An email address dedicated to Bankmed Pensioners by oZJkFzOe


									            An email address dedicated to Bankmed Pensioners

As of the 1 May 2010, Bankmed made available an email address
dedicated to servicing the requirements of Bankmed’s pensioner population.

The following enquiries can be sent to this dedicated email address:

   Benefit queries
   Medical motivations and quotations
   Dental / Orthodontic quotations
   Account queries
   Membership queries
   Contribution / premium enquiries, etc

When sending enquiries to the pensioner email address, pensioners are encouraged to include their
Bankmed member number, dependant name and surname, as well as the benefit option as part of
the subject line of the email.

The Bankmed Call Centre (0800 Bankmed) 0800 226 5633 is a toll free line, remains available for
those pensioners who do not have access to email, as well as members who wish to obtain
telephonic assistance with their enquiries.

Yours in Good Health
The Bankmed Team

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