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Slide 1 - Ian Espinoza


									Ian Espinoza Associates Architectural Illustration
IAN ESPINOZA began his career in the architectural illustration field over 30
years ago, under the tutelage of his step-father, internationally renowned illustrator,
Carlos Diniz. After 25 years at Carlos Diniz Associates, and upon Carlos’
retirement in 1997, Ian opened Ian Espinoza Associates to continue the tradition
of fine art architectural rendering that had been passed along to him.
In the course of his career, Ian has worked with an elite stratum of architectural
visionaries and has produced a volume of work for competitions and presentations
throughout the world. Ian’s works has also been featured in many publications as
well as instructional books on the subject of rendering.

       “I consider the training that I received from Carlos and his associate Jay
Vance to be equal or superior to any that I could have received in a purely
academic setting. I had the opportunity to work side by side with these master
professionals and had hands-on experience on how to dovetail artistic challenges
with the tightly constrained deadlines that architectural rendering is notorious for.
       “Having your technical skills down cold and thus being able to produce
excellent work under the difficult conditions of this profession – unbelievably tight
deadlines, often scant information regarding the project and ever evolving designs –
is what I consider to be the key to success in this field.”
Ian Espinoza Associates Architectural Illustration

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