Speed up download using Port Forwarding or Mapping tutorial by shiyamananda


									  Port Forwarding or Port Mapping tutorial as a
  part to Speedup downloader downloads speed
This is the Tutorial to port forward your Modem as a part to increase your download speed in
your browse or in your downloader. This is the simple method of port forwarding of my tutorial.
Just Note my port sate in below image of my downloader(Mine is Bit comet but in other
downloader it will be improve download speed of downloader).

We have to tune it to green(Green will speed up downloads, will appear only if port forwarding
done) in my downloader. Follow my tutorial to Port forwarding.

Step1 : Open your Browse(Firefox, Internet Explorer, chrome, etc.)
Step2 : In The Address bar(URL) Enter and Hit enter.
Step3 : Enter "User name" and "Password" are admin(Any letter shouldn't be Caps)
        your modem page will appear.
Step4 :Now Select "Upnp" tab or "Upnp" tab under "Access Management" like Image below.
Step5 : Under UPNP tab you can find , "UPNP" and "Auto Configured" both with two Options
       "Activated" and "Deactivated"
Step6 : Click "Activated" in both like image below.

Step7 : And Click "Save"

You have port forwarded successfully. Let me check it with my Bit comet Green light formula.
See my image below got port forwarded with green light of my downloader.
This is my way of checking port forwarding, check with your downloader, you will be amaze
and enjoy.


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