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									           Winter 2007-08

Frederickson Estate
                                               F              oundation ews
                                                   to make sure we did darkroom photography
                                                   and not just digital,” she said. Though
                                                                                                      From the Antelope Valley
                                                                                                      College Foundation President
Donates Home to                                    Frederickson appreciated the beauty of both

                                                   forms of photography, he “didn’t want film
                                                                                                                                     ince our last
AVC Photography                                    photography to become a lost art.”
                                                      “Fred’s thoughtfulness, by including                                           newsletter, the
Program                                            AVC in his estate planning, will create a
                                                   legacy for years to come,” said Bridget
                                                                                                                                 Foundation board
                                                                                                                                 has been busy

                                                   Razo, executive director of the college                                       focusing on business
      man with a passion for photography
                                                   Institutional Advancement and Foundation                                      and positioning itself
      and a desire to help Antelope Valley
                                                   Office. Members of the Foundation Board                                       organizationally to
College has bequeathed his home and
                                                   are actively working to help facilitate the sale                              capitalize on the
additional funds to the AVC Foundation in
                                                   of the property so that acquired funds can be                                 college’s growth
support of the photography program and the
                                                   directed toward the photography program.                                      while planning for
creation of a scholarship for photography
                                                      Frederickson’s passion was photography          the future. I’d like you give you a few notes
students. Long-time friend of AVC, Fred
                                                   and digital imaging, bringing him many             on what we have been doing.
Frederickson passed away July 25, 2007.
                                                   ribbons including Best of Show and first and          We have refined our vision to be forward
   “He did the paperwork in 1995 and had
                                                   second prize ribbons. He donated three of his      looking and regionally focused—“To be the
been thinking about it for awhile before
                                                   photographs to the silent auction at the 2007      premier foundation in the Antelope Valley
that,” said his niece and trustee of his estate,
                                                   AVC Achievement Awards Dinner.                     stimulating the entire region in support of
Fay Harrison-Bergier. “He always wanted
                                                      “Fred Fredrickson’s vision was not only         Antelope Valley College.” We are at the cusp
                                                   through the lens of the camera, but a more         of changing from a colloquial community
                                                   far-reaching view of the future as well,”          college to a regional college. We must
                                                   praised Lee Bergthold, assistant professor         continually challenge our policies and
                                                   of photography at AVC. “He was endeared            practices while improving and developing
                                                   to his craft and was deeply concerned that         new partnerships to ensure future success and
                                                   the art of photography be continued. He            viability.
                                                   has chosen an avenue that will offer that             We have also refined our goals, ensured
                                                   prosperity to all who seek it… through             alignment with the college’s goals and here
                                                   education.”                                        are our top five:
                                                      Memorial gifts in his name may be made            • Secure and maintain a diversified board
                                                   to the AVC Foundation designated for the
                                                                                                        • Conduct annual, capital and endowment
                                                   Photography Department.
                                                                                                        • Raise awareness of the Foundation’s role
                                                   Fred Fredrickson
                                                                                                        • Increase staff support
                                                                                                        • Integrate the college and Foundation.
                                                                                                         We have a good start and solid base. We
Title V:                                                                                              have been steadily growing such that by the
                                                                                                      end of this year, the Foundation should reach
Double Your Support for AVC

                                                                                                      the $2 million mark in net assets. We have
Help us meet our goal ! The Antelope Valley                                                           increased our scholarships by 26 percent
                                                                                                      within the last two years and provide more
College Foundation still must raise approximately
                                                                                                      than a quarter million dollars to the college
$154,000 to meet our $300,000 goal to be matched                                                      yearly.
by the federal Title V grant! You can now double                                                         Think what we can do over the next five

the impact of your support for Antelope Valley                                                        years! Thank you for supporting our AVC and

College and our students, and your corporate                                                          I hope that you will continue to contribute to
match will have four times the impact! Your tax-                                                      our college. Our efforts and support make a
deductible donation will make a significant                                                           real and lasting difference.
difference in the lives of our students and
our community. For more information, call
the Advancement and Foundation Office
at (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391. Thank you for                                                           Dianne M. Knippel
your support!                                                                                         President, Antelope Valley College Foundation
    F                N
       oundation ews

        oundation Board Members                          The Power of Giving
                                                         W     ould you give $83.33 a month to            the community’s workforce and support
Dianne M. Knippel
President                                                      transform a life? For that small           numerous campus initiatives.
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company                      monthly investment—roughly the price of             Donors to the President’s Circle are
Bret Banks                                               dinner and a movie for two (plus popcorn!)       invited to attend a series of exciting events
President Elect
Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District          you can help support higher education in         throughout the year, such as quarterly
Helen Acosta                                             the Antelope Valley as a member of the           President’s Circle Learn at Lunch events, a
Past President                                           President’s Circle.                              holiday reception, and key groundbreaking
                                                           For this annual commitment of $1,000,          activities and other special events throughout
Century Draperies
Shirley Sayles
Chief Financial Officer                                  President’s Circle memberships enable the        the year. Your support makes a difference
Retired Hospital Administrator                           foundation to offer help where the need is the   in the lives of our students, and impacts the
Michael R. Adams
Communications & Donor Relations
                                                         greatest. The unrestricted funds enable the      quality of life in our community. For more
City of Palmdale                                         foundation to offer scholarships to students,    information, contact the Advancement and
John A. Currado, LuTCF (’68)                             provide support for student services, educate    Foundation Office at (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391.
Alumni & Friends
Currado Insurance Agency Allstate Financial, LLC
Lynn DuPratt (’76)
Parliamentarian                                                AVC Foundation President’s Gold Circle
Retired Antelope Valley Press
Dr. Gilbert H. Snow                                            and AVC Foundation President’s Circle
Resource Development
                                                          President’s Gold Circle members annually contribute $5,000 or more in unrestricted funds
Snow Orthodontics
                                                            to support education through the Antelope Valley College Foundation. We thank our
Dr. Jackie L. Fisher, Sr.
Superintendent / President                                                    President’s Gold Circle members for their support.
Antelope Valley College                                                            006–07 President’s Gold Circle Members
Bridget F. Razo                                                                     Hunter Dodge Chrysler Jeep—Tim Fuller
Executive Director                                                      Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company—Dianne M. Knippel
DiRECToRS                                                                           Snow Orthodontics—Dr. Gilbert H. Snow
Ronald H. Carter (‘49)                                                                     Walt and Ginger Woltosz
Retired Businessman                                                                007–08 President’s Gold Circle Members
Chuck Church
                                                                                             (As of October 2007)
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Alis Clausen
                                                                        Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company—Dianne M. Knippel
Southern California Edison                                                          Snow Orthodontics—Dr. Gilbert H. Snow
Karen Erstad (‘64)                                                             Rio Tinto Minerals-Boron Operations—Jon Godla
Dr. Abdullah Farrukh
                                                            President’s Circle members annually contribute $1,000 or more in unrestricted funds to
Antelope Valley Neuroscience Medical Group
                                                                      support education through the Antelope Valley College Foundation.
Pam Gaspar
Banco Popular, Palmdale                                                    We thank our President’s Circle members for their support.
Jon Godla                                                                             006–07 President’s Circle Members
Rio Tinto Minerals - Boron Operations                            Helen Acosta                                High Desert Medical Group
Fran Marroquin                                                   Michael and Laura Adams                     —Dr. Don Parazo
McDonald’s, Minc                                                 Antelope Valley Bank – Jack Seefus          Linda Jansen
Julian Medrano                                                   Antelope Valley Nissan                      F. Michael and Melinda Keenan
AV Economic Development Center
                                                                 AV Air Quality Management District          Roger Knokey
Chaplain Abdul-Wahab omeira
California Department of Corrections
                                                                 —Bret Banks                                 Sharon Lowry
Judge Stella owens-Murrell                                       AV Human Relations Task Force               Richard Manley
State of California, Office of Administrative Hearings           —Darren W. Parker                           Minc, Inc.—Fran and Hernando
Dr. Don Parazo                                                   AV Sports and Graphics                      Marroquin
High Desert Medical Group                                        —Raymond and Jennifer Kaecker               Chuck Church—Northrop Grumman
Chris Perez                                                      Gregory and Diana Barton                    Corporation
Wells Fargo Bank                                                 The Boeing Company—John Stolting            Rio Tinto Minerals–Boron Operations
Jack Seefus                                                      Camacho Auto Sales—Gus Camacho              —Jon Godla
Trustee, Antelope Valley Community College District              Ron and Audrey Carter                       Shirley and Gerald Sayles
John Stolting
                                                                 Alis Clausen                                Patsy Smith
The Boeing Company
Mark E. Thompson (‘71)
                                                                 County of Los Angeles                       Mark E. Thompson
Thompson Von Tungeln, AP.O.                                      —Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich           Kathie and Donald Voss
Betty J. Wienke                                                  Dr. Karen Cowell and William Staley         Wal-Mart Store #2951
Trustee, Antelope Valley Community College District              Dennis and Cynthia Davenport (’68 )         John and Dr. Martha Wengert
Jo Ella Wilson                                                   Lynn DuPratt ( ’76 )                        Western Pacific Roofing Corporation
Retired High School Counselor                                    Dr. Abdullah Farrukh                        —Johnny Zamrzla
Ex-oFFiCio MEMBERS                                               Dr. Jackie and Carla Fisher                 Dorothy and Glenn Williams
Patricia Sandoval                                                Wanda Gallerson                             Earl and Jo Ella Wilson
President, Academic Senate                                       Dr. Rosa Hall                               Dr. Jill Zimmerman
Brandon Davis
President, Associated Student Organization                                            007–08 President’s Circle Members
Deborah Wallace                                                                              (As of October 2007)
Vice President, Business Services                               Michael and Laura Adams                      Dr. Rosa Hall
Craig Wilde                                                     Aerotech News & Review                       Sharon Lowry
Director, Business Sevices                                      The Boeing Company—John Stolting             Richard Manley
                                                                Ron and Audrey Carter
EMERiTuS MEMBERS                                                                                             Don and Irene Ross
                                                                Alis Clausen
Donald M. Ross                                                  Karen Erstad                                 Shirley and Gerald Sayles
Retired Aerospace Engineer                                      Dr. Jackie and Carla Fisher                  Southern California Edison
                                                                Wanda Gallerson                              Dorothy and Glenn Williams
                                                                                                                F            N
                                                                                                                    oundation ews 3

                                          rom the President

                                    When we went before local voters in 2004
                                 seeking support for a $139 million bond to
                                 construct new labs and classrooms for Antelope
                                 Valley College, we had several key messages.
                                    One was we needed new facilities to
                                 accommodate student growth. Another was
                                 that we needed facilities to support our role in
                                 providing more health and safety professionals
                                 to serve our valley.
                                    Three years later, here’s where we stand:
                                    For the first time in the 78-year-history of
                                                                                                                Dr. Jackie L. Fisher, Sr.
                                 AVC, our fall semester enrollment topped
                                 14,000 students. Included in that number were
                                                                                         For example, the current West Campus
                                 more than 1,300 students taking advantage of
                                                                                      Expansion will contain physical training
                                 classes at our Palmdale Site.
                                                                                      facilities for our Sheriff’s Training Academy,
                                    The Sheriff’s Training Academy at Antelope
                                                                                      to ensure these public servants can meet the
                                 Valley College in September graduated its
                                                                                      rigors of their new careers.
Firefighter Training Academy     second class of 59 deputies and police officers.        Our nursing program is at capacity with a
                                    Our spring 2007 associate degree nursing          long waiting list of students as we lack the
                                 program graduated its largest class ever of 70       science and nursing lab space to expand the
                                 men and women ready to take the national exam        program. We hope to resolve this with the
                                 to become registered nurses.                         new Health and Science Building, due to
                                    We just began our second class of respiratory     begin construction in 2009.
                                 therapy students to help meet the strong demand         Our respiratory therapy and radiological
                                 for therapists in our hospitals.                     technology programs have no permanent
                                    In August, we launched our first class of         facilities.
                                 the Firefighter I Training Academy, to prepare          We have continued to move forward in
                                 people for jobs with city and county fire            spite of the hurdles that face us due to lack
                                 departments.                                         of adequate facilities. Imagine how much
                                    And soon, I expect we will announce the           more we can do once these new facilities
                                 launch of still another new health care provider     come on line in the next few years.
                                 program: radiological technology.                       We are committed to preparing people to
                                    So how do all these accomplishments tie into      serve you in public safety and health care,
                                 our bond?                                            as well as many other occupations.
  Sheriff’s Training Academy        The growth we talked about has arrived and           We appreciate your support!
                                 we expect student enrollment to increase rapidly,
                                 putting a strain on our existing facilities.
                                    Most of the above programs will benefit
                                 from building projects already underway or             Dr. Jackie L. Fisher, Sr.
                                 due to start in the next few years.                    Superintendent / President

                                The annual
                            AVC Foundation             Music Comes Alive
                           Holiday Reception
                         will be held Saturday,
                              December 22
                       followed by a performance
                                                                    Handel’s Messiah
                       of Handel’s Messiah at the         Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra & Master Chorale
                    Lancaster Performing Arts Center            Antelope Valley College Civic Orchestra
                            Reception: 5 p.m.                                  David Newby, Artistic Director
                         Curtain Raiser: 7 p.m.                                         SoloiStS:
                           Performance: 8 p.m.                        Antelope Valley College Applied Music Alumni
                          For information, call                             George Frideric Handel, Messiah
                       (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391
4   F              N
         oundation ews

         Fall 007
Foundation Grants Awarded
I n October, the AVC Foundation awarded $5,000 in grants
  to college faculty and staff. These grants, made possible
by donations to the AVC Foundation, will provide support for
previously unfunded activities.
The recipients for fall 2007 are:
                                                                        Tailgate Barbecue
    1. Faculty member Kathy Bingham, receiving $1,000
       toward a grant request to support the Spring Wellness                                                         Entertainment by Test Flight
       Seminar—keynote speaker Brian Luke Seaward and
       other Spring Wellness Seminar activities.
    2. Faculty members Dr. Liette Bohler and Marthe Aponte,
       receiving $1,000 toward a grant request to support
       the Francophonie Festival…A Celebration of Cultural
       Diversity—African Drum and Dance Ensemble expenses.
    3. Faculty member Harish Rao, receiving $2,000 toward
       a grant request to support the AVC Forensics Team in
       the continued development and growth of students in
       competitive speaking as an academic activity.
    4. Faculty member Susan Welsh, receiving $1,000 toward                                               AVC Homecoming 2007
       a grant request to purchase an HP iPAQ 2400 series
       pocket PC with GPS capacity to allow blind and visually
                                                                                                            Tailgate Party
       impaired students to maneuver around campus.
   An additional $5,000 will be awarded to AVC faculty or                                           O     n October 13, 2007, current AVC
                                                                                                          students and alumni attended the
                                                                                                    Homecoming Tailgate Party, in preparation
staff for programs during the spring semester.                          Tim Fuller of H.W. Hunter
                                                                                                    for cheering the Marauder football team on to
                                                                                                    their sixth straight win of the season, beating
                                                                                                    San Bernardino Valley College 22-6. For a
                                                                                                    sixth straight week, linebacker Eric Leon
New Foundation Board Member: Chris Perez                                                            was named Foothill Conference Player of the

                                                   C    hris Perez has lived and worked in the
                                                        Antelope Valley for the last 16 years
                                                   raising two children, Shea, age 20, and
                                                                                                       Participants at the tailgate party were treated
                                                                                                    to a hot dog barbecue, sponsored by the AVC
                                                                                                    Associated Student Organization and the
                                                   Joie, age 14, with her husband of 29 years,      office of Student Development and College
                                                   Victor. Joie is currently attending SOAR         Activities. Entertainment was provided by
                                                   High School on the AVC campus.                   Test Flight, the advanced rock band class at
                                                      Chris has worked for Wells Fargo Bank         AVC, founded by Dr. Glen Horspool in 1986.
                                                   for over 25 years and is currently a Business       Band members this semester include:
                                                   Relationship Manager for the company’s           Daniel Delgado, drums; Dino Delgado,
                                                   California Business Banking Group where          vocals; Jeff Collier, sound engineer/bass;
                                                   she has “the honor of managing a portfolio       Sarah Villalva, vocals; Joseph Samaniego,
                                                   which includes many of the most successful       guitar/drums; Matt Freese, vocals; Lisa
                                                   business owners in the Antelope Valley.”         Ferguson, vocals; Josh Martinez, guitar;
                                                   Chris is a former Board Member of the            David Lopez, guitar; Aaron Munoz, bass;
                                                   A.V. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and            Danielle Pedersen, office assistant; and Laura
                                                   it was during this time that she first became    Hemenway, instructor/keyboards.
                                                   involved with Antelope Valley College               At halftime during the football game, a
                                                   through a Cinco de Mayo event and later          few lucky audience members were given the
                                                   through the Latino Advisory Committee.           opportunity to try to kick a football into the
                                                   Chris has always been very impressed with        bed of one of three pickup trucks. Top prize
                                                   the commitment and passion expressed by
                                                                                                    for getting the ball into the truck bed at the
                                                   the faculty and leadership here at AVC and
                                                                                                    35-yard line, sponsored by H.W. Hunter, was
                                                   is looking forward to working with the
                                                                                                    $10,000. Although it was fun watching folks
                                                   Foundation Board during this time of great
                                                                                                    make the attempt, no one was successful in
                                                   growth and change.
                                                                                                    completing the task.
                                Chris Perez                                                            Best wishes to the Marauder football squad
                                                                                                    as they continue their quest this season!
                                                                                                                 F              N
                                                                                                                      oundation ews 

                Commemorative Benches
                   to be Dedicated
A     n additional 10 commemorative benches will be dedicated at Antelope Valley College
      on Thursday, December 6 at 3 p.m. This will bring the total of commemorative benches
throughout the campus to 38.
   These seven-foot cast concrete benches include bronze inscriptions, which are an ideal
way to commemorate or memorialize a loved one or showcase a strong commitment to
education. The benches are situated throughout campus, serving as a lasting tribute and
providing both beautiful and useful seating for all of our campus community.
   If you are interested in purchasing a commemorative bench at the current price of $2,000,
or if you’d like to attend December’s commemorative bench dedication, please contact the
Advancement and Foundation Office at (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391.

                                                 AVC Commemorative Bench Donors:
                                                 Helen Acosta—Century Draperies
                                                 Ross Amspoker Memorial
                                                   —to be announced at dedication
                                                 AV Bank—Jack Seefus
                                                 AV Chambers of Commerce
                Dr. Martha Wengert Bench
                                                  —Steve Malicott
                                                 AV Medical College
                                                                                                      Get to Know the Staff:
                                                 AVC Associated Students Organization                  Sylvia Castro
                                                 Gus Camacho—Camacho Auto Sales
                                                 Carder Family
                                                 Larry and Vicki Chimbole                      S   ylvia Castro was born and raised in the
                                                                                                   San Fernando Valley. After her husband
                                                                                               was severely injured in a construction accident
                                                 Chuck and Linda Church
                                                                                               in 2000, Sylvia, her husband and two young
                                                   (2 benches—Palmdale and Lancaster)
                                                                                               sons moved to the Antelope Valley to be close
                       Carder Family Bench       Alis Clausen                                  to relatives in Palmdale. The children are now
                                                 John and Lani Currado                         13 and 10, and the family welcomed a new
                                                 John B. Dardarian Memorial                    arrival—a girl—one year ago. Sylvia is also
                                                 Dr. Jackie and Carla Fisher                   working on her AA degree at AVC.
                                                 Tim and Tom Fuller                               Sylvia knew she needed to prepare herself
                                                                                               for work, so she came to Antelope Valley
                                                 Mario Guzman
                                                                                               College and enrolled in the work-study
                                                 High Desert Medical Group                     program. In January 2002, she was hired as
                                                 Chris Hingley Memorial                        a student assistant in the Public Relations
                                                 Dr. Danisaku Ikeda                            office. In December 2002, she was hired
       High Desert Medical Group Bench
                                                 Kaneko Ikeda                                  full-time to work for the AVC Advancement
                                                 Dr. Matthew Jaffe                             and Foundation Office in support of AVC’s
                                                                                               fundraising efforts.
                                                 Trevor Jones
                                                                                                  In her current role, Sylvia oversees the AVC
                                                 Coach Austin Jordan Memorial                  Foundation’s financial accounts, administering
                                                 Richard Mallyon Memorial                      more than 160 funds established to support
                                                 Lorna Knokey Memorial                         a variety of scholarships and programs. She
                                                 Florence Parton Memorial                      works closely with the AVC Foundation’s
                                                                                               Finance and Investment Committees as well
                                                 Don and Irene Ross
                                                                                               as AVC’s Business Services Office, and is
            Lorna Knokey Memorial Bench          Dr. Gilbert Snow, Snow Orthodontics           the point person for the AVC Foundation
                                                 The Boeing Company                            Grant program. She also oversees the
                                                 Dr. Alan Taylor                               commemorative bench program, as well as
                                                 Fred Thompson                                 supporting many other AVC Foundation and
                                                 Rodrigo Venegas                               college programs and events.
                                                                                                  Sylvia has definitely become a tremendous
                                                 Vulcan Materials Company
                                                                                               asset for both the Advancement and
                                                 Dr. Martha Wengert                            Foundation Office and Antelope Valley
                                                 Dennis and Wilma Wick                         College. She is a very dedicated employee and
       John B. Dardarian Memorial Bench          Yanfang Ho Memorial                           a pleasure to work with.
6   F         N
        oundation ews

                                                                    Making Progress
                                                    College moves ahead with bond-funded expansions
                                                    W       hen Antelope Valley College opened in 1961, the buildings
                                                            were placed around the outside of a square with open space in
                                                    the middle. There was nothing north of the maintenance building, the
                                                    auto shops, and LS2. Over the years, the Applied Arts Building, Child
                                                    Development Center, Technical Education 7, and California State
                                                    University, Bakersfield-Antelope Valley buildings were built north of
                                                    the original square. A library was built in the middle of the original
                                                       As the college continues to grow and new buildings are needed, the
                                                    location of new buildings becomes a question. Such is the case with
                                                    the new Health and Science Building.
                                                       The current science buildings are not suitable to be renovated
                                                    because of their size and safety issues. Also to be considered is the
                                                    excessive cost of temporary science labs, which would be necessary
                                                    if the old buildings were razed and a new Health and Science Building
                                                    built at that location.
                                Health & Science       The decision was made that the new building would be in a different
                                                    location on campus. Issues that must be taken into consideration in
                                                    the placement of the new building are: the desire to keep the academic
                                                    facilities in the middle of the campus, the service facilities on the
                                                    outside, and walking distance to other academic buildings. It is best
                                                    not to have delivery trucks and other vehicles coming through campus
                                                    where students are moving from class to class.
                                                       Taking these issues into consideration, it became obvious that the
                                                    best option was to build the Health and Science Building in the space
                                                    currently occupied by maintenance /operations / receiving, auto body,
                                                    and agriculture / landscaping. Through this placement, the academic
                                                    facilities would be in the heart of the campus and the service facilities
                                                    would be moved toward the perimeter of the campus. Although auto
                                                    body and agriculture are definitely academic programs, they require
                Maintenance/Operations/Receiving    vehicle and equipment access which is not conducive to the center
                                                    of campus.
                                                       With all these plans now firmly in place, maintenance/operations and
                                                    receiving will be moved to new facilities in October 2008. Agriculture
                                                    will move in spring 2009, and auto body will move in early fall 2009.
                                                    Current facilities will be demolished in fall 2009 and construction on
                                                    the beautiful new Health and Science Building will begin immediately.
                                                       Although the details of the new building are still being reviewed
                                                    and adjusted, Doug Jensen, director of facilities planning and campus
                                                    development, tells us the new Health and Science Building will be
                                                    approximately 104,000 square feet. It will include seven lecture rooms
                                                    —each seating from 48 to 100 students—20 labs, 61 faculty offices,
                                                    three conference rooms and a planetarium for the astronomy program.
                                                    All current science and health science programs will be housed in this
                                                    building when it opens to students in spring 2012.
                                                       What will be built in the space currently occupied by the science
                                                    buildings? Watch for future articles.
                                       Auto Body
                                                                                                                   F              N
                                                                                                                        oundation ews 7

                                                                                                 college nursing labs were overloaded and
                                                                                                 a new lab was necessary. A new modular
                                                                                                 nursing lab was brought on campus. It was
                                                                                                 configured to serve as a respiratory therapy
                                                                                                 lab as well.
                                                                                                    In anticipation of the approvals, counselors
                                                                                                 had been talking to students about the pos-
                                                                                                 sibility of a program and many students had
                                                                                                 taken the prerequisites to be prepared if the
                                                                                                 program was approved. When the program
                                                                                                 opened in fall 2006, 25 students enrolled.
                                                                                                    Some students could not deal with the
                                                                                                 number of hours required for the program
                                                                                                 and several dropped out. The 19 remaining
                                                                                                 students are now in their third semester of
                                                                                                 the four semester program and are doing very
                                                                                                    The second class began fall 2007 with 20
                                                                                                 students. During the last semester of the pro-
                                                                                                 gram the students take a state certification ex-
                                                                                                 amination. After completing the program they
                                                                                                 can take a state exam to become registered
                                                                                                 respiratory therapists. There are jobs waiting
              Respiratory Therapy Program                                                        for graduates of this program with a starting
                                                                                                 pay of $40,000 to $45,000 per year.

O     ne of the newest programs in the         therapists and also upgrading the education          Robert Vigran and Stephens were hired as
      Antelope Valley College curriculum is    level of current therapists.                      full-time instructors for the program. There
Respiratory Therapy. It takes dedicated indi-     In fall 2005, an advisory committee was        are two adjunct instructors, Foster Madison
viduals to step forward and do all the work    developed to establish goals and outcomes for     and Lynn Brandt. All four are registered re-
necessary to begin a new program. Because of   the program that would meet state require-        spiratory therapists.
those efforts, many Antelope Valley residents  ments. Two local hospitals generously sup-           Cowell anticipates AVC receiving per-
will have a career for which preparation was   ported the college efforts by funding a tempo-    manent accreditation in fall 2008. The
                                               rary full-time advisor. Jeff Stephens was em-     Respiratory Care Board of California pro-
not previously available locally.
                                               ployed to develop the program with the help       vides information about respiratory therapy
   Early in 2005, directors of the two local
                                               of Dr. Karen Cowell. Stephens is a registered     careers at
hospitals contacted Dr. Karen Cowell, AVC
                                               respiratory therapist, a graduate of the AVC         Without the dedication and hard work of
dean of Health Sciences, about the critical
                                               registered nursing program, and has a Master      Cowell and Stephens, the Antelope Valley
shortage of respiratory therapists locally.
                                               of Science in Nursing from the University of      health community would not be awaiting the
They asked if Antelope Valley College
                                               Southern California. He is widely respected in    graduation of well-trained respiratory thera-
could help.
                                               the medical community in the Antelope Valley.     pists next summer.
   A needs assessment was conducted by
the Los Angeles County Regional Health            Cowell and Stephens visited a respected
                                               respiratory therapy program at Butte College
                                                                                in Oroville.
Resource Center.
                                                                                They reviewed
The survey uncov-            It became apparent there was a drastic             the program,
ered a significant           need for therapists and also upgrading             visited labs,
need of at least 30
certified respira-          the education level of current therapists. and deter-
                                                                                mined what
tory therapists per                                                             equipment is
year. Individuals wanting to pursue this       necessary to support a program. Butte College
career were required to attend a private col-  was helpful and offered to share its curriculum
lege in Bakersfield, Victor Valley College in  with AVC.
Victorville, or Los Angeles Valley College        The next steps were to obtain approval
for training. The local hospitals were relying from the Academic Policies and Procedures
on a registry to obtain the needed respiratory Committee at AVC, and to obtain approval
therapists.                                    from the Regional Occupational Deans of
   Another issue of major concern was that     California Community Colleges.
the State of California was increasing the        After these steps were completed it was
requirements needed to become a respiratory    time to seek approval from the California
therapist to include an Associate in Science   Community College Chancellor’s Office
degree and passing the National Registry       and the Committee on Accreditation for
Examination. These changes increased the       Respiratory Care, a national accrediting body.
number of science courses required and also    All approvals were received in August 2006
included a communications component. It        and AVC was ready to begin.
became apparent there was a drastic need for      During the process, it became obvious that
8   F             N
        oundation ews

                                                                             teaching “Introduction to Wines”      wine growing region. Students
                                                                             this semester. Washington, an         who want to pursue wine making
                                                                             engineer at Raytheon in El            as a career or hobby are directed
                                                                             Segundo, has more than 10 years       to the distance education courses
                                                                             of experience in the wine industry.   available through the UC Davis
                                                                             He has taught wine appreciation       Extension, which offers credit and
                                                                             courses at another community          non credit classes about the wine
                                                                             college and at Le Cordon Bleu in      industry.
                                                                             Pasadena. He is in the process of        The Antelope Valley is becoming
                                                                             completing courses to become a        one of California’s fastest
                                                                             master sommelier.                     “growing” wine areas. More than
                                                                                Sylvia Holman, a dietician, was    30 wineries and three tasting rooms
                                                                             employed in the culinary industry     are located in the valley, from Agua
                                                                             in San Francisco and managed          Dulce to Tehachapi. The AV has its
                                                                             a wine cellar for The California      own wine growers association, and
                                                                             Culinary Academy in San               its own wine magazine, Antelope
                                                                             Francisco, where she also taught.     Valley Wine Country. The City

                                                                                   Some students are enrolled in the class so they
                                                                                  feel comfortable ordering wine in restaurants or
                                                                                         buying wine for home consumption.

                                                                             Holman is teaching “Introduction      of Palmdale held its first Jazz and
Wine Courses offered at AVC                                                  to Wines” and “Wine and Foods.”       Wine Festival in September.
                                                                                Local vintners appear as guest        Viticulture is a major contributor

                                                                             speakers who discuss the unique       to California’s economy. In 2005,
     hree wine courses have           particular flavors and odors           experiences that Antelope Valley      the state wine industry employed
     been added to Antelope           commonly discovered in wines.          wines provide. The classes have       more than 200,000 people
Valley College’s curriculum—a         For example, students will be able     required reading from a textbook      and generated $45.4 billion in
reflection of the significance of     to tell the taste and smell of apple   published by the Culinary Institute   sales, with 14.8 million tourists
the wine industry in California       in a wine as opposed to the taste      of America. The instructors assign    participating in wine-related
and the valley.                       and smell of citrus. Discerning        written homework and give written     events, according to the California
   The courses are designed           various aromas in wine requires        exams. Wine samples are limited to    Association of Wine Growers.
to help students appreciate           education in the basics of wine        two or three, one-ounce pours per        For more information about
the aromas and tastes that are        production and types of grapes         class.                                the wine appreciation courses at
present in wines. The first class     grown in various areas. In order          The instructors teach students     Antelope Valley College, check
is “Introduction to Wines,”           to enroll in this class, students      to savor each sip and discuss         the spring schedule of classes
CULA 120, which compares              must have completed one of the         moderation in wine drinking along     or contact the Health Sciences
the wines of major international      two introductory classes in wine       with appreciation of the unique       Division office at (661) 722-6300,
wine producing areas: France,         appreciation.                          characteristics of each wine and      ext. 6402.
Germany, Italy and California.           Who are the students in
Wines of these areas have             wine appreciation classes? The
distinctive characteristics that      backgrounds of individuals are
master sommeliers can identify.       varied. Some students work in
Students in the introductory class    the wine trade in the Antelope
learn about the factors that yield    Valley and want to enhance their
those characteristics.                knowledge of wines to improve
   A second class in the college’s    their businesses and serve their
series is “Food and Wines,”           customers more effectively. Other
CULA 121. Individuals who want        students want to enter careers in
to know which wines pair well         culinary arts and are using the
with various foods take this class.   wine courses to explore the field.
Students also learn the rationale     Some students are enrolled in the
for appropriate pairings, which       class so they feel comfortable
goes beyond the outdated adage,       ordering wine in restaurants
“White wines with white foods         or buying wine for home
and red wines with red foods.”        consumption.
   In spring 2008, the college will      From the first day of class,
offer a third course, “Sensory        students were aware that the wine
Evaluation of Wines,” CULA            appreciation courses were not
122. This is an advanced class        going to be a college-sanctioned
in which students will train their    “happy hour.”
noses and palates to distinguish         DiMaggio Washington is
                                                                               F         N
                                                                                   oundation ews 9

Remember AVC when…
As Antelope Valley College prepares for the 80th anniversary celebration
of educating students, we thought you might enjoy a few “blasts from the
past.” We hope these photos bring back some great memories at AVC.
How many can you identify?
   Do you have any photos from AVC’s past that you would like to share?
If so, we would be happy to include them in this section in future issues of
the newsletter. Just contact us at Happy hunting!
10   F             N
         oundation ews

                                                        A Good End for a Challenging Year

                                                  A     s 2007 winds down, are you tired of
                                                        the waiting game with CD rates? Every
                                                  time one comes up for renewal, you’re not
                                                                                                    We can mail you specific, no-obligation
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                                                  sure if you should just roll-it-over in the         Charitable Gift Annuity Return Rate*
                                                  hopes that rates might go up. Or, with the
                                                  recent rate adjustments, do you think that
                                                  finally, it’s actually time to cash out?                       AGE              RATE
                                                     The AVC Foundation can solve that
                                                  dilemma for you once and for all! It’s not                       70             6.5 %
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                                                  tax deduction that might save you money                          75             7.1 %
                                                  this year. Most importantly, you can provide
                         Stephen Stigler          some much-needed support for students and                        76             7.2 %
                                                  programs at AVC.                                                 77             7.4 %
         Scholarships                                A charitable gift annuity pays you
                                                  (and another person if you so choose) a
                                                                                                                   78             7.6 %

     Transforming Lives at AVC                    guaranteed, fixed dollar amount each year                        79             7.8 %
                                                  for the rest of your life (lives). The payment

                                                                                                                   80             8.0 %
     he AVC Foundation is gearing up for it’s     is based upon your age(s) and is irrevocable.                    81             8.3 %
     2008-09 scholarship program.                 You decide the amount you wish to invest,
Last year the Foundation was fortunate to         either with cash or appreciated securities.                      82             8.5 %

present more than $93,000 in awards to AVC        When you (or the second person) have                             83             8.8 %
students—both high school students planning       passed on, the remainder of the gift annuity                     84             9.2 %
                                                  transfers to the AVC Foundation in support
to attend AVC in the fall, current AVC students
                                                  of education in our community.                                   85             9.5 %
continuing their studies, or transferring
                                                     Take a look at the following rate table. For                  86             9.9 %
students who plan to attend a four-year
                                                  example, if you are 75 you would receive
university in fall 2008. Donors are requested                                                                      87            10.2 %
                                                  an annual interest rate of 7.1%, based upon
to submit their scholarship commitments           the initial value of your gift. In return, you                   88            10.6 %
in the fall in order to produce a scholarship     would get lifetime income and an immediate                       89            11.0 %
handbook for students. The handbook includes      income tax deduction.
information about the scholarships that are          For more information, as well as an
                                                                                                                 90              11.3 %
                                                                                                              and over
available, amounts and eligibility criteria.      overview of what a CGA would pay you,
   A significant example of how the AVC           please contact the AVC Foundation at
Foundation helps to transform the lives of        (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391.                         * Rates established by the American Council on
our students is seen in the support offered to                                                         Gift Annuities and may be subject to change
Stephen Stigler. Stigler is noted for being the
recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship for up to
$30,000 a year—one of 51 people nationally
to receive the award. Prior to receiving this
transfer scholarship, he had been the recipient                      Scholarships for 007-08
of the AVC Foundation Lancaster Community                              important Dates for AVC Donors
Shelter Scholarship, receiving $2,250 in
scholarships during his time at AVC. These            007
scholarships enabled him to purchase books            November ........................Scholarship application available to students
and were an added support for his ongoing             December 31...................Scholarship Donations Due
success.                                              008
   There are a number of existing scholarship         March 3 ............................Deadline: Scholarship Applications
funds for a variety of disciplines available.         March 17, 18, 19 ..............Scholarship Committee Training
If you would like to contribute to a particular       April 7–12 ..........................Scholarship Committee Screening (tentative)
scholarship fund, or if you would like to             April 14 –18 ........................Scholarship Committee Interviews (tentative)
establish a new scholarship, please contact           April 14 ..............................Scholarship Decisions Finalized and Confirmed
the AVC Advancement and Foundation Office             May 2 ................................Student Acceptance of Scholarships Due
at (661) 722-6300, ext. 6391. Your support            May 22 ..............................AVC Scholarship Convocation at 5:30 p.m.
makes a difference in the lives of our students
and our community.
                                                                                                      F         N
                                                                                                          oundation ews 11

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            3041 West Avenue K                                                                                                          Lancaster, Calif.
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            (661) 722- 6300, ext. 6391

 Antelope Valley College Foundation…Enriching Lives, Building Futures

AVC Foundation Mission
                                                         ntelope Valley College Foundation Vision
  To increase the resources, raise funds

  and create friends and partnerships                    To be the premier foundation in the Antelope Valley stimulating the entire

  to support the mission of Antelope                     region in support of Antelope Valley College.
  Valley College.

        dvancement Staff:                           alendar of Events
                Bridget Razo,
             Executive Director
              Steve Standerfer,
   Director of Public and Governmental               1     Scholarship Handbook available to students
                   Relations                         9     AVC Foundation Board of Director’s meeting
                 Liz Diachun,                       10     Antelope Valley Jazz Ensemble—8 p.m., LPAC
   Communications Design Coordinator                1     Veterans Day—campus closed
                Leyla Barber,                       13     Fall Cinema Series: The Killers —1 and 6 p.m. (lecture), 2 and 7 p.m. (screening),
            Data Entry Assistant                            Cinemark Movies 12
                Sylvia Castro,                      13     Board of Trustees Meeting—Closed session, 5:30 p.m.; Public session, 6:30 p.m., SSV 151
            Foundation Assistant                    16 –18 The Waiting Room—8 p.m. Friday & Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday, Black Box Theatre
              Rosa Hernandez,                        –3 Thanksgiving Holiday—campus closed
             Campus Operator                        7     Fall Cinema Series: E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial—1 and 6 p.m. (lecture), 2 and 7 p.m.
                Jim Reddish,                               (screening), Cinemark Movies 12
          Advancement Assistant                     30     Test Flight—8 p.m., Black Box Theatre
           Contributing Writers:                    December
               Michael Adams
               Betty J. Wienke                       1       A Night at the Improv—7 p.m., Black Box Theatre
                                                     6       Commemorative Bench Dedication—3 p.m.
    Antelope Valley Community                        8       RN Pinning Ceremony—2 p.m., AV Fairgrounds Poppy Pavilion
   College District Board of Trustees                8       Fall session ends
            Steve Buffalo                           10       Board of Trustees Meeting—Closed session, 5:30 p.m.; Public session, 6:30 p.m., SSV 151
               Steve Fox                                   Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale: Handel’s Messiah—Foundation
             Jack Seefus                                     Holiday Reception, 5 p.m.; Curtain Raiser, 7 p.m. at LPAC; Performance 8 p.m. at LPAC
           Betty J. Wienke                          31       Deadline: 2008 Scholarship Funds
            Earl J. Wilson
     Michelle Ellis, Student Trustee

    Upon request three business days                For more information regarding AVC activites and events log on to
    before the event, reasonable ac-                               activities calendar.
    commodation will be provided to            The Antelope Valley College Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation that
    facilitate the participation of cov-       broadens the educational opportunities of its students. Established in 1993, it is designated to receive
    ered individuals with disabilities. Call   gifts for the college from individuals, corporations and foundations.
    (661) 722-6300, ext. 6360 (voice) or
    (661) 722-6362 (TDD).                      If you would like to support Antelope Valley College or would like more information, please call the
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