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					                         City of South San Francisco
                         PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT
                        “Fixin It” Monthly Newsletter
June 2009                                                                community and wish to keep it
Volume 15, Issue 5                 Are You Interested in                 looking great! If you are
May Activities Report                 Volunteering?                      interested in being part of
Inside this Issue:                                                       Improving Public Places, please
                                                                         contact the Parks & Recreation
Page                                                                     Department at (650) 829-3837.
1      Director’s Summary
2      Monthly Activities Report                                               PROJECT READ
3      More Activities Reports
4      Phone List

Director of Public Works:
Terry White                        Our Public Works Department
Superintendent of Public Works:    would     like     to     introduce
Gary Batis                         volunteering opportunities which
City Engineer:                     are available throughout the City
Ray Razavi                         which would contribute and            Our South San Francisco libraries
Senior Civil Engineer:             benefit yourself and the public.      offer this program to help adult
Robert T. Hahn
                                   Below     are    a    couple     of   learners in areas such as reading
Superintendent of WQCP
Dave Castagnola                    opportunities currently available.    comprehension, reading, phonics
Asst. Superintendent of WQCP:                                            and      writing.     The    time
Ken Navarre                           IMPROVING PUBLIC                   commitment to be a tutor for the
Environmental Compliance                       PLACES                    library is 1-2 hours per week,
Coordinator: Cassie Prudhel                                              minimum 1 day per week; 6
Public Works Supervisors:                                                month time commitment required.
Frank McAuley                                                            If interested or you would like
James Hardie                                                             more      information     of   the
Keith Potter                                                             qualifications and duties of
Administrative Assistants:
                                                                         becoming a tutor, please visit the
Laura Acevedo
Rosa Acosta                        The Improving Public Places           City’s website ( and
Heather Lawas                      Committee is a group of people        click on Department, then on
Olga Perez                         sharing a common vision of            Libraries then Project Read.
                                   beautifying various public places
                                   in South San Francisco. These         Should you be interested in
                                   places include City parks and         volunteering for either of these
                                   facilities, as well as other highly   programs     or     would     like
                                   visible public areas within the       information of other opportunities,
                                   City.                                 please contact the Public Works
                                                                         Department at (650) 877-8550.
                                   In order to fulfill our vision, we
                                   need volunteers like you, whether     Thank you      for   reading   our
                                   you can donate your time for one      newsletter!
                                   day, for an entire project, or for
                                   upkeep of an area after               Gary J. Batis
                                   completion of a project.
                                                                         Superintendent of Public Works
                                   It's a way of making new friends
                                   and meeting other people like
                                   YOU who take pride in their
                                      ACTIVITIES REPORT
Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewers                                      Emergency Calls
70    Mainlines checked                                           0       Homeowners’ problems
0     Homeowner Problems                                          70      Feet of Main Lines
1     Mainline repair                                             200     Feet of Laterals
4     Laterals

Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Repairs                                    Asphalt
3     Replaced location                                            3     Pothole locations
5     New sidewalk requests
                                                                  Our Asphalt crew also worked on filling
                                                                  potholes throughout the City at Manor Dr.,
                                                                  Magnolia Ave. and McLellan.

Our sweeper operators collected 1,582 cubic yards of street debris. By doing so, they swept 435 miles of City

                                                 Team Clean
Our cleanup crews picked up 138 cubic yards of debris from the downtown area and around town. In addition, they
also picked up 114 shopping carts which they returned to various stores.

Sign & Traffic Markings
87   New signs installed
15   Signs repaired
66   Graffiti problems eradicated
25   Locations painted red, white, & green curbs
10   Locations painted road markings
0    Locations installed buttons or bars
1    Location installed thermoplastic road markings
This month, the paint and sign crew continued their monthly removal of graffiti throughout the City requested by
the Police Department. They also responded to several sign pole knockdowns which were then repaired.

Traffic Signals & Lighting
38   Signal Lights replaced
32   Signal malfunctions corrected
1    Signal pole knockdowns
55   Street light malfunctions
1    Street Light knockdowns
92   USA Markings
For the month of May, the Electrical crew continued their monthly signal inspections for the City of Brisbane and
for South San Francisco. They marked and repaired several underground service alerts and also responded to signal
and street light pole knockdowns.
                                               Weekend Warriors
The “Weekend Warriors” (Juvenile Probation Work Program) worked on Sign Hill clearing weeds and tall grass
along the trails and replacing several steps.

                                                CITY GARAGE
In the month of May, the City Garage worked on a total of 123 vehicles and pieces of equipment, 46 of them for
regularly scheduled service. They also replaced 11 tires and performed 2 brake jobs. In the Police Department,
patrol car #3 had a digital video camera installed. This camera was received through grants and Equipment
Mechanic Randy Speller worked with Lieutenanct Mike Remedios to complete the installation. This unit is being
tested to see if the Police Department wants cameras installed in all patrol cars. This is the time year when we have
our City’s bucket trucks inspected. We are required to have any “overhead” trucks inspected annually. We have an
outside service come and inspect the 4 bucket trucks and the knuckle boom. They provide us with a complete report
listing all defects in order of their severity.

                                               PHONE NUMBERS:

  PUBLIC WORKS                 CITY GARAGE               WATER QUALITY               ENGINEERING
  877-8550 Mon – Fri           877-8553 Mon - Fri        877-8555 Mon – Fri          829-6652 Mon – Fri
  8AM-4:30PM                   8AM-4:30PM                8AM-4:30PM                  8AM-5:00PM
  24 Hour Voice Mail           24 Hour Voice Mail        24 Hour Voice Mail          24 Hour Voice Mail
  FAX: 877-8665                FAX: 829-3892             FAX: 829-3855               FAX: 829-6689

                                     Visit the City's website to find this
                               Month’s Maintenance Newsletter, at

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