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									 “Proposal for Proposed Partnership between
National Children's Academy school, Pune and

                  Submitted By

        Hole-in-the-Wall Education Limited

In developing countries like India, the onus of development and provisioning of basic services
such as education has been primarily with the government, which faces the predicament of
multiple demands and limited resources. This has lead to a situation where even fundamental
objectives such as basic literacy for all have not been met, let alone satisfactorily.       The
recently released Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) shows that contrary to the claims
of the government, the status of education in India, especially in the rural sector, has not been
along the expected lines. Though there has been a considerable decline in the percentage of
out-of-school children in the age group of 6-14, from 6.6% in to 4.2% in 2007, it still depicts a
dismal state that brings forth the dearth of resources and abysmal educational quality across
the country’s vast public school system.

In today’s highly connected world, the need for solutions which make deep and sustainable
impact on the quality of education available to the children and young people is a challenge
that can not be emphasized more. While government has been grappling with the issues that
plague the educational system in India, the role of private sector in education has been
appreciated only recently. Hole-in-the-Wall project and the various initiatives of National
Children’s Academy school are few initiatives that strive to deliver high quality education to
the poorest of children in the deserved & required places of India.

In an attempt to impact the challenges faced by the Indian educational system and improve the
effectiveness of educational delivery in the locations where National Children's Academy
school, is present, the following proposal briefly outlines a partnership model for National
Children’s Academy school, and HiWEL.

In its endeavor to bridge the digital divide by offering exciting and effective education and
learning experiences through innovative technologies to the underserved groups ,Hiwel has the
potential to help National Children's Academy school better achieve its social objective of
impacting the development of the underserved communities in which it operates.
                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Brief about HiWEL

Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd (HiWEL), a joint venture of NIIT Ltd. and the International
Finance Corporation (a part of The World Bank Group), was initiated as a research initiative in
1999 and later established in 2001. Through its product and service offerings HiWEL facilitates
learning through unconditional and public access to computers. In its endeavor to positively
impact learning outcomes in elementary education and computer literacy, HiWEL also
addresses the digital divide and school drop out rate, and works towards providing effective
and interesting teaching-learning experience.

HiWEL Learning Station is much more than a rugged PC in an open playground setting. While
the product offering consists of innovations in hardware technology, software technology and
cognitive design, the service offerings such as periodic content upgrade, monitoring and
evaluations, student-teacher orientation and elaborate community intervention programs
ensure the efficacy of the initiative. HiWEL’s approach to technology-enabled educational
intervention builds upon the well established constructivist approach to education and is
characterized by the following principles:
       Understanding is created in our interactions with the environment
       Cognitive conflict or puzzlement is the stimulus for learning
       Knowledge evolves through social negotiation

The underlying idea is to supplement learning resources to enable creative and interactive self-
learning in an informal setting. Children discover a versatile learning tool and they embark on a
new journey through experimentation, collaboration and social networking amongst learning

                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Our Presence

Over the last seven years, the solution and the methodology have proved itself and it is now
mature and ready for large-scale implementation. HiWEL is in the process of setting up many
such Learning Stations in remote areas of India. In addition to this it is in discussions with
various state and central governments as well as private organizations for such deployments.

Our Commitment

Our Partners
Since its establishment, HiWEL has been constantly partnering with a wide range of leading and
exceptionally dedicated organizations, from academia, industry and business, with a similar
passion and commitment to create a lasting socio-economic impact through the means of
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). As of today HiWEL has partnered with and
has been supported by many reputed organizations from public, private and civil-society
sectors. Some of the esteemed supporting organizations include IFC (World Bank), ICICI,
UNICEF, Commonwealth, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and Ministries of Education, IT ,
External Affairs and Tribal Affairs.

                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Our Offerings

More information about HiWEL can be found at http://www.hiwel.in

Our Achievements

Through the interaction with the Learning Centers, and their peers and in their attempt to
understand and use this system, children not only become computer savvy, but more
importantly, develop certain abilities that go far beyond functional computer literacy. Regular
monitoring and evaluations, peer-reviews as well as third-party research are a testimony of the
mentioned achievements –
       Improvement in academic performance
       Acquisition of social as well as life skills
       Acquisition of ability to question, explore and self learn
       Improvement in analytical ability and problem solving ability

               Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

      Improved attention span, better receptivity, concentration, self-confidence and the
       ability to express, communicate, comprehend and follow instructions
      Better cooperation skills attributable to social interaction and self organization of
       students into fluid groups of collaborative learners
      Integrated rural development by extending the impact of learning station to the
       Published papers and details are available online at http://www.hiwel.in

Technologies for the Hole-in-the-Wall Learning Stations - Hardware
and Software

HiWEL has created several patented innovations to ensure standard personal computers can be
used in unsupervised, outdoor settings with no structure imposed on when, how or what
children learn. These include:
      A low cost modular enclosure that enables the usage of mass-market low power desk
       tops with standard keyboards. The monitor, speakers and CPU are protected from
       damage and pilferage by a steel and clear-polymer frame. The keyboard has a
       protective cover that reduces dust accumulation.
      A zero-maintenance, solid-state mouse (Tobu) is used to ensure dust-proof and tamper-
       proof operation. The TOBU mouse is rugged and can be used extensively in outdoor,
       multi-user environment.
      The Automated Control System, a sub-system of Remote Monitoring System protects
       computers from human mishandling and power fluctuations.
      Windows Anti-hang Utility is a software utility that protects the system from user error,
       increases the fault tolerance of the operating software and prevents it from getting
       into a hang condition.
      The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) captures data on computer uptime and
       application usage and the RMS Viewer helps administrators analyze this data. In
       addition to this, applications have been designed and deployed to monitor the
       following activity at a Hole-in-the-Wall Learning Station- applications being used,
       internet sites being accessed, grabs of content displayed on monitor screen.

                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Proposed Partnership
HiWEL proposes the following collaborative model with National Children's Academy school,
Pune of 1 learning stations that are freely accessible to children and the community.

Each Learning Station will consist of computer, associated software, UPS and peripherals as per
details provided. HiWEL will provide specialized hardware and software for open, outdoor
access to computers by children.

The project will impact slum development in two distinct ways:

    1. Children in the age group 6-16 :
            a. Learn essential life skills in terms of health, sanitation and water conservation
            b. Improve their learning achievement in curricular subjects
            c. Acquire functional computer literacy
            d. Both in-schools as well as the out of school children obtain a versatile learning
                tool and the right to learn and imbibe at their own pace in a playful
    2. Communities will benefit from :
            a. The access to critical information related to health, sanitation and water
            b. Data on critical indicators on slum development
            c. The employment opportunity which the HiWEL station can create. Local
                entrepreneurs can be encouraged to use the HiWEL stations to provide other
                value added services such as internet services, e-governance program, health
                services, and adult literacy program. (Such interventions would be carefully
                designed so that the ultimate goal of impacting education outcome does not
                get diluted)
            d. The access to value added services (mentioned above) at their doorstep at
                affordable costs.
            e. Access to IT-enabled process for uploading field data

                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Project Financials
 Total cost for individual LS with 2 windows and without solar panels for a period of 3
years is Rs. 2,73,500 plus taxes as applicable

One time cost: Rs. 1,92,500 - plus taxes as applicable

   Special Computers and         Low power consuming Computers designed for use in
        peripherals                     rural locations with UPS & speakers

                                 Construction of a structure (as per design of HiWEL)
 Civil Work - Learning Station                                                           Children's
                                   with provision for electrical fittings, wiring, and
  window Fitting and Fixture
                                  tamper-proof window panels and keyboard covers.        Academy
                                 Remote Monitoring System™ for capture and analysis
        Software -RMS                                                                     12000
                                  of uptime and usage data; anti-hang; safe-desktop

                                 Multimedia content targeted to create awareness on
 Software - Health/Hygiene
                                  health hygiene and environmental issues in rural        11000

                                 Tamper-proof panels; tamper-proof keyboard covers;
Hardware - Proprietary panels        zero-maintenance touch mouse for outdoor             40000

                                      Auto.P.Sy™ for protection against UPS deep-
      Hardware - Power
      management unit
                                 discharge and computer failure due to irregular shut-     7500

                                   Site survey and selection; fitting and fixture of
                                        window panel; hardware and software
      Management Costs
                                 implementation; community mobilization; base line

                                 General Trouble shooting training and usage training
        Training Costs
                                                to the stakeholders.


                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

 Recurring Cost: Rs. 27,000/- plus taxes as applicable for a period of 1
 year. Total recurring cost for 3 years is Rs 81,000.

         Item                                   Description
       Equipment              Maintenance of computers, UPS, and all proprietary
      maintenance                                hardware

                              Maintenance of physical structure against leakage,
  General maintenance                                                                    2000
                                      electrical faults, breakages, etc.

                          Monthly newsletter and the feedback forms for the status of
   Newsletter Service
                                             the Learning Stations

                           Annual salary for Coordinator/s responsible for Learning
  State Coordinator/s                                                                    10000

                             Data-based, community-based and assessment-based
     Monitoring and
                           evaluation of impact; visit by research team; Half Yearly     5000
                                reports; includes travel, boarding and lodging

                          Local interventions designed to improve outcomes based on
                              evaluation findings; might include special sessions,
 Learning interventions
                          orientation and training for parents, teachers and children;
                                      includes travel, boarding and lodging

                                                    Total                                27000

Total Project Cost

The above cost does not include any extra Sales Tax if required for the goods to enter the State.
Any such taxes or permits applicable for the project will be added at the time of dispatching of the
Good. These Sales Tax Permits/Way Bill or the entry permit also has to be organized by National
Children's Academy school, Pune.

                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Payment Schedule

Particulars              Milestones

Set up Cost              90% project mobilization fee on receiving
                         project approval for the number of Kiosks

FINAL Payment            The   Balance      10%     upon       Site
                         Commissioning of the Kiosks

       This cost is inclusive of all hardware, software, equipment, maintenance, manpower,
        travel, boarding & lodging, and other services. The Organisation will not be required to
        pay any additional costs for the project, except electricity charges payable for operating
        the Learning Stations.
       The above costs are for the equipments and the manpower required to install and
        execute the project (Learning Station) and HiWEL will hand over the Learning station to
        National Children’s Academy school, after the necessary completion of the project. In
        case National Children’s Academy school, would like HiWEL to maintain the stations
        after the project period, a separate proposal and its MoU is needed to be worked upon.

                 Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Annexure 1: Proprietary Hardware and Software

HiWEL has created following innovations, some of which have been patented, to ensure that the
traditional Personal Computers functions well in an unsupervised, outdoor setting with no stricture
imposed on when, how or what children learn –

    1) Low-cost Modular Enclosure ® that enables the usage of mass-market desk tops with
        standard keyboards
    2) Steel and Clear-Polymer Panels ® - The monitor, speakers and CPU are protected
        from damage and pilferage by a steel and clear-polymer frame
    3) Keyboard Protective Cover - The keyboard has a protective steel cover that also
        reduces dust accumulation
    4) Keyboard Mesh - The keyboard mesh protects keyboard by making key-tops
        irremovable from the base
    5) Touch Button Mouse ® - A zero-maintenance, solid-state Touch Button mouse (Tobu)
        ® is used to ensure dust-proof and tamper-proof operation. The TOBU mouse is rugged
        and can be used extensively in outdoor, multi-user environment. Tobu is an improvement
        over the present design of computer mouse such That it can be deployed and used in an
        outdoor, multi-user environment. There are no moving parts in TOBU. It has six ‘Touch
        Sensors’, four for ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ movement, and two for ‘Left Click’ and
        ‘Right Click’
    6) Automated Power System (Auto.P.Sy®) The Automated Control System, a sub-system
        of Remote Monitoring System protects computers from human mishandling and power
    7) One Touch Power System ® – In order to facilitate opening and closing of Kiosk by
        anyone, a mechanism has been designed that can switch on/off and shut down the
        machines without any computer input from keyboard/mouse

                                              - 10 -
               Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

  1) Windows Anti-hang Utility ® is a software utility that protects the system from user
     error, increases the fault tolerance of the operating software and prevents it from getting
     into a hang condition
  2) The Remote Monitoring System ® (RMS) captures data on computer uptime and
     application usage and the RMS Viewer helps administrators analyze this data
  3) MIE Interface ® application that provides an easy-to-use interface to access
     Edutainment content and application loaded on the HiWEL Kiosk.
  4) Kiosk Monitoring and Evaluation System ® is a web-based software application which
     with the help of facilitators captures data of children, students and community around the
     Kiosk. The application includes tools for:
              Data collection
              Uploading data to a central repository by means of Internet
              Aggregation and Reporting which includes
                    i. Comparative Analysis i.e. comparing data of different communities
                   ii. Statistical Analysis

                                              - 11 -
                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Annexure 2: Service Offerings

A. Community Mobilization

HiWEL will conduct One time Community Mobilization programs at all of its Kiosk sites during the
time of Installation. Community Mobilization programs are planned interventions to
       Involve actual beneficiaries and move from supply-driven to demand-driven community
        based approach
       Understand and influence the nature of community needs
       Empower beneficiaries to bring pressure on school administration and District Education
        department to improve services
       Build Information, Education and Communication component into the project
       Bring in greater focus at outcomes through maintaining and publicizing aggregate
       Enable “Learning 2.0” by providing a platform to create and share children generated

B. Content Upgrade

HiWEL periodically will provide new content to all of its Kiosk sites.     Content Upgrade is a
planned intervention to –
       Gather content requirements from across Kiosks
       Work with content providers to periodically provide contextually-relevant content
       Enhance educational and learning experiences through effective and efficient Learner
        User Interface
       Enable Learning-2.0 by providing a platform to create and share children generated
       Gather content popularity statistics to better understand user needs and share them with
        content providers

                                              - 12 -
                    Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

C. Newsletter

HiWEL periodically mails print newsletters to all of its Kiosk sites. Content Upgrade is a planned
intervention to –
       Provide relevant information in Information and Communication Technology and
        Education space
       Create a sense of network amongst the HiWEL users
       Provide a channel for HiWEL users to provide feedback and requests
       Provide a platform to share best practices

D. Technical Support

In order to address downtime issues and enhance utilization HiWEL will provide Technical
Support for its Computers and UPS. Technical Support package includes –
       After-sales technical service and support
       On-site warranty by the Individual OEM’s.
       Troubleshooting guide
       Software and Antivirus upgrades

                                              - 13 -
                    Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Annexure 3: Content List

Apart from deploying Open Source applications, HiWEL has partnered with many organizations to
provide following relevant and quality edutainment content aligned with the national curriculum –
          MIE Games
          Wikipedia from SOS Children’s Village
          Digital Content from NCERT
          Digital Content from Head Start
          Digital Content from NIOS
          Digital Content from Azim Premji Foundation
          Digital Content from National Geographic Channel
          Digital Content from NIIT K-12

* We are grateful to all the above organizations for providing the learning content to us to be distributed and loaded on
HiWEL Kiosks free of cost.

Content on Life skills

The content on life skills – Health, Sanitation and Water Conservation is sensitive to the local
conditions and is based on a thorough research and understanding of the socio economic context
of urban slums of India. Various NGOs in the related field were consulted at the scripting stage to
ensure that the students as well as the community can relate well to the content, audio and

HiWEL research team has also designed evaluation tools to understand if these essential life
skills are imbibed by the viewers in their daily life. The content is targeted at children between the
age group of 6 to 14 primarily and the community of Jaipur at large and aims to arm them with the
knowledge to lead a healthy life. By the end of this 15 hour module they are expected to learn to

                   observe basic hygiene habits (Health & Hygiene)
                   keep neighborhood clean and understand its importance for a happy life
                   appreciate our water resources (Water and Water Conservation)

                                                           - 14 -
         Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

                             Module title/description
1. Health and Hygiene
 Understand the concept and importance of balanced diet.
 Understand the consequences of deficiency of nutrients in their food.
 Develop healthy food habits and practice them in daily life
 Understand the causes and prevention of communicable diseases.
 Take steps to protect themselves against communicable diseases.
 Encourage others including family members to do the same.
2. Sanitation
 Importance of Sanitation, Effects of urbanization on sanitation
 Environmental and health hazards caused by inadequate sanitation
 Importance of gender specific sanitary systems
 Biofuel and Biofertilizer
 Keeping surroundings clean
3. Water and Water Conservation
   Importance of Water for all living beings
   Sources of Water, Understanding Water Cycle
   Wastage and shortage of water
   Water Pollution and water-borne diseases
   Preservation of rain water, Water conservation and recycling
    Safe and hygienic storage of water

4. Female Health
   Women's Health
   An overview-attaining physical and emotional maturity
   Awareness about diseases: Breast Cancer, Gynecological disorders
   Pregnancy, Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) & Postnatal care
   Gender determination and Female foeticide, Health care
   Women related issues: Gender Bias, Domestic/gender-based Violence, Child
   HIV/AIDS awareness
   What is HIV/AIDS, How does it spread and Prevention

                                       - 15 -
                 Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Mentioned below is the snapshot of content for teaching Mathematics at the LS. The content is
very user friendly and requires minimal adult intervention

                                             Mathematics -Content
Class     Module title/description
1.        Addition Of Numbers Level I, Counting Fun I, Counting Fun II, Counting Fun III, Greater than, Lesser Than,
          Time Tables, , My Clock, Number Skills, Revision of Number and Money, Shapes And Figures, Shapes and
2.        Addition Of Numbers Level I, Simple Division, Fraction, Number Skills, Fullmarks, Mental Math, Time Tables,
          Length, Mass And Capacity, Money, Multiplication, Subtraction Of Numbers
          Maths Games, Revision of number and money, Shapes and Figures, What is the Time?

3         Addition of Numbers II, Division, Fraction, Number Skills, Mental Math, Time Tables, Maths Games, Money,
          Multiplication, Place Value Chart, Subtraction Of Numbers Level 2, Units Of Measure, What Is The Time?,
          Math Skills, Shapes and sizes

4         Addition of Numbers II, subtraction Of Numbers II, Division Of Numbers, Fraction, Number Skills, Math Skills,
          Mental Math, Length Weight & Balance, Measurement, Money, Multiples And Factors – I, What Is The
          Time?, Addition And Subtraction Of Measure, Integers

5         Addition Of Numbers II, Addition Of Decimals, Subtraction Of Numbers II, Common Factors And Prime
          Factorization, Common Multiples, Division Of Decimal, Division Of Numbers, Geometry, Multiples And
          Factors – I, Multiples And Factors – II, Multiples And Factors – III, Multiplication, Multiplication Of Decimal,
          Percentage Level 1, Subtraction Of Decimals, Changing from one unit to another

6         Algebraic Expressions I, Algebraic Expressions II, Constructions, Fullmarks Key Stage 2 Math Skills,
          Geometry, Geometry 1 & 2, Line Segment And Unitary Method, Maths 4-10 - Bar Graphs, Multiplication Of
          Decimal, Division Of Decimal, Ratio And Proportion, Rational Numbers -1, Integers, Maths Facts I, Maths
          Facts II, Maths Exercises, handling data, Digital Geometry

7         Constructions, Expanded Notation, Exponents, Key Stage 3 Maths, Length, Mass And Capacity, Linear
          Equations, Geometry, Maths Exercises, Mensuration, Parallelogram, Perimeter, Quadrilaterals, Rational
          Numbers -1, Rational Numbers -2, Maths facts II , Math Skills, Handling data, Digital geometry

8         Algebra 3, Maths, Digital geometry , Linear Equations, Mensuration Class 7 & 8, Polynomials, Quadrilaterals,
          Shares And Debentures, Statistics I, Maths facts II, Area and circles, Aircom - algebra and handling data

9         Area, Theorem And Axioms, Compound Interest, Congruent Triangles, Sets I, Sets II, Shares And
          Debentures, Statistics I, Statistics II, Trigonometry, Fullmark’s Key Stage 3 Maths, handling data, Digital
          geometry , Mensuration

10        Combinations, Compound Interest, Conditional Identities, Key Stage 3 Maths, Heights And Distances,
          Logarithms, Maths Exercise 1, Maths Wonders, Permutations, Similar Triangles, Trigonometry, Aircom -
          algebra and handling data, Digital geometry

                                                    - 16 -
                Hole-in-the-Wall Education Ltd.

Contact Details
The following people are to be contacted for any details regarding the project -

For all issues, including commercial issues:

                Mr. Suhotra Banerjee
                Mobile: +91 9999800990

For project implementation, maintenance and all operational issues:

                Mr. Purnendu Hota
                Mobile: +91 98102 88327

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