortunately, the alarm was activated which prevented further
      action by the vandals. Also instances of stone throwing at trains, once again
      members of the public are urged to contact the police immediately if they see any
      of this, or any other sort of dangerous and illegal occurrences in the village.
      In connection with the new school site, residents in Knowehead are plagued with
      mud spattering their cars coming from the heavy lorries using the site. Complaints
      to the site personnel was unsatisfactory as they were told to contact the Main
      Contractors, or the SLC Planning dept. Sgt Hume agreed that the mud on the
      road between the school and Blantyre Farm Road was particularly bad and was
      informed that the lorries were frequently speeding through this area. He said that
      the Police would investigate this and the report that lorries are also still going up
      Church Street. although they have been instructed not to.
      The meeting was pleased to welcome back PC Joe Kehoe to the village, he takes
      up his appointment on October 1st and is part of the new Community Policing
      Initiative whereby more police will be visibly ‘on the beat’ in local communities.
      This initiative will be developed over the next two years.

    Police Report Cont’d/

    M.Gray mentioned that there was an empty and boarded up house in Holmwood
    Ave which was already attracting the attention of some youths. He asked that the
    Police be aware of it in case of vandalism.

4   Correspondence

    Received; From Digital UK re; the switch to all digital TV scheduled to begin in
    Nov 08 and continue until 2011. They are holding a special presentation of
    information and implications on Oct 9th at Nye Bevan House in Glasgow. Info on
    this meeting to be forwarded to us.
    Newsletter from Alex Neil MSP – tabled – likewise Newsletter from Hamilton/EK
    volunteers service.
    From Transport Scotland in reply to our letter re M74 Road widening and its
    possible effect on surrounding areas, noise, dust , construction traffic etc. The
    very comprehensive reply is too long to quote here but if anyone would like a
    copy, it can be forwarded to you. It does, however, state that noise levels should
    not rise above 1.0 decibel, construction traffic access will be from the existing
    M74, and that various controls will be put in place to protect the public from
    excess dust, to protect wildlife and control noise– protective fencing being one of
    Sent; To Inspector Reilly re police issues and concerns in Uddingston, he has
    been invited to attend our next meeting.
    To SLC Roads Dept ; unsafe conditions of pavements from top of Station Brae to
    Belmont Avenue, sunken area at pavement outside the Chinese Takeaway.
    To K.Houston & M.Gray re St John the Baptist bells situation suggesting they
    meet and discuss.
5   Finance
    Community Council A/C : £273.75 Civic Fund £112.40
    Treasurer K. Houston reported that the audit has not yet been carried out despite
    books being with Auditor for months. A-M Findlay to phone Mgt Armstrong re
6   Grammar School Update
    Mr & Mrs French reported that the HGV’s working on the new playing fields will
    be accessing through the school, over a new bridge and along the Clyde
    Walkway. J. Cassie asked if this work was going to continue when the school is
    eventually opened as safety issues – pupils and staff – should be paramount.
    Cllr McGuigan stated that the school is over its contract delivery date and penalty
    clauses have come into effect – he also mentioned that in relation to the car
    accident several weeks ago outside the school entrance, Roads and Planning
    have visited the area and will hopefully realign the road for safety reasons.
    It was also noted that the 20mph speed signs in Knowehead which were taken
    down weeks ago have not been replaced. AMF/Cllr McGuigan to action.
7   Councillors’ Slot
    Re - Residents in Saltaire Ave have had problems with the fish smell coming from
    Dawnfresh – Manager was contacted and a blockage was found in the filtration
    system, new one to be installed next month.
    Contact from Hamilton Advertiser querying the car dealing from a house in Kyle
    Park Drive whereby the owners’ licence for trading was rejected. He has been
    given leave to appeal but must not trade until appeal heard.
    Further to the bells at St John’s, Cllr Mitchell had meeting with Bishop Devine and
    Father Towey – planning is required and has been applied for.

     Angels Hotel – since recent disorder on weekend nights, the police have been
     high profile in the Main Street which seems to have solved the problem at the
     Councilllors have received complaints concerning the continuing problem of litter
     dropping by Grammar School pupils in the Main Street.
     Cllr McGuigan stated that Uddingston recently received a visit from Archie Strang,
     Chief Executive of SLC. He was taken to Muiredge PS and informed – and shown
     the bad state of repair and conditions that exist there. He was also informed that
     any planned expansion of Uddingston Station for increased parking purposes
     would not solve the problem of drivers using the Station continuing to park along
     Main Street/Glasgow Road. Cllr McGuigan suggested that the old Grammar
     School site, facing on to the Station Road, could be used for parking purposes –
     given that Barratts are unlikely to develop the site for housing in the immediate
     future. Mr Strang was also shown the Community Centre and the Village Hall in
     Old Mill Road – where the damp was pointed out to him.
     J.Waterson asked if the Old Library has definitely been sold as the sign is down.
     Cllr McGuigan confirmed that it has. A further query re progress on the house-
     building application for Porterswell – told still at the Reporter’s stage.

8    Planning and Licensing
     All recent local planning applications were read out by J.Waterson with mention
     again of the car trader in Kyle Park Drive – he has applied for a Certificate of
     Lawfulness for his business. With reference to the recent application for building a
     house in Croftbank Crescent, application has been withdrawn.

9    A.O.C.B.
     J.Cassie mentioned that the 2 disabled parking bays beside the Post Office in the
     car park need to be repainted and the metal wall signs replaced. Also, people are
     frequently parking outwith the actual parking areas, on raised pavements etc. As
     the car park is free and not monitored it was felt that there was little that could be
     done here. AM Findlay to write to Parking at SLC.
     We note that the village has won two 1sts awards in the recent Britain in Bloom
     competition due to the hard work and dedication of Uddingston Pride. A letter of
     congratulations will be sent on our behalf.

10   Date, time & place of next meeting.
     The next statutory meeting will be held in the David Milne Centre at 7pm on
     Thursday 16th October to which all members of the public are invited to attend.
     Items for inclusion in the Agenda should be received by the Minute Secretary by
     Monday 13th October ’08.


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