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protected by the interposition of cotton. Slun woven with rubber, yet is lighter, .more durable,
surfaces ought never- t o be bandaged in direct perm.its evaporation, may be washed repeatedly,
contact. Always interpose gauze or lint wlien- and .has no odour. It is readily sterilized and can
&er possible. Leave some portion of the part be kept indefinitely.
distal to the bandage exposed whenever possible,        Unna‘s Dressing.-This is com.posed of layers of
in order that the circulation may be watched. gauze bandage soaked in Unna’s paste, which,
In applying a simple circular bandage around a when cold, has a gummy elasticity. The dressing
cylindrical part, place the initial extremity a t is often used to give support to the lower leg, as in
right angles t o the axis of the part.”               varicose condifions. Fenestra may be cut i1 the.
   We think that any pupil nurse who absorbs dressing t o permit attention to underlying con-
the instruction given in the foregoing paragraphs ditions, such as ulcers.
could give a verv good account of her Imcwledge  v
                                                                    ADHESIVE      DRESSINGS.
of the-theory of“bgndaging in ai examination.           Adhesive plaster dressinas are used chieflv for
   Our first illustration shows                                            support,- fixation; and com-
a figure of 8 of the breasts                                               pression in sprains, fractures,
 (Kiwisch) described as fol-                                               and chronic exudative con-
lows :-                                                                   ditions in tendons, bursae, &c.
   “ After applying two or three                                              Precise directions are given
turns of a suspensory of both                                             as to their application.
breasts, cover the breasts by                                                 The manner of theremovaL
three or four spiral turns and                                            of adhesive from the skin is,
then by three or four figure of                                           it is explained, very impor-
8 turns to compress the breasts,                                          tant. The ends may be freed
passing under the right breast,,                                          and the plaster drawn back
over the left breast, around the                                          upon itself, the skin being
back, then over the right                                                 gently pressed down, away
breast, under the left breast                                             from the * adhesive surface.
and around back.         Repeat                                           I ‘ Another dry and more rapid
three or four times, ending the                                           method is to free an end and
bandage by a circular turn                                                then with a quick jerk remove
across both breasts.”                                                     the plaster. This sometimes
       ELASTIC   BANDAGES.                                                carries the outer layer of the
   Dr. Eliason describes three                                            skin with it.”
types of elastic bandages : -                                                 Solutions such as ether,
    I. Martin’s Rubber Bandage.
                                                                          alcohol, benzine, gasoline and
                                                                          turpentine may also be used,
-A strip of rubber from z to 4                                            applied to the under surface
inclies wide. No reverses axe                                             of the plaster with cotton o r
used and very little tension is                                           gauze.
applied. It is preferable t o
have a gauze or flannel bandage                                               Our illustration gives an
next the skin to absorb the                                               excellent example of the
moisture. The dressing should                                             strapping of a knee.
be kept free from all ointments,                                               PLASTER PARIS
                                                                                         OF         OR
oils, ether, &c.,which are harm-
ful to.rubber. The Martin’s                                                      GYPSUM   BANDAGES.
bandage should be removed at                                                  Many probationers        and
least once in 24 hours t o allow                                          junior nurses to whom the
it to dry out. It is secured by                                            methods of preparation and
two tapes attached to one end.                                            application of plaster bandages
    2. Elastic Webbing is made                                            are somewhat of an enigma
 of a rubber or elastic net work              KNEE STRAPPING.             would benefit by studyving
 covered with a fabric of cotton                                          the lucid instru&ion $,en
 or silk. No gauze or flannel is needed next the SI&, by Dr, Eliason on this subject. To an
 It possesses the distinct advantage of permitting expert the subject is rather a fascinating one, and
 evaporation of perspiration.                         the application of plaster can be brought to a high
    3. Esmarch Tube or Tourniquet.-A rubber strap degree of perfection. It is not everyone who
 5 feet to 6 feet long, with a hook a t one end and knows that a pinch of salt dissolved in the water
 a chairi a t the other. Its chief use is as a means in which plaster bandages are soaked will hasten
 of preventing hzemorrhage from wounds in the their setting when applied. Vaseline may be
 extremities.                                         rubbed into the operator’s hands in the absence
    Elastic Fabric Bandage.-This is made entirely of gloves t o prevent the plaster sticking to them..
 of cotton woven in a manner to allow stretching Discarded plaster in the basin should not be
 almcst.equa1 t o that of rubber. It possesses all poured down the waste, as it will harden and close
 the advantages and qualities of a bandage inter- the drain pipe.        -
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