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					Strategies for part 2 &3
 Brain Storm
 what   who recommend             how often
 21st Century classmate, teacher    weekly

                               general contents
              newspaper        social, entertainment
 why                           column, section
 elegant design                 tests, quizzes, forum
 rich information               editorials, English

                                designed for…
                                Language Learning
  you learned                   Express
thanks to, up-to-date words & expressions
Best friend
Who--- I’ve got lots of friends. I am on good term with
   them. Here I want to mention …, who is …
When and where ---
Appearance --- a humble guy, a little shy; not pretty but
   always confident and optimistic,which makes her look
   attractive; bright and blink eyes, full of wisdom.
Characteristic--- modest, quiet, never show off; a quick
   temper, direct. Pretense is the last thing she will do.
What do together --- share the same interest, read
   books of the same category, have a discussion.
Influence ---
Why --- To my mind, a real friends the supporter on
   your way to success, and I think he is the one to me.
An interesting trip
Beginning --- I’m keen on traveling. Among the trips I
  had, the most interesting one is to Xinjiang.
When --- last summer; two years ago
Where --- The final destination is …
How --- by train, take,
With whom---
Scenery --- full of imagination, huge clear lake, hillsides
  with pine trees, snow-capped mountains, spectacular
  sight, picturesque, power of the creation of nature
Special experience--- stay in a yurt, taste various dairies,
  enjoy boundless plain
Why impressed you --- peaceful life, hospitable people
Important topics
People: adult, child, well-known people
Place: company, house/flat
Object: car, expensive thing, handicraft,
Hobby:newspaper/magazine, website, sport,
  movie, wild animal, transportation,
  communication method,
Experience:birthday party, sth you are good at,
  long-distance trip, special meal, story,
  exciting experience,
Part 3 Two-way discussion
 Changes
 Comparison
 Pros & cons
 Importance
 Problems
 Solutions
Hot issues
 Family
 Happiness /success
 History & culture
 Environment protection
 Education
Changes of family structure:
  size -- nuclear family; one-child policy;
      Three generations live under the same roof.
  young people– live separately; move out at an
      younger age; spent less time at home;narrower
      generation gap
  women– status, financially independent, bread winner
Importance of family:
  emotional support,shelter,share your joy and sadness,
  a sense of belonging
Only child:
  pros: get more care, more independent,
  cons: lonely, self-centered, less understanding,
Solution of generation gap:
  In order to…, one should…
  It’s necessary to…
  … is required.
  It’s important to…
  mutual understanding, respect, put oneself into
  others’ shoes, more communication.
Problem of elder people:
  empty net, lack companions/entertainment, nursing
  house, suffer from loneliness/ diseases, poor welfare,
  cannot afford …, age discrimination, forced to retire,
Happiness /success
 It is more than fun or pleasure .
 a state of mind, optimistic, share joys
 face difficulties / frustrations bravely
 be content /satisfied with
 can’t make ends meet, cannot enjoy life
 Money doesn't necessarily buy happiness.
Pros: meet the vanity, be treated specially,
      a lot of convenience,a sense of
      achievement, more opportunities,
      become the focus of the public
Cons: have to disguise, do /say something
      unwillingly, have higher expectation,
      more pressure
How to balance work and recreation:
  concentrate on… when…, improve efficiency
   form one or two hobbies, be absorbed in…
  set aside enough leisure time, avoid pressure,
changes in the last 20years: cramped, narrow,
  share toilets/kitchens, no central-heating
Pros and cons of your accommodation:
  harmonious neighborhood, amenities,
  convenient shopping/traffic,
  high population/building density, no
  playground for children, near/far away from.
What did the government do to improve housing
  construct economical apartments, develop
  suburb areas, public facility
Environment protection:
 What did the government do?
  publicize, enact laws, specific efforts, punish,
 forestation, recycle, invest a lot in research on,
 fewer sand storms
 What should individuals do?
     It’s getting/becoming…
     There are more …
     People pay more attention…
     More people are beginning doing…
 problems: examination-oriented, study
 under pressure, no creative subjects,
 tough/severe competition
 solutions: quality education, cultivate
 creativity/team spirit, sound personality,
 practical ability, independent thinking,
 reduce burdens
 History &culture
 Importance: symbolize, reflect, represent,
 remind… of…, reminder
 How to protect: ancient building, handicraft
 set up funds, preserve, building style, knock
 down, exploit, repair and maintain, enact laws
 encourage young people to learn the skills,
 teach handicraft courses, establish museums,
 hold exhibitions
 customs--- festivals, food, dressing,
 paper cutting, originated from Han Dynasty
 with the invention of paper, popular in the
 royal palaces and houses of nobility, a
 favorite pastime, a welcomed handicraft
 home and abroad.
 be made of, red paper, themes of the subject
 matter, remain, folk motifs. The shape of lotus
 and fish, means abundance in successive
 years, reflect, good wishes to life, window
 decoration, clothes-making stencils, or
 embroidery pattern for shoes.
I think engaging in the mastery and study of
   paper cutting is a delightful recreation that
   nourishes the mind. As a beneficial exercise
   for both the eyes and the hands, this
   decorative product is a recreation that
   transcends age limits.

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