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					                                 Village of Antioch
                           Parks &R          n ep en
                                    ecreatio D artm t
Laurie Stahl, Director                               Shawn Roby, Special Events Supervisor

Debbie Foerster, Program Supervisor                  Paul Howard, Senior Center Director

                    Becky Lass & Laura Mihovilovich, Administrative Assistants

Parks Department                                                    Village Hall Building
806 Holbek Drive                                                    874 Main Street
Antioch, IL 60002                                                   Antioch, IL 60002
NEW Office Hours: M/W/F: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                      Phone: (847) 395-1000
T/TH: Noon – 5:00 p.m. Closed Sat./Sun.                             Fax:      (847) 395-1920
Parks: (847) 395-2160          Fax: (847) 838-4328
Special Events: (847) 838-4032                                      Scout House: (847) 395-2191
Camp Crayon/Summer Day Camp: (847) 838-4330                         Pool: (847) 395-7665 (June – Aug)
Senior Center: (847) 395-0139

                                             Village Board
  Trustees                            Dorothy Larson, Mayor                                 Trustees
Robert J. Caulfield, Jr.             Jill Velan, Village Administrator              Robert E. McCarty
Dennis B. Crosby                        Candi Rowe, Village Clerk                 Michael W. Wolczyz
Lawrence M. Hanson                                                                      Scott A. Pierce

                                   Antioch Park Commission
                       Jeff Benes-Chairman, Wayne Foresta, Tom Kessell,
                     Julie Konvalinka, Wanda Utter, Jim Weber, Gina Wolf
Antioch Village Website:              E-Mail address:

             Table of Contents
                                                              Antioch Parks & Recreations
 General Park Rules             Page 2                             Mission Statement
 Other Antioch Organizations    Page 3
 Senior Center Information      Page 4                 To enhance the quality of life by providing parks,
 Special Events                 Page 5 & 6             open space and recreational opportunities for
 Holiday Festivities            Page 7                 the Antioch Village residents, while preserving
 Program Registration Form      Page 8                 and enhancing the natural benefits of the
 Camp Crayon & Tot Programs     Page 10
 Fall & Winter Programs         Page 11-16
 Park Facilities                Page 17
 Map                            Page 18

Photos on front cover provided by Parks Department Files: 2008 Time For Me Two Class – Safari Adventure.
                              GENERAL PARK RULES
Listed below is a summary of General Park Rules. For a complete listing of Village of Antioch’s
Park Rules Ordinance, see Chapter 4 of Title 8 of the Antioch Municipal Code.
1. Parks are open from dawn to dusk unless special arrangements are made with the Parks Director.
2. Park Watch Program is in effect.
3. Children age 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
4. Some equipment is not suitable for use by younger children - parental discretion is advised.
5. Please keep all pets on leashes and clean up after your own.
6. Please report any unsafe equipment or vandalism to the Parks Department.
7. No Smoking in any park building, shelter, playground area, and only in designated smoking areas on grounds.
8. The following is prohibited in all Parks: Climbing on top of roof(s), trees, buildings or equipment, throwing
objects (sand, woodchips, rocks, etc.), jumping from or off of equipment, open fires, alcoholic beverages without
permit, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, scooters, AT vehicles.
9. It is strictly forbidden to roller skate, roller blade, skateboard or ride a bicycle or scooter on any tennis
court, basketball court, pavilion area, bench, picnic table or other park equipment. Skateboards, bikes and
roller blades may be used in the Skate Park in strict accordance with posted rules for the use of such equipment.

         Remember our Park Watch Program is in effect.    Help keep your parks safe
         and clean by reporting any vandalism, damaged equipment or unsafe behavior
         at our parks to our parks dept. at 847-395-2160 or the non-emergency police
         number at 847-395-8585 or on our website at, there is a
Safety Button to report this kind of information.
SNOW POLICY: If District 34 cancels classes, Park Department programs may also be canceled. You will be notified as
early as possible of cancellations.
INSURANCE: The Antioch Parks and Recreation Department is not responsible for medical, hospital or accident claims by
any individual or group participating in a park program.
For your convenience there is a Drop (Mail) Box located to the right of the front outside door at our Parks Department. You
may place your registration information in the drop box. It will then be processed the next day, you will receive a confirmation
through the mail. Or we will notify you by phone if the class you signed up for is full or has been cancelled.
Throughout this booklet, you will see two levels of fees. They are as follows: Antioch Residents/Non-Residents. Proof of
residency may be required for registration in Parks Department programs. Any person unsure of their status with regards to
residency may check with the Parks Office. For clarification, an "Antioch Resident" is defined as a person living within the
borders of the Village of Antioch or Township and must have a 60002 zip code. A non-resident will be anyone who does not
have a 60002 zip code. A Village Resident will have a 3 - 4 digit address while Township Residents will have a 5 digit
address. The Village of Antioch reserves the right to hold priority registration dates for Village residents and/or Antioch
REFUND POLICY: NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED unless a program is canceled or changed by the Parks &
Recreation Department. People who are unsure about signing up for a class may contact the Parks & Recreation Director and
arrange a time to view a class before registering for the class the next session if possible. This action in no way guarantees a
space to said person, and MUST be arranged with the Director. In special circumstances, a credit may be offered
HOW TO REGISTER FOR A PROGRAM: Registering for a program requires payment in full for the class and a
completed registration form and signed waiver. Registration forms are required for each program you wish to enter. You may
register for a program at the Parks Office, 806 Holbek Drive. Registration for all programs will be closed when a class
becomes full or one week before the program begins. All checks should be made payable to The Village of Antioch. All
registration is taken on a first come first serve basis. For specific programs the Parks Department may hold a special
registration date for Village residents and/or Antioch Township residents before opening registration to non-residents. You will
be notified if for any reason the program is changed or canceled in any way. Late registration, for classes already in progress,
will be accepted if openings exist with no reduction in fees. Programs with insufficient enrollment may be canceled, so
register early!
ON-LINE REGISTRATION: We are excited to announce our Parks Department's new online registration
software! ** Before you can register online for the first time, you will need to call the Antioch Parks & Recreation office
(847-395-2160) in order to be supplied with a user name and password.** Our online registration website is: To login you must enter the user name and password you were provided. From
the main screen click on ‘activities’ and search your activity type and center. Choose the class you wish to participate in and at
the bottom click on register. Under ‘Registrant Information’, select the family member you are enrolling for that specific class.
You will then click on ‘add to cart’, followed by ‘check out’. Enter the payment information, once completed your receipt will be
emailed to you and the Antioch Parks & Recreation office will be notified.

Antioch Viking Football- President, John Nebel                                    Voice Mail: 847-604-4070
Antioch Viking Cheerleading – Lisa England                                        Phone: 847-838-5213
Antioch Youth Little League – President, Bruce Goeckner                           Voice Mail: 847-838-5657
                                                                         Website: WWW.AYLL.COM
Youth Iceless Hockey - Boys President: Dick Kessler                               Phone: 847-395-9287
                      - Girls President: Dave Mede                                Phone: 847-356-1232
For children in 1st - 8th grade. Boys play Jan. - Mar. (Regis. in Oct.) Girls play Sept. - Dec. (Regis. May)
AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization)                                          Phone: 847-337-7615
Soccer Leagues Lindenhurst Park District                                           Phone: 847-356-6011
Boy Scouts of America- Tom Dvorak                                                  Phone: 847-395-0722
Girl Scouts- Linda Schmidt                                                         Phone: 847-395-1551
Lakes Region Historical Society- President, Wendy Maston                           Phone: 847-395-7337
Jazzercise – Anna Soria, website:                               Phone: 847-838-3154

                                   FESTIVAL ARTS OF ANTIOCH
Lakes Area Community Band, Bill McGee                                                  Phone: 847-838-4387
The Lakes Area Community Band is a volunteer concert band with the goal of providing fun and educational
music making opportunities for people of all ages and musical abilities. Membership is open to adults or high
school students. Junior high students actively taking private music instruction are also welcome to participate.
No audition required. The band prepares around six seasonal concerts per year including: Mother’s Day Concert
at ACHS, Concert Series Opening Night and the very popular 4th of July concert at Williams Park. Rehearsals
are held every Monday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the ACHS band room. The band is under the direction of Steve
Porch. Come join the fun!

Community Chorus, Becky Reckamp                                                       Phone: 847-356-3548
The Antioch Community Chorus is a volunteer concert chorus with the goal of providing musical opportunities for
people of all ages with singing abilities. Membership is open to adults or high school students. The chorus
prepares approximately four concerts per year including: Handel’s Messiah at Christmas time, Stainer’s
Crucifixion during Easter time, 4th of July concert at Williams Park and Antioch’s It’s Thursday Concert Series
Opening Night. Rehearsals take place prior to above concerts at the Methodist Church. The Chorus is under the
direction of Kris Bolin. Anyone interested in joining the chorus, please call Becky at the above number or Ken
Smouse at 847-395-1333.

                                        SPECIAL RECREATION SERVICES OF
                                        NORTHERN LAKE COUNTY (SRSNLC)
                      SRSNLC provides recreational programs and services for individuals with special needs for
                      the residents of Lake County in cooperation with Lindenhurst, Round Lake, Waukegan and
Zion Park Districts. They are committed to meeting individual leisure needs. For more information, call the
Lindenhurst Park District at (847) 356-6011.
                                    Antioch Senior Center
The Antioch Senior Center is a multi-purpose drop in center open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00
p.m. It is located at 817 Holbek Drive, behind the Fire and Rescue Squad Building on Orchard Street. Anyone age
60 and over is welcome to attend. The center is administered by the Village of Antioch. A 13 member Senior
Advisory Council, which reflects the views of the entire membership, assists the Director in the management and
decision making functions of the Center. Membership dues are $5.00 a year.

Nutrition Services: A nutritious balanced hot lunch is served at the center Monday through Friday at 11:45 a.m.
On Wednesday and Thursday a light lunch of soup and/or sandwich is served. The nutrition program is run by
senior volunteers who work in the kitchen, serve meals, help with registration and clean-up. The menu is posted
at the center. A home-delivered Meals on Wheels program for eligible seniors also operates in Antioch. For more
information, call Catholic Charities at 847-546-5733.
Community support: Donations & scholarships are made to worthy and needy Antioch community groups and
individuals through the Dolly Spiering Memorial Fund. Every evening the Senior Center is being used by nonproft
Antioch community groups/organizations for their weekly meetings.
Transportation: Both PACE Bus and Antioch Cab provide door to door service. Cost of the bus is $1.80 round
trip within Township boundaries. Cost of the cab is half the fare. You may obtain a PACE ID card or Cab cards at
the Village Hall or Township office. You must call 24 hours in advance for the PACE bus at 1-800-244-7223. You
may reach Antioch Cab at 847-395-0481.
Other Services and Amenities: Senior Social Services, Information and Referral, Lending of Medical Equipment,
E-mail & Internet access, Lending Library, Big Screen TV with DVD, Bumper Pool, Treadmills, Shuffleboard,
Chess Club, Organ & Piano, Tax Assistance, Volunteer opportunities, Circuit breaker assistance, Birthday
Celebrations, Pot Luck Holidays, and a Senior Center web site.

                       Daily Luncheon                  Monday-Friday at 11:45 AM
                       Bridge Lessons                  By Appointment
                       Bingo                           Monday at 12:45 PM
                       AARP                            Every Second and Fourth Tuesday
                       4-Handed Pinochle               Friday at 12:45 PM
                       Ceramic Painting                By Appointment
                       Women's Club                    The Second Wednesday at 12:30 PM
                       Theme Parties                   Eight Times per Year
                       Sing-A-Long                     Wednesday at 10:30 AM
                       Cribbage                        Wednesday at 12:45 PM
                       T.O.P.S.                        Wednesday at 6:30 PM
                       Dances                          First and Third Friday at 7:00 PM
                       Exercise Class                  Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 AM
                       Trivia Contests                 The Fourth Wednesday at 12:30 PM
                       Duplicate Bridge                Thursday 12:45 PM
                       3-Handed Pinochle               Thursday 12:45 PM
                       Pinochle Lessons                By Appointment
                       Social Service Info             By Appointment
                       Foot Clinic                     The Second Friday of each Month
                       Rules of the Road               Four times per Year
                       Computer Availability           Any Time
                       Line Dancing (Beginner)         Tuesday at 9:30 AM
                       Trips                           Posted at the Center
                       Flu Shots                       November
                       Health Screenings               The Third Monday of each Month
                       Party Bridge                    Tuesday at 1:00 PM
                       Sunday Bear Games               On Big Screen TV
                       Movies on Big Screen            The First and Third Tuesdays at 12:30 PM
 Village of Antioch’s Special Events and Programs

                                10th ANNUAL MOTHER & SON COSMIC
                                       BOWLING DATE NIGHT

       This year’s 10th Annual Mother & Son Date Night will be Sunday, September 21st from 4:00 p.m.
to 6:00 p.m. at the Antioch Bowling Lanes. Cosmic Bowling, hot dog, chips, pop and a memorable
photo will be included along with the bowling and shoe rental. Bumper bowling will be available for
younger children. Antioch Residents: $20.00 per couple and Non-Residents: $30.00 per couple
($10.00 for each additional son). Antioch residents may register for this popular event at
the Parks Office beginning August 4th. Non-Residents may register at the Parks Office
beginning September 2nd if still available. There is limited space so register early! Call the
Parks & Recreation Office at 395-2160 for more information. DEADLINE FOR

                                          Daddy Daughter Date Night

                            Dad, its time once again to spend a special night with
                     “Daddy’s Little Girl(s).” This evening of dancing is for fathers and
                     daughters of all ages. (Substitute daddies are always welcome!)
                     This year’s event will take place at Antioch Upper Grade School
                     on Saturday, February 7, 2009 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Because of
                     the popularity of this event, we will only sell tickets to
                     Antioch residents (60002 zip code). Cost is $20.00 per couple
                     and $10.00 for each additional daughter. Ticket price includes
                     dancing, ice cream sundaes, beverages, a memorable photo, and
                     a gift for the girls. Tickets will go on sale for Antioch residents
                     beginning December 15th and tickets will be sold through Friday,
                     February 6th or until they are sold out. Our limit is 700 participants
                     and tickets go fast so get your tickets early!

                             Antioch’s Holiday Festivities
                                    Annual Christmas Parade
Welcome Santa and the Christmas season to town at the old-fashioned Holiday Parade on Friday,
November 28th at 6:30 p.m. The Parade is sponsored by the Village of Antioch Parks & Recreation
Department. It will run down Main Street from Lake Street to Orchard Avenue, and will conclude with
the official lighting of the Antioch Family Christmas Tree outside the Village Hall. Homemade cookies,
hot chocolate and old-fashioned caroling will take place at Village Hall during the Tree Lighting
Ceremony. Don’t miss this special event that will warm your heart and set the tone for an outstanding
Antioch Christmas.         Santa will make a special appearance and will then be available for visiting
immediately after the Tree Lighting Ceremony at his castle on Toft Street. If you are interested in an
entry in the parade, please call the Parks Office at 847-395-2160.

                                     Santa’s Enchanted Castle
We have had confirmation from the North Pole that Santa will once again visit Antioch for the annual
Holiday Parade on November 28th at 6:30 p.m. From there, he will open his Enchanted Castle
immediately following the Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony. Santa’s Enchanted Castle will be
located in the municipal lot off of Toft Street. Santa will hear wishes from November 28th through
December 23rd. His hours will be from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
on weekends. Questions regarding Santa’s Enchanted Castle, or to find out how you can help Santa,
please call the Antioch Chamber of Commerce & Industry at 847-395-2233.

                                            Letters to Santa
Santa also has a mail box right here in Antioch! He loves to receive letters from all the wonderful
children of the Antioch Community. Make sure to include your return address so Santa can send his
reply. You can simply drop your letter in the mailbox which is located right outside his Enchanted
Castle or you can send your letters to:

                                         Santa’s Enchanted Castle
                                          c/o Antioch Parks Dept.
                                               806 Holbek Dr.
                                             Antioch, IL 60002

                            The Antioch Family Christmas Tree
Following the Holiday Parade, we will be lighting the Antioch Family Christmas Tree. You can share in
this special event by making an ornament to hang on the tree. Your ornament should be weatherproof
and should have your family’s name on it. Also be sure that you include some type of hanger on it so
that the ornament will stay on the tree all season. Ornaments can be dropped off at the Parks
Department up until November 26th. Please call 847-395-2160 if you have any questions.

                                         Volunteers Needed!
Throughout the year the Parks Dept. needs volunteers to work on special events such as the 4th of July, Fall Fest,
Christmas Parade and the Tree Lighting Ceremony, Daddy Daughter Dance, Easter Egg Hunt and other exciting
events. If you would like to help, call the Parks Dept. at 847-395-2160 or Special Events Dept. at 847-395-4032.
Summer Job Opportunities: Attention! If you are 16 or older and looking for a great summer job, contact the
Antioch Parks Office at 847-395-2160. We are looking for students 16 and over to work as day camp counselors
or as lifeguards and cashiers at the Aqua Center. We begin taking applications in January.
                             CAMP CRAYON PRE-SCHOOL
                Program Supervisor: Debbie Foerster               Phone: 847-838-4330
          Lead Instructor – 3 yr. olds: Karen Meyer    Lead Instructor – 4 yr. olds: Carol Richter

        Camp Crayon is a social pre-school program for 3 - 5 year olds (child must be completely toilet
trained by September 1st to participate in the program. No pull-ups.) Classes will begin the week of
                    September 8th and run through mid May. Our 3 Year Old classes are held at the
                    Scout House (770 Cunningham Dr.). The 4 year old classes are held at the
                    Parks Building (806 Holbek Dr.). Classes and fees are listed below. There are
                    20 children per class with 4 instructors for the 3 year old classes and 20 children
                    per class with 3 instructors for the 4 year old classes. *Payment sessions are
                    every 6 weeks.          Call the Parks Office for a detailed brochure and class
                    availability at 847-395-2160.

       Class                  Days            Time                   Fee*           Location
       3 Year Old Class       M&W             9 - 11:00 a.m.         $95/115        Scout House
       3 Year Old Class       T & Th          9 - 11:00 a.m.         $95/115        Scout House
       4 Year Old Class       T & Th          9 - 11:30 a.m.         $110/130       Parks Bldg.
       BK Camper Class        M/W/F           9 - 11:30 a.m.         $165/185       Parks Bldg.
       BK Camper Class        M/W/F           12:30 – 3:00 p.m.      $165/185       Parks Bldg.

                        REGISTRATION for the 2009/2010 school year will be:
         VILLAGE OF ANTIOCH RESIDENTS: Saturday, March 7, 2009 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
         ANTIOCH TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS: Saturday, March 7, 2009 from 11:00 a.m. - noon
Village residents will have a 3 or 4 digit address and live inside the Village limits. Please bring proof of
residency with you and your child’s birth certificate. Registration will be at: Parks Office, 806 Holbek Dr.
in the Camp Crayon Classroom. A $50 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of
registration. (Children in prior year's Camp Crayon class will have priority registration before these
dates.) Non-residents can register on Monday, March 16th if there are still spaces available. Above fee
structure is for the 2008/09 school year. Fee structure subject to change for the 2009/10 season.

                                   TIME FOR ME “TWO”
                                   Instructor: Laura Mihovilovich

        Time For Me “Two” Parent/Tot Program is for 2 and 3 year olds. Child must be 2 by September
1st 2008. This class is a unique experience between a parent/guardian and child. Classes are an hour
and a half, once a week on Fridays. In class your child will learn to play with children their own age
while experiencing a semi-structured class schedule which will prepare them for future pre-school
classes. Children will experience many age appropriate activities in social playtime, music, art projects,
show and tell and story time. Classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. Parents will sign up for
snack day in class. Class will begin on Friday, September 12th and run through the beginning of May
2009. You will be informed of the start of each new session and payment is due in full the FIRST Day
or sooner. Your child is automatically enrolled into the next session, unless you inform us otherwise. If
you fail to make payment on or before the first day of each new session, your child’s slot in the program
may be given to someone on our waiting list. Payment Sessions are every 7 weeks. Classes are held
at the Scout House at 770 Cunningham Dr.

Day/Time: Fridays 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.                   Ages: 2 & 3 year olds and parent/guardian
          Fridays 11:00 -12:30 p.m.                   Min/Max: 6/10
                                                      Fees: $60/70
                   REGISTRATION FORM

                                       NO REFUNDS

Parent/Guardian Name__________________________________________________________


Home Phone___________________Work_________________Cell Phone_________________

Resident_____ Non-Resident_______ E-Mail________________________________________

Health Notes: _________________________________________________________________

                                                       Program Title, Time &
**Participant’s Name(s)      Age    Birth   Gender          Age Group             Session   Date   Fee

                       Please duplicate this form for additional registrations.
                                                                          Total Due:

Mail or register in person at:                           We accept cash, checks, & Credit Cards.
                                                                 Make checks payable to:
Parks & Recreation Department                                        Village of Antioch
806 Holbek Drive
Antioch, IL 60002                                 Cash/CC/Check#____________________________

                       **Please fill out a separate form for each family**
              Please read and sign the waiver on the back of this form

                                    PLEASE READ THIS FORM CAREFULLY.

As used in this Agreement, the terms "I", "me," and "my" refer to parents, guardians and minor participants in the
programs, and each and all of their successors, heirs, executors, trustees and assigns. The terms “you” or “your”
refer to the Village, any and all other participating or cooperating governmental units, and their respective officers,
agents, employees, volunteers and independent contractors. The terms "participation," “programs” and
"activities," mean and include all exercise and physical movement of any nature during the course of the
organized activity for which I have registered ,and further include the provision of or failure to provide proper
instructions or supervision, the use and adjustment of any and all machinery, equipment, and apparatus, and
anything related to my use of the services, facilities, or premises involved on these programs, and transportation
to and from any events.

In consideration for the Village permitting me to register and/or participate in any programs or activities organized,
sponsored, operated or supervised by the Village of Antioch, and as a condition of such registration and
participation, I agree that I:

     Recognize that my participation in any programs and activities, especially those which require
     strenuous exertion, carry the potential for bodily contact or may be characterized as “hazardous
     recreational activities”, carries with it certain inherent risks of injury, death and damage to real or
     personal property;
     Knowingly and voluntarily assume the risk of participating in any and all activities connected with
     and associated with this program/activity;
     Knowingly and voluntarily waive, release and discharge the Village, any and all other participating or
     cooperating governmental units, and their respective officers, agents, employees, volunteers and
     independent contractors (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims for injuries,
     damages or loss, of any kind or severity whatsoever, which I might sustain as a result of participating
     in any and all activities connected with and associated with this program/activity; and
     Shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all claims for injuries,
     damages or loss, of any kind or severity whatsoever, which might be sustained as a result of my
     participation in any and all activities connected with and associated with this program/activity.

In the event of accident, injury, or sudden illness, I authorize needed medical treatment by a physician and/or

I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk, waiver and
release of all claims and indemnification. I further understand that any advisements or warnings of the particular
risks of these programs that I subsequently receive will be incorporated by reference into and become a part of
this agreement.

If registering on-line or via fax, your on-line or fax signature shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as
an original form signature.

I understand that the participant’s photograph may be taken during Park Department activities and I give my
permission to the Village of Antioch’s Department of Parks & Recreation to use such photographs in program

Signature (Signee must be at least 18 years old)                                         Date
                                   FALL & WINTER PROGRAMS
                 Fees are as follows: Residents (60002 zip code) / Non-Residents
       PROGRAMS                                           SOCCER                               BASEBALL CLINIC
                                            Every child should experience the            This baseball clinic will enhance your
                                            world’s most popular game in a way that      child’s skill in every fundamental
      5 STAR SPORTS                         will put the “fun” in fundamental. All the   category. Fielding, hitting, throwing,
                                            necessary skills will be covered that will   base running and more will be covered
                                            enhance their confidence and prepare         and a very fun but competitive way.
                                            them for league play.           Dribbling,   Skills needed for the future will be
                                            passing, shooting and teamwork will be       covered as long as drills and games that
                                            priorities during every class.         We    can be played at home. Only equipment
                                            guarantee your child will impress you        needed is a glove.
                                            with their skill and knowledge level after   Ages:                   7-10 yrs
                                            they take our class. Every child should
                                                                                         Location:      AES, 817 Main St.
         BASKETBALL                         bring a soccer ball, gym shoes and shin
                                                                                         Session 1:             10/1-11/5
5 Star Sports loves and plays all sports,   guards are optional.
but to us nothing can compare to
                                                                                         Session 4:             2/25-4/15
                                            Ages:                  3-4 yrs               No Class 3/4& 4/1
basketball. Our passion for the sport
shines through during every class. For
                                            Location:     Parks Building                 Time:             7:15-8:15 p.m.
the youngsters they will be taught the      Session 1:         9/15-10/20                Day:    Wednesday       6 weeks
basics such as dribbling, passing and       Session 3:           2/23-4/6                Min/Max:                    6/20
shooting. Every child will enjoy the fun    No Class 3/30                                Fee:                     $43/48
and creative way the game is presented.
So from the basketball die hard to the
                                            Time:           5:00-5:45p.m.
kid who just needs an outlet for all that   Day:     Monday       6 weeks                               T-BALL
extra energy, this is the class for you.    Min/Max:                  6/16               In our T-Ball class, we introduce your
                                                                                         children to America’s past time in a fun
Ages:                  3-4 yrs              Location: AES, 817 Main St.                  and creative way. While all the basic
Location:     Parks Building                Session 2:           1/7-2/18                skills such as fielding, catching, and
Session 1:          10/1-11/5               No Class 2/4                                 batting will be covered, your children will
Session 3:           1/7-2/11               Time:           5:30-6:15p.m.                never be bored, as we make sure all
                                                                                         kids stay moving and involved. Balls
Time:         12:15-1:00p.m.                Day:    Wednesday     6 weeks                and bats are provided so just bring your
Day: Wednesday        6 weeks               Min/Max:                  6/20               glove and let’s play ball! Children must
Location:     Parks Building                Fee:                   $37/42                wear clean gym shoes due to our indoor
                                                                                         mats and gym floors.
Session 2:        11/10-12/15               Ages:                  4-6 yrs
Time:           5:00-5:45p.m.               Location:     Parks Building                 Ages:                       3-4 yrs
Day:     Monday       6 weeks                                                            Location:       AES, 817 Main St.
                                            Session 1:         9/15-10/20
                                                                                         Session 1:              9/17-10/22
Min/Max:                  6/16              Session 3:            2/23-4/6               Time:                5:30-6:15 p.m.
Fee:                   $37/42               No Class 3/30                                Day:    Wednesday          6 weeks
Ages:                  4-6 yrs              Time:           5:45-6:45p.m.                Location:           Parks Building
Location: Hillcrest School. 433             Day:      Monday      6 weeks                Session 2:             11/12-12/17
Depot St                                    Min/Max:                  6/16               Time:              12:15-1:00 p.m.
Session 1:          9/13-10/25              Location: AES, 817 Main St.                  Day:     Wednesday         6 weeks
No Class 10/18                              Session 2:           1/7-2/18                Session 3:                   1/5-2/9
Session 3:           1/10-2/28              No Class 2/4                                 Day:       Monday          6 weeks
No Class 1/24 & 2/21                        Time:           6:15-7:15p.m.                Time:              12:15-1:00 p.m.
Time:            1:00-2:00p.m.              Day:    Wednesday 6 weeks                    Min/Max:                       6/16
Day:     Saturday     6 weeks                                                            Fee:                        $37/42
                                            Min/Max:                  6/20
Location:      Parks Building               Fee:                   $43/48                Ages:                       4-6 yrs
                                                                                         Location:       AES, 817 Main St
Session 2:           11/3-12/8
                                                                                         Session 1:              9/17-10/22
Time:            5:45-6:45p.m.                      SOCCER CLINIC                        Time:                6:15-7:15 p.m.
Day:       Monday      6 weeks              Ages:               7-10 yrs                 Day:    Wednesday          6 weeks
Min/Max:                  6/16              Location: AES, 817 Main St.                  Location: Hillcrest School. 433
Fee:                    $43/48              Session 2:          1/7-2/18                 Depot St
                                            No Class 2/4                                 Session 2:               11/1-12/20
                                            Time:          7:15-8:15p.m.                 No Class 11/29 & 12/6
                                            Day:    Wednesday 6 weeks                    Location:           Parks Building
                                                                                         Session 4:               3/7 – 4/11
                                            Min/Max:                6/20
                                                                                         Time:              11:45-12:45p.m.
                                            Fee:                  $43/48                 Day:      Saturday         6 weeks
                                                                                         Min/Max:                       6/16
                                                                                         Fee:                         $43/48
       FAMILY OLYMPICS                               ICELESS HOCKEY
Our family Olympics class is designed to       We at 5 Star Sports believe hockey is                      PILATES
help toddlers discover the wonderful           too great of a game to only be played by         PILATES MAT CLASS
world of sports.        Running, jumping,      great skaters. We bring all the speed
throwing, catching, shooting and kicking       and skill of the game minus the skates.
are all activities that will help your child   Each week numerous games will be
develop their motor skills. They will          played that will help improve your child’s
learn to listen, follow directions, share      skill and knowledge level. At the
and get along with other kids. The             younger level, passing, shooting and
sports    covered      will    be    soccer,   stick handling will be the main focus. As
basketball, baseball, football and floor       the kids grow so does the knowledge.
hockey.     All     equipment      provided.   Positions, penalties, and even some          Pilates mat class taught by certified
Participants must wear clean gym shoes         hockey plays will all be covered with the    fitness instructor Jan Fenske, designed
inside due to our floor mats.                  older players. The only equipment            to restore muscular balance and to
Ages:                      2-3 yrs             needed is a helmet and a high level of       improve overall body strength. During
Location:           Parks Building             enthusiasm. Gloves, kneepads, elbow          this class you will also learn to improve
                                               pads and sticks are all optional.            flexibility and increase core stability.
Session 1:              9/20-10/25                                                          The movements use the abdomen,
Session 3:               1/10-2/14             Ages:                      4-6 yrs           lower back and buttocks as a power
Time:             11:00-11:45 a.m.             Location: Hillcrest School. 433              center, enabling the rest of the body to
Day:       Saturday       6 weeks              Depot St                                     move freely through each fundamental
Session 2:              11/8-12/20             Session 1:             9/13-10/25            movement. Dress comfortable and bring
No Class 11/29                                 No Class 10/18                               a towel and a mat. This is a class for
                                                                                            Mind, Body & Spirit!
Session 4:                2/21-4/4             Session 3:               1/10-2/28
No Class 3/28                                  No Class 1/24 & 2/21                         Location:   Parks Bldg. Gym
Time:             10:00-10:45 a.m.             Time:              12:00-1:00 p.m.           Ages:          Adult 16 and up
Day:     Saturday         6 weeks              Day:      Saturday        6 weeks            Time:            6 – 7:00 p.m.
Min/Max:                      6/16             Min/Max:                      8/16           Day: Wednesday        4 weeks
Fee:                       $37/42              Fee:                       $43/48            Session 1:         9/10 – 10/1
                                                                                            Session 2:           10/8–11/5
        MINI OLYMPICS                                                                       No Class 10/29
This exciting class focuses on fun while                                                    Session 3:         11/12–12/3
introducing kids to many different sports.
Each week the theme sport will change                                                       Session 4:         12/10 –1/14
and games will be played. T-ball,                                                           No Class 12/24 and 12/31
soccer, basketball, football and hockey                                                     Session 5:                 1/21 – 2/11
are the main sports covered. Other                                                          Session 6:                 2/18 – 3/11
sports such as tennis, track & field,
bowling and even golf may also be
                                                    HORSE RIDING                            Session 7:                  3/18 – 4/8
introduced if time allows. Children must              LESSONS                               Min/Max:                         5/15
wear clean gym shoes due to our indoor                                                      Fee:                             $48/53
mats.                                                at Windance Acres
                                               We offer 2 styles of riding, at Windance
Ages:                      3-4 yrs             Acres, English or Western, (you must
Location:         Parks Building               specify). Classes start at the beginner
                                                                                                 BEST DEFENSE
Session 1:             11/8-12/20              level.   Each child may advance to             SAFETY SKILLS & SELF-
No Class 11/29                                 his/her own level. Proper attire is a            DEFENSE FOR KIDS
Day:     Saturday         6 weeks              MUST! Long pants, shoes/boots with a
                                                                                                     “Sranger-danger, Bullies,
Session 4:               2/16-3/23             heel and a riding helmet are required.
                                               (Riding helmets will be supplied if you                    The Internet”
Day:     Monday           6 weeks                                                           What Every Child Should Know! Is your
                                               do not own one.) Don’t worry about the
Time:            12:15 – 1:00 p.m.             weather; there is an indoor and outdoor      child ready to handle scary situations
Min/Max:                      6/16             arena. If you have any questions about       with confidence? Recognizing, avoiding
Fee:                       $37/42              lessons please call 847-265-2329.            and escaping from dangerous people
                                                                                            and situations, with 25+ discussion
                                               Location: Windance Acres, 803                topics and 25 simple, practical, self-
           FISHING 101                         Cedar Lake Road, Lake Villa, IL.             defense maneuvers taught in a fun, non-
Our experienced fishermen will teach           Age:                     6 and up            threatening way by a certified instructor.
your kids all of the basics of fishing as      Time:             4:00 - 5:00 p.m.           Illustrated Home Learning Guide,
well as some “tricks of the trade!” We         Day:     Wednesday        4 weeks            certificate and wallet sized Safety Card
can’t guarantee that the fish will always      Session 1:           9/24 – 10/15            included. Parents welcome to observe
bite, but we can promise that your child                                                    free. Wear casual clothing and clean,
                                               Session 2:          10/22 – 11/12
will love this class! Participants will need                                                tied gym shoes. All materials included.
to bring their own fishing poles.              Session 3:          11/19 – 12/10
                                                                                            More info at
                                               Session 4:            12/17 – 1/7  
Ages:                          6-10 yrs.       (12/24 will be rescheduled with
Location:               Pedersen Park                                                       Location:           Parks Bldg. Gym
Session 1:                   9/20-10/25                                                     Instructor:               Roz Lavine
                                               Session 5:              1/14 – 2/4
Time:                   9:30-10:30 a.m.                                                     Age:                        6 and up
                                               Session 6:              2/11 – 3/4
Day:                           Saturday                                                     Time:                 5:00–6:15 p.m.
                                               Session 7:              3/11 – 4/1
Min/Max:                           5/10                                                     Day:                        Tuesday
                                               Min/Max:                      1/ 3
Fee:                            $43/48                                                      Session 1:             10/28 – 11/11
                                               Fee:                     $135/140
                                                                                            Min:                               6
                                                                                            Fee:                          $50/55
     ART & MUSIC                                             MAGIC
                                              Magic Class with Gary Kantor. Children
 INK SPOT JOURNEYS &                          are guaranteed to have a great time as           CATHEAD BASKET
                                              they learn a collection of fascinating and   Students will learn how to shape their
    PICASSOS PALS                             mesmerizing tricks! Amaze family and         basket in the traditional Shaker cathead
Ink Spot Journeys Picassos Pals is an         friends with tricks that involve cards,      shape in this class. This basket changes
art program for children. Instructor and      ropes, coins, mind-reading, and more.        shape from a square base to an open
owner, Sal Martini-Hayes is an abstract       While the tricks may appear difficult,       round basket. Please choose a color
watercolorist and works with many             you’ll discover that they are quick to       accent for twining (navy, smoke/light
different mediums such as abstract            learn and easy to perform. All materials     brown), green, wine or scarlet/red) and
paintings, paper mache,            mosaics,   are provided, and each child receives a      handle (2 leather bushel handles or
candy sculptures, painting teapots,           magic kit to take home. Children are         wooden swing handle (please add $3 to
creating 3-D trees to create scenes and       grouped by age and always learn tricks       cost for wooden swing handle).
much more. Classes will be different          that are age appropriate. Additionally,      Location: Parks Bldg. Classroom
each week with many out-of-the-box            you can sign up for this class again and
ideas. Sal teaches children that in the                                                    Age:                 16 and up
                                              again since brand new tricks are always
world of abstract art, there is no such       taught at each session!                      Time:            6:00-9:30p.m.
thing as a mistake and to believe in                                                       Day:                   Monday
themselves and their imagination. Each        Location:      Parks Bldg. Classroom
                                              Ages:                      5 – 12 yrs.       Session 1:                10/27
child is given the gift of imagination and
no two are the same so come to class          Session 1:                      10/20        Min/Max:                   5/14
and CREATE, CREATE, CREATE!                   Time:                  5:00-5:55p.m.         Fee:                     $40/45
Location: Ink Spot Art Studio at 945          Day:                         Monday
Main St. (Inside Flo’s Family Hair Care)      Session 2:                      11/24
Ages/Time:          2 – 5 yrs. 9-10:30a.m.    Time:                   6:45-7:40p.m
                                                                                                MARKET BASKET
Ages/Time:                         5-14 yrs                                                This is the classic market basket that
                                              Day:                          Monday         can be used anywhere. This basket
                 3:30-5 OR 5:30-7p.m.         Min/Max:                         5/35
Day:            Friday              4 weeks                                                features a sturdy wood handle and lots
                                              Fee:                           $18/23        of color. The spokes (vertical reed on a
Session 1:                      9/19-10/10
Session 2 : 10/17-11/14-No Class 10/31                                                     basket) are all dyed in the color of your
Session 3: 11/21-12/19-No Class 11/28                                                      choice and the tricolor rim in round reed
Session 4:                         1/9-1/30                                                makes a pleasing pattern. This basket
Session 5:                         2/6-2/27                                                measures 8” wide x 12” long and stands
Session 6:                         3/6-3/27                                                12” high at the top of the wood handle.
                                                                                           Please choose a color accent (navy,
Ages:                           5 – 14 yrs.                                                wine, green or smoke/light brown).
Day:         Tuesdays              4 weeks
Time:       3:30 – 5 p.m. OR 5:30-7p.m.                                                    Location: Parks Bldg. Classroom
Session 1:                        9/16-10/7
                                                BASKET WEAVING                             Age:                 16 and up
Session 2:                      10/14-11/4    Our instructors are Lisa Herout and Ann
                                              Krumpos who have taught basket               Time:            6:00-9:00p.m.
Session 3:                      11/11-12/2
Session 4:                      12/9-12/30    weaving for the Antioch Fine Arts            Day:                   Monday
Session 5:                         1/6-1/27   Foundation as well as other area park        Session 1:                11/17
Session 6:                         2/3-2/24   districts. All materials included. Please    Min/Max:                   5/14
Session 7:                         3/3-3/24   register at least 1 week prior to class so
                                              we can be sure to have enough supplies       Fee:                     $32/37
Ages:                           5 – 14 yrs.   on hand.
Day:        Wednesdays             4 weeks
Time:       3:30 – 5 p.m. OR 5:30-7p.m.       Location:      Parks Bldg. Classroom                  OVAL PURSE
Session 1:                        9/17-10/8   Ages:                       16 and up        Weave a stylish basket that can serve
Session 2:                      10/15-11/5                                                 as a purse or tote. This basket has a
Session 3:                      11/12-12/3                                                 narrow rectangular base that gradually
Session 4:                         1/7-1/28         UTILITY BASKET                         shifts to an oval rim. Students will learn
Session 5:                         2/4-2/25   Weave a practical basket that is perfect     how to weave a wrapped handle to a
Session 6:                         3/4-3/25   for holding paperwork (serving as a file     length they choose and can customize
Ages:                           5 – 14 yrs.   holder) or magazines. This slightly          their baskets with a variety of color
Day:            Thursdays          4 weeks    rectangular basket measures 13” long x       accents available at the class.
Time:       5:30 – 7 p.m. OR 5:30-7p.m.       10” wide and stands 12” high. Students       Location: Parks Bldg. Classroom
Session 1:                        9/18-10/9   will customize their baskets with color
                                              (choose color accent-navy, smoke/light
                                                                                           Age:                 16 and up
Session 2:                      10/16-11/6
Session 3: 11/13-12/11 -No Class 11/27        brown, green, or wine), learn how to         Time:            6:00-9:00p.m.
Session 4:                      12/18-1/22    fashion handgrips for the basket and         Day:                   Monday
No Class 12/25 & 1/1                          reinforce the base of the basket for         Session 1:                  1/19
Session 5:                       1 /29-2/19   strength.
                                                                                           Min/Max:                    5/14
Session 6:                        2/26-3/19   Location: Parks Bldg. Classroom              Fee:                     $32/37
Ages:                           5 – 14 yrs.   Age:                 16 and up
Day:          Saturday             4 weeks
Time:        5:30 – 7 p.m OR 5:30-7p.m.
                                              Time:            6:00-9:30p.m.
Session 1:                      9/20-10/11    Day:                   Monday
Session 2:                      10/18-11/8    Session 1:                  9/29
Session 3:                      11/15-12/6    Min/Max:                   5/14
Session 4:                        12/13-1/3
Session 5:                        1/10-1/31
                                              Fee:                     $42/47
Session 6:                         2/7-2/28
Session 7:                         3/7-3/28
All Classes Min/Max:                    2/5
                                                                                                            OUR TIME
        KINDERMUSIK                               KINDERMUSIK VILLAGE                          Our Time introduces your child to a
           BY LISA                                      MUSIC AND                              musical world filled with singing,
All classes require materials to be               MOVEMENT/SIGN & SING                         rhyming, listening activities, instrument
purchased at the first day of class (costs       TOTAL ENRICHMENT CLASS                        play,     interactive     story-times, and
below-check made payable to Educator                                                           creative movement dances.              With
Lisa Sadowski). Materials include CDs,
                                                        W/PARENT                               his/her caregiver, all this interaction will
                                                 The class concentrates on total child         further expand your child's literacy skills,
Instrument, Award Winning Books,
                                                 development-emotional,          language,     listening skills, fine/gross motor skills,
Activity Journal, and Carrying Case
                                                 social, physical, creative and musical-       self-confidence and communication
(Signing class includes DVD and sign
                                                 through      fun,     educator-approved       skills. This class is a perfect stepping
flashcards). Second siblings in the same
                                                 activities such as instrument play,           stone to the formal school experience,
class purchase a partial kit at 50% off
                                                 reading, baby dances, and visual and          as many similar skills are developed to
(Sign/Sing does not need a sibling kit).
                                                 auditory activities. We use instruments,      prepare your child for the future. This
 You     will  further     your     child's
                                                 puppets, bubbles, books, scarves,             class we'll be doing "Milk and Cookies",
development by using the materials with
                                                 parachute and educational toys to make        songs, dances, stories and activities
your family at home. Questions?
                                                 this both fun and educational. Also           related to things we do during the day
Please call Lisa at 847 421-1481, or
                                                 during the class, we will also provide        around the house (baking cookies,, or
                                                 you the tools to learn more than 50 ASL       washing clothes, planting a garden,
                                                 signs modified for use with babies.           building a house, playing, etc).
                                                 Through songs, dances and play, you
Check our website for more info. All                                                           Location:                    Scout House
                                                 and your child will learn basic signs to
classes held at Scout House at 770                                                             Instructor:                  Pat Abraham
                                                 carry you through the routines of your
Cunningham Dr.                                                                                 Ages: 18mths – 3 1/2 yrs (with parent)
                                                 day: eating signs, play signs, people
                                                 signs, emotion signs, safety signs, bath-     Time:                       1:15-2:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Day:          Tuesday            15 weeks
        IMAGINE THAT!                            time signs, and sleep-time signs. This
                                                                                               Session 1:                       9/23-1/20
Your child's creativity, self-confidence,        research proven program speeds
                                                 language development in hearing               No class 11/25, 12/23, 12/30
listening skills, literacy, and math skills                                                    Session 2:                       1/27-5/19
will flourish in this class, along with their    children,    eases     frustration    and
                                                                                               No class 3/24 and 3/31
musical skills. The same patterns that           enhances early communication skills
                                                 and long-term learning abilities. Both the    Min/Max:                               4/12
we learn in music will also help your                                                          Fee:                             $165/170
child excel in math and reading in               first and second part of this class
                                                                                               Plus $58 materials cost (sibling does
preschool and kindergarten. Children             provides you with at home materials that
                                                 let you reinforce and continue the            not have to buy full second kit,
are exposed to more complex musical                                                            sibling kit available at 50% off).
concepts and are able to practice                development and bonding at home with
                                                               st                              Tuition Sibling Discount 10%
independently and in a group in this             your child. 1 session theme will be
smaller size class. They are also able           Zoom Buggy/Dream Pillow, and 2
to make up their own songs and                   session will be Hickory Dickory, Tickle
rhythms, and gain confidence sharing             and Bounce/Rhythm of My Day!
and acting out their storytelling and            Location:         Scout House
movement ideas through music.                    Instructor:       Pat Abraham
Parents come back, along with other
siblings, for the last 5 minutes of class        Ages:        0-2 yrs. (with parent)
for 1-2 family music activities. 1
                                                 Time:           12:15-1:00p.m.
session, the theme will be "Hello                Day:      Tuesday      15 weeks
Weather, Let's Play Together", with              Session 1:             9/23-1/20
music, story and movement all related to                                                              BABYSITTING
outdoor adventures, and 2 session,               No class 11/25, 12/23, 12/30
we'll do, "Cities, Busy Places, Friendly         Session 2:             1/27-5/19                        Sitter’s Survival
Faces", related to exciting places and           No class 3/24 and 3/31                                 Babysitting Clinic
people in the city.                              Min/Max:                      4/12            A Collaborative venture between the
Location:                     Scout House                                                      Antioch Parks & Recreation Dept.,
                                                 Fee:                   $165/170
Instructor:                    Pat Abraham                                                     Antioch Fire Dept., Antioch Rescue
                                                 Plus either $35 or $68 materials fee
Ages:                      3 1/2 – 5 1/2 yrs                                                   Squad, and the Antioch Police Dept..
                                                 will be due first day of class made
With parent/caregiver only attending                                                           This is a 4 week class with 2 sessions
                                                 payable to Lisa Sadowski (siblings
last 5 minutes of class.                                                                       offered.     Instruction on safety and
                                                 do not have to buy a full kit, and no
Time:                         2:15-3:00p.m.                                                    emergency situations will be given by
                                                 signing kit needed if already
Day:               Tuesday          15 weeks                                                   experts from the Antioch Fire Dept.,
Session 1:                         9/23-1/20                                                   Police Dept. and Rescue Squad. The
                                                 Tuition sibling discount: 10%
No class 11/25, 12/23, 12/30                                                                   final class will have hands on instruction
Session 2:                         1/27-5/19                                                   and activities with real babies. Children
No class 3/24 and 3/31                                                                         must attend all 4 classes to receive a
Min/Max:                                4/12                                                   certificate at the end of the session.
Fee:                                $165/170                                                   Location: Parks Building classroom.
Plus $60 for materials
                                                                                               Ages:                    10 – 15 yrs.
($5 additional for backpack for new
students never enrolled in Imagine                                                             Time:             7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
That.)                                                                                         (2 class will go until 9:00 p.m.)
Siblings enrolled in same class buy a                                                          Session 1: Thurs.       10/9–10/30
sibling kit at 50% off. Tuition Sibling                                                        Session 2: Thurs.           1/15-2/5
discount is 10%.                                                                               Min/Max:                       10/20
                                                                                               Fee:                         $10/15
                                                  TAP, BALLET, TUMBLING                                          MOM & TOT CLASS
             DANCE                              Warm-ups and instructional steps are                       This is a ½ hour class, which is designed
                                                combined with children’s songs and props                   to get even the youngest of dancers
                                                to help provide fundamental skills.                        having fun and learning to follow music.
 AMERICAN STARS OF                              Children are introduced to basic tap ballet                This class is for those dancers that need
                                                technique. This is a structured dance                      mom in the room to help, as well as those
      DANCE                                     experience to establish or continue a                      that are ready to stay and participate
American Stars of Dance is offering dance       “solid” base of dance knowledge. A                         without a parent. The goal in this class is
and creative movement classes through           leotard, tap shoes, and ballet shoes are                   to have fun, learn to listen and follow
Antioch Parks & Recreation. Each student        required.                                                  direction, follow along with music and get
in our program learns to dance, develop         Location: 133 Cedar Ave, Lake Villa                        ready for the next level. Comfortable
positive self-esteem and has fun as well.       Age:                      4-7 yrs                          clothes and tennis shoes are all that is
If these classes do not fit your schedule,                                                                 needed.
or if there is a class you are looking for
                                                Time:             6:00-7:00p.m.
                                                Day:      Thursday      6 weeks                            Ages:           16 mos. - 3 yrs.
and do not see it listed, please call our
studio office at (847) 838-1234. Most           Session 1:           9/18-10/23                            Day:       Monday       6 weeks
classes are held at our Lake Villa studio,      Session 2:          10/30-12/11                            Time:         9:30 – 10:00 a.m.
located at 133 Cedar Avenue, near the
                                                No Class 11/27                                             Session 1:         9/15 – 10/20
train depot. Our Parent/Tot class is held                                                                  Session 2:           11/3 – 12/8
at 237 Deopt St. in Antioch.                    Session 3:            1/15-2/19
                                                Session 4:              3/5-4/16                           Session 3:              1/5 – 2/9
                                                No Class 4/2                                               Session 4:           2/16 – 3/23
          PARENT & TOT                                                                                     Day:    Wednesday       6 weeks
This 45 minute class includes play acting       Session 5:            4/23-5/28
with props, parachute games, obstacle           Min/Max:                      4/8                          Session 1:           9/17-10/22
courses, creative movement, stretching,         Fee:                     $65/70                            Min/Max:                    5/10
some tumbling and basic dance steps.                                                                       Fee:                     $49/54
This class offers your child a structured
play experience away from home with
other children of the same age. Parents                                                                          PRESCHOOL TAP &
should plan to participate with their child.                                                                         BALLET
                                                     BALLROOM DANCING
Location: 237 Depot St., Antioch                We can help you and your partner look                      A fun class for girls and boys!! This
Age:                18mths-3 yrs                good at any event! Come join us in                         is a beginning level class that is
Time:            9:00 – 9:45a.m.                learning the basics in Ballroom, Salsa,                    designed to develop appropriate
                                                Latin and Swing dancing. Comfortable                       skills for the particular age group.
Day:     Saturday        6 weeks
                                                clothing and leather-soled shoes are                       Children will learn technique in Ballet
Session 1:            9/20-10/25                recommended. Couples only-no singles.                      and Tap. Classes will consist of a
Session 2:            11/1-12/13                Location: 133 Cedar Ave, Lake Villa                        warm-up, progressions across the
No Class 11/29                                  Age:           Adult/Young Adult                           floor, and fun and exciting routines.
Session 3:             1/17-2/21                Time: Beginner 7:00 - 8:00p.m.                             Tap      and    Ballet   shoes     are
Session 4:              3/7-4/18                     Intermediate 8:00 - 9:00p.m.                          recommended for this class, but not
No Class 4/4                                        Beginner Overflow 9:00-10:00p.m.                       mandatory. You may find shoes;
Session 5:             4/25-5/30                 (Verify w/Parks Department)                               (black taps, pink ballets) at Payless,
Min/Max:                      4/8               Day:       Tuesday     6 weeks                             Wal-mart or order at the studio.
Fee:                      $60/65                Session 1:          9/16-10/21                             Ages:                 3 - 5 yrs.
                                                Session 2:          10/28-12/9                             Day:     Monday        6 weeks
        BOOGIE BABIES                           No Class 11/25                                             Time:       10:00 – 10:45 a.m.
The next step up from Parent & Tot, this        Session 3:           1/13-2/17                             Session 1:        9/15 – 10/20
45 minute class will introduce your toddler     Session 4:            3/3-4/14                             Session 2:          11/3 – 12/8
to an independent dance class as parents
watch.      Basic   dance     steps     and     No Class 3/31                                              Session 3:             1/5 – 2/9
coordination are some of the skills that will   Session 5:           4/21-5/26                             Session 4:          2/16 – 3/23
be introduced. Ballet shoes are needed          Min/Max:            4/7 couple                             Day:    Wednesday      6 weeks
for this class.                                 Fee:        $95/100 per couple                             Session 1:          9/17-10/22
Location: 133 Cedar Ave, Lake Villa             --------------------------------------------------------   Min/Max:                   5/10
Age:                     2-3 yrs                                                                           Fee:                    $54/59
Time:             5:15-6:00p.m.
Day:     Thursday       6 weeks                     DANCE ACADEMY                                                BEGINNER HIP HOP
Session 1:           9/18-10/23                 The Dance Academy of Antioch is offering
                                                dance classes for all ages through                         Students will learn the basics of hip hop
Session 2:          10/30-12/11                 Antioch Parks & Recreation this fall and                   style dancing, work on flexibility, skill work
No Class 11/27                                  winter. Our instructors teach the technical                as well as learn fun combinations to
Session 3:            1/15-2/19                 aspects of dance while having fun. The                     popular hip hop music. Clean gym shoes
                                                dancers will develop their skills and                      and comfortable clothing.
Session 4:             3/5-4/16
No Class 4/2
                                                increase their self-esteem. The following                  Ages:                    6-9 yrs
                                                classes are held at The Dance                              Time:             6:15-7:00p.m.
Session 5:            4/23-5/28                 Academy of Antioch, which is located
Min/Max:                     4/8                at 77 McMillan Rd (next to Nice Ice). If                   Day:       Friday      6 weeks
Fee:                     $60/65                 these classes do not fit your schedule,                    Session 1:           9/19-10/24
                                                please call the Dance Academy at 847-                      Min/Max:                    5/10
                                                395-0022 for more information.                             Fee:                     $49/54
         ADULT HIP HOP                                 BALLROOM DANCING
This class is just plain fun. Adults will        A fun class for adults! Join Miss Kim for
learn to dance to styles of music like the       lessons in Rumba, Waltz, Cha-Cha and           Age:                             4-5 year olds
music video stars of today. Clean gym            Swing. Look great at the next wedding          Time:                           6:00-6:45p.m.
shoes and comfortable clothing.                  you attend. Steps are broken down              Day:                              Wednesday
                                                 separately for the men and ladies.             Min/Max:                                 6/10
Ages:         Young Adult/Adult                  Comfortable     clothes     and    shoes       Fee: 3 wks. $37/42              4 wks. $49/54
Time:             8:00-8:45p.m.                  recommended.
Day:       Friday      6 weeks                   Age:             Young Adult/Adult
                                                                                                   BEGINNING TUMBLING
Session 1:           9/19-10/24                                                                 Emphasis is on physical fitness through
                                                 Time:                2 - 3:00 p.m.             gymnastic activities.        As the child
Min/Max:                   5/10                  Day:       Sundays        6 weeks              progresses in level 1 they advance to
Fee:                     $49/54                  Session 1:          10/26 – 11/30              harder levels and their skills become more
                                                 Session 2:            1/11 – 2/15              difficult.
               HIP HOP                           Min/Max:              2/8 couples              Age:                       6-9 year olds
Students will learn the basics of hip hop        Fee:                        $87/92             Time:                      4:00-5:00 p.m.
style dancing, work on flexibility, skill work
as well as learn fun combinations to                                                            Day:                         Wednesday
                                                    PRE-BEGINNER LYRICAL                        Min/Max:                               6/10
popular hip hop music. Clean gym shoes           Does your dancer like jazz, but would like
and comfortable clothing.                        to incorporate a little more ballet with it?   Fee: 3 wks. $41/46 4 wks. $54/59
Ages:                         10-16 yrs          Then our lyrical class is for you. Teaching    ---------------------------------------------
Time:                     6:00-7:00p.m.          them a little more feeling and movement
                                                 in their dance.
Day:       Friday               6 weeks
Session 1:                   9/19-10/24          Ages:
                                                                            6-8 yrs
                                                                                                   Fall/Winter Events
Min/Max:                           5/10          Day:      Wednesday      6 weeks               September
Fee:                             $54/59          Session 1:             9/17-10/22              Sat. 6      Arts and Crafts Faire
                                                 Min/Max:                      5/10             Sun. 7 Arts and Crafts Faire
                    TAP                          Fee:                       $49/54              Sun. 21 Mother/Son Bowling
You will learn a variety of skills,              --------------------------------------------
awareness of the beat, timing and rhythm                                                        October
and apply them to many types of music.                                                                       nd
                                                                                                Thur. 2           Homecoming Parade
Tap shoes needed.                                                                                      rd
                                                                GYMNASTICS                      Fri. 3
                                                                                                                  ACHS Homecoming Game
Ages:                  10-16yrs                                                                 Sat. 4            Rotary Pork Chop Dinner &
Time:             7:00-8:00p.m.                                    ZONE                                           Auction
                                                              Antioch Parks & Recreation                    th
Day:       Friday       6 weeks                                                                 Sat. 11           Antioch’s Fall Festival
                                                              is   offering     gymnastics
Session 1:           9/19-10/24                  through the Gymnastics Zone located at
Min/Max:                   5/10                  820 Anita St. in Antioch. Girls should         November
Fee:                     $54/59                  wear leotard with hair tied back. Boys         Fri. 7      St. Peter Footlights
                                                 should wear shorts with elastic waistband      Sat. 8      St. Peter Footlights
                                                 and t-shirt.                                   Fri. 28 Christmas Parade &
           BEGINNER/                             Ses. 1:     4 weeks               9/3-9/24                Tree Lighting
         INTERMEDIATE                            Ses. 2:     4 weeks            10/1-10/22
           TUMBLING                              Ses. 3:     4 weeks           10/29-11/19      December
This class will introduce your child to the      Ses. 4:     3 weeks            12/3-12/17                    th
                                                                                                Mon. 15 Daddy Daughter Tickets go
basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels,        Ses. 5:     4 weeks              1/7-1/28      on sale Antioch Residents only
backbends and a variety of rolls while           Ses. 6:     4 weeks              2/4-2/25                nd
                                                                                                Mon. 22        Winter Break Begins,
building strength, flexibility and balance.      Ses. 7:     3 weeks               3/4-3/18     Dist. 34 & 117
Ages:                  6-10 yrs                                                                          th
                                                                                                Thur. 25 Christmas Day
Time:            5:15-6:15p.m.                             PLAY & LEARN
Day:       Friday      6 weeks                          PARENT & TOT CLASS                      January
                                                 This class is designed for children 18                      th
Session 1:          9/19-10/24                   months to 4 years old. Parent participates
                                                                                                Mon. 5 Begin taking 2009 Park
Min/Max:                   5/10                  with child; serving as a guide and helper
Fee:                    $54/59                   as your child begins to explore the            Mon. 5 School Resumes Dist. 34 &
                                                 environment      around    him/her    and      Dist. 117
                                                 discovers what his/her body can do.
      BEGINNER/                                                                                 February
                                                 Ages:            18 months - 3 years
 INTERMEDIATE MODERN                             Time:                 5:15-6:00p.m.
                                                                                                Sat. 7 Daddy Daughter Date Night
Do you like to express yourself? This                                                           at AUGS 7 – 9 p.m.
class is all about expression and                Day:                    Wednesday
movement; by using a blend of Ballet and         Min/Max:                       6/10
Jazz.                                            Fee:     3 wks. 37/42 4 wks. $49/54            March
                                                                                                Sat. 7 Camp Crayon Registration
Ages:               10-13 yrs
                                                     PRE-SCHOOL GYMNASTICS                      for 2009/2010 – Village Residents
Time:           8:30-9:30p.m.                    For children 4-5 years old. Your child
Day:    Wednesday     6 weeks                    learns to adjust to a group situation and      Look for our Spring & Summer
Session 1:         9/17-10/22                    relating to peers. We will begin working
                                                                                                Brochure before spring break!
Min/Max:                 5/10                    on basic tumbling skills and activities on
                                                 the gymnastics equipment, as well as
Fee:                   $54/59                    motor skills, eye-hand coordination, fine
                                                 muscle control, and activities designed to
                                                 aid the academic development of the
                                                           A      P   P   B   B   V   T   F   B    A   P    G   O
Antioch Parks, Land &                                      C      L   A   A   A   O   E   I   A    R   I    R   P
                                                           R      A   V   S   S   L   N   S   T    B   C    I   E
Program Facilities                                         E

                                                           G      R   I   T   L   Y   S   N   O    E   C    S   F
                                                           E      O   O   B   L   B       G   O    T            I
                                                                  U   N   A       A           M    U   T        E
E- Electric available under pavilion                              N       L       L           S    M   A        L
                                                                  D       L       L                    B        D
W- Water available                                                                                     L        S
P- Port-a-let bathroom     S-Bathroom Structure                                                        S

1. Tim Osmond Sports Complex                                                                  P                 Football
                                                                  x   x       x                        1
    Depot St. – includes 18 hole Disc Golf course

2. Wm. E. Brook Entertainment Center, Skidmore Dr.                                        x   S    x   4        x

3. Antioch Community High School, 113 Main St.                                x   x   x       S                 x

4. Antioch Elementary School, 817 Main St.                        x       x   x               S                 x

5. Antioch Upper Grade School, 800 Highview Dr.                           x   x               S

6. Antioch Village Hall, 874 Main St.                                                         S

7. Centennial Park, 601 Anita St.                 (E, W)   8.6    x   x       x       x       PS       13   1   x

8. Gage Brothers Park & Hiram Butterick Sawmill,                  x                                x   4        x
   Scout House, 770 Cunningham Dr.                         4.4

9. Jensen Park, Alima Terrace (in Sequoit                         x   x   x   x       x       P        2        x
   Terrace Subdivision)                                    2.4

10. North Park, Donin Drive (in Antioch Manor                     x       x               x            2        x
    North Subdivision)                                     3.5

11. Osmond Park, Valleyview Court                                 x               x                    1        x

12. Pedersen Park, Highway 173                                    x                       x   P        6    1   X

13. Senior Center, 817 Holbek                                                                 S

14. Parks & Recreation Building, 806 Holbek                                                   S
    Camp Crayon, Summer Day Camp

15. Tiffany Farms (Undeveloped)                            24.5

16. W. C. Petty School, 850 Highview Dr.                          x       x   x               S                 x

17. * Williams Park, 741 Main Street              (E, W)          x   x   x   x   x           S        18   2   x

18. Windmill Creek (Undeveloped)

19. Woods of Antioch (Undeveloped)                         14.8

20. Redwing View - Pulte Homes (.35 developed)             15.8   x                                x
21. Sprenger Park – NeuHaven                               41.8   x   x                                         x

22. Mary’s Park – NeuHaven                                 3.6        x

23. Trevor Creek – 358 Kennedy Dr.                         3.0                                         2

24. Clublands 1 & 2 (under construction)                   16.2

*Williams Park also includes the Little League Diamond, Antioch Aqua Center, Skate/Bike Park and Lions Club Pavilion

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