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Friday 21 October 2011                                     thecitizen

                              CHARITY OF THE YEAR
As you will already know if you attended                                                                  treatment and technology to keep people
Wednesday morning’s Charity Assembly,                      By LuKA VLASKALiC J6JTS and                    our age alive. in addition, the hospital is
the school has spoken and chosen Great                      PATRiCK BENJAMiN J6HRSJ                       coming near to the end of a redevelopment
Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) as this                                                                     programme which will cost £343 million
year’s Charity. GOSH does amazing work               illnesses outside North America and trains           in total, which will expand capacity and in-
in children’s healthcare, it treats over             more children’s nurses than any other                crease the number of beds, and help widen
175,000 children every year. The hospital            hospital.                                            research.
contains over 50 departments, the wid-
est range of any hospital in the uK. it is           How will our vital donations actually                GOSH is a very well established charity
the largest research centre for childhood            help? To start with, Great Ormond Street             that was founded in 1852, it has been
                                                     spends £5 million every year to provide the

   PREFECTS ELECTIONS                    election will then be held to reduce            ROYALVISIT                    This visit is particularly relevant
Application forms to stand in the        the number of candidates to 30.        Those of you who have studied the      as it marks the restablishment of
Prefects’ Elections on Friday 18th       The second and final round will        Calfix entries all the way up until    an old connection - it was HRH
November will be available from          be held on Friday 25th November.       Christmas may have spotted an          The Princess Anne who opened the
the Receptionist from the Monday                                                unusual entry in December. We are      ‘new building’ back in 1987.
after half term. All members of the      Any questions relating to              delighted to confirm that HRH The
Junior Sixth are eligible to stand for   these elections should be              Princess Royal will visit CLS on the   We are in the final stages of con-
election. The deadline for returning     addressed  to   Mr   Griffin.          afternoon of Thursday 8 December,      firming arrangements for the day,
your completed application form                                                 as part of our celebrations to mark    which we hope will involve as many
to Reception is: Monday 14th                                                    the 25th anniversary of moving in      boys as possible. Keep your eyes
November, at 4pm. A primary                                                     to this building.                      open for further updates soon.
2                                                      citizenschool
 EDITORIAL                         the world of
                                   work from the
                                                                                  oversees ap-
                                                                                  plication to
                                                                                                    ment. He is ably assisted by
                                                                                                    our careers teacher Mrs Hill
                                   Third Form.                                    American          and the careers secretary Miss
 By CHARLES FiLLiNGHAM                                                            univeristies      Read.
                                   Mr Griffin has                                 and we have
 Last week’s publication of the    described our                                  Mr Ellis-Rees     What is more the Headmaster
 youth unemployment figures        Careers De-                                    who man-          has led a drive to work with
 provided sobering reading for     partment as the                                ages Oxbridge     the John Carpenter Club (our
 anyone with children of their     “Rolls-Royce of                                applications.     old boys’ association) to forge
 own as it did for teachers and    careers depart-                                Moreover, eve-    links into the business world.
 for the young people them-        ments” and he                                  ry uCAS ap-       These days a friendly face or
 selves. The growing trend of      is not wrong.                                  plicant is seen   a bit of advice from someone
 inactivity amongst the 18 to 25   Parents are                                    by Mr Levin       who has already broken into
 age bracket underlines to me      right to priori-                               individually.     the jobs market can be invalu-
 the importance of a top-notch     tise a good uni-                                                 able.
 education.                        versity for their                                Meanwhile,
                                   sons and to that end we have    Mr Rogers is the Head of         At City we are playing our
 Here at City of London School     Mr Bracken, who masterminds     Careers and sees to it that      part in tackling the problem of
 we recognise that our pupils      the uCAS system at School.      workshops take place for every   youth unemployment - for our
 need to be career-minded and      There is also Mr Brooke who     imaginable field of employ-      pupils at least.
 we begin to teach them about

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                                                                                              GREAT ORMOND
 MONDAY 24 - FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER: HALF TERM                                                     STREET HOSPiTAL
 MONDAY 31 OCTOBER                                                                       (continued from front page)
 - Prize Day Rehearsal, Guildhall, 10.15am - 12.30pm
 - LORD MAYOR’S PRiZE DAY, Guildhall, 2.30pm                                             pioneering in all types of child healthcare
                                                                                         since. in recent years it has been in the
 TUESDAY 1 NOVEMBER                                                                      spotlight for many large fundraising cam-
                                                                                         paigns including Arsenal in 2006 and the
 - 3rd Form Craft & Design, W1, 12.50pm                                                  Channel 4 Comedy Gala in 2010.
 - Debating (OG & 1st Forms), Coulson, 12.50pm
 - Storytelling Society, Rm 312, 12.50pm                                                 The most famous donation must however
 - Junior Classics Club, Rm 426, 1.00pm
 - Water-Polo - u19 & u16 v Alleyn’s, home, 4.00pm
 - Railway/Warhammer Club, Rms 308/309,4.10-5.00pm
 - OG PARENTS’ EVENiNG, Great Hall, 5.00pm

 - 2nd Form Craft and Design Club, W1, 12.50pm
 - Debating, 2nd & 3rd Forms, Coulson, 12.50pm
 - Football - 1st & 2nd Xi v Latymner upper, home, 1.00 - 5.00pm
 - Football - 3rd & 4th Xi v Latymer upper, away, 1.00 - 6.00pm

 - Senior debating (4th Form & above), Coulson, 12.50pm
 - 6th Form Medical Society, Rm 504, 1.10pm
 - Water-Polo - u13 & u14 v Monks Walk School, home, 4.00pm                              be the copyright of Peter Pan that was
 - 5th & 6th Forms Careers Workshop: Engineering, Asquith Room, 4.15pm                   given to the Great Ormond Street Hospital
                                                                                         in 1929 by J.M Barrie. The Hospital still
 FRIDAY 4 NOVEMBER                                                                       receives royalties as no Peter Pan play/film
                                                                                         can be performed without a donation to the
 - Barnes-Amis Society, Coulson, 12.50pm                                                 Hospital.
 - The Citizen - editorial team meeting, Rm 111, 12.50pm
 - Christian Society, Rm 110, 12.50pm                                                    GOSH is a charity that is not so far re-
 - Darts Society, Rm 304, 1.10pm                                                         moved from us, any one of us could be
 - Creative Writing Society - The Circle, Rm 315, 1.15pm                                 affected by a life threatening condition.
                                                                                         Think about how desperate you would be
 - Railway/Warhammer Club, Rms 308/309,4.10-5.00pm                                       for the incredible help of Great Ormond
                                                                                         Street Hospital.
                                                                                         Thank you for donating this mufti day and
                                                                                         have a great half term.

thecitizen 21 October 2011
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Young Enterprise 2011

 Last week a panel of four decided who was innovative, and who           aimed to make a good profit over a year. it is something not
 was not so creative from six teams of enterprising Junior 6th           constrained by time, and can easily be switched on and off
 Formers, as part of the Young Enterprise Competition. Over              depending on the group’s time allowances.
 the country, around 3000 companies compete annually for the
 title of Young Enterprise Company of the Year. The panel was            Ross and Curtis then pitched for Cross Promotion, who wanted
 headed by Chief Dragon Mr Levin, and advised by our Head of             to produce Oyster card holders with advertisements. They had
 Economics Mr Redit, Economics Teacher Mr Wacey, and Ezra                figures for costs and also had pricing strategies for advertisers.
 Cohen S6MJW, the Chief of the School’s Young Enterprise                 The panel thought this was unlikely to work, but the highlight
 company last year, while i sat as an independent observer and           of the pitch was when they claimed that they might get an
 potential Citizen correspondent.                                        exclusive contract from TfL to print adverts on Oyster Cards
                                                                         themselves, something worth millions.
 First up to present were Raw Designs, with Almond, Vlaskalic,
 and Robertson as co-chairmen. They had seen an idea that had            Fifth along was intrepid, with Benjamin, Kenway, Hannam
 caught on in the uSA, and intelligently decided that it should be       and Judge pitching for the “Magnetic, Fully Customisable
 over in the uK too: laser-engraved wooden jewellery targeted            Magni-binder” which would mean no more “it’s in my locker”
 at the youth of today. in general, they impressed, but there were       moments. The product was fascinating, with no-one really sure
 worries about quality control, and whether it would just be             of what it was, and a lack of research was evident.
 another small unnoticed product on street stalls.
                                                                         Finally, Waters, Barry, and Kidron-Style came in to talk about
 Next, were Lewis, Zamudio, Golan, and Farkas pitching for a             Grade 8, an online tuition service, with high-quality videos
 magazine company. They planned to produce 1000 magazines                by the students, guiding pupils through the ABRSM exams,
 every two months to distribute for free, with ads giving them a         and also providing networking solutions between teachers and
 profit of £220 per issue. unfortunately, the Dragons agreed that        students, and were very clear about expansion, and where the
 quality journalism (like that of The Citizen!) is difficult and time-   costs and profits would come in. The panel agreed that it was
 consuming, and wondered whether the group could still come              a great idea, and that the pitch was brilliant, but that it was an
 up with imaginative articles when exam time came around.                extremely big project.
 Fridge Magnets presented by Mindell, Maxfield and Choudhury             After some discussion Mr Levin called the groups into his office,
 wanted to produce £2 fridge magnets with photos of London,              and announced that Fridge Magnets and Raw Designs would
 and sell them on the streets around London, focusing on                 be getting the investment from the School, and £500 will go to
 tourism, and for the Olympics next year. They had researched            each group, in return for at least 50% of the first year’s profits
 the permits for street selling, and knew well the amount of             to go to the school charity.
 money and time each magnet would take to produce. They

               Sparrow School                                                          Politics Society Debate
                comes to City                                                                   By AHARON KELLER 6PTB
                                                                             On 10 October the Politics Society launched its inaugural event of
                                                                             the year, in the form of a debate, indeed the first ever chaired by the
Last week 1A and 1P were treated to a spectacular show and                   Politics Committee. A thoroughly packed Asquith Room reflected the
workshop by children from the Sparrow School in Johannesburg,                interest shown in the motion that was to be debated – ‘Should Private
South Africa. Some twenty pupils performed a number of                       Schools Be Abolished?’
songs and gum boot shuffles before teaching our own pupils                   in support of the motion the Politics committee had impressively
how to do it too. City of London School musicians visited the                recruited Guardian columnist and partner of the infamous spin-doctor
Sparrow School approximately twelve months ago and it was                    Alistair Campbell, Fiona Millar. Alongside Millar was self-described
very exciting to have the return visit last Wednesday. Good fun              ‘former flunky for unions and Labour MPs’ and author of the best-
                                                                             selling Chavs: the Demonization of theWorking Class, Owen Jones. An
was had by all and we wish their continuing tour of Great Britain            equally competent opposition comprised Tory MP for North East
every success.                                                               Somerset Jacob Rees-Mogg and Matthew Richardson, a prominent
                                                                             Barrister and former National Deputy Chairman of Conservative
                                                                             Millar initiated the arguments in favour of the abolition of private
                                                                             schools armed with a list of compelling facts and figures, to which
                                                                             Jacob Rees-Mogg retorted that by denying the right of parents to
                                                                             spend their earnings as they wish, we are in effect restricting their
                                                                             right to liberty, a right he argued, that must be upheld. With an aura of
                                                                             youthful vitality Owen Jones charismatically contested whether parents
                                                                             were in fact getting their money’s worth by sending their children to
                                                                             private schools, asserting that in all likelihood children from privileged
                                                                             backgrounds would succeed in any educational environment due to
                                                                             their wealth of what he described as ‘cultural capital.’
                                                                             Both sides put forward compelling arguments and the debate was
                                                                             conducted in a combative, yet civilised fashion. Overall the event was
                                                                             a huge success and the Politics Society can be credited once again with
                                                                             enlightening the students of CLS about the political issues of our day.

                                                                                                                              thecitizen 121 October 2011
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    Old Cits advise on                      FRIENDS OF CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL
    careers in finance                                                          CITY WALK
                                              “FROM MEDIEVAL TO MODERN”, SUNDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2-4PM
               By KAREN SAGE
                                                                    LED BY BLUE BADGE GUIDES
      Alumni Relations Officer               Our very popular CiTY WALK will be held on Sunday 13 November followed
 Former pupils from the finance and            by tea in School. CLS is not the only organisation in the City that traces its
 accounting sectors made up our               roots back to the medieval period so join us on this walk to explore the foot-
 expert panel at last week’s careers         print of the previous St Paul’s, the traditional crafts and trades, and the heart of
 workshop for 5th and 6th Formers.          London’s government from previous centuries - all hidden amongst the modern
                                            architecture we enjoy today. A great opportunity to meet others from your year
 Sectors covered were banking,               group. All welcome – families and friends – suitable for all ages. Tickets (incl.
 equities, consulting, accountancy           tea) £7. Booking form in The Citizen page 7. To ensure we have enough guides
 and fund management and Old                 please reserve tickets by Thurs 9 Nov latest. Your place will be confirmed once
 Citizens who attended ranged from          payment has been received. For any further information please e-mail friends@
 an associate consultant who had left                                  
 as recently as 2006 to an Executive
 Director who had been in his                                    SECOND HAND UNIFORM SALE
 profession for 20 or more years.                                   Thursday 20 October, 5-7pm
                                            The next sale will take place on Thursday 20 October, 5-7pm in front of school
 Some of the key messages which                bookshop. We would be grateful for any donations of CLEAN uniform in
 came out of the workshop were:               GOOD CONDiTiON. Donations may be left at Reception in a bag marked
                                             clearly ‘Friends of CLS - 2nd Hand uniform’. in particular we are very short
 - make sure you want to enter the          on BLAZERS (especially small sizes), SLiPOVERS, TiES, SPORTS TOPS AND
 finance sector as the hours can                               SOCKS. So please have a look and donate.
 be very long and the jobs market
 extremely competitive;
                                                                     YEAR 3 EVENING SUPPER
 - try and secure a place on an               There will be an evening supper for parents and carers of Year 3 on Thursday
 internship as early as possible, such as     17 November at 7pm at Northbank Restaurant, Millennium Bridge House, 1
 in the second year at university;          High Timber Street, EC4V 3QH, on the river just the other side of the Millen-
                                             nium Bridge from School. We have arranged for a 3 course menu (to include
 - start by gaining work experience in       a vegetarian option) for £28.00pp including service charges. Please note this
 a small firm and working your way          excludes drinks which will be charged as extra. Details of the menu to be pub-
 up into the larger firms;                  lished soon. Numbers are limited so if you are interested please let us know as
                                                           soon as possible by e-mail to
 - try and create a niche for yourself
 if you don’t fit into any particular                    JOINT CLS YEAR 2 AND CLSG YEAR 8 SOCIAL
 sector;                                                       Tuesday 22 November, 4.45pm-6.45pm
                                             Join us at CLSG for an evening of Disco, games and dancing. Tickets £6 (inc.
 - don’t put off that gap year! Go for          refreshments). Full details and booking form in Citizen after half term.
 it, as taking a year out further on in
 your career is not the best idea.           Please note the following amendment to Calfix for these year group suppers:
                                              EVENiNG SuPPER for parents and carers of YEAR 2: Wed 23 November
 Careers workshops coming up later                 EVENiNG SuPPER for parents and carers of OG AND YEAR 1:
 this term include engineering and                                        Wed 30 November
 law.                                                              Times and Venues to be confirmed

                                                                    FRIENDS OF CLS WEBSITE
                                                Keep up to date with all events on our website:

                                                                   CONTACT FRIENDS OF CLS
                                                                               Co Chairs
                                            Lorette Fredericks:, Fiona Yates:,

thecitizen 21 October 2011
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Citizen Health Column

Help me to help you!
By Mark Marno          School Nurse
 F is fur Flu ...                                Cold symptoms                                       • Make sure
                                                 • come on gradually                                 you wash
 Flu is a highly infectious and very common      • affect just your nose and throat                  your hands
 viral illness that is spread by coughs and      • are fairly mild so you can still get around and   regularly
 sneezes.                                        are usually well enough to go to work.              with soap
 it’s not the same as the common cold. Flu                                                           and water.
 is caused by a different group of viruses and   if you have flu you should be able to get well      • Clean
 symptoms, although similar, tend to be more     by caring for yourself at home - resting,           surfaces
 severe and last for longer.                     keeping warm, drinking plenty of water to           like your
 Here’s how to tell the difference:              avoid dehydration and using paracetamol or          keyboard, telephone and door handles
                                                 ibuprofen to lower a high temperature and           regularly to get rid of germs.
 Flu symptoms                                    relieve aches.                                      • use tissues to cover your mouth and nose
 • come on quickly                                                                                   when you cough or sneeze.
 • include fever and aching muscles              Preventing the spread of germs is the               • Put used tissues in a bin as soon as possible.
 • make you feel too unwell to continue your     most effective way to slow the spread of flu.
 usual activities                                Always:                                             REMEMBER: Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.

Ms MacDonagh’s Cookery Corner

Almond and Pistachio Tart
By Ms MacDonagh
Ingredients:                                     Method:                                             more.
1 x 500 sweet shortcrust pastry                  Blind bake the pastry case:                         5. in a separate bowl, mix flour, almonds and
150 g unsalted butter                            1. Pre-heat oven to 180 °C. Place a baking tray     chopped pistachios.
100 g caster sugar                               inside to heat.                                     6. using a large spoon, fold in the flour/nut
½ tsp almond essence                             2. Roll out pastry and place in a loose bottom      mix into the butter/sugar mix. Fold in the
½ tsp vanilla essence                            pie or tart pan. Ensure the edges overlap the       chocolate chips.
150 g ground almonds                             top of the pan. Place in the refrigerator and       7. Pour into the pastry case. Sprinkle the top
100 g finely chopped pistachios                  chill for 10 minutes.                               with pistachios and demerara sugar.
100 g roughly chopped pistachios                 3. Carefully place some baking paper on top of      8. Place on the baking tray and return to oven.
2 tbs plain flour                                the pastry and add some baking beads. Bake in       9. Bake for about 35 - 40 minutes or until
1 cup chocolate chips                            the oven for 15 minutes. Remove the beans and       golden.
3 large eggs (beaten)                            paper before pouring in filling.                    10. Cool before removing from the pie/tart
Tart topping:                                    Make the filling:                                   pan.Yum!
100 g roughly chopped pistachios                 4. Beat the sugar, butter and almond essence
2 tbs demerara sugar                             together. Slowly pour in the eggs and mix some

 Pi alternative to cake sales
 A week after half-term, on 8 November, the Science Lecture Theatre may play host to acclaimed mathematician Daniel Hu J6DRE,
 breaking the school record of recalling 244 of the many wondrous digits in pi after the decimal point (his own after beating Andrew
 Lawson’s 186 decimal places last year). But this time, there is a charitable twist. For his second and more daring attempt, Daniel Hu is
 looking for sponsors to help him fundraise for Great Ormond Street Hosptal.
 Pi is an irrational number (non-repeating and non-terminating number which cannot be expressed as a fraction with two integers)
 as well as transcendental (it is not a root of a polynomial with rational coefficients) but the famous 3.141592654 (to 9 dp; the many
 billions known of fascinating digits can be found across the web) is best known for its use in geometry. Every year, many Second
 Formers get to grips with π being the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, not realizing that they will tirelessly have to use
 it for many years and exams to come.
 Daniel is planning to memorize 500 digits and is on track for the 8 November twenty-minute showpiece. He recommends that people
 either sponsor him £pi (3.14) or £tau (6.28) for the whole event or 2.50p per ten digits from the 100th digit to the 600th (although,
 who knows, he may reach the Feynman point of six continuous nines after digit 762 but that may take some time). if he manages to
 reach his target, the total sponsorship will be between 80p and £20. His target is £314 in total.
 Both boys and parents are encouraged to donate through the secure CLSB page “i love pie!” on (the CLS Trust is
 registered charity No. 1020824) by searching Daniel Hu or directly typing in Boys may also
 pledge to sponsor Daniel by filling in one of his sponsor sheets available from Daniel himself or the Charity Committee. Hugely sought
 after seats for the event will go to sponsors first, so sponsor now.

                                                                                                                            thecitizen 121 October 2011
6                                                       citizennews

                 301                        E-Coli in E-lectronics
                                            By DAN COOKER
 Football academies were founded            After some tests and extensive research it has been confirmed that one in six mobile
 15 years ago by Howard Wilkinson           phones “includes e-coli”.
 when his FA document, ‘Charter for
 Quality’, overhauled youth football        The reason why 1 in 6 British phones have traces of the bacterium is because it has been
 and created a new way of developing
                                            found that too many of their owners are slack and slipshod about washing their hands.
 young players who had previously           Escherichia coli, commonly referred to as e-coli, is a bacterium shaped like a rod which
 represented their school or youth          is generally found in the lower intestine of endothermic (warm-blooded) animals. Most
 club. But are they a good thing?           varieties or strains of e-coli are harmless, though some serotypes (discrete differences
                                            within a type bacterium) can cause severe food poisoning in humans.
 Every club academy has the right to        Shockingly, it seems that more than 9 in 10 phones are covered with some type of bacteria;
 register up to 40 boys each year from      this includes e-coli. Earlier on in the year, people were able to realise the full force of a
 as young as 8 to 12. They are then         harmful strain of e-coli in Germany which caused several deaths in June this year.
 gradually released (fired) until they
 reach the age of 16 when around 20         Around 400 samples were taken from hands and phones of people in 12 British
 get selected as full-time ‘scholars’.
                                            cities. Despite 95% of the people claiming to habitually wash their hands with soap,
                                            approximately 15% of hands and phones had traces of e-coli which are found in faeces,
 In total, only about 1% of those           which causes stomach upsets. The strain of Staphylococcus aureus, found in our skin
 selected will play football for a living   naturally can potentially be harmful if transferred to other people. The overall results were
 when they’re older. Even the boys          that about 90% of phones and 80% of hands had traces of bacteria.
 receiving a precious contract at 18
 are unlikely still to be playing at 21.
                                            The conclusion that one can make is that most of us don’t wash our hands properly,
                                            especially after going to the toilet. Once the bacteria is transmitted to the surface of the
 In other words, very few make the          phone - they are hard to remove since the exterior can be hard to clean - they are warmed
 grade.                                     up by several factors such as interior heating, body heat, and the sun.

 So what does this mean for those           The bacterium can then be transmitted back to our hands and ears where they can infect
 rejected players who may be so
                                            open cuts. Hopefully this study will make people wash their hands properly. in extreme
                                            cases the bacteria has resulted in death. Just simply washing your hands decreases the
 convinced that they will become            chance of you getting ill.
 professional footballers that they
 effectively give up at school, not          AVRAM LiEBENAu 5H
 achieving the GCSEs needed to
 start a career in another field? Are
 these boys too young to cope with           For the flag, and for Queen
 the harsh disappointment when their
 ambitions are suddenly wiped?               and Country
 Furthermore, the number of home-            Having spent a great portion of my life in the uSA and Turkey, i know patriotism
                                             when i see it. So as you read this, consider the fact that i know what i’m talking about
 grown players selected by top clubs         before you decide to lambast me about how i’m being controversial or whatever
 is notoriously low. Premier League          other criticisms have been angled towards me since i began writing for this esteemed
 managers are able to sign players           publication.
 from all over the world. In 2011
 around 35% of the Premier League’s          Now as those who care about news will have noticed, the town of Wootton Bassett
                                             has recently been granted the title of ‘Royal’, a prefix which can only be granted by
 starting line-up was English. Are           the blessing of the Queen herself. it has been granted this for continuously lining the
 academies therefore simply setting          streets, while the coffins of Britain’s dead soldiers were solemnly carried down the
 up young people to fail?                    streets. This honour has, in my opinion, been totally deserved. it is admirable of a small
                                             Wiltshire town to silently pay their respects to countless soldiers who have passed
 Perhaps it boils down to the million        through their streets with such devotion and consistency. But i think this represents
                                             something else, something deeper in our cultural psyche. it represents the growth of a
 dollar question: since the introduction     form of patriotism Britain perhaps hasn’t seen for a long time.
 of academies, is England actually a
 better team? Has the team actually          Now, if you think i’m clutching at straws with the fact that i’m claiming that patriotism
 gone downhill in recent history?            has re-emerged because a town has been given ‘Royal’ status for lining the streets
 England were, after all, runners up         for dead soldiers, bear with me. David Cameron recently went around the world
                                             ‘promoting’ our country having already appealed to the public to be more proud to be
 in the 1990 world cup, six years            British. Of course, we do acknowledge the fact that we are British and we are proud
 before academies were introduced            of it but i feel that the ‘Queen and country’ attitude of the past has dissipated. With the
 (something only bettered in their           influx of foreign immigrants to England, the patriotism of the Victorian era has been
 victory in the 1966 campaign). Have         suppressed and almost forgotten, in my opinion for the better. But i think, with David
 academies added to the quality of           Cameron’s ‘World Tour’ and these sorts of titles being bestowed for services to the flag,
                                             it does indeed beg the question, is patriotism in England back?
 English football? I think not.

thecitizen 21 October 2011
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                                                            CITY WALK

                                                    The City of London
                                       “From Medieval to Modern”
                                                  Led by Blue Badge Guides
                           Sunday 13th November 2011 2pm-4pm
                                         Walk followed by tea at School

CLS is not the only organisation in the City that traces its roots back to the medieval period so join us on this
  walk to explore the footprint of the previous St Paul's, the traditional crafts and trades and the heart of
   London's government from previous centuries - all hidden amongst the modern architecture we enjoy

                                               TICKETS £7 (prepaid only)
                              MEET AT FRONT (RIVER) ENTRANCE OF SCHOOL

SON’S NAME: ______________________________________ CLASS:__________
PARENTS’ NAME:____________________________________________________

E MAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________
PHONE NUMBER: ____________


Further Enquiries to: FRIENDS@CLSB.ORG.UK

                                                                                                                                        thecitizen 21 October 2011
8                                                             citizennews
Compulsory Swimming Lessons for all?
However much we care, or don’t, for that matter, global warming
is here, and it affects us all. All of us, from the humble little ant
scurrying around in your garden breaking its back under a leaf, to
you, reading this now. it is true that said ant doesn’t really have the
capacity to care, and if it could its brain would probably be more
occupied with those huge dark things that make big shadows and
then land on you oh so suddenly. We know all about it, though, so
it falls to us to make preparations for this by now inevitable disaster
of our own doing.

So who’s going to be hit the hardest? Those up north, of course.
i’m not talking about those accent-wielding dwellers of our own
little island, i mean the creatures that live among the polar bears.
And lemmings – there are lots of lemmings. But they’re irrelevant,
let’s talk about ice caps instead. The fact is, everyone living up
there will lose their homes. The aforementioned bears are rapidly
running out of hunting grounds, and even places to live. They rely
on having ice sheets beneath their feet so they can pound open
holes in them through which to attack their main prey, seals.
unfortunately for them, seals can easily outswim them in the
manner of usain Bolt outrunning a lemming, so an all-out chase is
out of the question.
                                                                                 Should There Be 
What’s the situation, then, closer to home? Should we be panicking
like a bunch of lemmings leaping off a cliff? Or should we relax and                A Death 
instead worry ourselves with the plight of the igloo-dwellers? Well,
you see, that was a trick question, because the people i’m talking                  Penalty?
about don’t live in igloos anymore! i do think, though, that global
warming is a cause for worry all over the world, and this article is        50
setting out to see just how true that is.
Let’s look at sea levels. All around the world, they are steadily
increasing, due to the worryingly swift melting of glaciers and             30
ice caps. in 2002, a 500 billion tonne ice sheet twice the size of
London (and think how many lemmings you could fit in there)                 20
named Larsen B disintegrated in under a month – just from the
impact of greenhouse gases. Since it was already floating, sea levels       10
were not affected, but it certainly appears to be a sign of things to
come, and if you then discover that the entire Antarctic ice sheet           0
could raise sea levels by 62 metres, it’s easy to see how we’ll soon               Yes      No    Abstain
be seeing a case of compulsory swimming lessons for all.
i’ll be honest; it scares me. More, even, than the idea of being
caught under the trampling feet of a horde of lemmings making             The results this week were close. 
for a nearby cliff edge, and believe me, that hurts. in any event,
settlements closer to sea level should really start worrying about        Very close. But the “No” vote came 
their safety, because the sea is going to continue expanding its grip     out just on top with just two votes 
on our already waterlogged planet. So next time you’re in a school
swimming lesson, and the teacher is explaining very carefully the         more. Exactly one hundred pupils 
best way to tread water or the most energy efficient front crawl
method... you may want to keep your ears open.                            from all year groups were polled. 

thecitizen 21 October 2011
                                                                 citizennews                                                                         9

Citizen interview: Frank Spotnitz, X-Files writer

Q.What can you tell us about your childhood? Being born in Camp Zama          there. i was still extremely green as a writer, and obviously had no
in Japan must have been quite an experience.                                  experience whatsoever as a producer, but i did have a deep creative
                                                                              connection with the show right from the beginning. i think the
A. My father was a doctor in the u.S. Army and stationed there.               series’ creator, Chris Carter, recognized that in me and that’s why
We moved back to America when i was 4, so i only have a few                   i was able to thrive there.
scattered memories of life in Japan. i did have a Japanese nanny,
though, and am told i could speak some of the language. if i go               i have always loved all kinds of movies - science fiction, horror,
back some day, we’ll see if any of it comes back!                             supernatural, murder mystery, thrillers - and fortunately “The
                                                                              X-Files” combined all of those genres. it was really a dream
Q. As is common with most people involved in media you have worked for        opportunity. But it was also incredibly hard work. We had to come
newspapers and magazines before enrolling yourself into screenwriting; was    up with a new set of supernatural rules for every single episode.
this always a goal of yours?                                                  if they didn’t make perfect sense, then the episode wouldn’t be
                                                                              very good. But there is great satisfaction in setting a high bar for
A. i always wanted to be involved in movies and television, but               yourself.
i got discouraged as a teenager. i
thought the odds of succeeding in                                                                               The biggest lesson i learned from
Hollywood were too small, and                                                                                   doing “The X-Files” was to always,
got excited about the idea of being                                                                             always try your hardest to do good
a reporter. i became editor of the                                                                              work. People in my line of work get
newspaper at uCLA and went to                                                                                   distracted by so many side issues -
work for united Press international                                                                             money, credit, praise, and so on.
right after graduation. i covered                                                                               But none of these things matter
all sorts of stories - politics, crime,                                                                         if the work isn’t good. And if the
human interest, entertainment. i                                                                                work is good, then those things are
became increasingly disenchanted                                                                                far more likely to come your way.
with daily journalism, though, and
ended up moving to Paris after a few                                                                            Q. After a successful run with The
years to write a novel.When i finished                                                                          X-Files you found yourself in positions
that, i realised i wasn’t ready to be a                                                                         of authority on a variety of network
novelist, either. So i finally came to                                                                          shows; how disappointed were you that
the conclusion that, however small                                                                              none of these shows could mirror the
the odds of succeeding might be, i had                                                                          success as their predecessor?
to go back to Los Angeles and try to make it in the film business. i
applied and was accepted to the American Film institute, where i              A. i’m not done writing yet! But seriously, you never expect to
studied screenwriting for two years. My first job after graduating,           have a success like “The X-Files” even once in your career. it’s
believe it or not, was “The X-Files.” i was incredibly fortunate              just an incredibly rare and extraordinary privilege to be part of
because the series was a huge success, running for nine years on              something that is as successful as “The X-Files.” i try to do the
television and leading to two feature films.                                  best work i possibly can on every project i take on, and i would
                                                                              be thrilled if something i did approached the popularity of “The
Looking back on it, i’m glad i had those years working as a                   X-Files,” but i certainly don’t expect it to happen again. My goal is
reporter, though. i got to see a lot of life that i never would’ve seen       to do work that i’m proud of and that reaches other people.
otherwise, matured in many ways, and developed skills - speed,
conciseness, clarity of thought - that have been incredibly useful to         Q.What can you tell us about your new project that will air on the BBC?
me as a writer for television and cinema.
                                                                              A. it’s a spy series tentatively called “Morton” which i’m making with
Q.You wrote for the world-renowned television series The X-Files; were you    Kudos Film and Television, the brilliant producers behind series
always interested in the unknown, or did you enjoy letting your imagination   like “Spooks” and “Life on Mars.” i’d say it’s a paranoid conspiracy
run wild?                                                                     thriller, but very much centered on the central character, who’s a
                                                                              female spy. it’s been without question the hardest thing i’ve ever
A. i watched A LOT of television as a kid, and “The X-Files” was              attempted, and i’m incredibly excited about it.
exactly the kind of show i would’ve loved when i was growing up. i
think that’s the reason why i was successful when i got my first job

                                                                                                                              thecitizen 21 October 2011
10                                                           citizennews
Superhero or Superzero?                                                 continue to tackle the growing issue of crime. He is confident
                                                                        that a 13 minute video of Sunday’s quarrel filmed by one of his
                                                                        numerous followers will put him in the clear. The video shows
By ALiSTAiR BENNETT & SHiRON RAJENDRAN, 5A                              him running towards the brawl exclaiming “call 911” with a can
                                                                        of pepper spray ready to be fired. Some of the crowd fought back
With the recent unmasking of Seattle based “superhero” Phoenix          against this vigilante, particularly a woman who started beating
Jones, who is currently on trial for a pepper spray related incident,   him with her shoes. Ouch. i’m sure that’s not the response
questions are being raised about whether these masked vigilantes        Superman received. Nevertheless, Mr Benjamin Fodor followed
are helping or hindering their                                                                          through with his character, turning
society? Generally inspired                                                                             up to court wearing a pinstriped shirt
by the comic book antics of                                                                             whilst sporting his black and yellow
Superman and Batman, they                                                                               mask. unfortunately for him, his
patrol their local cities garbed                                                                        armoured suit has been confiscated
(in the case of Phoenix Jones)                                                                          by the police for the meantime. These
in bullet and stab proof vests,                                                                         were his infamous words outside
armed with pepper spray and                                                                             Seattle court “i’m Phoenix Jones.
a taser, and obviously their                                                                            i’m also Ben Fodor. i also protect
costumes in which they hide                                                                             the city, i also am a father, i also am a
their identity.                                                                                         brother. i’m just like everyone else.”
                                                                                                        Most children perceive their father
The former, mixed martial-arts                                                                          to be a superhero; his child must be
competitor whose real name                                                                              exhilarated at this notion.
is Benjamin Fodor, was arrested early on Sunday morning under
suspicion of four counts of assault. He was released on £2,400          it’s not just the Americans who possess their own “superheroes.”
bail. Despite this encounter with the law, he declared he would         in Devon, two superheroes are at work, Dark Spartan and Black
                                                                                   Void (pictured). The pair patrol the dark streets of
                                                                                   Torbay seeking crime and evil, determined to stop all
                                                                                   wrongdoing in their path. Crime levels haven’t reduced
                                                                                   but in an interview Dark Spartan revealed, “We generally
                                                                                   stop drunken men from fighting with their girlfriends.”
                                                                                   Can’t you hear the sigh of relief from all the women of
                                                                                   Torbay? However, everyone else is going to have to rely
                                                                                   on the police. Even so, i’d much rather be helped by the
                                                                                   police than Dark Spartan.

                                                                                  So, are you going to enrol with the likes of Dark Spartan
                                                                                  and Black Void, or is it a quick patter of the old mobile
                                                                                  phone? i know what i’ll do; i’ll start to brutishly kick and
                                                                                  scratch at their costumes before clubbing them down on
                                                                                  the floor with whatever my hand holds. But that’s just
                                                                                  me. We don’t feel we deserve any kudos points on this

                                                                                               On this day in history
                                                                                                      By RAFi COHEN 5A

                                                                                      1805 - The Battle of Trafalgar was fought off the
                                                                                       south-west coast of Spain. Twenty-seven British
                                                                                    ships lead by Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson aboard
                                                                                       the flagship HMS Victory defeated thirty-three
                                                                                     French and Spanish ships lead by French Admiral
                                                                                        Pierre-Charles Villeneuve. The Franco-Spanish
                                                                                          fleet lost twenty-two ships with the British
                                                                                      losing none. The victory confirmed British naval
                                                                                    supremacy. Nelson was mortally wounded during
                                                                                     the battle but it was his unorthodox tactics which
                                                                                    won it for the British. He remains one of Britain’s
                                                                                         greatest war heroes and is depicted on top of
                                                                                             Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.
                                                                                      1983 - At the seventeenth General Conference
                                                                                      on Weights and Measures the metre is defined
                                                                                        as the distance light travels in a vacuum in
                                                                                               1/299,792,458 of a second.

thecitizen 21 October 2011
                                                                  citizennews                                                               11

What’s going on at Lotus?                                                                            By ALEX KiTSBERG 1A

By SAuL COLEMAN 4B                                                                                   Jeremy Clarkson teaches us
                                                                                                     more haste, less speed.
                                                                                                     Jeremy Clarkson has found himself at
                                                                                                     the centre of yet another scandal. This
                                                                                                     time it’s over the use of his voice for
                                                                                                     a satnav. TomTom produced a limited
                                                                                                     edition satnav with Jeremy Clarkson’s
                                                                                                     voice which was rushed exclusively onto
                                                                                                     the shelves of Halfords to try and corner
                                                                                                     the Christmas market.
                                                                                                     The satnav features Clarkson saying
                                                                                                     phrases such as “Right, we’re off.
                                                                                                     You’re relying on me for directions,
                                                                                                     and i’m relying on you to listen. Do not
                                                                                                     disappoint me” and “Turn left, then go
                                                                                                     straight on until i have to shout at you
                                                                                                     again for ignoring me” and “Keep right,
                                                                                                     then take the motorway. You can’t miss
                                                                                                     it – it’s a big lump of tarmac full of
                                                                                                     caravans and traffic cones.”
 Lotus’ various models throughout the               a bulky, Panamera style four-door saloon,
 years, for many, epitomise what a British          the latter a misshapen city car capable of       Surprisingly however it is not Clarkson’s
 sports car should be. Famous for the               making young children projectile vomit
 recent Rover-engined Elise and the Seven           (and not due to the speed of the thing).
 (now built by Caterham and basically the           The others all fit into the category of
 foundation of the entire Superlight car            Lotus, but somehow a city car and an
 industry) and the speedy GT, the Esprit,           executive barge just do not deserve a
 it has been loved by many an enthusiast            Lotus badge. i am well aware that some
 since Colin Chapman began production.              supercar manufacturers are looking to
 However, throughout its life it has been in        release city cars and SuVs, but they are
 near-constant financial crisis, but has not        much larger than Lotus and are often just
 succumbed to the painful, Russian owner            as famed for their luxury aspects as their
 induced mutilation that TVR faced. The             speed aspects, which fit in with the SuV-
 financial expectations of Lotus by its now-        City Car trend, but a hardcore roadster
 owners Proton and Dany Bahar have left it          firm just cannot pull this off.
 at a crossroads in its life: it aims for Lotus
 to become a Porsche and Aston beater               So what would i do if i could boot Dany
 by the decade’s end but many would                 Bahar off of the Lotus board? For a              phrases that have got him into trouble.
 rather Lotus stayed where it is, building          start, i would stop the Eterne and Ethos         Rather it is the BBC who, post-
 lightweight roadsters. it’s a hard problem         ever going into production. Secondly, i          production, have said it represents a
                                                                                                     conflict of interest. So great was the
 to solve as it could mean make or break            would try to update the Exige as the new         rush to get the product ready for the
 for Lotus.                                         Lotuses (Loti?) come in, in order to keep        Christmas market that BBC Worldwide
                                                    its appeal fresh. Finally, i would like to see   allowed TomTom to begin delivering it
 At the Paris Motor Show last year,                 a return of Lotus Fords and Vauxhalls. Hot       to stores before the agreement had been
 Lotus showed us a series of all new                saloons were popular around 30 years ago         finalised. Once they looked into the
 vehicles, some of which are very much              and Lotus, along with Cosworth were at           agreement however, they realised that
 against Chapman’s old ‘Simplify and add            the helm of the movement. These were             apparently Clarkson’s role on Top Gear
                                                                                                     means that he is not allowed to endorse
 lightness’ rule. These were the Elan,              the predecessors to the Hot Hatches,             car-related products. Embarrassingly
 Esprit, Elise, Eterne and Ethos. The cars          mainly as the hatch design took a while          however, this only came to light after the
 looked mostly stunning, easily looking             to catch on, despite (or possibly because        devices had been sold.
 like they could give any given member of           of) British cars like the Austin Maxi. Both
 the supercar elite a black eye. However,           companies still have hot saloon and hatch        The good news is, this means you should
 the big shocks were the last two, the              departments, and i think a Ford Focus RS         be able to buy one of the £179.99
                                                                                                     satnavs if you’re quick; Halfords are
 Lotus Eterne and Ethos. The former was             Lotus (or Cosworth) would be popular.            apparently selling out fast! The bad
                                                                                                     news is that existing TomTom owners
                                                                                                     won’t be able to download Jeremy
                                      Cryptic Quote                                                  Clarkson as a novelty voice.
                  Can you break the code which would reveal a quote and its author?
                                                                                                     The BBC’s solution to this mistake is
              DYXZ EVX LND OXVDEWL, ELH EP MEV EP DYXZ EVX OXVDEWL,                                  to ensure that profit made from the
                          DYXZ HN LND VXMXV DN VXEJWDZ.                                              deal will go to BBC Children in Need.
                                - EJCXVD XWLPDXWL                                                    TomTom will also give a charitable
                                                                (solution on page 15)                donation.

                                                                                                                        thecitizen 21 October 2011
12                                                       citizenreviews
Music: J Cole - Sideline Story

 J. Cole’s debut album is one that has                                                    provides some variation in an album where
 been long-awaited from hip-hop fans;                                                     beats aren’t too memorable. He has all the
 after releasing three exciting mixtapes,                                                 big names on the album, Jay-Z, Drake in
 expectations were high. Have they been met?                                              ‘in the morning’ and Missy Elliot, but is it
 it’s difficult to meet the hype for an album                                             a big album? The quality is good and you
 like this but regardless, the album is an                                                also get value for money with 18 tracks, but
 impressive one.                                                                          the problem is, Cole’s mix tapes were so
                                                                                          impressive that you just expected better. The
 The album starts off with ‘Dollar and a                                                  fact that ‘Lights Please’ has been included on
 Dream 3’ (the third in a running series from                                             the album (from a previous mix tape) and is
 his mix tapes), a song about his struggle                                                arguably the best track on the album says a
 for success in the music industry. As always                                             lot.
 Cole’s flow is good and his rhymes are intricate and it’s a song
 that many can relate to; we’ve all struggled to achieve a dream.     it’s not quite the greatness that the world of hip-hop expected but
 Another strong track is Mr Nice Watch, a song that features          it’s a good debut from Cole and you can only see him going up
 Jay-Z, the man who signed Cole, a person who acts as his mentor.     from here.
 The song is good and the beat, with dubstep characteristics,         Rating: 8/10

TV: Fresh Meat
A new T.V. show, “Fresh Meat”, was released on 21 September,          the show. However we are laughing AT him, and definitely not with
and has captured the attention of many with its weird yet             him!!
hilarious characters and awkward                                                              Also sharing the house are sweet-natured
storyline. Joe Thomas, whom many of                                                           Josie, streetwise and forthright Vod, and
you will recognise as Simon from, “The                                                        Oregon, who seems anxious to appear
inbetweeners” stars as Kingsley, a quiet                                                      cool and fit in. Already in residence is
unsure teenager. The series follows                                                           Howard, a Scotsman of indeterminate
the lives of six students starting the                                                        age who seems to have lived in the house
next chapter of their lives at a fictional                                                    much longer than a second-year student
university in Manchester, where they                                                          should.
all share a house. Jack Whitehall plays
JP, a former public-school boy, who                                                             “Fresh Meat”, strange, awkward and
considers himself an overlord raging hard                                                       downright hilarious, is a fully British and
amongst the underdogs. JP bears a similar                                                       fully entertaining sitcom to be watched
resemblance to Orlando from the brilliant                                                       and vigorously enjoyed. Five episodes are
“Gap Yah” sketches on You Tube. in the                                                          out currently and are to be followed by
opinion of many viewers, JP is the funniest, strangest character on   another three.                                    Rating: 8/10

Games - Draw Race 2 for iPhone and iPad
After playing the original app Draw Race i thought the game           Connect via Game Center and play against different people all over
couldn’t get any better. However, i was truly wrong. Let me           the world to test how good you really are at the game. Plus, up to
explain how draw race works - with your                                                            three player multiplay on the same
finger you draw the path your car takes.                                                           iPod! i think this game is a must have
The quicker you draw the faster your car                                                           for all ages.
goes. The original game is in 2D and the
car is always the same, an old fashioned                                                            i rate the game a solid 8/10.
Golf. The new game is “Racing Evolved”
as Chillingo (the game producer) put it.                                                             Price: £1.69
You can race on 35 different tracks with
15 different cars. That in itself sounds
like a great game but there is more.

thecitizen 21 October 2011
                                            citizenpuzzles                                                               13


                     Squares are never negative
Maths puzzle         Triangle fun
By DANiEL Hu J6DRE   Prove that the angles in a triangle sum to 180 degrees.

                     Solution to Squares are Never Negative
                     Qu: if a, b, and c are non-negative numbers (positive or 0)
                     a) Prove that a2+b2≥2ab
                     b) Prove that a2+b2+c2≥bc+ca+ab
                     a) This follows by multiplying out (a-b)2=a2-2ab+b2≥0 (All squares are non-negative, so (a-b)2 is too)
                     b) This follows as above by multiplying out (a-b)2+(b-c)2+(c-a)2=2(a2+b2+c2-bc-ca-ab)≥0

                                                           Fill the grid so that
                                                           each run of squares
Kakuro                                                     adds up to the total in
                                                           the box above or to the
                                                           left. use only numbers
                                                           1-9, and never use a
                                                           number more than
                                                           once ‘run’. (A run is
                                                           an answer: eg. 3+3 is
                                                           not possible). However
                                                           the same number can
                                                           be used as many times
                                                           as needed on the same
                                                           row or column.

                     Last week’s clues referred to the Shetland Islands, which lie to the northeast of Orkney, off the north-
                     east coast of Scotland.

                     Time for a change this week, as the clues now refer to a major world city:

                     1. This city was first permanently settled by Ingólfur Arnarson around AD840.
                     2. In the native language, this city’s name means ‘smokey bay’.
                     3. In 1986, a summit held here between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev underlined this city’s
                     (then) new-found international status.
                     4. The highest ever recorded temperature here was 26.2°C on 30th July 2008 – the coldest was a
                     chilly -24.5°C, on 21st January 1918.

                                                                                                     thecitizen 21 October 2011
14                                                            citizensport

Do the Press Hate Footballers?
By THAViN JuVANEDRAN J6 WER            Associate Editor

 Earlier this week, the ever outspoken Joey Barton gave another            internally and i have warned him about his future conduct.’
 stirring speech on the antics of the England rugby team. Their
 recent World Cup campaign in New Zealand ended after they                 Joey Barton duly pointed out that the rugby players were given
 were beaten by France in the quarter-finals. England Coach Martin         an easy ride by the media. The Queens Park Rangers captain told
 Johnson had to deal with controversy throughout the team’s ill-           the Professional Players Federation conference on Monday: “if that
 fated trip to the Kiwi nation. Early on in the tour, captain Mike         was an England football team at a World Cup there would probably
 Tindall was caught acting inappropriately with a mystery woman            have been public executions when they got home.
 in a bar in Queenstown, just weeks after marrying the Queen’s
 granddaughter, Zara Phillips. Crisis intensified when three               “i hear quite a lot how ‘football’s a gentleman’s game played by
 players – Chris Ashton, James Haskell and Dylan Hartley – were            thugs’ and ‘rugby’s a thug’s game played by gentlemen’.
 reprimanded and forced to
 apologise to a female hotel                                                                                   “The minute a footballer steps
 worker for their derogatory                                                                                   out of line, i think the media
 comments. With the pride and                                                                                  in this country — because of
 expectation of the whole nation                                                                               the sums of money they earn
 resting upon their shoulders,                                                                                 and also because of the stigma
 the players seemed to regard                                                                                  attached — are really quick to
 the World Cup as a lad’s holiday,                                                                             jump on it.”
 bringing shame to the country.
                                                                                                             To add insult to injury, before
 This lack of pride was displayed                                                                            boarding their plane back
 most vividly when Manu                                                                                      home, the England team
 Tuilagi - considered by many                                                                                seemed to be all smiles as
 as England’s best player during                                                                             Tuilagi and Tindall reenacted
 the tournament - jumped from                                                                                the night club encounter.
 a ferry near the Auckland                                                                                   in fact, with their larking
 water front. Tuilagi then swam                                                                              about at Auckland airport,
 to his nearest shore to the                                                                                 the England players had the
 clear jubilation of his defeated                                                                            look of returning champions.
 England team mates onboard.                                                                                 They certainly didn’t look
 unfortunately, the police did                                                                               like a team ashamed of poor
 not share this elation and Tuilagi was taken to Auckland Central          performances on the field and poor behaviour off it.
 police station. He could and perhaps should have been charged
 with disorderly conduct, but he got away with a warning and was           Joey Barton’s rants are normally just ridiculous accusations or
 allowed to return to the team hotel. He did not, however, stay            conspiracy theories against himself, so much so that his twitter
 there long, as he was later seen out at a bar with other players until    page would not look out of place on the back page of The Sun
 the early hours of the morning. The Rugby union took a sterner            newspaper. However, this time Barton has made a very meaningful
 approach and fined the player £3000. Manager Johnson then said,           point and perhaps the media should take his comments on board
 ‘This was an irresponsible thing to do. Manu has been disciplined         and give footballers a break.

 in short ...                                                              position in the top four at Spurs’ expense.
                                                                           Indy car racing
 By ZACH WEiSZ J6 PTB Sports Editor                                        The unfortunate death of racing car driver Dan Wheldon marred
                                                                           an otherwise exciting week of sport. The 33-year-old died in a
                                                                           fifteen-car pile up on lap 13 of the Las Vegas indy 300. Perhaps not
 Rugby World Cup                                                           the most well-renowned man in Britain, he was recognised as an
 Wales, the last British hope at the Rugby World Cup, bowed out            inspirational figure by his peers.
 in the semi-final last Saturday to a French side that still flatters to
 deceive. A late Shane Williams try wasn’t enough to salvage what          Baseball
 would have been a memorable win, after the Welsh captain, Sam             On a separate note, when a professional sportsman begins to
 Warburton, was sent off in the 19th minute for a controversial            swear incessantly in front of the live cameras, as was famously
 spear tackle. France scraped through 9-8 in the end, and will face        the case with Didier Drogba after Chelsea lost to Barcelona, the
 the hosts New Zealand in the final. The All Blacks cruised through        broadcasting channel will apologise profusely. The viewers will
 their semi-final, beating Australia 20-6. Frankly, a French win on        then be told what a bad example he or she is setting. TV companies
 Sunday would be nothing short of spectacular.                             in the uSA appear to deal with it a little differently. Having won
                                                                           his team a place in the semi-finals of the baseball playoffs, Nyjer
 Football                                                                  Morgan proceeded to shout explicit language to the crowd, as an
 in what Sir Alex Ferguson called the ‘biggest club game in world          interviewer attempted to ask him a few questions.This interviewer
 football’, Manchester united escaped with a 1-1 draw at Anfield           duly shoved the microphone in his face as he continued his barrage
 after fielding a weakened side. Steven Gerrard gave Liverpool the         of curses. Once he had finished, she justified his foul language by
 lead with a free kick, which was cancelled out by a Javier Hernandez      saying he was little over-excited. Disregarding the humorous side
 header late on. Arsenal managed to win their third match of the           of what happened, it is both shocking and vile to see sportsmen go
 campaign, scraping through against a poor Sunderland outfit, 2-1.         so wild, and then for it to be warranted! Perhaps they are letting off
 in the other big match of the weekend, Newcastle came from                steam, but these athletes are role models to many young people, so
 behind twice against Tottenham to draw 2-2.They maintained their          they must act more responsibly.

thecitizen 21 October 2011
                                                             citizensport                                                                  15

Capello’s Euro striker dilemma
By TiAGO DiAS Football Correspondent

Wayne Rooney’s petulant red card in England’s 2-2 draw against Montenegro has left manager Fabio Capello with a striker selection
headache. Rooney has been suspensed for England’s 3 group stage games of Euro 2012, leaving Capello with some tough decisions to
make. i do not think Capello will leave Rooney out of his final squad, due to his importance to the England team. Let’s face it, England do
not have the depth of quality in attack that the likes of Spain or Holland have (Villa, Torres, Pedro and Van Persie, Robben, Huntelaar, re-
spectively). This quality in depth up front and everywhere else on the pitch in both teams is a key reason as to why these teams are placed
1st and 2nd in the FiFA World Rankings.

Rooney is a class above the likes of Darren Bent, Andy Carroll, and all the other English strikers. Even if Rooney only plays from Eng-
land’s quarter final onwards, (assuming that they qualify), he will be invaluable. Rooney on form is unplayable, as shown by his explosive
start to the season, scoring 8 goals in his first 4 Premier League games. if England come up against the likes of Germany, italy, Spain or
Holland in their quarter final, Rooney can give these teams’ defenders more than something to worry about.

All of England’s strikers will be battling for a place in the Euro finals. Aside from Rooney, names such as Bent, Jermain Defoe, Daniel
Sturridge, Danny Welbeck, and Carroll will be in Capello’s shortlist of strikers to choose from. However, the italian seems to be making
the wrong decisions. in the recent qualifier against Montenegro, those picked were Rooney, Bent, Welbeck, Carroll and Bobby Zamora.
This amazed me somewhat. Carroll has done nothing to deserve a place in the team, scoring a meagre total of 3 goals since his £35 mil-
lion move to Liverpool in January. Bobby Zamora has just come back from injury and doesn’t seem to have the required quality to be in
the full squad. Welbeck and Bent were deservedly called up but names like Sturridge, Defoe and Peter Crouch were left out. Sturridge
has played impressively since breaking into the Chelsea starting
Xi, scoring 4 goals in 8 games thus far. Defoe has scored 5 goals in       ‘Teacher v Pupil’
all competitions. Crouch has an enviable international goalscor-
ing record, with 22 goals in 42 games. These three players arguably        Premier League Predictions
deserved to be in the last squad. However, England have qualified            KYLE DA-CuNHA 4M
for Euro 2012 and must now use the upcoming friendlies against
Spain and Sweden to give these players the opportunity to prove              When Derren Brown somewhat inevitably admitted that he had
themselves and show him that they are better alternatives to Carroll not predicted the lottery without cheating, it made me think:
and Zamora. it would seem that Capello wouldn’t bring both the               would it be possible for someone who knows hundreds of digits
                                                                             of Pi, who buys the newspaper just to do the Sudoku puzzle, and
youngsters, Wellbeck and Sturridge. i believe Welbeck will make the who thinks that using a calculator is morally wrong, to predict
final cut as Sturridge has played on the wing so far this season rather some football scores? it felt only right to approach the Head of
than as a central striker that Welbeck is and that England usually use. Maths, Mr Eade, to find out if i was correct.
i also think Crouch and Defoe should make the squad at Carroll and
Zamora’s expense.                                                            My search for Daniel Hu was seemingly in vain, for every time
                                                                             i asked someone where he was, i received the identical, irritat-
                                                                             ing and inescapable answer: ‘Hu?’. So with deep anguish, i found
it could be, however, that Capello reverts back to the 4-3-2-1               myself pupil-less on Friday afternoon. Luckily, David Saunders,
formation he has used on the odd occasion, with Bent leading the             a keen regular sports writer, stepped forward to fill in the role.
line next to two wingers. it could be that Crouch and Defoe revive           He claims he is ‘good with the stats’, which is appropriate as
an old partnership in attack, or that Sturridge AND Welbeck play             he accompanied every score i asked him to predict, with three
                                                                             inappropriate stats. So here goes:
together. These friendlies are therefore essential in getting England
accustomed to playing without Rooney, and vital in seeing which
system works and which doesn’t. Or, more importantly, which sys-             Eade Match                            Saunders
tem gets the most goals and which strikers deserve to go to Poland           2-0       Liverpool v Norwich         4-0
and ukraine. These friendlies are definitely not the easiest, especially     4-1       Arsenal v Stoke             3-1
                                                                             2-2       Man united v Man City 1-3
against world champions Spain. However Capello must experiment               1-3       Blackburn v Tottenham       0-4
and give those playing well a chance.                                        1-1       QPR v Chelsea               1-2
 Cryptic Quote page 11 - Solution
                                                                           Leaderboard so far... (1 point for correct result/3 for correct
 THEY ARE NOT CERTAiN, AND AS FAR AS THEY ARE CERTAiN,                     Name               Score
 THEY DO NOT REFER TO REALiTY.                                             Mr Eteson          7
                                                                           Nick Beric         3


                                                                                                                       thecitizen 21 October 2011


Is Technology Killing F1?
There were two new introductions this season to Formula 1. Firstly, there’s the Drag Reduction System (DRS), which enables drivers
to gain considerable speed by – you guessed it – reducing drag on straights. in addition, there has been a reinstatement of the Kinetic
Energy Recovery System (KERS), which allows drivers to store electrical power recovered from the energy wasted under braking, and
to use that stored power for an extra boost. The talk is that technology is ruining Formula 1, enabling drivers to make clean overtakes
on straights, rather than the arguably more exciting overtakes around corners.
Whilst DRS may not sound like much of an advantage, it enables drivers who are within a second of another car to gain an extra 12
km/h. At the same time, KERS can add ten percent to the engine’s power and is available throughout the race.
But there are restrictions on both these systems. There is a limit placed on the power that KERS can produce. DRS can be used only at
specific points in the race. This means that teams must still race without these boosts most of the time, whilst allowing them the oppor-
tunity to add an additional element of excitement from time to time.
For example, at this week’s Korean Grand Prix, Mark Webber spent most of the race chasing down Lewis Hamilton for second place.
Only Webber had the option of using DRS. Thus Hamilton was forced to defend spectacularly and, in the end, successfully, coming sec-
ond only to the now twice world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

                                                                                                                  thecitizen 21 October 2011

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