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CDA Spring 2011 - Chicago Dietetic Association


  The Newsletter of
                                                                   in Chicago
 the Chicago Dietetic

                        CDA, 4827 N. Kildare Ave., Chicago, IL 60630                                           March 2011
                                    Nutrition in Fertility: A Unique Position in the Field of Dietetics
   In this Issue                                              Breea Johnson, MS, RD, LDN

 From the President     M           ost women spend many
                                    years trying not to get
                                    pregnant. But when the
                        time comes to start trying to
                        conceive, it’s estimated that about
                                                                                        Down the Moon was born (and
                                                                                        they both went on to have
                                                                                        successful pregnancies and babies).
                                                                                        Since then, Pulling Down the
                                                                                        Moon has grown to offer
         4              10% of the U.S. population has                                  acupuncture, massage, nutrition,
Legislative Committee   difficulty. Many of these women                                 and reiki in addition to yoga. We
        Report          and men turn to fertility clinics                               now have locations throughout
                        and Assisted Reproductive                                       Chicagoland as well as in Shady
                        Technology (ART) to help them                                   Grove, Maryland.
         5              achieve their dreams of having
                        children.                                                         My job as staff nutritionist at
   A Book Review                                                                          Pulling Down the Moon is a very
                        ART encompasses IVF (in-vitro                                     uncommon position in the world of
         6              fertilization) and IUI (intrauterine                nutrition and dietetics. Fertility nutrition is
                        insemination) – both of which are done by a         unique in that the recommendations can be
   New Vitamin D
                        Reproductive Endocrinologist. The reasons for       very different from conventional guidelines.
  Recommendations       infertility or utilizing ART are vast and not all   It’s often not about losing or gaining weight or
                        identified – but include recurrent miscarriage,     focusing on calories and grams of fat, but
         7              polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS),                   about preparing the body for conception and
                        endometriosis, fibroids, chromosomal                reducing the side effects of fertility
   New Products         abnormalities, Decreased Ovarian Reserve            medications. Most of our clients are actually
   to Check Out         (DOR), utilizing donor egg or sperm, and            within their ideal weight range or borderline
                        unexplained infertility, among others. It’s often   underweight. Instead, we turn our attention to
         8              a challenging experience for women and men          help specific issues that may have led to
                        who may feel alone and unsupported during           infertility such as PCOS, endometriosis,
       Recipe           this emotional journey. In addition, some           imbalanced hormones, poor egg or sperm
                        reproductive endocrinologists may not take          quality, etc. We utilize therapeutic nutrition to
                        into consideration a person’s lifestyle or          promote better blood sugar regulation and
                        dietary habits and may not be aware of or           decrease inflammation in many of our clients,
                        encouraging of complementary and alternative        specifically those with PCOS. We also work to
                        medicine (CAM).                                     decrease oxidative stress and increase
                                                                            nutritional parameters for egg and sperm
                        Pulling Down the Moon, an integrative fertility     quality in addition to altering the diet to help
                        center, was created out of the desire of two        with hormone balance. Since we also see
   Deadline for         women to have babies. Both were yoga                prenatal clients, we work to ensure nutritional
                        teachers and both struggled to conceive and         adequacy throughout pregnancy to help our
  submissions to
                        although they didn’t know each other, both had      clients deliver healthy babies.
 the next NIC is        the idea to teach yoga for fertility. When they
     7/8/11             eventually met they decided to join forces and Working as a nutritionist at Pulling Down the
                        start an integrative clinic to work with women Moon has been an amazing experience. I
                        who are going through ART or trying to          typically work with women who have failed
                        conceive naturally. Eight years ago, Pulling                                 (Continued on page 3)
                                     From the President
     Seeking                       ear Members,                                         Dietetic Association award.
    Volunteers!                                                                         Award recipients will be
                                     Last year I had the                                announced at the IDA
                          exciting opportunity to visit                                 Spring Assembly held on
                          the Chicago History                                           April 8 and 9, 2011. Also
The IDA Website
                          Museum and see the                                            watch the weekly
Committee is seeking      original minutes from the                                     announcements for
members interested in     founding of our                                               information regarding
getting involved with     organization. The                                              scholarships available to
this particular aspect                                   Kelly Ziemkiewicz, RD, LDN, CDE
                          “Hospital Dietitians of              CDA President 2010-11     all members.
of the association        Chicago,” as they were
activities. The Website   known, held their first meeting on              CDA sent nine members to Washington
committee is              October 27, 1916. The minutes indicated DC in early February to attend ADA’s
extremely vital to the    that the group considered disbanding in         Public Policy Workshop. In total, 22 RDs
day-to-day operation      1919, but instead decided to reorganize         and students from Illinois, alongside
                          and rename themselves as the Chicago            nearly 400 other RDs from around the
and is an excellent
                          Dietetic Association that we know today. country, made our voices heard on Capitol
opportunity for                                                           Hill regarding nutrition policy. If you
                          Fast forward 92 years later and CDA is
becoming familiar with    still as strong as ever! I’m sure the           would like to become more involved in
each aspect of            members from 1916 could never have              legislative issues, please contact our
association business.     imagined all of the exciting changes that Legislative Co-Chairs, Tarrah
For more information      have occurred and that a group that once DeClemente ( or
please contact: IDA       started with 17 Dietitians has grown to a Adam Reppert
President, Anna           group of over 250 members!                      ( You can
Shlachter:                                                                also visit for or       Our National Nutrition Month committee additional information from ADA. As
IDA Website               has done a wonderful job of organizing          our state licensure comes up for renewal
                          several different nutrition events for          next year and the Farm Bill is debated
Committee Chair,
                          March. CDA will set up nutrition                federally in 2012, there will be many
Jaimette McCulley:        information booths at local grocery stores upcoming opportunities to make your
JMcCulley@Fontbonn        and the UIC cafeteria to offer nutrition        voice heard!                    tips and information. In keeping with the
                          ADA’s new Kids Eat Right, an event              Lastly, it is hard to believe that my year as
Also if anyone is         promoting nutrition and physical activity President is nearly over! It has been a
interested in working     will also be held at the Chicago Boys and humbling experience and an honor to
on the CDA website,       Girls Club. Watch the weekly                    have the opportunity to serve you. I
they can contact          announcement emails for more details or would like to thank all the amazing Board
Carolyn Tampe at          contact Suzy Podleyon ( and committee members that I’ve had the         or Sonia Esparza                                privilege to work with this year. I think
                          ( for            Sherry Anderson said it best- “Volunteers
                          more information or to volunteer. Also          don't get paid, not because they're
                          watch for CDA ads promoting nutrition           worthless, but because they're priceless.”
                          and the RD on CTA buses in the coming Without you, this organization could not
                          month!                                          move forward. Thank you for your hard
                                                                          work and dedication to our profession.
                          I’d also like to thank our Awards and
                          Scholarships Committee for helping to
                          nominate members for each Illinois
                                                                                      Nutrition in Chicago, March 2011
(Continued from page 1)                              Working at Pulling Down the Moon has also
either an IVF or IUI once or multiple times.         required that I become a specialist in fertility
Many women I work with have experienced a            and prenatal nutrition. When I’m not seeing
miscarriage, some multiple times. Sometimes          clients, I’m often busy staying up to date with
these women have struggled with infertility for      fertility research and writing about the
years and are still looking for answers, others      connection between nutrition and fertility. As
have just started trying to conceive and are         the field of fertility nutrition is relatively new,
completely stressed out fearing they won’t be        the recommendations continue to need to be
able to get pregnant. All of the women I work        evidence-based in order to establish the most         “Recent research has provided
with have unique and heartfelt stories, and their    effective treatment protocols for infertility.        preliminary evidence that
desire to get pregnant and deliver a healthy         If you are interested in learning more about          sleep cycles and total sleep
baby has really taken center stage in their lives.   Pulling Down the Moon and integrative care            time may be related to body
While I may work with my clients to try to put       for fertility, please visit our website at            weight. The randomized, two
their complete health and fertility picture                           -14-day-period, two-condition
together to look for nutritional reasons and                                                               (5.5 hours or 8.5 hours of
areas to improve infertility – the overarching                                                             sleep a night) crossover study
message is that of support for our clients who                                                             enrolled 10 healthy
are trying to conceive and are having a rocky                                                              overweight, non-smoking
road on their path to getting pregnant.                                                                    adults.” Participants followed
                                                                                                           a standardized diet to provide
                                                                                                           90% of their resting metabolic
                                                                                                           rate (over three meals) and a
                    Winter and Early Spring Cooking Classes                                                10% evening snack. “Results
                                                                                                           showed sleep deprivation (5.5
Viking Cooking School                                Cooking Fools                                         hours/ night), decreased total
1140 N. Milwaukee Ave.                               1916 West North Avenue                                fat loss by 55% and fat free
Glenview, IL 60025                                   Chicago, IL 60622                                     body mass by 60% compared
(847) 350-0705 or                                    (773) 276-5565 or                to the longer sleep duration                          • Basic Fish Cookery: March 29                        group (8.5 hours/ night).” An
• Gluten Free Gourmet: March 14, April 23                                                                  increase in hunger sensation
                                                     • Sauces for Healthy Eating: April 5
• Fish Cookery: March 24, April 19                                                                         was also found in the lower
                                                                                                           sleep group. Researchers
• Superfoods Wine Dinner: March 31, April 8                                                                concluded sufficient sleep is
                                                     Chopping Block (2 locations)
                                                     4747 N. Lincoln Ave.                                  needed as a part of successful
                                                     Chicago, IL 60625                                     weight loss.
Spice Up Your Life Cooking Classes
Kendall College Riverworks Campus                    (773) 472-6700 or
                                                                                                           Nedeltcha V., et al.
(312) 752-2206                                       • Vegetarian Thai: March 13                           Insufficient Sleep
or          • Meatless Monday: March 21                           Undermines Dietary Efforts to
• Baking and Pastry Techniques 2 Day Boot                                                                  Reduce Adiposity. Ann
     Camp: March 19-20, April 2-3           Merchandise Mart Plaza                                         Internal Medicine. 2010;
• Spice Up Culinary Skills Boot Camp: March Suite 107                                                      153:435-441.
     26-27                                  Chicago, IL 60654
                                            (312) 644-6360 or
                                            • Healthy Indulgences: March 26
The Wooden Spoon                            • Recipe Rehab with Dawn Jackson Blatner,
5047 N. Clark St.                                RD: Almost Vegan: March 29
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 293-3190 or                           • Fundamentals of Vegan Cooking: March 31
• Healthy Weeknights: March 15
• Super Fly Stir-Fry March 23
• Fear No Fish: March 25

The newsletter of the Chicago Dietetic Association
                                      Legislative Committee Report from ADA’s Public Policy Workshop
                                               Adam Reppert, MS, RD, LDN, CDA Legislative Committee Co-chair

“Nutrition and diet therapy
                                  A         DA held its annual Public Policy
                                            Workshop in Washington D.C. this
                                            February 6-8, and CDA was proud to
                                  send several of our members to learn how to
                                  strengthen our legislative efforts here at home.
                                                                                       for individuals with IEMs to remain healthy and
                                                                                       thrive. Unfortunately, the annual cost of these
                                                                                       therapeutic diets is a huge burden for many
                                                                                       families, as most insurance providers currently
                                                                                       do not cover these products sufficiently or at all.
are at the center of health       The three-day program began with an inspiring        PKU for instance, the most common IEM,
promotion activities and self-    speech by Representative Danny Davis (D-IL), a       costs an average of $7,000/year for the necessary
management of chronic             longtime supporter of ADA and nutrition issues.      medical formula/foods. Passage of this bill into
diseases.” Health                 Davis later received an award from ADA for his       law would help those with IEMs meet their
professionals need to be able     work during a reception in his honor at the          special nutritional needs and thus stay healthy.
to evaluate health                Kennedy Center. The first day's agenda focused
information both in printed       on learning Capitol Hill etiquette and how to        Finally, the Healthier Lifestyles and Prevention
form and those on the World       effectively craft and communicate messages to        America Act (HeLP America Act), originating in
Wide Web to ensure it meets       legislators. In the afternoon, speakers from both    the Senate, is intended to focus on improving the
patients’ needs. When             sides of the controversial "soda tax" issue          health of Americans through more preventive
reviewing printed materials,      squared off in a debate over its efficacy as a       programs/services, thus saving healthcare
it is important to evaluate its   measure to curb the soaring rate of obesity in       dollars.
                                  this country.
content, literacy, graphics,
                                                                                       Tuesday, the last day of the workshop began
layout and typography,
                                  Monday's agenda focused on current                   with a surprise keynote address by Illinois'
motivating principles,
                                  nutrition legislation issues at the federal and      newest senator, Mark Kirk (R-IL). Kirk spoke
cultural relevance, and           state levels. ADA's federal legislative priorities   about his commitment to healthcare issues,
feasibility. Additional           for this new session of Congress focus on three      noting his past involvement in the Diabetes
criteria need to be               bills: reauthorization of the Older Americans Act    Caucus in the House and his understanding of
considered when reviewing         (OAA) and passage of the Medical Foods Equity        the role nutrition plays in improving the health
internet sources which            Act (MFEA) in the House, and passage of the          of Americans.
include the source, website       HeLP America Act in the Senate.
credibility, any conflict of                                                           After wrapping up the lessons of the workshop,
interest, disclaimer,             Up for renewal later this year, the OAA provides     hundreds of ADA members set off for Capitol
disclosure, navigation,           many benefits and services for seniors, including    Hill to meet with their legislators. CDA
interactivity. Instruments        two highly important nutrition programs: Meals       coordinated with the Illinois Dietetic
have been developed to help       on Wheels for homebound seniors, and                 Association to arrange meetings with 12 Illinois
professionals evaluate their      congregate meals, which provide a nutritious         Congressional representatives or their staff, and
health education materials.       meal and socialization for many older                the staff of both of Illinois’ U.S. Senators. These
These four include: Bernier       Americans. These two programs are vital for          meetings were very productive, with most of our
Instructional Design Scale        ensuring the nutritional status of millions of       legislators voicing strong support for the
(BIDS), the DESCERN tool,         older Americans, with the hope of keeping them       aforementioned nutrition-related legislation.
the Suitability Assessment of     healthy and independent enough to remain in
                                  their own homes. These programs demonstrate a      Looking ahead, CDA’s Legislative Committee
Materials (SAM) instrument,
                                  significant cost-benefit aspect, which             plans to build on momentum from PPW by
and the Tool of Evaluate
                                  was emphasized to our legislators given the        continuing to lobby our legislators to support the
Materials Used in Patient         current budget-cutting atmosphere in Congress.     aforementioned bills, and all CDA members are
Education (TEMPtEd).              For example, the cost of one day in a hospital is  encouraged to participate in this endeavor to
                                  roughly equal to the cost of one year of OAA       help us speak with as loud a voice as possible.
Clayton L. Strategies for         nutrition program meals!                           CDA and IDA will also be gearing up for our
Selecting Effective Patient                                                          state licensure renewal, which will sundown in
Nutrition Education               Another highly important bill, the MFEA would 2013. Stay tuned for more information about this
Materials. Nutrition in           require private and federal insurance providers to and other important legislative issues as they
Clinical Practice. 2001;          cover the cost of medically-necessary formula      develop!
25:436-442.                       and modified foods, as well as pharmacological
                                  doses of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, for
                                  treatment of all inborn errors of metabolism
                                  (IEMs). These products are essential

         4                                                                                           Nutrition in Chicago, March 2011
                          A Book Review
  The Queen of Fats: Why Omega-3s Were Removed from the Western
     Diet and What We Can Do to Replace Them by Susan Allport
                                Anne Milling, MBA, RD, LDN

S      usan Allport weaves an
       enjoyable tale of omega 3
       fatty acids’ scientific
discovery and their nutritional
                                                         fragile omega 3 lacks the long
                                                         shelf life of the more stable
                                                         omega 6 fatty acids preferred by
                                                         food companies.
                                                                                              The Standard American Diet
                                                                                              (SAD) has been “implicated
                                                                                              in contributing to the health
importance. The journey begins
with two Danish physicians                              The typical western diet provides     challenges experienced in the
traveling to Greenland to study                         Americans ten times more omega        United States.” From the
the blood plasma of Eskimos                                                                   1950s to present, it is
                                                        6s than omega 3s, while the ideal
                                                                                              estimated the average caloric
who, despite their high fat diet,                       ratio is closer to 4:1. The author    intake “increased from 1900
suffer very little heart disease.                       does not recommend a specific         kcal per capita in the late
The story continues with other key             level of omega 3s. She suggests taking a       1950s to 2,661 kcal per capita
researchers who piece together the             supplement and making a general shift          in 2008- representing a 761
complicated science of fats and the health     toward eating more foods that are rich in      kcal increase in 58 years.”
benefits of omega 3s. By incorporating the     omega 3s and cutting down on foods high        Americans are consuming
researchers’ personalities and social          in omega 6s. She promises immediate            more calories because of
interactions, Susan Allport brings the         improvements in your lipid profile, heart      snacking, increased
science of fats to life.                       function and mood.                             consumption when dining out,
                                                                                              larger portion sizes and
                                                                                              engaging in more food related
She describes DHA as a “quick change           The author recommends the following to         activities. Suggested ways to
artist... its concentrated presence in cell    increase dietary omega 3 fatty acids and       improve what Americans are
membranes transforms those barriers from       decrease omega 6s:                             consuming include menu and
orderly guards into dancers at an all-night                                                   calorie labeling, salt
rave.” This is the kind of rapid movement      1. Eat less processed foods, grain-fed         reduction, the possibility of a
needed for the “speediest tasks” in the              meat, sunflower, safflower and corn      soda tax and nutrient
brain, eyes, sperm and heart muscle. She             oils.                                    profiling. “In January of
depicts EPA as the “mediator/peacemaker        2.    Eat lots (and lots) of fruits and        2010, the New York State
of fat messengers,” as opposed to the                                                         Department of Health
                                                     vegetables, especially green             unveiled the National Salt
“SWAT team” negotiation approach of                  vegetables.                              Reduction Initiative to ask
arachidonic acid, “the most potent and         3.    Consume oils with a high omega 3s/6s     food manufacturers and
inflammatory” omega 6 fatty acid.                    ratio including flaxseed, walnut and     restaurants to voluntarily
                                                     canola oils.                             lower sodium levels of
Allport argues that Americans are            4.      Eat omega 3s or their parent ALA at      processed, packaged and
deprived of the benefits of omega 3s                 every meal, including a variety of       restaurant-prepared foods by
because this type of fat has all but                 fish, omega 3 enriched eggs (the         25% over the next 5 years.”
disappeared from our diets. The medical              omega 3s are in the yolk), walnuts,
community does not encourage omega 3s,                                                        Grotto D & Zied E. The
                                                     and free range meats, such as chicken,   Standard American Diet and
focusing instead on reducing cholesterol,            beef and pork.
trans fats and saturated fats and increasing                                                  Its Relationship of the Health
                                             5.      Take an EPA/DHA supplement.              Status of Americans.
unsaturated fats in general. The research
                                             6.      Vegetarians who do not eat fish will     Nutrition in Clinical Practice;
on omega 3s is relatively recent for the                                                      25:603-612.
                                                     need to consume a high level of ALA
medical community to accept as evidence
                                                     to achieve adequate DHA/EPA blood
based. The Institute of Medicine does not
                                                     levels as our bodies only convert 15%
provide DRIs for EPA and DHA and the
                                                     of ALA to EPA and DHA.
standard lipid panel does not include the
ratio of omega 3 to omega 6s. Also, the

The newsletter of the Chicago Dietetic Association                                                                 5
                                              New Vitamin D Recommendations Shine a Controversial Light
     Don’t Miss                                                   Lindsay Wolfman, Dietetic Intern
 FamilyFarmed EXPO
 March 17-19, 2011

FamilyFarmed EXPO is a
gathering of Chicago-area fans
                                   V        itamin D, also known as the sunshine
                                            vitamin, is an essential nutrient needed
                                            by the body to perform normal
                                   functions. This fat-soluble vitamin plays an
                                                                                       to get 800 IU a day (Ross et al., 2010). The
                                                                                       safe upper limit on daily intake had been 2,000
                                                                                       IU for most age groups. Today’s committee
                                                                                       report increased that to 4,000 IU (Ross et al.,
                                   important role in calcium and phosphorous           2010).
of locally grown and               homeostasis, function of protein receptors in
responsibly produced food and      cells, and bone health (Holick, 2006). The most  Although these new recommendations have
artisanal goods. This three day    common methods of vitamin D acquisition are      been set, controversy still exists. Many
event runs Thursday through        through the biosynthesis in the skin or          researchers believe that the new guidelines are
                                   ingestion of food or supplements.                overly conservative and have not taken new
Saturday March 17 to 19, 2011.
                                                                                    research seriously. Dr. Michael F. Holick, a
                                   Vitamin D research has skyrocketed in the past well known Vitamin D researcher, along with
Thursday features their world-     few years. Studies suggest that adequate intake others have argued that Americans should be
class Financing Farm to Fork       of vitamin D can help with cardiovascular        consuming much more vitamin D than they are
conference supporting the local    disease, stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis,   now, with 800 to 1,000 IU a day being the bare
food movement by encouraging       and aids in immune function.                     minimum and over 2,000 IU a
investment in farm and food                                                         day as being closer to the optimum (Holick,
production, processing, and        Recently, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) was 2007). While many are arguing for a higher
                                   asked to update their recommendations for        recommendation level, Dr. Holick writes on his
distribution businesses.
                                   daily intake of Vitamin D by the United States webpage, “This is a step in the right direction
                                   and Canada. The 14-member committee of           and based on my reading of the literature I
Friday features the Midwest’s      experts released their new recommendations       believe that they could have justified
leading local food trade show, a   for dietary reference intakes of Vitamin D on    increasing the vitamin D intake to even higher
major school food track,           November 30th, 2010. Although extensive          levels. I’m also pleased that they doubled the
their Meet the Buyers reception,   research has been conducted recently on          upper limit to 4000 IU for most children and
an innovative Food Policy          Vitamin D as of late, the IOM committee’s        all adults which hopefully will result in more
Summit, and the scrumptious        report states evidence for many of the health    foods been fortified with vitamin D and that
                                   claims for Vitamin D to be “inconsistent and/or foods fortified with vitamin D can be fortified
Localicious Party to cap the
                                   conflicting or did not demonstrate causality.”   with a higher amount per serving.”
                                   The only research deemed acceptable was the
                                   vitamin’s benefits of bone growth and            While controversy of the new Vitamin D
Saturday features cooking          maintenance.                                     recommendations seem to be appearing in
demos from celebrity chefs,                                                         many places it is important to remember the
educational workshops,              Determining intake levels for vitamin D was     purpose of this vitamin. Vitamin D allows the
seminars by Sally Fallon, and an   complicated for the committee. They found        body to perform many functions in various
interactive Kids                   that while the average total intake of vitamin D tissues including the brain, heart, lung,
                                   is below the median requirement, national        mucosal, endothelial tissue and muscles.
Corner. Exhibitors, including
                                   surveys show that average blood levels of        Although many are disappointed in the “low”
farmers and food artisans, offer
                                   vitamin D are above 20 ng/mL, which the IOM recommendations, a step in the right direction
a wide selection of local food,    committee found to be the level that is needed has taken place.
gifts, and useful information to   for good bone health for practically all
help you eat locally and healthy   individuals (Ross et al., 2010). This            Holick MF. The Vitamin D Solution. 2010.
year-round.                        inconsistent data was believed to suggest that   Available at:
                                   sun exposure currently contributes meaningful a/. Accessed December 18, 2010.
The expo is located at the UIC     amounts of vitamin D to North Americans, and
                                                                                    Holick MF. Vitamin D. In:Stipanuk MH.
Forum on the corner of Halsted     indicates that a majority of the population is   Biochemical, physiological, molecular aspects of
and Roosevelt. For more info       meeting its needs for vitamin D (Ross et al.,    human nutrition. St. Louis MO:Saunders
                                   2010).                                           Elsevier;2006:863-883.
and to order tickets visit
                                   The panel set 600 IU as the recommended             Ross CA, Taylor CL, Yaktine AL, Del Valle HB.
                                   daily intake for children and for adults ages 19    Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin
                                   to 70. Adults ages 71 and older are suggested       D. Institute of Medicine. 2010; 482.

           6                                                                                        Nutrition in Chicago, March 2011
                      Einstein Bros. Bagels
                      now offers Fresh                                                                         April 8-9, 2011
                      Baked Bagel Thins.                                                                      Illinois Dietetic
                      Flavors are Plain,                                                                   Association Spring
                      Honey Whole Wheat,                                                                          Assembly
                      and Everything. They                                                                      Oak Brook, IL
                      contain 140-150                                                                     For more info visit http://
                      calories, 1-2 grams of   “Eggland’s Best, announced additional               
                      fat, and 1-4 grams of    improvements to its already nutritionally                       ContinuingEd/
                      fiber per bagel. Check   superior egg. All EB egg varieties – large,                  springassembly.asp
out their website for more information         extra large, jumbo, cage-free and organic           – now contain four times more Vitamin D
                                               and over three times more Omega-3                               Wednesday,
                                               compared to ordinary eggs. EB eggs also                         April 13, 2011
                                               contain high levels of Vitamin B12 and                          CDA meeting
                   Marzetti’s new Simply       Vitamin E, and are a good source of
                   Dressed™ salad dressings Vitamin A and Vitamin B2. Additionally,                            Modern Day
                   are all natural, made with  they contain 25 percent less saturated fat                    Vegetarianism:
                   extra virgin olive oil, sea and 19 percent less cholesterol than                      The Pro-Plant Movement
                   salt and canola oil.        regular eggs.” Visit
                   Dressings do not contain                                                              Speaker: Dawn Jackson
                   preservatives, trans fat,                                                             Blatner, RD, LDN
high fructose corn syrup, MSG and
artificial flavors. Simply Dressed offers 10                                                             Vegetarian diets are
varieties and are found in the refrigerated                                                              increasing in popularity.
produce section. Found out more at                               “Looking for a salty snack              Join Dawn Jackson                                                    that won’t throw your                   Blatner, ADA
                                                                 afternoon off track? Try                Spokesperson and author
                                                                 New Special K™ Sea                      of The Flexitarian Diet, to
                                                                 Salt Cracker Chips. Each                get an in-depth refresher
                                                                 cracker chip is light,                  of the American Dietetic
                                                                 crispy and perfectly                    Association official
Krusteaz offers a                                                seasoned with a touch of                position on vegetarian
new Heart Healthy                              sea salt. And for just 110 calories, you can              diets. Learn about specific
Buttermilk Pancake                             have 30 of these sea-salted-to-perfection,                foods to prevent
Mix. They are made                             crispy cracker chips. Now you can get the                 vegetarian nutrient gaps
with “a unique blend                           crunch that you love in the cracker aisle.”               and walk away with real-
of whole wheat and                             Each serving provides 3 grams of fiber.                   life tips to help you and
white flour.”                                  Cracker chips are also available in Sour                  your clients enjoy a
According to their                             Cream & Onion. Check out their website at                 modern and flexible
website, the                                          vegetarian eating style.
pancakes are a good                            -salt/.                                                   Learn how to prepare
source of fiber,                                                                                         quick and tasty vegetarian
cholesterol free, and                                                                                    foods with a live cooking
low in fat. Recipes can be found at                                                                      demonstration.
                                                                                                         Centered Chef Food
                                                                                                         177 N Ada Street
 Nutrition information is provided by the manufacturer. Publication of an announcement in New Products   Chicago, IL 60607
 to Check Out is not an endorsement by the Chicago Dietetic Association of the product.

The newsletter of the Chicago Dietetic Association                                                                        7
                                   Chicago Dietetic Association

                                   4827 N. Kildare Ave.

                                   Chicago, IL 60630

                             Ellie Krieger’s White Chili
Ingredients                                                             moderate heat. Add the onion,          Nutrition in Chicago
1 tablespoon olive oil                                                  celery, poblanos, and cook,
1 medium onion, diced (about                                            stirring occasionally, until the
1 1/2 cups)                                                             vegetables are soft, about 8
2 stalks celery, diced (about                                           minutes. Add the garlic,
1/2 cup)                                                                cumin, coriander and cayenne                  Co-editors
3 medium poblano peppers                                                and cook, stirring, until
(about 4 ounces each), seeded                                           fragrant, about 30 seconds.
and white ribs removed, finely                                                                             •   Krissy Redfearn, Chair
diced (about 1 1/2 cups)                             Add the ground turkey and cook, breaking up     
1 clove garlic, minced                               the meat with a spoon, until the meat is no
1 teaspoon ground cumin                              longer pink about 2 minutes. Add the white            •   Christina Niklas
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander                        beans, broth and oregano. Cook, partially             •   Brooke Schantz
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, more to taste           covered, stirring occasionally, for 25 minutes.       •   Margaret Wertheim
1 pound ground white meat turkey
2 (15.5-ounce) cans white beans such as              Add the hominy and salt and more cayenne
cannelini, preferably low-sodium, drained and        pepper, to taste, and continue cooking,
rinsed                                               partially covered, 10 minutes longer. Ladle           The opinions expressed in this
4 cups low-sodium chicken broth                      into individual bowls and top each serving
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano                           with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 1 1/2                 publication are not necessarily
1 (15.5-ounce) can hominy, drained and rinsed        teaspoons of cilantro. Garnish with a lime            those of the editors or of CDA.
Salt                                                 wedge.                                                Original manuscripts, comments,
1/4 cup nonfat plain Greek-style yogurt
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro leaves          Per Serving: Calories 320; Total Fat 6 g; (Sat        suggestions, or personal view-
Lime wedges                                          Fat 0.5 g, Mono Fat 2 g, Poly Fat 1 g) ; Protein      points regarding printed material
                                                     31 g; Carb 37 g; Fiber 9 g; Cholesterol 30 mg;
                                                                                                           are welcome.
Directions                                           Sodium 310 mg
Heat the oil in large pot or Dutch oven over


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