JUNE 2007                 Official Newsletter of the Albuquerque R/C Club 

               NCFFA Competition Fun Fly Championships
     The 2007 championship is shaping up to be a great event. I have heard from
several top Master’s pilots who are coming, so we should see quite a show. I expect
6-8 in masters at this point. However, this is also a chance for the local pilots to vie
for a National trophy competing on their own level. The Championships has two skill
levels of pilots, rather than the one we normally fly in Albuquerque. Thus, you can
observe the top guns, and still compete. I urge you to participate in one or more
classes, as we are working hard to make this a fun event for everyone.
     I have selected a set of tasks that can be completed competitively with a plane such as a Magic or
                          Phaser in Sportsman. There are two classes of Sportsman flying. The first,
                          “Fun Fly”, is “mission” oriented, rather than clock oriented, though times will be
                          used to break ties. This will feel similar to our annual event. The Fun Fly
                          classes have some airframe limitations, primarily no stick-boom (though the
                          “profile” requirement can be met with a modified stick-boom). In addition, we
                          will offer a Sportsman Unlimited class, where all events are judged by time, first
                          move to touch down. While in Masters this is geared to stick-boom planes, I
expect that Magic’s and the like will compete well in Sportsman. If you like both mission events and
timed events, you will want to enter both categories at the Sportsman level. The Unlimited tasks will
be flown twice, with “keep your best score”, while the longer Fun Fly tasks will be flown once. The Fun
Fly class will then have one round of Pilot’s Choice
Make-up, excluding Musical Pylons, of course.
     The Magic class, intended for a fun interlude, is
starting to look very popular. While not requiring a
certain engine, I selected tasks that I hope will not be
engine-dependent. The class is limited to any
Modeltec “Magic” kit, just to play with some common
denominator. While open to all skill levels, Norm Elliott has offered a Magic kit for the “next to last fin-
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isher”, with “finisher” emphasized. Thanks Norm for stirring up additional interest
in the event. I am publishing the tentative Magic tasks below, for the first time.
These, though, are subject to change and particularly to addition if many people
Please plan on helping, but more importantly, participating. I have structured the
entry fee to encourage entry in both Unlimited and Fun Fly ($20 first class, $5
each additional class), so lets start bending those sticks and getting ready. Plaques as well as mer-
chandise will be given to the winners, and we likely have enough merchandise for every pilot to go
home with something. A complete listing of tasks, with descriptions, is available at If you are coming in from out of town, please check the web site for the latest on
hotel discounts. The Howard Johnson Express is offering a
$49.50 rate to participants a substantial discount, but reserva-
tions must be made by June 27.
  As far as practice, you should work on the following:
  Land your plane where you want it each time. Learn how your plane han-
  dles on approach, and what path gives you the best control. Some planes
  like to dive in to remain stable, but most have best control by getting be-
  hind the power curve and driving it in. This means get the nose up, and
  work the power. That’s the left stick. Drop power and the plane drops the
  last foot. Learn how to get your plane to the spot from high speed. This is
  usually done by making a sharp turn while dropping to idle.
  Learn what you plane does in loops, rolls, and spins. Finishing in the right place is more important than finishing fast.
  Know if rolls or loops tend to rotate right or left, so you can plan your flight from start to finish.
  Know your limits. Don’t push harder than you have practiced, you’ll only crash.
  Know your plane’s limits. Take it up high, work on tight loops. Find out when and how it falls out. Try at ¾ throttle or even
  half, see how it works if the engine goes sour.
  Do some dead-stick landings to a spot, for Fun Fly and Magic. At least do idle, but you’ll want to explore dead stick as
  well.      Tighten up your turn from takeoff, and your turn onto final.
 1. 10 inside loops                                               MAGIC
 2. Roll Spot T&G's (5) (roll before each touch,                  Tentative Tasks.
    touches in approximately 50-foot circle)                      1.Hobbs Mail Run
 3. Modified Single Dixie (3 rolls, 3 loops)
                                                                  2.Blackjack (spot landings)
 4. 360 T&G's (5)
 5. Roops (5) (roll followed by loop, 5 times)                    3.Dead Stick, 3 spins, and spot landing
                                                                         Timed spot landings.
 6. Limbo (3) (5 foot ribbon)

                               2007 ARCC OFFICERS
                    P.O. Box 53456      Albuquerque, NM 87153-3456       
                 President                               Vice-President                           Newsletter Editor
                 Ray Dukart                               Mark Johnston                               Ivan Perry
                Safety Officer                              Secretary                           Treasurer & Webmaster
                 Brian Regan                               Maggie Rice                               Glenn Bontly
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ARCC Annual Scale Meet
The Annual Scale Meet successfully inaugurated our revamped
flying site, and was held on June 23-24. We enjoyed spectacular
weather, though the afternoon sun was a bit toasty on all that
new asphalt. Hundreds of flights were logged by nearly 50 pilots.
The air was filled with Cubs and Mustangs. However, a few
really nice, unique planes showed up as well. The focal point
was at the south end, where on Saturday Dave Morales set up a
pair of huge beauties. He had a Vickers Vimy, the first commercial aircraft, modified from a Great War
bomber. The Vimy flew a short flight, as the east winds would have meant a turnout over the pits. The Vimy
spanned about 20 feet. Dave also had a beautiful Curtis Jenny,
almost as big as the Vickers, which flew realistically and gar-
nered an award for accurate scale flight.
Jimmy and Dave from Clovis brought their stable of heavy iron,
with a pair of B-17's and a pair of very large P-47's. These
                                             planes are exquisitely detailed, and flew very scale-like. The sound
                                             of Jimmy's 4 four-strokes was awesome. Jimmy won the highest
                                             realism award, "Best Scale Flight". Unfortunately, the crosswind
                                             veered the mammoth B-17 into a pilot box protection on Sunday,
                                             causing great bodily harm to the airframe.
                                           The Tucson (and Sierra Vista) contingent were out in force, flying a
                                           great variety of planes. They have great fun here, and we try to
treat them well. This means much verbal abuse over the PA. Thanks to Richard, Billy, Jeff, Jerry, Chuck and
the rest of the crew. We enjoyed your stay!
Les from Farmington showed up on Sunday due to other commitments, and flew his
stable of WWI planes. However, he was upstaged by our own Brian Regan, who
                               really knows how to fly his Fokker like the real one.
                               We also had representation form Colorado Springs,
                               Denver, Socorro, Placitas, and other areas. Thanks
                               to all the great pilots for a great show.
                               Ray managed to put together an impressive prize
                               table. Thanks in no small part to our fine local
                               hobby shops, Big Boy's Toys, Hobbies-n-Stuff, and
                               Outwest Hobbies (alphabetical order). These fine
                               shops step up and support us, because we support
                               them. Remember them the next time you view
                               Tower Hobbies web site!
                                   Thanks also to the great crew cooking our meals. I don't know everyone who
worked, so I'll probably offend someone. Al Fazio cooked on Saturday, Paul Sanchez on Sunday. Charlie
worked all day both days, slicing and gathering in the cash. Maggie worked Saturday and helped setup Sun-
day, and Jan stepped in Sunday. I also saw Gene Kyle on Saturday and Brandon on Sunday. Thanks to
all of these and the many others who stepped up to make the food delicious.
An event of this magnitude takes a club effort. We want to thank all of those who stepped
forward, in big and small roles, for your help.

         Photos from the Scale Meet
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President’s Report by Ray Dukart
                        We made it through our second great event this year: the All Scale Fly In.
                        We had 43 pilots registered, who got in as many flights as they could
                        take. We had great feedback from our out of town guests. Thank you to
                        all of those who helped make the event a success.
                   Maloof is now 95% complete. We need to have a few bollards fixed. And
                   Chris, at Open Space, is doing what he can to get signs on Unser and
                   Universe directing people to Maloof. The AMA historic plaque stand came
                   out great! The staff at open space came up with the model of a radial en-
                   gine to mount above the plaque. And everything at the field has a new
                   coat of paint. Once Open Space is ready, we will help assemble the new,
permanent port-a-potties. I wrote a letter of thanks to Open Space, and sent it to Mayor
Chavez and the Open Space Administrators. Open Space has done a great job for us.
We met some of the new neighbors at Maloof. They are supportive of our RC hobby at the field. One family comes to the
field regularly to enjoy watching the aircraft. The noise of the airplanes is not an issue for them.
This month, Chuck will present a workshop on airplanes for the Competition Fun Fly. And next month, Dave will do a work-
shop on setting up helicopters for stable flight. Dave worked with me on my New Mexico Air Runner T-Rex. It is really well
behaved now. He has also convinced me to take off my training wheels. That feels like a big step for me. But I am ready to
move ahead.
I will have a Magic ready for the Competition Fun Fly this month. Hopefully I will get enough flight time on it ahead of time
to be ready for the Competition. This 4th of July holiday should give me time to get it all tuned in.
And I am working on enough stick time on the T-Rex so that I don’t embarrass myself too much in the helicopter meet.
To help make the Labor Day Air Show successful for ARCC, I want to encourage all of you to bring airplanes out to Cotton-
wood Mall in late August for a static display. It will get a lot of attention from the general public at the Mall. And then get
them to Maloof for the event.
See you at the field.

  Related to Calendar:                            Check the dates on calendar on back page!
  Club Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at Asbury Methodist Church, 10000 Candelaria (at Morris,
  between Eubank & Juan Tabo). We are in the large room at the far west side of the church. Doors open at 6:30 & the
  meeting runs from 7 pm until 9 pm.
  Officer Meetings are held at 7 pm the Wednesday the week before the club meeting each month.
  Club members are welcome to attend! For the location, contact the Club President at
  Indoor Electric Flying is usually held the second Friday of every month from 7 - 10 pm in the gym at Heights Cumberland
  Presbyterian Church at Moon and Academy. The gym is in the NE corner of the building. Contact Paul Carbin for more information.

  H o b b i e s - 'N - S t u f f C o n t i n u e s
                                                                                 New Owners of
                                                                                Hobbies 'N Stuff
                                                                             Jim and Justin Whenry

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                                                                       3rd Plc Military Flight—Brian Regan & his DR-1 Abq. NM

Best Scale Flight - Jimmy Cowman and his B-17 From Clovis NM

                                                                      1st Plc Civilian Flight-Chuck Brooks and his Cub from Tucson AZ

 1st Plc Military Flight-David Breedlove & his P-47 from Clovis NM

                                                                      Left 2nd Place Civilian Flight— Right 3rd Place Civilian Flight—
                                                                     Dave Morales and the Jenny from Dick Baldwin and his Shyfarer
 2nd Plc Military Flight Norm Redencheck & his Bearcat—Abq NM                   Tucson AZ.                from Albuquerque NM

2007 Raffle Plane By Mark Johnston
As you all know by now the club raffle plane is the Thunder tiger
Rair Bear. It is currently hanging in Big Boys Toys. So far we
have sold approx 600 Tickets. This is one of the clubs largest In-
comes so PLEASE sell your tickets and get them back to me or
mail the to the PO box. This is a really nice plane I personally
would love to have it. I purchased my tickets as well as a few
more. Also note that this is the only Raffle plane we are doing this
year. The plane will be going to Hobbies-N-Stuff next for three
weeks then over to Outwest hobbies for three weeks then we will
start over. By taking it back to Big Boys Toys for a week. If any-
one has any questions please let me know.
Thanks for help the Club in advance.
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 Copy of letter written to City of Albuquerque on June 20, 2007                                                      P.O Box 53456
                                                                                                      Albuquerque, NM 87153-3456
Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Albuquerque Radio Control Club, I would like to thank Tony Baron and Chris Archuleta and their staff
for the great job they did in the refurbishment and upgrade of Maloof Air Park. This historic park has been part of Albu-
querque for 52 years. It has provided many hours of enjoyment to RC pilots from Albuquerque and across the country,
seven days a week and 365 days a year.
With this refurbishment and upgrade, Albuquerque can be proud to have one of the finest RC airparks in the country. The
staff at Albuquerque Open Space has gone out of their way to make the park a great place for Albuquerque families to
visit, RC pilots to fly, and retirees to enjoy their time at the field.
The resurfaced runways and new, safe pilot boxes make flying an even better activity. The paved parking and access road
are more than we had hoped for. The stand for the Academy of Model Aeronautics historic
plaques with the model radial airplane engine is very striking. The plaques from AMA com-
memorate the oldest, single site, RC airpark in the country. Visitors to the park, from New
Mexico and other states, will be talking about it for years to come. The airpark is something our
visitors to the national Competition Fun Fly this July will talk about when they return to their
local RC fields.
The effort that Tony, Chris, and their staff put in to make this all happen is something the City
can be proud of. This facility clearly speaks to the quality of life emphasis this City has for its
Thank you so much for your hard work.

Raymond J. Dukart
Raymond J. Dukart
President, ARCC

Jay Hart
Chris Tavasi
Tony Baron
Chris Archuleta

For Sale:        World Models Super Sportser Senior 81” Wingspan OS 108 all servos & Receiver
included, Complete Ready to fly-you only need a crystal. Cost $1300 to build asking $500.
2nd plane Morris Hobbies Su-do-koi Complete except for no crystal OS 40 with tuned pipe $250
            Both planes fly great. Ivan Perry or 505-440-6999

P.O. Box 53456
Albuquerque, NM 87153-3456

                                   APOLLO IS ASKING FOR YOUR HELP. WE
                                   NEED REALLY YOU TO GET YOUR RAFFLE
                                    TICKETS TURNED IN BY THIS MEETING

                   2007 Calendar of Events
         Date                  Event & Description                   Club / Location
July 5 (Thurs) Club Meeting                                        ARCC/Asbury Church
July 13           Indoor Flying                                  Heights Cumberland Gym
July 16           Big Bird Meet                                 Hobbs Cloud Duster RC Club
July 27           Officer's Meeting                                      ARCC / TBA
Jul 25 - 27       National Competition Fun Fly PRACTICE             NCFFA,ARCC/Maloof

July 28-29        National Competition Fun Fly                      NCFFA,ARCC/Maloof
Aug 2 (Thurs)     Club Meeting (Potluck & Night Flying)                 ARCC / Maloof
August 11 & 12    1st International Pattern Event                EL Paso RC/ El Paso Texas Field
August 17         Indoor Flying                                  Heights Cumberland Gym
Aug 18 - 19       High Desert Control Line Fiesta                       NMCCLA/Maloof
Aug 25 - 26       IMAC Event      Maloof Closed (SORRY GUYS)                Maloof
Aug 29            Officer's Meeting                                     ARCC / TBA
Sep 1 - 2         Labor Day Air Show                                    ARCC / Maloof

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