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									How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings and CTR
 Contrary to what many online gurus have led you to believe, making money with the google adsense system is
quite easy; if you know and follow the right steps.
Majority of us already know of ways to get the traffic to our sites but are still left frustrated with the little or no
clicks we receive at the end of that day.

The reason is due mainly to poorly optimized sites for adsense. Yes, you heard right, your website has not been
properly optimized for adsense. Believe it or not, adsense spiders crawls your site; this is done so your ads can
be delivered to match the contents of your site, I will get more into this later on. In addition to this, google uses
cookies which track user’s search words or phrase on google search which is then used also to deliver targeted
ads to your web content. The final factor which determines the sort of ads you receive is actually you! Yep!
You; more light will be shed on this later on.

So now that we have the 3 main reasons, it is time to get deeper into how to increase google adsense
earnings and master ways in which to optimize them to our sites contents and receive laser targeted ads that
will give your web visitors no other choice than to click on them.

Google Adsense Spiders.
The genesis of google adsense optimization. Have you ever noticed that message you get after creating a new
\adsense ad unit?,
Google Adsense Crawling

well, that time is to give the adsense spider time to get working on your site and start crawling. Now, a lot of
people do not add the codes to their website and wait the 10 minutes before adding it, I will advice against this.
Please add the code, 10 minutes of a blank space on your site is not compared to the gains it will bring when

The tips to optimizing your site for adsense follows the same suit as for google search spiders. Make use of your
Header tags, not excessive that it will confuse the spiders.
So for example, you have a site about walking dog tips and tend to write about various ways of walking dogs.
If you have written an article on How to walk a male German shepherd. This is the title of your post and there is
no excuse for it not to be in H1 tags, this is telling the spiders what that post is about and it will take priority
over any other information on that page. Google spiders now knows what your page is about and will make
priority to deliver ads based on that page, this means that your post about “How to walk a male German
shepherd” will receive ads based on that. You might be wondering how this will help?, this will be clearer when
we start to touch on the other two points later. So you have made google spider aware what the page is about,
next step is telling what other information the page offers, this is done by the use of H2 tags. Bare with me here,
a lot of SEO gurus claim this is bad and makes a post look terrible to read but I beg to differ because, with a
properly well optimized web layouts, the eyes would not have any trouble processing this words as long as it
not used excessively. So, say you have touched on a very important point on how to walk an aggressive male
german shepherd; this should be put in H2 tags to reflect another important information on the page. So
basically, you have just told the spider, “Hey my page is about how to walk a male german shepherd and here is
also a tip on how to walk a male aggressive german shepherd” this is a very valuable information to google
spiders and believe me when I say this, big G will love you for making its job easier. To give you an idea how
important this is, I will quickly touch on the second step.

Google Search Cookies
Simply put, I will go back to our previous example on how to walk a male German shepherd. If a user types in
search browser “how to walk a male german shepherd”, this search is recorded as cookies on the web browser
and if this user has found your site posts on this and visited your site, the spiders immediately remembers that
your site is about how to walk a german shepherd and also shares points on how to walk an aggressive male
german shepherd. The spiders will in turn deliver ads based on that relevance. What am I saying?, Mr A has
gone to search engines to find information on how to walk a german shepherd, Mr A visits your site and reads
your information, Mr A wants more information on the topics, adsense spiders is displaying more information
as instructed by you on relevant ads on how to walk a male german shepherd and how to walk an aggressive
male german shepherd; Bingo! Click! It is as simple as that folks. The job has already been done with the H1
and H2 tags and the spider has already placed priority on these. This method can be applied to any post page or
niche you might have. The google spider is powerful that let’s say Mr A had already visited a site earlier that
specializes with dog walking, adsense spider will try to display an ad based on that as well. There are times that
when even the above steps has been implemented, you still get the one or two sites that keep appearing on your
site and with no reference to your content, that is when the third step comes into play, You!
Approving and Disapproving Sites

Many of us may not have noticed this but google gives us the power to stop certain sites’ ads from appearing on
our websites. Before proceeding, I would not recommend spending too much time on this option as the effects
can be on the negative effect and also positive effect especially if you using one adsense account for many sites
which many of us are.

There is a section in the google adsense interface, allow and block ads section.

Google adsense ad approve and block

This is where you can specify what kind of ads you want displayed on your site, what ad categories to allow and
disallow, what URLs to allow and disallow, you can even specify what google certified ad networks you want
to have their ads displayed on your site.

This section is self-explanatory, if you run a health site; you would be interested mainly in health ads and at so
can block sites from finance and so on.

But remember this section should not be fiddled with and should ONLY be used if you are running one site with
your adsense account. With the new google adsense interface, there is a limit to the number of categories you
can block and you will get a notification if you exceed that from your interface.

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