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									                                                                                                   June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2

                the Survivor
 State Legislative Resolution Highlights Torture
                                                                                         In This Issue:
 Survivors and Treatment                                                                 CA Torture Survivors Resolution p. 1
                                            fornia in spite of the lingering effects
                                            of torture. It also recounts California’s    Leadership Reflections p. 2
                                            unique and critical role in the devel-       Client Demographics p. 4
                                            opment of the torture treatment field,        Community Supporters p. 6
                                            another point that rarely garners much
                                            public attention.                            Financial Supporters p. 7
                                                “SJR 6 is, first and foremost, an         Client Quotes p. 8
                                            opportunity to better inform elected of-
                                            ficials and the public about the presence     Congressman Hunter,
                                            of torture survivors in California and
San Diego area Senators Joel Anderson (far
                                            this great network of torture treatment      Staffer Assist SURVIVORS
left) and Christine Kehoe (far right) greet centers we have operating here,” said           For torture survivors, the road to
torture survivors and representatives from  Timothy Griffiths, government affairs           healing can be full of complicated
the California Consortium of Torture Treat- director for SURVIVORS, which is one         twists and turns, not the least of
ment Centers (CCTTC) on the California      of the organizations sponsoring the          which come in the form of the fed-
Senate Floor. SURVIVORS’ Executive          resolution. “We’ve been talking about        eral government’s complex refugee
Director Kathi Anderson is third from left  SJR 6 around the Capitol and showing         resettlement and immigration system.
in the back row.                            people the data and their jaws drop.         Navigating that path requires resil-
    California legislators from both par- Most people have no idea just how              ience and tenacity. It also sure doesn’t
ties and across the state have rallied      prevalent torture survivors are in our       hurt to have capable, caring people on
behind a resolution acknowledging           communities. SJR 6 is all about chang-       your side.
the presence of torture survivors living ing that.”                                         Enter local Congressional district
here and celebrating the work of the            The response, says Griffiths, has          office representative Holly Hough.
state’s torture treatment centers. The      been overwhelmingly positive. “This          Hough works the East County district
measure is authored by state sena-          is a truly bipartisan measure. We have       of Duncan D. Hunter, R. Under his
tor, Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego,          numerous coauthors from across the           leadership, Hough has taken notice of
and coauthored by state senator, Joel       state. At a time when the word torture       San Diego County’s emergence as the
Anderson, R-Alpine.                         has taken on political overtones do-         refugee resettlement capital of the na-
    “Whereas approximately 100,000          mestically, it’s heartening to know that     tion and has made assisting refugees
residents of the State of California        people remain sympathetic to survivors       with federal agencies an integral part
have found refuge here after enduring of international, politically motivated            of the constituent services her office
politically motivated torture in their      torture and can rally behind the cause       provides.
home countries,” the measure begins,        of assisting in their healing.”                 “We have a tremendous amount
marking a rare instance in which                Senate Joint Resolution 6 passed         of refugee-related casework,” says
public officials have openly recognized the State Senate 39-0 on May 9th and               Hough, who worked for former
just how large the torture survivor         cleared the State Assembly on consent
population is.                              June 27th. The final version will be                  Hunter/Hough, continued on page 3
    Senate Joint Resolution 6, or SJR       transmitted to the United States Con-
6, as the measure is formally known,        gress as an expression of California’s
goes on to highlight the contributions      interest in the issue.•                        Mission Statement
torture survivors have made to Cali-
                                                                                           Survivors of Torture,
Congresswoman Davis and Staff Assist SURVIVORS                                             International:
   Maybe it’s her background in so-          ordinated Congressional letters of
cial work or her time living abroad.         support for SURVIVORS’ federal                • Facilitates the healing of torture
Whatever the motivation, Represen-           grant applications and helped the             survivors and their families;
tative Susan Davis, D-San Diego, has         organization clear up bureaucratic            • Educates professionals and
been a good friend to SURVIVORS              snags in Washington, D.C. Then, in            the public about torture and its
since her election to Congress in            2009, when SURVIVORS lost a key               consequences;
2000.                                        federal grant, Davis was instrumental
   Each year for the past several            in securing alternative resources that        • Advocates for the abolition of
years, Davis and her staff have co-                                                         torture.
                                                       Davis/Staff, continued on page 4
2 the Survivor                                                                                       June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2

                Who Advocates For Our Clients?                                             Survivors of Torture, International’s
 By Jeanette Barrack, board chairperson, and Kathi Anderson, executive director
   Since “lawyer” is a synonym for advocate,     deserve recognition and support.
                                                                                           Board of Directors
 you might think first of the attorneys             This year, our legislature will        Jeanette Barrack, RPT, Chairperson
 who help our clients navigate the legal         declare June 26th a Day in Support        Jim Jaranson, MD, MA, MPH, Vice-Chair-
 system. And you’d be right. But then you        of Victims of Torture in California. At     person
 might think of the physicians, therapists,      a time when our state and our nation      Ann Durham, MSN, FNP, Esq. Secretary
 and psychiatrists who have to complete          are dealing with many contentious         Denise Francis, CPA, Financial Officer
 hours of specialized training in order to       issues, it is heartening to see our       Tim Banzhof
 help/advocate for clients. And you’d be         legislators come together on a bipar-     Jennie L. Hollis, MSW
 right. Then, there are the many volunteers      tisan basis to support this resolu-       Carol Morabito, MSW
 who serve as mentors and those people           tion. By making a public statement        Howard E. Moseley, Esq.
 who contribute money to support all             about the importance of this issue,       Kathi Anderson, Ex-Officio
 these services. And you’d be right. Plus        by recognizing the services provided
 the clients who are themselves advocates        by volunteers, both professionals and     Board Emeritus Society
 - by seeking asylum, asking for help, and       lay persons, and by welcoming the         Dee Aker, PhD
 working toward their own recovery. And          survivors as valuable, contributing       Cheri Attix, Esq.
 you’d be right again.                           members of our state, our legislators     Mark Berger
     But perhaps you have not considered         are advocates. And many legisla-          Reverend George Falk
 another segment of the population—              tors also provide direct services to      Elizabeth Michel, MD
 government officials, both elected and ap-      survivors by helping them negotiate
                                                                                           Reverend Bill Radatz
 pointed. These are the people we want to        the regulations in a governmental
                                                                                           Darryl Solberg, Esq.
 recognize, and to thank in this column. In      system that is very different from the
 1997, the United Nations established June       ones they fled. To experience these
 26th as the International Day in Support        representatives of the government as
 of Victims of Torture. Through this action,     advocates, rather than as oppressors
 this world body acknowledged the ugly           is proof to our clients that they are
 fact that some governments engage in            indeed living in a better place.•
 torture, and that the victims of this torture

Survivors of Torture, International                              About Us
    Survivors of Torture, International was incorporated in February 1997 in response to a need in our community to bring
 assistance to the segment of the population that struggles with the wounds of politically motivated torture. It is estimated
 that at least 11,000 survivors of torture live in San Diego County and 500,000 live in the United States. Torture survivors
 may be left with lifelong physical and mental health problems if not treated by trained professionals.
    Since 1997, SURVIVORS has engaged a caring network of professionals — board members, interpreters, therapists,
 physicians, dentists — and all of you in the community who give support and encouragement in many ways. Your sup-
 port enables us to help torture survivors rebuild their lives. Treatment helps survivors heal, reconnect with their families,
 go back to school, and find employment.
     Ninety-one cents of every dollar raised goes directly to SURVIVORS’ programs.
    Our Federal Tax ID Number is 33-0743869. Learn more at www.notorture.org.•

Survivors of Torture, International Contact Information
  San Diego Office (Headquarters)
  P. O. Box 151240, San Diego, CA 92175-1240 / P: 619.278.2400 / Fax: 619.294.9405 / survivors@notorture.org
  Kathi Anderson, MA, NCC / Executive Director / P: 619.278.2407 / Fax: 619.294.9429 / kanderson@notorture.org
  Mahvash Alami, PhD / Program Manager / P: 619.278.2403 / malami@notorture.org
  Leilani Amiling / Senior Administrative Assistant / P: 619.278.2424 / lamiling@notorture.org
  Suzanne Bacon, MA / Individual Giving & Communications Coordinator / P: 619.278.2421 / sbacon@notorture.org
  Tricia Hilliard, MSW / Senior Mental Health Clinician / P: 619.278.2404 / thilliard@notorture.org
  Alexey Kirillov / Finance Manager / P: 619.278.2406 / akirillov@notorture.org
  Jan McKeel / Grants & Data Manager / P: 619.278.2422 / jmckeel@notorture.org
  Ramsey Salem, MPH / Medical Services Coordinator / P: 619.278.2412 / rsalem@notorture.org
  Timothy Griffiths, Esq. / Government Affairs Director / tgriffiths@notorture.org (Sacramento Office)
3 the Survivor                                                                                June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2

                                           ~My healing place... ~
Hunter/Hough, cont. from page 1
                                                                                         The Healing Corner
Congressman Duncan L. Hunter from
2006 until he retired at the end of            Do you have a special place that makes you feel relaxed? Being relaxed
2008, and has been working for Con-         means that your body can better use its natural healing powers. Think about
gressman Duncan D. Hunter since             the natural way your body heals from a cut or scrape. Usually our bodies
2008. “It includes cases involving in-      can naturally heal from these cuts without our thinking about it. Researchers
dividuals that are still overseas, wait-    believe that being relaxed helps our bodies access that healing power more
ing on refugee status, family members       easily. One way to help our bodies is by relaxing and going to or imagining
concerned about loved ones still being      a “healing place.” Your healing place can be a place that makes you feel very
there and related immigrant casework        relaxed. Is it inside a comfortable, cozy sunshine-filled room? Maybe it is out-
with newly arrived people.”                 side in a field of flowers with a lake or river nearby. Imagine or discover your
    For SURVIVORS’ clients, this kind       healing place and take some time to go there physically or in your mind and
of assistance can be vital and affirm-        just feel relaxed. Help your body and mind heal through relaxation!
ing. Hough first became acquainted              Are you a client of SURVIVORS? Make sure to check in with our clinical
with SURVIVORS through a visit              team to see what upcoming Healing Club activities we have planned. In our
from Executive Director Kathi Ander-        writing club you could write about your healing place. Come join us! Call 619-
son, and casework she did on behalf         278-2400 or email survivors@notorture.org to find out when the next Healing
                                            Club activity is.•
                                                                              ...is filled with flowers!
of a SURVIVORS’ client. That client
had been tortured under Saddam
Hussein’s regime in Iraq.
    “He came here because he had                                                          A Client’s Thoughts
                                               “Congressman Hunter’s wife came
a wife and children who needed to
                                           to the United States as a refugee,”        The following are thoughts shared from
come to the United States. I was able
                                           Hough explains. “She, her father,               a client who recently lost her sight
to see how Survivors of Torture, Inter-
                                           mother, and her sister escaped from           There are two opposite sides to life.
national was helpful to this individual
                                           communist Poland They ran for it           We see this expressed in our vision of
who had no one here at the time.
                                           once near the Italian border, lived in a   heaven and hell. Light and dark. Life
His whole family was overseas and
                                           refugee camp in Italy for awhile, and      and death. It’s important for a person
he was really working on trying to
                                           were eventually sponsored to come          to experience both sides to this life
rebuild his life.”
                                           here by a family in San Diego that         because it helps us to realize there is
    Congressional offices can’t dictate
                                           didn’t even know them. So, he’s aware      more in life than what can be seen.
a particular outcome to the federal
                                           of the impact of the need to leave a       When the two sides come together, an
agencies, of course, but they can help
                                           situation that is not healthy and to       energy is created that helps us to move.
focus bureaucrats’ attention on an is-
                                           come to the US and look for a better       This knowledge helps us to move for-
sue and try to move things along.
                                           life because of that.”                     ward, upward, onward. Our spirit can
    “When someone comes to us, it’s
                                               For SURVIVORS and its clients, this    then be free to move on to whatever
usually because there is a problem,
                                           sort of engagement and understanding       comes next.
a speedbump, gridlock, or perhaps a
                                           is important.                                 A week ago I could see with my
wrong determination by an agency,”
                                               “Our local Congressional represen-     eyes, but I woke up and my sight had
Hough says. “One of the biggest
                                           tatives are invaluable assets to SURVI-    been taken away. What started out as
things I try to do is streamline the
                                           VORS’ work and to the broader refu-        a frightening experience I now un-
process for folks that have already
                                           gee resettlement effort in our area,”       derstand to be a privilege, a gift that
had tremendous hardships in their
                                           says Kathi Anderson, SURVIVORS’            has been provided to me. When you
life. Work permits, green cards, get-
                                           executive director. “Holly [Hough] is a    become blind you realize that all the
ting family members here; all of that
                                           real credit to Congressman Hunter. We      energy that had previously moved
has a tremendous impact and we’re
                                           are really fortunate here in San Diego     your body each day was borrowed en-
aware of that.”
                                           to have this level of knowledge of and     ergy. From living and nonliving things.
    In addition to her work on behalf
                                           support for refugees and survivors         And one day you have to give it back,
of constituents, Hough is a regular
                                           of torture among our Congressional         or it will be taken from you anyway.
participant in San Diego’s monthly
                                           delegates and their staff, regardless of    You will find yourself with no energy
Refugee Forum, where service
                                           party. That doesn’t exist everywhere       and you will be left alone like a tree in
providers and community members
                                           and it makes a big difference.” •           the desert. We all need energy to live,
gather to identify and resolve recur-
ring refugee resettlement problems.                                                   but we are not supposed to own it. We
While Hough is often the face people                                                  must understand it is borrowed and
see, she is quick to point out that                                                   needs to be used wisely, it is not ours
awareness and concern about refugee                                                   to misuse or abuse. I know this now. I
issues is close to her boss’ heart.                                                   wish for you to know it, too. •

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4 the Survivor                                                                                     June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2
                                             Davis/Staff, cont. from page 1
 Client Demographics                        allowed SURVIVORS to continue to                “We’re lucky that Congress-
                                            serve clients with minimal interrup-        woman Davis chose such dedicated
 64 new clients were served                 tion.                                       people,” says Anderson. “Deanneka
 Jan. 1, 2011 - May 31, 2011                   “Congresswoman Davis has been            is always looking for ways that the
                                            an amazing supporter of our work            congresswoman can support SURVI-
 Geographic Origins                         and our clients,” says Kathi Ander-         VORS’ work locally, and whenever
 Africa                           26        son, executive director of SURVI-           we need assistance in D.C., we can
                                            VORS. “I’ve long since lost count of        count on Suzanne to help get things
 Asia                             3
                                            the times she has come to our aid. It’s     done on our behalf.”
 Eastern Europe                   2         no exaggeration to say we probably              “We receive some public money
 Latin America                    8         would not be here today if it were          and we are accountable for that,”
 Middle East                      25        not for her.”                               explains Anderson. “It’s our job to
                                               Although SURVIVORS serves                make sure our Congressional repre-
                                            clients from throughout San Diego           sentatives know what we’re doing
 Ages               Gender                  County, its headquarters sit in Davis’      and that the quality of our work
 0-20          7    Males              32   district, so Davis’ office typically          merits their support. There are a
 21-30         29   Females            32   takes the lead on coordinating ac-          thousand demands on their attention
                                            tions in support of SURVIVORS               coming from every direction, and
 31-40         7
                                            among the San Diego Congressional           yet Congresswoman Davis and her
 41-50         9    Detained           24   delegation.                                 staff have consistently been there for
 51-60         7    Nondetained        40      Anderson especially appreciates          SURVIVORS and our clients.”
 61 +          5
                                            the efforts of Davis staffers Suzanne             “When you consider that the vast
                                            Swink, who operates out of Davis’           majority of our clients won’t be able
                                            Washington, D.C. office, and Dean-            to vote for years, it’s all the more
                                            neka Goodwin, Davis’ longtime               impressive. This is clearly something
                                            district office representative.               they do from the heart.”•

   Journal Israel: Board
   Member Jim Jaranson
   Visits Jerusalem on
   Behalf of IRCT
     SURVIVORS’ board member Jim
  Jaranson, M.D. was asked by the
  International Council for Torture
  Victims (IRCT), based in Copen-
  hagen, Denmark, to participate in
  their Forensic Evaluation Against
  Torture (FEAT) project, funded
  by the European Union. Jaranson
  and Sidsel Rogde, M.D., a foren-                  Sidsel Rogde, M.D. and Jim Jaranson, M.D. in the old city of Jerusalem
  sic physician from the Institute of            African countries, there were               of prisoners in Israeli custody
  Forensic Medicine at the University            concerns about the safety of tak-           were subjected to torture, despite
  of Oslo in Norway, met in Jerusalem            ing this trip, but both doctors felt        the laws against it. After many
  to evaluate several prisoners for the          it was important to do this work.           years of effort by PCATI and
  psychological and physical effects of           The following are excerpts from             other groups, the Israeli Supreme
  alleged torture. They used the Istan-          Jaranson’s journal.                         Court in 1999 decided that inter-
  bul Protocol for documentation, an                The Public Committee Against             rogation must be free of torture
  instrument approved by the United              Torture in Israel (PCATI) in Jerusa-        “except in rare cases of necessity.”
  Nations. Jaranson was one of the               lem hosted us. PCATI was started            Three of the four torture tech-
  original 70 experts invited to work            in 1990 by Jewish and Palestinian           niques were pronounced illegal,
  on the development of the Istanbul             lawyers, doctors, and nurses who            except for sleep deprivation. Up
  Protocol and Rogde was a member                were outraged at the findings by             to 90 days of incommunicado
  of the FEAT project. With the unrest           the Landau Commission that 85%
  in nearby Middle Eastern and North                                                              Journal Israel continuted on page 5
5 the Survivor                                                                                 June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2
  Journal Israel, cont. from page 4
detention was allowed.                     prison, subjects were frequently told      jobs that require physical stamina
    PCATI staff is very concerned           that their relatives had also been ar-     due to injuries incurred after
about the frequent arrests of Pales-       rested and that only by their confess-     their arrest. They cannot afford
tinian boys and men who are then           ing would these relatives be released.     adequate living arrangements or
subjected to interrogation by Israeli      Other forms of psychological torture       pay for medications. This makes
security forces and sometimes incar-       included isolation, lack of light, sleep   the job of the PCATI and other
ceration in Israeli prisons. We spent      deprivation, and confined quarters.         lawyers challenging and frustrat-
three days interviewing several of         Subjects were often blindfolded,           ing, often resulting in their own
these former prisoners in their home       shackled, and then transferred from        vicarious trauma.
towns. All subjects had been alleged-      facility to facility. Trauma included         During our stay we also
ly tortured by Israeli security forces     sitting on chairs in painful positions     trained about 30 human rights
and were selected for interview by         and beatings not only to the torso and     lawyers and a psychologist
PCATI because their cases could help       limbs, but on the head, at times to the    about both the methods and
provide documentation in support           point of losing consciousness. Doctors     the consequences of torture.
of change in Israeli law and practices     or other health professionals rarely       Three days after our return, the
involving torture. The subjects had        saw the subjects and, if they did,         central bus station, not far from
usually been arrested for throwing         seldom documented or treated any in-       our hotel in Jerusalem, was
rocks at homes or at people or for         juries. Often the subjects had suffered     bombed, injuring two dozen
belonging to an outlawed political or-     other significant trauma prior to their     and killing one person. The trip
ganization. Our responsibility was to      arrests, such as stabbings or gunshot      to Israel was indeed a learning
document torture using the Istanbul        wounds, and some of these injuries         experience in a potentially risky
Protocol, not to determine whether         left scars. Psychiatric consequences       environment.•
the charges were justified.                 included symptoms of major depres-
    The subjects were Palestinian          sion and posttraumatic stress, which
males in their late teens or twenties,
unmarried, poorly educated, either
unemployed or underemployed, liv-
                                           are often seen in survivors of torture
                                           treated in resettlement countries such
                                           as the United States.
                                                                                      June is Torture
ing with their parents, siblings, and
extended family. They had often been
beaten by soldiers during the arrest,
                                               Unfortunately, few resources are
                                           available to help the individuals we
                                           interviewed. Often they are poorly
by security forces during interro-
gation, or by guards in prison. In
                                           employed, in part because they can
                                           no longer perform the higher paying        Month
                                      SURVIVORS Welcomes New Staff
                                         cal school and did her residency at          and a passion for helping refugees
                                         the University of California, Davis in       and asylum seekers in need. She
                                         psychiatry. She currently practices in       studied sociology at San Diego
                                         North County and is also very excited        State University and continues to
                                         to be here.                                  be active in volunteering her time
                                            Dr. Alami received her Ph.D. in           towards ending human trafficking.•
                                         psychology from Alliant International
                                         University and obtained her license as
                                         a psychologist in July 2004. She is certi-
                                         fied in domestic violence work and
         Martin Fait, M.D.               psycho-social rehabilitation. She has
                                         been providing treatment to survivors
  SURVIVORS is excited to wel-           of torture for the past 20 years. She has
come our new psychiatrist, Dr.           experience working in crisis environ-
Martina Fait; program manager            ments, an in-patient psychiatric hospi-
Dr. Mahvash Alami; and senior            tal, outpatient programs, and private
administrative assistant, Leilani        practice. She is bilingual and speaks
Amiling.                                 Farsi (Persian).
  Dr. Fait attended George                  Leilani brings to SURVIVORS exten-
Washington University for medi-                                                       Mahvash Alami, Ph.D. and Leilani Amiling
                                         sive experience in office administration

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6 the Survivor                                                                                             June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2

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                                                    SURVIVORS Thanks Spring Public Policy Interns
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     SURVIVORS’ Wish List                                                                         Working out of the Sacramento
                                                                                               field office, McGeorge Law School
- New hygiene items (shampoo, tooth
  paste, etc.) to give to our clients. Or con-                                                 student Kimberly Rosenberger teamed
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- Tickets to outings or events for clients                                                     director to help advance legislative
- Volunteer drivers to take clients to              Kimberly Rosenberger       Omar Qureshi    measures intended to address the
   appointments                                        Two public policy interns               needs of torture survivors. On the
- Blank books or journals for our client            helped boost SURVIVORS’ advo-              state level, Rosenberger researched
  writing group                                     cacy mission this spring. Oper-            and wrote legal memoranda seeking
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- “Befrienders” in SURVIVORS’ Friend-
   ship Circle (where San Diegans meet in           student Omar Qureshi initiated             Professions Committee to strengthen
   social settings with our clients)                new relationships with several             laws prohibiting the participation of
- Speaking engagements at your                      local elected officials, raising             California-licensed medical profes-
   organization, church, club, etc.                 awareness about the presence               sionals in the use of torture. She was
- “Ambassadors” to help us invite people            and needs of torture survivors             also instrumental in convincing sev-
   to our Journey to Healing Tours                  in our region. Highlights of               eral state legislators to coauthor a state
- Clinicians, especially in East County                                                        resolution regarding torture survivors
                                                    Qureshi’s work included meeting
  (psychologists, LCSWs and
                                                    with El Cajon Mayor Mark Lewis,            and their treatment in our state. Fi-
- Own rather than rent space for our pro-           who went on to support an im-              nally, on the federal level, Rosenberger
   grams & services                                 portant SURVIVORS’ initiative,             helped promote the Domestic Refugee
                                                    and securing a City of San Diego           Reform and Modernization Act among
Please contact Suzanne if you can help              Proclamation declaring June 26,            California’s Congressional delegation.
(619-278-2421 or sbacon@notorture.)                 2011, a Day in Support of Survi-           We’re pleased to report that Kim has
                                                    vors of Torture. While Qureshi’s           secured summer funding that will en-
                                                    advocacy work with SURVIVORS               able her to extend her internship with
                                                    now comes to an end, he plans to           SURIVORS through the summer.•
                                                    continue with us as a participant
7 the Survivor                                                                                          June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2

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   Did you ever wonder how much of               larger donation, you may want to            Type of Service      Fee
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In the case of Survivors of Torture,             SURVIVORS’ staff member Suzanne              Google Checkout      No fee through Nov.
International, our 2010 audit shows that                                                                          2011
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91 cents of every dollar goes directly to        to SURVIVORS; all nonprofits are             Check mailed to      No fee
serving torture survivors. We are very           charged this fee, unless they can ar-       SURVIVORS
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to make donations, while maximizing              If you are aware of other options for                            SURVIVORS
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the payment services with the lowest             questions, please contact Suzanne
fees. “It can be upsetting to learn that         Bacon 619-278-2421 or sbacon@
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donation. The convenience is nice,
but especially when you are making a
8 the Survivor                                                                             June 2011 / volume 14, issue 2

                           What did you do the last time you were at SURVIVORS?
                                         (Question asked of clients)
        The staff was helping me about different educational               I came to celebrate with the staff and my
    programs. It was really good because I was looking for a          befriender because I just won my asylum case!
    program on justice and peace, but I didn’t know how to find        It was so long, but now I am so happy. I hope I
    it. Now I feel good. My expectations have been met. It gives      can find my family now. That is my dream.
    me a good feeling. After I was granted asylum, education                              --A female client from Africa
    was my focus and working. I got positive impressions and
    they made a lot of contacts for me. It shows the staff cares for   I came to see my therapist. It is a long time
    me. There are people here who care about you and help you         I have been seeing her now. She knows me
    to find out things. That’s cool.                                   so well and helps me so much. And tomor-
                                    -- A male client from Africa      row I will go to the writing group for the first
        Today I had my medical evaluation for my asylum case.                    --A female client from South America
    I saw a doctor who examined me and asked me questions
    about my experiences. The doctor said he will write a report      I am new at SURVIVORS. I saw the therapist
    that the judge will use to decide about my case. The staff         and also got help with my medical appoint-
    told me that now I am a client and that I can use any of the      ments. There are many things I don’t know
    services. I am hopeful for my asylum case.                        because I am new here, but I always get help
                           --A male client from Central America       when I go to SURVIVORS.
                                                                              --A female client from the Middle East

  The Strength to Survive. The Power to Heal                           In This Issue:
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     Learn more about SURVIVORS at our Journey                         Leadership Reflections p. 2
  to Healing Tours, twice a month. Upcoming dates:                     Client Demographics p. 4
  July 26, 8:00-9:00 a.m.; August 9, 5:30-6:30 p.m.;                   Community Supporters p. 6
  August 23, 8:00-9:00 a.m. For more information go                    Financial Supporters p. 7
  to www.notorture.org/events or call 619-278-2421.                    Client Quotes p. 8

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