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									ISO 9001 Quality Management
Case Study The Mileage Company

Independent endorsement of best practice
puts global rewards company in strongest
position to continuously provide Airmiles UK
members outstanding customer service
Customer needs                             Customer benefits                       “We’re very proud that, by achieving
                                                                                   ISO 9001certification with BSI, we’ve
• Demonstration of continual               • Independent endorsement of best
                                                                                   confirmed our commitment to our
  improvement in customer service for        practice, helping differentiate the
                                                                                   staff, members and travel partners
  Airmiles members, staff and travel and     organisation within its marketplace
                                                                                   and confirmed we give Airmiles
  collection partners
                                           • Enhanced brand reputation and         scheme members outstanding
• Streamlined document control and           strengthened ‘green’ credentials      customer service.”
  simplified business processes
                                           • Improved education across teams       Emma Wood
• Framework for effectively managing         in the Airmiles’ UK Customer          Customer Service Divisional
  the business and consistently meeting      Contact Centre                        Manager and Project Manager
  customer requirements

raising standards worldwide™
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Customer background                                    we used ‘Airmiles’ language and purposely         to simplify areas of the business creating
The Mileage Company is a global leader in              did not distribute the standard itself widely     increased efficiency. Our new system has
travel rewards operating the UK Airmiles               as we felt there was a lot of jargon which        also strengthened our environmental
travel rewards programme and BA Miles,                 would potentially put people off.                 credentials as we have moved many of
the rewards currency collected by members                                                                our processes from paper to electronic.
                                                       “We initiated project teams and appointed a
of the British Airways Executive Club.                                                                   “As a team, we can clearly see the benefits
                                                       champion for each of the Customer Contact
Airmiles is one of the UK’s most popular                                                                 from the ISO 9001 project. There is greater
                                                       Centre areas. When we were ready to
travel reward programmes. Over two million                                                               clarity about who does what and how,
                                                       launch, we successfully communicated our
members in the UK collect and use Airmiles                                                               which has led to evident improvements in
                                                       objectives and desired outcomes using our
for outstanding value travel rewards.                                                                    customer satisfaction. Our management
                                                       staff intranet system, e-mail, team meetings
These include free flights that include all                                                              team appears to have a ‘much better
                                                       and buzz sessions.
airline taxes, fees and surcharges, Eurostar                                                             handle’ on our business and employee
journeys, tour operator holidays, cruises,             “Two of our auditors attended BSI’s               morale is up due to improved processes,
hotel accommodation, ferries, car hire and             Internal Auditor: ISO 9001:2008 Quality           reduced re-work and frustration.”
UK days out like LegoLand, Alton Towers                Management Training course. Our
and Chessington World of Adventures.                   internal training team then managed and           Why BSI?
The Mileage Company set out to gain                    implemented the training for members of           The management system has provided
certification to ISO 9001 for their Airmiles           the sales and service departments. Every          a trusted platform to achieve a number
scheme Customer Contact Centre.                        staff member in the Customer Contact              of other company objectives including
                                                       Centre is taking part in training which is        customer and partner communications.
Customer needs                                         continuously documented. The system has           The best practice framework provided by
“The Mileage Company has been                          been well received and ISO 9001 is now            ISO 9001 means that customer focus and
successfully creating and running travel               part of the Customer Contact Centre team          continual improvements are now truly
reward programmes for 22 years,” says                  members’ working day.”                            embedded within the culture of
Emma Wood, Customer Service Divisional                                                                   the organisation.
Manager and Project Manager. “Although                                                                   For information about The Mileage Company
                                                       “The Mileage Company has experienced
we excel at what we do, we quickly                                                                       visit and
                                                       tangible benefits from adopting ISO 9001,”
recognised that the implementation of a                                                                  for all the ways to collect and use Airmiles
                                                       states Emma Wood. “Within Airmiles’
quality management system would boost                                                                    visit
                                                       Customer Contact Centre we now refer
our brand reputation and send a clear
                                                       to the three C’s from a benefits and
message to our stakeholders and customers
                                                       success perspective, which are: customer
that we are a company committed to high
                                                       satisfaction, consistent delivery and
standards and continual improvement.”
                                                       continuous improvement.

Implementation                                         “Streamlined document control and
“Our overall objective was to integrate                simplified processes allow staff to service our
the management system into what we did                 customers more quickly and unnecessary
already,” continues Emma Wood. “The key                paperwork has been reduced. We have seen
to success for us was to ensure that any new           a shift in culture in terms of sharing and
ways of working felt like business as usual,           learning different departmental challenges
rather than a bolt on. We made sure that               and experiences, whilst working together

Beech House, Breckland, Linford Wood,                  ISO 9001 is the world’s most established quality framework. ISO 9001 is helping
Milton Keynes, MK14 6ES, United Kingdom                all kinds of organisations to succeed through improved customer satisfaction
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The BSI certification mark can be used on your stationery, literature
and vehicles when you have successfully achieved certification.

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